Stephen Strasburg – is this guy for real?

Just noticed that Stephen Strasburg got another win last night and as a few of us were talking in the office today, it seems more and more likely that he’s going to be starting for the Nationals against the Dodgers during our next homestand in our first game against Washington (Aug. 6).

As much as it would be nice to miss him, I’m actually looking forward to seeing him pitch just to witness the hype. And if we can beat Ubaldo (the only ones to do it so far), who’s to say we can’t beat this young phenom? To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best! Anyway, I’d imagine tickets will start flying for that game once people realize that he’s scheduled to pitch so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Meanwhile, as impressive as he’s been, he hasn’t had a complete game yet (or a shutout), which is exactly what Chad Billingsley did last night when we needed it most. He was very impressive and gave the Dodgers their first complete game of the season.

Incredibly, we looked it up and over the last 10 years, 19 different teams have had one or no complete games in a season and six have gone to the playoffs – the Yankees in ’04, ’07 and ’08, the Dodgers in ’06 and ’09 and the Twins in ’06. So, while it would be nice to have a bunch of complete games, not having many clearly doesn’t preclude you from reaching the postseason.

I’d imagine each of those teams had pretty impressive bullpens but I wonder if any had two All-Stars on the back end like Kuo and Broxton.

Gotta keep it going tonight…


Good day everyone
I agree with Josh…..Gotta keep it going tonight.
Enjoy the game tonight everyone….

I post this last night but I guess espn didn’t updates so here the new 1. Actually Polanco took #2 over Prado. WTG Furcal finally he has enough PA’s.

1. Rafael Furcal, LAD .337
2. Placido Polanco, PHI .318
3. Martin Prado, ATL .317
4. Marlon Byrd, CHC .314
5. Angel Pagan, NYM .311

Josh, you raise an interesting question. We all want to see the best players and the big games, but as a fan, what are you hoping to see when Strasburg, Lincecum, Pujols or any other superstar plays at Dodger Stadium? If these players perform well during those games, there is a chance their performance will lead to a Dodger loss. Do you want to see Strasburg strike out 10 Dodgers or Pujols hit a monster homerun if it costs the Dodgers a game? Or, do you want to see the big time pitchers for the oppostion get bombed or the big time hitter so strike out?

I want to see the Dodgers win and it is perfectly o.k. with me if someone like Pujols strikes out 4 times. I admit seeing Strasburg would be interesting because of all the hype and potential this player has and the excitement. However, while I might admire a dominating performance, I would much rather see a Dodger win.

Bonus question: Are you rooting for the opposing pitcher to complete a no hitter against the Dodgers or do you want to see that last hitter break it up even if the Dodgers still lose?

Good to see you earning your money Josh…..Now if we could just get everyone else on the same page…..
Come on Big Bucks!!!! Whammy!!!!

It’s great to see one of our starting pitchers go all the way.
Billingsley now has an average of 6 innings per start and it took him until now to get there but the main thing is he did.
And a shutout to top it off.
Now let’s see if Kuroda can make this thing a habit as he goes against Takahashi.
My neighbors are wishing me luck but they won’t say what kind.
The Mets have started the same way we have after the All*Star break, let’s not be the ones the doctor ordered for them.

Hello gang!!! Nice job by Billz and Blake last night. Wow, we needed that.
In answer to your bonus question lberkin, I was fortunate to be present at Dodger stadium for Valenzuela’s no-hitter. I was also present April 8, 1994 when Kent Mercker pitched a no-hitter against the Dodgers. It was 6-0 going to the bottom of the 9th and I was hoping Mercker would get the no-hitter. It is pretty cool to actually be present for something that rare. Regardless if it is for your team or not. Luckily, I’ve been on both sides and witnessed two no-hitters. Also got to see Maddux no hit the Reds for 5 innings in Cincinnati before a rain delay took him out of the game. Let’s go Dodgers!!!! Win Streak!!!

Also, lbirken, if it had been a 1-0 game going to the bottom of the ninth, I would have been rooting for us to break it up and tie the freaking game.

Hey Wally! Jeez brother, I finally had to give up last night trying to get something to post on here.

I see Joe’s back to his “play a vet out of position rather than let the kid play against all comers” BS again.

Stop worrying Paul would be in there for defensive purpose and just be lucky GA isn’t there.

It’s good to see KEMP hit well against the Mets.

VS. LEFT: .232 / .598 VS. RIGHT: .290 / .851 HOME: .240 / .679 AWAY: .311 / .898

According to the number Torre want another right handed bat in there.

Hi’Ya Beav!!! Yep, I got super time warped and gave up myself!!! At least it is Carroll. I like having him in the lineup. Not sure why he doesn’t play the young outfielders as Manny is thankfully out of here next year. I guess its because he isn’t likely to be around either.

But then again does Torre even care about number lol.

I’d just as soon see Carroll playing 2B where he belongs though and Belliard on the bench. Belliard doesn’t bring anything to the table and he’s a pisspoor 2B to boot. I really don’t think this team is going to go anywhere to where they can’t let Paul play LF the rest of the year and see what’s he’s got.

Have I ever mentioned I hate Joe Torre?

Hey Beav, is Martin a complete dead stick or what? Geez!! What’s funny is, he will probably want a raise in arbitration. Christ, we can get a journeyman backup catcher to hit .240 and drive in 40 runs.

Yep Beav, I think you’ve mentioned it!!! LOL!!! I also hope he retires!!! I’m not crazy about his style.

You really think he’ll make it to 40 RBI?

What style, Jhall? 🙂

Its like the song from Smokey and the Bandit – he’s got a long way to go and a short time to get there.

Half these jerks can’t hit their way out of a wet paper bag, and Martin’s their king. Maybe we should make a new movie – Chokey and the can’t hits.

LMAO!!! I was being optimistic Beav!!! I agree Trumom!!! Style was a bad choice of words.

Martin just miss one. Well you could had Blake at LF but isn’t that risky? He does have the most experience in the OF.

That why Belliard and GA aren’t PH and I guess that why they struggle even Loretta struggle. That’s why GA needs to retired.

No Shad, I want Paul in LF – what can any of these other guys do that Paul can’t, especially against this soft tosser?

I want Paul in LF too!

Well you can why GA is keep and Paul in the minor for him to play everyday. After seeing that played he **** up he should be down there. I want Hoffmann up here now and he can played all 3 OF’s position.

Putting Carroll/Belliard over Paul is almost like putting JP over Kemp or Dre (not that Paul’s in thsir class, but then I’d take JP over Carroll [as a LFer] or Belliard too.)

How about Chokey & the Misfits, BPB1?!

Maybe GA would be on the next phantom DL and Johnson be activated soon.

Shad ~ you know it will be Paul sent down when Reed comes back. That’s the way Joe does business!

Yeah I know tru but can we just pray a little bit? Nice thrown Martin

I pray everyday, Shad 🙂

Kemp still screws up too, so maybe he should be back in the minors? They’re all human and are going to make mistakes once in awhile.

IMO Hoffmann isn’t ever going to be much of a big leaguer. Paul needs the experience… This team is going nowhere… Seems a great time to let him play and see what he’s got on a day-to-day basis, especially if you’re considering him as the everyday LFer next year.

I like it Tru!!

Dang I hate those ERA splits by that Mets pitcher.

I wonder what’s Marlon Anderson is doing?

I want Paul to played everyday and would love to have him in my fantasy baseball league next season and hope he get the job when Manny is gone.

Stick your chests out for MARTIN for throwing out both Wright and Reyes trying to steal 2nd. WTG RUSSELL.

WooHoo, win streak!!!! Goodnight everyone.

Good catch Pagen

oldbrooklynfan Just got in went to the Yankee game tonight and saw another boring Yankee win. Did see A-Rod hit HR # 599.
Kuroda working on another gem for the Dodgers. Wish we can score more runs.
Did I mention I HATE the Mets!

Odog would’ve caught that.

Good Work, Kuroda and Crew!!

Way to go Matt….let’s get some more!!!!!

Matttttyyyy Keeemmmmmp! It’s gone! Boy, it would be nice if he could really get hot now.

No I want back to back CG/Shutout.

I guess Torre didn’t take notes last night.

Martin was safe.

Come on, Joe, let Kuroda finish it, ya meddler. He’s been cruising with no effort. It’s not like the bullpen is lights out. Go back to the press box…

Good calls Martin was safe.

This is the 3rd time Kuroda has pitched 8 innings and the 8th time he’s pitched at least 7.

Kuo times

Kuo let’s get a 1 2 3 innings maybe around 5 to 6 pitches.

Well so much for the 5 to 6 pitches prediction but it still possible.

Well so much for that and I hate that 4 pitch walk after the k’s.


I think Torre is liking Carroll in the line-up more and more. Joe sees him as his #2 hitter behind Furcal and I can’t say I disagree. He brings a tough mentality. DeWitt, Blake, and Paul are going to have to rotate to get Carroll in every day.

Did Frank sell yet?

Wow Lackey goes from a no hitter to a no decision.

Screw Torre for not letting Kuroda try for the shutout. So what if he had 112 pitches. Billz had 109 when he walked to the mound to start the ninth last night. And Kuroda retired 10 of the last 11 batters he faced. The only one that got on was on that pop up that Belliard misplayed. I’ll take it back if Kuroda asked to be relieved, but only that.

And there are two reasons that Paul wasn’t allowed to start in left. 1 – Torre never trusts any young player not named Jeter and 2 – it’s the ol’ left/right BS. Lefty starters in the last two games = Paul not starting. BTW, Paul is hitting .278 against lefties this season and .268 against righties.

Great game tonight Dodgers!!!!! Two well pitched games…………. wow!!!!

Hey Dodgereric!!! How ya doing?

I was watching that Red Sox game Shad. That is just so sad about Lackey’s no-hitter turning sour real quick, but we as Dodger fans know the feeling of no lead is every too big.

See, Phillies aren’t hitting the ball so who goes?………………the hitting coach.

Have we had any coach lose his job while Torre has been manager?

You should’ve been aware that Kuroda wasn’t going to get the cg/shutout with that high PC. How many times have we seen Kuroda to finish the game and his PC was under 100? Do you remember the Apr 9 and May 2 games? Those 2 games had a PC of 100 and 96 through 8th innings so what’s make us think he was going to let him pitch the 9th with a PC of 112? This is such a risk of a 35 years old.

I know Gonzales was fired because of Hanley Ramierez and I think that’s it.

That’s Fredi Gonzales.

There was no chance for that bullpen to be used in Bills game and that was obvisiously.

Happy 29th Bday Kuo.

Pitch counts suck. They are one of my biggest problems in the way the game is approached nowadays. Simply put, if you don’t let a guy stretch it out past 100 pitches, he’s going to get tired when he approaches that total. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Shad, I know perfectly well that Torre wasn’t going to give him a chance. That’s what pisses me off! And “How many times have we seen Kuroda to finish the game and his PC was under 100?” How many complete games do you think were under 100 pitches? Answer: I don’t know, but the percentage has to be less than 5%.

Do you know what the opposition is hitting against Kuroda once he gets to 100+ pitches this season? They were 3 for 14 = .214 before tonight. He used 11 pitches in the 8th and got all 3. So that gets him to 3 for 17, and that’s .176.

Do you know what the opposition is hitting against Kuroda once he gets to 100+ pitches in his career? .214.

As I said in my previous post, Kuroda had them by the neck. If you were in the Mets’ dugout, what would be the best thing you’d like to see in the ninth, other than Sherrill? Answer, anyone other than Kuroda. When a pitcher has your number on any given night, it’s a lift in the dugout to see him out of the game.

I like Kuo. I like him a lot. But a shutout is a special thing and I think he deserved a shot at getting one.

And as I told you last night, if one guy got on against Billz in the ninth, Kuo was coming in. Why else was he warming up? To demoralize the Giants?

Well I wrote this last night. That wouldn’t been dumb if Kuo got into this game and got lit up and I wonder why Kuo can’t pitch back to back game but he does have 2 games already stretching 2 innings out of him? Maybe he can pitch in back to back game if his PC is low. I always wonder if Kuo had just thrown 4 pitches to 3 batters would he come back out the next day. I’m going to add something else to this and that’s if he had thrown 7 pitches to 6 batters would he pitch back to back games? I don’t know why Kuo was warming up and I think Mattingly totally forgot and wanted to used Kuo as a decoy. To bad last year Belisario and last year Troncoso isn?t here. I like Kuo to but if somehow he would’ve pitch and had like something around 15 pitches and had a saves than he probably would’ve been available for a 3 days since he would?ve thrown like 35 pitches.

Well he does a batting average of .278 so it’s such a small sample size which means nothing. We all know that platoon with Ethier and Kemp in RF when someone think Ethier can’t hit lhp which is was a lied and it look like we have the same problem with Paul. Paul doesn’t start vs lhp and the last time I check he was hitting under .250 at that time. I see you said he’s batting average is around .278 probably a good time to used him vs lhp and it probably just matchup purpose which it just stupid imho. If he not going to played Paul in LF against lhp why not bring up Hoffmann? Why not bring up Gibbons or Lindsey?

I think anytime a pitcher has gone 8 innings and has a shut out, he should have a chance for the complete game shut out. Pitch count is a BS number that makes the pitcher think he should be getting tired at any giving point. The young pitchers that I am around certainly don’t see it that way. They want to pitch until they have lost it and then some beyond that.

Two exceedingly well pitched games for sure, but you’re not going to win too many games scoring 2 runs, especially against soft tossers. The offense is totally anemic. That’s why I just don’t see this club going anywhere. Doubt they even score tonight against Santana.

I like Carroll as a back-up, but his bat’s no more potent than JPs was. Couple that with Wussybat and the pitcher’s spot and you’ve no chance to put up many runs. Even DeWitt’s got more of a chance to push something home than Carroll, and Paul’s got more of a chance than DeWitt. I just don’t get JoJo’s [non]thought process.

I beleive Joe doesn’t like younger players.

HEllo ITD!
Memo to Beliard: Stop swinging for the fences. My friend Lore took a pic of Belliard (the one on the big screen where it looks like he has eyeliner on) and she said she was going to post it saying “MIA since 2009”
Tonight is the 55 since ’55 poster featuring Vin Scully! Is also This is My Town Brooklyn. I’ll be wearing my Jackie Robinson jersey but sitting in my usual spot with my friends.

Tru: Finally!!!!!!!!!!
Finally the Dodgers did something right and listened to Eric.
Now if the judge would just listen to Bear and force Frank (and Jamie) to SELL THE TEAM!!!!!!

Nice one ex Giants gone and still one more still to go and plus an ex Angels needs to go to.

Once again Happy 29th Bday Kuo.

They are saying that the Dodgers have been talking to Astros with a list of players in exchange for Oswalt. Who do you think they would be?

Dodgers designate Justin Miller and recall Kenley Jansen.

I am excited about tonight’s 55 since ’55 celebration. Details here

Isn’t Oswalt hurt?

Sounds like something Ned would do.

I also would like to see what Paul can do if he knows coming to the park everyday he will be in the lineup, even if it is until Manny is healthy enough to injure himself again. I think we all know Joe does not trust young players.

Schlicting 6’4, Weaver 6’5, according to ESPN…Kenley listed at 6’6

Wow we might just have the biggest bullpen in the league now.

What the hell kind of inning was that?

I ya doin’ Everybody.
Wow we’ve seen some great pitching the last two nights. Now we have two guys Padilla and Santana, that can give us more of the same.
But I have a feeling the bats are coming out tonight. Both teams are way over due.
A win tonight over my home town Mets will really put the Dodgers on there feet.

Got some more information on the Oswalt deal…..I’m hearing Xavier Paul and Kenley Jensen. Astros want four so there will be two more I suppose if this deal happens.

Wow that lineup is interested tonight. Ethier 2nd, Kemp 3rd but I want Loney in the 4th hole.
LA Dodgers
R. Furcal ss 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .333
A. Ethier rf 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .306
M. Kemp cf 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .264
C. Blake 3b 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .252
J. Loney 1b 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .304
R. Martin c 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .246
B. DeWitt 2b 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .275
J. Carroll lf 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .284
V. Padilla p 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .143

Might’ve got a break there.

Man. I thought Carroll hit one.

I am also glad somebody seems to be listening to Eric. I hope Kenley does well. Can’t wait to see what he can do.

Let’s Go Dodgers!!!!

I believe BPB1 is a little miffed!

Be just like Ned to trade next years LFer and a promising arm for someone that won’t make a difference to this team anyway.

Dodgertown, Brooklyn…

That’s the way it goes, BPB1

‘Bout what I expected against Santana – nothing. And Oswalt’s going to make any difference? This team can’t score and can’t field. Ned sure knows how to build ’em.

Dang Loney left 4 runners on bases with 2 outs gosh.

lol @ Loney yahoo
Scoring Summary
Top 1st: NY Mets
– D. Wright struck out swinging, J. Reyes stole home, L. Castillo stole second
Top 2nd: NY Mets
– J. Loney homered to deep center
Bot 5th: LA Dodgers
– J. Carroll hit sacrifice fly to right, R. Martin scored

That’s the 5th time Padilla has gone through the 7th.
Was that Emma?

How can you confused Loney with Davis?

How can you confuse Ned with a real GM?

How can you confuse Joe with a manager?

Its these mysteries of life that keep me up nights.

Kelly Johnson is now 3/3 and just hit a 2 outs 2 runs triples and now it tied 3-3 in Arizona.

Are you missing 1 more? How can you confuse Frank to a real owner?


Geez and now Weaver is pitching bad.

Maybe this is why we haven’t seen Weaver in a while 🙂

No surprise to me, Shad!

I blame the rusty and Weaver should’ve pitch often to.

I blame Joe for not letting Padilla go more…..just proves he doesn’t believe we can score two runs.

Right on cue the dback bullpen suck.

N/M that was Jackson still in not there bullpen.

Now let see what Trashner do?

Geez did we really bring this guy up?

Again I have to queery – How would Oswalt help this team when you have an idiot manager and nobody that can hit or pick up the ball?

It looks like the Mets caught up to the law of averages.

Good point, BPB1!

I blame Joe for not letting Padilla go more…..just proves he doesn’t believe we can score two runs.

By trublu4ever on July 23, 2010 10:26 PM

I think you are right Trumom!!!

More freaking IR scoring

Unfortunately, I think Joe’s right too Tru 🙂

Good point Beav!!! Oswalt has a losing record with Houston because the offense s*cks. Just like ours!!!

Damn, I hate being right all the time! lol

Really points out the fact, of how important the bullpen is in this era of baseball.

Its a curse isn’t it Tru!! :))

How you doing this evening brother Wally?

In our case…BP mean Bull Poop.

The trouble is Wally, it doesn’t need to be “this era of baseball” if they’d just let starters pitch like they used to (especially JoJo.)

Doing well my brother!! Except for Collutsy and JoJo show!!!!

4 million fans, one quarter buy nachos. That’s $7M. I’m living large baby!!!!

I’m with you Beav!!! How are you doing this evening?

ornery as ever 🙂

And Ned’s too stupid to know when to buy and when to sell.

Hey Ned – SELL!!!!!!!

The good news is Pelfrey, hasn’t looked good lately.

I’d rather seen Jensen after Weaver. Nice inning Travis and shouldn’t be blame for that hit from Bay. You’re ERA only been inflated by other relievers. Krod always seem to own us for some reason. lol 1 ER’s in 14 innings.

This game went into the toilet when the Idiot Torre hit for Padilla in the 7th with absolutely no chance of tying the game. No chance, you say? Absolutely no chance, especially by putting Belliard in there. He’s hitting a gaudy .216 for the season and an absolutely AWESOME .120 since June 12th.

OK, at that point the game was in the toilet. It got totally flushed when The Idiot Torre had to turn to the Arson Squad because he took out the only guy who was keeping us in the game. Geez, at that point doesn’t anyone with any common sense figure out that our only shot at this game was to hope that Santana ran out of gas before Padilla?

oops *Jansen

You are 100% right Dodgereric! That’s why I hope Joe and his entire staff are outta here!!!!

“As in recent years, the Dodgers are seeking players to plug holes without decimating the farm system or their pocketbook. Colletti has done well in these situations, landing Manny Ramirez, Casey Blake, Greg Maddux, Marlon Anderson, Jon Garland, George Sherrill and Ronnie Belliard among others in similar midseason deals, often absorbing little or no salary increase. ”
“But the Dodgers have not picked up the kind of contracts that would come with top-line starters like Roy Oswalt or Dan Haren, and they are not believed to be serious pursuers of those two now.”
“And they’ve been stung enough (Cleveland’s Carlos Santana in the Blake trade, for example) to be reluctant to part with multiple top prospects, especially if there’s also a hefty contract to inherit.”

If Ned does so well, then how exactly did he get “stung enough”? He hasn’t decimated the farm system? And when has he ever inherited a hefty contract?
The farm system IS decimated because they won’t take on a hefty contract (not to mention they won’t sign high draft picks.)

It would be a nice fluff piece if the writer didn’t contradict himself.

On the otherhand, Ned always dicts himself.

Notice too they only mention the moderately successful acquisitions. How about the other 300 that juuuuuuust didn’t quite work out?

I’ve been waiting for someone to trash Belliard now.

Hi’Ya Dad!! Great to see you my friend!!! Nice post as always and I totally agree!!!

Yep Beav, Ned is a baffoon!!! Nuff’ said!!!

We took a 45M bath on Schmitt and are now taking a 20M bath on Manny!!! Throw in Andruw the cow for another 30M. Geez!!! How in the hell’ is this guy still here?!!!!!! Phew and Tomko debacles. The list goes on and on.

The numbers don’t lie, shad. Oh, here’s another one for you. How about something a little more recent than June 12th? Since June 28th he’s hitting .088. A couple more weeks of this and he’ll surpass Anderson for the biggest piece of crap on the team. Other than Sherrill, of course.

Hey, e! I was just reading a Rosenboob article that’s remarkably like the one you posted:

“These are the Mets and Dodgers, for crying out loud.

High-revenue franchises that should be flexing their muscles in the trade market, bidding for Roy Oswalt, Dan Haren and any other big-money player who strikes their fancy.

Instead, the Mets and Dodgers ? who face each other this weekend at Dodger Stadium (Saturday, MLB on FOX, 4:10 p.m. ET) ? are more likely to settle for scraps as they each search for both a starter and reliever.

Maybe the Mets will get a starter such as Cubs left-hander Ted Lilly. Maybe the Dodgers will get a reliever such as Diamondbacks righty Chad Qualls.

But Oswalt? Haren? Please.

The Dodgers, in particular, might sniff around on both pitchers, and various reports indicate they are prepared to increase their payroll, if only modestly.

That was the kind of deal the Dodgers made with the Indians for third baseman Casey Blake at the non-waiver deadline in 2008 ? well before Frank and Jamie McCourt embarked upon their messy little split.

That?s right, none of this is exactly new.

Blake proved a worthy pickup, helping the Dodgers to back-to-back appearances in the NLCS. But if the Dodgers had not needed the Indians to cover his salary, perhaps they could have made the deal without including catcher Carlos Santana, who is now emerging as one of the best young hitters in the majors.

General manager Ned Colletti has performed admirably under these obvious financial constraints, acquiring not just Blake, but also Manny Ramirez, Greg Maddux, Jim Thome, Ron Belliard and others in mid-season trades the past two years.

Perhaps he can work similar magic to land Oswalt, who is owed approximately $6 million for the rest of the season. The Astros are willing to include cash in the deal for the right players. But the Dodgers? system is not what it was a few years back; Coletti has precious few players to give.

Frankly, the Dodgers already should have dealt for a pitcher of Oswalt?s caliber; they?ve had numerous chances. Specifically, if their budget had more accurately reflected their revenues, Colletti might have had the prospects and dollars to trade for left-hander Cliff Lee.”

BTW tru, if Colletti trades this Jansen kid before we even get a chance to see if he’s the real deal, they probably ought to not let me within 10 miles of Dodger Stadium.

Yup Wally, the Beav’s irritated. And you know nothing good ever comes from an irritated Beaver.

Bad part is, pitching is not our only big concern. Our offense s*cks!!!

Agreed Dad!! LOL Beav!!! I have a feeling you’ll need alot of Vagisil to make it thru the rest of this season!!!!

Hiya jhall! Seems like it’s been years!

It’s been too long Dad/Chevelle!!! I hope all is well with you and yours. We miss you tremendously!!!

Furcal – coming back down to earth
Carroll – 2nd coming of JP with his popgun
Dre – not hitting his weight lately
Kemp – Hasn’t done much since Ned called him out
Blake – sliding downhill like an olympic bobsled
Loney – streaky, and he’s on a cold streak
DeWitt – no hitter he
Martin – Tommy Boy
Pitcher – none of our pitchers can even remotely hit
5 runs in 3 games is probably a big output for this motley crew.

Naw Wally, just a good night’s sleep and staying off the bicycle sould do it!

LMAO Beav!!! I’m using Miller High Life to soothe the itching and burning!!!!

I need to hook up with Jamie. I could be living the Dom Perignon life off the $7 nachos!!!!


Me and mine are about as good as we have a right to expect, my friend! I hope the same is going on with you and yours!

I just noticed something interesting. We are 3 – 7 in our last ten games. All three wins have come on shutouts. In the 7 losses, we’ve given up 40 runs.

Maybe you should be using Jamie to soothe the itching and burning and hooking up with the Miller High Life 🙂

Didn’t mean to ignore ya Dad – how’s tricks? (Oh crap, that’s a Jamie question – got the cards mixed up.)

lol I can’t believe you mention those name again Wally I thought we were done with them when they left and retired.

Doing well Dad, thanks!!! I figure, 4 million fans in attendance, one quarter buy Nachos…. That’s $7M. I’m living large!!!!

Maybe a million for the chips and cheese out of pocket, I’m still living it up!!!!

LOL Shad!!! Yep, I’d like to forget them also. However, when people bring up how well Ned has done, I don’t think you can ignore the fact that his boners far outweigh his good deals. Throw in Baez, Lurch, etc…… Ned is a baffoon!!!!!

Interesting that the thought of non-tendering Martin came up tonight in Dodger Talk on KABC!!!!

Martin’s like Tommy Boy in the restaurant scene with his naughty little pet whenever he comes up with runners on. Total waste of a spot in the batting order. Don’t know if there was any juice involved when he first came up of if he just plain flamed out. Lucas May was doing pretty good last I checked. Of course if Ned hadn’t have gotten “stung” we might have a real hitter behind the plate.

Hiya e! No worries! I’ve been ignored by better than you! LOL!!!

Back in submission hell again. And speaking of this broken-down piece of crap…….(kind of symbolic of …. oh, never mind)

You know, we’re constantly complaining about the state of this blog. Well, Josh, I have a suggestion.

For the past 3 weeks, as a Kings’ fan (the LA hockey team, not the NoCal basketball team), I’ve been following their pursuit of Ilya Kovalchuk on the Kings’ official blog:

This site has been deluged with more posts than we’ve ever done here and it keeps coming back for more. Plus, you can put little photos to ID yourself! Man, I would LOVE to see what guys like enchanted could come up with!

And speaking of that blog, you ought to visit it to read these guys. It’s very reminiscent of this one in that there is great debate without any name-calling.

LOL Beav, so true!!! I’m thinking some juice and amphetamines had something to do with Martins early success!!! He looks very old for 26. Bat speed is way down.

Most of the time Ned’s pursuing Kovalchuk’s 3rd cousin twice removed – Upchuk.

Gee Dad, is there really a way we don’t have to get submission errored and time warped? It is annoying to relive the old 486DX days!!!

LOL Beav!! Ned’s living large because Frank is a bigger baffoon and not so great lover!!!

Enjoy it now Ned, the party is going to end. I don’t think you have a future as a GM after this!!!!!

Sorry Ned, but you’ve got to have baseball instincts. Trumom and Nelly have more on the ball than you!!!!

You really gotta wonder how Ned even has a job. When Frank WAS willing to spend the money, look what Ned came back with – Phew, Schidt, The Cow and a de-roided Manny. My count that’s about $172 million blown on those 4 players. Is there any doubt that if Frank magically said, “Here’s another $172 million to spend Ned” that Ned would come back with anything better than he did before? The man can’t judge talent and has no baseball acumen. You could get someone off the street and they’d have a better chance of picking players at random.

Don’t even joke about that e. Kovi’s cousin was just released by the Vladivostok Minks because his ERA had ballooned to 8.90 and refused a trade to the Pirates for someone named Taschner. Rumor has it that Ned is offering two AA prospects and a couple of matched sled dogs as long as the Minks pay his salary for the rest of the season.

Yep Beav, if Ned and Frank did this with a big corporation, there would be a Senate investigation about misappropriation. They would be looking at jail time.

Dodgers with McCourts are kind of like Intel. Flying high with smoke and mirrors. Gonna have a big crash!!!!

Maybe Frank’s looking for a government bailout because the Dodger’s franchise is “too big to fail.”

Yeah E, and I bet they’re our highest ranking sled dogs too!

Well boys, think this is it for me. Catch you all later.

I’m no expert, but, sell now Frank. The Dodgers still have some value and appeal. Another year or two of your ownership and I believe the price goes way down.

Yeah, I think I’m going to hit it too. My batting average for posts actually getting thru is no better than Belliard’s lately. Less than one in ten.

Goodnight enchanted and you too jhall, if you’re still out there!

Me too, goodnight gang!!! Excelsior True Blue Believers!!!

It was great to come on here after I got home from another crazy day of travel baseball and see my Cleaver Family boys engaging in conversation. It’s been way to long. Alot of great posts throughout the day and night.

…………..and enchanted, it’s ornery with a capital “O” for you :)))

As far as the game, I didn’t see any of it, but it’s not hard to figure out what happened just based on what I was viewing via my phone. I was hoping to see Kenley Jansen pitch if anything. Eric, I really hope they didn’t just bring him up only to let him go. That would really suck big time!!!

“The Dodgers made a dramatic move to address their bullpen woes Friday, promoting inexperienced flamethrower Kenley Jansen from Double-A Chattanooga and designating for assignment journeyman Justin Miller.”

“The 6-foot-6, 220-pounder has split time this season between Class A Inland Empire — where he had a 1.50 ERA in 11 games with 28 strikeouts in 18 innings — and Chattanooga — where he had a 1.67 ERA in 22 games with 50 strikeouts in 27 innings. That’s 78 strikeouts in 45 innings combined with a 1.60 ERA.”

I’m all for it…and throw out the rest of Ned’s dumpster-fed pitching staff and replace it with all the other unknown 22-year-old studs hiding in AA. For the most part, the ITDs mantra has not changed from 2008: PLAY THE KIDS.

It look like everytime we called someone up than someone get released.

Jul 24 Kiko Calero RP Released by LA Dodgers
Jul 24 Kenley Jansen RP Called up from minors by LA Dodgers

Go figure I check Trashner numbers and go figure and if you can’t hit him join us vs LAD 24 0 1 0 0 0 6 0 0 18.1 14 3 3 0 10 14 1.47 1.31 .203

The articles talking about potential trades were a lot about nothing. The most telling part was when Ned says he is making a lot of calls but no one is calling him back. But isn’t it even more telling when everyone is getting excited about a young pitcher who has been pitching professionally for what, about 10 minutes? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for any player who can help the Dodgers but if this is the best we have in our system, something is terribly wrong.

I also agree that making a deal for an Oswalt at this time might not be worth whatever it does cost. The Dodgers have no replacements for any everyday position players so what is the point of trading any of them? Even the Padres have to score some runs to win games. Take last night, for example. Even if Padilla had remained in the game and not given up any more runs or had the bullpen not imploded, the Dodgers still lose 2-1.

Let’s hope the Dodgers come out with a better performance today on Fox. As I recall, the Dodgers have not done very well in games on Fox or ESPN this season.

Well, Kids, nothing to do but gut it out.

I don’t see what the big deal is with Strasburg. I think he gets way too much attention just because of his strikeouts. His first game was excellent, but since then he has been just average. Also the Phillies killed Ubaldo Jimenez. My two favorite teams are now the only teams to defeat Ubaldo!

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