An offday in Pittsburgh

Many of the Dodger players, coaches and staff hit up the Penguins/Capitals game last night, as everyone has been looking for something interesting to do and people are getting a little antsy being in the same road city for so long. We arrived on Saturday night and we don’t leave until after the game on Thursday, which is a very long trip compared to the usual three-day jaunts.

As for Inside the Dodgers, we took a trip yesterday to the local eatery Primanti Brothers, which is a favorite of all Burghers (I don’t think that’s what they really call people who live here). It’s a rather interesting place in which your sandwich comes with cole slaw, french fries and tomatoes on top of the meat.

A group of us also took the incline up to Mt. Washington, too, where there are amazing views of the city and a nice place to relax for a bit. Pittsburgh seems to get a bad rap from those outside of Pennsylvania but many of us have enjoyed the trip here…the ballpark is beautiful and the weather has been stellar.

Now we just need to win the next two games to leave with a series victory.


that is a long stay for a three game series!
Good luck Kershaw!
Good luck Dodgers!
I can’t wait for Opening Day next Tuesday!



Josh – I have a question regarding the schedule makers.
Why did they have you take an off day on Tuesday then play Wednesday & Thursday when you have to fly to your next game which is on Friday. I would think you’d want your day off to be a travel day.
Thanks & go Blue!!!!!
I’m going to try to be more positive and stop bemoaning the fearless leaders of our team now that the season has started and I’ve said my peace.


Good afternoon everyone………….
I sure am looking forward to seeing Kershaw pitch again. Here’s to a great game by all the Boy’s today.

Hi Ya Everybody
Well I hope the Dodgers remember how to win tonight, It’s been quite a long time.

They better stop pitching to this guy.
Stay away.

I have taken that little trip up the incline to Mt. Washington and Josh is right, the view is spectacular.

I also don’t understand why so many teams played on Monday only to have an off day Tuesday. Of course, making the schedule has to be a difficult enough task. While we will never hear the players complain about it, the all night flights on game days has to take its toll.

Its a beautiful day for a ballgame…

Let’s try and win one.

Uh, oh!

Who the heck is Garrett Jones? Someone needs to set him on his backside!

Is this team really this pathetic, or are they trying to force Frank to sell?


when you said that “who the heck is Garret Jones”, I was remembering what Pedro Martinez said “Who the h*ll is Karim Garcia!”

I guess it probably wouldn’t had made a different if Kershaw did start game 1. Jones was a former Braves prospect back in 1999.

With Joe wanting to do the juggling act again with his line-up, I wonder how long he will let Furcal lead off?

I wonder what happen to Amy and Sara and that cowboy fan dang forgot his name.

What happen to Nelly?

Yankees worth $1.6 billion; Boston 2nd at $870 mil
By RONALD BLUM, AP Sports Writer
1 hour, 18 minutes ago

Buzz up! PrintNEW YORK (AP)?The New York Yankees are worth nearly twice as much as any other team in baseball, according to the annual estimates by Forbes magazine.

The Yankees were valued at $1.6 billion, Forbes said Wednesday, up 7 percent from a $1.5 billion value last year.

Boston was next, going up 4 percent to $870 million and was followed by the New York Mets, who dropped 6 percent to $858 million. The Los Angeles Dodgers, caught in divorce proceedings of its owners, were fourth with a 1 percent increase to $727 million.

Minnesota had a 14 percent rise to $405 million following its move to Target Field.

Pittsburgh was last at $289 million, just below Oakland, which dropped 8 percent to $295 million.

We at least we made Ohlendorf, work in the 3rd.

Nelly’s on vacation….coming home tonight.

Amy got married and is currently in Germany.
Well, time to head home and listen to the radio. I have no clue what the score is

Oh ok Tru I doubt she going to read my post I left her and wow Germany what she doing there?

Oh oh forgot about this one Kershaw is due winless since July 18?15 appearances, 13 starts, 91 K in 77.2 IP, etc.

Is that lineup right for the Pirates the pitchers is batting 8th? Gosh damn walking the pitchers again

Shad ~ I’m sure she will read all the posts when she gets home…she always does.

Shad, the lineup must have confused Kershaw too since he walked the 8th hitter twice.

YAY….A RUN!!!!

Good going Russy

I could understand the Cards and Brewers doing it but never the Pirate. This is Martin year.

Way to go!!!

Kemp’s 3rd RBI

thanks for the gift Andy

thanks for the gift Andy

thanks for the gift Andy

Old Reliable ties it up.

Dang I hit the submit button one time.

Is a new ball game yeah

Always good to get that psky Jones out.


Just couldn’t ask for a shutout down inning after we scored 3 runs.

i mean shut down inning.

Just tuning in to the game…wow we are tied. Good job E, Kemp and Martin.

Damn you had him 0-2 and lost him on a walk urgh Kershaw.

Poor Kersh…but he owes Weaver BIG TIME!

What a waste using another pitcher in the next innings if we get to Weaver spot which is 4th.

lol 1 pitch 1 out you gotta to love that.

Blake DeWitt worked the Walk! and C’mon Russell #2

I would just let Weaver hit and let him pitch another inning

What did I say I knew that was going to happen?

hahahaha Maybe Weaver should’ve pitch the 1st game he owned the Pirates 5-2 1.85 ERA 1.10 WHIP .227 BAA. He probably would had done better than Padilla. Russ Ortiz is 8-1 with a 3.12 ERA.

Nice Double Play!

Great play Ortiz….dbl. play

Wow I was getting worry when I seen that lead off hit and a 3-1 count I bet Giants fan was jinxing him to give up some runs.

I think I’m allowed a certain amount of comments, then I have to shut it down for a while.
Only on this blog.

C. Kershaw 4.2 5 3 3 6 4 1 2.36 5.79
J. Weaver 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00 0.00
R. Ortiz 1.0 1 0 0 0 1 0 1.00 0.00
R. Ortiz 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00 0.00

stupid yahoo.

Now this MLB.TV is freezing up. No trouble all last night until the 5th tonight.
Clayton performance was very Kershawlike.

For some reason Loney have problem hitting against the Pirates.

21 63 8 13 0 0 0 9 3 11 1 2 .206 .232 .206 .438

Great play by LONEY! One-Man Dbl. Play!

OldBrooklyin…just log off and log back in…

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa another dp.

Happy Birthday Belliard!

Heavy sigh – what’s it gonna take to get a run? This is plain frustrating!!

Eric Collins seem to just realize in the 7th inning, that the Dodgers changed the batting order tonight.
He even get excited when the Dodgers make outs.

Why couldn’t Carrasco give up another 3 runs again?

And the frustration is mounting . . . .

Yahoo really need to updated Sherrill hat still having the Orioles.

Look like both Sherrill and Carrasco calm down after the first game. Happy bday Belliard.

Yeah Carroll double 3rd on a wild pitch I’m already love our improved bench so far.

Damn! Come on Andre, get the run home!

so this is what we do with runners in scoring posistion and no outs? It’s gonna be a long season


What ever happen to suicide squeeze that run in with Furcal at the plate?

Total crap and UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

I’m surprise that pitch to Manny

Let’s go Troncoso.

Troncoso vs Jones oh boy.

Typical Dodger game.

Oh Well, very disappointing performance tonight!!! It’s way too early to get too down!! Let’s whip’em tomorrow!! Go Dodgers!!! Goodnight All!!!!

Oh well, very disappointing performance tonight!! It’s way too early to get too down!! We’ll whip’em tomorrow!!! Go Dodgers!!!!

Wow!! I’m extremely time warped!!! LOL!!!

Oh no Dewitt we didn’t need that.

Come back fast Belisario and Kuo I don’t trust neither one of these Ortiz.

I guess the Dodgers can’t BUY a win.

What’s it going to take to plate those runners?! We should have won this game in regulation time instead of losing in the 10th inning. Arrrggghhhhh!!

that was just sad, meanwhile the giants are 3-0. Can we re-start this season?

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!! I actually got to listen to the game all the way home from So-Cal today. I listened to a station in Bakersfield that carries Dodger baseball, then my hubby (the gnat fan) was so kind to find the game on his iphone so I could listen to the game from Visalia home, and then I got to finish watching the game at home. All I can say is uuugggghhh!!! It just hurts to lose to the Pirates no matter what time of the season.

………….and yes, tru is correct, I do read all of the comments even when I am not able to post.

All the comments are always entertaining and fun to read.

Northstateblues – your post after game 1 was absolutely fabulous!!! They just keep getting better and better 🙂

Dodgereric – your comment about Torre pitching Padilla to only humiliate our owner was actually talked about on ESPN radio when we were on our way to one of the ballparks on Tuesday morning. I think they read your mind.

Shad – thanks for worrying about me. About my Redskins, I was already excited about having Shanahan as a head coach and I really enjoyed watching Donovan McNabb play for the Eagles. So, I am looking forward to a better season. We still have alot of work to do, but this will certainly help. Thanks for asking.

As for our Dodgers……………….still 160 games left, and it seems like we always have a hard time against sucky teams sometimes. We never do well against the Nationals either. However, I must give the Pirates some credit that maybe they really don’t suck as much as people think they will this season. I think we need to see how they do against other teams to see that perhaps they actually have potential this season to have a winning season.


The Pirates do have all those losing record since the 90’s but they still have a great franchaise and won a WS in 1979 where they were down 3 games to 1 against the Orioles.

Don’t forget the Pirates are 1 of numerous of teams that avoid us clinching the division early and took 3 out of 4 from us. I still can’t believe Broxton blew this save.;_ylt=AlqpYNWQ8kcOjK2S66djpIeFCLcF?gid=290927123

I have not had a chance to respond to this article about Andre since I heard it came out…………………,0,6073086.story

Can he envision himself being a Dodger for life?

“Definitely, it’s something I can envision myself doing,” he said. “But I have the biggest role in that whole situation, for that to happen ? I have to keep playing well year in and year out.”

If Ethier has to imagine a community of doubters to help him do that, so be it, Torre said.
ummmm Andre……… great it would be to see you in Dodger blue for a long, long time. And, Andre, I for one, have never doubted you since the moment you walked out on the field in Dodger blue, and I don’t think I could pretend to doubt you at this point. It’s not in an Ethieraholic’s blood I would imagine.

I really hate to say it but is it possible?

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