Homeboy Carlos…

It’s a combination headline today, with Joe Torre’s horse Homeboykris having just run in the Kentucky Derby, which has to be one of the coolest things you can experience as a sports fan. Joe watched the race from the coaches’ office at Dodger Stadium but unfortunately, his horse didn’t quite get out in front and finished 16th. But, his family got the chance to be on site and anyone who has ever attended that event will tell you it’s one of the more unique experiences you can have in sports. And Calvin Borel, the winning horse’s jockey, has no real equal in sports right now, having won three of the last four derbys. I don’t believe there’s anyone in sports currently at “hot” at their sport’s major event.

As for Carlos, the reference is of course to Mr. Monasterios, who gets his first big league start today. He’s pitched incredibly well so far this year and we’re hopeful he can stay on track and give the team a boost after last night’s win ended our losing streak.

For those who haven’t yet heard, one of our prospects, Andrew Lambo, unfortunately tested positive in a minor league drug test for a drug of abuse, so he will be suspended for 50 games. As Ned has told the several media members who have asked, we’re obviously disappointed to learn of the test results and we hope he’ll use this time to evaluate the decisions he has made and learns from this experience. And we’ll certainly use this time to help him work out his challenges.

Here’s tonight’s lineup at Dodger Stadium:

Johnson, LF

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

DeWitt, 2B

Carroll, SS

Monasterios, P


I’m sorry XPaul isn’t playing again tonight. I think he did a good job last night. Would be nice to see what he could do if given the chance to play more than one game here and there.
North ~ I am also very disappointed the issues we have raised have not been addressed. I used to think what we felt mattered but I know now they don’t care about us.

Happy to have a win last night.

Disappointed that security concerns by many commentors here are still being ignored. (Hey, we might be angry, but have you seen the facebook comments? Gives the phrase “Dodger Blue” a new meaning)

Sad to see Lambo suspended. I”m guessing it’s not marijuana, as speculated earlier. If they can give you a 50 game suspension for that, then Tim Lincecum should be almost coming to the halfway point of his 50-game suspension. And Tim was caught by a Washington State officer driving with a smoking pipe with 3.3 grams of hippie lettuce.

If it IS marijuana, then APPEAL, APPEAL, APPEAL ’til we make sure all players in the league are treated equally, even 2-time Cy-Young-winning freaks.

At any rate, sad to see our franchise slapped again with a 50-game suspension. But on the bright side, we haven’t vomited on any 11 year olds yet. With all that Hoodlum Beer flooding the stands, though, it’s only a matter of time 😦 .

Awwwwwwwwwwww damn it they taken that too far. I want to hear about Timmy being suspended for 50 games or Pablo

Funny thing overheard from my living room here in NorCal (by my gf’s brother) after changing it to MLB TV:

“GOD! Everytime I change the channel here, they show the [expletive deleted] Kirk Gibson homerun over the A’s!”

Heh heh heh.


Belliard can’t play SS? Where is Marlon Anderson when you need him?

I love how they said he abuse it and oh yeah add Posey name to the other 2.

In 2007, The Brewers’… ..first round draft pick from the previous year, RHP Jeremy Jeffress, was given a 50-game suspension for testing positive for marijuana, but apparently that suspension came only after Jeffress had failed ?numerous? previous drug tests. So it could be that Lambo has also tested positive for marijuana on other occasions and only now is the hammer being brought down. And about Jeffress: he tested positive again last year and is now serving a 100-game suspension.

You can get not lucky 1 time but twice.

He was suspended after the SECOND time he tested positive. The first result is not released to the public and does not result in a suspension. I assume the player or team is notified if he tests positive the first time. To get caught once and then use the drug again is either lame or the guy has a serious problem and needs some professional help.
Of course, knowing what to do and yet not doing it is a very human thing. Half the population is overweight or obese and yet 95% of people can not avoid overeating and will gain back any weight they lose through dieting. Alcohol is probably a bigger problem than marijuana but it is socially accepted and thus not on the banned substances list. Maybe the MLB needs to review their policies. I would feel a lot safer crossing the street when a car with Lambo behind the wheel is coming at me than one with Monasterios driving.

Speaking about the Kentucky Derby, besides Joe Torre’s
“Homeboykris”, who, too bad, ran out of the money, my cousin Nick Zito (trainer) had two horses in that race, “Ice Box” who ran second and, “Jackson Bend”. Zito who is my first cousin on my mother’s side has won it at least once an no, he doesn’t know me from Adam. Although I tried to get in touch with him after he won the Kentucky Derby about 20 years ago, but to no avail. I was just trying to congratulate him.
Andrew Lambo was probably trying to hit with more power or something, but he got caught. Hope he learned is lesson.
Let’s go Monastarios



Well I guess the powers that be could care less about the fans! The management & owners should be embarrassed.
Still no word on getting security tightened up. I guess that means they are okay with fans being assaulted on a nightly/daily basis.
I could use a few extra bucks. Maybe I’ll go to a game with a Giants jersey on and when I get assaulted then I’ll bring a lawsuit.
All kidding aside because I’m not that way. But is that what it will take for something to be done? Someone being really hurt?
It’s really sad to see that this isn’t important to Frank (& it obviously isn’t otherwise he’d release a statement on Fan Code Of Conduct). I would like to think that he would do something just so it’s a great place to be and make it a bit of heaven on earth, but I guess we’ll just have to wait until something really bad happens and he’s sued.
Come on Frank. Be responsible for something. If not for the team on the field (Thinking pitchers here) then for the safety and enjoyment of fans up in the stands.
I’m extremely ticked off. More so than ever with any sports teams in my 40+ years here on the planet.

& Not just a statement but something with “teeth”. Backed up with action.

Homeboy Carlos not looking good.

He’s gotten through two, giving up only one run. Not bad.

Real nice.

That was his best inning. He seems to be settling down.

No True he isn’t. Hopefully he can get out of this. Faced 11 batters and only a 1st pitch strike to 1 of them.

YAY, ANDRE!!!!!!!!!

Now THAT’S our ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO ANDRE ETHIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That took me about 30 minutes to post :)!
Way to go Every Day Dre!!!!

I didn’t see ANDRE’s HR, and what did Martin do.
MLB.TV problem.

Russ got a single.

Sorry, Matt singled

Dre all the way, and kemps single bodes well. good things coming

Nice shot by Either, giving the Dodgers the jolt they needed. Note by Vinny about Either. He came into tonight’s game hitting .333 against lefthanders. Quite an improvement over last year.

Ethier just continues to amaze.

And, Joe didn’t think he could hit lefties 🙂

OBF — Russ singled on a little dribbler to 3rd who wasn’t able to make the barehanded pickup/throw. Carlos had singled and so they had runners on 1st & 2nd & then Dre went deep…

collie ~ That last inning was an improvement. Hopefully he can pitch one more inning and qualify for the win.

Please not Ortiz…

He’s warmed up, Collie 🙂 We had better get a lot of runs!

I know Andre really admires JP, but just think……………….if it weren’t for a timely injury to JP that put him on the DL in 2008, Andre wouldn’t have even been given the chance to prove he can do what he is doing now, which is hitting the crap out of the ball and making fantastic plays in the outfield.

That would be awesome TBW! Hopefully he’ll get this bunt down!

And, just think, Nellyjune….if JP were still with us he’d probably be in there against left handed pitchers, because Joe had a man-crush on him.

Way to go Reed!

I second that collie, NO ORTIZ I hope he doesn’t blow it!!!!!

why is carlos out?

I guess we have to be fair and give Ortiz some credit that was a good inning.

Thank Trueble4ever
Nice inning for Ramon
Monasterios pitched a fantastic 4 innings
I’m having page loading problems again.

Torre had Carlos on a 75 pitch limit and he reached 73. I guess that’s why he came out.

Yes, I’m sure that was it. TBW.

RAMON ORTIZ looooking good.

Ortiz is changing my mind about his pitching with this performance.

Nice DP guys! Way to kill a rally!

Colliethec~ Thanks, I did see Monasterios’ hit.

Nice pitching by Ortiz! Wait did I just type that??!!!

Way to go Andre…..great night!!!!

Glad to say I have 3 autographs from Ethier.

Dre thought bubble… Next time you might want to hit me BI**H!!

I think we can put all the comments about Andre not being able to hit against lefties to rest for a while.

I have 4 autographs Oldbrooklynfan – lol!!!

No kidding Collie!!!

J-A-M-E-S !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice going LONEY.

A former Giant pitcher who must still hold a grudge. What a wuss!!!!

NellyJune, your just an Ethierholic LOL.

Time for Drehab Nelly!!!!


I, Nellyjune, am an Ethieraholic and proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s the 1st step Nelly!

A long long time ago (so it seems),I was telling a friend of mine (a Met fan), I believed that Andy LaRoche was going to be our Mr. Wright (David Wright), but alas he became Mr. Wrong.

How can anybody batting .122 be playing in the Major League?

Yup I guess Sweeney didn’t retire after all.

If you’re listening to Scully, Tommy Burn. I remember him.
Mel Allen (Yankee announcer) use to say he was a GOOOOOD hitting pitcher.

I thought the same OBF. Prospects are just that… prospects. I remember thinking Bobby Crosby was going to be a real solid MLB’er when I saw him in AAA in Sactown. Other than AL ROY he hasn’t cut it.



wow that Bull pen looked good!

Nice! Time to build some momentum and get 3 in a row. Good night all!

A good win for the Blue tonight! Good job by Monasterios. He should get another start. 5 scoreless innings by the bullpen tonight. 2 in a row. We’re on our way back!!!

You never know Colliethec.
I’d still like Andy to make good, and I think he will, he’s just having a tough series,…..so far.
He was always alright except when he put on a Dodger uniform.

Good Job tonight Dodgers!!!

A two game winning streak is a good start. But the Dodgers are still in last place, and I’m keeping my brown paper bag on for now.

And who might be brownpaperbag3
I guess we will have to just wait and see

The Padres lost, but the gnats are still winning. There are rumors up here that the gnats are looking into another bat.

Hey Nelly, how was your birthday?
BPB3 is aka crash. But like I said, a few wins at home against the lowly Pirates does not convince me to lose the paper bag.
Congrats to Eithier who has had two fantastic games. Also, James Loney, who is hot right now.

darn – that should be “Ethier”

ahhhhh!!! You were on my list of probables. My birthday week was great!!

Yea – I am glad they are winning, but like you said, it’s hard to be convinced things have turned around (as a whole team) when you are playing the Pirates. Unlike the gnats, we haven’t played the Phillies or the Cardinals yet. So, until we play those teams and win, it’s best to just stay mildly happy they are making small steps towards a better looking team as of late.

Baby steps… A couple of good games defensively as well. Good to see. Not just without errors but making plays smoothly. Not throwing to the wrong base etc… Now if Matty can get going again with the bat I think his D will come around. He looks to me as if he’s pressing.
By the way did anyone see Halliday today? Another complete game winning 10-0. The dude is a stud!

Collie ~ I didn’t see the game, but I am watching all the highlights on mlbtv’s “Quick Pitch”. The guy is simply amazing. It is just too bad he plays for the Phillies Phans. It would be good to see a Linsecum/Halladay matchup. Any baseball fan would want to see two of the best pitchers in baseball go at it.

Garland and Wolf pitching against each other tomorrow. It would have been nice to try and keep one of them.

Yup on both counts Nelly.
Here is some good reading…

Especially telling from the article was this comment…
“The Dodgers brand name, internationally, should be the best,” he said. “They’re no longer a leader. They used to be so far out in front of other organizations. That’s an advantage they have not maintained.”

“It is not that the Dodgers cannot contend without pouring money into major league free agents, draft picks and international signings. However, given the prices they charge for tickets and parking, and given that they led the major leagues in attendance last season, it is unconscionable that ownership won’t pour money into at least one of those areas, to leverage the advantage of playing in Los Angeles into the best possible chance to dominate the National League West.”

Boy Collie, that does say alot, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately it does Nelly.
There is another article recapping the game and it talks about Dre. The comment I like is…
“Ethier seems to do something almost every night. He?s suffered an 0-for only twice in 20 starts.:
That’s why we call him Every Day Dre!! Or in this case… “night”!! Maybe when he does his thing during the day we’ll call him Every Day Dre, but at night he becomes the Dark Knight… BATMAN!!!

I just got done reading that same quote – LOL!!!!

Everday Dre and Dark Knight/Batman – very cool!!!

The Yankees just lost Granderson to the DL for 15 days…………….. poor Yankees, NOT!!!! So, what is with Andruw and his 8 HRs? The quote “He is playing like he cares”. Wouldn’t you like a job where you can just show up when you decide to care about it? Geesh!!

LOL Nelly! Just a couple of minutes apart!!
Nelly — I thought the same thing when I saw that about Granderson. I felt bad and was like “bummer” cause he seems like a good guy. Then I remembered that he was with the Yanks now and I smiled!
As far as Jones don’t you wish he cared when he was in LA…
Oh well! Time to have my head hit that sweet thing called my pillow!! Have a great rest and awesome day tomorrow! Nice chatting with you tonight!
Peace … Collie ouuuut!

This was no shock anytime a RPcomes in to start he would be on a strict PC and I knew Ramon Ortiz was coming in after him.

Oh ok thanks 32and53fan.

I was on the Pirates/Dodgers preview for today game and a fan wrote this and this was 1 of his 2 comment.

CRAZYDODGERSMAN 4 hours ago Report Abuse my man andre did it again………………i name my 6 month old boy after him

Tough play there at first base. I hope both players are ok, especially Kuroda.

Tough play there at first base. I hope both players are ok, especially Kuroda.

Andre comes through again!!! On his way to a monster year!!!

Hi’Ya Tromom!!! How are you today? So far so good!!! LOL!!! I was wondering where everyone was.

Trumom!! LOL!!!

Kuroda is breezing!!! Looks like getting stepped on hasn’t bothered him.

Way to go Andre……HOMERUN!!!!!!

Outstanding Andre!!! Probably Ned’s lone shining moment. Unloading Meltin’down Bradley for Ethier!!! Wow, talk about one sided deals. I guess it just goes to show, even a bling squirrel will find an acorn once in a while. LOL!!! Hi’Ya Bear!! Pile it on Dodgers!!!!

blind squirrel

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! I’m entering my last week of vacation, then a long flight home and back to work! Glad to see our boys are doing well the last couple games, and so far today, 5-1 and threatening. Love to see Dre doing his thing!!! Oh, and I read Ned’s comments. He made his bed, especially with the pitching, but doesn’t want to sleep in it!

Hi, Jhall…I didn’t think anybody was around either 🙂

Hi’Ya PMike!!!! Good to see you!!

Andre WTG!!!!! Another great shot. Is it to early to start the MVP chants!

Great catch Kemp!!! That’s the Matty we know!

No Trumom, not too early at all. Let’s start getting those all-star votes in for Andre!!!

Let’s hope JoJo plays Paul and sits Anderson!!!!

Andre Ethier and James Loney – nuff said :)))

Hi’Ya Nelly!!! Andre’s been sending you love letters today!!!


Hi jhall! Good to see you all!

It would certainly be nice if Martin could find some semblance of his 2008 stroke!!!! Heck, if he just hits .270 with 12-14 homers and 70-80 rbi’s, I’ll be ecstatic!!!!

Wow!!! Holy Cow Belliard!!!! Amazing!!!!

The last three days Jhall!! They are finding all kinds of fun names for Andre on mlbtv and ESPN. How are you doing?

THAT was awesome Ronnie!!!! Web Gem for sure!!!

Perumike – nice to see you too. Are you still in Chile?

Doing well Nelly, thanks!! How about you? Like I need to ask with you floating on the Ethier cloud right now. LOL!!!


Nice job by Loney to finish that beauty off!!! WTG James!!!!!

I am doing well jhall! I am just glad to see the Dodgers winning, and yes, it is definitely nice seeing Andre being one of the main contributers. I see the Rox are beating the gnats too. So, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing either.

Hi Nelly! Yes, still here, we fly back this Saturday, so still have some time. This is the part where my wife’s separation from her mom starts kicking in, so I’m sure the tears will be flowing. 🙂

Wow Nelly, hope the G’nats lose so you can have a truely killer day!!!! LOL!!!!

Darn shame Frank and Furter didn’t keep Wolf and Garland!!! For the money, they would have been worth it. Two quality starting pitchers for less than the price of one ace. Geez!!!!

Well, I guess the submission error issues are not over.

Perumike – that will be a tough trip home for you I am sure.

The Padres continue to do damage to others.

Hi Everybody
I was just enjoying the home 7th and then checked the Box score all I can say is WOW.
Beautiful game.

I agree jhall!! It looks like Garland is having a good day over Wolf in today’s game against each other.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANDRE ETHIER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow!!! Andre loves Nelly!!!

Holy Dre!!!

DRE’ that’s all I can say.

Depending on Johnson and Reynolds on the dbacks, he may be tied for the league in HRs as of today.

Start getting those Ethier All-Star votes in now gang!!!!

He is officially tied with Johnson and Reynolds with 9 HRs to lead the league.

Oldbrooklynfan – Holy Dre’ – that is fabulous!!!!

To date, I have 7 Ethier All-Star votes in Nelly!!! Let’s get busy gang!!!

Sorry – that was Perumike who said that 🙂

And Dre is in the lead in RBI!!

I can sleep calmly now,
The losing pain is gone,
We will tackle all obstacles in our way,
Gone are the dark April days that had me down,
It’s gonna be bright, bright,
Because of Sunshining Dre’!!!!!

Excellent jhall!

Too bad Sherril still has recto-cranial inversion!! What a waste!!!!

Sherrill sucks today! Good thing we had a big lead!

Thanks PMike!!! Hey Ned, trade Sherrill!!!!!!

LOL, Jhall….great minds think alike!

Can we do a package deal for Ned and Sherrill?

And that’s a wrap!

What the hell was Sherrill in this game I wanted for Kuroda to finish it off. How many low PC under 100 does it need to finish one game?

:))) Trumom!!! I agree Bear, he should have given Kuroda a chance to finish this one out. A huge “Outstanding” to Kuroda for his effort today!!!! Sherrill sucks so hard, he could probably suck start a Harley!!!!

I bet it have something to do with the offday tomorrow go figure lol.

At least we won the series 4-3 and should’ve been better glad we don’t have to face those fool no more lol.

Garland>Padilla don’t know how many time I have to say this.

In fact Garland> Padilla and Haeger combined.

Sherrill will be fine…a bit tough to get the old adrenalin going up by eight runs in the 9th. This team has far more to worry about than Sherrill. Just don’t ask me to start the list. I just ate dinner and need to digest my food.


No matter how well he does, and no matter if he is talking during a post game interview or for the print media, he always gives props to the pitching. Let’s just hope the pitching staff can provide him with many opportunities to say so.

Bleacher Report put out their power rankings for April.

Offense – 9th
Pitching – 25th
Overall – 19th
Best team overall – Tampa Bay Rays

The bright spot – MVP standings as of right now……….
Albert – 1st
Andre – 2nd
Matt – 6th


To time warp or not to time warp…………….one never knows what will happen :))

A late Birthday present for Nelly ? Andre Ethier leads the NL in Batting Average, Home Runs (tied) and RBI?s ? WOW ? the Triple Crown!!!!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Dodgers are still in last place.
Time stamp: 10:10 am PDT

This Ethieraholic is very proud of him, too! 🙂 In fact, my original Andre shirt was so worn out, I ordered another one this morning 🙂

Too bad we are short on quality of character in the owner’s box and the GM’s office.

BPB3 – I saw that this morning! That is just “wow!!”

Messagebear – couldn’t agree with you more.

If memory serves, Logan recommended Ethier.

Still, its always been my contention that Billy Bean thought he was putting one over on ol’ Ned. It just happened that Ned fell backwards into clover rather than face first into Schmidt.

I’m also a proud ETHIERAHOLIC! GOOO ANDRE! And I will be there on his BobbleHead Night cheering LOUD for him… I will be super early to make sure I get one. I can’t wait. It will also be my first game of the season! GOOOO DODGERS!

The scary part is that THE YANKEES will probably be offering MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF $$ for him and Frank will have no problems accepting the offers… he will not think twice! ANDRE IS THE BEST…GO ANDRE!

Best wishes to Dave Roberts who is being treated for lymphoma. Roberts was diagnosed in mid-March and he says the cancer was detected early. He says the prognosis is “good.” He has undergone two rounds of chemotherapy so far.

Link pitches 117 through 6th innings if Kershaw and Bills had that PC in the 8th last night Torre would probably let them finish.

Kershaw had 117 pitches in 6 1/3 on friday.

I mean Ely not Link

I really thought Sherrill was turning the corner with all those scoreless innings but at least I didn’t jinx him.

Now playing for the Yankees in RF #16 Andre Ethier on my and I better not here about this one with Kemp also lol.

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