Send our guys to Anaheim…

I’m sure you’ve seen the news that six of our players are among the leading vote getters in the All-Star balloting. Well, now it’s up to you to get them there. Vote for whoever you think is worthy but keep in mind the strong seasons a number of our players are having. You can vote up to 25 times per email address so show the rest of the baseball world what us Dodger fans can do! 

Meanwhile, the team gets underway in a couple hours in Chicago and Rafael Furcal is back atop the lineup, with George Sherrill hitting the DL.

The last road trip ended 6-0…let’s see how we can do on this one.


  1. enchantedbeaver

    So Sherrill’s out because he hurt his back slipping quietly into bed the other night…

    Jeez, they don’t even try to come up with plausible injuries anymore. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Ned and Frank need to be sanctioned and/or suspended by MLB for their dishonest manipulation of the DL.


    Is it coincidence or just luck that the Dodgers always seem to find a guy with an injury to replace a guy coming off the D.L.? Do they draw straws to see who goes next? I am sure every team works the system the same but it is interesting to see the different ways players get injured.

  3. enchantedbeaver

    And while I’m at it, the fans voting for the all-star starters is a joke of epic proportions. Its nothing but a ballot box stuffing frenzie of popularity and has nothing to do with a player deserving the honor.

    And being able to vote umpteen times… what – is this a general election?


    BPB1, my sentiments exactly about the All Star game. I know a lot of people like the idea of the fans having a say in who makes the All Star team and most of the time the fans get it right. However, I agree that the choice can become more of a popuar vote with fans of one city working to get their guy picked. Perhaps it should be called the People’s Choice Game.

  5. trublu4ever

    BPB1 ~ I agree with you about the All-Star voting…..what I don’t understand is, with the attendance we have, our players never get in the game……I suppose they are too busy drinking their Hoodlum Beer to cast a vote!

  6. nedajerk

    There is no such thing as that 25 max limit and I’ve been voting like 100 times everyday with the same emails.

  7. 636566cy

    Well, that was one I didn’t see coming. Is is really necessary to keep Ramon Ortiz on the staff? He should’ve been DFA’d right after that last start. If he was in his mid-20’s with options left, he would’ve been sent right back to the minors after his first start. However, since he is old and has a long history of being awful, Torre decides to give him multiple chances because of his “veteran presence”. Very frustrating…

  8. koufax1963

    I like the the way Dodgers DL is going, I just hope furcal produces, because I wouldn’t hesitate to keep carroll as starting SS. Next Ortiz to DL for Either’s return?

  9. enchantedbeaver

    I like that Birk – let’s call it the People’s Choice Game.

    You know too that people voting for AL teams try to get the worst players possible voted onto the NL squad and vise-versa. The voting ought to be done by the players and coaches. AND if your team doesn’t have an all-star worthy player, your team shouldn’t be represented. I’m sure the TV ratings can survive if a KC or a HOU doesn’t have a reason to watch. Hell, there have been years when the Dodgers shouldn’t have been represented.

  10. nedajerk

    Albuquerque infielder Chin-Lung Hu went on the AAA disabled list over the weekend with a broken nose, according to the Isotopes. (I was tipped to this by New Mexico Fan via Sons of Steve Garvey.)

    No immediate word on how long Hu, who was OPSing .815 in May, will be out. This could conceivably affect the Dodgers’ roster decisions with regard to Nick Green, though I don’t expect it will.

    Other notes from Albuquerque:

    Tonight’s Reno-Albuquerque matchup pits former Dodger teammates Brett Butler and Tim Wallach against each other as opposing managers.
    Jamie Hoffmann needed a 10th inning Sunday to extend his hitting streak to 17 games. He’s batting .417 during the streak.
    John Lindsey went 4 for 5 to raise his batting average to .434.
    By sellthetm on May 25, 2010 3:21 PM

    I didn’t know Butler was a manager. To bad Hoffmann and Lindsey are not left handed batter. Can we bring 1 of those 2 up and send Green down but of course he have to clear waiver first.


    BPB1, that’s funny. My naive little mind never thought about voting for crappy players instead of deserving players in an attempt to give one league an advantage over the other. Obviously A.L. voters do a much better job of that than N.L. voters judging by the outcome of the games the past decade. When I do vote for a Dodger I seldom even vote for any other players in either league.

  12. enchantedbeaver

    Yeah birk, I tend to see the sinister side of mankind. 🙂

    LMAO Bear! From now on the DL as used by Ned is now the SL.

    Actually, Ned’s at the top of my SL.

  13. blueteapartymember1

    Amazing what’s happened to the organization we were so proud to cheer for. Injured while getting out of bed. Even if he is truly injured, which he is not, it’s way more likely that it’s his neck that hurts. It’s just not natural to have your head facing forward one second and then 180 degrees around in the next tenth of a second.

    By the way, as much as I like Xavier Paul, we just might have our 2011 left fielder moving from high A to AA very soon:

  14. selltheteam

    The good news is that DeWitt didn’t get sent down. But why was Torre floating that possibility? Just to play with DeWitt’s head? What a load of horse cr&p!

  15. selltheteam

    iwannabelikebear – Don’t rush Russell too fast. Let him play AAA in 2011, then he can compete with Xavier in 2012.

  16. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    I’m not surprised at the way the All-Star voting looks right now, because the Dodgers are not exactly household names outside of L.A. and the West Coast.
    Well the Dodgers are on the road again and this is a good place to get established, here and in my hometown, forget about Phillie, they’re to convinced of themselves already.
    Another gem by Kershaw could get him some votes from the managers and I’m still looking for another HR from line drive hitter Manny Ramirez.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. trublu4ever

    OBF ~ I think it sucks that in 5 positions, the Phillies are the leading vote getters…..I’m tired of seeing an All-Star game with the majority of players coming from one team. Andre is 4th right now, 32,000 votes behind. He is having a much better season than any of the Phillies!

  18. oldbrooklynfan

    I think the problem with fans voting is they tend to vote for the same stars every year and it’s unfair for younger players coming along.
    Winning pennants and World Series often also helps. People get use to seeing the same players.

  19. oldbrooklynfan

    If Paul could show some HR power, he’d be an excellent replacement for Manny, when he leaves.

  20. kpookiemon

    Agree that Dodgers are darn “fortunate” to find a sacrificial lamb…I mean DL casualty…to help bring Furcal back among the active players. Wouldn’t dream of trying to win a pennant without Monastarios or Green. Watching the Cubs’ first run off Kershaw was painful…Furcal and Martin put on a defensive clinic. Just one game in the sea of 162, but for Torre to bring in Troncoso in a 1-0 ball game was a bit much for my stomach. The guy is struggling right now. Why punish Kershaw and the rest of the team when there will be blow-outs on the horizon for Ramon to figure it out. Weird.

    Oh, SELL THE TEAM, Frank.

  21. enchantedbeaver

    What we need is Manny to start pulling his $20 mil weight. 2 HR end of May ain’t gonna cut it. I’m all for trading him to the AL for some pitching and letting Paul play out the year in left.

  22. oldbrooklynfan

    Dempstar seems to have the Dodger’s number tonight and he’s just not making any mistakes.

  23. trublu4ever

    BPB1 ~ You know Frank won’t trade Manny….he brings in way too much $$$ And, they won’t get us a quality pitcher because that would cost him some $$$.

  24. nedajerk

    I hate playing the Suns and is just to hard to play defense on them and they always seem to get lucky making shot. At least FT’s isn’t the problem. The Suns have 6 the Lakers 5 FT’s

  25. enchantedbeaver

    That’s what’s sad Tru. Too bad this organization isn’t run like a big league franchise.

    So how many times will tonight be – 6 times shutout already?

  26. enchantedbeaver

    Well that’s the ballgame.

    For a team with this much firepower, how can it already have been shutout 6 times in less than a third of the season? Shutouts 20 – over or under?

    Hey Wally!! What’s up in Ohio?

  27. jhallwally

    Watching a totally s*ck a** ballgame Beav!!! Not so many laughs, NSML!!! Chalk this one up to some good pitching by Dempster and infield ineptitude by the Dodgers!!!!

  28. enchantedbeaver

    And a smart manager might ease Furcal back into hitting against major league pitching by batting him 7th or 8th until he started to get his timing back before leading him off.

    Too bad we don’t have one.

  29. enchantedbeaver

    Granted Dempster pitched a very nice ballgame, but they suck like this against every good pitcher they come up against.

  30. jhallwally

    LOL Beav!!! We’ve already come to the conclusion that Frank, Ned, and JoJo only have one ball and two brain cells between them. And, damn’, they don’t come together very often!!!

  31. nedajerk

    lol 3 runs 1 earned run at least are team overall ERA would go down. Marmol got a weird delivery. lol that guy wore a Royals shirt

  32. enchantedbeaver

    Can’t hit good pitching. Can’t play solid defense. And on many nights, can’t get solid bullpen work and/or starting pitching.

    That might be good enough to still take the west, but it’ll have the same ending come playoff time.

  33. jhallwally

    Oh well, let’s whip’em tomorrow!!! Disappointing, frustrating, and uninspired game by our boys today!!!

  34. jhallwally

    Gotta look on the bright side. At least Nelly evidently didn’t have to endure this game. LOL!!!

  35. enchantedbeaver

    That’s for sure Wally!!!

    BTW, welcome to the world of post-steroid Manny, who’s about on pace for my projection of 70 RBIs for the year. Until the “average” [read that as uninformed] fan starts demanding better, and showing that demand by staying away from the ballpark, Frank will keep having these guys come play for his ballclub and selling them like they’re still in their prime and/or still on steroids.

  36. koufax1963

    OK dodgers didnt play well, cubs did better, thats our first two consecutive game loss since brewers in early May, looking forward that is big improvement from April. Another drink anyone?
    I agree with all above: the selig subversion, furcal get with it, hope sherrill gets IT ALL together, and happy day dre hitting like he was.

  37. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya D4!!! Hang in there Nelly girl, just a week to go. It’s going to be an exciting summer for our Dodgers and I’m looking forward to experiencing it with you and our ITD gang.

  38. nellyjune

    I am doing good Jhall!! I am just busy with the end of the year stuff at school (paperwork mostly). Only seven school days left, and I am soooo ready this year for it to be over. How about you?

  39. Dodger4life

    Hey everyone,
    Tough loss for Kersh and the gang…..
    Hi Nelly…Thanks for the margarita 🙂
    Jhall how ya been??

  40. nellyjune

    Hey Dodger4life!!! You are welcome!! My Margarita with Jill was pretty tasty too 🙂 Her A’s lost and my Dodgers lost so we were commiserating together.

  41. enchantedbeaver

    Hey everyone – wasn’t blowing you guys off. Thanks to good old PG&E and a couple of raindrops, the power went out for the last 3 hours.

    Have a great night all!!

  42. nellyjune

    Oh No Enchanted…………..ummmm BPB1!!! That’s no fun!!! I hear there may be snow in May in the Sierras…..just crazy!!!! Another round of rainy day schedules ahead for us…………yuck!!!

    I have been in submission error hell once again……………not fun either, but at least I had light – LOL!!!

    Good Night Wally and Beav!!!!

  43. lny4loney

    Here’s Sherrill’s injury tale from the Tony Jackson story above: “Sherrill said he injured his back trying to climb into bed gingerly so as not to awaken his wife, who was already sleeping.”
    Oooookay. Yeah. Whatever you say, George.

  44. crzblue2

    haha Lny4lOney! sound suspicious!
    Good to have you back here! I read about that 2004 that you also got interviewed that night. I probably saw you and your brother on TV that night if not at the stadium.
    Did you see my post where this girl had a sign with part of the Loney song? I was walking inside Petco Park checking out what I would eat when I spotted her and took a pic. Is in Dodgers Sweep the Padres thread.
    Also for those of you that do not get Dodgers on Demand from the Timer Warner cable, there is a John Ely interview that I have there if you want to check it out. I hope it worked.

  45. Blue'62

    PLEASE! Someone in Ned Coletti’s Office…or anyone at Doger Stadium…Trade Furcal for Oswalt!


    …if they want money too, give em stacks! Just TRADE FURCAL!


  46. selltheteam

    Blue’62 – If that doesn’t get the job done, add in Haeger – Furcal and Haeger for Oswalt!

  47. nellyjune

    Here’s the lineup……………….

    Furcal 6 Martin 2 Kemp 8 Ramirez 7 Loney 3 Blake 5 Johnson 9 DeWitt 4 Billingsley 1 via @DodgertownUSA

  48. selltheteam

    If we had a starting rotation of Kuroda, Oswalt, Kershaw, Ely, and Billingsley, what would the chances of winning the world series? [ assuming we keep the current starting players of Martin, Loney, DeWitt, Furcal, Blake, Manny, Kemp, and Dre]

  49. enchantedbeaver

    Oswalt will go the same way of Sabathia, Lee and Halliday. Ned will say that, “he tried everything he could”, but they just wanted too much in return.

    In cold hard facts though, Ned will have done nothing more than make a cursory call to their GM’s assistant’s secretary.

  50. kpookiemon

    Every now and then I take a journey to the Phillies blog, just to see what our blogging heroes are up to. Some are actually banging the Halladay trade…or saying he’s pitched too many innings…or he’s good, not great. Whatever. WOW, what a nice luxury to slam such a trade. Then debating Lee vs. Halladay, cramming the All Star ballot box with Victorino and Werth at the expense of Ethier. Heck, we poor saps here in Dodger land are trying to decide if we want Montasterios or Ortiz to take the ball. My nerves……..

  51. nedajerk

    What’s are the chances if we don’t win the WS? Oswalt does have a bad back do we really want him. If we had Halladay and Lee than I would love are chances.

  52. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    Well I hope Gorzelanny doesn’t have his way with the Dodgers like Dempster did, last night. He could’ve very easy pitched a complete game shutout if Piniella would’ve let him.
    Kershaw pitched himself another fine game, with no support. Now it’s up to Bills to do the same hoping he gets some help from the offense.
    COM’ ON YA BUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. nellyjune

    Shad – I am always in a time warp of some kind. If not on ITD, usually just in my head at times.

    Looks like we have a power outage are Wrigley. This isn’t necessarily a good thing if it takes too long, for the pitchers anyway.

  54. nellyjune

    red pen – “at Wrigley” not “are” – perfect example of the time warp in my head Shad 🙂

  55. oldbrooklynfan

    According to gameday the game is in progress Dewitt walked and Bilz struck out and Furcal is at bat.
    But it’s not on MLB.TV.

  56. nellyjune

    Thanks for the link Shad!!!

    Dodgereric – be on the lookout…………Andre might be heading your way to play at Lake Elsinore :)))

  57. oldbrooklynfan

    The Dodger feed is still out but there bringing us the Cub feed.
    I hope we hold this lead.

  58. nedajerk

    Since I like to follow ex Dodgers especially one on my fantasy team. Beltre got his 1st 6-RBI game since 2000, when he was with the Dodgers.

  59. nedajerk

    I don’t know if he really did when was the last time Kuo has pitch more than 1 innings? I think Torre need to be careful with him and it good he not using him in back to back games and I have no problem with that.

  60. nellyjune

    Good Job Dodgers!!!! I thought with the power outage that may affect our pitching, but they hung in there and the offense kept giving them insurance runs when it was needed.

    Hey Wally!!!!

  61. lny4loney

    Thanks for spotting, shooting, and pointing out to me the Loney fans in San Diego. Sooo cool!
    I feel compelled to say that these ladies were not necessarily inspired by our version of the song. I think I fairly represent Lee when I say that “The James Loney Song” basically wrote itself, and we would be surprised if the basic idea hadn’t occurred to at least a few others.
    On a similar note, I was always surprised that Mike Piazza never became a pizza spokesperson. Do you remember the old “Pizza Man” chain? “Pizza Man! He delivers!”. Seemed like a no-brainer.

  62. kpookiemon

    Sure hope Manny’s calf is bothering him…or else he’s jerking it out there. Ned and Joe’s juggling act, I mean DL list, will come home to roost sooner or later. Can’t keep everybody. Anderson, Haeger, Monasterios, Green. I’ll bet other teams’ mouths are just watering hoping to get their hands on these Ned gems.

  63. nellyjune

    I am once again stuck in the hell on ITD called, submission errors. I just don’t get this sometimes. I made very minimal comments tonight so what gives? It just really sucks!!!!

    Hey lny4loney!!! I am with the others saying that it’s good to see your name around here again. I hope your brother is doing well too 🙂

  64. lny4loney

    An ugly 5.1 innings by Chad, but without too much damage. Although we led by at least 2 from the get-go, it never really felt like this game was under control until the final out.
    I was with JoJo all the way on bringing Broxton in for 5 outs. Who else were we going to run out there?
    The Bearded Blake has been a monster. Maybe the whole team should grow beards.

  65. nellyjune

    Now that I am back in for the time being………

    Great smile Wally!!!!! :))

    With the gnats, their stupid radio guys are always tooting their horn on how every time Timmy pitches, it’s an automatic win,and that up until June 24th (that’s when they play Boston and then us), they are playing nothing but lousy teams and they should be at 40 wins by then. That’s what they get for assuming they are above any team. I, for one, don’t think any team is not beatable. The best teams lose to the worst teams all the time. It’s bad enough when their fans talk like that, but when people who are supposed to really know the game and know that there aren’t any games that are just a given, that’s just wrong.

  66. lny4loney

    Hi Nelly! Congrats on teaching another group of younguns the 3Rs+.
    Lee is doing well. I’m not sure I’m authorized to say anything beyond that about his life. He’s doing important work that he loves.

  67. nellyjune

    Thanks lny4loney!!! It has been a very tough year, including my phone being stolen by one of my first graders. They only thing that kept it from leaving the room at the end of the day was a very timely phone call from my hubby. I am glad to read Lee is doing well, and no need to go into detail.

  68. lny4loney

    I hear you, Nelly. I’m sorry it’s been such a tough year. It’s so sad that human beings can become so corrupted by the age of six.
    I imagine, though, that the vast majority of your students were adorable most of the time. That’s the part I miss.

  69. nellyjune

    Yep, I did, because at the time I thought I had just misplaced it, but it rang in a student’s backpack as we were getting ready for the dismissal bell.

  70. nellyjune

    Yes, there are a handful that drive me absolutely nuts everyday, and then the rest are just the best all the time. We did the coolest MLB Quilt this year. It was a team report each of the 30 teams, and for the quilt piece we used each team’s colors. It had a great visual affect and was a good talking point for Open House.

  71. enchantedbeaver

    “The Dodgers have been rebuffed by the Astros and Mariners after inquiring about pitchers Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee, respectively, general manager Ned Colletti told the Los Angeles Times. ”

    Way to go Ned. Well done. Now you can say you tried just like with C.C., Halliday and Lee I.

    If only Ned were as creative in obtaining top of the line pitching as he is coming up with lame excuses to put someone on the DL…

  72. nedajerk

    T Clippard 2.0 1 0 0 0 2 0 19-14 1.99

    Take notes Dodgers relievers if Torre decided to used you for 2 innings lol

  73. dodgereric

    I agree with you wholeheartedly bpb. But let’s break down that story a little. From:,0,5133500.story

    “The Dodgers have asked the Seattle Mariners about Cliff Lee and the Houston Astros about Roy Oswalt. The response from the Mariners and the Astros has been the same: We’re not about to trade our guy just yet, but we’ll get back to you if and when we do.”

    I’m OK with this. At this stage, Seattle and Houston would be stupid to trade. It’s too quick. They can’t force them to trade. But then comes this:

    “General Manager Ned Colletti met with owner Frank McCourt in the Dodgers’ dugout before Tuesday’s game. Colletti would not discuss what players the Dodgers might be targeting but said he believes McCourt would consider adding salary on a case-by-case basis.”

    This is where the spinning and the outright lying take place. They?re trying to make us believe that they are actually targeting Lee and/or Oswalt. Anyone who has been paying attention the last few years knows very well that the chances of the Dodgers laying out any large sum of money is somewhere between zero and 1%. Virtually every trade the McCourt/Colletti ?braintrust? has come up with has gone something like this: the Dodgers get veteran player with the other team picking up most-if-not-all his salary, and give up a couple of good-to-decent prospects in return. This completely leaves out Oswalt. He?s owed way too much money. Houston won?t pay and you know McCourt won?t either.

    Lee? This one could follow the scenario if the prospects were good enough. Trouble is, as the article says, we don?t have anyone at AAA that anyone would want and we?ll probably get out-bid. Oh, there are some nice batting averages down there, but both Lindsey and Gibbons are 33 years old. The only one in AA that I would want is Gordon, and we better not trade him because Furcal is just about finished. Virtually every good-looking prospect we have is in high A or low A.

    Oh, BTW, not only is Kyle Russell putting up good numbers in San Bernadino (, but there?s an outfielder named Jerry Sands (a step below in Great Lakes) who?s doing even better right now ( Gosh, it?s fun following these kids. Most of them stall out somewhere, but it?s fun nonetheless. There?s a bunch of good-looking arms on those two teams too.

    Anyway??. Back to the liars. Well, maybe I?m done. Except that the only salary McCourt will take on is the low-rent type.

    Changing the subject, I agree with Junie in that it?s great to see/read Lny4Loney here again. And I?d really like to see/read leekfink again sometime. His posts are always amazing.

  74. nellyjune

    Well, Padres won in the bottom of the 13th 😦

    Good Evening Ward Dear!!!! Great write up as always. I am finding it hard to believe anything they say anymore.

  75. nellyjune

    Well, with the dbacks and the gnats losing, the Rox just surpassed the Giants into the third spot. The Giants are now 4th 🙂

  76. nellyjune

    I am watching the highlights of our game on mlbtv and the lights going out must have been something else.

    Andre is likely to serve a rehab assignment before coming back to the major league lineup. Joe is seeing how rusty Furcal seems to be. Well, I am all for a rehab assignment if that is what he really needs, but it appears Joe is making him do it based on the fact that Raffy came back so rusty. Ummmmm…………….Raffy and Andre are two different players. Plus, the injuries were totally different, and Raffy’s DL stint was much longer than Andre’s, but whatever. It will be great to see him back next week sometime I hope.

  77. nellyjune

    Collie – you mean you don’t have that card in your collection yet? That is pretty impressive.

  78. colliethec

    Nelly — I took the photo of the card!
    I remember Ned was supposedly in negotiations with the Agents of T. Hunter and CC. Except the next year they both said they never received a call from the Dodgers.
    Yup Eric… SPIN!
    Oh and Nelly — JK…

  79. enchantedbeaver

    Not to mention bear that post-steroid Manny has a ********* 2 HRs and its the end of May. So we have an amazing 2 HRs between our LFer and 2Bman. I agree, time to ship Manny to the AL so Frank can pay HIM to play somewhere else. Why not call the ChiSox and reunite him with JP and The Cow?

  80. nellyjune

    Joe Torre announces that Andre Ethier will rehab tomorrow and Saturday in Memphis with Triple-A Albuquerque :)))

  81. nellyjune


    Dodgers designated RHP Ramon Ortiz for assignment and purchased the contract of RHP Justin Miller from Triple-A Albuquerque :)))


    While I understand the sentiment expressed here to trade Manny, it still seems his presence in the lineup gives the Dodgers a more potentially potent offense than without him. Of course, this assumes he is healthy and can run the bases and field his position at least to his normal limitations. Realistically, what team would give up anything of value for him?

  83. oldbrooklynfan

    Hiya Folks
    I never thought I’d feel so good about this lineup, I actually like it better than the “mostly regulars” line up of last night.
    Especially defensivewise, at the moment, anyway.
    Hope Ely keeps up the good work.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. gibbie23

    Great pregame interview with Casey The Beard just now. Casey Blake was asked last about Beard Powers and fans liking the beard but declined to say his face fuzz is directly responsible for his hot bat right now. He did mention the subconscious… BEARD POWERS! (and you know it Casey!)

    Game Time! Liking this error-less lineup today (no Manny or Furcal!)

    Russell Frohawk back to leading off, X in second, The Bison 3rd, THE HOT BEARD AS CLEAN-UP, J-Lo back to 5th, Greedy Reed 6th, De-electrifying De-W in 7th, Jamey in 8th, The Don of Ely 9th.

  85. nellyjune

    BTW – Andre Ethier, #16 for the Dodgers ~ Since you are going to Memphis and you are a foodie………………..then Memphis has some of the best!!! Thinking of………………………It’s Memphis in May this weekend. BBQ for your hearts galore. It’s their Annual BBQ Cook off and it’s the best in the country. Then there is the Rendevous, home of the best BBQ……….Memphis style of course, and then there is Beale Street………also some good food there as well. I used to live there many years ago (for about 3 years).

  86. enchantedbeaver

    Looks like we’re well on the way to being shutout a 7th time already this season.

    I agree that Manny’s presence in the line-up makes it better, even if it’s just living off his past. But a Manny that can’t drive in runs and that doesn’t seem any too interested in anything is nothing more than a liability in LF. I’d be happy with a AA prospect or two. We got that for JP, Shirley they could get that with Manny.

  87. oldbrooklynfan

    They hit Elly pretty hard there, in the 4th, but our defense is a lot better today, especially in left field.

  88. gibbie23

    NICE LINEDRIVE WEB GEM CATCH for Ely!!! LOL, did you see John look to the sky a second after he caught that?!? Rock on Ely! Mommy in the stand must be proud. And aside from Derrek Lee the Dodger Killer and his 2 AB’s (7 hits, 2 BB’s in 11 plate appearances so far this series), Ely has been just about perfect this game.

    Greedy Reed saves a run!!! No question about that, Manny for sure would have MISSED catching that liner. Great save RJ!!!

    What a difference the reserves make! Ely, X and Reed have all made stellar defensive plays in just the first 4 innings!!!

  89. nellyjune

    Here’s the official word on Ortiz, Miller and Andre………,0,5199037.story&ct=ga&cad=:s1:f1:v0:i0:lt:e0:p0:t1274986530:&cd=E7MIu6YYGVc&usg=AFQjCNF2NNNyP38GvVfusItqkTAS2Ult6Q

    …….and yes, wannabelikebear, can’t forget about Graceland (the house isn’t such a big deal anymore, but the music history lesson is the best!!. To keep the food involved, it’s home of the grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich too :))))

    I just looked up Memphis in May, and it has already passed. It was the 13-15th of May………..hmmmm. Sorry, Andre, but the Rendevous and Corky’s has some great BBQ.

  90. kpookiemon

    Can’t really figure out Manny. Kind of a moody grump for the past year. As far as trades, Seattle desperately needs a DH (Griffey seems done), but Scott Boras would have to persuade Manny that Seattle is his kind of town (as in, contract extension). Don’t kid yourself, moving Manny is NOT a GM transaction (as in, Ned receives no kudos fro bringing him to LA); it’s all Boras. Would Seattle sacrifice an arm for a stick? Well, the contracts would work. I don’t see Oswalt. Too much savvy for Ned to pull off. Somehow, the Dodgers would end up being hosed. lbirkin, I agree that Manny’s presence is a big help to the batting order psyche, but he just seems SOOOO disinterested in being a Dodger.


    Big moment for the X man. Too bad he could not deliver. Hopefully the next time he will.

  92. blueteapartymember1

    Someone told a story of how Elvis heard about a restaurant in Denver that made great peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so he flew to Denver and had twenty-two of them delivered to the runway, then flew back to Memphis.

  93. jhallwally

    Hard to believe we got this Ely kid for Juanpy!!! Even more hard to believe is that it was Ned that pulled it off. I have my doubts!!!!

  94. sparkleplenty_1

    Jhall, I was thinking that very thought. This trade ranks right up there with Milton Bradley for Ethier IMHO.

  95. nellyjune

    You would think a peanut butter and jelly sandwich would just be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I guess if the peanut butter, jelly and bread are all homemade that would make the difference I suppose.

  96. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Sparky!! Good to see you. Just about the only things Ned has gotten right in his tenure.


    This offspeed junk from Lilly is sure giving the boys trouble today.

    Kahli, no question Manny is not the same happy go lucky guy as when he was taking the fertility drug. Hard not at least think there is a connection.

  98. perumike

    Hey all, been a few days, hope you’re all doing well. I’m really liking Ely! While we’re talking moves and roster, what do you think of next season having a battle for left field next season with X. Paul and Reed Johnson? I like how both play, so I wouldn’t mind seeing either.

  99. enchantedbeaver

    I got time warped all to hell on my post:

    Looks like we’re well on the way to being shutout a 7th time already this season.

    I agree that Manny’s presence in the line-up makes it better, even if it’s just living off his past. But a Manny that can’t drive in runs and that doesn’t seem any too interested in anything is nothing more than a liability in LF. I’d be happy with a AA prospect or two. We got that for JP, Shirley they could get that for Manny.

  100. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Beav!!! I shouldn’t comment on Manny and Furcal right now as they are in my doghouse. I’d unload both right now for a fried bologna sandwich. With onion of course!!!!!

  101. enchantedbeaver

    I hear that Wally!!

    Quite pathetic how the least little bit of good pitching this team sees and they get shutout.

  102. selltheteam

    Thank you for your efforts today, Furcal/Ramirez/Anderson. Collectively, you struck out the side in the ninth. You have now been traded for a bologna sandwich & onion.

  103. gibbie23

    The Lilly-Ely Duel is on and The Don is headed into the bottom of the 7th to give his response to Lilly. Good news for the Dodgers is the top of the lineup will coming up for the 8th inning.

    The bad news is Ely has yet to retire Derrek Lee (2 BB’s and a double). The good news is Ely has retired EVERYONE else on the Cubbie lineup!

    Nice throw-out Russell Frohawk to nail Lee at 2nd!

  104. selltheteam

    Thank you for your efforts today, Furcal/Ramirez/Anderson. Collectively, you struck out the side in the ninth. You have now been traded for a bologna sandwich & onion.

  105. gibbie23

    Here we go True Blue! Potential first run of the game in SP and the HOT BEARDED BAT coming up to da plate. Nice single Kemp – we needed that!


    This has not been a good day for Paul. Part of the learning curve to be an every day major league player.

  107. enchantedbeaver

    Fraid that’s the ballgame the way this team can’t score. Reminds me of how it was before half-season Manny and waiting for the kids to develop.

    And if your friggin “regulars” can’t play a day game after a night game, get rid of them.

  108. jhallwally

    Oh well, Ethier will be back Monday!!! Don’t kid yourselves, he really has become the face and driving force of this team.

  109. crzblue2

    thanks for the report everyone. I am at work and checking here and in another forum for the game thread. I am afraid to see what that UNACCEPTABLE from jhall is all about.
    Hate to waste good pitching from Ely and Kershaw.

  110. oldbrooklynfan

    That was ELY’s second GEM already, too bad he couldn’t get a win. But that’s how the cookie crumbled.

  111. nellyjune

    Never a doubt about that Jhall!!! Andre just needed a chance to play everyday, he finally got it, and the rest is part of Dodger history now with more to come I am sure :))))

    We certainly need Andre back!!!!!


    Too bad, no heroic comeback today. Tough loss but they all count the same. Derrick Lee must be sad to see the Dodgers leave town. Hopefully the boys will find their bats tomorrow.

  113. kpookiemon

    “Meanwhile, George Sherrill seems to be making a miraculous recovery. Two days after going on the disabled list with middle back stiffness, he was able to throw a bullpen session. He’s likely to continue the sessions, then go out on a Minor League rehab assignment.”

    Ya think?

  114. nedajerk

    Torre just have to used get an AB’s to Anderson a PH and I’m surprise he didn’t PH Deiwtt for Belliard. Rest Blake tomorrow 1/12 vs Francis. Dang why didn’t I played Loney last night instead of him playing today and Tuesday?

  115. selltheteam

    Jhall: Per your earlier suggestion ( I added one worthless PVL):
    Thank you for your efforts today, Furcal/Ramirez/Anderson. Collectively, you struck out the side in the ninth. You have now been traded for a bologna sandwich & onion.

  116. jhallwally

    Wow, D’Backs have really become whipping boys!!! Too bad they don’t have anything we could use!!!

  117. jhallwally

    Hey Josh, you’re doing a great job. Could you let us know if Frank, Ned, JoJo, or the players read this blog. If not, perhaps, they should!!!!!

  118. 32and53fan

    That was another great game by Ely. Looks like he might be for real. Bummer that Paul got confused by the two consecutive hits that he let get by him. Even if he would have played them correctly, they both would have been doubles and the result would be exactly the same. Where were the Dodger bats today?

  119. trublu4ever

    They might learn a thing or two if they did read this blog, Jhall. Then again, those in charge, probably think they know everything.

  120. jhallwally

    If they had aquiesced to this blog for the last 3 years, they would have saved some money and quite possibly won a championship.

  121. jhallwally

    Not saying we would have won it all, but, we would have saved a bunch of money. Perhaps enough to get an ace pitcher.

  122. selltheteam

    So long, R & R Ortizii. Too bad you almost made it to Memorial Day. You should have been gone by Easter.

  123. nedajerk

    Miller had a very good season last year for the Giants but his k/bb ratio suck. Maybe he?ll pitch like the 2007 one with the Marlins.


    Shad, that is exactly what every GM in major league baseball hopes when he signs a free agent or makes a trade for an experienced player. We talk a lot about PVL’s but it seem every team recycles players, coaches and managers. I realize this when watching a game on TV and listening as Vinny recites where this or that player has played. Look at Milton Bradley. Why would anyone want this guy but every year he seems to find some desperate team willing to take a chance. The reality is there is not enough major league talent to fill the rosters so a lot of guys can earn a good living as journeymen, filling a spot here and there, especially if their price to play is attractive. Every once in a while these guys make a valuable contribution to a team only to move on the next season.

  125. jhallwally

    So long, R & R Ortizii. Too bad you almost made it to Memorial Day. You should have been gone by Easter.

    By crash1627 on May 27, 2010 4:16 PM

    I took Ned awhile to realize he had stepped in dog-sh*t!!! Should have shaken it off long before now!!!! Poor Ned, he just doesn’t have “it”!!! I think we got him off the short yellow bus!!! Bless his overwhelmed head!!!! Uh, what’s that, oh, yes, it is a crayon sharpener in the back of the box Neddy. Can’t believe we turned Ned loose with the 64 Crayola Box!!! Frank should be ashamed!!!!

  126. nedajerk

    Well it sick me to see how good Mota has been with the Giants this year and I think around this time he had a 5+ ERA still and all of a sudden Mota has been the Giants best relievers pitcher for them this year?

  127. nellyjune

    From the LA Times Blog…… It’s mostly about the release of Ramon (which I know we are all said to read), but couldn’t help but laugh at the last line.

    And prior to Thursday?s game, Manager Joe Torre said — children may want to stop reading here — knuckleballer Charlie Haeger was close to returning.

  128. trublu4ever

    Good Morning ITDland ~ Want to wish Nellyjune and her Hubby Bill a very happy 22nd anniversary!!!!

  129. nedajerk

    Congratulation Nelly and it look like the Phillies got shutout and got swept by the Mets in those 2 games.

  130. enchantedbeaver

    Happy Anniversary Nells!!

    I’m up to 11 with wife #2. Got in 7 with wife #1. In aggregate I’d have to admit they’ve been 2 of the happiest years I ever spent! 🙂

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