Rat Pack, 2010 Style

On May 7, the Dodgers will celebrate 60s night and hand out posters to the first 20,000 fans in attendance. Last year, they were themed like movie posters and this year, for the most part, they’ll celebrate various decades.

Earlier this morning, we did a photo shoot with our entire coaching staff, dressed like the Rat Pack, surrounding a pool table and the shots were awesome. Just having the coaches interact with one another in that sort of setting produced some great photos, and there will be a video feature, too, on the Dodgers Media Network at www.dodgers.com/dmn

Here’s a sneak peek from the shoot…


60s_pool 2.jpgThere are a lot more that Jon SooHoo took but I can tell you this much…the poster series is going to be very cool this year. Here are the dates:

May 7: Coaches poster (60s style)…get tickets for this game

June 4: Blake and Loney poster

July 9: Young Guns poster (Kershaw, Billingsley, Broxton, etc.)

July 23: 55 since ’55 poster featuring Vin Scully (now that’s a rarity)

Aug. 6: Kemp poster

Aug. 20: Ethier poster

Sept. 17: Manny poster

I’d imagine that a lot of kids will want to hang these posters on their walls (as will many adults) but as I think back to what was hanging on my wall as a kid, it’s somewhat ironic that it was also Don Mattingly poster (as well as Steve Sax and Tony Gwynn).

Here’s today’s lineup, with the game on big FOX:

Carroll, SS

Loney, 1B

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Anderson, LF

Belliard, 3B

DeWitt, 2B

Ellis, C

Haeger, P



  1. trublu4ever

    As forr posters on my wall, my favorites were Hank Aaron, Pee-wee Reese; Duke, Koufax, Drysdale and Hodges.

  2. northstateblues

    Nice idea for a poster concept. And glad the game’s on FOX today, no Kruk and Kuip verbally snapping each other in the backside with gym towels today.

    Missed last night’s game due to work. Those 42’s work wonders, seems like they always have. Even Ray Lamb had a 1.80 ERA and a save in 15 innings pitched in 1969.

    Can I say one thing though? I HATE SEEING THOSE STUPID YANKEES LOGOS ON EVERYTHING DODGERS THIS YEAR. I’m sick and tired of the New York Yankees, and you would think that the Dodgers would be a sanctuary away from them… but somebody thought it was a good idea to give them publicity for half a year on the Dodgers’ dime. WE’RE ONLY PLAYING 3 GAMES AGAINST THEM DURING THE SEASON, YET GIVING THEM EXPOSURE FOR AT LEAST 3 MONTHS!!!! The Yankees don’t need any more publicity.

    And aside from ownership thinking we’re a bunch of unwashed, backwater yokels who would stand for rising ticket prices in the face of decreasing payroll over the next 8 years, we know who the Yankees are. And the games would’ve sold out even without those lame-brained ticket plans.

    The team could’ve put posters that said “LOS ANGELES DODGERS vs. New York American League Ballclub”, and the games would be packed with fans. We don’t need to be spoonfed some glitzy Yankees logo anytime we access ANYTHING under the Dodgers brand.

    This is OUR town. Keep the Yankees in New York šŸ˜‰

  3. nedajerk

    I knew I would get outthreaded but I say this again.

    Matt Kemp hit his fifth home run as the Dodgers withstood a five-run San Francisco ninth for their second straight victory. Kemp became the first Dodger to homer in each of the team?s first four home games since the franchise moved from Brooklyn in 1958. Kemp, however, is 1 for 12 all-time versus Lincecum (2-0, 1.29 ERA). The reigning two-time NL Cy Young Award winner is 2-1 with a 3.49 ERA in six starts against Los Angeles, but 0-1 with a 5.06 ERA in three at Dodger Stadium.

  4. nedajerk

    I thought this was Ellis 1st start but it not. I totally forget Ellis was Haeger catchers when he had those 12 k’s against the Marlines.

  5. lbirken@aol.com

    NSB, you make an interesting point about using the Yankees to sell tickets. Clearly, these three games would have sold out without any marketing efforts but the gurus in the Dodger marketing department are using those games to sell other tickets. Even without the so called mini plans, most fans who want to attend these games will not simply because there are a limited number of tickets which will drive up the price on the secondary market. I am not willing to spend $100.00 to see the Yankees. So from a business sense, using the popularity of one three game series to sell tickets to other games really should not be all that surprising. I understand this issue has upset a lot of people but the only people who should be really upset are those that purchased the 14 game plan only to find out later a 7 game plan would be possible. One can only imagine how many tickets the Dodgers still have for these games that are tied into mini game plans still unsold.

  6. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi ya everybody at ITD
    Just wondering why they’re taking so long to put up the box score.
    The Jints are probably having trouble with their line up.
    Well another Saturday with Charlie & Rick.
    Wish I could see that butterfly Haeger keeps tossing up there.
    I’m more afraid of our bullpen than Lincecom & Zito.
    It’s almost time for Dodger baseball!!!

  7. northstateblues

    I could hear Kruk and Kuip on that tagout by Haegar at the plate…

    “I don’t know, Kuip, I’m pretty sure he got in there”

    “Well, if we say it, it must be right.”

    “So the Giants are well on their way to defending their 51st consecutive World Championship since moving to San Francisco. YAY US!”

    “Yay indeed. :: towel snap ::”

    (For the record, I’m not listening to the Giants broadcast… I’ve just heard them enough, heh)

  8. nedajerk

    I don’t think Torre have a chance Lincecum basely own everyone except Ethier just be happy he didn’t bench Kemp.

  9. lbirken@aol.com

    What does a coach say to a knuckleball pitcher? Throw strikes? Throw harder? The poor guy has no idea where the ball is going and no one else does either.

  10. lbirken@aol.com

    I guess the coach tells the knuckleball pitcher to knuckle down and strike out the next two batters!

  11. robertelee@yahoo.com

    I hate the freaking giants. Torre wants to wait Lincecum out. Hows that working right now?

    Well, I’m off to do trivia night at me Grandsons school. Will be more fun than this game. Glad I can’t get on mlb.tv today.

  12. northstateblues

    The sad thing is, we don’t know how our best lineup would’ve done against Lincecum. Are the middle infielders wearing Doc Martens out there, ’cause it sounds like there’s a bunch of boots hanging around.

    We might still be fighting an upward battle, but it would be with our best out there. Not to take away from the unusual suspects.

    I’m sure the papers will be saying how Torre’s still trying to make a point to management by starting Haegar, but it’s a day game after a rout, and our bullpen’s shot. It’s only “making a point” by coincidence, this is the current state of things, against our main rivals.

    The way this team is being run by the ownership, you ask for a bat and get a twig. Ask for a baseball, you get a rolled-up sock. Don’t ask for water.

  13. nedajerk

    Damn why couldn’t Loney bounce off that quickie than he would caught that? I forgot all about Monsterious.

  14. truebluewill

    I just got home from work and see that I haven’t missed much. I see besides Lincecum shutting us out he killed us with his bat too. I guess this is what you get with Charlie Haeger. I wonder if he will ever find any consistence.

  15. truebluewill

    I just got home from work and see that I haven’t missed much. I see besides Lincecum shutting us out he killed us with his bat too. I guess this is what you get with Charlie Haeger. I wonder if he will ever find any consistence.

  16. lbirken@aol.com

    I can see giving Martin the day off after a night game, especially with how long the games have gone this week. And Manny came out of the game last night with a problem in his calf, so giving him the day off today is not too surprising. It does not take an expert to realize that with Lincecum pitching today, runs were going to be at a premium anyway. It does not help when the starting pitcher is so ineffective and the defense a bit sloppy. I have a hard time accepting that Torre chose Haeger just to make a point the Dodgers lack pitching. The crappy pitching we have seen so far might be disappointing but not all that surprising.

  17. nedajerk

    I hate the Giants so much like the most of us do but I still like Cain, Lincecum and Sandoval. Well there Ramon 1 2 3 innings so far.

  18. oldbrooklynfan

    The new scoreboards are updated and give the play by play very quickly, boy the amazing technology.
    Really cool.

  19. truebluewill

    I just got home from work and see that I haven’t missed much. I see besides Lincecum shutting us out he killed us with his bat too. I guess this is what you get with Charlie Haeger. I wonder if he will ever find any consistence.

  20. nedajerk

    Just more scoreless innings just like when Mota ERA was a little bite lower than that but that ERA still suck but manage to get it under 4.

  21. nedajerk

    Johnson should’ve started today and GA tomorrow.
    GA is batting 21/64, 1 double, 2 triples, 2 homeruns, 9 rbi’s 6 walks, 12 k’s, 2 SB’s 2 CS .328 .375 .500 .875. If Anderson need to break out of his slump this is guy he need to face and that’s Zito.

  22. nedajerk

    Another person that’s own Zito is Belliard. Belliard is like 11/34,1 doubles, 1 homerun, 6 rbi’s 4 walks, 6k’s .324 .395 .441 .836 vs Zito.

  23. nedajerk

    Johnson 5/14, 2 doubles, .357 .438 .500 .938. Kemp should be able to kill Zito tomorrow but hmmmmmmm Ethier 3/18 .167 and knowning Torre he would rest Ethier.

  24. ghelst30@yahoo.com

    Frank McCourt and his soon to be ex-wife have ruined this team. This whole off-season when other teams made significant changes the McCourts’ told us that we couldn’t afford all these players. Well we had this guy pitching against the ace of the Giants – probably the best pitcher in the league, and the best the Dodgers could do is Charlie Haeger. Well I think we may have the offense, but guess what the Giants are going to be the team to beat – with Tim, Barry, and McCain – they went out on got some offense. I am a huge Dodger fan, and it really bothers me to say the Giants are the best in the West. The Dodgers have re-treads as pitchers – the ortiz’s, Padilla, Weaver, and this the starting pitchers that will take us to the World Series hahahha.
    The McCourts should have done the honorable thing and sold the team, but instead they wanted to drag the Dodgers, and their fans through this crap. Well I hope I am wrong about 2010, but we will be lucky to finish in third or fourth. Go Blue

  25. true2dodgerblue

    I just read this article about the McCourt battle:


    If the article is correct it makes me very sad.
    I wish they would sell the team to someone who really cares about the team and the game of baseball.

    “Frank McCourt maintains that his divorce will have no effect on the ballclub.

    But during the off-season, the team made no serious bids for well-known free agents. And documents submitted by Jamie McCourt indicate that the Dodgers intend to keep their player payroll below last year’s level through 2018, while raising ticket prices.”

  26. trublu4ever

    ghelst & true2doddgerblue ~ believe me, I feel your pain, as do all of us who post here. I don’t know if you noticed but, there was not a very good crowd at the Ravine today. Maybe the fans are finally figuring out that day games after night games are not worth the money. I also wish McCourt would sell the team before he destroys it.

  27. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!

    Alot of wonderful posts today, and welcome to ITD if you are new. There are a few names I don’t recognize.

    nsblues – thanks for posting that link to SoSG about Andre’s game last night……………very clever!!

    lbirken – always wonderful reading your two cents worth!!!

    As for the game – just yuck!! I had the pleasure (NOT) of listening to the idiots from KNBR broadcasting the game as I was in the car. The thing that irked me the most today is they kept referring to the fact that Torre sat 4 of his starters today most likely because Timmy was such a good pitcher. If I hadn’t known Joe had sat the same 4 players two days already in the last 11 days, I would have thought the same thing. As for Joe sitting the 4 today, once again why? Not a single other team that I know of does this, and did he do this same type of thing when he was the manager of that other team that’s not on the left coast? Did Joe think just like the gnats idiots want us to think……that Tim is such a good pitcher, why waste the team’s strength?…. And if that is what he thought, then what kind of message are you sending to the Matt’s, Andre’s and James’ of the team? He’s too good for us. So, let’s just give them this game? I would think Matt, Andre and James think differently…………that they can beat him (Tim) and let’s try and win this series now.

    On another Giants fans note, and I am about to defend them, but it has to do with our issues that have been mentioned on here about security. I also had the pleasure of listening to the radio broadcast when Giants fans were calling in, and once again, 3 out of the 4 callers were actually at the game and were talking about how badly they were treated by Dodger fans. One fan said he was sitting next to other Giants fans which happened to be a family who had two 8 year old little girls. He went on to explain how they had Dodger fans throwing beer on them and when someone went to complain, the one who complained even got treated worse. I must say, and I have said it before, (and I think Collie will attest), when we Dodger fans are at AT&T Park, we have never felt personally threatened to be there. I don’t get taunted while walking around or getting up out of my seat. Now, I know some fans go to games with the intent on being “one of those fans who wants to draw attention to themselves”, but I seriously doubt the family with two 8-year-old little girls were doing much to draw attention to themselves. Also, I will repeat that when the Monson/Nelson family were there last year, my hubby and son couldn’t even stand up without being taunted. So, for those of us Dodger fans living amongst the Gnat fans, it’s kind of hard to defend Dodger Stadium when we hear repeated stories of things like this happening. Some of the things that are happening aren’t far from what happened at the Phillies game that I posted last night. IMO, I think Frank doesn’t want to throw anyone out of the game because that’s beer money lost. It may not be that way, but it certainly seems that way.

  28. northstateblues

    What good is a beautiful stadium if it’s going to harbor the kind of trash that would spill beer on 8-year old girls?

    Like Frank McCourt gave a crap, he already had their money, as well as the at-least-$11 of each beer spilled on them. And if they were irritated enough to never visit Dodger Stadium again, there’ll be more people to fill the seats tomorrow.

    I don’t care if it’s Giants fans, Yankees fans, or fans of the California Penal League, It’s a shame that McCourt can’t get his act together when it comes to incidents like this. And Dodger fans at Dodger Stadium should show more class, especially in the face of the response to the Philly fan who vomited on the 11 year old girl.

    Throwing money and adding security doesn’t help. The ushers are working the aisles all day long, they know what’s going on, I’m sure, but what’s one person going to do?

    Perhaps a paradigm shift is in order as to how security is handled at Dodger Stadium. Knowing McCourt’s MO, his response might be: “I know the problem: There’s still seats under $25. Price the poor out of the stadium, problem solved.” I would love to believe different of Frank McCourt, but perhaps he has too much on his plate to give a crap about his fans and other patrons of Chavez Ravine.

    I remember when Dodger Stadium was a cost-effective, safe place to take the family, on par with Disneyland. Unfortunately, this is no longer true, except in the cost to get through the gate.

    Throwing money at the problem is probably not going to help. I honestly do think there’s going to have to be a shift in the philosophy of how security is handled before even Dodger fans can safely enjoy the game.

    But the owner doesn’t care. We’re #2 to him, his silver medal… actually, looking at this flowchart of McCourt’s business empire ( http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_BGczpgptZJk/S4A9z4XGAqI/AAAAAAAAAAY/LqreOf7X3lI/s1600-h/Flowchart.jpg ), we’d be lucky to be #5.

    The best way to silence naysayers is to fix the problems they’re complaining about. I’d be really happy to shut up. Silence is golden.

  29. nellyjune

    Northstateblues – as always, very well said.

    Just think, the adults that were around and the parents that were with those 8 years olds will probably not go back to Dodger Stadium, and the next time they are at AT&T Park, they will tell all the people they are sitting around how badly they were treated at the Ravine. Not to mention in their work place or at a lunch with friends, they will repeat their experience some more. The two 8 year olds will go to school on Monday and tell all their friends how mean and terrible the Dodger fans were to them. All this will just be creating more hostility towards the good Dodger fans who live up here amongst them. Thank you Mr. McCourt for being there for your fans.

  30. dodgereric


    You’ve shown us in the past that you are more than willing to elevate issues like the one described above to the powers that be. Looks like it’s time to do it again.

    Although living in Temecula for the past 16 years has limited my ability to attend many games, I’ve had the honor to visit Blue Heaven hundreds of times from ’62 through ’94. In every single one of those games, I never – repeat NEVER – saw a fan from a visiting team mistreated. NEVER. But in the past few years, I would say that I haven’t been to a single game when it DIDN’T happen. And I’ve sat in good seats and cheap seats. The price of the ticket unfortunately doesn’t seem to deter these animals.

    And that’s exactly what they are. Animals. They come to the game looking for trouble, and if they don’t stumble across it, they make it happen themselves. Are these sub-humans exclusive to Dodger Stadium? Of course not. They are symptomatic of how our society had evolved. By entering the Stadium, they are like a bacteria entering a body. And there’s only one way to treat that bacteria. Introduce the proper antibiotic.

    The best obvious antibiotic is added security, which costs money. Gulp. Fat chance of that.

    Failing the best cure, I have two suggestions. And neither one will cost a cent.

    1) The security that is currently there is going to have to get tougher. They’re going to have to be more willing to toss these idiots out, and quickly. It’s not that difficult to do. They’re pretty easy to spot, even before they get all liquored-up.

    2) We, the good fans, have to get tougher too. We have to be more willing to report the instigators, and to get very insistant when the proper action is not taken. We have to be more willing to stand up to them. We have to be more willing to tell them when they’re getting out of line. Once upon a time, I wouldn’t have had any problem mixing it up with these cowards, but I’m pretty sure that my ability to take a punch at 57 is not what it was at 23. Plus, this criminal element that is invading our Stadium is a lot more likely to rely on something less manly than a fist nowadays. So the only thing we can safely do anymore is rely on Dodger Stadium Security. And that’s why THEY have to come through for us.

    I can remember when one of my brothers-in-law expressed his horrible experience to a blogsite a few years ago. I remember (was it collie?) doing so last year. Or was it the year before? Now this. It’s not getting better.

    Help us, Joshi-wan Kenobi. You may not be our only hope, but you’re one of them.

  31. nellyjune

    I really do think it’s how the incidents are handled that is more of an issue. I know it gets pretty rowdy at AT&T Park and going there as a Dodger fan, you need to have a pretty thick skin, but I think the difference in the experiences is nobody threatened or did anything to us specifically. Yea,…the beat LA chant is annoying as hell. And, by the same token, I think Giants fans are fully aware of where they are when they are at Dodger Stadium,but something has to be done about the deliberate taunting of individuals who are wearing the visiting team’s colors, especially if they are there just trying to enjoy the game and really aren’t creating any issues.

  32. kpookiemon

    Swami sez Kuroda and Padilla are key. If they pitch like vets, if they dominate, Kershaw and Billingsley will follow. McCheap should spend a bit of his saved millions and steal Pedro from the Phils for the 5th spot Manny needs to start strutting again. He needs to smile, he needs to joke, he needs to lead. Dodgers do these things, they win the West.

    Yours truly, Swami.

  33. dodgereric

    Hi Junie!

    I remember going to a few Raider games in the LA Coliseum and they were way different from any place I’d ever been. Not outside the Coliseum, I’ve worked in really bad areas for many, many years and I know how to handle myself. I’m talking about INSIDE. Now, understand that I felt OK for myself, I was there to cheer for the home team. But I felt really afraid for any fan of the other team. And not just for the visiting team. If a fan wore any other jersey or hat from another team than the Raiders (the Rams were safe), they really had to watch their back.

    And it was the same thing. Some “people” just come looking for trouble. Now, there were a lot more of these criminals at the Raider games I attended than have been at any Dodger game I have been at, but there are still way too many of them there.

    I’ve always thought of Dodger Stadium as a family place. McCourt ought to ask himself if he would want any of these convicts in his home.

  34. colliethec

    Josh — more important than fixing this blog & fixing the pitching, is to fix the security issue. I think the most important thing the Dodgers can do in the community is to clean up their stadium. And by clean up I mean the mess that is many of the drunk idiot fans. I might refer to “YOU” in here but I mean the Dodgers Organization when that is said. Please know I now it isn’t your sole responsibility.
    As a fan of 43 years of the Dodgers I’m DISGUSTED by what I’ve seen at the stadium and heard about that takes place there.
    Putting up a phone # during the pre-game, on the scoreboard to call security doesn’t work. What happens is security comes and tells the punks to mellow out and then they leave. Then these punks go after the “snitches” that called and make their life miserable. The incidents Nelly (Great post by the way Nelly!) brings up will forever damage those kids and many other kids that witness them. This to me is … well I can’t find the words it’s so upsetting to me. A baseball stadium should be a place where we can all get away for 2-4 hours, from the crap that is in this world. It angers and saddens me that it isn’t this way in my teams stadium.
    If the Dodgers are serious about building fans for the future and being a positive influence in the community then something needs to be done and it needs to of happened years ago. Having the RBI program, etc… is great but you aren’t even taking care of the fans in your “home” or Our Town”. You know… “Dodgertown”.
    All kidding aside, the McCourts must get their house in order. Not their personal house but their professional/business house which is Dodger Stadium.
    I posted awhile back what I felt should be done to start to eliminate the problem fans. I come from a security back round and so I’m well aware that things take time and hard work and can be tough to do. But there HAS to be a change and you have to keep fans safe.
    To go to a baseball game and feel threatened by a group of drunk punks is extremely disgusting and horrible. Baseball is the greatest game and sport and should be something that is enjoyed by everybody. Baseball is such a special game. I’m a hopeless romantic and that goes with baseball as well. I love the game and many of the people in it.
    I for one want to see action taken right away to reduce these incidents and change what has been taking place in the Ravine. If not my Wife & I will not ever go to the stadium. Ever again. I’m not going to pay $100.00 + for a couple of tix + $20 for parking and another $30 for food to have 5-10 punks threaten me and throw beer on me because my friend is wearing a Giants jersey or I’m talking to a Giants fan next to me, or the people sitting next to me turn a beachball over to the usher, or basically because they are looking to “go” with someone who is there alone with his Wife and they are there drunk with their “boys”.
    NSB brings up Disneyland. Can you imagine if punks were running around threatening people there? They would be gone & if they weren’t the customers would stop going. The Dodgers have a duty to protect their customers from assaults no matter who they root for, or for any other reason. In my job I take the safety of fellow employees and customers as more important than anything else I do daily. I know that if someone on my “watch” ever got assaulted I would be very upset. I know with that many people sometimes not everybody gets along. But what is taking place now and the last few years isn’t acceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated. In my eyes because it’s still happening then nothing is being done. Or what is being done isn’t enough and not only have the McCourts failed in their obtaining quality pitching for this team, but failed in keeping their fans safe as well as providing a family friendly environment.
    Once again… it’s baseball. Have a 3 Strike, no tolerance policy.
    #1 Start having an increased security presence. By this I mean 2 security/ushers at the top & bottom of each section. Yes this might cost some in the beginning but when the punks learn that they don’t outnumber security and they will be dealt with, they will either start acting properly or not come and go someone else to cause problems. At that point the security presence can be drawn down. But I would be worried about someone suing the organization and McCourts if they were seriously injured due to an assault.
    #2 If someone is swearing they are warned. If it’s in a threatening manner towards another fan (Dropping an F Bomb while out of line, is a little different due to another run given up by an Ortiz, rather than due to someone wearing a Giant Jersey) then they are warned and their Ticket & ID is asked for and documented & checked for prior incidents. If they are fighting they are removed at that time.
    #3 If this continues a second time, they are then removed from the stadium for the game and this is documented & tracked by computer program.
    #4 If in #2 it is found that they have been removed from the past, they are then removed again and this time informed that they are trespassed from the stadium and they are subject to arrest if they return.
    #5 After the 2nd removal the form of purchase for the ticket is then not allowed to purchase tickets again and their name & ID is listed on a “Do Not Sell To List”.
    #6 If in #2 it is found they have been removed 2 times before then they are arrested on a trespass charge as well as drunk in public, and whatever other charges are applicable.
    Yes you will loose the beer sales due to less drunk punks in the stadium. But you will gain fans for decades that will keep coming back for years and bring their kids and so on.
    If McCourt is really into tradition I challenge him to do something about this starting right away. Develop a plan that is strict while the team is on the road trip so security can be properly trained and the system set up. This way at the next home stand the plan can be put into action.
    Feel free to contact me if you wish as I would love to do whatever I can to help Dodgertown be a place that everyone feels welcome in and looks forward to going to.
    I’m sorry this is long but to me this is such an important situation.

  35. dodgereric

    Hi Swami I! This is Swami II.

    Swami II agrees with your predictions. Swami II unfortunately has his own. Swami II predicts that unless McCheap sells the team to someone who will spend appropriately on this club, we will won’t have a single one of our beloved Ethier/Kemp/Loney/Martin/Billingsley/Kershaw/Broxton kids as they enter their free agent years.

  36. nellyjune

    Yep, the Colliseum (when the Raiders are there) is an entity of it’s own. I have never been there (to a Raider game), but yes, that has not changed one bit, and the section labeled the Black Hole has only increased the hostility.

    Speaking of the Collesium, the A’s sure have had a winning start. ( A much different environment than being at a Raiders game BTW – very relaxed and fun). It looked like Seattle was making all the good moves, but I guess not. We were talking to an A’s fan at lunch today, and he said, “We are doing good for now until our owner decides to sell off the good ones again.” I told him “yea, that’s how we got this guy ( pointing to my Ethier jersey) and for Milton Bradley no-less”

  37. dodgereric

    Changing the subject ever-so-slightly for a moment; and I don’t care one whit hearing about “Supply-and-Demand” or “Everybody’s Doing It”.

    “Baseball’s All-Star ticket markup: 171%

    Major league officials call the All-Star game one of baseball’s “jewel events,” with tickets priced accordingly. The face value for tickets to this year’s game in Anaheim ranges from $185 to $360.

    Fair enough, given the demand. No one expects an All-Star ticket to cost $25. But no one should have to pay almost three times the face value in order to secure a ticket directly from Major League Baseball.

    If you’re an Angels season-ticket holder, too bad. You get first shot at a ticket to the July 13 All-Star game, but only if you’re willing to buy a package that includes a ticket to the July 12 home run derby, a ticket to the July 11 Futures Game for top prospects, two tickets to the fan festival at the Anaheim Convention Center and a $12 game program. All that, and a $25 processing fee.

    Total cost for a $185 All-Star game ticket: $467.

    Total cost for a $360 All-Star game ticket: $977.

    Baseball has sold these bundles in the last few All-Star cities, citing the expansion of All-Star attractions beyond the game itself.

    “The All-Star package covers a series of events associated with the All-Star game,” Angels spokesman Tim Mead said. “Baseball has found this has worked very effectively.”

    Mead wouldn’t say why, but another executive tipped us to one reason: The home run derby has become so popular that major league officials have noticed fans covering much ? if not all ? of their package cost by selling the ticket to the home run derby on Stub Hub.”

    For shame.

    I guess there’s only one way to fight this. Don’t attend.

  38. dodgereric

    Yeah, see! That’s what Swami II sees us turning into. And that’s why dodgereric has always thought Selig ok’d the sale to McCheap.

    Collie, I love your passion on this security issue. And while I don’t have your security backround, I echo your offer to talk to McCourt on this issue. But I won’t promise to stay on this subject. šŸ™‚

  39. dodgereric

    BTW Junie, you do know that I was talking about the LA Coliseum, not Oakland’s. I’ve never had the pleasure of attending a game up there. I’ve seen games in Candlestick and even saw a hockey game once. What were they, the California Seals? It would have been some time around ’73 – ’75.

  40. nellyjune

    Standing Ovation Collie!!!! You are right on all counts, but what I am going to magnify, which is my area, are the kids. Not only do those 8 year olds have what they witnessed in their memory forever now, they will also have every word their parents said about the event as well because I am sure it was talked about during the 4-8 hour drive back to Nor-Cal. I would be heart-broken to find out a student that I had the pleasure of introducing this wonderful game to had an experience as detrimental as that. Really, if they don’t solve this problem, it will only be a matter of time before someone experiences what happened at that Phillies game. Fantastic post Collie!!! It was very disturbing hearing those fans calling into KNBR after the game saying those things about a place we cherish so much.

  41. colliethec

    I got tix to the HR Derby & the Futures Game when it was here in SF.
    I got them separately. I kept checking the MLB site every day and they released some tix for the HR Derby/Practice Day at face value the last weeks prior to the festivities. I was sitting next to Brad Penny’s family and Rowands family amongst other families of the players participating in the games/events. It was cool sitting there with all the players families.
    For the Futures Game we got tix from stubhub right behind home plate just a few rows up. They were cheap as the event wasn’t a big draw for most around here. I don’t know why as it’s a great game to see future players. Kersh and Joba pitched. Justin Upton and many other players who are current studs in MLB were there. Huu won the MVP of that game.
    As far as the Fan Fest I had a blast. I got tix through work so it was free. I was able to get some autographs and it was really fun being there. Much to see and do.
    That’s a shame Eric that they are taking these steps to make extra $$$. I actually was thinking of trying to go to it down there this year. It was such a fun event to attend.

  42. nellyjune

    LOL!!! No, I forgot until you said that that the Raiders were in LA, and funny how both places are called the Collesium. I have never ever like the Raiders, regardless of where they are from. Well, now that I know that, things still haven’t changed even here in Oakland šŸ™‚

  43. nellyjune

    Oh…the All-Star tickets made me think once again about the Dodger/Yankee tickets. So, I am guessing at one point during all this, they will eventually sell individual tickets to this series or how else is a Yankee fan going to get tickets, yes? Or are they just going to assume any Yankee (or other fan for that matter) will just go through Stub Hub?

    The cost of those All-Star tickets are just horrible.

  44. nellyjune

    Collie – My friend got to work at SF’s Fan Fest. She had a blast!! She got to work in one of the photo opportunity sections. Photography was her previous occupation before becoming a teacher.

  45. colliethec

    Great posts Nelly & Eric. We are all in agreement that changes have to be made.
    I would keep it to the security issue Eric. Of course I wouldn’t want to but I would be respectful of my place and the subject.
    Nelly that is what really pains me as well. The kids. They are the future of everything. Not just in the baseball world either. Or whether they grow up as Giants fans or Dodger fans. I mean they could be the next Jackie Robinson for all we know and they are now turned off to baseball in general! Wow to think about it that way.
    Think about his famous quote… “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives”……Jackie Robinson
    What impact are these people making on others lives at the stadium? What impact could the Dodgers as an organization make in the lives of others by cleaning this up and changing the culture of nastiness/drunkenness that is there now.
    Take the challenge Mr. McCourt. Do something about this. Don’t settle for less than quality. You can do something about this. You might not be able to bring a World Championship to the city but you can make a change in what takes place there. Don’t be an ostrich and stick your head in the sand.

  46. dodgereric

    As you know (I think), I was always a Rams fan. At least until that woman-who-sells-herself took them to St Louis. But I was just starting to root for the Raiders when Davis started metal-fastening Marcus Allen.

    Collie, I have no doubt that there is a good time to be had at all of these events. I just think there should be an OPTION to purchase any combination of these tickets. And bear in mind that this offer is for ANGEL SEASON TICKET HOLDERS, not the general public. Gee, thanks for your support.

    Going back to Al Davis, isn’t he the one who started the whole rip-off idea of extorting big money from season ticket holders just for the right to buy their own seats? Called them Personal Ticket Licenses? If he didn’t invent it, for sure it was the first time I heard of it.

  47. colliethec

    That would of been fun Nelly. While there they had this special that if you bought something like 4 packs of cards you got a free special edition all star pack of cards. Both with Topps & Upper Deck.
    Well I love cards and so I went to the booth to cash in my wrappers. You had to unwrap them at the booth. They guy at the Upper Deck booth was really cool. We chatted about the cards I had pulled and the photographs on them. Turns out he is one of the producers of the cards and picks which shots make it onto cards. This has made me want to combine 3 hobbies. Photography, baseball cards and baseball. I want to retire and become a baseball team photographer.
    By the way I’m watching 9 Innings From Ground Zero on MLB Network. If you haven’t seen it, it is one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen and really shows how unifying the sport we all love is and how special it is. Everybody who is a baseball fan should see it. & if you know someone who isn’t a fan show it to them and they will be.

  48. nellyjune

    Collie – your posts have been outstanding lately!! …and your right, it doesn’t matter who the fan is and what their team allegiance is. What happened to that poor child at the Phillies game is just inconceiveable and just plain disgusting to say the very least. To think how that child is going to be traumatized is probably immeasurable at this point. I really hope the incidents at Dodger Stadium get stopped before something like that makes headline news for us.

  49. nellyjune

    Collie – that occupation would be perfect for you!! I am watching that show too. I have seen it a few times already. It’s great!!!!

  50. colliethec

    I think he did Eric. They were called PSL’s (Personal Seat Licenses).
    & I agree with you Eric about the packages. It just made me recall the time I had at the event & I had fun. Believe me I’m not for this crap to price out the non wealthy fan. There should be an option for the separate events. Very lame…

  51. dodgereric

    You guys make me realize how much I’m missing by not having the MLB Network. It’s almost enough to make me switch from Dish Network to Direct TV.

  52. nellyjune

    LOL!!! Yea………..you’ve mentioned being a Rams fan a few times now, and the fact that you hate the woman-who-sells-herself :)) I really did temporarily forget the Raiders were residents of So-Cal, and that some of you actually like them (or did). I know nsb still does, and somebody down there in Cowboy country does too, but the ITD name is not coming to mind just yet.

    As far as Al Davis, he and Frank have one thing in common (that I know of) is that they (as owners) both need to learn to do what is right for their respective teams. We are going to become the Raiders of baseball if our owner doesn’t do what is right for “our” team because right now, we deserve so much better.

  53. colliethec

    Thanks Nelly & Eric for the compliments. I’m passionate person when it comes to certain things.
    I’ve enjoyed chatting but Wifey will lock me out of the bedroom if I don’t get there soon! We are going to church in the a.m. , brunch with “The Mom’s” and then I work at night so I better get my rest.
    Take care all.
    An Mr. McCourt… Take the challenge. Do something about this issue. I dare you.

  54. nellyjune

    Dodgereric – you would LOVE this channel. From your baseball history background to your statistical mind and everything in between, this channel has it all.

  55. nellyjune

    Dodgereric – you would LOVE this channel. From your baseball history background to your statistical mind and everything in between, this channel has it all.

  56. colliethec

    My favorite station is MLB Network. They helped get me through the winter. If they ever went off the air at this point I would be bummmmmmmmeeeed!
    Oh and GO RAMS!!!!

  57. colliethec

    I’ve seen it as well Nelly. I actually bought the CD 2 seasons ago and now watch it on/around 9/11 every year as a way in remembrance. Just awesome.

  58. colliethec

    Eric — You as a baseball fan must get MLB Network. It has everything and is so much fun to have access to.
    & You as well Nelly. Nice chatting with both of you!

  59. nellyjune

    Dodgereric – Now mlbtv is showing the special on the Marchial/Roseboro incident at Candlestick Park.

  60. dodgereric

    MY Wifey won’t lock ME out. She’d have to wake up to do that, and that ain’t happening! LOL!! But I ought to hit the rack anyway.

    It’s been great talking to the both of you. Too bad kahli, er, the Swami didn’t hang around too!

    Our first team should be well rested for our date with Zito, and we should be able to drop another 9 runs on that bum. Let me finish with:

    God Bless you one and all!



    Sell the team you bum!

  61. dodgereric

    Argg!! I was in the backyard of a cousin in San Jose, listening to that game on a radio.

    Roseboro might have forgiven Marichal, but I haven’t yet. It was a dark day when we signed him.

  62. nedajerk

    They should’ve had the Mets/Cards games on Fox. Did anyone see it? The Mets won it 2-1 and the Mets held Krod into the 19th innings and blown a saves. Tony LaRussa must have a lot of balls using Lopez and Mather yeah 2 position players that pitch and didn’t even start the game and had Lohse in LF and I never seen a box score this weird in my entire lifetime. I bet old have seen this plenty of time.


  63. nedajerk

    St. Louis left the bases loaded in the 10th, 12th and 14th and stranded 22 runners, including 14 in extra innings. Molina caught the whole game and went 3 for 9.

    It was the longest scoreless game in the majors since the Los Angeles Dodgers and Montreal Expos went 21 innings without a run on Aug. 23, 1989, according to STATS LLC. The Dodgers won that one 1-0 on Rick Dempsey?s leadoff homer in the 22nd.

  64. nedajerk

    Pitcher Team Date Hits RBI Result Don Newcombe Cin 6/21/59 4 4 Reds, 17-3 Dennis Bennett Phi 9/28/63 3 3 Phillies, 12-3 Tim Lincecum SF today 3 3 Giants, 9-0 Thanks to Baseball-Reference.com

  65. trublu4ever

    Good Morning ITDland. I was reading all the posts I missed last night and am blown away by how our fans have solutions to fix the bullying that goes on at Dodger Stadium. Simple solutions that you’d think the front office would have been able put into place.
    Awesome posts by Nellyjune, Dodgereric and Collie.
    Please, Josh, make sure the powers-that-be sees this thread and takes some action.

  66. nedajerk

    Zito must be kill today and we had like 6 games over 10+ hits until Timmy shut us down and I think we need to study his arm angle do they look at video before the game?

  67. nedajerk

    There is some fool on the yahoo board mostly Giants fans bragging about the 1st 2 weeks of the season.

    csurf1962 5 hours ago
    The way I see it, the Giants are in 1st place & the Dodgers are in a 3 way tie for last.
    SF pitching has 3 shut outs already this year & LA pitching has none.
    SF has outscored LA in this series 17-10.
    SF has been above .500 everyday this season & LA has not been above .500 anyday this season.

    The way I see it is SF is a better team than LA this season.

  68. nedajerk

    I wrote this and see what happen when you have to brag with 2 weeks into the season. I surely wish I was on these yahoo boards last year. Belisario and Kuo are coming back meaning both Oritiz should be out of here and that’s a huge boost and Sherrill look good but to bad it was a blowout game. We have pitcher in the minor that are pitching light out and could be called up anytime they want. Let?s this Giants fan have they glory.

  69. nedajerk

    1st home game of the season last year vs the Giants. Can we have a nice repeat of this game? To bad Kuo was awful and Belisario gave up a 3 runs homeruns to Rowand when the scored was 2-1 LA lead to a 4-2 Giants lead.

    LA Dodgers IP H R ER BB K HR Season ERA
    C. Kershaw 7.0 1 1 1 1 13 1 1.50

  70. crzblue2

    Good morning ITD!
    looking what to wear, I decided to wear my rally blue bra today! no more wearing my “Doyers” shirt after the loss yesterday.
    I had Charlie Haeger pitching for my baseball fantasy team, BUT I also had Ubaldo!

    Let’s go Dodgers!


  71. nellyjune

    Shad – I love the Dodgers, but right now, the Giants are playing better than we are, as a whole. We certainly have a better offensive………….no question about it. We probably have one of the best (if not the best) offense’s in the league. Yesterday’s game for the most part, IMO, was due to Torre’s incessant belief that 4 or 5 starters need a rest every 3 days and all on the same day.

    The thing that separates them from us right now is they went out and did the job of getting bats, which was their off-season goal. At the time, they (their fans) weren’t too thrilled with DeRosa and Huff, but they are turning out to be good acquisitions so far, much like our pleasant surprise with Carroll, Anderson, Belliard and Johnson so far.

    The big difference is pitching, and we have been saying all along, we need quality pitching. Now, things can change on a dime. A win today against Zito would be fantastic and would go a long way until the next time these two teams meet. I am not sure what to think about the rest of the teams in our division. Arizona is getting beat by the Padres, the Rox’s Jimenez just through a no-hitter last night. So, there is so much to be determined with all of the clubs in the west, I am not sure where everyone will fall when we get further into the season.

    I will say this again, the difference between Dodger fans and Giants fans is a Dodger Fan’s goal is to win a Championship, meaning we look beyond the Giants/Dodgers series every time it comes around. The Giants fan looks to beat the Dodgers. They can be dead last in the league and as long as they have beaten the Dodgers in a series, it is a winning season to them.

    GO DODGERS!!!!

  72. nedajerk

    Yeah I know Nelly but at least are bench is way better than the past 2 yrs. I’m not worry about Anderson he would come through soon been so unlucky.

  73. nedajerk

    Yeah I know Nelly but at least are bench is way better than the past 2 yrs. I’m not worry about Anderson he would come through soon been so unlucky.

  74. nedajerk

    Geez Sizemore where was this the 5 days of the week? I forgot the early game couldn’t even put him in my lineup.

  75. nedajerk

    According to Torre I bet it something had to do with these numbers. Dodgers manager Joe Torre fielded a lineup that was missing catcher Russell Martin(notes) (0 for 13 against Lincecum), third baseman Casey Blake(notes) (0 for 9) and shortstop Rafael Furcal(notes) (3 for 14). As a result, they were quite vulnerable on defense?and it showed.

    This is Torre when does he care about batting vs another pitchers?

  76. nedajerk

    St. Louis 7 4 .636 —
    Pittsburgh 6 5 .545 1.0
    Chi Cubs 5 6 .455 2.0
    Cincinnati 5 7 .417 2.5
    Milwaukee 4 7 .364 3.0
    Houston 2 9 .182 5.0

    Maybe the Pirates are turning the corner yeah it still early but they won the last 2 games by walk off fashion while trailing in the 9th but they pitching is way worst than are.
    6.66 ERA,1.60 Whip, .294 baa
    ranked 30th 27th 28th

  77. crzblue2

    We have new additions to the Top Deck Family. Remember when I said I was trying to get tickets next to my friend LuvtheDodgers 23? She has seats 7-8, I have seats 11-12. Well, we have Mary and Art who joined us there now. They had seats in the Reserved before then they had seats in the Loge. they said the Reserved where they were as well as Top Deck feels like family and friends where everyone knows each other. The Loge where they were, they kept seeing different people, probably because they are seats belonging to corporations. They are very nice that they have told me that anytime I want to sit in seats 9 & 10, I am welcome to it. They gave their tickets to friends for Saturday’s game and the couple told her “everyone knows each other there”.
    I met with a group of these season tickets after the game Sunday to celebrate the win. I asked about a particular person that has had a season ticket in their row location, I said “so, xxxx moved to different section?’ They said they got together and told him they did not want him in that section. I don’t know what he did. I know he is loud and a little obnoctious but I guess he must have done something else but I did not ask.
    There are a lot more nice fans that I know in every level with the two addition of Bigblaster and Toes that have moved here from Philadelphia. BB, a longtime Dodger fans and Toes a Phillie phan but her second team is the Dodgers. They have tickets in the Reserved. I originally know BB from posting back in the Dodger forum then they formed another forum that I follow.
    Saturday there was this guy visiting Dodger Stadium for the first time, he had purchased a ticket but it was in the sun so he stood in the back. He lives in Texas and is a trucker. He has a son living here. He is a humble Mexican guy. We started talking, I gave him a schedule so he would listen to the Dodgers while he is driving. He asked if I knew what bus to take to get to Bell Garden. I told him about the shuttle to Union Station. He had taken a taxi to the game. I was going to ask my brother to call MEtro to give him directions but instead I took him home.
    He told me about his chavalo (Mexican slang for kid) that he was a good baseball player with a good scholarship. Scouts liked him but then he had a car accident that left his son in a comma. His son was able to come back 80% and for that he is very grateful. His son is the one that live here with his wife.

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