99 Problems…

Manny, who homered yesterday, arrived at the clubhouse today wearing a shirt that says, “I’ve got 99 problems but my swing ain’t one.” We’ve had some cool shirts around the clubhouse over the years, but that one becomes an instant classic in my book.

He’s back in the lineup today:

Furcal, SS

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

DeWitt, 2B

Ausmus, C

Haeger, P


  1. trublu4ever

    Hoping for a win today….I know it’s only ST, but, I still want to win! Things should be getting into a groove now. GO DODGERS!!!!

  2. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi everybody.
    Yes, I agree Trublu4ever, a win would really put the day in prospective.
    Too bad the game isn’t televised.

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    I usually don’t like to comment on a pitchers performance until it’s finished but that was quite a start for Haeger.

  4. jhallwally

    Thanks alot everyone for the Happy Birthday wishes from the previous thread!!! I truely appreciate it!!! GO DODGERS!!!!

  5. lbirken@aol.com

    Happy birthday to everyone having a birthday today, yesterday, tomorrow, and anytime within the next 12 months. That should just about cover most of you.

  6. enchantedbeaver

    I’d like to officially kickoff the Furcal Sucks campaign. I’d have never believed I’d be wishing we had Pierre to lead off.

  7. enchantedbeaver

    Tell you what Wally, they need to move Furcal down to at least 7th or 8th in the order. Of course that only leaves Kemp to leadoff, but he did pretty well in that role a couple years ago.

  8. jhallwally

    I’m with you Beav!!! If Furcal doesn’t get it done in the lead off spot and they leave him there, we will not win the NL West. Kemp is the only other option!!!

  9. enchantedbeaver

    Haeger the Horrible seems to be doing what Stults can’t – siezing the opportunity to be #5.

    I like that Tru. Think we’ll all be using it!

  10. messagebear@msn.com

    F**kal is a good one and he does SUCK. In fact, he has sucked ever since he left Atlanta with the exception of some brief intervals designed to convince Ned to give him yet another three year contract.

    Give him his remaining two years of the current contract, and he will have SUCKED more money out of Frank than Jamie.

  11. trublu4ever

    It would be exciting to watch a knuckleballer flutter that ball up there, wouldn’t it? Then follow him wiith some real heat!

  12. northstateblues

    Happy Birthday to ITD’s 3-27’ers, OldBrooklynFan, JHall, and Rose (I think, I know there was another 3-27’er in here)! Many happy returns!

    Over here setting up for my girl’s b-day party, hope everyone else is in a celebratory mood!

    Hope they get a win against the Marlins today, avenging our ITD day would make a great present for you all, even if it is “just spring” 🙂

    “If you’re having bat problems,
    I feel bad for you, son,
    I’ve got 99 problems
    And my swing ain’t one”

    Good to see Manny in a joyful mood again. Live it up Manny, you won’t find another place that loves you more than L.A. You’re getting PAID next year based on what happens this year, let’s make sure your locker will be STUFFED with paychecks next year, along with a big blue ring to go with those two red ones 🙂

  13. jhallwally

    :))) Well said Bear!!! Good to have you back in mid-season form my friend. Screw the number crap and tell it like it is. LOL!!!!

  14. jhallwally

    Isn’t it ironic that Frank and Jamie are trying to fleece the Dodger franchise to live a Blue Blood lifestyle?!!!!!

  15. nellyjune

    Well, if it isn’t Wally and Beav mixed in with some Tru and Bear!! A scary combination of fun and trouble.

    Northstateblues – I am sure there is at least one other ITDer with this very same birthday. I think it is a female ITDer………….just not sure which one. Rose might be right, or I was thinking CP as well.

  16. oldbrooklynfan

    So the beat goes on for Furcal.
    But that was quite an outting for Haeger.
    I was gone for awhile my page had stopped redirecting,

  17. jhallwally

    Well, Frank is a clown, Jamie is a w____, and Ned does a little soft shoe and thanks his lucky stars!!! I’m surprised it’s not already being considered for a “Reality Show”!!!!

  18. oldbrooklynfan

    These Mariner announcers are always giving their pre game interviews while the Dodgers are at bat.
    Then they quickly go over what happened, but sometimes too quickly.
    Luckily nothing happened.

  19. enchantedbeaver

    I’m sure the four horsemen will get quite a few opportunities to ride again this year.

    Opening day is unsealed and a white horse appears. It is bluntness (messagebear).
    Furcal continues to suck and a red horse appears. It is sarcasm (enchanted)
    Ned continues to get us crap and a black horse appears (kinda appropriate don’t ya think.) It is In-Freaking-Tolerance (jhall)
    Frank’s divorce and Joe’s incompetence ruins our ballclub and a pale horse appears. It is unemployment. (dodgereric)

  20. oldbrooklynfan

    I meant recordings of their pre game interviews.
    Of course nice ones with Joe Torre and Vin Scully.
    But they completely leave the game.
    I don’t think they do this during the regular season.
    My damned page stopped redirecting properly again.

  21. jhallwally

    You too Beav!!! I think we’ve got our good stuff ready for the regular season my friend/brother!!! LOL!!!!

  22. jhallwally

    Bears throwing the high hard fastball again, Beav is breaking off some nice curveballs over the plate, and I feel good about my sliders!!! Have a great day/evening my friends!! EXCELSIOR!!!!!!!

  23. nedajerk

    I’m watching the WVU/Kentucky game and at halftime. WVU shot 8/31 but 8/15 from 3’s and they said this never happen even I could’ve believe it.

  24. enchantedbeaver

    Fare thee well Mientke, we hardly knew ye.

    I miss the good old days when pitchers were men and you could keep a Manny Mota AND a Vic Davalillo on the bench.

  25. nellyjune

    I just read they told Doug Meintkiewicz that he would not make the club, leaving room for Anderson as the left-handed bat off the bench. We were there the night he messed up his shoulder, and I don’t think it will ever be forgotten by the group I was with (gnats fans too) how he tried to finish out that inning. Then to top it off, we saw him on the ITD tour training to get himself back into the lineup. It also sounds like he was well liked in the clubhouse as well. I am glad to see GA doing well, but at the same time, it’s kind of hard seeing Doug go too.

  26. Dodger4life

    I did like Meintkiewicz, and yes Nelly, he was sweating it out running in the outfield at the tour. I believe I read that Torre has given him the option of AAA, or as a team coach, although he still want’s to play at this level and who can blame him. I would like to see him stick around, but regardless of what transpires…Good Luck Doug!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. trublu4ever

    I agree with you Nellyjune and Dodger4life about Doug. He was very nice to us on the tour and, I’m sorry to see him go.
    My best to you, Doug.

  28. trublu4ever

    I also hope Anderson is just a bat off the bench. Hoping Reed gets the job of 4th outfielder…..made a fanstic catch today and, I hope Joe remembers who he is.

  29. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I’ve got nothing against Doug Mientkewitz and I wish him the best of luck elsewhere but he just wasn’t a versatile enough player to stick on most NL rosters. Because of the double switch and no DH, NL backups, by and large, need to multi task more than their counterparts in the AL. First base is his only position and Loney, barring injury, will probably play 150-plus games this year.

  30. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I thought, at first, that Belisario would get a fine for his missed time but I guess 30 days without pay while getting into shape probably serves the same purpose.

  31. trublu4ever

    I think Joe will use Belliard as a back-up for Loney, don’t you? He used him several times in ST.
    Dodgereric ~ I agree with you 100% about Bellasario. Of all the nerve to let his team down like this.

  32. nellyjune

    …………….and to think he didn’t even have to call in for a substitute or make lesson plans 🙂

  33. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Tru, that was my thought, too, about Belliard. Mientkewitz’s situation gave me cause to think about the differences between the NL and the AL game. Because of those differences, Mientkewitz might have a better chance of catching on with an AL team….And I thought Belisario was being held diplomatic hostage by Hugo Chavez. It doesn’t say much for Belisario’s work ethic and professionalism that he’s been late to ST the two years he’s been with us. But, as eric says, if he can return to last year’s form, all will be forgiven.

  34. nellyjune

    Whatever the case, I am glad he is back. I think the bullpen is going to need him. It sounds like Kuo might just be done.

  35. trublu4ever

    I also think Kuo is finished. Our BP isn’t quite the same as it was last year. I’m hoping our starters, of course, with Joe’s permitting, can go much deeper into the game.

  36. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    It’s a baseball truism of long standing that you can’t have enough pitching. With all the surgeries that Kuo has undergone, you do wonder how much more his arm can take??

  37. dodgereric

    Well, I don’t think there’s any way that Torre won’t keep 12 pitchers. With the 8 starters that leaves 5 positon players for subs. Minus one catcher leaves 4.
    1) Reed Johnson has to be Ramirez’ defensive replacement and occasional starter in left and can play any OF slot.
    2) Looks like Anderson is our lefty PH, can play the corner OF and 1st in a pinch.
    3) If DeWitt starts (and I say he deserves a shot), we know Carroll has a two-year deal, so he stays and he can almost anywhere.
    4) We know Torre is in love with Belliard. I’d still like to know why he soured so hard on Hudson. But he can play all over the place too.

  38. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I definitely agree that DeWitt has earned the 2B job but, as recent Dodger/Torre history teaches us, putting up the numbers in ST doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Johnson will be in the mix along with Carroll, Anderson, and Belliard. The new guys in the BP will be on the bubble for 30 days or so until Belisario is ready….Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Hudson struggling at the plate about the time Belliard got here last year. Belliard hit like a house afire almost from Day 1 and, for Joe, that was all it took.

  39. dodgereric

    LOL tru!

    Hmmm……….well, there’s ……….wait. Lemme think……
    1) Padilla (don’t get me started on Mr Opening Day Starter)
    2) Kershaw (he’s my #1, 22 or no 22).
    3) Billz (boy, I hope he’s learned something about himself)
    4) Kuroda (boy, I wish he’d stay healthy)
    5) Haeger/Stults/Monasterios/Ortiz1/Ortiz2/Towers/Ican’tbelieveI’mwritingsomeofthesenamesasapossiblestarteronamajorleagueteamthat’ssupposedtocontend


    6) Brox (he’ll be outstanding)
    7) Sherrill (he’ll be right eventually)

    Belisario (he’ll be here eventually but not for 30 days)

    Kuo/Troncoso/Wade…….No, Torre has killed them so that we can’t count on them to be there for any length of time.


    I just know there will be 12 bodies. Bet on it. Maybe even 13.

  40. nellyjune

    Two questions for Dodgereric – who would you have replacing Kuo?

    and a NASCAR question……………. in your NASCAR league (since you are the Commish), is it the driver or the car that gets the points? Why am I asking? Denny is going in for knee surgery on Monday. So, how does that affect fantasy teams who have him if he has to use Casey Mears as a backup because he is unable to race in Pheonix?

  41. dodgereric

    Yeah See, I know Belliard hit well for us. Maybe I just liked Hudson too much to see him not get much of a chance to get back out there. That would make me guilty of what I accuse Torre of so much – falling in love.

    Mea culpa.

  42. nellyjune

    Dodgereric – On Baseball Tonight last night (I saw the episode this morning), they were talking about Billz and how they have really worked on his mechanics. I guess when he got hurt, he was compensating for something, and by doing so completely changed the way he pitches. They said he was falling off towards first base. Well, when you watch him now, he pretty much goes straight off towards homeplate, making his balance seem so much better. They say this should do the trick. Now, that doesn’t say anything about his head game. That’s a whole other issue as we all know all too well.

  43. dodgereric

    Two answers:

    1) There isn’t one.
    2) In MY league, you own the driver, not the car. Since I have Hamlin, I have to pay attention as to whether or not he is able to drive the car. If I don’t make a change before the start of qualifying and he’s not able to drive, I get zero points for him. I’d have to drop him and pick up someone else. It won’t be Mears. There are a couple of good drivers out there that are available – McMurray and Ambrose come to mind immediately. Scott Speed and Paul Menard are doing well right now.

    What are the kids up to tonight?

  44. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Somewhere, I read an account where Honeycutt was talking about , essentially, the same thing about the makeover of Bills’ mechanics. Hope it works. As for the head stuff, we can only wait and see.

  45. enchantedbeaver

    Padilla, Kersh, Billz, Kuroda, Haeger
    Brox, Sherrill, Tronco, Monasterios, RuOrtiz, RaOrtiz, Stultz, Weaver

    Wade & Kuo go on the 60-Day DL, that opens spots for Haeger & Monasterios. Guerra, Jansen & Link get bumped off the 40-man to open up spots for Ortiz, Ortiz and Weaver.

    About May when Belli’s ready, if one of the Ortiz’s or Stults hasn’t pitched their way off the roster, one of them comes down with a mystery ailment and goes on the 60-day to open up a spot.

  46. nellyjune

    We just got done watching “Four Christmas’ ” with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. Now, they are watching “Spartacus – Blood and Sand” – a new show on Showtime. It’s quite good and a very intense show.

    How is the shower doing? ………..or should I ask how are you doing?

  47. nellyjune

    Ohhhhhh those kids!!!! Wally and Beav were up to their usual naughty selves. Then again, it is Wally’s birthday. So, I guess he can have a little fun I suppose.

  48. Dodger4life

    If Padilla’s agent stipulates that if he is the Opening Day starter….he is to be paid as one. Is he still the Opening Day starter?

  49. dodgereric

    Yeeesh! Fell asleep. Too busy today I guess. Some answers before I go to sleep. Racing in 8 hours (if it’s not raining).

    As usual, enchanted’s scenario is totally likely.

    I don’t think I could watch any Spartacus that doesn’t have Kirk Douglas in it.

    The shower is getting dangerously close to being finished after 2-1/2 months and $7000. Some grouting to be done in…..hmmm….. 8 hours, even if it’s raining. At least it’s not leaking any more.

    Our boys can have all the fun they want as long as they don’t do any permanent harm to anyone.

    A quick check of Padilla’s 2010 contract show that the only bonuses are innings milestones, not the Opening Day Starter.

    It’s fun to see how often the word “deferred” comes up in McCourt’s contracts. Scroll up and down and you’ll see what I mean.

    Good night, and God Bless!

  50. nellyjune

    What is this……………….I can’t choose a color – Okay – pretend the color is Bold Dodgerblue – lol!!!

    Yeeesh! Fell asleep. Too busy today I guess. Some answers before I go to sleep. Racing in 8 hours (if it’s not raining).

    As usual, enchanted’s scenario is totally likely.

    I don’t think I could watch any Spartacus that doesn’t have Kirk Douglas in it.

    The shower is getting dangerously close to being finished after 2-1/2 months and $7000. Some grouting to be done in…..hmmm….. 8 hours, even if it’s raining. At least it’s not leaking any more.

    Our boys can have all the fun they want as long as they don’t do any permanent harm to anyone.

    A quick check of Padilla’s 2010 contract show that the only bonuses are innings milestones, not the Opening Day Starter.

    It’s fun to see how often the word “deferred” comes up in McCourt’s contracts. Scroll up and down and you’ll see what I mean.

    Good night, and God Bless!

  51. dodgereric

    Gooooood morning, ITD!

    Junie, tell him he was the guy with John Wayne in “The War Wagon”. He watched part of that with me the other day.

  52. dodgereric

    Gee, I got a submission error, then they posted it WITHOUT the Warp! LOL!!! If this blog software was a product they were trying to sell, they’d never sell a single unit!

  53. enchantedbeaver

    I’m curious gang…

    Who do yo believe – Bellisario who said he did everything he could to get a visa, or Ned who says he loafed and didn’t?

  54. nellyjune

    Ward Dear ~ Matthew said “Oh yeah, Gotcha!!!” – lol!!!

    enchanted – just with the thought of how they seem to move players mysteriously on and off the DL list, there could be something very similar happening in Bellisario’s case. Don’t ya think?

  55. enchantedbeaver

    Can I take that that’s one vote for Belli?

    From the way Ned “pursued” Lee, Halliday and CC, I’d have to say I don’t believe a word that comes out of Ned’s mouth (or anyone elses in the front office for that matter.)

  56. nellyjune

    Yep – this whole thing seems a little fishy to me. I just don’t see Bellisario sitting back doing nothing (he seems like he wants to be here), but I have been wrong about players before.

  57. oldbrooklynfan

    I just finished reading about Belisario, while I was listening to the game.
    They’re doing the right thing with him.
    Looks like they’ll have to do without him for a while, at most 30 days.
    As soon as he’s ready, there’s no choice but to activate him.
    It would be good if he can face live batters, while he’s restricted, since he can’t be sent down to the minors.
    Then they shouldn’t let him out of the U.S. until he’s no longer useful to the team (lol).

  58. enchantedbeaver

    And another reason why Ned’s an A-hole…

    Re: Meintkiewicz
    “I understood from the minute they signed Garret. I appreciated the chance and walked away quietly, figuring it was a no-brainer that I’d get my release. They found somebody better. When Joe told me, I assumed I was released. Next thing I know, my agent calls and says the club is calling me unprofessional for leaving. So I’m not bitter or pouting, but I feel like the Shawshank Redemption. Let me go. No place I’d rather be than with the Los Angeles Dodgers. But I’m not one of the 25. I’m OK with that. I get it. Then, why hold onto me?”

    Going to be sooner rather than later that no player is going to want to deal with the Dodgers.

  59. enchantedbeaver

    Yeah, screw you Meintke if you want to try and hook-up with another team while there’s still a little time. You haven’t got a job, but you’re staying around for a few days in case Anderson gets hurt.

    Bravo. Another sign of the times from the Dodgers front office.

  60. crzblue2

    Good evening ITD!
    Did I tell you that I joined an MLB BLoggers league this year? they had it last year so when I read they were talking about it I asked if I could join. Anyway the draft was two weekends ago. There are 22 teams and is also a keeper league. Anyway, I was able to draft Ethier. I have this kid that keeps sending me trade requests ’cause he wants Ethier. i keep rejecting requests after request, after request. He then sends me an email saying “I got to have Ethier, he is my favorite player, he signed this for me…..I will give you anyone in my team except Lincecum and Howard. I said in my lastest blog where I have posted an Ethier picture from my camera and also me with an Ethier shirt that NO, I am not trading Ethier! Now he posted in my blog that he is willing to trade Howard. Kid is driving crazy(er)

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