Back on US Soil…

Things are slowly getting back to normal with a game today in Mesa. Those who made the Taiwan trip seem to be getting their body clocks back to normal, which was fairly easy given that we got home around 7 p.m. and could sleep off any ill effects.

There was lots of coverage while we were over there, and hopefully you guys all saw the stuff from Ken Gurnick on and Ramona Shelburne on

FOX News sent Adam Housley, a former minor league pitcher, along for the ride and he wrote about the trip (link isn’t working, so try this

in addition to filing some videos for Fox News

Plenty more videos will be available over the coming weeks at (there’s content uploaded there daily) as well as on PRIME Ticket.

Meanwhile, back at home, we play the Angels in Mesa with Ramon Ortiz facing his former team and the Dodgers trotting out this lineup:

Furcal, SS

DeWitt, 2B

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Anderson, LF

Blake, 3B

Johnson, DH

Mientikiwicz, 1B

Ellis, C


  1. crzblue2

    Welcome back Josh!
    Welcome back boys! and also the ladies that made the trip like Kim Ng. Not sure if Sue Falsone also made the trip. This reminds me, I saw another lady with Sue in the dugout with Sue. Have the Dodgers hire another therapist?
    I am jealous of all of you that can watch the game or listen to it while I am at work. Work has taken away our privileges of yutubes and listen to music online so I can no longer listen to games. But I am going to submit a request to see if they can give me my priviledge back. The worst that can happen is that they say no.

  2. bluesplash09

    Has the angels hitting been that bad, or is our pitching just that awesome today? Some impressive performances for sure. GO DODGERS!

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    Welcome Back Guys.
    WOW RAMON Ortiz, I just got a chance to watch the game after a doctor’s appointment and when I check the box score.
    I couldn’t believe it.
    This is sure going to make it tough.
    Well good luck to him.

  4. nedajerk

    truebluela “Ramon Ortiz” (9 scoreless IP, 11 K this spring)

    This can’t be right. Tell me it isn’t so.

  5. nedajerk

    I don’t mind having the ex Angels but hoping that ex Giants don’t make the team only because he’s an ex Giants.

  6. nedajerk

    It look like both of these Ortiz spent part of the SF organization but Ramon never pitch for the Giants last year.

  7. abcrazy4dodgers

    Ortiz, believe it or not, was referred to by some as “Little Pedro” during his Angel days…surely not for the stats! He had a decent fastball, and he depended primarily on the number one almost exclusively. He claims to have developed more pitches in the last year or two… So we’ll see! Russ Ortiz not doing bad for himself either, and Stults has been excellent. Still like to see JMac get ironed out; having a bussload of capable number 5’s is a GREAT problem for Joe Torre, and not a good problem for Braden Looper.

  8. colliethec

    I don’t know if anyone heard about this but it happened a few miles away from where I live & work.
    It hits close to home to all of us baseball fans. But I think with HK being hit last year and like Nelly’s son who plays ball and many others who have family that plays ball it is even closer & reminds us that this is a game and hopefully nobody gets seriously hurt.
    Take care & if you are a praying type he & his family could use your prayers.

  9. crzblue2

    I know Sellthetm. I sure felt it since it centered in the Whittier Narrow area in Pico Rivera. Reminded me of the last one around there. Today will be the warmest day. Shake and bake.
    Well, good morning everyone!


    What’s the point of bringing that up?
    She’s never run for any public office, but if she wanted to, less qualified people have tried to do so. I have the impression that Jamie is an intelligent woman and could be as “competent” an owner as Frank has proven to be NOT.

    I expect that the only way the Dodgers will be salvaged for a decent and traditional future is if Jamie gets declared a part owner, in which case they’ll have to SELL THE TEAM, and we can maybe return to an ownership by baseball people instead of social wannabes.


    Between all the news about injuries to pitchers and worse, getting hit with batted balls, it makes me wonder why anyone wants to be a pitcher. The arm motion is unnatural and the stress on the muscles, tendons and joints is an injury waiting to happen. No wonder every team is constantly looking for pitching.

    As for Jamie McCourt, I too believe her to be intelligent and quite capable. Even Frank must have thought so when he made her team president. Did he expect her to just be a figurehead? I do wish she would stop fighting Frank in public, and the idea she has any political aspirations does make for a good laugh. I still don’t think she will come out of this owning the Dodgers but she certainly could end up with a pile of money, assuming there is any left after the lawyers are paid.

  12. cpompe1

    Oh, PALEESE. Jamie McCourt running for public office? Even the POTUS as the article indicates??? Oh, that’s just wrong. And if she ever had a mildly serious thought of running for public office, Jamie, you can kiss that pipe-dream goodbye after these divorce proceedings…


    Just as in society in general, a divorce isn’t the kiss of death for political candidates that it once was. People with less name recognition, resources, and abilities than Jamie have been elected to public office before. However, I think Jamie is more interested in cleaning Frank’s financial clock at this point. But, in the future, who knows? Stranger things have happened….I’m thoroughly amazed by the performances of the Ortiz duo to this point. But, to continue a political theme, all the returns aren’t in yet. With teams now sending out or cutting their prospects, suspects, and bad ideas gone asunder, they’ll be facing a much higher caliber of talent in the next 10-14 days. By the end of the month or so, we should know if there’s rust under their bumpers or not….We had the first warm day of the year in SLC today (60’s). I realize that’s not a big thing to the California folk but it sure was a welcome sight here.


    Thanks for the article link, collie. The story on the Marin County pitcher also discusses the issue of using metal bats. I think that banning their use in high school and collegiate games would be a significant step in the right direction. Although a ban wouldn’t totally eliminate the risk, it would go a long way towards lessening the occurrence and severity of these incidents.

  15. jhallwally

    Hello gang!! I’ve enjoyed reading all your comments this evening. Metal bats belong in softball, period. They have no place in hard ball!!! High schools and colleges use them to save money. It’s not worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Not too bad, my friend!!!! The warm weather today was sure a godsend. I can’t remember a time when I’ve been so glad to see it arrive. It’s just another sign baseball is just that much closer.


    Salt Lake City, jhall. It has been often described as ” where men are men and the sheep are nervous”.

  18. jhallwally

    LMAO!!! Thanks Sky. I’m not totally senile yet. I had you in the Northwest quadrant of the country!! LOL!!


    It’s also one of the few states with a part-time legislature. They work only a couple months of the year but they do enough damage in that time to make up for the rest of the year.

  20. crzblue2

    Good evening ITD!
    How is the crazy family here?
    Today was the private memorial for Willie Davis at Dodger Stadium.
    My friend Erik was a guest in my blog. He has been talking for a while about writting something in my blog. He made me cry and laugh. Is about friendship and a Metro bus.


    Yeah, jhall, there are some ranches outside of the city in the general area of the Great Salt Lake. There are a lot of other sheep too but this is a baseball blog and not a political one!!

  22. jhallwally

    I dunno Sky, Jamie seems to want to dabble in politics and the back seat of Limo’s!!! We’ve got it all!! Sigh!!!


    When Jamie takes Frank to the cleaners, She can take her booty (literally and figuratively) and run for whatever office she chooses. The Dodgers’ loss will be the State of California’s loss!!

  24. crzblue2

    Thank you Jhall! the funny thing with my friend Luvthedodgers23 is that that was the first time she took the bus. Next thing we know we are talking about the same guy that we both met at different times on the bus. I met LTD23 because we sit in the section. We’ll take care of Erik here and there with tickets.


    Very nice story on your blog, crzblue. You do, indeed, make connections in the most unlikely of places.


    Well, it’s been great chatting with all of you but it’s getting late in the Mountain Time Zone. Good night, all, and ,above all, don’t let the Gnat Bugs bite!!!!!

  27. jhallwally

    Great stuff tonight gang!! Thanks for the conversation. It’s always a pleasure to be in your company. Goodnight and I hope you all have a beautiful tomorrow!!! Excelsior True Blue Believers!!!!

  28. nellyjune

    Collie ~ I just got around to reading that article you posted this morning. You know, Michael had a friend who moved down to Lancaster after their freshman year. He was also hit by a line drive, and underwent the same circumstances the kid in the story went through. They didn’t expect him to make it, but he did and is doing great now………..after a year of no physical activity at all. The metal bat is certainly something that needs to be addressed. IMO, the maple bat needs to be addressed as well. One day one of those shattered bats is going to have dire consequences as well. I guess they are looking to eliminate them in the minor leagues.

  29. nellyjune

    Just finished reading the article Dodgereric posted this morning. I would say her becoming a political official, including the United States of America, would be out of the question, but then it doesn’t seem to take much these days to fool most everybody into thinking you are something you are not.

    *****I have posted twice all day long, and I get submission errored. ****** How can I have too many comments submitted in a short period of time when I have only made one comment in the last 13-14 hours. Two comments in 15 hours is too much I guess – very frustrating indeed!!!******

    Hey Dodgereric!! Wow!!! You really did get away for the weekend……………………good for you!!! As I am typing this, the show “Unwrapped” on the Food Channel is doing cakes, and they are talking about pancakes from “The Original Pancake House” – the apple and the dutch pancakes to be specific 🙂

  30. nellyjune

    LOL!!!………….and what do you know………… post finally clears, and it posts at pst ahead of Eric’s. What gives people?

  31. dodgereric

    Just got finished looking back for any songs and read the article that Collie posted. Man, that’s scary. And you can bet we’ll keep him in our prayers.

    Regarding Ms McCourt’s POTUS ambition, I wouldn’t deny anyone their dream. Saying that, uh, Jamie, don’t count on my vote. Unless, of course, you become the instrument that rids us of both you and Mr McCourt.

    And a big “thanks” to all of you well-wishers on our 27th last Friday. Chris and I had a great weekend in Laguna Beach.

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