Manny to the disabled list…

It appears Manny Ramirez’s calf injury is significant enough to put him on the disabled list, which we officially have done while activating Brad Ausmus from the disabled list. Obviously that’s not the news we were hoping to hear from today’s MRI, but clearly it’s more important to have him healthy down the stretch than have him go out there on an injured calf and make things worse.

Of course, the timing isn’t very good given that the team has dropped five in a row, but for true baseball fans, tonight’s matchup of Kershaw and Lincecum should be a really exciting one (and hopefully the first of many between two division rivals for years to come). And hopefully it’s the start of a winning streak…

Regarding the Inside the Dodgers tour, it looks like Sept. 4 is the winner, so stay tuned for details and mark your calendars. We’ll send out more info shortly…

And finally, I truly appreciate the candor of several people posting on ITD and hopefully you can understand that my job is not to be a voice of baseball operations for the team and to weigh in, point by point, on each position on the field. That’s for Ned, Joe and their staffs to do (and as you know, they answer these questions almost daily in the media).

There’s no doubt just from reading your comments how passionate you all are about the team and how badly you want the team to win. All we can do is assure you that the people who come here every day to work are equally as passionate and literally spend almost every waking minute of every day trying to find ways to win. No one comes into the office hoping that today is the day we start a five-game losing streak.

It’s awesome that there’s debate here about which pitchers should be acquired, what our farm system is like, what the lineups should be and the moves that Joe Torre makes in game. That’s why you all love the game and it’s why I love it, too. It’s why many of us have literally chosen to dedicate our life’s work to it.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the tour and hopefully I can answer a question or two for you, if it’s helpful. And if not, that’s okay, too. Just don’t lose your passion for the team…


  1. dodgerzona

    Poor little Manny….What a joke….Sorry folks but when he is gone all the better….Can we hope Joe announces his retirement this yr to like Piniella….How is everyone

  2. dodgerzona

    I was reading somewhere that Dennis Gilbert could be the next owner? Don’t know to much about him…Anyone has to be better then frank

  3. trublu4ever

    Just read that about Manny and Ausmus. Glad Brad is back and hope he can contribute.
    My passion and love for the Dodgers is what makes this current situation unbearable. As most of you know, I have been a fan since the Brooklyn days and, I have never been as ticked off as I am right now. Ownership and GM do not have the desire to put a great product on the field for we, the loyal fans.
    I will always root for the players on the field but…..IT IS TIME TO HAND THIS TEAM OVER TO AN OWNER WHO CARES ABOUT BASEBALL.

  4. trublu4ever

    Doing fine, Dodgerzona…and you? I know Frank doesn’t care and, am looking forward to the day HE SELLS THE TEAM!!!!

  5. thinkingblue

    JOSH thanks for the updates. Hope Manny gets better soon and returns to play. Thanks for getting the tour back, it will be fun! HEEHEE! Oh yeah we are all just big Dodger’s fustrasted with the loosing streak! Still a true fan!
    Kershaw vs Lincecum….that is a great match up! Kersh will be great, this game will be on our batters!

  6. dodgerzona

    And we are interested in Paul Maholm….$4.5MM ($6.5MM or more afterwards)….Can’t afford that lol…Besides he is not that great

  7. enchantedbeaver

    I think Manny needs to to on the Un-Abled list along with Martin, DeWitt, Blake, Ausmus, Ellis, Belliard, Anderson, Miller, Billingsley, McDonald, and Sherrill.

    BTW, I predict a shutout tonight for Lincecum.

  8. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    It’s not the first time that the Dodgers have lost 5 in a row, and of course it won’t be the last.
    They’ve been a streaky team for some time now and the last 6 years have done pretty well.
    No World Series but they’ve come pretty close and there is no reason to panic with good ol’ 69 games left.
    LET’S GO YA BUMS!!!!

  9. Dodger4life

    Good evening all………….
    Lot’s of good comments as of late.
    Regardless of how mediocre these Boy’s have been lately, we must look at each day, like it belongs to us!
    Enjoy the game everyone 🙂

  10. 32and53fan

    It wouldn’t be so bad losing 5 straight if they were playing well. Unfortunately, they have been making stupid mistakes on the basepaths and their clutch hitting has been almost non-existent. Manny’s injury is not going to help get back on the right track.

  11. jhallwally

    LOL Nelly!!! I guess not. I just thought I had to add that Andre hasn’t exactly been doing all that well since his stint on the DL if I was going to criticise the others. He doesn’t get a free pass because he is our favorite player. He’ll get it together. I’m not worried about him. Martin is a waste. What the f*ck has happened to him?!!!! We know Manny is washed up without the juice!!!

  12. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Nelly. That was an interesting post last night about McCourt unloading Ethier as he will be getting some big bucks in arbitration. I hope it doesn’t come down to that. I thought they gave him a two year deal last year. I will be thoroughly p*ssed like a bear if they don’t keep Andre!!!!!

  13. nellyjune

    Jhall – I don’t think Andre likes when we say he’s not doing his job like we did last night. He had to prove us wrong as always.

    Way to Go Andre!!!!!! …………..and thanks for shutting up the Gnat fans in the house for now :))

  14. oldbrooklynfan

    I hope this isn’t going to be the Giants nibbling away and Lincecum settling down after a bad first.

  15. oldbrooklynfan

    I think Paul is going to get a big opportunity with Manny out.
    I just wish he’d show some power by hitting some long balls over the fence, that would render Manny almost unnecessary.

  16. nedajerk

    Sorry for the typo I had making one little error.

    Kovalchuk?s contract would have topped the 15-year deal goalie Rick DiPietro got from the New York Islanders, and two-time NHL MVP Alex Ovechkin?s 13-year pact with Washington.

  17. oldbrooklynfan

    I doubt if that was intentional, Lincecum was just wild but the umps are just trying to stop the Dodgers from retaliating.I hope Kersh doesn’t accidently hit someone.

  18. nedajerk

    Bautisa should’ve been toss for that ****. I have a feeling if Kershaw plunk someone he would get ejected.

  19. oldbrooklynfan

    I was surprised that Kershaw was left in the game after the top of the 6th.
    It probably was just to hit Rowand.

  20. nedajerk

    I bet Torre did that on purpose and he did have Kuo warming up since he was suppose to be the closer tonight.

  21. jhallwally

    LOL Nelly!!! I guess not. I just thought I had to add that Andre hasn’t exactly been doing all that well since his stint on the DL if I was going to criticise the others. He doesn’t get a free pass because he is our favorite player. He’ll get it together. I’m not worried about him. Martin is a waste. What the f*ck has happened to him?!!!! We know Manny is washed up without the juice!!!

    By jhallwally on July 20, 2010 8:17 PM
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    Time warped again. Damn’!!!!

    By jhallwally on July 20, 2010 8:19 PM
    Report any abuse or spam
    Hi’Ya Nelly. That was an interesting post last night about McCourt unloading Ethier as he will be getting some big bucks in arbitration. I hope it doesn’t come down to that. I thought they gave him a two year deal last year. I will be thoroughly p*ssed like a bear if they don’t keep Andre!!!!!

    By jhallwally on July 20, 2010 8:27 PM

    I got time warped earlier Nelly!!!

  22. nedajerk

    Yeah I did 32and53 only because I was trolling the Giants board when Torre got hit. Dang could’ve been a triple for Paul.

  23. nellyjune

    Not exactly what we needed. Come on Dodgers!!!

    Jhall – I finally saw your posts waaaaay up there – lol!!! I fully expect all the players to be treated the same around here on ITD.

  24. nellyjune

    Nope, it looks like Johnny is warming up in the bullpen. Hold on to your seats folks, this game will certainly get interesting now.

    Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!!!

  25. nellyjune

    I find it hard to believe our pitching staff is only ranked 20th out of 30th. It really seems like it should be much lower than that. Regardless of the outcome of this game, it is ridiculous we can’t rely on any pitcher on this staff. I mean we had Tim strung up and our pitching just let them walk right back into this game, literally.

  26. nellyjune

    Well, this is something new………………………….the coaching staff is responsible for a screwup. How about that?!!!!!

  27. perumike

    Wow, these umps have called a crap game! Dodgers get a warning for the Giants throwing up and in, and Kersh gets tossed along with Joe. Now Mattingly gets one of his two feet off the mound and they call it a second visit? Wow!!

  28. nellyjune

    Bring in James Loney to pitch. He’s pitched in highschool!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!! He has got to be better than Sherrill!

    Kruk and Kuip are enjoying this waaaaaaay to much.

  29. 32and53fan

    Rookie manager mistake… Mattingly will never do that again!
    What a BS rule interpretation. Kudos to Bochy for calling him out on his mistake but I hate baseball technicalities.
    This is just an unbelievable game. I knew we needed 10 runs!

  30. perumike

    Uggghhhh! I hope we can find a way to make sure that Brian Wilson does not celebrate. I HATE his little celebration, especially on our mound.

  31. nellyjune

    It’s on the pitching staff, period. This game should have been done after the 6th inning. We just have no consistent pitcher as a starter or in the bullpen. Kuo, but like we have said, he can only be used every other day so what good is it.


    This team sucks. Broxton stinks. The hitters just wait on his fast ball because he has no other pitch.
    I had to endure 4 stinking losses to the Cardinals and my son weill never let me forget that.
    I’m tired of watching loosers.

  33. enchantedbeaver

    A team just doesn’t go to hell like this overnight. Its time to start firing coaches, managers and one GM.

  34. trublu4ever

    I can’t take this any more….need to take some time off….let me know when there are some major changes.

  35. 32and53fan

    LOL – Rick Monday says leaving the dirt part of the mound and coming back was a “ticky-tack” ruling… I would have said chicken s**t ruling.

  36. kpookiemon

    Mattingley’s gaff probably didn’t matter. I had every confidence that Broxton would continue to melt down. A closer with hot cocoa in his veins.


    Wow. But I agree with many of the comments above. The umps did not cost the Dodgers this game; the umps were just going by the rules. Vinny said Bochy pulled this on Grady Little a few years ago. But Kahli is right, this one is on Broxton’s inability to be the lights out pitcher this team expects him to be. You might also go back and look at Kemp being thrown out at third base earlier. Maybe you ask about Kershaw’s inability to hold on to a lead or the offense’s inability to build on the lead they had early in the game.

    And BPB1 raises an interesting question although I am not sure his solution solves any problems. What has happened to this team? I said it before and I will say it again: last season the Dodgers won with smoke and mirrors. This season the smoke has cleared and the mirrors are broken.

  38. enchantedbeaver

    There’s really nothing more that can be said. Its all just a culmination of poor management, mishandling, misjudging of talent, slashing payroll, depleting a once promising farm system, and the fact that some of the “young guns” just aren’t that good. Its all finally caught up to them and has come to a head.

    Joe’s a doddering idiot of a manager to be sure, but the fault dear Brutus lies with Frank and Jamie’s greed and the buffoon they hired as a GM.

  39. 32and53fan

    If I am Joe Torre, I start making reservations for accommodations in Louisville, KY for May 7, 2011. Then start planning to be in London between June 20 and July 3 next year.

  40. enchantedbeaver

    Don’t you all think its now gone beyond blaming individual players for poor game by game performances?

  41. nellyjune

    lbirken – always love reading your two cents :))

    Kahli – I didn’t think it mattered either. As a matter of fact, my hubby and son wanted Brox to stay in the game. So, that speaks volumes on how the rest of the world views are pitching staff.

    BPB1 – agreed!!! …………..and management heads need to start rolling.

  42. nedajerk

    Get Belisario off that restricted list and I hate to say this but I’m blaming are SP for the 1st month for his problem so get Troncoso back up here now.


    At this point I don’t really want to blame anyone. I believe the players are doing the best they can and maybe this is the best they can do at this point in time. It was only a short time ago, or so it seems, people were screaming to play the kids. No such call now because there are no kids being held back. I believe Josh when he says everyone in the organization wants to win. We all want to win but wanting may not be enough. So yes, I think at this time management has to take responsibility as it would in any business or organization.

  44. nellyjune

    enchanted – it’s gone way past blaming the players. I chalk them all up to McCourt. They are his losses now, and until the team is sold, it should remain that way.

  45. enchantedbeaver

    Realistically, it isn’t going to EVER get any better as long as Frank (or Jamie) owns the team. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that unless some multi-billionaire buys the club and is willing to spend like the Yankees and BoSox to immediately field a winner, the best course for a new owner would be to hire a GM like Logan White, sell all of its stars – Kemp, Dre, Kersh, Brox, etc. to totally replenish the farm system with top flight prospects, and be honest and tell everyone that it’ll take 4-5 years to rebuild a winner from the ground up. Tell people in the meantime while we’re rebuilding that the ticket prices will be slashed and we’ll do everything we can to put young players on the field that you’ll be proud to see as lifelong Dodgers, and when they get to the point of contending that the money saved now will be used to acquire the type of missing pieces that will put us over the top. Who wouldn’t back a plan like that even if you have 2-3 brutal years?


    The only thing I know is I will be watching again tomorrow night and the rest of the season. We have been through tough times before as fans and we will all get through this. Keep the faith and get some sleep. Good night.

  47. 32and53fan

    …meanwhile, McCourt’s kids are laughing their *** off that they both get $300,000 a year and do not have to even show up at the office. Walter O’Malley must be rolling over in his grave.

  48. nellyjune

    The funny thing enchanted………………….isn’t that what we were all more than willing to wait for two years ago, but Ned had to go find Manny, Blake, etc., and that’s where the dream of a young gun dynasty kind of died. It’s all hindsight now, but we never got the chance to see if it would have worked.

  49. nellyjune

    So true lbirken!!

    32and53 fan – I would love to make that money and not have to show up at school, but then again, we have class, don’t we?

    BPB1/enchanted – I forgot to mention Andruw. Acquiring him was the start of Frank/Ned/Joe not believing in the young core.

  50. enchantedbeaver

    It would’ve been interesting had they totally stayed the course Nells.

    I’m just thinking that this club is so screwed up from top to bottom that any new owner would be better off tearing it down and repouring a new foundation. A club is only going to be as solid as its minor league foundation. We’re seeing that now. No prospects leaves us no one to call up except the Haegers and Schittings (or whatever) and Links. It leaves us no way to put together any meaningful trades (not that it matters anymore.) Hell if I was Ned I’d be on the phone right now trying to sell off every single one of our vets for whatever kind of prospects I could get.

  51. enchantedbeaver

    But that’s all just a pipe dream. The only meaningful thing we as fans can do now is boycott the stadium and merchandise. Anything that takes coin out of Frank’s pocket. That’s why I won’t go to the ITD tour. I won’t give Frank the satisfaction of getting my $10 or $15. Feel it would be hypocritical of me too if I went knowing how I feel about Frank and his regime.

  52. nellyjune

    enchanted – I agree we may have to start from the ground up, and I am more than willing to wait it out. I was willing before. I would also like to see all the young guns get the chance to play for an owner that cares about winning. They deserve to experience it, and if it means playing for a different team other than the Dodgers, then let it be that way. I wouldn’t blame them one bit for wanting out of this team. I know they will never be so bold like Manny and say it, but you know some of them are feeling it………….feeling like their best years are just being wasted here right now.

  53. nellyjune

    speaking of a boycott…………….there is a group on facebook that is trying to arrange a “blue out”. A day where nobody shows up. I don’t think it would happen, but the good thing is people are thinking about it now. Once again, we are no longer in the minority on this topic.

    • Mohomad

      @TalyaI think the cfniefae was clouding my judgement this morning. Just because I *think* I could do it doesn’t mean I will. :-p And thanks for letting me know that at least one person is interested.@AllieHow do you receive coupons before being a member? I did get some apples, kiwis, and blueberries. I’ve hard about the myths of their liquor section too. However, I wasn’t on that mission last night so I didn’t go in there.I just meant that when I went to Aldi the first time (though, quality of food may be on different levels) I was completely blown away. A week’s worth of food for $40 made my mind melt. Costco was just, “eh, ok, I guess.”


    If we cannot win with Kershaw, Kuo and Broxton we’re screwed. We need a bat to replace Manny and his undependable legs, a real starter, and a handful of real relievers, and I still do not know what Weaver is being saved for. Where are all these players going to come from? Not from prospects from the depleted farm system. I’ll not give up until elimination, but if this continues another week, po’dbear’s philosophy starts to make sense to me.
    Time for Manny to retire at the seasons end. His legs have betrayed him and nobody will pay his price for a singles hitting DH. I’d love more than anything to see the team turn this around and start a drive with Manny hitting 4th,singles and all, but that does not look like it’s in the cards. It’s possible. We’ve all seen much stranger things.

  55. trublu4ever

    Okay, I lied last night. Just can’t stay away! Where else do I have the chance to blow off steam?! Read all of your thoughts after last nights game and they were very insightful and right to the point.
    I knew we were in trouble last night when we had Timmy on the ropes and only scored five runs. It should have been a complete blow-out with no chance for a Giant comeback.
    Hoping for at least a win tonight so we can shut up their god-awful announcers.

  56. Dodger4life

    Good day everyone……………..
    When we beat the Giants in the NLCS, and the Yankees in the Series…..the only thing we will remember from this week is.
    Enjoy the game tonight everyone.

  57. koufax1963

    Our first series loss to a NL West team, and in Bizarre form.
    Kemp can’t stick to 3rd base, crucial play. X-man drops the second out, and the runners move on up, yea the runner at 3rd would have scored anyhow, if he did catch it.
    Kid K tell me you weren’t really trying to hit rowand!? Did you forget about the warning? And now we got a taste of Donny baseball managing, not impressed, and to call on sherill. But as several have mentioned the cancer stems from the malibu houses to owners box down to the clubhouse and the dugout. Manny is done, dont really want to see him in september strike out with 1 HR per month.
    never thought a pinky injury would do so much damage. Broxton is pulling a Lidge on us, I trust he returns to form real soon, but I had this feeling if he stayed in the result would be the same. I can wait for for a championship team, been waiting since 89, but I really felt (until last night) that this team with a stellar ace could pull off a trip to the WS.
    Trade deadline coming and I may be more shocked of what leaves rather than what comes, because I am sure McCourt will still be here, which is the only trade I am supporting.
    To come so close to handing Lincecum a Loss, and then losing it all is just,****** well you have all said it.

  58. nedajerk

    Forget the warning Kershaw did what he have to do that why Torre let him starting the inning because he knew he had Kuo warming up. They shouldn’t even been a warning until Kershaw got his revenge and also Bautisa should’ve been toss when he try to hit Martin. No way Kershaw hit Torre in the 1st that was such bs. That probably why they gave the warming when Lincecum hit Kemp. Now Kershaw is suspended for 5 games.

  59. nedajerk

    No more freaking ex Giants and what the hell the front office is on something now. Taschner had been called up sending Ellis down and I wanted Hoffmann.

  60. nedajerk

    CL 51 Broxton $4,000,000
    LHP 56 Kuo $950,000
    RHP 36 Weaver $800,000
    RHP 45 Miller $603,825
    RHP 59 Schlichting $227,322
    RHP 37 Monasterios $460,000
    LHP 52 Sherrill $4,500,000

    Gosh Sherrill making 4,500.000 for this year. Could they just give all his salary to Weaver and Kuo?


    Those suspensions are b.s. Bob Watson seems to come down hard on the Dodgers so I don’t believe he is objective. Maybe Schaefer deserves it but it was nice seeing some life out of him. Not sure if the rules require the suspension for Torre. The warning rule is one of those good intentions with unintentional results. The umpire has to decide what is in a pitcher’s head and clearly one pitcher gets a freebie. Not sure how I would fix this problem but in the “old days”, the players seem to have things under control and did not react so violently to close pitchers. I guess Drysdale would be on suspension all the time.

    And that article by Rosenthal is stupid. How can the rule be enforced if the umpire has to be told by the opposing manager that a rules violation occured? Clearly if Mattingly had been warned not to go back to the mound he would not have done so. Everything happened so fast and I doubt the umpire would have done anything had Bochy not made an issue out of it. Score one for him. And how often does such a thing happen anyway?

    I also take exception to the notion that the Dodgers should get rid of just about everyone for prospects and throw in the towel. That is just not the Dodger way no matter who owns the team. I agree there is a problem and that it starts at the top but I am going to accept on face value that the players have enough competitive spirit and pride to do the best they can and work to overcome adversity. Maybe they need to play with a bit of a chip on their shoulder as long as they can control their emotions and play smart. Can they do that? We will see.


    Not that I usually even look at what American League teams do, and not that this means anything, but the White Sox with JP and A. Jones are in first place. Adrian Beltre is having a good year with the Red Sox.

    Meanwhile, back in the N.L. the Dodgers are not the only team from last season’s playoffs having problems. The Phillies are struggling as well. Doesn’t make me feel any better.

  63. nellyjune

    lbirken – I have been paying attention to the AL, and the White Sox have been on a roll for quite some time.

    GO DODGERS!!!!

  64. sparkleplenty_1

    I was not at all upset that Kershaw went headhunting. He was protecting his team. It’s just sad that he has to pay for doing his job, IMHO.
    How about a well placed piano; a meteor would really mess things up in the surrounding areas! Where’s the Piano Man when we need him?

  65. Dodger4life

    I refuse to believe the sky is falling……although, I would welcome one strategically fallen meteor.
    LET’S GO BOY’S!!!!

  66. Dodger4life


  67. oldbrooklynfan

    Good Evening Everyone.
    Well, last night was one of those nights.
    Never a dull moment at Ebbets Field. Oh I mean Dodger Stadium, excuse me.
    What’s the difference it’s the Dodgers.
    The game was like a play, that went along with the script, only the bad guys won.
    The boys, less Torre, should just get on the field and play ball just like any other night.
    Then let’s see what happens.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

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