Padilla returns

Ned has spoken all winter about wanting to add another veteran starting pitcher and today, he got Vicente Padilla, who was even better than we expected when he came our way last season. He went 4-0 for us in the regular season, had our two best starts in the playoffs, and by all accounts of his teammates and coaches, exhibited none of the issues that seemingly plagued him in Texas.

As we noted in the news release, he’s won 14 or more games in four of the last eight seasons and the only other pitcher on the free agent market who can say that was Andy Pettitte.

I hope you all are as excited about this new addition as we are and I still don’t think we’re done. I know that Ned has talked a lot about shoring up the bench with another veteran player or two and I have full faith and confidence that he will.


  1. crzblue2

    I hope that this year’s Spring Training, I get to meet Bob Feller. My friend Deb who is an Indian fan, took her dad there last year. Her dad shared stories when he used to watch him pitch. I met Deb in Vero Beach a few years back and everytime she and her husband come to L.A. she lets me know or when she goes to Spring Training. We ended up as partners during the last Women Baseball clinic at Vero. I love all the friends I have made because of Baseball.
    Sometimes the best time at Spring Training is where there is no game and you could just chat with the guys and watch them practice. I have a friend that works for the General hospital in L.A. who said he ran into Sandy Koufax and he just chatted with him for a while. This is was back in 2004.
    If you can and you can afford it, I highly recomend Spring Training. Lore and I will catch the Dodgers at the Indian facility and at the Giant facility beside the games at Camelback. It is a little easier on us since is a 5 hour drive.
    Bienvenido Pinolero! Welcome back Vicente!

  2. 636566cy

    Honestly, Josh, if this is the news that was supposed to excite Dodgers fans, then you have been working for the McCourts for way to long.

  3. enchantedbeaver

    “I know that Ned has talked a lot about shoring up the bench with another veteran player or two and I have full faith and confidence that he will.”


  4. trublu4ever

    Filling holes on the bench (Kahli and Bear say filling holes should be accepatable in our PG blog) makes me thing of some 40-year old out there (Edmonds) who is not quite reaady to hang it up.

  5. kpookiemon

    bear, very funny from last thread…I’ll be sure to keep Jamie out of any sentences mentioning the word “hole.” Tiger, too, but that’s going to be tougher!!!!!!!! As for Padilla, he passed his physical, meaning Frank and Jamie didn’t find any festering holes in his leg. Ooooops, I said that word and that lady in the same sentence, huh?

  6. nellyjune

    It was the thread master himself a few threads ago. I guess you didn’t get the memo. It kind of vacuums, doesn’t it? LMDO!!!!!! However, you know this board. It only makes them more creative.

  7. enchantedbeaver

    Hey Wally!!

    Jeepers, we were being a little too “frank” in our language so now we’re all trying to be on our best behavior.

  8. jhallwally

    LOL Nelly!! Good point!! Definately a creative bunch here. That’s why it’s so fun!!! Tell Dad hey and we need his guidance in these trying times!!! LOL!!!

  9. nellyjune

    Well, I got that from a 5th grade teacher after I told her of yours……………..”inhales deeply” They thought your’s was good too :))

  10. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Beav!! LOL!! I like the “Frank” connatation. How’ve you been my brother/friend? Golly, I thought we were actually pulling our punches. These guys really have glass jaws!!!

  11. enchantedbeaver

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be opposed to picking Garland back up (at a good price.) He’d at least eat more innings than your typical #5, and would be invaluable if/when Kuroda goes down.

    Washed up may be a little harsh. How about past the age of optimal performance?

  12. trublu4ever

    I’m going to have to go back and write all this new terminology down! Love LMBUGO!!!!!!
    I feel sorry for Shad when he comes back πŸ™‚

  13. nellyjune

    LMDO!!!!! I think Ward Dear really needs to come home now and set you two straight, but then again……………
    nah!!!!! ………..he will follow right in line πŸ™‚

  14. enchantedbeaver

    And here all this time Nells I thought it was quality and not quantity… kinda what I’ve been preaching with Ned.

  15. nellyjune

    Definitely quality over quantity enchanted!!! However, by all these infomercials these days, you would think not.


    Keeping in line with the PG (Poop Guard) rating of this site, let’s turn to a consideration of economics for our Dodgers franchise. That’s a timely topic in our politics and with our retail industry that has just come through the holiday season without too much damage.

    Everybody is trying to reduce costs in order to keep their heads above these recession waters. People in California must be very aware of what I’m talking about, and the retail industry of necessity has done everything they can to reduce costs and offer deep discounts for their product to the consumer.

    What exactly has the Dodger ownership and management done over the last couple of years?

    If you look back, they have constantly reduced payroll, which I assume is their largest expense factor. You can argue whether paying $5 million for Padilla is equally cost effective to paying double or triple that for Lee or Halladay, and that’s to totally overlook the big bucks that Frank and Ned wasted on the likes of Schmidt, Loaiza, Andruw, and possibly even Manny. WHERE’S THE CONSUMER DISCOUNT FOR THE FANS? Management has simply raised the price of everything from parking fees to ticket prices to concessions. The public relations staff proudly suggests what a great deal they provide for the Dodger fans. When the ownership costs get constantly trimmed, and the cost to the fans never decreases, there’s something wrong with Frank’s enterprise and in the front office. In national politics there is now even talk of not renewing Bernanke’s contract, because he’s not done much to alleviate our country’s circumstances while bailing out everybody that may not have deserved it. On the other hand, we’ve extended Ned’s contract, and I haven’t heard about Frank taking less out of the Dodger business. Is there any wonder that many of us call on him to SELL THE TEAM?

    Sorry about getting so cerebral, and I must say that my emotions are stretching this bungee cord of maintaining this blog civility to the point where one of these days it will plain break loose and flood this site with my usual choice ex-Marine expletives. That point might come with the next PVL that Ned digs up from the deep dumpster and the rest of the front office sells to us as just the kind of veteran that we’ve been looking for to complement our team’s needs.

  17. nellyjune

    Round of applause for Messagebear!!! Fabulous post!! ……….and Messagebear, by you saying ex-marine reminds me of my father-in-law, and he loved to use his expletives too. I am guessing you may just get to use them once again real soon.

  18. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
    I for one am glad that Padilla is back. I would?ve preferred Piniero, but the Angels beat us to him. I am glad that this is Manny?s last year. I am glad that JP is gone. I?m glad for a lot of things. But I?ve been reading ITD lately and honestly, I don?t like the ?tone? of various posts here. Maybe that?s the reason why I haven?t posted much. I know we all love our Dodgers, and yes, we all have different personalities and a written word from the varying personalities comes out differently. Josh already addressed that a few threads ago; I?m not going to beat that dead horse in the ground. But when Josh asked ITDers not to be vulgar, I knew the personality of ITDers that something creative would come of it; and it did! From Jhall?s ?bumping uglies gluteous? to Nelly?s ?reallyreallynotgoodolderthan35successchallenged bench player? ITD has made for very interesting reading!

    And this may sound a little naοve, but can?t we learn to enjoy the Dodgers, no matter who they put on the field? Will Clayton become the youthful ace we all want him to be and know that he can be? Or will he fall flat on his face? Will Rihanna be such a distraction to Matty that Matty ends up hitting .232 at the end of the year? Who will be the 2010 version of Ronald Belisario? Will there be one? These players that many if not all ITDers have coveted and gone elsewhere (Lee, Halladay, etc); will they play the way they have in the past, or will they blow out their elbows (and I’m not wishing that on any player) or get injured to where they can’t contribute? Who can tell today (1/22/10) and say with any kind of certainty where the Dodgers will end up when the 2010 World Series finishes? WS Champions? NL Champions? Languishing in last place in the NL West and got nowhere close to making the playoffs? Perhaps, just perhaps the moves and players that we have coveted at one time or another may or may not make any difference.

    I mean, honestly, does anyone here REALLY BELIEVE that what they post on ITD will make an iota of difference with this team? Maybe bits and pieces find their way to the powers that be, but I?ve stopped getting all upset about this move or that move or this non move or that non move. I?ve stopped getting upset over things that I have NO control over. To me, it?s a waste of my energy. Do I have my opinions; of course I do. I have just chosen not to express them in such ?flamboyant? fashion. It?s just not worth the energy; ESPECIALLY when I have no control over it. Does that make me boring? Perhaps it does on ITD, but I just choose to save my passion for when the Dodgers take the field.

    But one thing that I am very passionate about and will post on ITD ?till the cows come home is ? STOP BEATING ON JOSH ? PLEASE. I mean, put yourself in his shoes. He?s EMPLOYED by the Dodgers, and running this ITD blog is part of his job. I think Josh does value his job, so yes he?s going to put the company spin on whatever he says. And I for one would not expect anything different. And I don?t mean that in a negative way at all. He wants to keep his job. In case some of you haven?t noticed, jobs are kinda scarce these days. If Josh?s own personal opinion about the Dodgers? organization conflicts with what his ?company? has asked of him in performing his job, then he can do what he wants to do about his job. But don?t trash-talk Josh; he doesn?t deserve the treatment.

  19. nellyjune

    It sure is nice seeing the real Los Angeles team on my baseball wall (as opposed to the Angels), not that the Dodgers aren’t well represented all year round, mind you, but it’s good to see Dodger blue instead of Angels Red.

    Wonderful post CP!! How is your business going?

  20. heartruss

    Well hi Cpompe1
    I too am glad to see Padilla back with the Dodgers. The Dodgers certainly got their moneys worth from him.
    Hope everything is well with you and your family.
    I was pleased that the organization avoided arbitration with all our young players, signing Matt, Broxton and Andre for two years. That did take a few million dollars.
    The tone of ITD bothers me as well. I love my Dodgers no matter what. I spent quite a bit of last year at Dodger Stadium and fell totally in love with the personnel, the players, my friends there. I think I take the criticism personally. It does make a difference when you actually can see the players personally and see that they do play their hearts out. They laugh and cry just as we do. I hope they don’t read ITD. I was embarrassed by the negative talk re: Pierre. I certainly hope he didn’t read ITD. He stepped into Manny’s place and played well.
    The Dodgers did not get to the playoffs with mediocre playing.
    Josh, thank you for everything you do. Thank you for bringing Joe Pierre to California and for the best ever tour. I will always support you and the Dodgers.

  21. crzblue2

    R.I.P. Bobby Bragan.
    Former Brooklyn Dodger Bobby Bragan died yesterday at the age of 92.
    Robert Randall Bragan was born in Birmingham, Ala., on Oct. 30, 1917. He played parts of seven seasons from 1940-48 for the Philadelphia Phillies and the Brooklyn Dodgers, playing mostly shortstop and catcher and batting .240 for his career. He missed the 1945 and ?46 seasons to serve in the U.S. military.
    In 1947, he made his only plate appearance in a World Series game, delivering a pinch-hit double for the Dodgers.
    I’ve been working on and off on a list of the surviving Brooklyn Dodger players. i don’t have the post ready but I got to update my worksheet cause we are down to 63.
    Hope everyone is doing well! I am fighting an earache.

  22. nellyjune

    All other Dodger forums are talking about the same issues…………….Frank’s ownership of the team, ticket prices (both ST and Dodger Stadium) and pitching. It’s a daily topic on mlbtv as well. We are not saying anything that any other blog, homepage comment section and even facebook page is saying. We just have a more creative way of saying it I guess. I am guessing Frank is choosing to listen to the fans that don’t care that he will eventually run this franchise into the ground because he obviously isn’t reading anything because there hasn’t been much positive from any forum relating to the Dodgers lately other than the players themselves and their recent signings, but even those remarks have an undercurrent of ownership issues. With that being said, I am estactic that our young core is still intact for another season, and I look forward to seeing what this team brings to the diamond this season.

  23. nellyjune

    Vig – only if they don’t pisss off Tim with this arbitration mess – LOL!!! I can say that………I live with gnat fans.

  24. Dodger4life

    Leadership starts at the top and Frank and Jamie are at the top of this organization. I think they themselves have some work to do on conducting themselves with dignity and class. I will run around singing – Zippity Doo Da all day as soon as they do the same.
    As far as leadership on this site, we have one of the best in Josh, he has requested we find better and more dignified ways to express our concerns…..Point Taken!!!
    My opinion is that this blog is cherished for it’s originality and personalities, as well as it’s bond with the Dodgers through Josh and his comrades. Combine that with our ability to constantly communicate through laughter, wisdom and cheer and we are like no other.
    That is good representation of the Dodger Way if you ask me…..In the future, I personally will work on my comments and the way I present them. I hope Frank and Jamie can extend that couertesy to the organization as well.
    Thanks Josh, Scott and Mark and all the readers and writers, comedians, disiplinarians and happy go lucky Dodger faithul as well……

    Hope ya don’t mind Eric this just seemed like a good time to rehash the song….

    I Love This Blog
    Slow day leads to things like this:

    Ripping off Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar”

    We got winners, we got losers
    We’ve had steroid abusers
    We’ve got hitting, need some pitching
    Where can I do some bitching?
    ‘Cause our owners and GM are in a fog

    Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog

    We got jhall, and messagebear
    Seeskybout2rain and joepierre
    And we got dnelly, diggie and trublu
    MLK and peru
    Northstateblues will tell you ’bout his favorite grogg

    Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog

    I love this blog
    It’s my kind of place
    Just talkin’ ’bout the Dodgers
    Puts a big smile on my face
    Clear skies or smog, LA or Prague

    Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog

    I’ve read Boblee, Msrussyethier
    Scott_in_arcadia and jungar
    And we got alex, emma and amy
    Bluecrewgirl, Max_power and Kahliforni
    Enchanted finds new ways to rhyme Andruw with a hog

    Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog
    Yes I do

    I like leekfink (I like leekfink)
    Crash and dc (Crash and dc)
    I like to hear from ol’ sara
    I miss bigkace and rodmky

    But I love this blog
    It’s my kind of place
    Just talkin’ ’bout the Dodgers
    Puts a big smile on my face
    Clear skies or smog, LA or Prague

    Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog
    Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog

    We got Scurtis and Lbirken
    Thought bubbles from Obi_wen
    Kpookiemon and knouffbrock
    Heartruss and Cpompe and Redfox

    If you get too down D4 will drain the bog
    Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog

    Play it on out boys
    Beer-thirty’s over
    Got to take it on home

    Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog
    I just love it

    By dodgereric on March 20, 2009 2:10 PM
    GO DODGERS!!!!
    LONG LIVE ITD!!!!!

  25. 636566cy

    I want to say that I really do appreciate the job that Josh does on this blog as well. However, just like everyone else in the world, he needs to be held accountable for any statements that he makes.

    When he says that we are all going “to be excited” about the players being added in the coming weeks, I can’t help but question his idea of excitement when Padilla was out big catch. Not that I’m against the idea of Padilla on a 1-year deal for a good price, but excited, I think not.

    Also, when he states to the LA Times that “after much fan feedback”, the Dodgers have decided to remove the $90 seats from McRanch, I also need to ask, “Really?” The front office really needed to tick off the fan base for a whole season and hear them rant and rave to figure out that $90 for games that DON’T MEAN SQUAT was a bad idea? I know he is just doing his job, but that statement implies that the front office had no idea at all that they were trying to fleece fans for tickets to McRanch because of the great “new experience”. If that is the case, the front office is more clueless than I thought.

    Lastly, I do enjoy reading all of his posts, but I will not drink the Kool-Aid just because he is “only doing his job”. If it is a good post, I will say so. If he needs to be called on the carpet, I will do so as well.

  26. 636566cy

    On a more technical note, how do I get spaces between my paragraphs? I’m tired of my posts looking like long paragraphs from my elementary school days. Thanks in advance for the tip:)


    When I turn to the ITD blog, which is many times during the day, I see the reference at the top that it is an MLB blog featuring the LA Dodgers. I believe that MLB has a blog for each major league team. The Dodger front office and specifically Josh seem to be in charge of the postings, and that is much appreciated by everyone, I’m sure, including myself. BUT, there’s nothing there that says that it is the Dodger owners, or Dodger Front Office, or Dodger management blog, so I will maintain that it is the DODGER FANS BLOG! That’s the purpose for which MLB establishes these blogs, as I see it. In the vernacular of recent political developments it’s akin to saying “People’s Seat” SO let this be the FANS BLOG. Now, given that the postings are made by Josh and occasionally some other people in the front office, I don’t expect them to do anything but put the best face on Dodger ownership, management, and whatever they think they’re accomplishing for OUR team. BUT, while we can all accept that, the FANS BLOG doesn’t require that we agree with them, that we don’t ridicule them, or even at times cuss them out.

    There are indeed a lot of other blogs about the Dodgers out there, so everybody can get his feel for whatever “tone” suits them best. I’ve enjoyed this blog for a number of years now and appreciate the different personalities that come through the postings on ITD. Many of the other blogs to me are just bland. I’m the kind of guy who will occasionally (maybe even often) get riled up enough to yell at the TV. I don’t like just bland reporting or bland opinions. When I watch TV, I prefer the extremes of a Bill O’Reilly and Rachel Maddow (no political preference intended here), rather than just the bland news reporting. I realize that some of us doing the posting represent a small minority of Dodger fans – that most people may just like to read and take in what others say. That’s fine. I think you may be occasionally offended by what you call the tone of our postings, but I’ve very rarely seen any DODGER FAN being offended by personal attacks here in the postings of the most radical of us. I hope that everyone enjoys this forum, but let’s remember that the forum is for the DODGER FANS, by the DODGER FANS, and the DODGER FANS will decide what tone will be adopted here. If the Dodger ownership and management don’t like it, let them develop their own Dodger publicity tool, but not one that is under the auspices of MLB at the top of the blog page.

  28. trublu4ever

    Cy and Messagebear ~ thank-you. I’ve been trying all day to say exactly how I feel and you two have said it perfectly.
    Cy ~ I put a . and then go down a line to get a new paragraph. I don’t know if there is another way but, this works for me.


    Thank you, cy, and I have enjoyed your posts. Don’t know whether you’re relatively new or operating with a different name from a previous one. Either way WELCOME.

  30. nellyjune

    Cy – three spaces between lines works too.

    ………just like this πŸ™‚

    I learned this on ITD as well (one of my Cleaver Family members I am sure).

    Love ya Messagebear!!!

  31. nellyjune

    Cy – in my attempt to give you an ITD typing lesson, I forgot to mention you had a fabulous post earlier too. I think Josh knows his job and part of his job is dealing with fan’s concerns, and you bring up some very good ones.

  32. enchantedbeaver

    Cy – two ways I know of… put a period between new paragraphs like Tru mentioned above:


    OR triple space.

  33. 636566cy

    Thanks for the technical help everyone.

    Messagebear – not really new to the forum, but just not that frequent of a poster.


    Thank you for the comments, nelly (Love ya too, my favorite school teacher) and jhall, my favorite Ohioan (is that how they call you Ohio guys). I should remember, having lived in Ohio for a number of years, although more in the Akron – Cleveland area. Can’t wait for ST to begin and see what pleasant surprises it may bring.

  35. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Nelly!!! LOL Bear!! Mostly, they call us Buckeyes!!!! Not just because of Ohio State, but because it is a tree that is native to here and has become the adopted/accepted moniker for the state. LOL!!!!


    Buckeyes, of course! In no way comparable to the excremental weasel, indigenous to the Boston area trying to invade and lay waste to Southern California by infesting great baseball diamonds and traditions by introducing PVL’s.

  37. nellyjune

    You are most welcome Messagebear!! It’s always a pleasure reading what you have to say…………….expletives and all.

    Jhall – In doing all this baseball geography, I do a lot about the state itself so I did learn that your state tree is the Buckeye Tree. I just assumed until then it was based on OSU.

  38. jhallwally

    Hey Nelly. It goes back before Ohio State was founded. Ohio State teams took the moniker and definately perpetuated it.

  39. nellyjune


    I know this is not Dodger related, but it’s baseball related and kind of fun because it involves my hubby’s business, but the other day, we had Brian Fuentes (Angels), Doug Fister (Pitcher for Seattle), Dusty Ryan (Catcher for the Padres), a few minor leaguers (two Rox and one Card), and a whole bunch of college kids all at VSA training. There are all local boys who made it big. I was at school unfortunately and couldn’t get down there on time, but it’s kind of weird seeing these guys walking through the doors of our place and knowing they are making hundreds of thousands up to millions of dollars to play baseball. Brian was actually there again today training and talking about when he has to report for ST. Even though they aren’t Dodgers (yet), it’s kind of fun knowing they are around.


    Good evening to one and all!! With all the reports that I’ve been hearing about the weather in California this week, I hope and pray that all of our ITD family is safe and secure… From the tone of the posts,it’s good to see that our patchwork quilt is doing its usual excellent job cooking up it’s own unique batch of Dodger Brew. One that’s never bland and always satisfying. I’m sure that we’re all well aware of who signs Josh’s paycheck and that any criticism directed at his bosses, in particular that economicallychallengedethicallysuspectcorrupterofahallowedfranchise should not, in anyway be taken personally.

  41. nellyjune

    jhall – I can’t take too much credit really other than just being a huge baseball fan and being one of the wives. However, I must say, I remember talking to you about it when it was just an idea. You know their travel teams are called the Eagles, and the colors are red, white and blue, and that came from your ideas a long time ago when we were thinking of logos, slogans and quotations to be put on the walls and such. It was back when we were trying to get the air force base that closed down here.

  42. nellyjune

    How was dinner enchanted? I must say I am glad you still have power…………….electricity that is – LOL!!!!

  43. enchantedbeaver

    I’m getting too old for that kinda cra…..zy stuff though Nells. Now my back is stiffer than a board.


    Well, that’s interesting. My post was entered, time wise, before I wrote it. A new twist on ITDFST.

  45. enchantedbeaver

    So have there been any rumored names as far as the “veteran” bench players Ned’s looking at? You don’t really think Edmonds is one of them do you?

  46. nellyjune

    Hey Seesky!!! This time clock thing is a real mystery at times. You would think it would be easy to fix a clock, but it certainly makes posting here interesting, not that we need misinformed clocks to be interesting.

  47. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ I really don’t think Edmonds is on our radar…hasn’t played in a year and is pushing 40….gee, that’s what we might be looking for afterall.
    I did hear rumors that Werth may be the odd-man-out in Philly…won’t be able to afford him. besides, they just signed Victorino to an extention.


    Yeah, nells. I much prefer the subject matter be interesting than the process itself…….. so, with the weather being what it is out there, I hope no one’s the worse for wear


    Is Byrnes still available? He’s a veteran and still productive…..Oh, I’m sorry. He’s not what we want.

  50. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ We shouldn’t have to do that, should we? You’d think by now they would have tried to fix this problem. It’s okay now but, I will be a little bit miffed if this always happens during a game.

  51. nellyjune

    submission error satan’s lair!!!

    enchanted – I am very glad you are home. ………..and you know in baseball standards closing in on 50 maybe old, but you are far from being old.

  52. enchantedbeaver

    I doubt Byrnes would play cheap enough.

    So what’s the announcement that is going to please all of us?
    Or has it already happened and we were really underwhelmed?

  53. enchantedbeaver

    Try unplugging your modem when you’re having problems then plug it back in and let it reconnect with the internet. Usually works, but once in awhile it puts you back on real time.

  54. enchantedbeaver

    Hey D4!! I used to lose posts on occasion too. Now if its any lengthy post I do a frequent cut in case I have to paste it back later. Sometimes I’ll even do it on a short post because they have a tendency not to “take” when I hit submit. Other times I’ll hit submit, nothing happens, I’ll refresh the page a couple times, still get no post showing up, paste and resubmit, and end up with two duplicate posts.

    BTW, I’ve already lost this post twice.

    Obviously no one at MLB cares enough to work on things to get a real solution or program that works.

    And when I just hit submit, absolutely nothing happened. And I had to unplug my modem.


  55. enchantedbeaver

    Really weird – you guys get submission errors, I just get arbitrarily kicked to “internet explorer cannot display the web page.” Then when I click the back arrow, it goes back to the page that displays all the recent threads so that I have to click on the comments to get back.

    I also have to sign in about 5-10 times a day. Sometimes fully, sometimes I just have to ckick on “sign in” and I’m back to “now you can make a comment.’

    Here’s a comment I’d like to make:
    FIX THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!

    If they’d just go back to the program they had 2 years ago, it’d be perfect. (and as I just typed that, I just got kicked to the “cannot open page” screen again.

  56. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    Don’t worry, I only have “those” kind of posts once in a LONG while! So who do we have around ITD right now?

    Nelly – Are you still here? Hope so! Sorry it took me this long to answer your question from above, but my business is going very slow right now. Actually, if it was going much slower, I’d, well, I don’t want to think about that right now. I’m working on networking. For me, that seems to be the big thing right now for me to generate business. I’ve still got “irons on the fire” but these are the same irons that were there a month ago, and they still aren’t paying customers yet. Next week I’ll be working on other networking ideas. Just keep praying for me!

  57. enchantedbeaver

    And then after all that I get time warped.

    How come no other blogs but the ones run by MLB have this problem? Don’t tell me they don’t have enough money to either replace the program or fix the problem.

  58. nellyjune

    Hey CP!! I am still here, just trying to overcome submission error issues. I took enchanted’s idea to see if it worked. It seemed to, so we shall see. Keep plugging away. It takes time, but it will be worth it in the end. Networking and knowing who to ask is a big thing. Just in the business we opened with the baseball academy, it’s just a matter of finding different ways to get the word out.

  59. nellyjune

    enchanted – I have had to sign on a bunch of times today too, both at home and at work. So, there is something screwy happening with that as well.

  60. cpompe1

    Hey Trumom! I know I’ve said this before, but honestly, I REALLY do miss ITD when I’m away for any great length of time. Yes, my earlier post may have made it seem like I don’t like ITD different personalities, but I REALLY DO like them! It’s just me; I’ve got to sort things out. And thx for the hope on my business; I am sure things will pick up soon. I’m just impatient!

    My Nellygirl! Sorry about the submission error issues. Those are so annoying. As for the business, I was thinking that doing the same thing over and over and not getting any results isn’t helping me; at least not at this point. Like I told Trumom, I just have to be patient and find different ways to get the word out.

  61. enchantedbeaver

    That’s “threaded fastenered” Tru.

    Hey CP! Hang in there. Takes a good year to start building clientele.

  62. nellyjune

    As far as the Dodgers CP, what do you think of Andre’s contract? I am thinking he did pretty good for a player who management seemed to have their doubts about a year ago.

  63. cpompe1

    You’re right Nelly! It feels like I’ve been nothing but patient! So speaking of businesses, it seems like the academy is doing well. Oh, and btw, I’m really jealous that those different major league-rs are walking in and out of your front door like that! How cool is that!

  64. nellyjune

    Oh excuse me enchanted……… what I should have said was ………………..the way our economy is so threaded fastenered up.

  65. Dodger4life

    CP have you tried accessing public records for listings of new buisnisses in your area? I would think a % of those people would need services such as yours?

  66. cpompe1

    Enchanted! How ya doing buddy? Don?t tell me it?ll take me a good year to start building my clientele. Oh, well, like I said, I need to be patient and just keep getting my name out there!

    Nelly ? I?m thrilled that they locked up Andre & Matty for a couple of years. Again, my fear will be with Andre. After this 2-year contract, he will be up for free agency. Assuming he keeps his performance like 2009, the Dodgers would be crazy not to give him a contract extension before he?s a free agent. But of course, it?s not only up to the Dodgers; Andre has to agree to it too. And right now, no one can be sure what this team will look like in 2 years. As for Matty, we have him under financial control for another year after his 2-year contract. But again, he?ll be looking at a similar scenario as Andre. I?m just thrilled that we will be seeing #16 and #27 roaming the outfield for the next 2 years!!!

  67. cpompe1

    Hey D4! Actually, I thought of that; that?s one of the different things that I will be working on next week! So how are you?

  68. dodger4life2

    I’m good CP…..It is good to see you, as well as the rest of ITD πŸ™‚
    I am not too fond of the hall moniter….I have been given way too much detention

  69. nellyjune

    CP – it does feel good to have them locked up for two years, and yes, I agree, what will it take to keep them if they perform like expected? Nobody will know until the time comes I guess. As for the academy, it is pretty cool, but my hubby is benefiting from seeing all of them. I am teaching at the time. I have seen a few on weekends. There were a few Rockies minor league pitchers in doing clinics for kids. They are all excited about reporting to spring training just like us the fans.

    Boy, the submission errors are horrible tonight!!!

  70. cpompe1

    Believe it or not, but D4, I hear ya. I mean, we all come onto ITD to talk Dodger baseball and have fun doing so. This is the last place one would think they’d get “reprimanded.” But I also understand Josh’s take on this too. I mean, none of us know how many youngsters read this blog (not necessarily post anything) but read it. I just would hate to know that something I would post that wasn’t really intended for young eyes adversely affect said youngster in a negative way. I don’t know; I just like to keep the peace. πŸ™‚

    Well, I’ve gotta go. I’m getting tired. I catch up with y’all later…

  71. cpompe1

    Okay, I know I said I was going, but Nelly, it does feel good to have them locked up for two years. Only time will tell what kind of MLB players they will be in two years. You’d think that I live close to Hollywood and have lived in So Cal all my life, that I would’ve seen a star or two in my lifetime. If I did, I must have been really young and don’t remember. I just wish I could “name drop” like you can!

    And again, I’m sorry the submission errors are rearing their ugly head so much!

    Okay, now I’ll go…

  72. kpookiemon

    L.A. Times story this morning reports that the signings of Vicente Padilla and Jamey Carroll accomplished the Dodgers’ major off-season goals. Wow Frank, way to shoot for the moon, baby!


    I’m an ex-marine myself, and it’s true, doing a hitch in the Corps can leave you with some colorful expressions. I need to use them, at times, with good effect on the people I work with, and I’ve done it on here as well. Like when Broxton failed to pitch to Stairs in game 4. But, perhaps, we get a little carried away with it at times, and it probably is a good idea to tone it down a bit. There probably are a lot of people/kids? looking at this too, that never post.

  74. enchantedbeaver

    LOL Kahli!!! ‘Tis sad isn’t it?? Makes you wonder what “looking bench strength” means.

    But then, we already know what that means don’t we??!!

  75. nellyjune

    I had a great post to reply to Kahli’s post, but I lost it once again to a submission error. Anyhow, I see the signing of Carroll and Padilla being a good thing for the team as a whole with some big “if’s”, but it’s far from accomplishing our goals in the off-season. Signing our core young players without the headaches of an arbitration nightmare is a goal accomplished. That is definitely a good thing. Now, “if” Billz, Kersh and Kuroda come back and are ready to bring it, then Padilla’s signing will be a goal that was accomplished, but I guess that will have to wait until we see what we have in the other three. The Carroll signing will be a good one “if” DeWitt can’t prove he belongs at second base, or “if” something happens to Furcal. I think he will be a good utility back up. So, they aren’t bad signings at all, but goals accomplished?………………………. that remains to be seen.

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