Get well soon, Roberto

For those in the blogging community, you probably already know the brains behind the site that has arguably the best name of any out there. Roberto from Vin Scully is my Homeboy looks like he’s going to be battling some health issues for a bit, so please keep him in your thoughts. From what I can tell, he literally attends every event that has anything to do with the Dodgers and has been posting great stuff on his site for the last couple years.

Roberto, on behalf of all of us at the Dodgers (including your homeboy), get well soon.


  1. Dodger4life

    Get well soon Roberto…………
    Rosenthal is reporting the Dodgers have signed Nick Green to a minor league contract, he is coming off back surgery and looking at becoming Raffy’s back up at short.

  2. scott_in_arcadia

    Colletti just signed another ex-Giants loser- Russ Ortiz – to a minor league deal. Gee, I sure hope he makes the club…sigh.

  3. cpompe1

    Sorry to hear that Roberto is on his version of the DL. Roberto – I will be praying for you and for a speedy recovery.

  4. trublu4ever

    Get well Roberto!
    Just what we need, Dodger4life, another injured player πŸ™‚
    How in hell do you get a submission error with a new thread and hardly any posts?!


    Now that we have confirmation about McGuire, when will it be Manny’s turn?

    We’ll be lucky to keep Andre for the full season, what with the money he’ll make after arbitration – money that Frank doesn’t have.


  6. jhallwally

    Hello gang!!! Unfortunately if Frank/Jamie remain owners, I think it will get a lot worse before it gets better.

    By jhallwally on January 11, 2010 1:00 PM
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    I think/believe they will put their own agenda’s before the teams!!!!!

    By jhallwally on January 11, 2010 1:06 PM

  7. nellyjune

    Hey Jhall!!!

    Enchanted – I just did a whole week’s worth of stuff on the Royals, and they are looking better (from a management perspective) than the Dodgers do right now.

  8. jhallwally

    Hey Nelly!!! From a management perspective, what a joke when you talk about the Dodgers!!! I’m not surprised!!!

  9. Dodger4life

    Doesn’t Joe sit Raffy after long plane rides due to his back?
    Now he has a replacement who will spell him after such plane rides with a bad back also? Coupled with all the rehabilitating arms, maybe the Dodgers can just fly from city to city this season in a big floating hot tub…..

  10. nellyjune

    I am just not understanding signing all these PVLs, paying them or not. Our farm system must be really damaged to have to go out and get once DL’d PVLs.

  11. enchantedbeaver

    Very nice, thank you Wally. I even got to meet 4 of the ITD crew on New Years day.

    Floating/flying hot tub? – I’m sure Jamie’s in!!!

    I for one would rather see all the kids get a chance to play than watch the likes of Green, Carroll, Ortiz et al. But then Joe’s lost without his PVLs.

    I’m sure they’ll re-sign Joe for one more season at several million dollars to lean on the rail and look like a soaked bassett, so why can’t they spend at least that much and sign a moderately (read that as a #4) starter?

    Then of course we get to look forward to Mattingly’s tenure… this organizations gone completely to hell in a hand basket led by the pied piper of NedCo.

    NedCo – “If we had the money, Frank would have better lawyers.?”

  12. trublu4ever

    Things are just getting better by the minute! Wow, we are certainly putting fear into our opponents….they have to be laughing their assses off!

  13. crzblue2

    Roberto said he had about six blood tranfusions since December. A good friend of mine at work had seven blood tranfusions during the December shutdown. I am glad of my contributions when we do the Blood drive here at work and the ones from the Dodger Booster club.
    thank you all that donate blood at the stadium or anywhere!


    On the other hand, if the team paid their players (Manny excepted) like Frank has to pay his lawyers, we wouldn’t have much to complain about. That’s the whole point – Frank doesn’t hesitate to pay whatever it takes for his lawyers, whatever it takes to keep Joe leaning against the rail, and even extends the contract of such an ineffectual GM (the word is being used VERY loosely) as Ned, but he doesn’t have the money to get anybody decent to upgrade the team or even guarantee that we’ll have the money to keep Andre, Matt, etc.

    “Sell the team you f*cking wannabe’s!!!!!”, as one of us said earlier.


    Is there some point at which the real major league team owners would complain that Frank and Ned (and Mannion too) are making a travesty of this game?

    Sell the team you f*cking wannabe’s!!!!!

  16. Dodger4life

    Ned is filling out the roster, the way Joe fills out his line – up card from the bottom & up!!! I am using up in a pro active manner.


    So Mc Guire finally admits to steroids. I’ve thought all along that Aaron and Maris were the real homer record holders.

  18. Dodger4life

    On a brighter note…I really think Kershaw will have a great season….I find myself eagerly awaiting this with much anticipation.

  19. lny4loney

    When I heard about McGwire’s admission on the radio I said to myself: very late, but I’m glad he apologized.
    After reading the full text, I am disappointed. It is a weak apology full of self-pity. “I wish I was able” to do this (admit his steroid use) five years ago.” Gimme a break.
    McGwire should have no place in the game.
    If he really wants to convince this fan that he is truly sorry, he will donate every penny (alright he can keep $10K to get a new start in a completely unrelated field) he has and vow never to make another penny from baseball or from the fame he stole from the game. As recipients, I recommend he appoint someone to find guys who never quite made it to the majors but would have if not for cheaters like himself.

  20. kpookiemon

    lny4loney, I couldn’t agree with you more. Self-serving garbage meant to ease his way back into the Cardinals dugout. He claims he used steroids to recover from numerous injuries…stay healthy enough to honor his contract…that every home run he ever hit he would have hit regardless, given his natural gift of power. The whole point of steroids is longevity and quick healing, as well as bulk and power. If he’s not using, he’s on the DL; hard to break records on the DL. Hard to take active roster spots if you’re on the DL.

    Given this level of fraud, self-deception, and flat out lying, is it any wonder Ned’s dumpster dives are framed every which way but the truth: Frank is penniless and paralyzed. Just say it like it really is.

  21. colliethec

    Roberto — I’m sorry to hear you’re sick. My thoughts & prayers are with you. You need to get better soon, so you can make a trip up to the “Phonebooth” so we can get some autographs together this year!
    Take care…

  22. thinkingblue

    JOSH – Thanks for the news
    ROBERTO – My thoughts and prayers are with you. I’ll be praying for a healthy recover….God bless you & THINK BLUE!
    OH YEAH a Glimpse of future or Maybe-to-be Dodgers! Thanks NELLY for sharing!
    HOPE ITD is having a wonderful morning!

  23. ramslover

    Now as far as the invitees to ST signings. I have one thing to say…if Russ Ortiz makes the club..I do not know what I will do, but when I read he could be a candidate for the 5th spot in the rotation, I almost puked. He is toast, done, it will be like we rolled Nomo out again that last year he was here. What was his ERA almost 70 plus innings. Absolutely no chance to win. I understand these signings are about catching lighning in a bottle but that will be the plague in a bottle…Give one of the youngsters , Lindblom, Elbert, whomever, but not Ortiz!!!

  24. trublu4ever

    Mark McGwire admits to steroid use…by Gary B.
    McGwire would have admitted to steroid use sooner but, just didn’t have the balls to do it.

  25. nellyjune

    Fabulous post Ramslover!!!! …………BTW – #16 is Andre Ethier, right fielder for the Royals……… I mean Dodgers :))

  26. thinkingblue

    Mark McGwire admits to steroid use…by Gary B.
    McGwire would have admitted to steroid use sooner but, just didn’t have the balls to do it.

    By trublu4ever on January 12, 2010 11:14 AM
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    TRU-that’s usually what happens when taking roids…their balls shrink!
    NELLY – Wow don’t trick me like that…my heart sunk for awhile…#16 Andre Ethier DODGER BLUE ALL THE WAY (right left anywhere) :0)

  27. jhallwally

    Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame!!! No one likes a liar!!! Pete’s big mistake was lieing for 10-15 years. Pete was above board between the lines. McGuire, Bonds, Palmero, Sosa, et al…, were not. Pete should go in before any of these cheats!!!

  28. ramslover

    JHall I agree with you on Rose. If the ballplayers will swallow their prides and admit when they screwed up, we are a very forgiving society. As for the steroid users, I realize I am probably in the minority, but I will not use it against them. I wish it did not happen, but it did and baseball, I do not care what Selig says, knew it was happening. It was prevalent just like amphetamines in the 7o’s..I do not like when the high and mighty sportwriters act as if they did not know what was happening..they turned a blind eye just like the ML did. We do not know who did (only some have been outed, trust me many more did than didn’t) and who did not. I think you have to look at the ERA for what it was and judge accordingly.

    As for #16 nelly, I cannot recall him…did he get traded to the White Sox? LOL!!!

  29. nellyjune

    Sorry Rose!!! Well, let’s hope Frank pays Andre like he belongs with the Dodgers and not like he belongs with the Royals.

    Hey Jhall!!! On during the day again. Are you taking time off of work, or are you fighting the flu again? I hope it’s time off work :)) Whatever the reason, it’s good seeing you on during the west coast daytime hours. I agree with you, if those names are getting in the HOL, then so should Pete.

  30. jhallwally

    I still consider Roger Maris the single season home run record holder. I said that back in 2007!!!! Hank Aaron is still the all time home run king in my book!!! Nothing Barroid did is legitimate!!!!

  31. trublu4ever

    Just wondering though, about all these players bitching about the steroids now, didn’t take ome other form of a performance enchancer in their day. I recall hearing there were bowls of “uppers” sitting out like candy in the locker rooms.

  32. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Trumom!! I certainly hope not. They would never get my vote. What would Roberto Clemente/Joe DiMaggio/Stan Musiel think of these guys?!!!!


    Sad to say, but I’m sure that the Royals would be willing to pay more for Andre than the current Dodger ownership/management will.

  34. Dodger4life

    McGwire waited as long as possible to admit his usage…he has only now, after decideing that he wants back into the game come forth….and still claims he would of been a Hall of Fame caliber hitter without the juice. How does he know, How do any of us know this!! We don’t and we never will!!
    I commend him for his admittance towards the usage. I can forgive him. I do not accept the fact that he deserves to be in the Hall!!

  35. jhallwally

    Hey gang, I’m tainted. I grew up watching Mickey Mantle and Don Drysdale!!! Real men who played the game clean.

  36. jhallwally

    I hope baseball will put the steroid era in perspective and let the future generations know that the records attained are not legitimate.

  37. lny4loney

    McGwire and all known PED users — OUT
    Pete Rose — OUT (Let him in after he dies; his fans deserve it, but he doesn’t.)

  38. ramslover

    Trublu, I agree with you about the was rampant in baseball in the 70s. There are players in the hall that used them..As long as sports have been played, players have always looked for an advantage. How can any of us sit here and think that none of our heros did not enhance their performance. If the media was as agressive as they are now, alot of our heros would be tainted.

    I heard from a long time major leaguer that greenies were taken by many ballplayers in the 7o’s including some HOFers…

    Lets not think that the Steroid Era is the 1st tainted era of baseball…

  39. jhallwally

    Gil Hodges belongs in the Hall!!! As a player and a manager!!! Collective body of work and he is what baseball was and should be again!!!!!

  40. ramslover

    Agreed JHall, it is a travesty that he is not in. I just do not get it…especially the Veterans committee. Why has he not been elected?

  41. ramslover

    I really do not like to listen to Ken rosenthal mightier than thou attitude…get over it midget, you probably never played the game..

  42. lny4loney

    Hall of Fame opinions:
    McGwire and all PED users — OUT forever.
    Rose — OUT until he dies (His fans deserve it; he doesn’t)
    Gil Hodges — OUT. Sorry guys, his numbrers just don’t support it. Gil was a very, very good player for more than a decade. But he never won an MVP or came really close to it. Never led the league in homeruns, has a .273 lifetime batting average. The difference between Gil and Andre Dawson who does belong is that Dawson brought tremendouse defense and speed on the basepaths. Here’s a link:


    I also found McGwire’s so called apology somewhat lacking in substance (no pun intended) and self serving. He has been dodging this question for quite some time now and when given the chance to “spill” his guts to Congress he chose to tell everyone he is not here to “talk about the past”. He then expects all of us to believe he really wished he had never taken steroids and basically regrets even playing during this period in baseball history. I think it would have been far more nobler to just admit what he did, explain why he did it and what he hoped to gain and then give a stern warning to the kids out there to stay away from steroids. I wish he had done this a long time ago and did not wait until he had a job back in baseball to clear the air.

  44. ramslover

    Lbirken, it would have been nice if he would have spoken to Congress, but with no immunity granted he had no choice but not to speak. He, at least, did not blatantly lie, he just skirted the topic. He was very forthcoming to the Congressman behind closed doors and did not leave himself open to perjury charges…

    I just wish everyone could try and put yourself in his shoes. He made very bad life choices, we all probably have in certain aspects of our lives and we wished we had not. Whether is was in a relationship, game, etc..For him to come out and admit that he did steroids, I feel is very honorable. I do not understand what everyone wants him to say. Athletes at that level have big egos and pride. Costas asked him if he thought he could have broken the record without them. He answered how he felt, was it the answer that we wanted to hear, probably not, but it was his opinion…

    I feel, he can now devote the time and energy in a positive light, speaking to kids on why they should not do steroids. His reputation and name will always be linked to them and so will his records, so who really is hurting the most…

  45. lny4loney

    Disagree, ramslover, with McGwire’s claim that he had no choice to speak without a grant of immunity. He could have spoken and suffered the consequences. A difficult choice? Yes. But he did have a choice.


    ramslover, I agree we have all done things we later regret. Perhaps McGwire does really regret using PED’s; it just did not sound too convincing to me the way he said it. I did not see the entire interview so maybe I am going by a sound bite. And I still feel his timing is suspect. I hope he does speak out against steroids. I will agree that even if some of us may not like some of the things McGwire said or the way he said them, the fact he did come out and admit using PED’s might help other players clear the air.

  47. kpookiemon

    Angel Berroa
    Jamey Carroll
    Justin Miller
    Josh Towers
    Scott Dohmann
    Nick Green
    Argenis Reyes
    Russ Ortiz
    Carlos Monasterios
    Armando Zerpa
    Jon Link
    John Ely
    Francisco Felix
    Juan Perez
    John Lindsey
    Prentice Redman
    Jay Gibbons
    Doug Mientkiewicz
    Did I forget anybody? And to think the Dodgers only needed a little push to get over the hump and capture the NL crown. What will they do with such acquired riches???

  48. lny4loney

    I suspect John Ely may be the hidden gem here. The silver lining around the Juan Pierre signing cloud.
    “Whether he (Mark McGwire) took steroids or not, he did so much for baseball,” (Willie) McCovey said. “He almost helped save baseball for a few years there.”
    Hogwash. Baseball didn’t need “saving”. God knows that the 1994 strike inflicted serious damage on the NATIONAL AND AMERICAN LEAGUES. But BASEBALL can never be destroyed, no matter how hard Bud Selig or his evil predecessors try.
    In any case, the major leagues would have recovered without the bogus Mark-and-Sammy show. Something great and exciting would have happened. Always does. I don’t know what that/those event(s) would have been, but I know baseball would have produced great players and great drama in the late ’90s without those two clowns and without anybody taking PEDs.

  49. nellyjune

    Players around the league voice their opinions about McGwire, including our own Andre Ethier. Also, it was stated in this article that Greg Maddux is now Special Assistant to the GM for the Cubs. Hmmmmm………… Does Ned have one of those?

  50. ramslover

    Disagree, ramslover, with McGwire’s claim that he had no choice to speak without a grant of immunity. He could have spoken and suffered the consequences. A difficult choice? Yes. But he did have a choice…

    Yes he did have a choice, but when you have your attorney telling you not to speak and you do not know what consequences you may be facing, that is a tough thing to do. And if you were in his shoes, you never know how you ave reacted. The noble thing would have been to spill your guts and tell all, but in reality, it is hard to admit that you have made poor choices, especially in such a public setting.

    It is a great debate that will rage on for years. I have decided not to hold it against them, because it is the era of the unknown. They were scores of players doing PEDS and just because a handful have been named, we cannot assume this is all. We will never know who did or did not…So with this I just look at it as the ERA of Steroids and judge accordingly…

    I hope all in ITD have a great day and lets enhance our Dodgers by getting Frank to sell the team!!!

  51. Dodger4life

    Good morning all………….
    That was some good discussion yesterday, regardless of what stance you were taking. I enjoyed reading all the comments. Thanks everyone…..
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

  52. crzblue2

    Sandy Koufax at the Nokia Threatre! OMG! I already purchased my ticket. T.J. Simers will moderate the event again like he did the Vin Scully/John Wooden event.
    People looked at me funny when I read that on the train and I said “OMG! OMG!
    Oh, good morning ITD readers and posters!


  53. sparkleplenty_1

    Emma, have a wonderful time at the function. If you are able to, give Sandy a big hug for me – lol! I had a HUGE crush on him back in the day . . . .
    Have a great day, everyone – and THINK BLUE!! BTW, I was wondering about the premium seats at Camelback and if management will be issuing those scented towels again this year . . . .

  54. Dodger4life

    Dave Stewart agent for Matt Kemp says on Sirius radio that they are close to a deal for two years. Citing ownership concerns as the reason it isn’t longer. This would mean that Matt will not have to go through negotiations in what might be a difficult 2011. Matt has left a brief message on his Twitter account stating that he forgot how much he misses Dodger Stadium and that today is day two of hitting and throwing….We didn’t forget Matt, good to see ya enjoying life, I mean all is good in the Kemp camp….really really good!!
    Emma glad to see you attending the Torre/Koufax function that should be a very, very enjoyable evening for all in attendance.
    The Dodgers seem to be under the impression that Padilla will be available at a discount, and are awaiting the pursuit.

  55. nellyjune

    That’s good news about Matt. However, him being worried about ownership is not good, but I am certainly not surprised at all that he (they)are. We are, and we are just the fans.

  56. crzblue2

    Sparkleplenty! If I could, I would! I think Sandy is one that would get me tongue twisted talking to him or just as nervous as I was when I talked to Vin Scully but I did relaxed a bit after the initial greetings.
    Tickets go on sale at noon today but because I went to the Scully/Wooden event, they sent me email for ordering earlier which I did not open the email up until today.
    Here is the article from T.J. Simers.,0,3541072.column

    the special VIP experience to dine with Sandy and torre starts at $2500, but that is too rich for me.

  57. enchantedbeaver

    I have to agree with those yesterday that say Gil Hodges belongs in the hall. If you’re going strictly by stats, then Koufax doesn’t belong in the hall either (165 wins), and I don’t think anyone would argue that he doesn’t belong there.

  58. lny4loney

    Matty Kemp!! But just for the record, trublue, Kemp was already under Dodger control for THREE more years in any case. I hope that next off-season we can get him signed to a long-term contract.
    Sandy is a special case. Whereas most HOFers had a very good long career, Sandy had a short but off-the-charts-great career, leading the National League in ERA for five consecutive years. Sandy is not the appropriate standard by which to judge Gil Hodges HOF credentials.
    BTW, Bill James addressed this issue of short outstanding careers versus long really good careers in his book “Whatever Happened to the Hall of Fame: Baseball, Cooperstown, and the Politics of Glory”, a very good read.

  59. dodgereric

    Listen carefully and you may hear Frank’s sphincter tightening……..

    My favorite Mannion quote:
    “I can honestly tell you we’re not seeing any density of phone calls about the composition of the team…”


    Of course, he doesn’t say anything about newspaper and magazine articles, emails, blog entries, letters, telegrams (are there still telegrams?), etc.

    Bah. He’s still a liar.

    Sell the team, Frank. And take this politician with you.

  60. enchantedbeaver

    Granted Sandy had 6 magical years in a row lny, but he also had 6 years previous to that which were pedestrian. Hodges had 7 years in a row of driving in 100, was an 8 time all-star and 3 time gold glove. Just think if there’s room in the hall for Dawson there should be room in the hall for Gil too.

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