Thinking Cure…

Following up on today’s annual golf tournament to benefit the Dodgers Dream Foundation, tomorrow is the start of the ThinkCure Weekend. As you know, it’s all geared towards finding a cure for cancer and we certainly hope you will all find a way to donate in some way, if you have the means.

It starts at 6 a.m. on KABC 790, KLOS and KHJ (Spanish), and then at noon Prime Ticket there will be two straight days of amazing TV programming focused all on ThinkCure. They’ve really put a ton of effort into making this a memorable event to raise a lot of money for a great cause. KCAL will also be showing regular updates over the weekend, so find some time to tune in.

Even better, check out the really cool auction items. A chance to shag fly balls during BP, meet Vin Scully, have an Italian dinner with Tommy, take a batting lesson with Don Mattingly. There’s so much, it’s hard to list it all. In fact, there’s even a chance to follow around yours truly again and all I can say is that last year’s winner paid several thousand dollars and enjoyed it so much, he wound up doubling his donation just for the cause! But more on that later in the weekend…

And last but certainly not least, thank you all for the kind thoughts in the comments of the last post. We are truly blessed and appreciate all of your well wishes.

Oh yeah…and welcome to first place!!




  1. trublu4ever

    I hope a ton of money is raised during Think Cure. My Mom was a cancer survivor and lived ’til the ripe old age of 90. My husband has also beaten cancer and is doing very well now.
    Again, Josh, my best to you and your family.

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Gee! I wish I could meet Vin Scully : ( Your games start at 10’ish for me, and he is like a bedtime story for me. My game is usually done and I switch to a west coast game afterward.

  3. nellyjune

    Thanks for the new thread Josh!!! Tru would be talking about my dad and my grandma, and I agree with her. I hope Think Cure makes a ton of money!! It’s great to have you back, and it ‘s early, but it’s fabulous to be in first place!!!!

  4. koufax1963

    Josh: Congrats on your new “draft pick” at home!
    Also grateful thanks that janelle briseno came out of the hospital safe and sound after the foul drive off her head, That requires a make up game for that family!
    Um if psychics work, why do they not win the lottery? Frank and Jaime shame on you, then and still, Sell the team, Please. You are not qualified to honor the privilege as a Los Angeles Dodgers Owner.
    Lastly, First place. That says it all. Fantastic Play.
    Keep up the good work and I won’t have anything to complain about on the field level!

  5. enchantedbeaver

    This begs several questions:
    1. Does this mean that GA is really 10-15% worse than he already is?
    2. If Vlad was only 1500 miles away, would he have twice the effect?
    3. Is it possible he could get the current manager and GM fired?
    4. Who’s side is he on in the divorce?
    5. If we pool all ITD’s psychic energies and send them towards Frank, can we get him to SELL THE TEAM?

  6. nellyjune

    ……..and to think we thought this season we wouldn’t have anything to talk about with JP gone. I am glad JP found a team that needed him. He, and the White Sox are doing pretty good for the most part.

  7. blueteapartymember1

    Scary is a good word for what this is. So is worrisome, alarming and downright frightening.

    McCourt, give it up. You’re done here.



    It’s all over for you.

    Your business here is concluded.

    You might be all dressed up, but there is no longer anywhere to go.

    You have passed on.

    You are no more.

    You have ceased to be.

    You have expired and gone to meet your maker.

    You are stiff.

    Bereft of life.

    You rest in peace.

    If your feet weren’t nailed to the perch you’d be pushing up the daisies.

    You’ve run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile.


    Your game is in the refrigerator.

    The door’s closed.

    The light is out.

    The eggs are cooling.

    The butter’s getting hard.

    The Jell-O is jiggling.

    Sell the team.

    Now, you bum.

    Not later.

    Not after the divorce.


  8. nellyjune

    ……..and to think we thought this season we wouldn’t have anything to talk about with JP gone. I am glad JP found a team that needed him. He, and the White Sox are doing pretty good for the most part.

  9. selltheteam

    Vlad told Frank that we wouldn’t be needing this guy….
    Indians recall top prospect C Santana
    CLEVELAND (AP)?With Stephen Strasburg(notes) in town, the Cleveland Indians decided it was time to bring up their top rookie prospect.
    The club recalled switch-hitting catcher Carlos Santana(notes) from Triple-A Columbus on Friday before the Indians begin a three-game series against the Washington Nationals, who will give Strasburg his first major league road start in the finale on Sunday.
    Santana, regarded as one of the best prospects in the majors, was batting .316 with 13 homers and 51 RBIs in 57 games for the Clippers. Perhaps the best hitter in Cleveland?s entire organization, the Indians kept him in the minor leagues this season to work on his receiving skills and overall defense.
    ?We had challenged Carlos,? Indians general manager Mark Shapiro said. ?It?s clear that his bat had dictated a call-up a while ago. But in the last two or three weeks he has made significant strides in his defensive aspects? his game calling, leading the staff and his throwing.?
    To make room for Santana, the club optioned catcher Lou Marson(notes) to Columbus. Marson, acquired last season in the Cliff Lee(notes) trade to Philadelphia, was batting just .191 in 45 games. Marson was leading AL catchers in throwing out baserunners.
    Santana was acquired from the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2008 in the deal for third baseman Casey Blake(notes). Last year, Santana was the Indians? top minor league player after he earned the Eastern League?s MVP.
    The Indians have high hopes for the 24-year-old, and are doing all they can to keep them in perspective.
    ?He?s still a prospect,? Shapiro said, ?and there will be some growing pains. But he?s a guy who will be fun to watch and has the upside to be a star.?

    Thanks to Frank, Jamie, and Vlad, we will all be comparing Martin to Santana the rest of the year.

  10. crzblue2

    Welcome back JOSH!!! I miss seeing you at the stadium!
    I too hope that THink Cure makes a ton of money. Peter Tillman of KABC was saying this morming that 100% of the proceeds go to the foundation. One of my aunts started chemo this week. We had to work hard convincing her to start it as she has been really scared since she found out she has cancer.
    Father’s day is coming up and many of those things for auction would make great presents.
    tomorrow I go to Angel Stadium for a mandatory session to work at the Fan-Fest then head back to Dodger Stadium!

    Keep voting for Mr. Clutch! Many of us at the stadium multi-tasks punching cards. We need to paint some Blue in the Angel outfield!
    Go Dodgers!

  11. blueteapartymember1

    “….. With Stephen Strasburg in town, the Cleveland Indians decided it was time to bring up their top rookie prospect.”

    “….the Indians kept him in the minor leagues this season to work on his receiving skills and overall defense.”

    BS. The reason they didn’t bring him up until now is the same reason the Nats didn’t bring up Strasburg until now.


    By waiting a couple of months, the teams will put off their arbitration and free agent years by a full season.


    iwanna, don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel!

    Josh, it is good to have you back. You can probably relax more at work than at home right now.

    I cannot let this issue of Carlos Santana for Casey Blake go without a comment. Santana may very well turn out to be a good ball player but let’s look at the situation. I believe Blake was a good “PVL” acquisition and has made a positive contribution to the team since arriving. He may not be a superstar but he solidified a position both offensively and defensively that had been an issue. There was little chance that Santana would contribute to the big league club anytime soon with Martin behind the plate and say what you will about Martin at the moment, at the time this trade was made he was a big deal with a huge upside. No one knows the future and in order to get something of value you often have to give up something of value. If Santana were still in the organization, where would he be right now? I wish him well.

  13. enchantedbeaver

    I notice the homepage doesn’t have any stories on it about the psychic vibes guy (or whatever he is.)

    I think what happened was that Frank mistook what DePo wanted and instead of acquiring Vlad the Impaler, he got Vlad the ********.

  14. selltheteam

    I agree with you in regard to the fact/opinion that Casey Blake has been a solid performer at a difficult position. Few people have been able to handle the hot corner and also were a great hitter at the same time. Blake is a smooth fielder at 3B and has really solidified that position, which has been a problem for us since Beltre left. He’s not a great hitter, but he is a solid everyday hitter.

  15. jhallwally

    I’m just guessing, but I don’t think Frank signed off on a full strip and body cavity search for Jamie before hiring the driver!!! All this fuss over a missed memo or miscommunication!!!

  16. enchantedbeaver

    Ned kept replacing the old batteries (Milton/Schidt/Sao/Carter/Baez-Alomar/Bennett/Lieberman/Hall/Navarro) for her, but its still didn’t work.
    Yet another area in which Ned disappoints…

  17. jhallwally

    One doesn’t have two ‘nads to rub together, and the other doesn’t have two brain cells to put together!!!! Take your pick!!! Whoops, pretty much describes both!!! Trick question!!!!

  18. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Trumom!!! How are you this evening? We have to get together sometime at Nelly’s. I don’t think Beav and myself will be welcome at the ITD tour if Frank and Furter are still around. LOL!!!!

  19. trublu4ever

    I’d love to get together! Wonder why Josh didn’t arrange an ITD tour this year”! lol I don’t think he wants to see any of us!

  20. jhallwally

    LOL!!! Probably so Trumom!!! I have to give Nad a bit of a pass. He has done somewhat better and I believe he is seriously hindered by the ownership(I should type bonership)!!!!

  21. jhallwally

    Too bad that, ultimately, the fans will take the bone while bent over at the ticket window, parking lot, and concession stand!!! It must still feel good?!!!!!

  22. jhallwally

    I’m sure Beav Productions© and NedCo© are working on the infomercial as we speak. Stay tuned!!!!!

  23. jhallwally

    And to think, it all started with going from DNelson to Nelly about 2 or 3 years ago!!! It’s all because it was easier to type Nelly than DNelson!!!! LOL!!!!

  24. trublu4ever

    I think she told me about you guys getting chewed-out for using a bad word or two. Is that it? I think bad words are sometimes in the eye of the beholder. Just look at some of the innocent things we say and they get *** out.

  25. enchantedbeaver

    Old Neddy blubbered
    franK-Y?s? in the cupboard
    And Joe?s an old bag of bones
    When Neddy bent over
    Frank he took over ? Owwww

  26. jhallwally

    LMFAO Beav!!! Right on cue my brother!!!!! Yep Trumom, we were out of control. Actually, the real profanity came from rogue bloggers from Dodger Thoughts!!!!

  27. jhallwally

    We were a bit insensitive to Jason Schmidt, Juan Pierre, and Neddy!!! Fortunately, Schidt, and Phew were like Syphillis and Gonorreha. You can get rid of them!!! Ned is more like Herpes, it just keeps coming back!!! C’mon Valtrex!!!!

  28. jhallwally

    Now we just need Bear and Dad/Eric to put it into its proper perspective!!! Beav and myself tend to sugar-coat it!!!! Don’t want to get Mom/Nelly to get sore at us!!!!

  29. nedajerk

    Santana goes 0/3 with a walk and run scored but seriously if this guy turn out great I’m going to be even more piss than ever if I’m not already.

  30. jhallwally

    LOL Trumom!!! I still don’t get how anyone could consider us insensitive!!! They get paid millions of dollars for sucking up the field and front office, we’re not happy about it and call it what it is. And, We’re Insensitive?!!!! If we didn’t I would call us stupid!!! I’d rather be insensitive than stupid!!! Get real Frank!!!!

  31. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    Ready or not, here’s the Freeway Series not unlike, the Subway Series we have here in N.Y.
    The Yankees and Mets always have subway trains racing each other on the big screen (wacky). What do you have? I guess.
    Well this is another big series, with more to follow.
    By the end of the month we’ll know better what the Dodgers are made of.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. jhallwally

    Beav, you are right!!! Well said!!! :))) Gonna take alot of FranK-Y™ for most people to accept our assessments!!!!

  33. nedajerk

    lol that why I said moved Martin to 3rd. Maybe we can trade him in a couple of year or the Mets signed him as a FA and I which we had Josh Bell back. Who’s are top 3rd baseman prospect now?

  34. northstateblues

    Hey everyone

    Big series for both L.A. Teams this weekend. And I guess with the Rangers within reach, this is a big weekend for the Angels as well.

    Hearing the voice of Bill Buckner from outside my window. No, I’m not crazy (at least not certifiable), Buckner’s speaking at our local ballpark on Faith Night for the Marysville Gold Sox. Guess you’ll find your faith quick with a horde of Bostonians having it in for you for the better part of 18 years.

    Didn’t go, though, since we have this series going on here. Hope that we’re able to stay ahead of the Padres.

  35. enchantedbeaver

    How do you get a leadoff triple with Kemp, Ethier and Manny up next and not score against Piniero?

  36. nedajerk

    Stadium Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, FL
    Attendance 19,338 (53.6% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

    I don’t get it and the Rays are like 39-21.

  37. nellyjune

    Manny has to start hitting behind Andre, or they are just going to keep pitching around Andre to get to Manny. He is not the threat he used to be.

  38. nedajerk

    I can’t believe we lost last night and man that 4th quarter was terrible to watch and Bynum would’ve had made a different in that game. I hope Phil didn’t sacrifice that game we could’ve won if we lost game 5 on sunday.


    Hey Nelly. Boy Was I happy about the Cards series. My son hasn’t spoken to me yet. He’ll come around.

  40. jhallwally

    LOL Nelly!!! How’Ya doin? Join the submissioned!!! I’m still not happy with us wasting a lead off triple!!! Unacceptable and total crap!!!!

  41. nellyjune

    Boblee – I can imagine Dodger Blue is not a popular color in St. Louis right now. Maybe they will have better luck in their next series to allieviate your son’s sting of being swept by the Dodgers.

  42. nellyjune

    ITD screams for Frank to sell the team!!!

    Wally – the new product sounds very much like an ITD product.

  43. jhallwally

    Yep Nelly!!! Gotta come up with something to ease the pain!!!!! Dodger fans are getting bent over and unfortunately, don’t realize it yet!!!!

  44. jhallwally

    Interesting, that you walk batters and make errors like hitting them, it translates into losses!! It ain’t rocket science my friends!!!!!!!

  45. dodgereric

    Evening, jhall! How are things back in the buckeye state?

    Sell the team?, you miserable rat-*******

  46. jhallwally

    Sell the team?, you miserable rat-*******

    By dodgereric on June 11, 2010 9:47 PM

    I echo these sentiments!!! Miserable and worthless f*cker!!!!

  47. jhallwally

    Billz has recto-cranial inversion!!! Like the pitching coach. Get your heads out of your freaking a**!!!!

  48. jhallwally

    Get me a win Dodger faithful. I can’t stay up for this sh*t!!!! Goodnight and I’ll catch you down the road. Excelsior!!!!!

  49. nellyjune

    Good Night Jhall!!! So, shouldn’t Vlad, the psychic/scientist be able to tell Frank, “The pitching is going to suck tonight!!”

  50. nedajerk

    How the hell do you come into a game that should be already warm up and walk the first guy? I want Josh Bell back no reason to traded for Sherrill gosh which Kuo wasn’t so injury prone


    ok sorry if I’m being negative or perhaps I misunderstood. Should this be the case someone please correct me. So the goal for Think Cure this weekend is $400,000? Seems like such a lowball goal considering the amount of money the players make, the amount of money the owners make and the amount of money we were playing Rasputin to Think Blue. I’m pretty sure this series will average 50,000 fans so why not have $10 from each ticket sold this weekend go to the charity on top of the telethon? Seems like McCourt is leaving it up to the hard working fans to fund his charity while keeping his wallet locked away. But hey at least Kuroda donated $50,000.

  52. nedajerk

    Nothing wrong with him he’s a good reliever pitcher and way better then Miller. That 2007 year for him was a fluke.

  53. nedajerk

    Stadium AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA
    Attendance 41,817 (100.6% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

    I never seen the Giants stadium get over 100%

  54. nedajerk

    Career vs J. Pieiro 33 14 0 0 4 7 3 5 0 0 .424 .500 .788 1.288

    Manny goes 0/4 suck when you owned a pitcher and can’t hit him tonight.

  55. crzblue2

    Hey Perumike,
    The food section of the LA Times did a report by country on where to watch the game and what to eat there. Anyway, Rincon Chileno on Melrose will be open at 4:30 AM for the game and will serve Chilean and Honduran breakfast. Maybe, just maybe I’ll make it if I can get up early. I leave the following night to Boston.
    OBF & True,
    What day will you be in Boston? We are having a group picture taken of all Dodger fans. If you are there Friday, we are meeting at 4.p.m. Gate C at Lansdowne street.

  56. Dodger4life

    Good morning everyone……………..
    I was just wondering, if Billingsley whom doesn’t golf very much…….was a little fatigued from swinging the sticks the day before.
    Knouff, I didn’t see the game, I did listen to Charlie, go on and on and on and on about walking the pitcher three times with 2 outs. However even when your being squeezed you have to throw a quality strike. Sherrill and Billz and everyone else……were less than stellar, no excuses!!
    The Boy’s need to come out ready to play tonight!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

  57. Dodger4life

    Not to change the subject from V Energy…..and the Loony Toons……
    I read yesterday that if you belong to the Boy’s in Blue Club, you might have the chance to purchase individual tickets for the series with the Yankees…..
    SELL THE TEAM FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Dodger4life

    Also when Bud Selig said the Dodgers were in good hands…..Who in the H**L was he talking about……
    I would like to know……..

  59. Dodger4life

    Hey Josh……….V Energy…….Man O Man….. if the guy or gal, I worked for were involved in something this…..I know what I would be thinking. Our fearless leader is Bonkers!!!!
    I wish you and the rest of personell the best in the coming days…….
    How does he command any sense of respect other than with a signiture.
    His advisors must be totally embarrased, as are, we all!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!


  60. historymike

    Mr. Rawitch, if I heard Vin Scully correctly, you are to be congratulated on an addition to your family?

    Also, I’d love to meet Vin AGAIN. I met him when I was nine. Next to my wedding, the greatest day of my life.

  61. historymike

    Mr. Rawitch, if I heard Vin Scully correctly, you are to be congratulated on an addition to your family?

    Also, I’d love to meet Vin AGAIN. I met him when I was nine. Next to my wedding, the greatest day of my life.

  62. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody.
    I hope Ely has a better night than Billz had last night. The offense has to do better against Scott Kazmir as they were completely inept against Pineiro last night. We can’t expect much help from the Mariners.
    Actually the only thing to do is try to beat this team, tonight.
    GO DODGERS!!!!

  63. nedajerk

    C Santana C 4 1 2 3 0 0 12 .286 .375 .857
    Look like Santana had a 2 runs double and a homerun tonight oh boy Ned,

  64. truebluewill

    I have a feeling that blown opportunity right there could be the game for us. Bases loaded and our two top hitters coming up and we couldn’t score. That’s bad!

  65. colliethec

    TBW — I agree regarding the opportunity but disagree that Kemp is one of our top hitters. He was but ever since Ned opened up his big yapper, Kemp has been pressing at the plate and in baseball when you press you usually fail.

  66. oldbrooklynfan

    That 1 for 14 with runners in scoring position was the story tonight. Colliethec mentioned that Kemp is pressing, why not the team is pressing with runners in scoring position.
    Like they’re trying to hard.
    In these two games Pineiro and Kazmir outpitched Billingsley and Ely and that also was a big reason.

  67. colliethec

    I do think they are all pressing OBF. My thoughts go back to the Ned comments on Matt. Matt was doing well at the plate when Ned made his now infamous comments. Right after that is when Matt started to slump and has nor really come out of it for any extended time. He’s reverted back to swinging at the breaking pitches low & away and looking at fast balls middle away for strikes. Tonight when he came to bat after Dre had K’d he swung at the 1st pitch. It was almost like he was like let’s just get this over. I think his mental approach was screwed up by Ned and he’s been trying so hard ever since to prove Ned wrong. So that’s why I singled out Kemp in this instance. I love Kemp and have always been in his corner.
    My other issue is with Bills. He at times just looks like a deer in headlights. Almost a scared look in his eyes. I don’t think he’s confident and that is something that the coaching staff needs to build with him. Cause he has great stuff. He just nibbles a bit much.

  68. nedajerk

    Stadium Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
    Attendance 52,407 (93.6% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

    Stadium Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
    Attendance 52,806 (94.3% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

    Blah too high and I wonder what’s the attendance going to be today?

  69. kpookiemon

    Not so sure Dodger hitters are in a slump, so much as, in the words of Bill Parcels, you are what your record (or stats) say you are. This is NOT a power-laden, knock-your-socks-off club. Journeymen PVLs and kids still learning. Name me ONE player in his prime on this team…….

  70. nedajerk

    Survey Says …
    Results from ESPN The Magazine’s Baseball Confidential poll of 100 major league players. For best/worst umpire, players were asked to list their top three in each category. For a closer look at the survey, check here.

    Baseball’s best ump:
    1. Jim Joyce (53%)
    2. Tim McClelland (34%)
    3. Jim Wolf (15%)

    Baseball’s worst ump:
    1. CB Bucknor (37%)
    2. Joe West (35%)
    3. Angel Hernandez (22%)

    Baseball’s quickest hook:
    1. Joe West (35%)
    2. Rob Drake (12%)
    3. Bill Hohn (9%)

    Grade the umps:
    1. B: 29%
    2. C: 20%
    3. A: 16%
    Average grade: B

    Replay on the bases?
    Yes: 22%
    No: 77%
    Maybe: 1%

    Replay on fair/foul calls?
    Yes: 36%
    No: 62%
    Not sure: 2%

    Overturn calls in Galarraga game?
    Yes: 13%
    No: 86%
    Not sure: 1%

  71. Dodger4life

    This has been some ugly baseball against the Angels……
    Manny need’s to put some energy back into the line up. Timely hitting is confidence and good rythym. Say what you will, but we ARE paying him to be the guy. He needs to produce.
    Our pitching staff is suspect at best……Sherrill has yet to show up!
    Haeger is Haeger
    Elbert is adrift??
    Bills is looking tradeable………….Both him and Ely lost rythym on the mound, they were in a zone and then lost it!!
    Which without run support, morale on the mound is a lonely situation.
    I seen Scoiscia argue that call at first…..He had the same attitude his ballclub was playing with….Fired Up!!
    Not that I believe Joe need’s to be Fired Up but someone should be….Remember Schaeffer last season.
    It’s the time of year when uncertainty hits a clubhouse…….and with our ownership…uncertainty is understated……
    The Boy’s need better focus…..better rythym as a team…..and an Ace on the mound!

  72. truebluewill

    I’m glad to see Kemp getting the day off today. I think he can really use a day to clear his head. In the last four games he is 0-14.

  73. truebluewill

    Monasterios didn’t have it today. The game is not out of reach we still got a shot, they just have to snap out of it.

  74. truebluewill

    If it does happen it would be the first time ever. Let’s keep talking about it, maybe we’ll jinx it.


    Dodgers have been outscored 19-4 so far this weekend and are about to be swept. I actually don’t even care anymore. They don’t so why should I. Congrats Mr. McCourt on an inferior product to what the Angels have. You throw up a bunch of rookie arms and what do you expect. You rest your 20 million dollar player and what do you expect. The Lakers win for a reason. The best player on the team cares the most. Opposite to what we have which is no fire whatsoever. We are lucky we play in a ****** league.

  76. truebluewill

    Damn! We get two runs and then give one back. I hate when that happens. We still got a shot, let’s get those runs back.

  77. jhallwally

    Rats!!!® Totally unacceptable and pathetic weekend of baseball for our Dodgers!!! Excuse me, I have to vomit!!!!!

  78. truebluewill

    Well is was a valiant come back try, to bad Miller gave up that HR. They’ll have to turn it around on the road.

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