A memorable luncheon…

Just came from a very cool luncheon which takes place each year and is hosted by the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association.

Vin Scully was receiving the President’s Award from the organization and Jim Hill was put into the Hall of Fame and both gave very moving speeches but the event turned into an impromptu lovefest for Vin that has rarely been equaled. It seemed that everyone who won an award talked at length about Vin’s role in their career and he was clearly humbled by the whole thing. He really is as classy as any individual I’ve ever been around and we are all very fortunate to have him be the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Other key Dodger people who won awards were Vin for best TV and radio play by play announcer, Jaime Jarrin for Spanish-language broadcaster, Ken Levine for talk show host (he gave props to Josh Suchon, his partner) and Eric Karros for pre or postgame host. We’re proud of all of them, and a personal shout out goes to Nancy Mazmanian, formerly of the Angels, who won the “High Five” award. And lots of love went out to the memory of Rory Markas, among others who we lost this year.

Meanwhile, at the same time that event was going on, we had the kickoff to the caravan at USC Hospital and tomorrow and Wednesday, we’ll be kicking around town and hope to see you all there.


Thanks for the new thread Josh!! Sounds like a great time, but then anything involving Vin would be just that.

Way to go Vinny!

In response to the comments from the last thread- :)))!!!!
Kudo’s to all the award recipients listed above, and thank you Josh for all you do!!!

Thank you Josh for keeping us informed!
Looking forward to Wednesday! I hope there is no rain in the horizon during the caravan!
Happy February everyone!

I think Ned is the “Crow”!!! Should be dead as a GM, but gets a chance to stay around and correct some gross mistakes!!!! I’d prefer some eye makeup to the cheesy mustache!! JMHO!!!!!


Good early evening all………..
Gotta Love Vin!!
Congrat’s to everyone…..
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

Note to Ned. If your going to wear the cowboy boots, grow the mustache out or cut it off. If you want to keep it like it is, wear fine Italian dress shoes and Armani suits, shirts, and ties!!! I’ve got your back dude!!!

Go with the later Ned. It’s a better fit for you!!! Wyatt Earp you ain’t. DePodesta tried that one!!!

And Ned, if you could arrange for a horse head in Scott Boras’s bed, I will laud you!!!


Congrats to all who won awards today, although I’m a bit surprised that EK could actually win any kind of broadcasting award. Hearing him use the phrase “No Question” over and over again is like hearing fingernails runs over a chalkboard.

Great to hear about the Caravan. I can’t wait to go…oh, wait a minute, I’ve got to work like the thousands of other people that miss this every year because they hold it at the absolute worst times for those of us the work! Is a FanFest that tough to put together? Does it cost a bunch of money that Frank obviously doesn’t have? Anyway, I hope those of you that can make the Caravan have a good time, but will someone please plug the FanFest idea to someone who might care?

OK, Ned and I will set the fashion world on its ear. Paris, here we come.. Now, let’s talk pitching!!!!

Cy ~ Since I don’t even live in the L.A. area, a FanFest would be a much better way for the organization to go…..that’s why even the ITD tour was a fantastic day.

Pitching, who needs pitching! LOL

Obviously, we are not shopping at Nordstrom’s when it comes to pitching these days for obvious reasons. Jamie ate up the budget. However, shopping at the thrift stores will very rarely complete the wardrobe. We need to develope our own line. Honeycutt is probably not the best choice to perpetuate your pitching. Sorry!!! For the new, LaColletti line, we should probably seek out, Hershise’ or LeGreg (Maddux)!!!!

Hi’Ya Trumom!! We need pitching, sigh!!!!!! Or more precisely, we need more pitching guidance!!!

I know, Jhall. The Dollar Store doesn’t quite cut it πŸ™‚

Hey Trumom, I think we have the talent and arms, I just don’t think we have the people in place to develope it!!! JMO!!!!

You are right about that, Jhall. I think Honeycutt is highly over-rated.

Trumom, I’m just going by what I’ve seen the last 2-3 years. I don’t see our young pitching progressing. Maybe its Honeycutt, maybe its not, but, I would like to see a change!!!!

Where have you gone Don Drysdale!!! Good God, we need you now!!!

I think he has to take some of the responsibility, Jhall. Billz and Kersh are young but, they do have a few years under their belts and should be much better than they are right now.

I guess we will see Trumom!!! This is a make or break year, IMO!!!

Whoever called Ned a “Crow” was being far too kind. Magpie is my choice, given his scavenger habits and digging up bodies that abuse the olfactory senses. Of course, it’s Frank’s fault that he is still around.

Frank – the Magpie keeper.
By the way, SELL THE TEAM, Frank!

I agree with the comments that Honeycutt is probably a bit overrated. I also think this is the year for Billz to breakout or maybe we might need to come to the realization that he may only be a really good 3 or an average 2.

However, with Kershaw, we all need to remember that last season was his first full season in the bigs and that he is only 21 years old. He has been in pro ball for 3 years total, I think, and he has been treated with kid gloves. When one looks at his stuff, it is easy to tell that he is special, but he still young in age and experience (can you imagine trying to carry the weight of an organization on your shoulders at 21 years old?). Have some patience and give it time; he is going to be the best lefthander in baseball by the time he is done.

You are right, Cy. Kersh is young. I just think with a better coach, he may be mentally stronger. He definitely has the “stuff”. I kind of want the ‘No-Fear” factor that Lincecum has.

Bear ~ weren’t the magpies of cartoon fame called Heckle and Jeckle? It does seem to fit, doesn’t it?

It’s official!! The Dodgers signed Johnson……………………Reed Johnson that is πŸ™‚

Thank You Bear!!! :)))

I was exploring my Jamie/sensitive side. You obviously can read between the lines!!! LMFAO!!!!!

LMDO, Jhall!

Good evening all.
So I’m guessing the signing of all the extra arms & catchers isn’t to add depth during the season. But to add depth during ST so there are enough players with some going to Taiwan. Most of these guys won’t make it to the season.
I complain about the organization having a plan. That will continue if they sign Anderson. If their plan has been to go young then why sign him? I understand having some vets to help out in certain situations but come on now.
I would be okay with R. Johnson. I think he is a Repko type of player. I know Repko isn’t an amazing player, but I think he would of been a decent 4th outfielder. I would then keep X Man in AAA for some more seasoning.
I still don’t know why they went after Carroll. I would of thought Cabrera to play 2nd with DeMitt as the sub for 2nd & 3rd. Cabrera would of also been a safety valve in case something happens to Ferk and his injury issues he has had since he’s gotten older.
I think Carroll is ok but not my 1st choice.
Defense & pitching wins championships. I think we have become worse in both these areas since last season.
So sorry, but I’m still not excited…
Thanks goodness the Giants continue to the path we have been doing by signing 30 somethings to contracts. I remember hearing last season they were going to go young. Well their not looking to young now. Their pitching is great still.
I think the Rox will be good but I think the D-Backs are going to be real tough. They’ve gotten better just by getting Webb healthy. Throw in getting Jackson and they are formidable.

I think Wally has been hanging out with Eddie too long :))

Collie – I have been paying attention to the gnats and they are making the same bonehead signings we are. What’s even more, is their big star isn’t even through his arbitration yet so that may dampen their moral as well depending on what happens. I think you are right about the Dbacks. They are looking good if they stay healthy.

I see we have ITDFST going on tonight. 8:26…
Glad to see it’s Johnson & not Anderson. I think it was Eric that mentioned that Johnson has a pretty good game. He isn’t an all star but he is really a gamer.
Also submission errors. Been trying to post this since 7:51…

Make that 8:37…
So almost an hour to get that post.
Yup… pathetic.
Josh — Can’t you get a Geek Squad member to fix this blog!

Collie~ We call it Submission Error H………….. oops……….Satan’s Lair,and I have been stuck in it for the last hour or so too. I am thinking the submission errors and the time warping are related so, going back to what Eric has said all along, you would think it’s just a matter of fixing the clock. Either that, or they need to call in a better Geek Squad to figure out the problem.

Our time warp is up to 40 minutes now. It started out as only 5 months and months ago now. 8:49pst

I was surfing YouTube and I found this tribute to the 1992 Dodgers:

Remembering all those guys should make me happy. But instead it makes me sick because I immediately think about how that era of Dodgers baseball was thrown away by Fox when they made the stupidest trade in Dodgers history.
I swear I just want to cry.
Please, God, don’t let the idiot McCourts undermine these youngsters the way Karros, Mondesi, and Piazza were undermined.

I’ve been thinking about some of the signings lately, and it is really pathetic that the best thing I can say about them is something like, “Well, at least Johnson isn’t Anderson.” I thought the same thing about Padilla in terms of the Angels giving Pinero 2 years. If the best thing about the leftovers is that they don’t smell as bad as the other leftovers, then those leftovers probably would’ve been better suited going down the garbage disposal if you all know what I mean.

With all of the yelling and screaming and cursing and non-cursing and differing of opinion that goes on around here, there is ALWAYS one thing that we all agree on: WE LOVE VIN SCULLY! God Bless you Vin. Josh is right. You’re the classiest guy ever and we’ve been unbelievably lucky to have had you around. I have and WILL appreciate every blessed syllable you utter this season.

Back to slamming.

Sorry. It still gets me angry that we’re hanging the season’s hopes on the improvement of virtually every player on the team instead of going out and getting a difference-maker. And by that I mean Lee or Halladay. There was no one else. We didn’t have enough last year and we didn’t get better. We’ll make the playoffs again and McCourt will stick out his chest and brag that we made the playoffs again and we’ll watch someone else carry the World Series trophy around their park again.

Back to a little positive.

The more I read of Reed (see what I did there?) the more I like him. Seems he had his own blog with the Cubs (http://reedjohnson.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/10/1020_thanks.html). Have a look. Those Cubbie fans really seemed to like him and he was only there for year. Granted, I’m already predjudiced with him being a local boy, but I think we’re going to like what he brings to the table.

Go Dodgers

Go away McCourt(s)

*and he was only there for two years.

Reed and read – very good Dodgereric πŸ™‚

I was watching mlbtv,and Peter Gammons was talking about our division. He said it is filled with young talent that should be fun to watch,and that our division is up for grabs for any team to take. Well, the Padres really weren’t mentioned.

lny4loney – always good to read what you are thinking.

I like Reed Johnson. But a lot of that is because of the one year I played fantasy baseball. I consistently overrate anybody who had a good year in 2006. And ’06 was clearly Johnson’s career year. Still, I’m going to let that unduly influence me because he’s on the team so I want to like him.

Hi Nelly!
Josh, I know Vin wouldn’t want it for himself but I hope he will put up with it for the sake of those who love him. As it looks like this will probably be Vin’s last year, will you please do everything in your power to get us a Vin Scully Day. Really we need a Vin Scully Week or at least Weekend for all the people who would like to come out and show their appreciation for him, but I’m trying to be a realist here.

I think eric and the others are right in we did not really improve on paper. Maybe Billz and the Kid will step it up. We’ll need a good year from Padilla and a healthy Kuroda to compete. I don’t think we can ask for much more from Andre or Matt, but maybe Manny will regain a bit of his old form. Maybe. We’ll probably see a similar Loney performance, which is not bad. We should be around in the end, but I think we’ll need a few lucky bounces on the way, and sign Weaver. What’s the hold up? He gave us a major league performance last year.

A teacher asks her students if they are all Giant fans. All but one raised their hands. “Well, who are you a fan of?” “The Dodgers”, she said. “Why?” “Because my parents are Dodger fans”, she said. “Well that in’t a good enough answer, If your paarents were morons, would you be a moron too?” “No, she said, I’d be a Giant fan!”

LMDO!!!! I will make sure I tell that one to Gilbert…………and my hubby and my son :))

Wang is, indeed, still being examined. What fun to have a Wang and a Johnson on the same team, Enchanted. Who knows, maybe we can sign a Peter too πŸ™‚

Good one Tru! LOL!!

I see Ned finally got ahold of his Johnson. I’m sure Torre would like to get ahold of his old Wang too, but even if he does he can’t make it go until May.

I’m with Eric – why spend a million here, a couple million there on dubious PVLs that might give you a good game now and then. Save the money and get a difference maker. But as long as Ned and Frank are running the show, every single year we’ll always have 10-15 FAs and at least 8-10 changeovers on the 25-man roster. Not that bench players and mop-up pitchers can’t be filled that way, but its just spinning your wheels year after year while someone of value goes somewhere else.

LMDO, Enchanted!!!!


I’ll mention it about the a Fanfest and I’ll pass along what they say.
Thanks for the reminder on the Reed Johnson blog. I had forgotten he has one. Love the name “Reed between the lines”
Happy Groundhog day everyone!
No rain in the forcast in the L.A. area so that is good for the Caravan I asked for a day vacation so that I can attend. I will meeting with my two traveling friends. I can’t wait!


I think Johnson and Wang are part of the Peter principle Tru.

I don’t think Kemp’s anywhere near his potential either Wally. Billz has all the tools, but he needs some mental toughness to make it all come together. Kersh could’ve easily won 13-14 games last year with some run support.

A lot of reasons to be optimistic about their chances in the West, but not too many beyond that.

Now I’m back on Pacific Standard time…

Surely MLB can afford someone to reset the clock or fix what’s wrong with the program so that this blog runs smoothly.

Gotta have a manager that’ll actually let them pitch to the 7-8 inning. Torre’s worthless in that regard.

Good late morning all……..
Jhall here is your answer to Weaver.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

Hello gang!! Thanks for the laughs!! I think Billz is a big key to our season. If he rises to his potential, he could seperate us from the rest of the west and perhaps beyond!!!! Make or break year for Martin. Is he or isn’t he a star? I’m not sure. I think Loney will have a break out year.

I’m not sure if Jeff Weaver is still available, but, I would take him as a long reliever and spot starter. He did a good job last year.

Hi, Jhall. I think James will have a great year too. He was good and consistent last year…this year I vision more power from him. Russell, I’m hoping will bounce back. I pray that last year was just one of those things and not a sign of the future.

Hi’Ya Beav!! Agreed!!! Billz and Kersh have to become the second coming of Koufax and Drysdale for us to win it all. Geez, if they can just consistently get to the 7th inning it would be a huge stride!!!!

Hi’Ya Trumom!!! Great stuff earlier. LOL!!! I think Martin can turn it around!!! If not, groom him for 3rd base and develope our young catchers!!!

Of course, Manny, sans the juice, will play a big part in our success!!!

Hi’Ya D4!! Thanks!!!

Thank god the railroads didn’t have this much trouble with time management. H*ll, all they had was telegraph and pencil and paper. You’d think in the digital age we could get it right!! LOL!!!

Hey D4! That’s what happens when you fill your 40-man roster with a bunch of meadow muffins. Most of the guys Ned’s signed you could wait until the end of ST to get if you needed one.

Manny IMO will be lucky if he knocks in 70 for the year. I think he’ll pull an Andruw on us, though maybe not to that drastic of an extent. That and his contract will of course lead to being unable to deal him at the trade deadline. And it will be yet another $45 mil wasted.

But at least Frank will have Mannywood.

Frank should have called it Moneywood! πŸ™‚

It’s all about concessions and parking my brother!!! LOL!!!

LOL Trumom!!! Franks got a high maintenance wife!!!

Soon to be ex-wife………..and, then she will be even more high maintenance…alimony doesn’t come cheap πŸ™‚

Sigh!! So true Trumom!!

Hey again everyone…..The guy I would like to see improve upon last year is our lead-off guy and SS. He needs to set the table, consistently….stay healthy and become the spark of the offense.
Bills and Kershaw do possess the most potential, I sure would like to see them attain some success in that regard. If they can progress as the season goes along and stay healthy, anything can happen.
The PVL’s we have acquired are gonna be asked to drive in runners when needed, something we struggled with last year.
I hope DeWitt can show the organization he can manufacture runs, in a hurry. Otherwise it sure is looking like he will start in AAA, to get playing time.
Don’t know too much about Repko, I’m sure khali can give us better insight on this though.
Stults is out of options and the Japanese have inquired of him, makes you think the 5th spot is his to lose?
Two rule 5 guy’s…vs Weaver……Weaver sure had some grit!
Anyhow….great seeing the comments from everyone πŸ™‚
Lny4…..I think that if everyone took one quality of the many that Vinny has displayed and taught that to a youngster, or just used it for their own betterment…..Everyday could be Vin Scully Day…..But yes showing our love and appreciation at some point would be cherished.
Lets Do It With A Championship!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:


We need a “Best Of Vin Scully” DVD – at whatever the price – as long as the proceeds go to whatever charity Vin wants.

That reminds me that I have DVR tapes of tapings of “Sundays with Vinny.” He did some great interviews with oltimers and I love the cartoon they used to do there. they moved to a different station after that. I should dig them all up and see about putting it all together.
did you know Reed went to Temecula High School?

Having said that, Reed Johnson (who went to the same high school as my son, although quite a few years ago) has quite a motor. As long as he’s healthy, I think we’ll like the guy. And he’s light-years better than Anderson.

By dodgereric on January 31, 2010 5:55 PM

Dodger4, I am, indeed, a Repko fan, but I seem to be in the minority. The rap against him is he gets hurt and can’t hit. He gets hurt because he plays all out, and he can’t hit because he’s been hurt and never plays. He was a #1 draft choice a few years back as a shortstop. so you know he’s an athlete. No one questions his speed, arm or glove. As for fitting him in, Ned has done a fine job of cluttering. With a 12-man pitching staff, the bench would hold five guys, one being Ausmus by default. That leaves four spots (assuming DeWtt as your starter…a BIG assumption in world of Joe Torre PVLs) between Jamey Carroll, Nick Green, Ronny Belliard, Reed Johnson, Doug Mientkiewicz, Chin-lung Hu, Xavier Paul and Jason Repko. Do the math. Who goes…barring injury? If I’m Hu, Paul and Repko, I’m packing for AAA, and if Mientkiewicz (left-handed bat) sticks, DeWitt can catch that flight with the other three. So much for the youth movement.

Add this to your list Kahli……………………….We signed Alfredo Amezenga to play in the outfield and SS

Alfredo Amezenga was just shuffled in there somewhere also khali…..According to TrueBlue L.A..

Guillermo Mota is the enemy!!!!

I like Repko.

Well, at least Amezaga was only signed to a minor league deal. Very low risk for a very low ceiling player. He actually wouldn’t be a bad 25th man on a well-constructed roster because he is versatile. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I would really consider the Dodgers roster well-constructed.

Cy ~ the construction beams are a little shakey, aren’t they? lol

Tru ~ very shakey, indeed.

Is there any injured PVL this derierrehole won’t sign?


You guys must read the HomePage and see Joe’s plans for resting Manny and Blake. He’s excited to have Reed because he can play all outfield positions…..that way he can rest Andre and Matty wouldn’t have to relocate position.
He also thinks that by signing Johnson, Repko is the odd man out.
If we are smart, we will not go to any day games. All of our regulars will be RESTING!!!!

I do believe Repko will be out of options after this year. Say bye-bye to a guy who never got a chance. For his sake, I hope he hooks on somewhere and mashes for the next 15 years. Of course, by then, Joe will be long retired, as will Reed Johnson, Jamey Carroll, Nick Green, Casey Blake, Ronny Belliard and Alfredo Amezenga. So ask yourself, is Joe looking out for the Dodgers in the long run…or for Joe and his personal legacy? Yeah, I’m bitter. This parade of PVLs we’ve seen for the past few years strikes at the heart of win NOW…which, of course, with Ned’s cunning and Frank’s checkbook, is a pipe dream……in my humble, non-profane opinion.

Weaver signs a minor league contract to remain a Dodger. I actually applaud that move.

I second that!!!
I just read the article on the homepage tru was referring too. I must say that the comments about Manny sound an awful lot like excuses, whether they are from last year or in anticipation of this season…..Let me just say…No Excuses!!!…Not from Frank….Ned….Joe …Manny…or anyone else that can’t get it done. The last team standing on the field in October won’t be making them….. so lets just find a way to overcome these frivolous, mamby pamby obstacles and be that team.
Maybe Simers is right….maybe we are too soft on these guy’s!!!!

Rest in peace Desiree! I remember her with her bright smile and her beautiful black hair.
My prayers too to the Sanchez family.

Thanks for the article, Nellyjune. Finally some recognition for our Dre and Matty!!!!

I know!! However, I was watching mlbtv last night and this morning, and the panel was saying that the Dodgers have spent less money than anyone in the entire league, and that everytime the Dodgers are approached with players, we tell them we have no money. Like we have said before on here many, many times, how can the team that sets records for attendance not have money to spend. I know……………….it’s a hypothetical question because we all know the answer, don’t we?

Sell the Team!!!

Here?s Joe?s explanation of why Manny had a tough time of it in the second half of 2009:

“He seems anxious to get started,” Torre said. “Last year, missing 50 games [to a drug suspension], his biggest problem was having trouble recovering from coming back in cold. It’s not easy to do, especially on a first-place team, taking somebody out of the lineup like Juan Pierre. He felt a lot of pressure and fought himself a lot.”

What a crock of number two! ManRam felt a lot of pressure, because he was replacing the MVP Juan Pierre! He was having a hard time filling Juan?s shoes! Or was it he was having a hard time filling Juan?s hat???

Maybe he was having a difficult time hitting, because he had to relearn how to hit without the benefit of performance enhancing drugs?

Come on, enchanted, with Spring Training around the corner, it’s time we vent. Just so you won’t feel isolated, I’ll go first: Frank, Joe and Ned are do-do heads! And Honeycutt is a double do-do head just because!!

I’m OK with the Weaver signing, in fact, I’m not even sure why he should have to compete for a spot after last season, but so be it.

On the otherhand, WTbumpinguglies – Ramon Ortiz?? Another washed-up hasbeen with a lifetime 4.90 ERA, hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2007, and hasn’t had an ERA under 5.36 since 2004.

I’m not too far from taking the nice-nice gloves off.

I’m surprised it has taken you this long, Enchanted! lol
I’ll bet Bear’s come off any minute πŸ™‚

Actually I’m still kind of hibernating, since our front office execs haven’t come up with anything exciting this winter. I’m also wondering what the heck Mannion does with all of his time over the winter. For a guy who’s supposed to be such a big key, you never hear anything from him. Maybe he got stuck in one of his PortaPotties. I hope!

LMDO!!!! too funny:))

OK. What a crock of poop!!!

There, I’ve said it.

Crock of poop, or bucket of waste……it’s the same all over again.

And, it doesn’t come out in the wash! πŸ™‚

The pile of poop just keeps growing, but what do you expect with Ned in charge.

SELL THE TEAM NOW, while we can still dig out.

You know what they say…
One man’s trash is Ned’s next signing.

“One man gathers what another man spills…”
–The Grateful Dead


“If you plant ice, you’re gonna harvest wind…”
–The Grateful Dead

The difference between stupidy and genius is that genius has its limits…………….Albert Einstein

Let’s recap Ned’s busy and “exciting” offseason shall we.
Reed Johnson
Justin Knoedler
Alfredo Amazaga
Jeff Weaver
Ramon Ortiz
Brad Ausmus
Ronnie Belliard
Vicente Padilla
Francisco Felix
Russ Ortiz
Juan Perez
Prentice Redman
Michael Restovich
Argenis Reyes
Doug Mientkiewicz
Scott Dohmann
John Lindsay
Nick Green
Justin Miller
Carlos Monasterios
Armando Zerpa
Josh Towers
Luis Ayala
Jamey Carroll
John Link
John Ely
Angel Berroa
10 of those he signed in one day.

You may now hurl.

I’d like to hurl, but I can’t, ‘cuz I just lost my lunch.

I didn’t realize Ah-Satan’s Lair Berroa was signed again.

enchanted – very hard to keep down the lunch IMO. So, we couldn’t have gathered up all the money we spent on those players and had a contract for a SP?

Exactly which one of those were we supposed to get excited about and I’ll give it a big WHOOP-TI-DO and a HOTDOG.


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