Spring rotation in place

Vicente Padilla will start the first spring game against the Sox on March 5…Stults, Kershaw, Billingsley and Kuroda to follow. Joe Torre said he thinks we’ll have six or steven guys on a starters’ program in addition to the four that we have in the rotation.

Belliard and Furcal arrived in town today, leaving only Belisario to arrive.

And Jeff Weaver is back home waiting for his wife to give birth, so best of luck to them on the biggest day of their life.

That’s about all this morning…we’re trying to keep this blog relevant and updated regularly without just serving as a repeat of the media outlets that already exist, including Ken Gurnick whose coverage is second-to-none. If you guys have questions about how things work in Spring Training or anything you want us to see on the Inside the Dodgers blog, please throw it out there so we can provide what you’re seeking.


  1. northstateblues

    From the Times article on Kemp:

    “The last two years, it hurt,” Kemp said. “It hurt me. I wanted to win. It’s not fun to get eliminated. I don’t think I’m going to get over it until the first time we win it.”


    That “we” speaks volumes.

  2. nellyjune

    Collie – fabulous post from the previous thread. I can relate to the fact that I love my job, but don’t necessarily care for my current boss (principal). Also, if I had the chance to work for the Dodgers in any capacity, I would probably love that just as much if not a tad more (okay – alot more!!). However, it may not be the Dodgers, but my hubby’s business is baseball. So, I guess I have the best of both worlds at times – teaching and baseball.

    Thanks for the new thread Josh.

  3. colliethec

    Thanks Tru. Nice to see you.
    Since I missed there was a new thread I’ll bring them over…
    Good late morning to everybody! I hope you are all well.
    Birk — thanks for that link to the article. I thought it was a great read. Funny thing was that as I was reading it I thought this reminds me of something NSB would of written. Anyway I thought it was really right on.
    & as far as CY & Birks back & forth the other day I was wanting to post but couldn’t at that time. But the pricing thing like what the Dodgers are doing with the Yankees games this year has been in affect as pointed out, for many other teams for awhile.
    I mentioned awhile back that the Giants are basically charging about double for any Dodger tix compared to say the Nationals.
    But also as mentioned just because you can doesn’t always mean you should.
    MLB has wanted to have kids be able to go to games and be interested in them because after all they are the future fans. Well making it tough to go to games because of the cost will only shoot yourself in the foot if your planning on being on the ownership boat for the long run. Unless you just aren’t good at business.
    The same is with RBI (Reviving Baseball In The Inner Cities). There has been a large drop in African American players in the league so this program is a great one that helps kids who might not be able to participate in playing the game play it. If you play the game you generally will fall in love with it and watch it, and in some cases realize you are great at it and play for years to come (Such as with Big Game James & Jimmy Rollins). Many kids in the inner cities don’t have the income to go to 14-15 games a year so they can see the Yankees. Building fields is great but you should also keep the cost of attending games down.
    I mean Honda’s aren’t as expensive as a Volvo so should Honda jack up their prices to that of a Volvo? Or an Acura? Or a BMW? I mean they make a great car after all, so why not. I mean since they can then they may as well…
    I’m sorry, but in my opinion just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
    In terms of Josh, I understand he’s doing his job and I’m not unhappy with what his job is or how he’s done it. I would drop my job in a second to do his. I would love to work in the baseball world & for the Dodgers. Just because your bosses can be putz’s doesn’t mean you don’t do your job.

  4. colliethec

    Josh — As far as questions or topics we’d like covered, I’d love to learn a little more about the area of scouting or ranking players.
    I’ve always enjoyed going to Minor League games and many on here have access to some of those teams. I think it would be fun to go to those games and be able to watch some of the youngsters with the eye a scout has.
    Like how they rank players with regards to their skills. Such as a with a certain pitchers fastball, change, etc… There is a way they rank their skills and I’d like to learn more about that.
    An acquaintance of mine works for the Giants and has been in charge of the minor leagues for them in the past. I always wanted to learn and know more about it but he’s more of a friend of a friend.
    Watching MLB’s 50 Best Prospect show was really fun and peaked my interest in a big way.
    I mean after all most MLB teams are going young these days.
    Thanks for asking & please see if MLB could hire the Geek Squad to fix the time issue with this blog as well as the server errors, etc that we all experience.
    By colliethec on February 25, 2010 1:18 PM

  5. oldbrooklynfan

    Howzit going Everybody,
    Well it looks like it’s do or die for my man Stults, this spring.
    Had another 3 to 4 inches of that white stuff today and more is expected by midnight and tomorrow.
    But we’re use to it and it has absolutely nothing to do with spring training.
    PLAY BALL!!!

  6. nellyjune

    Collie – I did enjoy that show about the 50 minor league prospects. It is very intriguing how they manage through all those players to come up with 50, and to know the process would be great.

    As far as mlbtv, I just love it. I have certain shows in the evenings I watch, and, of course, the Olympics right now, but I could watch that channel all night long. They have really done a fabulous job in the little over a year they have been in existence.

  7. lbirken@aol.com

    Josh, I think most of us would be interested in the daily schedule and routine for the players and coaches during spring training. I know the players work on different things and in different areas around the complex but since most of us will never experience spring training in person, it might be interesting to get as much of a feel as possible. And while I understand everyone is very busy, I am sure we would like to hear from others in the organization about their jobs and how things come together.

  8. phan52

    collie, I understand your point about charging different prices for different games, but it is the reality that exists today in MLB and the 162 game schedule. But, conversely to the fact of the Giants charging more for Dodgers games, they also charge far less for other teams, which affords kids with limited resources the chance to go to a MLB game. Most teams do it, by time of year and by teams. A lot of teams charge less money in the spring when the weather is iffy and kids are still in school, and for lesser teams and non-rivals. It puts fannies in the seats and that brings in more money, as opposed to the seat being empty and unused. Teams that have a lot of empty seats to sell need to impress this on their communities with lower priced offers to schools and clubs. A lot do.

  9. colliethec

    Hello there Phan — Hopefully you won’t be getting to much snow out there this weekend. I’ve heard that they were expecting more of the white stuff but I think it’s more to your north.
    I know what your saying. I was responding to the conversation we were having the other day due to the Dodger owner making the only way to get Dodger Yankee seats is to purchase a 14 game plan. That makes it difficult for some to make it to a game like that. I do see upping a seat price a few bucks for a premium game but not to make it be that you have to purchase 14 additional games or double the seat price.
    There is a fine line between paying a reasonable price and pricing people out. It’s the problem some teams are starting to run into.
    If you go back a few threads Birk posted a great article that touched on the topic a little.
    Sorry to hear about the Growing Pains star Shad. I had heard the other day he was missing.

  10. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    Just to chime in, it bothers me (to say the least) that one must purchase 14 games worth of tickets, just to see one marquee match-up. I am quite certain that this idiotic pricing policy exists to one degree or another with every MLB club. I don’t begrudge the Dodgers or any other MLB club on making money, but if one wants to make more money on such a marquee game like the Dodgers and Yankees, then just up the price on those games. Don’t make someone pay for 13 games that he/she wouldn’t have otherwise wanted to purchase. Honestly, in this economy, I don’t know what family can afford such a purchase. But there are always corporate sponsors. But even they are tightening their belts too.

    So how are my ITD friends this fine evening?

  11. nellyjune

    Well, I was listening to KNBR, the gnats radio station, this morning, and they were talking to Panda (after his daily morning rub down – not a pleasant thought BTW when thinking about him…………..Andre – for sure!! Panda – blah!!!!) Well, it sounds like Panda isn’t any lighter. He is actually heavier than he was at the end of last season. Also, they were talking about giving Panda bobbleheads if you buy a season ticket package. So, it sounds like they are are trying to get gnat fan money early as well.

  12. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Dodger (and Angel) Stadium has already priced me out. When I was a kid, going to a dodger game was not that much more than going to a movie or doing something else..Now with 10 dollars to park..20 each on a ticket (at lowest if you want to make the drive ($10 to $20 in gas) worth it and sit so u can maybe see something..Then at least 20 each for food…yeah i’ll watch on TV and that sucks to say cause i have a two year old I would love to bring out there. But if I am gonna pay all that..i think i’ll pay for something more exciting cause as much as I love the dodgers it is a bit boring for the rest of the family…Part of that boredom used to be cool with how much you paid..I recall thinking dang what a great view, for the price..I don’t mind the downtime, it’s chill…now with efforts to keep us entertained for the price I feel the product isn’t the same

  13. kpookiemon

    Hacksaw Hamilton (local radio guy in LA ans SD) reports Dodger players are miffed at Manny for his “I won’t be here next year” comments and implied he’s working to get traded to the Yanks this Spring. Personally I don’t buy it. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me, either……!!?!?!?!?!?!? Manny being Manny or Hacksaw being Hacksaw?

  14. crzblue2

    Hello ITD!
    Sorry about the ones that buy single tickets. I know the fees online are just too much. I found the extra charges for the Koufax event high.
    My friend LuvtheDodgers23 was saying that to get the tickets online to the USC/UCLA game was too much in service charges so maybe tomorrow we can get them from USC office or buy them at the stadium on Sunday. there is also free parking.
    Now since both of us have two season tickets each and we are already getting the best bargain from all MLB, (I doubt anyone else is paying what we pay for our tickets) we are not complaining. My day to buy extra tickets is Monday. Limit 4 for Opening Day. We like our perks for being a season ticket holder!
    I hope I get to see you tomorrow night! I also hope that Sweet Lou will be there! My last thread for the Black History month is about Sweet Lou. I really enjoyed doing those threads because I was also learning.

    I can’t wait to hear Sandy Koufax tomorrow night!
    Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

  15. lbirken@aol.com

    kahli, funny how one report has the players not being too concerned about what Manny says (at least in public) while Hacksaw says the players are miffed? I don’t suppose Hacksaw quoted any particular player, did he? Manny wants to be traded to the Yankees? Wouldn’t bother me.

  16. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Due to his uncertain skills at this point and, maybe even his paycheck, I can’t see the Yanks dealing for Manny but, hey, if they want him and want to give up satisfactory value, it wouldn’t bother me either. Since Manny still seems to want another big payoff and a second career as a DH, it’s in his best interest to prove he still has the goods. That can only help us this year. With his earlier comments, Manny was only stating the obvious about his future here. Another media tempest in a teapot…..Let’s face it, everything costs more today than it did back in the day. Even minor league baseball costs significantly more. Vote with your wallet. Bottom line, you apportion your resources to support your team in the manner that your finances and conscience allow….I look forward every spring to seeing who makes up the D’s AAA roster so I can watch our better prospects play when they come through SLC. Lately, it seems that most of our best prospects (what few we have) seem to bypass the PCL so our roster may be only made up of career minor leaguers….I heard the other night while watching a rerun of Ken Burns’ “Baseball” that he has prepared an additional program to his series, a “Tenth Inning”, for release this fall. Should be interesting to see.

  17. lbirken@aol.com

    Emma, I hope you enjoy the program tomorrow. As much as I am curious what Koufax has to say, I am not comfortable paying a fee to hear him speak. The man has gone to a great deal of effort to be left alone so I hope he does not feel to uncomfortable in front of a large audience. Hopefully Joe will shield Sandy from T.J. although I suspect Mr. Simers has a lot of respect for Koufax and will treat him well.

  18. colliethec

    I really don’t see a big deal with Manny’s comments about about not playing with the Dodgers next year.
    I don’t think many Dodger fans would of wanted him back after 2010 anyway.
    As a teammate I would be okay with his comments because you know during the season the media would be pestering him about his future, especially in each new city.
    He basically stated the obvious. Big deal. Of course up here in Norcal the media made a big deal about it. Then my friends/co-workers who are Giants fans were saying, “Oh no… trouble & decent in Dodgerland!” with smiles on their faces.
    When I asked them what the big deal was that would they of wanted him beyond this year it was , “No.”.
    I just see it as a non issue and I’m sure his teammates see it in a similar fashion.
    There was an article on it the other day on the main page. Below is the link.

  19. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    I doubt any player cares what Manny said. I guess that’s good and bad! It won’t disupt the team..But If these guys cared about the team and winning first and salary second they would be livid. Kirk Gibson would come out and say I don’t give a flying F where Manny is playing and F him for thinking anyone does. It’s not about that right now..he had months to talk about that…it’s about getting ready now to win a Championship in 2010. A

    Then again with the way the game is now and playing for someone like McCourt would you be any different? I don’t like blaming the individual in any of these kinds of things, even Manny. if I was paid 25 million bucks a year, even after being caught for cheating (just about everyone is cheating) i may say whatever I want as well.

  20. colliethec

    Josh — Another topic I’d like to see would be the players ST workout regimen. I know they all vary but maybe the basics. How long the stretching lasts, weight training lasts, running distances they start at in February and end at by April 1st, & different agility drills. Maybe what agility drills they run. Something like that. Maybe you could ask a couple of the guys what they do to get in top shape for the season and share that here.
    Gym memberships are a pretty big business as is the general workout/weight loss/getting in shape industry so I would imagine that many other than I would be interested in that.
    Seeing the article about Belly & trying to get motivated to go to the gym made me think about this. I think it would be interesting and fun.

  21. 636566cy

    I also don’t think many of the players really care all that much about what Manny says. They all know that he pretty much just rambles on and on when he has an audience. Besides, it’s not like what he is saying isn’t true, so I don’t see the big deal. It is interesting how Hacksaw has different information than anyone else out there has on this story, though. Then again, he does get all of his info “hot of the sports wire” so how can we not trust his info (wink, wink).

    I’m also going to the Koufax/Torre thing tomorrow night. I’m extremely excited about this. Even though I am not even old enough to have seen him pitch, he is my all-time favorite Dodger (oldest son’s middle name is actually Koufax). I read so much about him as a kid and my dad told me so many stories about him it almost feels like I saw him play. I agree that the fees online are crazy, but I figure this opportunity only comes around once and it is for a great cause, so why not.

  22. dodgerdog1221

    Josh- I would like to know what the typical daily schedule is at spring training. What days do they work out? What time should a fan show up at the camp to see the players? Game days and times are advertised, but nothing is shared about other days. I traveled 850+ miles to get here and would appreciate the scoop. Thanks!

  23. tsunamieffect2005@yahoo.com

    i like how McCourt went on FOX and said the divorce wouldn’t affect business and he firmly believes in the growth from within philosophy.. translation: “My wife will take every dime i own, therefore i wasn’t able to pursue any pitching this off-season.. nor anything else for that matter.. but i still expect 2+ millions of you to come to my stadium this year” hey Frank, there’s no Halladays in your farm system.. and last time i checked we were one solid ace away from getting past the phillies.. who oh by the way landed Halladay.. let’s enjoy another 2nd or 3rd place finish.. Go Blue!!!

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