Back at it…

First and foremost, a belated happy birthday to Vin Scully, who celebrated his 82nd yesterday. There’s never been anyone better and there never will be, at least not in my lifetime. It dawned on me that he’s almost been in the Hall of Fame for half of his career. Think about how absurd that is!!

Anyway, we hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and that you’re gearing up for the December holidays. I hope to update the blog more regularly now that we’re all back in the office up until Spring Training (and then some).

Thanks for your spirited comments in the last thread. There’s really no good way to raise ticket prices and we all wish we didn’t have to do it, but we felt very, very fortunate to be able to do it last season on every ticket in the house. And I’m guessing that many of you are season ticket holders and for the second consecutive year, we did not raise prices for you and in fact, lowered them in some cases. Keeping every ticket in the house at the same price two years in a row is very tough and that’s not to suggest that it’s not tough on all of you.

Please know that I sit in the meetings here where these sorts of things are discussed and decided and there is very, very serious thought given to how to minimize the impact on all of you. There really, truly is. Your voices are heard inside the offices, which is the point of this forum. Beyond that, we certainly don’t expect fans to agree with every decision we make – though that won’t stop us from trying. We just hope that going to the playoffs four out of the last six years and reaching the NLCS two years in a row with a commitment to building a team from within is something our fans can get behind and support — and you all do that tremendously.



Hi Josh and all on ITD.
I had a fine thanksgiving and I’d like to wish Vin a Happy 82nd birthday.
Yes the Dodgers have done well over the past 6 seasons and I hope this trend continues in the future.

Thanks for the new thread, Josh. I am very glad to hear that we are taken seriously. And, I am pleased to be part of the ITD family. I appreciate all you do for us.
I don’t know if I did it before but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINNY!!!!

Almost forgot…..Josh, please try to arrange the ITD Tour again this season. Just give us more time to plan so we can bring people out from others states than California. Thanks.

*other states.

I would like to wish Vin a very happy birthday. I sure hope he stays forever as the voice of Dodger Baseball. He, by far, is the best when it comes to announcing our beloved Dodgers. Thank you for the updates as it is sure nice to have new stories to read. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and hoping for some good pitchers for Christmas. GO DODGERS and THINK BLUE.

from Erik and Emma (to keep the tradition going)
Happy birthday Vin!
Welcome back Josh!
I and many season ticket holders are grateful that are season ticket are still at the same low price!

Greetings and salutations to all ITDers!

I hope you had a wonderful Birthday Vin Scully with many, many more to follow.

Welcome back Josh!!! Thank you for the new thread, and thank you for putting up with us through the good, the bad, and the ugly times. We most appreciate it and are truly thankful for giving us this forum.

Since Dodgerbuddy started the Christmas Wish List, I would like to add two healthy contracts for our Dynamic Duo – Dre’ and Matty.

Hello gang and welcome back Josh!!! I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday Vin!!! You are truely amazing and I hope you’ll be around for alot longer. Geez, you’re the only Dodger play by play voice I know and I go back to 1965!!! I’m very thankful for that!!! Josh, thanks for the update and letting us know more about the decision making and that the powers that be are listening. Overall, they are doing a good job and our Dodgers are in a good place. Since we are putting out our Christmas wish lists; I hope all our players stay healthy and I would like for us to keep our young talent together and continue to develope players from within. Also, I would like to offer Wolf and Hudson arbitration. Thanks for the forum and listening.

Also, outstanding and entertaining songs North!!! I enjoyed them. Kudo’s to you my friend!! Keep’em coming!!!

But wait, there’s more. I’ll throw in four more steak knives and my solid flavor injector if you promise to tell a friend about ITD!! LOL!!! And for what audience; three easy payments of only $13.33!!! Hell’, we got Schmidt for three easy payments of only, 16M!!!!

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Way to go, Jhall! It’s been dull around ITD today until you showed up! Thanks.

Hi’Ya Trumom!!! Thanks, glad I could help. I’m sure BeavCo™ will be cooking up some great infomercial deals!!! LOL!!!

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Maybe we should give our starting pitchers Extenz!! Perhaps they will add a mph or two to their fastballs and last into the 7th or 8th inning!!!

Extenze plus 5 Hour Energy and we wouldn’t need a bullpen! lol

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Hey Jhall, Enchanted and Tru!!! How is we always end up on the topic of performance? – LMTO!!!!!!!!!!!!

:)))) Nelly!!!!

Performance counts, Nellyjune!!!! I’ll bet Josh will have a hard time explaining this at the next meeting! lol Afterall, they do take what we say very seriously!

Does that mean we have to sign Randy JOHNSON?

What about Chien-Ming WANG?

LMAO, Enchanted! There has to be a Dick out there too!

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A bunch of ***** run the front office Tru.

So true, Enchanted!

Yes, it does Jhall!!

enchanted – There are other JOHNSONS in the mlb.

Should they put Ned in a flying saucer balloon to kick off the hot stove reality series?

Remember the good old days of ON TV where you could watch a Dodger game and then a crummy skin flick afterwords?

(Not that I ever did that because it would be wrong.)

Now we need some Bear input to really put it into perspective!!!

You two are way out there! LMAO!!!

I read somewhere that Ned may try to trade JPs bad contract for a back end pitcher with a bad contract.

Somehow a back-end pitcher seems appropriate conversation for tonight.

Just keep poking along.

Sell the f*ing team Frank!!!! There……………I think that sums up Bear’s thoughts :))

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So what your all saying is…………..Ned is going to trade JoJo’s, PP ( as to not extenze him any further ) for oh lets say the Reds back end fireballer……………

Okay – why do we need to bring that up Nells? 🙂

Howdy D4!!! You could be right!! All our staff needs is a couple of good Johnsons and a Wang.

Hey D4!! LOL!!! We can only hope my friend. I’d love to trade Pierre for Arroyo in a salary swap. I’ll take the back end fireballer as opposed to the guy that just slaps it around.

I’ve heard that about you Wally. Better not let mom find out!!

LMAO Dodger4life!!!!

He doesn’t need tv to buy such products. He can buy products online like K – why I was just kidding enchanted :))))

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Gee Wally!!! I guess they do come in all shapes and sizes.

LOL Mom!!! We’ve all been getting bent over these past 10 years with the Fox, DePodesta, and McCourt/Ned tenures!!!!

Better now than the Fox/DePodesta days. At least now, we can get all you can eat Nacho’s, Hot Dogs, and make the playoffs!!!!

This is really an odd time to be getting a “Submission Error”!
Sorry to leave you dangling for a while….hubby came home and, damn, wanted dinner!

That is very true at times Wally!!

Looks like Mrs Cleaver found the magazines Beav…..Time to see of old man Gus has a new batch down at the firehouse

Meanwhile our front office has been screwin’ the pooch! Well, except for Jamie.


On a less serious note, do you think we will offer arbitration to Wolf and/or Hudson? Or will it be more m**terbation!!!

No, she’s been screwin’ the dough boy 🙂

I read that they were going to let DeWitt play second so, I think Hudson is out. Wolf seems to have several offers.

Don’t see how you could lose offering arbitration to Hudson and Wolf. Both were underpaid this past year so they can’t go too high, and both are going to want multi-year contracts anyway so they’ll both decline. Have to get those draft picks for Logan.

That’s why he giggles Nells!!!

Just an aside, but, do you think Tiger Woods may have used the driver on the wrong hole and p*ssed off the wifey?

I am kind of hoping they let DeWitt play. If they aren’t going to do that, then try to keep O-Dog. I prefer either of those two then to go out and get somebody else.

I also think there are going to be 5 people with warnings in their inboxes tomorrow morning 🙂

I think you are right on about Hudson and Wolf Beav!!! I would offer both of them. At the worst we get them on one year deals which is what we want anyway.

I think he was night putting.

I think Elin hit that 7 iron a little bit fat….Tiger just clipped the tree.

Yep Beav: You, Trumom, Nelly, D4, and Dad when he comes on later. LOL!!!

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You always wonder about that giggle enchanted.

jhall – There is certainly more to that story than it sounds like we will ever know. I am not wishing bad things for Tiger, but if this were just your normal guy, he wouldn’t have the choice not to talk to law enforcement.

LMAO!!! I was just watching Jeff Dunham on television. He and Bubba J were talking about Dangling Participles and it was pretty much what our conversation on ITD has been the past few nights.

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I think she may be the first one to successfully Tiger proof a course though

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It isn’t the first time and it certainly won’t be the last time others have stolen our material, names and thoughts.

ITD…………………..there is no substitute!!!

I don’t wish any ill will to Tiger, hell’, he’s human!!! I’d just like to know what club she went up side his face with!!! Dangling Participles, eh Nell!!! We’re ahead of our time. They probably read this blog for material….

Night jhall…and everyone else…..

I got time warped after coming out of submission :)))

Good Night Jhall/Wally – You and Beav were fabulous as always. You too, have Sweet Dodger Dreams and a wonderful tomorrow. Take Care :))))

Hell, that’s what he gets for trying to drive one through the trees.

Dodger4life – you did good too. You just might be joining our party in H*ll, but if that is where we are heading, let’s just hope it is covered in Dodger Blue and Wedding Gown White because it is going to be SOME party :)))

I wonder if he will be able to save par with his up and down in Australia?!!!

I wouldn’t doubt it Wally – he probably had a lot of practice holes.

OOOOH Beav!! You are on fire!!! LMAO!!!

Maybe it wasn’t a good choice to LAY-UP!!!


Goodnight my friends!! Thanks for the laughs. Gonna call it a night. I hope you all have a great evening and tomorrow. I hope we get some Dodger baseball news to chew on soon. Excelsior True Believers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nite Wally – good to share some laughs with you tonight!!

enchanted – if you are still out there. I really do hope you get your tv going soon. You are missing some good shows 🙂

If we don’t offer arbitration to O’Dog and Wolf and lose both with no draft compensation, I am going to be very PISSED.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO VIN! Wow, 82 and still looking young! You GO Vin!
Josh thanks for the updates. And I am glad tickets prices are stable. And thanks for keeping us post-it and for listening to us! GOOOO JOSH!
And I hope all of Dodgerworld/ITDland are having a wonderful OFFSEASON…and ENCHANTED, hope your tv works!

I agree wholeheartedly Bear. There’s so much money coming off the books that even if they would accept arbitration and their salary doubled on a 1-year deal, you’ve still got a #3 pitcher and an all-star 2B that’ll only cost you a years worth. If they decline, and you know they will when both are looking for a multi-year deal and especially after the way JoJo dissed Hudson in the playoffs, you get 4 high draft picks for Logan White to use. Its going to be about the only time in Ned’s career where its a win/win situation. Only way to lose is to NOT offer arbitration.

But then it IS Ned…

A very happy belated birthday to our one and only Vinny!
Josh, thanks for the updates. You do a great job keeping us informed.
Hoping we all have a Happy Dodger Blue Day!!!

I don’t think Joe dissed Hudson at all. You have to play the hot hand and Belliard was it but probably you can make the case for Belliard to played 3rd bases.

Oh boy here come Santana on the Indians roster this year.

Indians trade Shoppach to Rays

CLEVELAND (AP)?The Cleveland Indians have traded catcher Kelly Shoppach(notes) to the Tampa Bay Rays for a player to be determined.

After Shoppach filled in for an injured Victor Martinez(notes) and led American League catchers with 21 homers in 2008, the Indians were expecting big things from him last season. However, he batted just .214 with 12 homers and 40 RBIs in 89 games. He struck out 89 times in 271 at-bats.
Shoppach?s departure could make Lou Marson(notes), acquired in the deal that sent pitcher Cliff Lee(notes) to Philadelphia, Cleveland?s starter behind the plate. It will also give highly touted prospect Carlos Santana a chance of making the Indians roster.

The Indians will complete the trade with Tampa Bay before Dec. 20. Shoppach spent four seasons with Cleveland. He was acquired in a 2006 trade with Boston.

Good day all…………..
Just seen this, in case anyone missed it…………
MLBrumors say’s Dylan Hernandez is reporting that he has been informed the Dodgers will offer no arbitration to any of it’s free agents.

Happy Belated 82th bday Vinny

I saw the same report, meaning that there are no arbitration offers being extended. That only means that the club finances are indeed so tight that management can’t even make an offer that is 99% guaranteed to be rejected. These owner/ manager as*holes need to be strung up on the nearest tree, much less be involved in major league baseball.

Sell the team, you F’ing freak, Frank!!!

I thought there were only one Kuo lol

Diamond Leung tweeted last night that the Yankees “signed Taiwanese 18-year-old infielder Fu-Lin Kuo to six-figure bonus.” Taiwan Baseball says Kuo received about $150K.

It would have made sense at every angle to offer arbitration to Wolf and O-Dog! This is just terrible.

The Dodgers are spending less than every other team in scouting outside the USA and signing bonuses paid to drafted players. The LOWEST in baseball. This is the same franchise that pioneered scouting in Latin America and the Pacific.

So what if Wolf accepted? He’d get maybe $8-9 million? He knows he’s going to get more than that and a multi-year deal to boot on the open market.

I can’t wait to hear Colletti’s spin on this but I am very disappointed the Dodgers wasted a chance at first round draft picks.

As much as I believe Frank and Jamie are really bad for this franchise, I’ll separate those feelings for the topic of arbitration. Personally, if I own the team and DON’T want a FA back, I won’t risk an offer for fear the player would accept. The gamble, based on a draft pick, just doesn’t do it for me. I will not weep if Wolf and Padilla and Hudson and Belliard and Garland, et al, say bye bye. I still say play the kids…there’s nothing wrong with DeWitt and Elbert and the rest of the upcoming talent. Uncle Joe’s quest for another ring has brought us the “Age of the PVL” and I have never liked it one bit.

I really see nothing positive in not offering arbitration to these people. What’s the deal? They might accept? Right now, I’d be making an effort to get them both back anyway. Both did a good job for us and replacing them is not going to be a simple job.

It is very possible that we may miss Wolf and/or the picks, especially if it was for just one year. Is it possible, that Padilla slips through the cracks and is on the roster anyway’s??? I read that Hudson was due to get 6 – 9 mill in arbitration, he would of had to seriously consider that in my opinion. With the time he spent next to JP on the bench, towards the end of last season, maybe the Dodgers did not have faith in his ability to be strong in August, Sept and God willing Oct??? Do we now acquire another player for one of our picks to replace these guy’s, or as Khali suggest just play what we have. Does this mean that trading Juan is a remote possibility???

I see that it is official that Vin Scully will be back foor 2010…..I thought it was a sure thing! You mean to tell me there was some doubt about his return?! I suppose he could have said he didn’t want to come back. And, to me, that would be a very sad day, indeed!

When I first started reading ITD, most wanted the kids to play, even if it meant waiting for them to reach their full potential. We knew back then that it wouldn’t happen overnight, but we were willing to stick it out if it meant no more PVLs (the bad ones). Now, because of money spent poorly on bad PVLs in the past and now a divorce lingering over the team, there doesn’t seem to be any money to spend. So, I am thinking, don’t risk money we don’t have on maybe PVLs. I rather risk the young kids getting a real shot and maybe end up like the Rays and getting there with out the Super Star player. We have Manny and look where that has gotten us…………………….the chance to show off the Dynamic Duo (which was a good thing), a whole lot of drama and Manny getting a big paycheck.

So, I say……………….let’s play the young players and see what happens if they are truly given the chance to play all season long.

The way I feel, screw this team. The owner only cares about money and nothing else so why even bother. He wont spend money to get us a team, and don?t give us that we got into the playoffs 4 of 6 years? these are the dodgers, getting there isn?t good enough, winning 11 games is what its all about. Winning 4 games might be enough for franky but for me and every other sane fan its not enough. Screw the whole we didn?t raise ticket prices too, if they really cared about our opinion you would lower the prices so we can actually afford to come to games. We are chalked full of young players, use some of them to get a halliday or even when we was available cliff lee. Ugh Im so annoyed right now, no wonder we lose in the playoffs, we don?t have an owner willing to get us over the hump? frank you jerk, sell the team or figure it out?

ok im done…

Don’t get me wrong, I could care less if Wolf or Hudson are on the team, but there’s no way I don’t offer arbitration to potentially get those draft picks. Even if you got stuck with both players, we’re going to end up with some decrepit PVL pitcher anyway, and I’m just not all that enthralled with DeWitt, assuming he actually gets a shot at 2B. Just a dumb move all the way around for the three stooges that run this club. Restocking the farm should’ve been the priority here.


I really don’t know what to think anymore. Everytime a new comment gets posted, I honestly see their point. (That is why ITD is like no other blogs). I am guessing this is why I feel the Dodgers are just one messed up franchise right now, and the only solution is for the team to go up for sale and be taken by a rightful owner that will take care of the team and the franchise the way the Dodgers should be.

Still no players for the Young trade?

I just had to comment on this arbitration mess. While I don’t believe that any of the FA’s will be a big loss, it still does not make sense to me not to offer Wolf and Hudson arbitration. They are Type A FA’s that both are looking for multi-year deals. There is no way Wolf would accept (if he did, would it be horrible to have him as a #3 or #4?) and Hudson won’t either because I don’t believe he wants to play for Torre anymore because of the way the end of the season was handled.

Getting those draft picks would’ve helped restock a system that has been thinned out a bit by promotions to the big club and some rather questionable trades made due to finances. This in fact would’ve continued to help the team build from within. Sometimes, I just don’t understand the teams linear way of thinking. Oh well.

I hope you right knoff I hope we do get them back and I hate we could had 4 draft picks.

lol the Dodgers are turning into the Raiders sigh.

To think Frank were going to buy the Angels and Buccaneers.

There is another way of looking at this arbitration offer business. You get yourself four draft picks in the first couple of rounds, and what does that mean – you have to spend some money like for a signing bonus. What do you think – is Frank made of money? His personal checking account is down to only about $130,000, and he hasn’t paid his mortgage yet. Just wait and see what happens when he can’t come up with the money to pay the arbitration for Andre, Matt, Brox, etc. Maybe Manny will have to lend Frank some before it’s all over.

Sell the team, you FFF!!!

I think they are arbitrarilly tight-wad, stupid assses!!!!

Hello gang!! Hope you all had a great day!! I am somewhat disappointed but not the least bit surprised the Dodgers did not offer arbitration to Wolf and Hudson. The money situation must be much tighter than we realize or imagine. That is the only reason not to offer!! I don’t think either of them would have accepted, so the money must be so tight that they don’t want to pay signing bonuses to high draft choices. If it isn’t that, they are just plain stupid!!!! Most likely a combination of both!!!

Sorry, Jhall….I time warped you! lol

LMAO Trumom!!! Well said!!!!

It’s too bad Tru!! If brains were dynamite, I don’t think our ownership and GM could blow their noses!!!!

Hi’Ya Nelly!! It was good. How about you?

Dam’n time warp!!!

It’s also too bad, Jhall, that no matter what they do, or more importantly, don’t do, 3 million fans will still flood the gates at Dodger Stadium.
I am very concerned about our upcoming season.

Wally!!! You’re home!!!! How was your day?

Hey Nelly….there is good news…Ward is still up on the roof waiting to talk to Santa……Our season may rest on his shoulders….

Jhall – I am glad to hear/read that. My day was great too. I got to teach 3rd graders today. It was a nice change of pace, and it was great to see my former students doing well.

Dodger4life – I am just glad he hasn’t fallen off yet. Last I heard, the Christmas lights were up :))

Hmmmm: Dodgers next season thus far,
1st Base-Loney
2nd Base-Open, maybe DeWitt gets a real shot.
3rd Base-Blake
Left Field-Manny/Pierre
Center Field-Kemp
Right Field-Andre

Starting Rotation:


I’m not worried about our everyday lineup. It is obvious that pitching should be our main objective.

Well, it is good to see that Vinny is coming back. I thought that it was just a given, but I guess you never know.

Ya think jhall? To Torre’s credit, he did ask for pitching last off season as well. So, what are the chances FranknNed listen to him this time. I mean, really listen to him. We really lucked out on the pitching we got on the cheap last season, and most of those pitchers earned our respect. However, once again, it only got us to a certain point. We really needed that Ace to bring it to the ultimate next level. Now, this year, Kersh or Billz could be that guy, but we just don’t know what they will bring yet.

Jhall at this point I worry about everything. I have seen alot of crazy trade scenerio’s being tossed around, none that have any substance I hope….Well…. If JP is tradeable, I would think about that one.

LOL Nelly!! No mystery is it!! Gotta hope that either Kersh, Billz or both develope into true 1 and 2 pitchers. They certainly have the potential. Great starting pitching costs alot of money and I don’t think we are going to be players. I think Kersh will eventually get there. Billz, I’m not sure what is going on in his head. He’s got the horsepower, just can’t get it consistently to the road!!!

Hey Dodger4!!! Good to see you!!! I’m not sure what the interest is in JP these days!!!

I know the Reds would like to unload Arroyo’s contract. I’d explore the possibilities. Maybe they would take Pierre if we eat part of his salary!!

What would be the best scenario is for Billz, Kersh and Kuroda to be 1,2, and 3, and then hopefully have a couple of our younger guys………………..Elbert, McDonald, etc. come into their own. I know, wishful thinking, but without money to spend, maybe we may be left with wishful thinking and a lot of alcohol 🙂

I’ll drink to that!!!!

Arroyo would be a good addition jhall if there is money to spend on him.

A JP trade alone is probably a step backwards for someone is it not???…..Arroyo has less money due to him than JP. So does it make much sense for a team to swap players if they are clearing room on the payroll??? Ned has put the pressure on the youngsters to perform in the past, that may be even more imperative this season. A slow start could be a hinderence in keeping them around. I’m just saying. How are ya Jhall, good I trust. Nelly is worried about Ward up on the roof, you may need to take a rope up there and tie him off to the chimney. We will be needing him around this season.

IMO, if you’re going to go with the likes of Elbert and McDonald as starters be honest about it – its not because you think they’re really ready, its because ownership is too cheap or unable to go after anyone better.

You’re saving $16 mil on Schidt’s salary coming off the books, even if Wolf and Hudson accepted arbitration you’d still break even. To not even get the draft picks is unconscionable (sp?)

You give up Abreu (gee, a 2Bman) for a month rental that you don’t even use in the playoffs… That’s great player management. You get nothing for two type A FAs. More great management. But you will drop $3-4 mil on a piece of crap back of the rotation hasbeen and a PVL 2B. Might as well see if Kent wants to play again.

This team has no more direction now than it did when Ned took over. Its still Logan’s heroes and Ned’s zeros.

:))) Nelly!!! It is obvious we aren’t going to trade for or buy an ace pitcher. Gotta hope either Billz or Kersh continue to develope and become one.

Yep Dodger4, I know I’m dreaming!! Your right, we’re gonna need Dad around more often. Beav, good to see you, and, well said!!!

And to hear Jamie tell it, she lives and breathes the Dodgers.

Well, except when she’s screwing the doughboy.

You are exactly right enchanted. It certainly isn’t my first choice to have Elbert or McDonald in the rotation, but that’s the situation the Management has left this team in……………..a big huge mess.

LOL Beav!! Frank is incompetent at his day job, why should we assume he is competent in his night job?!!!!

E’s pissed.

And I even got TV today.

BTW – good evening enchanted!!! tv yet?

Yeah for tv enchanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Nells! Now I too can watch Bay Area sports in high definition – woo hoo!!!

Yes Nells! Now I too can watch Bay Area sports in high definition – woo hoo!!!

How’d that post twice when I only hit submit once?

Beav, I’m glad you got your TV back!!! I’m not really all that pissed, just somewhat disillusioned and very disappointed!!!

WoooHooo – Gnats, Niners, Raiders and Warriors – happy, happy, joy, joy – LOL!!!!! However, Cal and Stanford are worth watching at times 🙂

The Reds want to deal Harang instead of Arroyo….which means Harang sucks and we will probably get him! We are also supposedly interested in Harden.

Might as well go after Bombko and Lurch Tru. They’ll come cheap and Ned’ll know what he’s getting.

Great Nells, I could care less about football and I hate basketball altogether.

Any chance they show some curling?

So how’s Ohio on this fine evening Wally?

And D4 – what’s new with you? Anymore songs?

Enchanted ~ lots of volleyball and way too much soccer!

Enchanted, I am thinking of maybe….. All I Want F-or X – Mas are Franks Two Front Teeth…..but that gets my blood boiling just to say it

Gang of thieves and malcontents…before we crucify the cosmos and stress ourselves into a puddle of goo…let’s see what the great Ned and Co. has up its sleeve. If Spring Training arrives and we get Milton and Estes again, then we light the torches and fire up the hot tar. But free agency hasn’t even started yet…no one here actually wants Wolf or Padilla or Hudson…but if the Dodgers DO want to sign any of those guys, they can barter the contract themselves rather than deal with some arbitrator…draft picks are a crap shoot and the Dodgers will get their standard allotment anyway…money is better spent on Ethier, Kemp and the rest of the core…and it’s not like Frank hit a tree and a fire hydrant or anything?!?!?!??!?!

No curling yet, but with the Olympics coming up in January, we are sure to see it eventually. There is also the Sharks and the A’s.

The poor,pitiful A’s. Did you know they had a former player on every roster who’s team was in the playoff this past season? Talk about a true fan if you are willing to follow a team who loves to help other teams make the playoffs.

When: June 28th, 2009
Where: The Dodger Stadium ITD Tour
What: Dodgereric vows to “lay off McCourt” for the wonderfully generous act of bringing Joe Pierre to LA

This vow, along with my patience, has now expired.

Dodgers in ’09 – #9 in MLB payroll (after cutting $18 million off the books), nevertheless #1 in attendance

So McCourt thanks the fans by raising ticket prices for the less-wealthy.

So McCourt thanks the fans by letting Wolf and Hudson go with nothing in return because he doesn’t want to A: pay the veterans or B: pay the high draft picks we’d get in return.

Despite the tremendous support, it would appear that we’ll have the same midrange payroll in ’10. I expect we’ll be in the same boat in ’11 when our emerging kids will soak up the savings in arbitration when Ramirez leaves.

I will be SHOCKED if we even attempt to keep the Ethiers and Kemps as their arbitration years expire and they become eligible for Free Agency. And our farm system will be depleted from insanely stupid acts as we’ve seen today.

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

Hey Wally and Beav!!!! Your father came down off the roof!!!! ……………and he is not too happy.

Dad’s pissed.

Bet he’s gonna be a little hard on the Beaver tonight mom.


Gurnick writes that if the Dodgers make an impact trade it is likely to INCLUDE Pierre.

C’mon Beav, grab your brother. We’re going to break into my stack of True Magazines!

Thanks for the article Dodger4life!!!!

Patience = no money to spend

Oh Beav………………my little boy is growing up. Take good care of him Ward Dear. You know how special he is.

Outstanding Dad!!! It is so great to see you!!! I can now go to bed a happy man!!! The voice of true wisdom!!! Goodnight and Excelsior True Believers!!!!

Good Night Jhall!!! Have a wonderful sleep and a fabulous tomorrow. Take Care and God Bless!!!!

Night jhall and everyone else….Eric good to have you back

Dirty rotten Bastar*s!!!
Why don’t you bypass the draft next year alltogether, you cheap idiot whor*s!
Not a word is to be believed coming from anybody connected to the Dodgers front office – it’s just like the FFF’s lawyers. I hope you go BROKE, FFF!

As bear put it – great way to run an organization.

Much like Randy Wolf, no one’s going to confuse Frank (or Jamie) for a winner either.

Oakland, Kansas City and now Los Angeles… welcome to small market baseball.

But with big market prices.

I’m so angry over the way they are running, and ruining our fine organization, I could spit! …….. right in Frank’s eye!

Well, enchanted, I have to give Randy Wolf a big edge there!

Boy! Testy today, aren’t we?

Hello all. It’s been awhile. I hope everybody is well & had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Josh that includes you!!
Congrats to Vinny om his Birthday & contract.
In the past I’ve never been one who has pounded on the owners or GM but I’ve requested that they have a plan.
I didn’t see that in the last 2 offseasons. So I don’t think we’ll see it this season either.
They have identified that they need pitching & a 2nd baseman.
But then they say they aren’t going to make a splash. I’m not surprised. I’m fine with going with the youth movement. But I really think they need a #1 who is going to show the younger pitchers the “ropes” & what they need to do to get better. I know coaches are supposed to do that but having a peer who has done that is usually important to young ones. Sort of like what Manny meant to many of the younger kids.
If you think about it, many don’t listen to their parents but they will to an older friend or family member like a sibling or cousin.
#1 I would of offered arbitration to Wolf & Hudson.
The next step would be to get a #1 pitcher. I would go after Halliday. He would be my #1 target. A.J. Burnett said that Halliday really helped him as a young pitcher.
I would give the Jays a list of minor leaguers they can pick from and let them take like 3-4 of them. No one on the 25 man is touchable other than Juan. I would ask the Jays what it would take from our minors it would take to get him.
If we could get Halliday it would solidify the staff.
Even if we ended up with Wolf as well then we’d have a great 1-5 and Wolf wouldn’t have to be the man.
Halliday-Kersh-Hiro-Bills-Wolf is a pretty good staff.
If we didn’t end up with Wolf another pitcher could be added as a #5. I would go after Andy Pettitte. Not long term. But for a 1 year. He would be a good pitcher to have for the youth.
If this could be pulled off I’d stop there and give the 2nd base job to De Witt to loose.
Unless we ended up with Hudson. Then DeWitt would be our sub coming off the bench. Unless he went as part of the Halliday trade. Then I would go after one of the many potential 2nd baseman out there.
My main point is I want to see a plan to improve. Getting a plethora of so so pitching didn’t cut it. They didn’t get CC last year (As we all wanted) so they need to correct that mistake and get the best pitcher they can get.
So far I haven’t seen a plan in the past & as of this year I’m not seeing one.
As my Boss says… Plan — Prepare — & Execute.

Collie ~ Execute Frank! lol

Collie ~ All kidding aside, you made very excellent points.

It’s almost like the Dodgers believe the recession is only affecting them and not their fans. They’re cutting back on expenses (team salary) while raising prices on their customers. At the same time, we’re #1 year after year in attendance, so it’s hard to blame them for squeezing every penny out of us. No one said the McCourts weren’t savvy business people. They’ve spent money on renovating Dodger Stadium (mostly the well-to-do field level sections), thus making the Dodgers more valuable for when they eventually sell them. The Dodgers are an investment to them, a business.

We’re all Dodger fans here and we all want the same things, namely a World Series Champion. Hard to do when payroll keeps decreasing in the largest market in the U.S. Facts are facts. The Phillies outspend us, and the results show that. Not saying it’s all about money, but it does matter a great deal. You’re gonna tell me the Dodgers don’t squeeze everything they can from us?

I had a 27-game mini-plan last year. They raised the cost of the plan, while limiting some of the options (you can only pick two from opening day and the Yankee series), so I may not (probably won’t) renew it.

#1 in Attendance, # 8 in Payroll.

I’d like to execute the entire front office Collie!!

And you’re right Bear – my apologies for lumping an ordinary non-winner like Wolf in with a monumental non-winner like the McCourts.

We’re McScrewed again.

Good to see you again, USCSslug. Hope everything is okay in beautiful Santa Cruz. I agree with everything you said 100%.

I’m not saying the moves I’d try to do would work or could be pulled off. I’m not in their world. But I want to see a plan & that’s what I’d do if I was GM.
The last 2 offseasons we’ve heard that Ned went after T. Hunter & then CC. During the following seasons, both of these players denied they even received a call from Ned.
Both of those players would be looking pretty good in Dodger Blue right now.
If they had gotten Hunter then the Jones fiasco wouldn’t of occurred which would of led to Manny. I like Manny but would rather of had Hunter.
I know that is what if’s (Which I HATE!!!) but I’m bringing this up because it comes down to the plan… Do they have one or do they just say what they think the fans want them to say.
Last year the Yankees had the plan and we all know what those results were.

I think we should appoint Bear as executioner!

Nice to see you Tru…
& Tru & Bear when I typed the “execute” I was thinking uh oh… someones going to jump on that one!!

Thanks trublu. I’m actually in LA now for good.

Just to reiterate, it isn’t all about money, it’s about doing all you can to build a winner. They owe at least that much to the 3.8 million fans that poured into the stadium in 2009.
For Colletti to say not offering Wolf or Hudson arbitration was a “baseball decision” made in the best interest of the team is quite frankly, bull. It’s at least a 99% certain that Wolf declines and signs elsewhere, then all you gotta do is collect the draft picks. Maybe they know they can’t afford to sign the picks… i.e. Luke Hochevar.

The only reason Frank is interested in winning is that it makes the Dodgers a more attractive product when he sells the team and reaps from his investment. For that reason, making the playoffs is good enough for him.

Draft picks may not amount to much, or they may amount to Billingsley, Kershaw, Loney, Martin, Kemp, McDonal, Elbert, Dewitt… you know, just most of our team.

You’re right kahlifornia, draft picks aren’t ever sure things, and may not amount to much, but they can amount to Billingsley, Loney, Kemp, Martin, Kershaw, Elbert, DeWitt, etc…

We have been feasting on a lot of BULL for the past few seasons. Just making it to the playoffs to me is not good enough, even though Frank thinks it is…..being eliminated early sucks and I want the ring!

I wanna be bear’s assistant Tru!!!

If these two unloveable losers don’t sell the team soon and take Ned and JoJo with them, this franchise is doomed to failure (by that I mean no ring) for another 10 years at least. I haven’t seen anything about the McCourts that says they’ll do what it takes to get this franchise over the hump. Only thing we’re humping is Philly’s leg.

Except for Jamie.

I wanna be bear’s assistant Tru!!!

If these two unloveable losers don’t sell the team soon and take Ned and JoJo with them, this franchise is doomed to failure (by that I mean no ring) for another 10 years at least. I haven’t seen anything about the McCourts that says they’ll do what it takes to get this franchise over the hump. Only thing we’re humping is Philly’s leg.

Except for Jamie.

Sorry for the double post. MLB runs this blog like Frank runs the Dodgers.

I think we all need to take a deep breath here. I wouldn’t have offered any FAs arbitration, either. I can certainly live without Wolf, Padilla, Hudson, et al. The Dodgers will still draft in their regular spot according to their previous year’s finish, and any compensatory picks they might have garnered (by losing FAs offered arbitration) might not have amounted to much, anyway, as any top 15 pick is protected from the compensatory rules. And I can just hear the outrage had Wolf accepted arbitration and been paid $12 million or so. Another “Pierre bonehead move” many would have called it. Before we bury Ned and Frank, let’s see what they have up their sleeves. Free agency and trades haven’t even begun yet and there are A LOT of good players set free without arbitration, so it isn’t just the Dodgers. Plus, these players won’t cost the Dodgers any of those compensatory picks we all seem so stressed about not having. It’s a wacky world. We can always tar and feather management when Milton and Estes show up again in Spring Training!

I think Bear will have a lot of assitants! We have enough ITDers to make a firing squad.

After dating Wifey for a few years if I didn’t give her the ring I would of been fired!
So Frank/Ned/Joe — get us the ring!!!!

Kahli ~ that is the problem. Ned and Frank think by asking players such as Milton and Estes to the party will satisfy us and keep their bank account intact!

LOL, good point, Collie!

Khali — Good counterpoint but I don’t think Wolf would of been rewarded with 12 mill.
Also we’ve been taking deep breaths for a few years!
I’m basing my comments on the last 2 years.

Thing is Kahli, even if Wolf and Hudson accepted arbitration, they’d just suck up the money Schidt isn’t making this year. Personally, I don’t care if they’re on the team or not, but they need a starter and a 2B anyway, and they could do a lot worse than those two (and will I’m sure.)

Why not roll the dice and try and get extra draft picks? The farm’s obviously thin, and without Schdt, Wolf and Hudson they’s have $33 mil to work with to sign what $4-5 mil worth of 1st rounders?

Look at what Ned has gotten us for pitchers in the past few seasons and tell me with a straight face that he’ll do any better by ST: Baez, Carter, Sao, Estes, Milton, Weaver, Mota, Ohman, Wolf, Erickson, Sele, Lurch, Bombko, Vargas, Kuroda, Schmidt… and those are off the top of my head. Occasionally he falls bassackwards into a little clover – Wolf, Mota. Most of the time he falls face first into a pile of Schmidt. I’m afraid that all Frank and Ned have up their sleeves are hairy armpits.

Love the executioner nomination!
Actually I’d like to try a little waterboarding-
Now take a deep breath Ned and Frank!

enchanted, I can’t argue with anything you say. I’m just saying I’m in survival mode……a wait and see attitude….. The off-season is always an exciting time…like collecting baseball cards…at least it was with Campanis at the helm. I mean, how could he get Reggie Smith for Joe Ferguson? Guess Ned was the GM of the Cards back then…………

Too funny: On Facebook the Dodgers are offering their Junior Dodgers special gift pack for Christmas. One comment says,”As long as Frank and Jamie own the Dodgers, they won’t be getting any of my money.” And, another one, “As long as they own the team, it doesn’t look like the Dodgers will be getting any of their money either.” We are not alone in how we think we are being screwed!

LMAO!!!!! Fun reading today ITD writers!!! I don’t have anything to add since you are all making such great comments yourselves. I, too, think the firing squad approach might be best, with Messagebear leading the squad, of course. 🙂

Bravo, enchanted.
That’s saying it like it is.
From what we and the media are being fed by our front office, and abetted by Bud Seilig, we might as well call it the SPIN ZONE – all bullsh**!

I hear ya Kahli and understand.

I just view the front office like I do JP. I am what I am doesn’t cut it when the teams that are already better than you are, are tying to improve, and teams that are lesser are trying to better themselves given their monetary contraints (and I’m talking small market.) When you have one of the biggest markets in the entire league, even with 2 other MLB teams within 120 miles, and all you’re going to do is come to the party and be a wallflower, that doesn’t cut it. Waiting to pick over sloppy 4ths and 5ths around ST when you have $40 million coming off the books now isn’t proactive or good business, its being cheap and showing just how much you care about the team and its fans. Oh but you CAN raise prices on some ticket packages. Why even mention you need frontline pitching when you know you aren’t going to try and get any? How much frontline pitching is available at ST? And the Wolfs, Padillas and Garlands out there AREN’T frontline pitching.

When Frank went expensive – Schmidt, Druw and JP, he went stupid – chalk that up to Ned (but Frank’s the one who hired him so its stupid by proxy.) Now he’s just plain cheap.

The hump this team needs to get over is new ownership that knows and understands baseball and how to properly run a distinguished franchise, and that the franchise is their PRIMARY interest. Not parking lots. Not Malibu homes. Not L.A. Marathons.

And not the friggin Pillsbury Doughboy.

Just read where our Inside the Dodgers blog is only ranked 9th…..we are even behind the Inside the Giants Clubhouse, who are 7th. How do they determine the rankings?

E’s still pisssed 🙂

I didn’t notice, Nellyjune! lol

In fact, I think E is just warming up!

I see the natives are restless today but at least the sense of humor is still alive and well at ITD. As much as I am happy that Vinny will be back next season, I am also a bit disturbed that such news is the only positive stuff coming from the Dodgers so far. As Kahli has said, it is still quite early in the off season and we can all speculate why the Dodgers chose not to offer arbitration to so many players. Ned says these are all baseball decisions but clearly money is a part of those decisions. Everyone wants a quality starting pitcher to add to what is already in place but since there are so few available players and the Dodgers have so little to trade other than core players, it seems silly to even talk about it. Add to that the fact the Dodgers have shown an unwillingness to talk long term deals and this is what we get.

I will say I find it a bit harsh to talk about executions and waterboarding ownership. I know that talk is all in jest and is not to be taken seriously but I do find it objectionable. That being said, I do agree that a change in ownership to someone more stable financially and who is more interested in the organization and fans than himself or herself would be welcomed.

lbirken, glad to see sanity prevails. But how about a little bamboo under the fingernails? Anyway, for all of you in love with Randy Wolf (please do not include me in that group), at least he understands the reality of the situation:

The 33-year-old left-hander, who was 11-7 with a 3.23 earned-run average this year, said he remains open to re-signing with the Dodgers. “I always wanted to play for the Dodgers,” said Wolf, a Valley native. “My teammates are great. I had a great time with them.” Wolf said he wasn’t surprised that the Dodgers didn’t offer him arbitration. He said his agent had warned him of the possibility, telling him that because of the number of arbitration cases on their books this off-season, they might be hesitant to add another one — especially when taking into account how much money would be at stake.

Hello gang!!! Hope everyone is well and had a great day!!! I’ve just been reading some Tiger Woods stuff and I am saddened. No one is perfect and I admire his forthrightness and respect his right to deal with this personal issue privately. My best wishes go out to him and his family. I hope it works out well for him. As for Frank and Jamie, I wish them no ill will, I just want them to sell the team and go away!!! And, take Ned with you please!!!!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

lbirken – It is great to see you on here. The post was definitely worth the two cents :)))

I’m sick and disheartened by the McCourts trying to live the blue blood/jet-setter champaign lifestyle on the Dodger fans nickle!!!

I was one of those who mentioned execution and, I’m sorry if I offended you, lbirken. It was of course, in jest. I am in no way a hostile or violent person. Frustrated, yes! Angry at management, yes!

I am also tired of management wanting us to think they are putting a winner out on the field, when we all know differently. I feel sorry for Andre and Matt, always trying their best, working their assses off, with the same pisss-poor ending of a season.

Disheartened is a very good word to describe this management team right now Jhall!!! I am guessing most of our core players are enjoying their time off, but you have to wonder what they are thinking about the whole thing too. I mean, after the playoffs, even Andre made reference to needing some good starting pitching. He never blatantly said it like we do on here, but it leads me to believe, among our core players, it’s not just Andre who is thinking it.

Hey, jhall. Not a big Tiger fan myself…never was. His latest escapades only solidify my image of him as a pampered poodle out of touch with the real world. Never liked his on-the-course demeanor, either. But he exists in a universe I’ll never even come close to inhabiting, anyway, so who am I to judge? Most importantly in this whole debacle, as a dad myself, I can’t imagine risking/giving up my family for an orgasm.

Talk about trying to live the champaign life on a beer budget, Jamie flops the freakin’ limo driver. Geez!!! I guess she doesn’t even drink Dos XX!!!

Another thing Jhall – I hope Tiger gets to work out his situation in private as well.

Very good point Kahli 🙂

I like Tiger. I feel for him and his family. He’s not the first, and won’t be the last, athlete to cheat on his wife. But, he is right, it is a private matter…..unfortunately, the media will not let it be private.

Yep Kahli, unfortunately, it is his kids and wife that will ultimately suffer the most. It’s not worth it for a romp in the hay as I’m sure he realizes now!! Hi’Ya Nelly, good point!!!

Well said Trumom!!!

Thanks, Jhall. 🙂

You’re very welcome Tru!!! Heck, I would have been a goner and transgressed a 100 times if I was in his shoes. LOL!! I’m weak!!! That’s why I’m a bachelor!!!

Maybe Frank and Jamie have ushered in a new era of infidelity. Geez, I hope not……………………………….. Unlike Tiger, all will be forgiven, by me, anyway, if Frank and Jamie can just rustle up a couple good arms! Ned, get on that, will ya? Even if your boss is a cheap nerd, you’re still being paid a lot of green to come up with creative ideas to get this team over the hump. If runner-up is all you’re after, hell, enchanted, messagebear, jhall, nelly, eric, lbirken, trublu, and everybody else in here can accomplish that for a heck of lot less salary than you’re pulling down!

Roll in zha hay. Roll in zha hay…

jhall, if you taught high school, like me, you’d be in prison by now!!!!! A lot of my single buddies tell me the same thing!

Jhall ~ on one of tthe talk shows, a panelist said that 90% of athletes cheat. I tend to agree with him because of all the time on the road and, the thinking they can get away with it.

I knew I was in trouble at my wedding when the priest said, “Do you promise to forsake all others”, and my answer was, “I’ll try”.

LOL, Jhall!

I hear ya Wally. I can’t run as fast as I used to either.

So who wins the “Get it While You Can”award, professional athletes or professional musicians?

Probably not Kahli, I would never cross the line with underage girls. I’m weak but above board. My mom, dad, and grandparents did instill some strict and strong morals. There are certain lines you just never cross!!! That’s one of them in my book!! Yep Tru, it is not a lifestyle conducive to a solid marriage!!!

It’s real simple. If you are fortunate to have that lifestyle; stay single till your 45 or so, retire, then marry a hot 25 year old. Start a family when you are ready and have a lifestyle more conducive to it!!!!

I think the problem is, the athlete is just an overgrown kid when he gets hitched…..maybe they should wait until they are towards the end of their playing days.

Also Kahli, the thought of prison and “Bubba”, plus enraged fathers scares the hell’ out of me!!! Athletes are expected to be roll models. Good clean all-american boys!! The musicians are generally considered the “Bad Boys”!!!!

Some great conversation tonight!! Hey Enchanted!!! How ya doing?

LOL Beav!!! Me neither. I used to have a 4.15 forty!! Now it is probably 5.5!!!

I’d probably lose a foot race with Jeff Kent.

I can drive a 4.15 forty though.

Doing great Nells!! I now have 250 chanels to choose from and look where I am!!

LOL!!!! I know what you mean enchanted. All those channels and ITD in the off season is the bigger attraction. Go figure!!!!

LOL Beav!! I was about 5’8″ and 125 pounds back then, in high school. Wasn’t big enough to get a football scholarship!!

250 channels!! Geez, who is your provider. I only get about 50 on cable. 2/3rds aren’t worth a crap!!!

LOL!!!! I got DirectTV, but it is really to watch baseball. We have the sports packages and movie channels mostly, but you are right Jhall, most of the time, there isn’t much on, or I find myself watching only certain channels all the time outside of some prime time shows. The tv is usually on some sports channel, Discovery and the like, or occasionally a movie, depending on who is watching. Our morning ritual while we are getting up and ready for work, school, etc. is watching Cash Cab on Discovery. You never know when you will need some useless trivia or sometimes just wondering how dumb some people really are.

:))) Nelly!!

DishNet Baby!!! And 4/5 aren’t worth a crap!!

I remember back in the good old days I was 5-11 1/2 and 185.

Of course I had hair back then too.

Now I’m 5-10 – how in the hell did that happen? 185 went out the window a long time ago too.

It must be with my hair.

I only watch a few channels. I would go crazy with that many! I did have Direct TV once and still only watched a few channels.

Enchanted ~ I just read that after 30, we all start shrinking! lol

We got DirectTV because Dish didn’t have MLB packages, and I wanted Dodger Baseball dammit!!! It’s funny, up here not all Gnat games are on television no matter what hookup you have. I would say about 3/4 of their home games are blacked out, as opposed to So-Cal who shows the Dodger on a much more frequent basis. Not that I am complaining about it, mind you :))

LOL Beav!!! So, 4/5ths suck and that leaves you with about 50 that are good. Me; 2/3rds of 50 is about 17 good channels. I need to check out Direct TV I guess!!!

It’s been fun my friends. Thanks for the conversation and laughs once again. Hope you all have a great evening/night and a pleasant tomorrow. Catch you down the road. Excelsior True Believers!! Goodnight!!!

Always a pleasure to be in your company and the others here on ITD Jhall!!!! Good Night and may you have a fabulous tomorrow!!!! Take Care :)))

Goodnight my friend!!!

We only watch a few channels too Tru, but we had DirectTV before and got things like Discovery and NatGeo and Science. Dishnet was the only game in town we could get a clear link to (well with 2 dishes) and it would figure that you only got some of the channels we liked with one package, and somemore with another, so I had to get all 250 to get all the channels we were used to watching.

LOL!!!! Same here enchanted!!

Good Night ITD Readers and Writers!!!! Alot of great comments today. We have a pretty awesome group of devoted fans who just want what is best for our Beloved Dodgers. Our approaches are different, but we all want the same end result…………………….to put the best team possible out on the field that has the potential and the talent to bring a ring to LA. So, as fans, all we can really do is sit back and really, really hope for the best and the right decisions are made. If all else fails, we, as the true bleeding blue Dodger fans, have each other and that can’t be all bad. Take Care ITD!!!! Only 84 days until our first Spring Training game 🙂

Reading the True Blue LA blog ( ), which talks about where our farm system is ranked. Have a looksie.

I swear, McCourt(s), if you’re going to gut the future of our franchise, you’d better put the money in to grab a ring now. And not one of those sister-kisser numbers Ned wears from his time up north.

I don’t doubt that the front office is trying its best. BUT a person can try their best at whatever they want, and at the end of the day, if they don’t have the necessary tools or knowledge to make something better, it just isn’t going to happen.

But it doesn’t HAVE to happen, there’s still 3 million plus who will be in attendance, myself included. The diehard fans aren’t going to let a couple of carpetbaggers ruin their day at the ballpark, “The Best Buy In Town”.

But imagine a guy just getting back into L.A. after 10-15 years elsewhere, taking his family of four to a ballgame at the end of a long week at his backbreaking job where he earns $12 an hour. After all, he remembers Dodger Stadium being the “Best Buy In Town”, but now he’s in for a rude awakening…

:: drives to gate ::

$15 for parking? #@$#%… well… it’s still baseball.

:: walks to Box Office::

Four for the Loge section, please… WHA??!!!

:: $90 some odd dollars later, arrive at the park ::

Who’s hungry? 4 Dodger Dogs, please… $16 for 4 hot dogs?!! Forget the soda, we’re drinking from the water fountain.

:: In the stands ::

Wait a second… they sat Andre?!! AND Loney? Well, I guess that’s why Joe’s the manager, and I’m in the stands…

:: Concession guy goes up and down the aisle ::

I’ll have some peanuts… wait, I just have $4 on me, nevermind…

:: Souvenir guy goes up and down the aisle ::

“Dad, can I have a foam finger?” “No, you’ll have to use your own today, junior”

Just at this point, Dear Old Dad has spent over $131 for his family to enjoy a baseball game. Likely a huge chunk of his paycheck. Poor foam-fingerless Junior will not get to know Dodger Stadium as his home-away-from-home in the same way Dear Old Dad did growing up. The Owners will price Dad out of the park, and they’ll likely choose to spend their baseball dollar at the rathouse AngelAStadium, on the way to Disneyland… helmed by those red jerks Alfredo Griffin, Mickey Hatcher, Mike Sciosci…

Dad: “WAIT! Aren’t those the Dodgers? The REAL Dodgers I used to know? But who’s in L.A…”

Dad looks back to Dodger Stadium to find out, only to be told not to pay attention to the men behind the curtain…

Slippery slope? Yeah, it is, this scenario riddled with fallacy. But then again, so is life.

And for the working American, the reality of life in this era means that they might not have $131 to cough up. Of course, this would likely devalue Dear Old Dad’s standing as a member of the Owners’ target demographic.

Imagine that. The Family of Four priced out of Dodger Stadium.

Once Vin Scully and Nancy Bea Hefly are gone, the only things recognizable about this organization will be the building, the jerseys, and Manny Mota on the coaches’ staff.

Good day everyone……It is nice to see such lively discussions again……..It is also alway’s a good day to be a Dodgerfan, could be alot worse…….
Not much more to add, bamboo under the fingernails….works for me.
I probably can’t outrun enchanted, or a loaded dump truck in the forty (forty yards is alot farther nowaday’s.) I once thought I could drink a 4.15 forty, couldn’t do that either.
Anyway’s The battle begins for Ausmus……..I hate to lose to the GNAT’S!!!!

Northtateblues ~ simply fantastic! I think you should sent it to the LA Times……I also think it should be reposted from time to time just to remind folks why we are often pisssed off.

Almost forgot, nice to see you too, Dodger4life 🙂

Walkin’ in a PVL Wonderland…….Saito and Wagner to Braves…..Polanco and Castro to Phils. Is anybody jealous here? I’m not. Retreads all. Expensive filler parts. Play the young, more athletic kids. We’ve got PLENTY of PVLs already. That goes for catcher, too. Why resign Aumus (let the Gnats have him), thus assuring Martin of another comfortable free ride, when the Dodgers could promote May and let the best catcher catch.

Very well done North!!

I have to agree with you there Kahli. Let the Gnats have Ausmus. Capable back-up. OK lots of knowledge, but Ellis is a better defensive catcher and will play for half of what it would take to sign Ausmus. (And let’s be truthful, that’ll suit Frank fine.) As it sits, this team is going nowhere anyway without pitching, so might as well let Ellis be what he’s projected to be – a back-up catcher. (May I think sould get some time in at Alb. first, not that I have any great love for Martin.)

Great post North!!

Thanks Tru, D4L and E. My comments are much too long for the Times, though, heheh. Had to put some money in the parking meter, I hadn’t completely finished my thoughts, so I’ll add a few more.

The way prices go up at Dodger Stadium, you’d think we won the Championship in ’03, and the Angels were staring down an over-two-decade drought.

I’m just sad for the kids who, unlike me, will be essentially forsaken by the Dodgers, and will either root for the hapless Pads or learn that the DH is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

All things change, I know. I understand the Dodgers have to stay competetive.

BUT I wish the competition Frank McCourt concerns himself with would be the other team on the field, not the Yankees’ and Mets’ ledgers.

Someone who TRULY understands Dodgers tradition would know that you just do not price out working families (read: BLUE collar) and expect these returns to continue.

Like the way McCourt undermines our teams’ future by skimping on draft picks (which, I wish he’d realize that the only reason he’s able to run the team so “cheaply” is because of matured draft picks), he also undermines the franchise’s future by pricing Blue Collar fans out of the park, likely causing a generation of Angelinos to remember Dodger Stadium in a far different light any of us do.

Funny, I though an East Coaster would remember that the Dodgers were the team of the Blue Collar fan. Not just some color on a hat, but a way of life. If one wanted to cater to the suits, there’s a set of pinstripes waiting for you in the Bronx… if they’d let a “Parking Lot Attendant” into their Boys Club. I’m not saying I don’t want wealthy people rooting for the Dodgers, I don’t mind that at all. I just think that especially in the worst economic times since the Great Depression, raising ticket plan prices on the lowest-priced packages sends a message.

I only write this because I care. I know much of what I write is worst case scenarios, slippery slope scenarios, etc. But I’m sure the numbers check out. $131 for a family of four is a lot of money to ask for 2-4 hours of baseball. Just because you can charge us “suckers” more because those heartless pinstriped chumps do doesn’t mean that you should.

BOTTOM LINE: If you want a franchise to stand the test of time, it’s probably best to invest in the future.

Where is Chad Cordero at? I want him instead of Ayala and do we really need bullpen help?

Fabulous posts Northstateblues!!!!!

….and enchanted, I know what you mean, but Basset Hounds are too cute to be comparing them to Frank.

Better yet, Northstateblues, if Josh really does read what we say, and passes our thoughts along to management, as he says, they will get the message loud and clear!

Of course the other way to look at the PVLs is, Polanco/Castro/Saito/Wagner and a handful of others may just be the CREAM of the crop. Can’t wait to see what’s left when Ol’ Ned finally gets unleashed (OK, its kinda like unleashing a basset hound) by Frank. Oh what wonders and surprises will he be able to sniff out??? (Because you know any PVLs he comes up with then are going to stink.)

The new old battlecry of the downtrodden Dodger fan since ownership and management are too inept to do anything else: PLAY THE KIDS!!!

Santana (Martin could be trade bait for Halladay)
DeJesus (should had been ready ready for 2011 than we could try to trade Furcal but the injury kill him)
Bell (Oh I wish we still had him so give that job to Dewitt since he was jerk around this year)

Wolf (if he does come back)

Oh so we gave up some non prospect name Eric Krebs for Young and not 2 ptbnl. Young should’ve been at 2nd basemen. I wonder if Gordon would move to 2nd baseman. Gordon could be our next Reyes.

Enchanted – It appears I am on pst as opposed to the rest of ITD who is on ITDFST, and I time warped you 🙂

I know Ned has been slammed here for the “PVL” signings but professional teams in all leagues have been recycling players (and managers/coaches) for years. Sometimes this works out great and sometimes it does not but clearly management prefers experience and a track record over the unkown. With so much talent moving from the “have nots” to the “haves” and this process becomes almost mundane. GM’s must be the most optomistic people on the planet or the most desperate and they definitely have to be thick skinned because most of their moves probably will not work out as they hoped.

So how does a player like Blake DeWitt get a chance? He has to take advantage of any opportunity he gets and if he is Andre Ethier or Matt Kemp, he has to continue proving himself every day and get better. Some players handle those challenges better than others and that is why some make it and some don’t. They force management’s hand by performing in difficult situations. I know we all like Blake DeWitt but clearly the Dodgers do not have a lot of confidence in him at this stage of the game.

Bombko, and Lurch, and Ohlman, oh my!!! We’re off to see the WizNed!!!!

We wish to welcome you to dumpster land!!!!

Need I say anything more!!! C’mon, is the best we can do?

Jhall ~ new thread!

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