Picture perfect day…

The weather is awesome out here and I’m particularly impressed with the swath of blue-clad fans down the right field line, several of which I believe are readers of Inside the Dodgers. The town has been invaded by Dodger fans, which is very cool. You honestly can’t go a block or two in the city without seeing someone in Dodger attire.

Once we got to the park, I took a stroll around Yawkey Way and it’s a pretty impressive hangout spot for baseball fans. It’s that sort of set up that we’re hoping the Next 50 project will become, where fans can come early and hit up the restaurants, bars, shops and just relax.

Also took the time to go to the top of the Green Monster during BP and then inside of it, which was pretty unique. Lots of players have signed their names on the wall in there over the years, as well as lots of celebrities and lots of lucky fans. I took photos of all this, but can’t seem to get email working here in the stadium…must be too many people on the network.

Meanwhile, it’s a 3-1 game so we need the bats to get going…


  1. jhallwally

    Yep, better get something to get fans to the park, with Frank it won’t be the team!!!! Thanks Josh!!! Nice spin!!!!

  2. jhallwally

    The sheep says BAAA mom. The cow says MOOO dad. Why does Jamie say Uuh-Uuh-Yes, and Frank duhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  3. jhallwally

    Oink, Oink… Mommy, was that the pig? No honey, that was JoJo and Honeycutt f*rting in the dugout!!!

  4. jhallwally

    They lean on the railing alot to bear down and get extra leverage!!!! Hence the bewildered looks on their faces. They don’t have a clue how it will come out!!!!

  5. jhallwally

    Baaaaaawk, bawk, bawk!!! Daddy, was that the chicken? No dear, that was Ned talking trades with player agents. Unfortunately, the only chicken he can get his hands around is his own.

  6. dodge1612

    to fix this team we need a real 2bman… I like dewitt but hes not a 2bman you want on a championship club. we need a first baseman with power… championship teams have this too… as well as a 3bman with power…

    pitching wise, our bullpen is fine in my opinion… well minus troncoso… starting pitching is atrocious… bills, kuroda and kershaw are solid and fine(when healthy). we need 2 starters at the minimum, padilla, monk, vargas, heager, ely arent guys you can depend on in the playoffs.

    I think our biggest need is a real owner who cares about the team winning a title not making his money, or someone who can do both, like steinbrenner… this team will be lucky to make the playoffs and if there will not advance… SELL THE TEAM YOU PIECE OF TRASH, TAKE YOUR WIFEY AND GO BACK TO BOSTON…

  7. enchantedbeaver

    Just need some of that 70’s porn music to go with it Wally.

    Just getting hard to watch this day after day Tru knowing that the most they’ll ever do to “improve” is Vargas. Are we not men? We are Beav-O!!!

  8. nedajerk

    wow loney good catch that good must be a dodgers fan of that was a boston fan they didnt do nothing lol

  9. jhallwally

    We’ll get plenty of shopping and bullsh*t for you to get Daddy to spend his money on so we won’t notice the team really isn’t a real contender!!!!

  10. jhallwally

    Hey Shad!! How ya doin’ my friend. I think we are hoping the Vargas signing is just a bad joke!!! Unfortunately, we may be in for alot of bad humor with Frand and Furter!!! Jamie’s the only one cumming out in this deal!!!

  11. enchantedbeaver

    Nice that Vargas will be a starter and the longest he’s pitched this year is the three innings he just tossed at Albuquerque.

    You know W-W-W-Wally, I’ve been thinkin’. In Ned’s case, I think it’s more of a game hen than a chicken.

  12. jhallwally

    There’s a lady(used loosely, ironic heh?) who knows,
    She can get all Franks gold,
    And she rides in a Limo,
    To Rodeo Drive!!!!

  13. enchantedbeaver

    Hey Ned, here’s a hint from your Uncle Beav. Next time your center fielder is off to a terrific start, don’t publicly criticize him as the sole reason for the team’s bad play.

  14. jhallwally

    No doubt Beav!!! Seriously bad move!!! I really want to get after Ned about the pitching but I feel that he has his hands tied by Frank and Jamie in that department!!!!

  15. jhallwally

    Ned is seriously out of his league as a knowledgable baseball person. We’ve known that for 3 years. Let Ng and Logan make the baseball decisions!!!

  16. enchantedbeaver

    The image I get of Ned being tied up by Frank and Jamie is just wrong – tank top, boxers, wingtips and high black socks… Eeeeewwwwwww

  17. enchantedbeaver

    No really, we’re in good hands – Padilla, Monasterios, Haeger, Vargas – what could possibly go wrong?

  18. enchantedbeaver

    There is so much more than pitching that is wrong with this club that even if they picked up Lee or Oswalt, they’re still not that good.

  19. nedajerk

    He was in a slump when he made that comment and I think Ned was right his defense and base runner was horrible that week.

  20. nedajerk

    I?m sorry Wally didn’t see you up there I was busy doing something us but I’m fine but wish we took this 2 games with the Red Sox but happy the Lakers beat the Celtics but just hate the way it started and I hate winning because of FT’s than people going to complaint about it when the FT’s are so lopsided. I want them to spank the Celts by 39 pts like they did to us but the FT’s are like 18-17 so it doesn’t affect the game in some way.

  21. jhallwally

    Unfortunately, I think you are right Beav!!! This team under Frank and Neddy will only tease, we ain’t getting laid my friends. Not until we get an owner that will put out!!! Money!!! Not like Jamie!!!!

  22. nedajerk

    That interview with Artest was funny and did anyone seen Jimmy Kimmel last night? He had Brown, Sasha, Powell, Mbenga, Kobe, Fisher and Artest.

  23. enchantedbeaver

    The trouble with this team as I see it Tru is that it has no leadership, no identity, no soul. Obviously Frank could care less and his only motivation is greed. Ned’s unqualified. The game passed Torre by several years ago. Honeycutt’s worthless as a pitching coach. From the owner to the GM to the manager to many of the coaches, none have any identity with the Dodgers or its past. Continuity? Forget it. Tradition? Forget it. From the top down its bereft of vision (unless you want to count being able to maximize ticket prices and minimize payroll over the next 10 years.) It lacks a heart, a soul, someone who inspires to greatness.

    Is this a young team? Is it a team of vererans? Is it rebuilding? Is it fine tuning? Is it a team of winners? Is it a team of losers? You all will have to tell me because I don’t know what its supposed to be.

    And if management claims it has all oars in the water and are pulling together, then they must all be on the same side of the boat because all this team does is go around in circles while other organizations sail on by.

  24. nellyjune

    Goodness!!!!! You leave for a day and all hell breaks loose around here with the boys being left alone without supervision. Wally and Beav – you are too funny beyond words sometimes. Thanks for the laughs………………you were/are hilarious!!!

    Dodge1612 – I think Andre would love to have Dustin Pedroia playing for the Dodgers, and he is one great second baseman. However, the RedSox made sure he isn’t going anywhere for a while. He is the one guy I truly like on that team and that was before I knew he and Andre were close friends. I just think he proves to many that it doesn’t matter what size you are, anybody can make it to this level if they work hard and are given the opportunity.

    I know a loss is a loss, but at least it was a respectable loss. And as for last night’s game, I am very impressed by the Boston fans for recognizing what Manny has done for that team. There were some boos, but he has gotten much worse at ballparks that have really had nothing to do with him at all. Kudos to the RedSox fans for being respectful for a player that obviously did alot for them.

    I have had the pleasure of watching my son play on a team comprised of 12 different schools in the area. They are competing in a wood bat league throughout Northern California, and then they will finally compete in a tournament in Arizona at the end of July. It is so much fun watching these 16-18 year olds play (on all the teams, not just ours) because it’s like watching the next wave of young stars at the cusp of reaching the next level either into college or the mlb.

  25. crzblue2

    Hello ITD!
    Very tough to take this second loss. We are part of the group in the RF that Josh talked about but there are Dodger fans everywhere.
    could not hook up with TRUE and OBF prior to the game. I was fighting my own monsters with the computer. BUt I did see them at the end of the games and took some pics that I will upload on another post in my blog.
    If you read my facebook you will read about the racists Red Sox fans we encountered.
    Well, we’ll take the Fenway tour tomorrow, do some sightseeing and then go to the game that starts at 8: . True and OBF took the train back to NY.
    Here is hoping we see a win tomorrow.

  26. Dodger4life

    This team lacks substance……and consistancy……and determination……and wisdom!!!! and an……..

    They are like the recession Dodgers!!!!
    NO UMMMPH!!!!!

  27. nellyjune

    See, our media is so worried about telling the Manny story, they are forgetting about other stories that matter to Dodger fans. Along with Manny stories, the Boston fans got this story……..The one I was wishing the Dodger side would tell first………………. Andre Ethier and Dustin Pedroia.


  28. Dodger4life

    Hey Nelly, that was a good read. I liked the part about Andre arriving first to Dustins house. It is good to see both of them have success, as we all know they are driven year round, even if you push it aside for a bit.

  29. crzblue2

    So the Dodger fan lady sitting infront of me gets asked by a Red Sox fan “Why are you a Dodger fan, you are not Mexican?” To which she said “not all Dodger fans are Mexicans.” She could not believe that she was asked that.

    My friend Lorena as she was walking a Red Sox fan tell her “We don’t need Manny to win” to which she responded “”The Red Sox did because without Manny they wouldn’t have been World Series Champs!” His response was “Oh, you speak English!?”
    Let’s hope we don’t encounter any more racists Red Sox fans for the rest of our trip.

  30. nellyjune

    That was pretty funny Dodger4life!!! I am sure they have some fun conversations around the dinner table too.

  31. robertelee@yahoo.com

    I’m getting sick and tired of watching Kemp turn away from pitches he thinks are far inside when over half of them are strikes. He’s not able to hit those pitches or what!!!!!!!!!!!
    He’s sure not the hitter I thought he would be. He never hits an inside pitch and hits it down the left field line for a home run. All his home runs are to dead center field. This guy needs some hitting instructions badly.

  32. nellyjune

    I would like to wish all the fathers and father figures out there a Happy Fathers Day.

    Back to Fenway
    Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier is playing in Fenway for the first time this weekend, but it’s not his first visit to the park.

    His grandfather, Pierre Ethier, who grew up in Spencer and graduated from David Prouty High, took him there when Andre was a kid.

    Ethier, 28, grew up in Phoenix and was a college teammate of Dustin Pedroia at Arizona State, but he has lots of relatives in Central Mass., many of whom were at Fenway cheering him on yesterday.

    ?To be an Ethier and play here, it’s a pretty neat thing,? Ethier said. ?It definitely gave me goose bumps the first time I walked on the field.?

    He was planning to hook up with family members after the game and was looking forward to introducing them to his 2-year-old son, Dreson.

    The Massachusetts Ethiers are Red Sox fans, but Andre, who leads the National League in slugging percentage, has given them plenty of reason to follow the Dodgers’ box scores.


  33. dodgerzona

    Hello All….Sad news….Furcals dad passed away….Per espn la…..My deepest condolences to Raffy and his family

  34. sparkleplenty_1

    Condolences and heart-felt prayers for the Furcal family.
    On a happier note, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

  35. lbirken@aol.com

    My condolences as well to the Furcal family. All the more reason to appreciate Father’s Day.

    Kudos to the Fox broadcasters for telling the Ethier-Pedrosia story yesterday during the game. Also, I was wondering why the Dodgers had Vinny travel all the way to Boston to broadcast one game but it was interesting to see him sitting in the stands watching the game. Josh, if you can it would be great to get his reaction and find out how many times he has watched a game in person that he did not broadcast. Unfortunately, Frank was also there and the boys in the booth had a great time discussing the energy vibe guy.

    As for the game itself, it does seem as if the Dodgers look like an underdog in these big games compared to the opponent. And it is more than pitching. However, while it is still a loss, the Dodgers did come from behind to tie the game and made some good plays. Too bad they could not take more advantage of all the Boston errors. Broxton tried to sneak a ball on the outside part of the plate and most of the time, that probably works. However, in this case it didn’t but it was the base on balls before he got in the game that set things up. Those walks by a reliever are just unacceptable.

    And in case anyone is wondering, I stil don’t like knuckleball pitchers although I have to admit watching Wakefield was entertaining. Interesting that he has had all sorts of problems lately at Fenway until yesterday.

    Emma, sorry to hear about your experience with some Boston fans. I have heard Boston has a tradition of racism and I believe was the last major league team to have a black player on its roster, a fellow by the name of Pumpsie Green. I remember him from my baseball card collecting days. I just loved the name Pumpsie.

  36. crzblue2

    Thanks Ibirken. Cool name Pumpsie. yep, those walks come back to hunt us and Dodgers not able to take advantange of all the Red Sox errors.
    Tour of Fenway was just Ok. No tour of the press box, no going to the dugout, bullpen. I heard afterwards that because is Father’s day they were having something later on where you could walk on the field. The tour person should have shared that with as was common information. I found out only after we left and we walked into a Dunkin Donut and a lady shared that info. That was only 1/2 hour more to do that but we were already out and close to the train station.
    Well, let’s hope Kurodan-san can get us the win.
    They gave us free Mannywood t-shirt and ESPN want us to wear them to put us on TV.
    Well, the room should be ready now so I am going upstairs. Last place we visited today was Paul Revere’s house.

  37. northstateblues

    Boston makes me sick. You’d think that a city built on the shoulders of “hated” Irish immigrants would know better, but I guess they have to pass the buck.

    As for the “Oh, you speak English” comment, what the hell is that gobbledegook that Bostonians speak? They sound like a bunch of 4 year olds with speech impediments.

    And Emma and all the other Dodger fans who traveled for the series, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t get lost, because if you don’t have a GPS, you’ll never understand their directions. At least from what I’ve heard of people who’ve made their way there.

    The funny thing was that they had only one white guy on the Celtics in the finals. Could you have imagined that in the mid 80’s?!!

    Oh well, let’s see how many championships they win without Manny. Their time has past, and their precious crown jewel, the Celtics’ number one ranking in NBA championship, is within two Laker rings of falling. Looking at those grumpy old men in green over the past 2 weeks, I think the Lakers have a good chance of leapfrogging over the next 10 years.

    As for the current series against Boston, I wish we had the pitching we had last year, I think we had a good chance to whoop them the past two days, but hard to do that when A.) You let 8 batters in a row reach base because you’re sending a Rule V pick to the mound because your team’s owner won’t spend for pitching because the team’s already “competitive”, and B.) You don’t take advantage of giftwrapped errors.

    The only thing good to ever come out of Boston is Cheers. And even THAT had Diane Chambers in it. :: shivers :: blech.

  38. nellyjune

    lbirken – Thanks for letting us know that Fox told the story of Dustin and Andre. I haven’t been able to watch any of the games in this series, but I have been reading all the stories related to their friendship and their passion for baseball.

  39. northstateblues

    Note: I wasn’t making a comment on the Irish “passing the buck”, more so an unfinished thought about the Bostonians “passing the buck” because their Celtics couldn’t hack it in game 7. Wish they had “edit” in the comments section, but this commenting system doesn’t even know what time it is, so that’d be hoping for too much.

    As a Mexican/Spanish American, I’ve always loved Irish Culture, feel we’re brothers separated by an ocean. So many things in common culturally, you’d wonder if somehow a lost Celtic (pronounced Kel-tik, not Sell-tik. Can’t Boston get ANYTHING right?) sloop made its way across the Atlantic a thousand years or so ago.

    I know there’s good people in Boston, too, so I shouldn’t generalize too much. They’re probably working off of the stereotype of the angry drunken Dodger fan themselves. Stereotypes might have a basis for their existence, but they’re two dimensional and don’t allow a subscriber to immerse themselves in the big picture, only the ugliness that the media loves to magnify.

    “I thought dogs laid eggs… and… I learned something today.” – Peter Griffin.

  40. crzblue2

    As always, well said NSB!
    Dylan Hernandez said that someone complemented him on speaking English. He thought it was funny. If only they knew he speaks three languages.
    Ok, the rain has stopped.
    Also I wanted to express my condolences to Raffy and Victor on the passing of their dad. Very sad that it had to be so close to FAther’s day, although I don’t know if in D.R. is a different day. In Honduras is March 19, St Josephs’s Day.
    Happy Father’s Day to all the Dodgers and Dodger fans here and anyone else that is a dad that reads the blog!

  41. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    I’ve said more than once that Boston is a place I would never want to live. Funny thing, though. The fans I connected with in the AZ and Colo ball parks were hispanic and they spoke English as well as I did. You know, Americans. A concept I’ve heard those Boston Irish don’t get.
    I thought Padilla did an OK job under the circumstances. He didn’t get knocked around. It was encouraging, something to build on. I agree with lberkin, the walk that put a runner in scoring position was the downfall yesterday. You can’t expect Broxton or anybody else to clean up a mess like that every time.
    Where’s our #1?

  42. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    WOW Truebluewill and I really had a wonderful time yesterday at Fenway Park, meeting up with fellow bloggers 53, 85, King Baldazar and Emma.
    I hadn’t been to Fenway in 8 years, It was such a great day and I had a wild time, it was almost perfect except the Dodgers lost.
    All in all I think the Dodgers are doing a great job against an elite team and they’re really putting up a battle.
    Let’s hope we can salvage a game to keep up with the Padres, Giants and Rockies.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Glad to hear you had a stellar time OBF!!! Nice to know you’re back home SAFE in Brooklyn! LOL
    I came in to say…HOLY COW!!! did i just see Emma in that group shot in the first inning?

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