Are you ready for some baseball?

It’s the last official day of football season, so get it out of your system now and get ready to start watching America’s pastime.

Just for fun, why doesn’t everyone list their prediction for the score of the Superbowl and we’ll send something out to the person who comes closest to getting it right?


  1. bluesplash09

    since we share the same facility as the white sox, do you thing juan pierre might get confused one day and come sit on our bench, it’s his home away from home after all.


    Considering how much salary dollars we sent along with JP, you’d think we were satisfied with letting Repko and Paul fight it out over the 4th OF position. When we got Johnson for insurance I was OK with that too, because after the injuries he might have something left in the tank. Now it’s getting to be ridiculous, even beyond the routine PVL action that one expects from Ned. If this is what it takes to secure a 4th outfielder, why not have kept JP in the first place (please don’t shoot me for saying that). It’s like going entirely without a plan, which seems a #482 and Ned’s trademark – make one good step forward, and then take two bad steps back.

  3. nellyjune

    28-21 Saints

    Messagebear and enchanted – agree with you both, and I never thought I would ever be thinking I wish JP was our 4th outfielder. So much for a problem-free outfield (in terms of assuming Repko and Paul deserving a legitimate shot). It still makes me wonder if there is something about Manny that is yet to be known.

  4. northstateblues

    Actually, I’ll defer my score to MessageBear (since I TimeWarped behind him, not seeing he had the same score), and my actual choice will be

    Saints 34
    Colts 37

  5. Dodger4life

    I wonder if Repko or X-Paul, hit like Ted Williams this spring would they make the 25 man…would that be enough?
    Will Bonds be next??? You h ave to think the thought has crossed Neds mind…..


    Some good stuff today, I hope everyone is doing well. I check out the blog every day…. But I really don’t post until ST…. I really don’t have a problem with signing Giles to a Minor league deal and have him come to spring training…. If he makes the team, then maybe I’ll have something to say…. who knows. Anyway…. today… final score….

    Saints 28
    Colts 24

  7. kpookiemon

    Brian Giles???? Allow me to amend the headline enchanted has supplied for us:
    “Giles, an All-Star in 2000 and 2001 while with Pittsburgh, went on…to give up steroids (allegedly) beginning in 2003 when testing began.”
    No proof, but funny how his power numbers nose-dived and the injuries sky-rocketed after. Now I’m not here to crucify Giles. Manny is, after all, the Dodgers’ poster boy for such antics. But geez, Ned……….can we tender a minor league contract to Sosa and Bonds while you’re at it?

    As for Super Bowl, I’ll root for the team that doesn’t have Reggie Bush on it.

  8. enchantedbeaver

    Colts 28 Aints 20

    Speaking of Aints, we ain’t got us a GM.

    Arthritic knee. .191. 39. Unfreakinbelievable…

  9. colliethec

    Colts 35 Saints 31.
    I saw the Giles signing last night while looking at my cell in bed. I don’t think that why I didn’t sleep all night but you never know!
    As I’ve said before… Is there a plan? No.
    Have a stinking plan. If you want to go young then go young. If you want to save $$$ then save $$$ and don’t sign these wash ups to contracts. You know one of them might work out & then we’ll hear what a great move it was.
    The saying “even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in awhile”. comes to mind.
    I guess that Ned’s hoping Giles is a “nut”.
    As mentioned before and before today, don’t spend the $$$ on all these signings that won’t pan out and get a decent pitcher.
    If I have a need for new speakers for my home stereo system because mine doesn’t work well and I spend less $$$ to buy a bunch of speaker wire when I already have speaker wire & never spend the $$$ or the new speakers because I don’t have it, well I’d be pretty stupid.
    I don’t think we have the pitching staff to compete. I hope I’m wrong. But I think they are weaker than last year and last year didn’t get it done. Torre wanted more pitching last year so what do you think going into the season this years he’s thinking.

  10. northstateblues

    For those who don’t have rooting interest in the Super Bowl, you might be interested in knowing that the Indianapolis Colts were once the Brooklyn Dodgers football team, according to some history-mining by Phil over at UniWatch ( ) .

    I’m still pulling for the Saints, though. But I always had wondered what happened to that Brooklyn Dodgers football team.

    (And for fellow people pulling for the Saints, you could justify this by thinking that the Colts are the product of an unholy union between the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees, via the Dallas Texans [pre-AFL Texans, not the Chiefs franchise] ).

    I’ll close on a baseball note before delving into the party atmosphere: Why is it that the Dodgers returning essentially the same team is a failure, but the Rockies returning the same squad, in the SAME article, is seen as a strong point? Even the deep pocketed Yankees couldn’t return as many of the same players as we are this season. We’re an ace away, and with the talent on our squad, that can very well resolve itself this season (especially since this squad has more playoff experience than the 5-Rookies-of-the-Year 90’s Dodgers ever did). And last season, the Phillies didn’t beat the Dodgers so much as they beat themselves… there were some close ones in there, aside from Game 5.

    This will be the year, because this will HAVE TO be the year… but even if it isn’t, whatever happens, we still have control of most of our core for the next 2 years, right?

  11. colliethec

    Hello there Tru. I thought that might get a comment from someone!
    NSB — I’ve been one of the ones here that have been a positive poster and been supportive of this regime.
    Well I’m feeling like a 4 year old bra…
    Wifey sells lingerie so I have some inside knowledge on that!!
    Yes we have them for 2 years but I could see them being traded in 2011 by the trading deadline for players to be named later, to cut cost.
    I say this because they didn’t offer Wolf arbitration so they wouldn’t get a draft pick that they’d have to pay $$$ to. So IMO that isn’t all that far off.

  12. enchantedbeaver

    IMO gang, what good does it do to keep the core together if they never get any pitching to get them over the top? Not that they aren’t fun to watch and root for, but as long as this regime is in charge, they’ll all just be a bunch of Ernie Banks’.

  13. dodgereric

    Final score:

    Colts 42
    Saints 39


    1 – It will be a no-holds barred offensive show
    2 – Manning will win the game in the last possession
    3 – There will be a couple of defensive scores
    4 – That score will net me $1800 in my office pool (ok, I gotta split it 50/50 with my buddy…….)

    On a baseball note:
    “The Dodgers announced today that they have signed Ted Williams’ head to a minor-league contract. Ned Colletti was quoted as saying, ‘I’ve made worse signings than this….'”.

  14. nellyjune

    Collie – great post!!

    Northstateblues – I have always believed in our young core, and I think they can do it with who we had already.

    I am okay with the signings to a point (Padilla, Johnson, and a few others), but I am just hoping Repko, Paul, and DeWitt get a legitimate shot at their respective jobs. This just seems like a repeat of the Ethier/Pierre battle we had for the 2008 season……….”Yes, Andre, you are the starting left fielder for Opening Day, and then………………..after a few games, sorry…’s JP’s turn now until further notice” And to be honest, the only reason Andre got a legitimate shot at the rest of the season was because of Pierre’s injury and Andruw’s suspicious trips to the DL. So, my concern is not who is being signed, but what this is doing to the players who thought they were finally going to get a chance at the big club and how that chance seems to be dwindling due to the lack of trust in them. Ned can talk competition all he wants as far as positions, but the past has shown us, it’s not about being the best, it’s about who Joe likes the best at the time.

  15. nellyjune

    OMG!!! Dodgereric – When I asked my family about a score for the game, our girlfriend picked 39-28 Saints. I told her unless there is a defense score, 39 can’t work – LOL!!! Anyhow, I picked her 28 and Michael’s 21, hence how I came up with my score. I have no strong ties to this game so if it means $1800 for you (and your buddy), then Go Colts!!!

  16. dodgereric

    Well Junie, any score is theoretically possible except for 1. And while there are certainly more LIKELY numbers to come up than others, all you need is something like a safety or a missed extra point or a two-point conversion or an inordinate number of field goals to really mess things up.

    By the way, I’ve done a (very) little research and am going to be the first ITDer to predict when the Time Warp reaches an even hour. Matt’s 18th birthday, May 22, 2010 @ 5:06PM Pacific.

  17. dodgereric

    kahli, the only way that happens is if we trade GMs first! LOL!

    …….and I want the Saints to win too. I just don’t think they will.

  18. nellyjune

    Ward Dear ~ I know that any score is possible, but I was trying to take a score from each kid and make it possible. However, I knew she was going to say “SEE!!! I told you should have picked 39!!, and sure enough she did. However, she wants the Saints to win. She didn’t care about the money – LOL!!! So, 5:06 on May 22nd – hmmmm. I haven’t done any research on that. All I know is we are between 41 and 43 minutes now.

    2:37 pst

  19. kpookiemon

    Fear not! How about a July deadline trade of Brian Giles, Russ Ortiz, Angel Berroa and Alfredo Amezaga for Roy Oswalt? I mean, how could the Astros NOT jump at that offer? I’m finally beginning to see Ned’s genius. What a shrewd man!

  20. nellyjune

    Some believe “they” want the time warp and submission error issue not to be fixed because it does, in fact, keep us from having the same amount of fun as we used to (not they are stopping us completely). I mean we used to rack up thousands of posts in a single thread and now we are lucky to get over a hundred, much less in the 200-500 range like we used to on a daily basis. I realize we are a blog like no other, but that’s what makes it so much fun is because it is so unique in it’s community and creativeness. If there is any chance of fixing this before the season begins, please do so.

  21. nedajerk

    Wow the Saints had a 1st and goal to 4th and goal and the Colts defense stop them. They should’ve kick a FG to tied it there.

  22. nedajerk

    It’s great seeing Andre wearing a #16 Los Angeles Kings Hockey jersey. Very cool indeed!!!

    By nellyjune on February 3, 2010 5:35 PM

    Sorry I didn’t see this post when I came back and post about Ethier at a Kings game and Torre and Jamie at a Lakers games. I bet Jamie Hoffmann would had love to go to a hockey games since he was a former Hurricane prospect.

  23. nellyjune

    Football season is over………………….

    11 days until pitchers and catchers report.
    56 days until Opening Day 2010.

  24. nellyjune

    Nevermind if the FB people count. They really shouldn’t, and they certainly aren’t following the new “keep the language in check” rule.

  25. nellyjune

    Okay – How about two prizes? One for the “real” ITD and one for the Facebook version of ITD. LOL!!! I am just playing Josh, unless it’s related to #16, then I may have to fight for it. Ethieraholics have their standards you know – LOL!!! (jk). Whatever you decide is fine with me. I am just glad football season is over because I have been ready for Dodger baseball and NASCAR for a while now.

  26. crzblue2

    Well congratulations Nellyjune!
    I told my brother Vic my pick was the Saints but since he is the expert in football I went with his score. Silly boy! (he never comes here so he won’t see this) I should have gone with my score.
    Buenos dias ITD!
    Buenos dias al amor!!
    The sun is shining this morning. I noticed this morning that when the bus was approaching downtown is not dark anymore! Baseball season is so near! 11 days ’till P&C report!! Woohoo! I loooove it!!

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