A sign that things are looking up!

Look what showed up over Dodger Stadium last night…



  1. 636566cy

    It must have come out at about the same time the Dodgers announced that they would be televising 14 ST games. That is very nice.

  2. messagebear@msn.com

    Great rainbow picture, Josh!

    I’d really like to see a thunderbolt striking Frank’s a**!
    I’d settle for one with Ned too.

  3. crzblue2

    OH Josh! That is a wonderful picture! I took a few of the rainbow from the train but my batteries decided to die then. Forgot to recharge them.
    I love that the picture included yersterday’s birthday boy Kuroda-san.
    My friend Lore, her niece (I introduced you to them at Olvera Street) and I are taking the Dodgerlife trip to Fenway! Lore(LuvtheDodgers23) booked the event and I booked the flights! We are so excited about the trip!
    Good Morning ITD!
    Hope everyone is doing grrrreat!

  4. nellyjune

    You know messagebear……….I was reading the comments on facebook that pertain to this thread, and the word a** is nothing compared to what they say over there at times. Plus, over there, it’s not censored so the words are there for everyone to read, and there is no guessing what the word is.

    I will say it again, this group always meets challenges in a very creative way. It really does set us apart from any other forum IMO.

  5. enchantedbeaver

    That lightning bolt is a great mental image Bear – thanks!! I’m sure its one I’ll be picturing all season long. 🙂

  6. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi ITD
    It’s hard to believe that baseball is right around the corner with my yuppy neighbors more interested in snowballs.
    Had about 9 inches yesterday.

  7. nedajerk

    I was watching the price is right Worthy and Bill Russel were on the show and boy I wanted that showcase with 30 jersey, all stars tickets and a boat.

  8. Dodger4life

    Good afternoon Dodger Faithful……………..
    Kahli, seems like that happen a few years back too….90 miles an hour, on a sled is moving! My condolenses to the athlete’s and thoughts and prayers with the family.
    Josh that looks like a beautiful sight, thanks for the picture!
    Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!!!
    Bring the Ring in 2010!!

  9. jhallwally

    Thanks Josh, very nice picture and moment!!! Also, for all your efforts and attention to this site/blog!! I hope there is a pot of World Series rings at the foot of that rainbow.

  10. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    Well, taking a brief Olympic time-out to see how my ITD friends are doing this fine evening! I noticed on the homepage an article about Ivan De Jesus Jr. I’m pulling for this guy. I’ve been wanting to see him come up to the big club. I’m sure he wanted that too – up until he broke his leg last ST. It seems like he’ll be spending 2010 in AAA (hopefully with a cup of coffee during September call-ups). Here’s the article: http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20100212&content_id=8071804&vkey=news_la&fext=.jsp&c_id=la

    So how are my ITD friends this fine evening?

  11. cpompe1

    Oh, and Josh. That is a wonderful picture! And I don’t know if you’re still here jhall, but I too hope that there is a pot of World Series rings at the end of that rainbow! 🙂

  12. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Kind of bored and waiting not so patiently for the season to start, cp.Whatever the outcome,I’m ready for the story of this season to commence. I’m tired of speculation and prognostication. Let the games begin!!!!

  13. cpompe1

    Yes Seesky! Let the games begin!!! I was wearing my rather nondescript Dodger script logo t-shirt today at the harbor. This man I was standing behind in line to buy something pointed to my t-shirt and said, “The season’s staring soon!” I said, “I can’t wait!!!” 🙂

  14. cpompe1

    So Seesky, are you watching the Olympics? REALLY tough start with the accident and death. But it seems like people are handling it the best they can, given the circumstances.

  15. cpompe1

    Ya know Seesky, the way I look at it is that I’m ALWAYS tired of the speculation and prognostication. People like to say, “On paper _this_, on paper _that_.” The game of baseball isn’t played on a piece of paper. It’s played on a diamond-shaped field over the course of 6 months. And hopefully after the 6 months are over, you get to play an extra month. Once this team or ANY team plays on a baseball field, it’s all up for grabs. Just a couple of years ago, who would’ve thought that the Tampa Bay Rays would have made it into the WS? No one. That’s the beauty of baseball!

    Well, I know I asked you a question before Seesky, but I’ve gotta go. You can answer and I’ll read it later! Catch ya later…

  16. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Haven’t watched too much of the Olympics, cp. Yes, It’s really too bad about the Georgian luge athlete but there’s an implicit risk anytime you engage in most forms of athletic competition.Hell, there’s a risk, to a greater or lesser degree, in getting out of bed every day. You’re right, cp, when it’s all said and done, it all boils down to the players on the field. In Spring Training, everything begins anew. Anything is possible. A rookie can come out of nowhere to become the game’s next superstar. 3 or 4 players can have career years together and lead a team all the way to a WS championship. THAT’S WHY THEY PLAY THE GAMES!!!!

  17. nellyjune

    Well, good evening ITD Readers and writers!!! We are only days away from the start of spring training,and I personally cannot wait. I was decked out in all Dodger Blue/Ethier wear for most of the day, and then I switched to Denny wear to give him some love seeing how he has some Daytona race tomorrow :))

    CP – I have been watching the Olympics off and on most of the night, but this afternoon I was more attached to what was going on in Daytona when I was home. So sad about the luger, as I am watching that event right now.

  18. nellyjune

    Seesky – to steal from Dodgereric – anything is possible and nothing is impossible when it comes to our Dodgers. If I recall last season, we didn’t have a great spring training and we came out on opening day and won, and then continued to win 13 straight. I don’t believe any of us thought that would happen at the time.

  19. crzblue2

    Happy Valentines Day ITD Blogmates (Thanks Sparkle!)
    I went to see the Valentines movie and I love all the references to the Dodgers! It starts by showing beautiful Dodger Stadium. I cheered in a couple of parts from the movie but on one more than the other. It reminded me when my friend Erik and I cheered at the premiere of Bluetopia and how Josh knew it was us applauding LOL
    Yesterday was the my ONE year anniversary of my blog! Thank you Carol! I can’t believe that it has been one year. I noticed this blog was started also in February (28). It will be 4 years! wow! I think I started coming here in 2008. Once I found this blog, I stopped going too the Dodger forum.
    Everyone have a wonderful Valentines Day!
    Love is Blue!

  20. nellyjune

    Good Morning ITD Readers and Writers!!!
    HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY TO MY DAUGHTER, MARIYA!!! (She is with Dodgereric and family today as Mariya and Matt are celebrating one year together today as well)


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