Lots going on at Dodger Stadium

By now the word is already spreading that Blake DeWitt has won the competition for starting second baseman, which puts Jamey Carroll and Ronnie Belliard on the bench…and the bench is looking pretty solid by most accounts.

Charlie Haeger takes the fifth spot of the rotation to start the year and will pitch one of the games on the first trip against the Marlins.

It sounds like Ned and Joe played an April Fool’s joke on Blake when they told him he got the job, so I can only imagine how that felt in his mind. I know I cringed today when I saw a Dodger blog drop an April Fool’s Joke on its readers, but I won’t spoil the surprise for those who haven’t figured it out yet.

Fans are filing into Dodger Stadium as this gets posted and another season is just about underway. Sure, the games today, tomorrow and Saturday don’t count, but just having thousands of people come to the park with their friends and family makes it feel like an Opening Day is here.

You can listen in on KABC or KHJ…no TV for tonight. Here’s the lineup:

Furcal SS

Kemp CF

Ethier RF

Ramirez LF

Loney 1B

Blake 3B

Anderson DH

Martin C

DeWitt 2B

Haeger P



  1. lbirken@aol.com

    Somehow, I don’t find it terribly funny messing with a person’s livelyhood or his future by telling a player he is being sent down, traded or released when in fact he has not.

  2. oldbrooklynfan

    I found out the new way how to get the game on. 7:20PM PT
    I had to read the the fine print on the bottom

    I’m also have trouble getting my comments through on this blog.
    I’ve log out of ITD and back in again, that usually works.
    So let’s see. …It’s 8:00PM PT now.

  3. nellyjune

    As far as the Blake DeWitt April Fools joke. You have to admit, they had ITD going too. I sure as hell fell for it. Rick and Charlie are talking about it now.

  4. enchantedbeaver

    Glad to see the DeWitt thing was all a big joke.

    Doesn’t change my opinion of Joe and Ned though.

  5. trublu4ever

    I’m sorry I fell for the joke. When I saw the quote from Joe, I really believed it. I hope DeWitt took it better than I did 🙂

  6. nellyjune

    enchanted – I think it’s why ITD fell for it so easy because it is something that would and has happened to other players, and it wasn’t a joke.

  7. dodgergirl5516

    Omg Yay!! Martin is catching ohh how i’ve missed him so much!
    I felt like i havnt seen him in years!!!

    Andre ❤
    Martin ❤

    Oh thats the life

  8. nellyjune

    Well, if they Indians weren’t playing us, I would be happy about that home run Grady just hit. I really enjoy watching him play……………..just not against us.

  9. nellyjune

    Boy, I have only been on vacation for a few hours and I am already screwing up the writing…………..

    Red pen ~ if “the Indians” not “they Indians”

  10. enchantedbeaver

    I have to admit, Ramon Ortiz pitched his way onto this team. I’ll be happy if he’s only half as good during the year as he is now.

  11. oldbrooklynfan

    Are yous still listening to the game? I lost it going into the top of the 6th.
    I’ll watch the score board and keep trying.

  12. oldbrooklynfan

    They have to forget they left a man on 3rd with nobody out.
    Don’t want to get in that drought again.

  13. oldbrooklynfan

    Ah I say if you going to lose some, this is the time.
    Troncoso wasn’t himself but the defense was off.

  14. enchantedbeaver

    They ever going to fix this damn blog so it works?? Looks like Brooklyn was the only one on last night who could get a post through. I gave up. Totally rediculous that its gone on this long and all we get is lip service that its being addressed. Hell, we don’t even get that anymore.

  15. trublu4ever

    I agree, Enchanted. I tried to keep up with OBF but, gave up when I kept getting submission errors. I really don’t think they care. What a lousy way to run a business.

  16. colliethec

    I totaly agree with the blog not being fixed.
    I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be important to have it working properly.
    It just seems as it isn’t being adressed seeing as it’s gotten worse and has been going on for over a year now.
    Maybe they just don’t really want us posting here anymore.
    If that’s there wish they might get it soon.
    But having this outlet has been really fun for me seeing as I don’t live in LA and so I get to talk Dodgers. This gets me more excited about the team and more into the season, etc…
    More intrest usually = more $$$ being spent in the long run.

  17. colliethec

    To clarify – I don’t have the time or patience to respond to someone’s comment and spend 30-45 minutes trying to get it posted only to have the comment become outdated or time warped so it’s posted somtime/somewhere else.
    It doesn’t seem to be an issue on other MLB blogs.

  18. trublu4ever

    Collie ~ they may try but they will never succeed in keeping us from speaking our minds. One way or another, WE SHALL BE HEARD!!!!!!

  19. crzblue2

    From the stadium I was trying to read the ITD blog but the last comment I would get even after refreshing was “New Thread” but never saw the the new thread until I got home and logged on my computer.
    Have a goood Good Friday everyone! I am going to lunch to a Mexican place here in Chatsworth called “Los Toros” Emma

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