Hot in Herre…

Postgame concert tonight in Miami will be from Nelly…let’s hope the Dodger bats stay hot…just took a 2-1 lead on Manny’s sac fly in the third.


  1. nedajerk

    Alright Lyons we don’t need to know that Rose have more hits than Manny and Furcal combined. Can Anderson or Johnson played 1st bases? I really hate the road Loney.

  2. oldbrooklynfan

    No improvement by Padilla, inningswise. 4.1 again.
    But he looked better, this time.
    Let’s go Weaver.

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    It’s good to see Ra. Ortiz get his spring training form back in those two innings.
    Blake, DeWitt & Martin.

  4. nedajerk

    What’s up with this new Dodgers commercial on ch 9? If you live around here you would know what I’m talking about? I’m surprise they left Ethier off this commerical. Holy crap the Bison smoke that.

  5. koufax1963

    I have no Idea what Torre was thinking going to the botoom of the 9th, but This Sucks after all the effort put forth

  6. oldbrooklynfan

    I would’ve brought in Broxton, three days in a row.
    At least after seeing how bad Sherrill looked.

  7. bluesplash09

    this is ultimately russ ortiz’ fault for loadin the bases in the 9th last nite, otherwise Brox doesnt have to come in and clean up his f’ing mess

  8. koufax1963

    there is little to say, and what I want to say, can’t be heard by who I need to say it to. Thank goodness it is not september when this game was played, but ILL remember DRE’s B-day in 2010.
    out for BEER…………….

  9. bluesplash09

    how will it help his confidence if he is blowing games, put him in if we’re up by 5 or more, if we lose the division by 1 game then remember this day

  10. nedajerk

    Maybe he just check out Broxton road ERA last year can’t pitch on the road. I notice the moment he let Broxton in that worthless 10-2 and last night he wasn’t going to used him tonight but we have more than 1 closer that should be reliable to close it out.

  11. colliethec

    Here I go again. This isn’t on Torre. Get off the comments on Torre every time the TEAM blows games. You can’t blame the Manager on every loss. Down the stretch, he made the moves I would of made.
    Follow the bread crumbs… Your ACE pitcher continuously can’t get out of the 5th inning (The same holds true for the rest of the staff). You asked for an ACE or any pitching. You didn’t get any of it (Ironic that CC had a near no no tonight).
    Bread crumbs…Ned got you Russ Ortiz, who you have to use seeing as he’s on the roster. You put him in with a huge lead and he walks the bases loaded, so you have to then bring in your closer 2 nights in a row. This means he probably isn’t available for the 3rd straight night. So that’s on Ortiz & Ned for jumping in the dumpster.
    You have to use George because if you don’t then you are showing no faith in this guy who has been lights out for the Dodgers. Yes he’s not done well in ST or the 1st week of the season but it’s still the 1st week and if you loose faith in him by not using him, he will loose faith in himself & possibly be lost for the season. You have to give him the ball there and see if he can turn it around. He didn’t so follow the breadcrumbs …
    Breadcrumbs…Of course Ned jumped in the dumpster because of Frank who bought the team with his “cough cough” lovely wife. Well they didn’t want to spend $$$ last year due to the tough economy and not wanting to offend us fans with paying lots of $$$ to a player like CC.
    Breadcrumbs… Then this year Ned can’t spend $$$ because he doesn’t have any because Jamie has all the cash and she had a mad crush on the limo driver… Breadcrumbs to Jamie due to her sex drive… (Yup I did!!!!)
    Breadcrumbs… Jamies limo driver is always dressed in a suit and you girls know how much you like a man in a suit!!! That and I guess he must be somewhat handsome.
    Breadcrumbs… So this all falls not on Joe… It is all on the limo drivers tailor as well as his mom & dad for creating a handsome baby that grew to be a man that seduced Jamie with his sharp suit, which caused her & Ned to split and not get pitching so Ned had to get Russ Ortiz & other items from the dumpster, so that Joe had to eventually use Brox in a situation when he didn’t need to, so then he wasn’t available…
    Not to mention the lousy production with RISP that continues. Padilla not getting the sign for the squeeze, etc…
    So this isn’t on Joe…
    Follow the breadcrumbs…

  12. colliethec

    I will say the one thing I saw that continues to hack me off with Joe, is on the walk that George gave up. The batter was attempting to bunt. On one pitch that was called a ball, the batter attempted to bunted at the pitch and missed & it was called a ball. The next pitch was a clear strike in the zone and also called a ball. Joe just sat like a bump on a log. Get the hell out there once in awhile and back your player. Get in the umps face and give him an argument.
    Yesterday I saw Bobby Cox get tossed for backing his player. I’ve not seen Joe get so upset with backing his players that he gets an early shower.
    That to me upsets me more than his moves…


    it’s a shame were wasting a great org to almost win (which as a business model is just the way they want a metaphor it’s risky to make an Avatar for 400 million only to get better results from the Hurt Locker at 15 million or much more predictable results from say Star Trek at 100 million)..this week and this season and last season and the season before and before is because of or lack of top of rotation pitching and lack of commitment by ownership to go out and get it. If you see it any other way I fear for your safety due to your impaired judgment.

  14. nellyjune

    The headline on the homepage reads…………..”Marlins Rally in the ninth to spoil Ethier’s heroics”. It really should read…………”Dodgers pitching implodes and spoils Ethier’s heroics”. However, I don’t blame the pitchers. They are who they are and we have always known that. It’s the ownership that needs to go,but we know that too, don’t we? SELL THE TEAM!!!

  15. nedajerk

    Pitchers IP H R ER BB SO HR PC-ST ERA
    M Latos 6.0 7 4 4 0 4 3 84-56 6.00
    L Gregerson 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 10-8 20.25
    M Adams 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 8-6 0.00
    C Ramos 0.2 0 0 0 0 2 0 8-6 0.00
    E Mujica 1.1 0 0 0 1 0 0 12-7 3.00
    T Stauffer 3.0 1 0 0 0 3 0 43-28 0.00

    Dang lol light out bullpen for the Padres and Bell wasn’t even sharp tonight.

  16. colliethec

    That’s a good point Shad. Joe needs to have a 1 on 1 with George and ask him if he’s hurt and to be truthful. If he’s hurt then DL him. If not then I would say at this point he needs to tell him that he’s still got faith in him but will be putting him in only in certain situations so he can get his form back.
    I would tell him that I needed him but that he still needed to get back to himself & do all I could to get him back there.

  17. nedajerk

    Sherrill didn’t look good in ST. It sad we always complaint about Torre overusing the bullpen and I could understand Torre doesn’t want to used Broxton for a 3rd straight game this early I knew that 10-2 games was going to bite and couldn’t you just imagine if he did pitch in game 2? I think anyone could’ve close for us today except the Ortiz. I think it sad for a former closer for the Orioles can pitch 1 freaking innings. I seriously think Troncoso could’ve finished it off and is not like he didn’t get any saves last year when Broxton wasn’t available. I wish we had the Wade from 2 yrs ago. I know we would all complaint if Broxton came in and couldn’t find the strike zone and he gave up those run. If Russ Ortiz had did his job last night than Broxton should’ve had no problem tonight? Monasterios you telling me he could’ve pitch 1 more innings or the other Ortiz?

  18. nedajerk

    I think Torre should’ve ran out there and complaint about that 2-0 pitches that should’ve been a strike how can thatref official miss that he awful at the ball. I hate to see a batter trying to give himself up and he try to hit him but did he try to? Torre should’ve came out on that play.

  19. nedajerk

    I think Torre should’ve ran out there and complaint about that 2-0 pitches that should’ve been a strike how can the umps miss that call. I hate to see a batter trying to give himself up and he try to hit him but did he try to? Torre should’ve came out on that play. Geez I’m so mad like everyone probably are and hate when I don’t make any sense.

  20. colliethec

    “The breaking ball just found [Helms’] foot,” said Sherrill. “The bunt, I thought he went on ball two. What are you going to do? Ball three was a strike. It just made everything different, and I lost him.”
    Back your player Joe…
    He (Sherrill) showed signs of improvement on Wednesday night in Pittsburgh, with two strikeouts in a scoreless inning, but had a relapse in the ninth on Saturday night.
    The 2nd paragraph is in defense of Joe. Since Sherrill had a good outing his last time out why not use him again and have it be 2 times in a row and start getting some momentum and confidence for him. It didn’t work out that way, but that’s on the player, not Joe.
    If Joe had brought in Brox and he coughed it up everybody would be fuming at Joe for using Brox 3 straight nights when Sherrill is available.
    I’m just saying I don’t agree with all of Joe’s moves, but he can’t and shouldn’t be blamed whenever something doesn’t work out and the players he has been given don’t perform up to expectations. Sometimes it has to be on the players and in this instance it is. IMO.
    I like all of you guys here but I don’t agree with getting on him for every loss. No matter how hart breaking and emotional it is. Believe me I was upset tonight. It actually helped and was therapeutic for me to type my 1st post of the evening. I was really angry when I started typing but it turned as I pounded the keys and started having perspective. I mean the whole thing while not funny because we all love our team and some of us have to deal with annoying fans of other teams (Such as midget fans) is really very comical.
    There are worse things in life. I mean you could have a stye the size of a golf ball on your eye. Oh wait… I have that & it’s not as annoying as this loss.

  21. nedajerk

    Torre’s postgame On Sherrill:

    We can?t see the whole thing [from the dugout], but some pitches from the side looked like they were close, but his command is an issue right now.

    On Troncoso:

    Troncoso?s is basically a one-inning guy anyway, but we sent him out [in the ninth inning] strategy wise and the fact he only threw 11 pitches the inning before

    They brought in Lamb as PH, but burned him for Helms after Sherrill was brought in

    On Ethier, does he have the green light 3-0?

    Not always, but I guess when you send him up there to pinch hit he does [laughs]

  22. nedajerk

    This is now the 10 yrs anniversairy that Kevin Elster hit 3 homeruns at PBP or whatever phone booth they call now and spoil the Giants home opener.

    The opening series took place from April 11?13, 2000 against the Los Angeles Dodgers (the team the Giants faced in their final series at Candlestick Park), and the Giants were swept in three games. In the first game of that series, the Giants lost 6-5, highlighted by three home runs from the Dodgers’ Kevin Elster.

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