Starsky and Hutch, American Idol and the Dodgers

As you all may know by now, we’ve been doing theme nights with accompanying posters and we started with a 60s style rat-pack themed poster of the coaches.

Well, Casey Blake and James Loney were great sports and we just shot their 70s photo about an hour ago. The giveaway night is on June 4 and you can get your tickets here. In fact, a handful of fans who happened to be buying Dodger tickets at the Top of the Park got a lucky sneak peek at the photo shoot we did with our corner infielders.

And earlier this morning, the two American Idol finalists were hanging out on the field doing some interviews and sorts for the upcoming finale. I didn’t personally deal with them, but I’m told they were very gracious and that Lee DeWyze is a big baseball fan. So vote for him, I guess. I’ve never seen the show!

It’s this sort of stuff that we’re going to try to post more often at Inside the Dodgers because quite frankly, I’d imagine this is more interesting than straight news about the team. Believe it or not, this blog predates Twitter (and Facebook, I believe), so just being the first to post the lineup isn’t what will keep you all intrigued, I don’t think.

If there are things you’d like to see from the blog, please let us know, as it’s an ever-evolving site. But for those who really loved getting the lineups all the time, please make sure you follow the team on Twitter because that’s where it gets posted as soon as the coaches hang it in the clubhouse. And given that we’re not usually at a computer when we get the lineup, it’s a million times easier to just tweet it from our handhelds. By the time we get upstairs, the lineup is already spreading like wildfire through cyberspace. 


Sell the team before I stick some more pins in ya, ya bum!

For you non-twitter ITDers……………………

lineup vs. DET: Carroll 6 Belliard 3 Ramirez 7 Kemp 8 Blake 5 Johnson 9 Green 4 Ellis 2 Billingsley 1

oh boy!!! Should be a fun lineup tonight. That photo shoot must have taken alot out of James.

I would much rather hear news about our team than all the promotions.

Today, even Jim Rome said the Dodgers should be a classy organization and not stoop to levels of promoting Star Wars, etc. A player bobblehead is one thing because it has to do with the team. Is Frank worried he won’t get enough fans into the stadium if there is just a ball game?

Bear cracks me up – LMAO!!!

Surprised Joe remembered Ellis was even on the team.

I’ll say this, Tru: The O’Malleys never had to worry about using Motley Crue, Journey, Alvin and the Chipmunk and Star Wars to fill the seats.

With no advertisements on the walls, and only organ music on the speakers, they managed to fill the park with over 3 million every year.

Do the McCourts need Ritalin?

BTW, go Crystal! She has an awesome voice, and she knows how to work the stage. But why are we talking Idol on a baseball blog?

Actually, to be fair, we’ve gotten our money’s worth out of Blazing Saddles, Caddyshack and the Hollywood Squares here, so disregard my last statement (which, due to the unpredictable time warp, might end up being an hour ahead of this one.)

I imagine because it$ what they talk about in the boardroom too North. Obviou$ly no one talk$ much ba$eball there either from what I’ve $een.

I can understand giving Russell a rest finally, but hey Joe, you’ve only got three regulars in the lineup tonight. I had to check twice – is it Friday or Sunday?

what will the Dodger’s excuse be for not going after Roy Oswalt?

Why do we need Oswalt when we have Ramon Ortiz? lol

I was thinking of starting a FB page about poor Ellis, the forgotten one so I am glad he is starting today but Oh boy is right on this lineup.

Almost forgot, our opening day starter, Padilla will eventually be back!

When Padilla returns, he needs to take his place in line as #5, after Kuroda, Kershaw, Ely, and Billz.

Frank ha$ $637,000 excu$e$ every month for not going after Oswalt.

Hi all!

Personally I would love to see “Bear’s Take”, where messagebear gives his no-holds-barred take on what’s going on. And yes, this lineup feels like another round of “how many reserves can we pack into the starting lineup?” I’m surprised it wasn’t used yesterday when Manny was still out!

Bear your killing me…

That’s “you’re.” I do speaka da guud Inglish.

Hey all, just read the story written on Joe Pierre from the tour last year, still makes me smile. What a great day. Is there another ITD Tour in the works for this year? Maybe with a meet and greet with Dre? Of course, if that happened, we would need a medical crew on hand for the ladies who faint! πŸ™‚

anyone see the lineup tonight? no martin, no loney, no dewitt… carroll leading off… ugh lets give one away joe…

If they do another ITD tour this year, I nominate Bear as the “special guest” for 2010.

Hi Everybody
Speaking about lineups WOOW.
When I first saw it on the box score, I thought I was looking at the Tiger lineup. It looks so strange.
Well Mr. T does strange things and we have to bear(no pun) with him.
No matter GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good evening all……….
I don’t even think we need to put that one through a vote, BPB1……
Time to get back on the good side of the game tonight, Boy’s!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the game everyone……………..

Almost forgot…..
.Freshly cracked Beck’s bottle….Down the Hatch!!!

LMAO, Bear! With all the words they do allow, that one is deleted!!!!

So now we need to start a Frank Sold the Team collection, so we can fly Bear out for the next game……….
Ding, I am starting a jar….
Chaging, chaging, chaging………..

Almost forgot
‘Double down the Hatch!!

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
C?mon boys! Let?s score some runs for Billz! It?d be great for him to win after Clayton?s game last night and right before Ely gets his next win tomorrow!

Hey Nelly. Sorry for the late response to your question yesterday, but about the Tuesday night game. Yeah, for a LONG TIME, I was fully planning on going to that game. And it certainly isn?t because I didn?t want Andre’s Bobblehead. Both my mom and I wanted it so badly. But I?ve been dealing with medical issues that make it very difficult for me to even consider going to a Dodger night game during the week. Between medical issues and having to get up at 5:30 AM to get ready for my temporary work with the Census, I?m going to have to put night games on hiatus for now. But like I said before, I?ll be at Dodger m on June 5th! Can?t wait!

Hey Josh, do you have an extra bobblehead or two? Just kidding. πŸ™‚

Hey CP, I certainly understand your 5:30 in the morning. I am working with the census as well…..

Hey Josh!
You mentioned something about things I?d like to see on ITD. Here?s something. I know I?d love to see it, and I think most others here would like to see a short ?blurb? or something from the players. Personally, I?d like to see player responses that we say to and/or about one player or another. I don?t know, but kind like, ?Hang in there tough Andre or Raffy or whomever? and have Andre or Raffy or whomever answer back with a ?Thanks for the thought? or how they are feeling? Or how about John Ely answering something like, ?So what do you think of all the deserved attention that you?re getting right now after a few terrific outings?? Maybe a Q&A session (questions from us that we post on ITD to that player?s responses).

Hey D4! I heard that you?re working for the Census! Are you an enumerator? Or are you in your LCO?

And thx Messagebear! That would be neat! I SOOO wanted to go, but like I said before, just couldn?t.

So how are my ITD friends this fine evening?

I never saw a team that was better with two out, than this one.

Give us Oswalt!

Oh, and a couple of other things. (1) The two I wanted to see in the American Idol finals are there; I wouldn?t mind seeing either one win the whole thing at this point. And (2) I?d love to have Oswalt too! Didn?t he say he?d waive his no-trade clause to be traded last year? Let?s not lose this chance!

Damn Bear you got me rollin’ on the floor!!!

Hey CP, I am a CL in Merced area….and I loved your idea’s

Hey CP, I am a CL in Merced area….and I loved your idea’s

Okay, now for brownpaperbag1. I haven?t been around much, but is BPB1 our one and only Enchanted??? I also seem to remember seeing other BPBs as well. So who exactly are all of our BPBs these days???


Oh, okay D4! So I assume you worked for the Census in other operations before? I was an enumerator last year during the Address Canvassing phase? And as for my ideas, thanks. I don?t think I suggested something that the rest of us have thought at one time or another?

Hello Gang!!! Hope you are all well and happy this evening/night. LOL Bear!!! I love the “Ask Jamie” idea. Also, thanks for the mention earlier, however, it would go against my nature to accept anything from Frank and Ned when I am calling for their departure and think they both s*ck!!! Now if a long Limo ride with Jamie is in the bargain, I may reconsider!!!!

Great to see you again CP! BPB1 is our one and only E.
I can’t believe we can’t score runs on Willis!

Good to see ya BPB! πŸ™‚

Hey Jhall! How?s Ohio these days? Is it getting hotter and muggier as we speak??? And Trumom! Didn?t I see other BPBs earlier, too?

Look out! The great and powerful Wizard of … Nick… Green…


Hey any way we can get a run is ok by me πŸ™‚

Hi-Ya CP!!! Yes, tis I.

Hey D4 and Wally!!!

Damn, my sides hurt from reading Bear tonight.

Green took one for the team!

Well, that?s a tough way to score a run, but a run nonetheless!

Hey Sparks! And I can’t forget TruMom!!

I’m surprised they don’t have to draw poor Ellis a map to find home plate. Might be nice if JoJo would play him at least as often as he did Ausmus.

Hi’Ya CP, raining alot here this week, but overall going well my friend. LOL!!! The heck with Sarah’s take, I want the uncut and unplugged Bear’s Take!!!!

Hey everyone…..My computer is running slow tonight….
Down…..well you know!!!

You better not forget me, BPB1!!!!!

And who is ?iwannabelikebear1?? Bear, is that you???

Bear, you provide Jamie for Jhall and I’ll spring for the limo πŸ™‚

LOL Bear!!! Well, not really, but I could possibly be swayed!!!! Evidently she thinks Frank is a baffoon too. We’ve at least got something in common.

I hear ya Jhall! I think a lot of us on ITD would want the uncut and unplugged Bear’s Take!

Hey BPB1 and everyone else! Good to see you all.

Hi’Ya Sparky!!! How’s it going? Good to see you too!!!

Well, I?ve gotta go guys! I still have a lot to do and I?m getting tired! I was actually up at 5 AM this morning! Catch up with y?all later?

Goodnight CP, great seeing you. Have a nice night!!!

Nite nite, CP. Take care!!
I’m doing pretty good, jhall. Thanks for asking πŸ™‚

We take the lead.

Good Night Cp, have a great day tomorrow

Nite CP!!


I thought Jamie’s position is what got her fired, Bear πŸ™‚

Yup bear, Jamie was only interested in one particular extension…..and it wasn’t Neddy’s


I also heard that Frank didn’t like some of the employees that were under her either Tru. πŸ™‚

All right Billz!


The Dodgers have two shortstops playing tonight.

Speak of the devil…

Why is it whenever I think of the remote possibility of Jamie gaining ownership of the team, I have Georgia on my mind?

No Front(ierre).

The best part is, in her bio, she takes credit for the Dodgers’ postseason runs since ’04. Heck, why even bother fielding a team, Jamie’s presence alone will get us to October ( :: puke :: )

Padres losing 13 – 4 !


Makes you wonder why Frank gave Ned an extension doesn’t it D4??

Willis didn’t have it but he gave us quite a show eh?

If I may chime in, I think the reason Frank gave Ned an extension was so he could go deeper in his dumpster diving.

But, no extension for Joe!

Ice cream tonight!!

LOL Beav!!! Ya’gotta figure Neddy has some chaps to go with the cowboy boots and cheesy mustache!!! Oh Frank, you bronco buster you!!!


I’ve become a sooth-sayer – my ice cream comment posted in real time. How funny is that?



Yippee-ty-aye Ned!!!!!

Did you say Ned is chapped, Jhall? πŸ™‚

They made me do it mom. They’re a corruptive influence and I fear for my psyche as I near manhood.

LOL Trumom!!! Have to ask Frank!!! He does walk funny!!!

To hell with an extension for Joe T. He’s so old he’d need a strap on.

They made me do it mom. They’re a corruptive influence and I fear for my psyche as I near manhood.


Outstanding Billz!!!! Nice job!!!

Who’s the brilliant strategist who finally told Billz and Kersh to just throw strikes?

Good to see another 7 for BILLZ.

I’ll bet Billz and Kersh did it on their own, BPB1.

Nail this puppy down and we probably take a share of 1st place!!!!

Maybe they watched Ely!!! He doesn’t have nearly the stuff Billz and Kersch have, but he seems to have a clue as how to pitch.

Wouldn’t doubt that for a second Tru.

I agree JHALL

Well damn, when you’re a power pitcher, throw the ball over the plate and either your stuff’s good enough or it isn’t. Billz ain’t no sinkerballer, so why didn’t Bunnynutts tell him to go back to what got him here months ago? That’s what tick’s me off about Honey – there never seems to be any advice or coaching.

Walks and errors have to be the two top deadliest baseball sins!!!!


Thanks Brooklyn!! I like this Ely kid.

“…… a passion for relationships…..” is an unfortunate phrase in Jamie’s bio.

Hi’Ya Dad/Eric!!! How’ve ya been my friend? Good to see you!!!! We all are of the consensus that Frank will invite you, me, Bear, and Beav for a little chat!!! LOL!!!!

Eric: apparently, she enjoys swimming too.

Who knew?

(everyone in Divorce Court)

Hi, Dodgereric. How are you tonight?

Dad’s in the house!!!

LOL, North!

Hey North!!

Johnson is the man against lhp but you suck Green should’ve ask him to bunt Torre.

Ellis can’t buy a hit with those liner at least he got 1 in.

Hey everyone! (credit to Jon Weisman for finding the blog post that posted the site, and also first mentioning the Jamie-swimming connection)

Enjoying “watching” this game against Detroit. It’s a shame the Dodgers never got to play in Tiger Stadium.

Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!!!!

Here we go again, BIG JON send us home.

Gosh damn 2nd and 3rd and we get nothing.

Shad you’re late. Do you have a note from home?

I guess Broxton love getting hitting 2-0 and k’s lol 26/2 k to bb ratio.


Way to go Dodgers!

Hold the Jawas, Seattle.

Fu-Q Y’all!!!!

Nope but I think I’m early on friday night 9:47

Damn Wally you need to get to the stadium and have Brox autograph that picture!! Wonder if he knows about, “What does Johnny Say?”

Hey, we need someone who goes to the games to get that pix autographed by Brox:
To Wally – Fu-Q Y’all “Johnny” Broxton

Boy, I leave for one evening and the boys get a little out of hand. What are we going to do with you two? Where is your father anyway?

We are officially tied for first place. The Padres are beginning their decent down to the bottom of the standings.


Way to go guys…..nice win!

Gee Mom, it was Bear and Beav!! What’s a fella’ to do?

GAK! I’m in submission HELL tonight! A guy makes one post and he’s been making too many. I’ve been trying for 30 minutes now and counting. But I’ll keep on truckin’.

jhall, if Frank invites you, enchanted, bear and me to a little chat, he’s even dumber than we all think he is.

Well, well, well. It looks as if someone has been reading ITD advice to the pitching staff. Throw inside occasionally, throw strikes consistently and most of all, TRUST YOUR STUFF!

I sure hope he has heard about it!! I wonder if our boys ever read this blog. I think they would get a big giggle if they did.

LOL Dad!!!!

I just got caught in a nsaty time warp – blew me all the way back to Kansas.

Toto too.

I’ll get you my little Jamie, and Franks money too!!!!

Ignore that crummy GM behind the curtain!!!!

Wally – think Houston would take Anderson and Ortiz?

Ignore that crummy GM behind the curtain!!!!
By jhallwally on May 21, 2010 11:16 PM

Why not – Everyone else does Wally!!!

Ward Dear……………I just think the boys locked us out of the house. I made one comment when I got home and have been submission-errored ever since.

LOL Beav!!! I don’t think we would have to give up too much if we are willing to take on the money. You gotta figure if they unload Oswalt, they are going to go into a full blown rebuild. Probably a good idea. They might take a good prospect or two, if we eat the money. Also gotta figure, there will be quite a few teams interested in getting Oswalt. Boston could run the price way up along with a handful of other teams.

Finally got back in………………….

time check – 10:23 pm, pst

Jungar was asking on facebook what excuse the Dodgers would come up with not to get Oswalt. Wouldn’t it be just awesome to get him.

If the Yankees continue to fall behing the Rays, they will most certainly put the price out of our current reach!!!!!

It would be awesome Nelly at the right price. Angels are another team that might come into play. Cliff Lee will most likely become available also if the Mariners continue to s*ck!!!

Don’t worry, I’m sure Ned will come up with his usual haul – someone like Looper for E. Martin or Lindblom.

I honestly don’t see us getting anyone of worth. Padilla will be back about then and we can’t forget Haeger (though we try and try.)

Right now Monasterios deserves a shot at starting and quit wasting innings on Ortiz.

Yep Beav, unfortunately I think you are right on it. Monasterios does deserve a shot. I don’t think Frank will pony up for a real ace pitcher. His agenda is about him and his lifestyle, not our team. We all know he doesn’t have the balls or capability of abstract thought.

I agree enchanted……………uhhh BPB1

Oh no I love watching sport central but dang didn’t want to see a GS by Penny of all people.

I’m sure we’ll also hear how they “pursued” and “looked into” Oswalt and Lee et al. but alas, the price was just too high in prospects and major league talent.

No my friends, its up to Kersh and Billz and Kuroda.

Speaking of Kuroda, this is his last year. There’s a few more million for you next year Frank.

George Steinbrenner took the Yankees from the doormat to the penthouse by spending money and returning them to their former glory. Now they are the most valuable franchise in sports. Returning the Dodgers to their former perch would reap many more benefits down the road than trying to cheapen the product for a nominal gain now!!!!

Night Bear – thanks for the laughs!!!

That’s two in a row where Joe’s gotten away with really screwing Billz on the line-up.

Goodnight Bear, thanks for the laughs and insights!!!

Hello and Good Night Messagebear!!!!

Shad – Brad Penny or not that is pretty cool for any pitcher to do that. I just saw it on mlbtv.

However, they just said he couldn’t finish the game. He traded a GS for the DL it looks like.

If it was against the Giants I would be happy for that lol. Penny aggravated an upper back injury and had to leave. I wonder who was the last pitcher that hit a GS? Where is Eric when you need him the most?

Think I’m going to hit it. Was nice to have the gang all here tonight for some laughs – thanks all!!!

September 29, 2001 – Denny Neagle (Rockies), who has actually hit two…………..another one in 1991 when he played with the Pirates.

Dodgereric has taught me well Shad :)))

my reference was Baseball Almanac

Good Night Enchanted/BPB1!!!!

There have been 6 pitchers (including Neagle) to hit two Grand Slams in their career to date. The others are….
Camilo Pascual – 1960 and 65
Dizzy Trout – 1949 and 50
Tony Cloninger – both on the same day 7-3-1966
Bob Gibson – 1965 and 73
Rick Wise – 1971 and 73

Wow it really been that long? I thought I remember Willis hit one while he was pitching for the Marlines vs the Mets?

Shad – you are right. Willis hit a Grand Slam against the Mets, Lima on July 7, 2006.

That I got from

What a difference a month makes! Kuroda has been our constant, Ely looks like a find and our two young guys are starting to act like they “get it.” The way these four, plus the pen, have been pitching, Ned can afford to be patient. I’d like to see what it would take to get Oswalt, nobody is using 44 now anyway. He’ll probably wait to see how Padilla does, though. It’s great to know you do not have to score in double digits to have a chance to win.

I’m a goof ball I think Felix Hernandez hit one in interleague play also.;_ylt=AnpYUGFHWsxxoC6.3k5eXK2FCLcF?gid=280623121

Yep I knew King Felix hit his 1st homerun in the league vs the Mets but forgot it was a GS to. That was June 23, 2008 and Wright had a huge error for the Mets that set it up. To bad he was also hurt and only pitches 4 2/3 innings allowing 1 run and 2 hits. That was the first grand slam by an American League pitcher in 37 years.

Good morning everyone! I enjoyed reading all the comments last night, and of course a Dodger win! Let’s hope the boys put on a show for big Fox today!! Josh – Any word on a second annual ITD Tour?

Can someone tell me where these Dodger seats are? Section 10rs VIP. They were given to a frnd and I cant find them on any seating chart. No dollar amount on tickets. Thanks for the help.

I’d guess “rs” stands for Reserve, which means your seats are on the third level (turquoise), right above the Home Plate side of the 1B visitors dugout.

Hi Everybody
This really ticks me off it reads:
Live games occurring each Saturday with a starting time after 1:10PM ET or before 7:05 PM ET will be blackout in the U.S.
This game has a 7:10PM ET starting time which is after 7:05 PM ET. and it’s blackedout, what gives here?
Well it’ll be Charlie a Rick (nothing against them) but no T.V.
But anyway
GO ELY!!!!

Hi Everybody
This really ticks me off it reads:
Live games occurring each Saturday with a starting time after 1:10PM ET or before 7:05 PM ET will be blackout in the U.S.
This game has a 7:10PM ET starting time which is after 7:05 PM ET. and it’s blackedout, what gives here?
Well it’ll be Charlie a Rick (nothing against them) but no T.V.
But anyway
GO ELY!!!!

Hi Everybody
This really ticks me off it reads:
Live games occurring each Saturday with a starting time after 1:10PM ET or before 7:05 PM ET will be blackout in the U.S.
This game has a 7:10PM ET starting time which is after 7:05 PM ET. and it’s blackedout, what gives here?
Well it’ll be Charlie a Rick (nothing against them) but no T.V.
But anyway
GO ELY!!!!

Sorry I had to hit Submit three time before it logged in.

Hi’Ya Brooklyn!! Yep, me too!!! Got blacked-out!!! I get to watch the Yankees-Mets while listening to our Dodgers. My butt wasn’t even warm in the rocking chair and we’re behind 2-0. Oh well better now than in the 8th. LOL!!! We’ll get’em back!!!

That didn’t sound like Ely-the way we’ve been accustom to him-on the mound.

I did get to see some views of the new Citi-Field. Wow, it looks really nice!!!

I would’ve loved to have seen Paul’s drag bunt,

Citi field is a great looking ballpark.

I’ve heard they wanted to add some features that would remind fans of Ebbets Field. Like the rotunda. Did they?

We got 1 back, LET’S GO ELY.

Yes they did and it’s great, especially for Dodger fans.LOL

Great to hear OBF!! Thanks!!! Hope to get there one day!!

Fear the Beard!!! Way to go Casey!!!! Got’em back!!!!

Well I’ve been “page loading problems” logged of comments, I think I’m only allowed a few comments at a time.
I hope this gets through.

The Met fans made a big squawk out of the JR Rotunda and that let to the quick building of the Met’s Hall of fame.

Yep Brooklyn, when the threads get long, I get all kinds of submission crap. Ely is impressive.

Time to get the kids some runs!!! Let’s go Dodgers!!!!!

Yes, it sounds like he settled down.

Nice clutch JAMES.

WooHoo, way to go Blake!!! Outstanding!!!!

DEWITT 3rd triple, wow a 2 run job.

Nice stroke Kemper!!!!


Almost hate to see Galarrago go.

Another nice 6 inning job by JOHN ELY.
This kid has really been something.

Charlie scared me on that last play by Kuo.

TRONCOSO may be burned out.


Heeere’s Johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT’S UP TO BROX again.


No reason to bring in Troncoso again 4 and I still blame Torre for bring him in that last game where he didn’t retired no one and gave up back to back HR’s and 3 runs. Come on dp now Broxton.

Damn I want a dp.


Sounded like a great play by Blake
Now with that double it looms even bigger.

Should’ve been 4 of the last 5 LA games.

Isn’t Ely delivery remind you of Lincecum a little bit?

BROXTONIZED YES one of his best saves
He also seemed like he was burning out.

Whew!!! A little tense there but Brox got it done. Go Dodgers!!!!

The Dodgers seem to be famous for these type save situation games, like it’s there style.

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