Vin Scully is doing just fine…

A quick update on Vin, as news reports in LA have come out that he was admitted to the hospital this evening.

I just spoke with him a few minutes ago and he said that he simply got out of bed too fast this evening and fell and bumped his head and so for precautionary measures, he was taken to the hospital and will stay overnight for observation. However, he wanted to assure everyone that he’s fine and that he expects to be at Camelback Ranch this weekend for the telecast on Sunday.

As you can imagine, he appreciates everyone’s concern and I can assure you, he sounded just like he always does…


  1. chillicat

    oh good.. i hadn’t even heard about this tonight… glad he’s doing ok. There are many fans who are sooo totally ready to hear from Mr. Scully, myself and my dad and brother included. Its felt like a loooong winter without baseball and the true voice of the Dodgers… 🙂
    Take good care, Mr. S!

  2. nellyjune

    Thank you so much for the update Josh!!! I was just reading about that, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what is rumor and what is not. I am glad to hear/read all is well. Can’t wait to hear the voice of Mr. Scully again.

  3. nellyjune

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLLIE!!!! Have a wonderful day with your wifey, and may you bleed Dodger Blue for many, many years to come 🙂

  4. sparkleplenty_1

    Josh, let Mr. Scully know we’re glad he’s not badly injured. It’s been a l-o-n-g winter and all his fans are ready to see/hear him this season. It just ain’t Dodger baseball until he says so.

  5. dodgereric

    Thank Heaven you’re ok, Vinny! I can stick my heart back into my chest now.

    Happy 22nd Birthday to #22, and to you too Collie!

    While I tend to agree with enchanted (hell, when DON’T I?) about Loretta’s performance last year – and if I recall correctly even he himself was almost apologizing for his little flares – I welcome raganr to ITD and our little jungle. We always need new blood and love the conversation. Keep sharing your opinions raganr!

  6. scott_in_arcadia

    We love you Vin!!! You ARE the Dodgers!! Glad to hear you are ok!!

    One reason I have not been able to shed the Dodgers despite their inconsistent ownership since the O’Malleys is my loyalty to Mr. Vin Scully. I truly dread the day he hangs up the mike.

  7. dodgerzona

    Hi All,

    Have not posted for along time…Busy as heck

    Hope Vin is ok…He is the reason i love the Dodgers so much
    Happy B-Day Clayton Kershaw

    Go Dodgers

    Take Care Everyone

  8. dodgerzona

    Found this on Fox

    Defenders of Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt ? the few that exist ? point to the team?s two straight appearances in the National League Championship Series.

    They talk about how McCourt upgraded Dodger Stadium, opened a new spring training facility in Glendale, Ariz., spent on players such as left fielder Manny Ramirez and a high-priced manager, Joe Torre.
    Fantasy Baseball 2010

    Not good enough.

    The Dodgers should have capitalized upon their revenues, traded for an ace at one of the last two non-waiver deadlines and reached the World Series by now.

    They should be dominating the NL West, a division in which no other team approaches their financial might. Instead, they?re fretting over their starting rotation, which lacks an ace at the top and depth at the bottom.

    McCourt?s finances were in question even before his personal life sparked the creation of He says the Dodgers are not affected by his messy split from his wife, Jamie, but would be better off admitting the obvious.

    At least then he could explain this embarrassment.

    The Dodgers? payroll will be lower than the Minnesota Twins?. It will not be that much higher than the Tampa Bay Rays?. And it will be about half the Boston Red Sox?s, not including deferred compensation.

    Imagine if the Dodgers operated like an actual high-revenue team, one that led the majors with a home attendance of 3.7 million last season.

    Imagine if their payroll was $150 million instead of approximately $85 million for the players on their roster ? and approximately $100 million including deferrals, according to major-league sources.

    How will the Dodgers do in 2010?
    o World Series champs
    o Playoff team
    o Playing golf in October

    A high payroll is no guarantee of success, but the Rockies, Giants and the rest of the NL West should be grateful that McCourt owns the Dodgers ? and fearful that the divorce ultimately might force him to sell.

    People complain about low-revenue teams that pocket revenue-sharing money. The Dodgers represent a different kind of scandal, a high-revenue team that operates with little regard for their fans? investment.

    Imagine if McCourt had succeeded in his bid to buy the Red Sox in 2002. The Curse of the Bambino would be steaming toward its second century, and Sox fans would be burning Frank and Jamie in effigy at Faneuil Hall.

    Maybe worse.

    Not all is lost; while many of the Dodgers’ decisions in recent years seemed financially motivated, a good number were justifiable on baseball grounds.

    The apparent restrictions on general manager Ned Colletti forced him to become creative, a skillful bargain shopper. The team certainly benefited from retaining younger players such as center fielder Matt Kemp and left-hander Clayton Kershaw rather than trading them for high-priced veterans.

    OK, but the what-if game is maddening.

    Four aces have been traded within the past 20 months ? left-handers CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee and righties Jake Peavy and Roy Halladay. The Dodgers were involved in trade discussions for each, but struck out on all of them.

    The Brewers, a mid-revenue team, landed Sabathia. The White Sox, not exactly known as big spenders, grabbed Peavy. The Phillies ? the Dodgers? opponents for the last two NL championships ? acquired Lee and then Halladay, trading Lee in the process.
    Offseason buzz
    Need to catch up on all the offseason happenings? Check out our offseason buzz.

    In the cases of Lee and Halladay, the Dodgers? best trade chips were not close enough to the majors ? and Halladay, armed with a full no-trade clause, wanted to play in Philadelphia.

    In the case of Peavy, the Padres wanted a killer deal to trade within the division, and the Dodgers were reluctant to take on the pitcher?s inflated contract while he was injured.

    Sabathia was a real possibility in July 2008, sources say. But finances contributed to the holdup.

    The Dodgers wanted the Indians to pay part of the more than $5 million remaining on Sabathia?s contract. The Brewers made no such request ? and a winning offer.

    Maybe the addition of Sabathia would not have lifted the Dodgers over the Phillies and then the Rays for the 2008 World Series title.

    Maybe, even though Sabathia later indicated as a free agent that he wanted to pitch for the Dodgers, the Yankees would have made the high bid, anyway.

    Dodgers fans surely would have loved to find out.

    Instead, the distrust of McCourt by fans and media has grown to the point where every decision by the Dodgers is viewed as financially driven, fairly or not.

    Well, if the Dodgers had a $150 million payroll, they might not have needed the Indians to pay the approximately $2 million remaining on third baseman Casey Blake?s contract in ?08.

    They still would have traded more than one player for Blake; pitcher Jonathan Meloan alone was not enough. But in exchange for the cash, the Dodgers had to part with a higher-quality prospect, catcher Carlos Santana.

    Now fast forward to this offseason.

    If the Dodgers had a $150 million payroll, they could have offered salary arbitration to free-agent left-hander Randy Wolf and second baseman Orlando Hudson without shuddering over the potential consequences.

    The team feared that both players might accept, with Wolf commanding $12-14 million and Hudson $8-9 million. Most high-revenue clubs, though, would be willing to sign a pitcher of Wolf?s quality at an inflated price for one year.

    Hudson was trickier ? he would have done better in arbitration than he did in his $5 million free-agent contract with the Twins. But the Dodgers could have gambled that Hudson, after getting benched in September, did not want to play for Torre again.

    In the end, the Dodgers did not retain either player. They also did not receive the high draft picks that arbitration offers produce when free agents depart.

    Their decisions probably were correct for a team in a financially strapped position. The Dodgers, though, should not be such a club.

    They?re the Los Angeles Dodgers, for crying out loud.

    Imagine if they acted like it.

  9. Dodger4life

    Good morning everyone…………
    I am glad to hear that Vin is doing well, that is great news.
    Happy Birthday to Clayton and Collie. I wish you both a very good year in 2010!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!
    BRING THE RING!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Bravo, dodgerzona!
    The only class act remaining from the real Dodger Days and Ways is Vince Scully, and this may very well be his last year of providing joy to the many of us here. We have our favorite youngsters ready to peak for our ballclub, but how many of us can expect to retain them if the franchise continues to operate in its current mode – NONE!

    The only hope for us Dodger fans is if they have to

  11. lny4loney

    May Vin Scully live forever. If he ever dies, a piece of all of us dies with him. A piece of heart, a piece of class.
    Nice post, Zona.
    Bear, it ‘s not so much holding onto the youngsters. We can probably do that. The problem is supplementing them with a couple of pieces to complete the World Championship puzzle.
    For a while, Manny seemed like one of those pieces and is now a stain on the team who I can’t even decide if I want to use ‘roids. I mean, he already destroyed what was left of my innocence so ….

  12. dodgereric

    ‘zona, the FoxSports post and your following letter is the culmination of the way a lot of us have felt for a long time. It’s nice to see it accumulated in one post. I’ve read through it 3 times now and can’t find anything I disagree with. I echo the bravos, very well said. And don’t ever apologize for length here, it’s what we do.

    Unfortunately, McCourt and the rest stick to the “Emporer’s New Clothes” scenario. But he can keep telling me all the lies he wants. I’ll not ever believe him.

    Sell the team, Frank. We deserve much better than you.

  13. dodgereric

    Hi lny4loney! I like what you have to say, but ……..

    One question. Can you see McCourt offering Kemp a 7-year, $130 million contract in a couple more years? Neither can I. But someone will.

  14. lny4loney

    No doubt someone will offer Kemp a MEGA-contract. Well, for now I’m going to hold out blind hope that somehow things will work out for the Blue. What else can I do?

  15. sparkleplenty_1

    Vinny was released from the hospital about an hour ago. In part of the statement he released he apologized for causing us concern . . . what a classy, humble man he is!

  16. dodgereric

    I hear you, lny. I’m in that boat too.

    And sparkle, we could all learn a lot from Vin about class. Remember when he was the only one who refused to show or talk about those knuckleheads who run out on the field? Now it’s commonplace to not show them.

  17. dodgereric

    This was one of the comments posted on the LA Times story about Vinny’s release:

    “Im a Giants fan and I think that guy is awesome. The best there is. I mean he is 30 YEARS past his hall of fame induction and he is still just as good. Bring back the rivalry.

    Posted by: Dewey | 03/19/2010 at 12:07 PM”

    As I’ve learned the last year and a half, not ALL the Giant fans are insufferable ********. Just most of them.

    Sell the team, Frank. We deserve much better than you.

  18. nellyjune

    lny4loney – so good to see you!!! All we have is hope that everything will work out before then. I will certainly enjoy the years we have the young core with us.

  19. sparkleplenty_1

    Dodgereric, you are SO right – we could all sit at Vin’s knee and learn a lot. I also remember when he requested the cameramen to not show the beachballs that somehow escape onto the field because of the distraction.

  20. northstateblues

    Good article. Was written by Rosenthal. Leave it to him to reap the benefits and attention for the same opinion bloggers have had of the ownership for close to half a decade.

    The veil is slowly being lifted, but instead of a quick-talking hot-air-balloon enthusiast (or Ben Linus) behind the curtain, we have a drinking bird and a wheel-treading hamster fighting for “control of the team” [read: MONEY, control of 300 acres of downtown L.A., MONEY, and MONEY $$$].

    Actions speak louder than hackneyed words, and from what we’re seeing, neither McCourt gives a damn about the Dodgers. Don’t drink Jamie’s Kool Aid, either, it’s all about money, and not one shred about the tradition of this team we all love and care about.

    Moments like what happened with Mr. Scully scare me, because it makes me realize that there’s only 2 people (aside from ballplayers and the wonderful tradition of Spanish broadcasting I’ve never been able to appreciate) who I would consider a Face of the Dodgers, the rest are getting crossed out faster than the list of Jacob’s candidates (sorry, another LOST reference).

    It’s a damn shame that should the day come when that list whittles down to zero, I’m gonna have to ask myself a tough question: Does the team on the field outweigh the people who control that team? Does the Laundry on the field outweigh the Dirty Laundry being drug out so many times, the baseball-loving kid in me feels emotionally how Ali and Frazier looked physically after the Thrilla in Manilla?

    Am I going to let these jerks ruin my good time? By handling this team like a drunken Edward Scissorhands would handle a trip to the restroom, have those aforementioned jerks already ruined my good time without my say-so?


    FOX may have “started it”, but the McCourts have totally exploited us.

    And now our payroll is less than Minnesota.

    My best guess to their MO is to dangle the brass ring (of their skewed vision of tradition) in front of us, thinking that anticipation of a championship is much more profitable than actually putting out the money to help the team on the field do what they’re capable of.

    Will we ever grab the brass ring? Maybe not under these divorcing losers. But we have a team good enough to do great on their own. And that’s something… even if it is a reflection in a brass ring

  21. trublu4ever

    Here’s tonight’s lineup:
    ss Furcal
    cf Kemp
    rf Ethier
    lf Manny
    3b Casey Blake
    1b Belliard (Yep, that’s right)
    2b Carroll
    c Ellis
    P Kuroda

  22. sparkleplenty_1

    NSB, thank you for your post – it’s good to see we’re not alone in our opinions about exploitation, etc., but it’s sad that the situation with our beloved boys in blue have reached this state of affairs. The proud history and traditions of this storied franchise are being kicked to the curb in an attempt to put blindfolds on the fan base in the hopes we won’t notice anything except what’s happening on the field. If there is no influx of cash to invest in the team, I’m afraid we’re going to be the west coast edition of Cubs fans – always on the outside looking in.

  23. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi everybody
    Nice to read good news about Vinny, that was a scary first headline.
    Just watched MLBNetwork’s 30/30 on the Dodgers, while following the Dodger box score.
    Nice game so far.

  24. nellyjune

    Oldbrooklynfan – what did you think of the show 30/30? I thought the panel did a good job in depicting the Dodgers, including what things we, the fans, have been a little worried (some more than others) about for this upcoming season and beyond.

  25. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Nelly
    I wasn’t surprise they pick the Rockies to take the N.L. West.
    after the drive they made last year almost catching us at the end.
    It seems their pointing out that our starters aren’t strong enough, may be correct, but I say we’ll have to see first.
    I was surprised that the Giants were picked 4th, because I think their pitching should help them get further up, unless their offense hurts them.
    I think the Dodger offense will be better this year and will make up for the starting pitchers. I just hope the bullpen keeps up the good work.

  26. nellyjune

    Oldbrooklynfan – I never pay too much attention to where they think the teams will end up in the standings. Last year, they had Arizona fighting us for the division and look what happended to them. I think there are too many variables, both good and bad, that can change a position in the standings for any given team, and there isn’t any amount of money that prevent a season ending injury for a ballclub. I was watching the 30/30 show on the Angels last night, and they had the Angels in last place for their division. Now, as much as I would love to see that happen, the chances are, they are going to be right there in the end for their division. So, like you said, it really just remains to be seen.

  27. oldbrooklynfan

    I agree, with you Nelly, I never could figure out why people think they can predict how it will end.
    I personally think that the Dodgers will do better, or have a better team, based mainly on experience, but it’s hard to know how other teams will do, compared to them.

  28. nellyjune

    It appears the JMac has lost something. I really hope he finds it again someday. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to be with the big club.


    Happy Birthday greetings to Clayton Kershaw and Collie!!! Sure glad to hear Vin is okay!! The 30/30 broadcast, at times, seemed eerily reflective of a lot of the issues that many of us on here have discussed at length over the last few years: the lack of pitching,finances, the inability of management to make improvements to get the team to the next level. They made a lot of references to the D’s glorious past and it was a stark reminder of the depths to which this team has fallen as a result of the mismanagement of the FOX/McCourt eras. In the recent and not-so-recent past, we have been beset by ownership that views it’s function not as a steward of a public trust but as a vehicle of personal and corporate aggrandizement. It is, at once, sad, embarrassing, and galling to see a once proud franchise not even mentioned as a possible destination point for top free agents this past off season. A franchise which possessed an unprecedented streak of Rookies of the Year in the 90’s now spending less and less on player development, the lifeblood of a successful organization, and, at times, trading away what talent they do develop on short term fixes. But there is hope, the kind that springs eternal in ST every year, the hope that this current Dodger ball club will succeed despite it’s ownership’s worst behavior and instincts…………and there’s also hope in a divorce hearing in May.

  30. dodgereric

    If you have gotten this far in your reading and didn’t click on the Sons of Steve Garvey link that northstate provided up above, I suggest you do so IMMEADIATELY! Particularly if you happen to be one of McCourts’ defenders. HOLY CRAP! If you were to graph the price increases over the years, it will make you GAG!

    And I don’t want anyone to tell me about how ALL prices have risen……..personally, I have received nothing but 3% raises in the last decade or so and have been HAPPY to get them!

    Nice job, north! Thanks!

    Sell the team, McCourt. We deserve much better than you.

  31. crzblue2

    We have been on a salary freeze, but I am just happy to have a job when I see friends around me losing their job.
    Personnally I am happy that my season tickets have gone up ONE dollar since I picked them up in 2006 paying $3 and now $4. This is not something you all want to hear but it is the truth.


    It is time to send McDonald to spend some time with Charlie Hough, who seems to be the coach of choice for people suddenly developing pitching and likely “head” problems. I think a full season at ABQ is also in order instead of jerking him back and forth between there and the major league club. In his present state he just is not ready for the majors, regardless of what that role would be. So, let’s get him prepared to contend for a starter position in 2011.

    Let’s not wait for 2011 to
    SELL THE TEAM, you, fricking owners.

  33. nellyjune

    Seesky – very well said. The MLBTV panelists have had alot of the same thinking we have had all off-season. The Dodgers didn’t do enough in the off-season, either to help the current club or in our future with helping out the system as a whole. They have the same concerns about our financial situation, they think the Dodgers are relying too heavily on Kershaw and Billingsly, and they have often said how strong our core young players are, and they just might do this in spite of our owners. The ITD panel could have done the show and said the same things……….no sugar coating our major issues but held our young core in high regard as a entity that can do something great.

  34. colliethec

    1st off I’m so happy Vin is doing well. He is 1st class all the way. As a person and announcer. I also noticed as mentioned above that he apologized for any concern he caused anybody. Just a nice man. It will be a sad day when he retires.
    Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!
    We went to a Brazilian Steakhouse in SF and had a blast!
    King Tut was sold out as it’s in the last week so we bought advance tix for Thursday & will be back then.
    Happy belated Birthday to my fellow Birthday person who also happens to pitch for the Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw.
    I also watched the 30 In 30 MLB show & felt like I was reading to ITD. Pretty much mirrored our thoughts here.
    Also the post above by Dzona was right on. This team might wear blue & white but we aren’t from Kansas City…

  35. Dodger4life

    I am glad you posted that North….I seen it a while back but it made me so angry that I have been biting my lip ever since…..I must say that growing up as a kid in L.A. my father used to say that one of the many great things about Dodger Stadium was that it was inexpensive and you were privy to a great product as well……Like no other in baseball…..I hate to say it….but this part of our experience is gone for good….(Emma it is coming to a section near you soon, brace yourself, and enjoy it while you can.) We do have solace in the fact that Vin is still around…honestly without him through all of this…..I would of probably bitten my lip off and spit it out in a fit of rage by now.
    I agree with Eric!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi everybody
    5 Left handed batters in a row to start off the game. WOW.
    To bad Ether got stranded at 3rd.

  37. kpookiemon

    I’m waiting for the “limo driver” to post Jamie’s sext messages…and for Bud Selig to post Frank’s. How else could this guy maintain control of our beloved franchise?


    Vin is, indeed, the consummate gentleman and professional. He is, also, along with Tommy Lasorda, one of the two last links to the Dodgers’ illustrious and successful past, a past that Frank doesn’t understand because, when he bought the Dodgers, he took the book on Dodger history and promptly ate it’s pages. He couldn’t possibly know the history because he doesn’t understand how it was created. How can you know where you’re going when you don’t know where you’ve been? What we need is ownership that understands the history and has the pockets and vision with which to carry it out….. I read the link on the ticket price increases over the years. As disgusting as they were, they may not have been as difficult to swallow had there been a reasonably commensurate level of on-field success accompanying them. And, as we are all too well aware, it’s been 20-plus years and counting….. A postscript on Vin. I could’ve sworn I heard it mentioned on one of the ESPN stories regarding Vinny’s accident that this was to be his final season. I was not aware that this had been decided. Did anyone else hear that story? I sure hope I was hearing things.

  39. oldbrooklynfan

    Vin seems to be going one year at a time.
    I have to say that I’m pretty satisfied with the way the team has been under McCourt.
    3 playoff appearance in the last 4 years, is nothing to sneeze at and the team seems to be improving every year.
    It could be better but not all of us want to bury Frank.


    oldbrooklynfan, I’m well aware that Vin is taking it year-by-year but I wasn’t aware that any final decision had been made. As for your comments regarding the Dodgers’ performance under the McCourt’s, I can only say that I, along with many others, believe that, given the resources this club possesses combined with the right direction and vision from management, this team not only could have but should have done much better. I guess we’ll agree to disagree.

  41. oldbrooklynfan

    I misunderstood you about Vinny, as far as the Dodgers go I guess I have to agree to disagree, because I can’t see what the right moves would’ve been to improve them.
    You probably, see things differently.


    I do see things differently, oldbrooklynfan. On that point, we,most definitely, agree.

  43. oldbrooklynfan

    If you’re saying that with the same personnel, they could’ve done better, than you’re really more knowledgeable than I.

  44. oldbrooklynfan

    That’s the first time I saw a Saturday game that started before 7:00PM ET, on MLBTV, It’s usually blacked out.
    This is great, two games against two different teams, in two different ballparks on the same day and both televised.
    LET’S TAKE TWO!!!!!!!!!!

  45. jhallwally

    Hello gang!! Nice win today!! Looking forward to tonights game. I’m very happy that Vin is doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!! GO DODGERS!!!

  46. nellyjune

    Hey Jhall!!! Good to see you!! Glad to see your Buckeyes are still alive in March Madness for now.

    Just so you know…………….Northern Iowa was where my mother-in-law went to school back in the day to become a teacher. It was a “Normal School” for women only. Boy, did they make news today!!!

    enchanted – I didn’t have much to do with your gift other than saying “THAT is definitely enchanted!”, but you are most welcome.

  47. trublu4ever

    I’m just playing with you, Jhall. I do like the Buckeyes better than any other team in their conference.

  48. nellyjune

    It’s more about being for the underdog than anything for me. I just love it when the big shots call it all wrong, and it’s why they call it “March Madness” because so far it’s definitely been maddening for some.


    I would gladly be an honoray Buckeye. Does the fact that I lived in the Akron – Cleveland area for about five years qualify?

  50. jhallwally

    I wish Frank and Ned had two balls between the both of them. I think Jamie’s got them both by the old gohners!!!!

  51. jhallwally

    In Ned’s defense, he is a hostage of the Frank and Jamie split. I don’t truely believe he is the right man for the job, but at least he can hide behind the dust cloud those two clowns are putting up.

  52. jhallwally

    Regardless, I think we all agree, it will come down to the pitching. It always does!!!! Hint to Ned and Frank!!!!

  53. enchantedbeaver

    I’m with you there Tru, but I’ve got to think that Stults, Ramon and Russ Ortiz being equal, Joe will always take the washed up vet. I think Stults will find himself pitching in Japan.

  54. enchantedbeaver

    I’d option Mac down to AA myself.

    Not a big fan of 40 year old catchers that can’t throw, so I don’t really care about Ausmus. Never should have signed him IMO. Ellis handles a staff pretty well and at worst should be this year’s back-up.

  55. enchantedbeaver

    Yeah Wally. Just think – once the young guns turn free agent and leave we’ll hear the PA sounds of, “Now batting, for your Los Angeles Royals…”

    I’d say Twins, but evidently the Minneapolis metropolitan area has grown larger than So Cal so they can support a larger payroll.

    BTW, looking at those Dodger ticket prices, its no wonder why I haven’t set foot in Dodger Stadium since the mid 80’s.

  56. colliethec

    Hello there Tru & Nelly!
    I’m up there because this blog is using the same server that was used a 10 years ago. Frank didn’t want to upddate it because of the extra $$$ spent for the LA Marathon!!! Juuust kidding!!!
    I see we are already down 0-4. I know it’s only ST but…

  57. nellyjune

    So, do the proceeds from this event go back into the Dodger fund? ……………….Well, it goes into the Dodger fund I am sure, and then flushed right back out into the hands of the attorneys.

  58. enchantedbeaver

    Do be too hard on Padilla. He is what he is – a back of the rotation starter that’s going to get hammered many times during the season.

    The ones to be held accountable are Frank and Ned in that he’s the best they could come up with. And the rest of their acquisitions just go down hill from Padilla.

  59. trublu4ever

    I would move Furcal down in the lineup. I don’t think he is going to do the job of a lead-off man.

  60. colliethec

    I love her & I’m trying to help her out but ugh!!!!! It shouldn’t be so hard. I’ve been trying to get a new phone for about a year now (Mine is 4 years old) AND I mentioned to her a couple months ago that she could just join our plan and not have to pay so much.
    But it’s taken 2 months to find out any 411 about her plan. She’s been pretty sick so I need to be patient but getting any information from her she makes it really hard.

  61. colliethec

    Speaking of batting order Tru — did anybody see the interview with Matt when he was saying how he was loving being in the 2 hole spot because he was seeing more fastballs?
    I think I saw a number of people mentioning that last 2 years…
    I wonder if he was t’d off being put in the 8th spot for so long.

  62. colliethec

    I see Brox with another BB & hit resulting in a run.
    I hope he learns not to walk people… seems as if that’s his achilles heel. Walk, then stolen base (Because he doesn’t even ever look over to the runner) then he falls apart.

  63. nellyjune

    I hope so too Collie!!! It’s very hard to watch him do that. I think we called it nail biting last season.

  64. nedajerk

    Hi everybody
    5 Left handed batters in a row to start off the game. WOW.
    To bad Ether got stranded at 3rd.

    By oldbrooklynfan on March 20, 2010 1:21 PM

    Against the Dodgers, Lewis faced a lineup stacked with left-handers hitting first through fifth. In 2007, Lewis? last season in the majors with Oakland, lefties hit .386 against him.

    I know you post this almost 15 hrs ago but no surprise here lol

  65. nedajerk

    How in the heck do you get hire by yahoo and can’t even spell the person name right?

    NOTES: Vladimir Guerrero(notes), who made his first appearance in the field Friday for Texas, took the day off. Ether, Blake Dewitt(notes) and James Looney were among the handful of regulars to make the trip for the Dodgers? split squad. Los Angeles plays host to San Diego in a night game in Glendale. Repack had an eventful afternoon. His fifth-inning home run snapped an 0 for 15 start to the spring, but two innings later he was called out for runner?s interference when Chin-lung Hue?s would-be single to right bounced off his leg between first and second.

  66. nedajerk

    Sheets was anointed the Opening Day starter Jan. 26, the day Oakland signed him. That decision looked a bit debatable after Sheets posted a 31.15 ERA in his first three spring starts. He allowed nine earned runs and did not record an out in his prior start against the Chicago White Sox.

    I can’t believe Geren let Sheets get pounded


    I personally think that Furcal will suck anytime that he doesn’t need to convince Ned that it’s time to sign him up for another three years. Just count how unproductive he has been over the life of his contracts. Like Ned never heard ” Fool me once…”

    Sellthetm, I’m OK with the Cavs; it would be the Browns that I have a problem with. Ha Ha.

  68. enchantedbeaver

    Shad – that’s what happens when spell check automatically corrects what it thinks you’re messing up.

    I hear you bear – Furcal may have us begging to get JP back at leadoff.

    Why is it still Logan’s Heroes and Ned’s zeros even after 4 years? Ned’s made one good trade (Ethier) and a handful (if you’re generous) of FA signings that actually earned their money, and they were all 1 year contracts.

  69. nedajerk

    Gosh Vin Scully was talking about a story in 1934
    when they lead off hitter got a walk and the next batter got hit and the next person popped up and turned it into a triple play but the worst part it was a woman pitcher pitching for the A’s.

  70. northstateblues

    I made the mistake of burying the ticket prices link in a huge post last time, so this time, I’ll devote the whole post to it. Here’s the link to the article again: .

    “Come to Dodger Stadium, The Best Buy in Town” – Vin Scully, when trading our iconic catcher for Florida television rights was but a gleam in Rupert Murdoch’s eye somewhere in Australia.

    When I was a kid, I didn’t know much about money, but there was one thing I did know: Dodger Stadium’s prices hardly ever changed. When they did, it was in incriments, remembering the difference between a 1986 program’s ticket prices and a 1989 program’s ticket prices were reletively the same while looking through the programs we’d gotten over the years. And Dodger Stadium was always 5 tiers: Top Deck, Reserve, the two Box sections (Loge and Field) and the Pavillions. (I know Club’s a level too, but there’s not a lot of older data on the prices for the Club section, so I’ll leave that section and the old dugout section out of this. Mea culpa.).

    All those programs are probably back home somewhere, if they do exist, so I’ll have to check those out at another time. But for the purposes of this, I only have the Sons of Steve Garvey links to work with. To illustrate my point about ticket prices skyrocketing in the McCourt era, I’ll pick 3 years to look at, 1992 (still in the thick of the O’Malley era), 1996 (the last year of the O’Malley era, before L.A. sent him on an NFL Stadium snipe hunt) and 2006 (2 years in the thick of the McCourt era). Actually, since I just realized while typing this that I would be letting FOX off the hook by not including them, I’ll add the 2003 (FOX’s last year of ownership) ticket data as well, just so we see where the McCourts had to work with when they jumped in the game. For all the years except for 2003’s, I have Median Family Income numbers from the Governemnt Census website ( ), which I then divide into monthly and weekly numbers to gauge approximately how much the average family had to work with. I know they’re not strictly California numbers, but the Dodgers don’t have strictly Californian fans, just wanted some numbers to work with. Let’s start in…

    $36,573 per year
    $3,048 per month / 4 = $762 a week.
    Price to see a game for family of 4 (with money left over from week?s pay after a game):
    Pavillions $6 x 4= $24 … $738/762
    Top Deck $6 x 4= $24 … $738/762
    Reserved $8 x 4= $32 … $730/762
    Box $11 x 4= $44 … $718/762

    Sweet and Simple, isn’t it? And yet the Dodgers were always able to put a competitive team on the field (or at least the illusion of one, as in 1991), take care of the fans, and uphold the values of Dodger Tradition without fleecing the fan with a nauseating amount of different prices for 5 basic levels of stadium. And look at that, Loge and Field are essentially considered by them to be the same section! (I remember my teenage years looking at a mid-80’s program and asking “but how much did it cost to sit in Loge?!!”).

    By 1996, a little had changed. For starters, Field and Loge got their own designations (yet still cost the same price, at the same rate as 4 years earlier). And O’Malley split the Reserve Level into two levels, yet only charged $1 extra for the “Infield Reserve” level. I wish I had the Parking prices from these years… But something to notice is how much more of an income the Joneses were pulling in a year compared to 4 years ago, in all fairness, Dodger fans with more money would have probably resulted in O’Malley raising ticket prices to meet the levels of the boom. Of course, we never got to find out by how much, since the City of Los Angeles bled him dry knowing the whole time they were going to beat that old grey mare of a Colliseium and present it to the NFL again (The equivalent of your cat bringing dead varmits to your doorstep, hoping to be grossly rewarded for keeping up the appearance of the house). So here’s the ’96 ticket prices:

    $42,330 per year
    $3,527 per month / 4 = $882 a week
    Pavillions $6 x 4= $24 … $858/882
    Top Deck $6 x 4= $24 … $858/882
    IFReserved $8 x 4= $32 … $850/882
    Reserved $9 x 4= $36 … $846/882
    Loge Box $11 x 4= $44 … $838/882
    Field Box $11 x 4= $44 … $838/882

    Here’s the thing about the FOX era, before I get into the specifics. Although theirs was the era in which ticket prices started climbing from, say, Loge and Field being the same price. These 2003 prices are quite a shock compared to the 1996 prices above, but if you look at the SoSG link posted above, you can see the method to FOX’s money madness: They kept the Pavillions and Top Deck the same price they had been since 1992, while only raising “Outer” Reserved by $2 sometime between 1997 and 2000. The real price increases came for the Loge and Field sections, as well as that lucrative “Infield Reserve” section. FOX liked the the split Reserve Level model so much, they applied it to the Loge and Field sections, YET only raised prices $1 for the “regular” Field and Loge seating. I’m not going to multiply these by 4, since I’ve been doing all the numbers work over the weekend, and would like to enjoy my Sunday away from the calculator.

    $52,680 per year
    $4,390 a month / 4 = $1,098 a week
    Pavillions $6
    Top Deck $6
    OutReserve $10
    IF Reserve $17
    OutLogeBx $17
    MidLogeBx $25
    OutFieldBx $22
    MidFieldBx $35

    Yessiree, folks, that’s the car that the McCourts were given the keys too (or considering the fact that Dodger Stadium is 300 acres above Downtown L.A., more like giving them the keys to a Harrier jet). 8 tiers of pricing, only a $29 dollar differnece between the cheapest seat an adult could buy on Gameday, and the most expensive seat you could buy on Gameday. Looking at the stability of prices between 1992 and 1996, as well as the comparable $6,000 or so dollars that were gained in Family income over those four years, an uninformed observer might guess the 2006 edition of Ticket Pricing would be somewhat similar to the 2003 version…

    $58,407 a year
    $4,867 per month / 4 = $1,217 per week
    Pavillions $10 [6]{6} x 4= $40 … $1,177/1,217
    Top Deck $6 [6]{6} x 4= $24 … $1,193/1,217
    Reserve $14 [8]{10} x 4= $56 … $1,161/1,217
    Lw Res. $17 [9]{12} x 4= $68 … $1,149/1,217
    IF Res. $22 [9]{17} x 4= $88 … $1,129/1,217
    Loge Box $22 [11]{18} x 4= $88 … $1,129/1,217
    PrfLogeBx $35 [11]{18} x 4= $140 … $1,077/1,217
    IF LogeBx $45 [11]{26} x 4= $180 … $1,037/1,217
    LogeBxMVP $55 [11]{26} x 4= $220 … $997/1,217
    Field Box $35 [11]{23} x 4= $140 … $1,077/1,217
    PrfFieldBx $55 [11]{37} x 4= $220 … $997/1,217
    Infield Box $70 [11]{37} x 4= $280 … $937/1,217
    Field $80 [{FoulTerritory}] x 4= $320 … $897/1,217


    By the way, the numbers in the []’s are the 1996 ticket prices, and the numbers in the {}’s are the 2004 ticket prices (McCourt’s first year as Fearless Leader).
    And here’s an analysis of Difference Between the Most/ Least expensive Ticket Prices, followed by number of Pricing Tiers that season (not counting discounted pricing for disabled seating or childrens prices):

    1992 = $5 / 4
    1994 = $5 / 6
    1996 = $5 / 6
    1997 = $6 / 6
    2000 = $11 / 6
    2001 = $11 / 6
    2002 = $15 / 6
    2003 = $29 / 8
    2004 = $31 / 9
    2005 = $69 / 13
    2006 = $74 / 13
    2007 = $100 / 16
    2008 = $119 / 14
    2009 = $274 / 24 (If you count the $500 dugout seats listed, it would be a $489 difference)
    2010 = $270 / 23

    It’s sad to think that a whole deck of seating can have so many different prices, maybe that’s the way it’s done everywhere else, but not the way it was done at Dodger Stadium. The only reason McCourt gets those 3 million plus fans is because we have been conditioned over the course of our lifetimes that Dodger Stadium was the “Best Buy in Town”, and that a family outing at Dodger Stadium for a day was inexpensive. That hasn’t been true since the McCourt Era (though arguably somewhat true for the FOX era, especially with those 3 bottom tiers they kept at $10/$6/$6 through their ownership). Conditioning doesn’t last forever though.

    Did things have to change? Yes, $11 for a Field Box seat today would be suicide. That literally wouldn’t get you into the stadium today (not even counting the astronomical Bostonical parking prices). But pricing could be sensible, to keep families coming to the ballpark, children learning about a sport that has been part of our country almost as long as it hasn’t.

    If I had children and lived in L.A., it’d be hard for me to take the fam out to Dodger Stadium when I can take them to a movie for less, and not have to pay for parking. Especially in these economic times.

    His defense has often come to “well, the Yankees charge comparable”


    If you think we want to be the Yankees, well, Mr. McCourt, you’ve wasted your money, investments and marraige on us, because if there’s one thing the Dodgers fans don’t want to be, it’s the Giants. But if there’s two, there’s those Yanks.

    Please sell the team, before you turn us into the Boston Red Sox. Because if that’s what you REALLY want, it’ll be another 64 years before we win another championship.

    Luckily the guys on the field know otherwise.


  71. enchantedbeaver

    Well, I think we can aptly say, sayonara Stults.

    And given DeWitt already has 3 errors in a handful of games at second, and to my knowledge still hasn’t had to turn a DP, I’m not too thrilled with the prospect either of having a 2Bman with 30-35+ errors.

  72. nedajerk

    Dang our 2008 rookie got kill in his major league debut I think Ethier should’ve caught that hate to see are rookie to get beat like that.


    Talking about the DeWitt errors, remember how management dreaded the thought of Hudson accepting arbitration?

  74. colliethec

    North — Nice breakdown.
    They do it because they can… I mean everybody else charges more so why can’t the Dodgers???!
    I mean look at what’s on the field today!! 11-1.
    I know it’s only ST but… These games are getting uglier by the day.
    Pitching & defense wins championships.
    Well the box score I’m looking at shows 3 errors in 5+ innings and ERA’s of 5.06, 7.20, and 67.50.
    Let those #’s squirrel around in your head for awhile.

  75. enchantedbeaver

    Blake ain’t leaving for another two years shad – we can’t afford 70-80 errors at second over that time.

    That;s the sad thing Bear, you know had they offered Hudson arbitration he wouldn’t have accepted. Not after getting snubbed by Torre in the playoffs.

    BTW, great post north!!

  76. colliethec

    I’m not a Torre hater but I was more than unhappy at the way that he handled Hudson last season during the playoffs. I felt at the time it was a big mistake not to play him.
    I still feel that way.

  77. trublu4ever

    I’m with you, Collie, about the way Joe treated Hudson. Wasn’t crazy about his decision to bat Matty 8th, either! And, wasn’t thrilled about the way he burned out our bullpen….so, I guess I’m not to fond of Joe’s managerial skills.

  78. colliethec

    Last nights box:
    RISP 0-3.
    For the early game… RISP 2-9.
    on the 19th; RISP 4-14.
    Better on the 18th… RISP 3-11.
    Not a good job in an important area.
    I know it’s ST but…

  79. colliethec

    Hello Tru! Joe is known for burning through the bully so I expected that. The Matty thing annoyed me as well. But Matt did well there so I think it hurt his chances for being moved.
    I’m still okay with Joe as a whole. I might not like every move her makes but think in general I’m okay with him.
    But at the time and now wasn’t happy with the treatment of Hudson. I felt like the Dodgers wouldn’t of been where they were without Hudson and he was sort of slapped in the face by Torre, which surprised me.

  80. trublu4ever

    I wasn’t surprised by his treatment of Hudson. Remember his first year, not wanting to give Matt and Andre a chance, because he was so in love with Juan? I think sometimes, he forgets who is playing on his team. I think we could have won the division the past two seasons, whether Joe was manager or not.

  81. colliethec

    The thing with Matt & Andre was they were youngsters and we all know how Joe prefers vets to youth. Hudson was a vet so that’s why I was surprised.
    The same will happen with DeMitt this year. He will be in AAA. Belly & Carroll will be the subs.
    Repko hasn’t done anything to save his position so he’ll be there as well.

  82. Dodger4life

    Let’s try this again…………
    Good evening all…………
    North ~ Your time spent on that recent post was well spent and appreciated…Good Work!!!
    I am going back to biting my lip now!!!
    Enjoy your Sunday evening everyone……………
    It was nice to see Repko get a hit….. I do like him allot.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Dodger4life

    Let’s try this again…………
    Good evening all…………
    North ~ Your time spent on that recent post was well spent and appreciated…Good Work!!!
    I am going back to biting my lip now!!!
    Enjoy your Sunday evening everyone……………
    It was nice to see Repko get a hit….. I do like him allot.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well, at least the LA Marathon with its starting point at Dodger Stadium was a big success. If Frank keeps that up, we might even contend with Boston. What an accomplishment, and it probably takes practically no payroll – right up Frank’s alley. Why don’t you take up the marathon yourself, you #482 – run about twenty-five miles away from Dodger Stadium, and DON’T COME BACK.


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