Maury Wills…one of my all-time favorites

You wouldn’t think that a kid growing up in the 70s, 80s and 90s would come to be such a huge fan of Maury Wills, who did most of his damage in the 60s, but it’s true. It certainly helps that my father, also a native Angeleno, counts Maury among his favorite players, but I can probably only think of a couple Dodgers who I have liked as much as Maury and I guess that’s because he’s such an incredible person.

I’d imagine that any of you who have met him over the years at Dodger functions feel the same way. There’s no doubt in my mind he belongs in the Hall of Fame and his hometown paper, the Washington Post, ran an incredible article on him last weekend. If you haven’t read it, please take the time to do so. You’ll love him even more than you did before.

As for the upcoming weekend, usually during the winter we aren’t at the stadium much but we’ll be hosting the annual 5k walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). This is an incredible organization (full disclosure, I’m on the board of directors) and the current president of the local chapter is Todd Zeile, whose daughter suffers from Type 1 diabetes.

Todd got me involved a few years ago and I know that last year when I posted a link here, several of you wanted to donate so feel free to do so again if you’d like. I know a few ITDers will be at the walk this weekend so we look forward to seeing you here.  


  1. cpompe1

    Hi Josh!
    Maury Wills is won of my faves too. I wasn’t born until a couple of years after he broke into the majors, and was a little tike during most of his years, but I met the man in the Dodger Stadium parking lot, and got his autograph!. He seems like a very nice guy!

    I’m hoping to come out to Camelback this ST, as I missed last year. Have a great day Josh!!!

  2. trublu4ever

    I’m doing great, CPO…..and you?
    It’s only 10:30 am and I’m already getting submission errors! Thirty minutes now, and I still can’t get posted! Give me a break!!!!
    Still waiting!
    It’s getting where it isn’t fun to chat anymore.

  3. cpompe1

    I?m doing fine Trumom. I finished the Professional Bookkeeper program a few weeks ago, but then I needed to learn QuickBooks. That?s where I?m at right now. But I?m ALMOST finished with QuickBooks; I probably will finish it by this weekend or early next week. I?ve started ?the ball rolling? as to what I need to do after that. I?m working on letters that I need to send, who I need to send them to, how far from home am I willing to go, etc. I?ve got some shopping to do, so I?m going to continue to get busier and busier as time goes forward.

    Sorry about your submission errors (I know, you wish they weren?t yours!) Thank God, I haven?t had submission errors or Redirect Loops or anything like that in a while. I?m going to cross my fingers and knock on wood hoping that they stay away from me. But I?ve had to type my posts onto a Word document, and then copy and paste. Because when I try to type directly into the box, it is slower than molasses going uphill! But Trumom, don?t stop chatting; ITD wouldn?t be the same without you!!!


    kahli’s comments about Baez and Hendricson scared me. Wouldn’t that just frost you?
    Wills was my favorite Dodger as a kid. I played short and wore #30. That’s where the similarities ended. I was more like the bigger SS of today, but a kids gotta dream.

  5. crzblue2

    I love Maury! He is always very nice to fans at the stadium. He now recognizes me when he sees me. He has been at all the WIN baseball clinics including the one at Camelback Ranch.
    I never saw Maury played but read plenty about him to know that in my heat #30 is retired. My friend Erik made a special hat saying “30 Maury Wills.” Erik is too young to have seen Maury Wills, but his love for the Dodgers was instilled in him by his parents from a very young age.
    Like Carol, I have also ran into Maury in the parking lot. I have also seen him in the Top Deck, elevators. I think Maury is just used to running around everywhere.
    God Bless you Maury!

  6. enchantedbeaver

    Not surprisingly, the Phils picked up Lee’s option for next season.

    Had the Dodgers gotten Lee, what are the chances they would’ve picked up his option? My guess is about zero.


    Are you saying that money will be scarce? How can that be for a rich couple worth around a billion two $? If I was Ned, or Joe, or Josh I’d at least ask what the chances are of getting paid a year in advance.

    Haha, Haha, Haha, Haha – the Power Couple getting laughed out of town!!! That’s the only good thing to think about; otherwise, it’s a Sad, Sad, Sad time to think what will happen to Dodger fortunes – that’s what Shi*Head and ShitA** haive brought to us. May they both be damned to hell!

  8. kpookiemon

    Kirk Douglas, though just a touch higher, could also deliver that line…

    That said, as Aesthetics Coordinator, “Frank and Jamie…the Movie,” can’t be far off, and we need to cast it. (It’ll be a made-for-TV affair as no one would actually spend money to see it.)

    Frank: Woody Allen
    Jamie: Betty White
    Ned: Danny DeVito

    I have NO DOUBT y’all can do a much better job at casting!

  9. dodgereric

    I was in the prime age to watch, appreciate and remember Maury Wills. I was 9 in ’62 and can remember as if it were yesterday the “GO, GO, GO” chants when he got on base.

    I recommend that you go back up top to read that article in the Washington Post if you haven’t done so. It’s long, but well worth a little of your time, especially if you’re a Dodger fan. And why else would you be here, right?

    The Hall of Fame voting is such a contentious thing. It’s sort of like the difference of what makes an MVP vs a Player of the Year. Kirk Gibson in ’88 didn’t have flashy stats, yet – despite Orel’s heroics – he was without a doubt the MVP on a club that won the Series. Andre Dawson the just the year before had great stats, but he was on the last-place Cubs. How could he rate the MVP? Yet he was.

    The Hall of Fame voters are stuck on numbers, and I have a problem with that. We all know that 3000 hits, 500 homers or 300 wins is an automatic ticket to the HOF. Let’s ignore the couple of exceptions (Pete Rose, Mark McGuire) for a second. Rose is banned, and McGuire is tainted. But what if Dave Kingman had hit 58 more home runs? Does he rate the Hall? Not in my book.

    I’ll approach some blasphamy around here by stating that Don Sutton doesn’t belong. Yes, he has 324 wins. Does longevity rate that much? How many times did he win 20 in a season? Once. He was on a lot of good teams, mostly in the 4-man rotation days. He never finished higher than 3rd in the Cy Young voting. What he was, was dependable. He was always there to take the ball. He was steady. He was pretty damned good. But is the Hall for pretty damned good players? Or is it for the real standouts? The game-changers. The ones you had to prepare your team to play against.

    Wills was one of those. He changed the game. His big league career didn’t start until he was 26. If he had been able to break in sooner, perhaps he’d have some of those glossy career numbers.

    Sutton is tied for 14th all-time in wins. Do you know where Sandy Koufax resides? Tied for 195th, right behind Bret Saberhagen. Dizzy Dean is tied for 238th.

    Wills belongs. Below you’ll find a website where you can sign a petition for him. It won’t amount to a hill of beans, but signing it made me feel a little better.

    One more thing and I have to get home. No one here has slammed Joe Torre more than I have. But here’s something you probably ought to read.,0,3228802,full.column

  10. sparkleplenty_1

    I wanted to add my two cents worth to the casting of the movie, so here’s my suggestions:
    Frank – Wimpy (from the Popeye cartoons)
    Jamie – Miss Piggy
    Ned – Eeyore (probably mis-spelled, but you all know who I mean)


    I also was able to see Wills play and believe he should be in the Hall of Fame. Wills created a lot of excitement for the fans and a lot of consternation for the opposition. I recall the Giants watering down the area around first base since they knew they could not keep him off the bases so they would try to slow him down. There is no doubt he changed the game. He is my all time favorite L.A. Dodger player and I have had the opportunity to tell him so. I believe he is not in the Hall because of his personal problems and his behavior while managing. He obviously did not endear himself to the writers although I don’t recall him being at all unfriendly. He did not have a long career and he really did not put up big numbers as has been said. Normally we expect our heros to be humble about honors like the Hall of Fame but clearly this means a lot to Wills and I don’t have a problem with him saying so.

  12. trublu4ever

    lbirken ~ I think for the most part, the Hall of Fame is a crock. To me numbers alone don’t make a player a Hall of Famer. And, true, Maury’s numbers may not have been what the voters consider to be HOF material, he certainly set the standard for what base running was all about. So, I agree with you that he most definitely belongs.

  13. lny4loney

    Hey Kids,
    Here are some thoughts on how McCourtMess will effect Ned’s ability to improve the team this Winter, and how that will in turn effect the Dodgers 2010 World Championship chances:
    I think it’s going to be very difficult for Ned to do much in the way of significant upgrades this Winter.
    On the other hand, there are significant upgrades already waiting within the existing 40-man roster.
    Catcher — Russell Martin will almost certainly have a better offensive year than 2009
    1st Base — 2010 is a make-or-break season for James Loney (although McCourtMess could give him a reprieve for an additional season). I beleive Loney, although a serviceable 1st Baseman in 2009, will have his breakout year batting well above .300 with 20+ homers, 100+ RBI and 100+ runs.
    2nd Base — This is the one spot that must be addressed this Winter.
    3rd Base — An upgrade would be nice, but there is little available in free agency in any case. Chone Figgins is really about it. We’ll probably be relying on a first-name Blake (DeWitt) and a last name Blake (Casey). This is probably the weakest point on the team.
    Short — Furcal will almost certainly play better in 2010 than he did in 2009.
    RF — I have consistently underestimated Andre Ethier. But I beleive his terrific 2009 numbers are a template for 2010.
    CF — In ’09 Kemp became a star. In ’10, he becomes the absolute beast that’s been developing. THIS WILL BE A HUGE UPGRADE!!!
    LF — Stuck with Manny and Juan. Yeah, I’m concerned.
    STARTING PITCHING — This aspect of the team may be vastly improved from within. Kershaw now is poised on the very brink of superstardom. If Billingsley can be for a full year what he has been for a few half-years already, KERSH AND BILLS BECOME THE BEST 1-2 DUO ON THE GAME!!
    RELIEF PITCHING — Plenty of horses. Broxton’s last chance to go from very good closer to closer legend in Dodgers Blue. (Although like Loney he may get an additional year due to McCourtMess).
    In short … ok, too late for that … this team remains quite young at its core and all that’s really needed is for two or three of these young players to take the next big step forward while the rest of the team holds steady.
    No guarantee. But very possible even in Ned is hamstrung.


    Very nice assessment, lny4.
    Under the circumstances I’d settle for just letting our youngsters and prospects do the best they can in 2010.
    My constant fear this year will be that Frank may seek to dismantle our young core for the sake of saving some dollars even off the 2009 payroll. Let’s face it, we could easily see what San Diego went through last year under similar circumstances.


    From the way it looks, Manny and his agent will negotiate another “vacation” for the first few months of the season and then a few days off every week. He already has practice at this by the way he played after his vacation this past season.


    Trublu, I am not so sure I would call the Hall of Fame a crock. Most of the players there probably deserve being there and no matter how the selection process works there will be controversy. The steroid era certainly adds controversy. It has been my understanding that one aspect to look at when judging whether a player should be selected is did that player dominate the game at his position during most of his career. Maury Wills may not have been the best player but in my mind he did dominate the game for enough time for serious consideration. Opposing teams took Wills seriously enough to water down the basepaths and keep the grass higher when the Dodgers came to town. However, sad to say I doubt he or Gil Hodges will ever get in since the veterans are more stingy about who they let in than the writers.

  17. nellyjune

    Good Late Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!!! Maury Wills was before my time, but like a good student, I read the article like Dodgereric suggested. I am not only becoming a Dodger Fan, but I am becoming a Dodger history fan as well. BTW – wonderful post this afternoon Dodgereric.

    lny4loney – It’s always great to see you around here, and I always love reading what you have to say.

    As far as Manny coming back, I am not a Manny fan, but I am even less of a JP fan so the left field issue leaves alot to be desired for me. However, I would think Manny would be on his best behavior and at least try to have a good year if he plans on going anywhere for the 2011 season. So, that might be enough of a dangling carrot to see a good Manny for the 2010 season. However, once again, knowing Joe’s affection for JP, his playing time will once again be an issue.

  18. nellyjune

    Wait!!! I didn’t mean to say I am becoming a Dodger Fan. I am already a Dodger Fanatic. I am a Dodger fan becoming a Dodger history fan.

  19. kpookiemon

    I, for one, am very happy Manny is coming back. But I’m confused why so many are down on him when a year ago we were ready to slash our wrists if Ned didn’t sign him. Certainly the disgust can’t be the steroid allegations…Pettitte and A-Rod had a parade today and they are admitted users. Could it be his lack of production? Try losing 50 games and coming back mid-stream to face NL pitchers who have reached their mid-season groove. Throw in a nasty inside pitch to the hands and there you have Manny in 2009. His attitude? Please, no feigning ignorance, here. Taking a shower? Tell Broxton to close an important game. What Manny will do in 2010 is cement the middle of the order, afford Matt and Andre one more year of protection, keep the clubhouse loose, keep JP on the bench, and play his financial socks off for one last big DH contract. And, whether we want to admit it or not……………………….Manny makes baseball in L.A. fun. At the end of the day, who’s more a detriment to the psyche of this club and this town….Manny or Barbie and Ken McCourt?

  20. kpookiemon

    The Phillie are done with Brett Meyers. When Manny and Russell got hit lin NLCS last year, it was Manny would said he’d take a teammate like Meyers. Meyers is so pissed now, what’s the quickest way to get back at the Phillies? And the Dodgers need starting pitching.

  21. trublu4ever

    Good Morning, ITDland ~ Had my morning laugh this morning while reading the newspaper: “Twenty-four year old arrested after stealing a car to make a court appearance on charges of car theft”! LMAO!!!!!!


    Good Morning, ITD’ers!
    Random thoughts.

    Not thrilled with Manny coming back, but it was inevitable. I still think he won’t be worth the price, but maybe we can move him as a DH to an AL club leater in the season for some real prospects. We should also try to move JP for a couple of prospects.

    Since Frank won’t give Jamie her job back and has locked up her office at DS, Jamie should lock Frank out of all of their four mansions. After all, she owns them in her own name.

    There is no way that I want Mattingly to continue the Torre saga in Dodgerland. Other than backing up Joe with his brown nose, what possible experience does Mattingly have that we would want for the Dodgers. Let’s face it, there’s nobody else out there willing to offer him a manager’s job, and for good reason.


    A mosquito would also describe Manny after his “vacation” – a lot of buzz but no bite, although he will suck up a lot of our payroll. But then again, it’s Frank’s money, so what do I care. The sooner he realizes he’s going broke the better – may even sell the team, but not to Jamie.


  24. enchantedbeaver

    To clarify last night’s ManMouse comment, I meant leftfield’s duo of Manny and Pierre, though mouse could also very well describe Manny’s performance after his “vacation.”


    I really do not know what to think about Manny. I was afraid he would and afraid he wouldn’t. Guess we’ll see.
    I believe the policy is a number gets retired if the player gets into the hall of fame. I’d make an exception for Wills. When he came up during the ’59 season he added some energy to a club that was good already. In either ’69 or ’70, I saw Wills and Mota team up to beat the Big Red Machine in extras. Whenever I see a player wearing #30, I always think he’s wearing Wills’ number. The Dodgers should just retire it.

  26. Dodger4life

    Good Afternoon Everyone………….
    Being a product of the mid 60’s, I can’t remember seeing Wills on the field….However when my father spoke enthusiastically of Dodger players… it was usually Maury Wills, and Roy Campenella. His spoken words always had so much vibrant energy attached to those two names.
    As for my take on Manny, towards the end of the season, except for the last game of the play-offs…..I was getting tired of watching his lack of enthusiasm out of the batters box, and chasing down balls to the outfield.
    I believe he speaks of some truth when he says his legs can’t take the stress of everyday baseball, at least in the N.L.. He should like it has already been mentioned, provide some protection for the others. It is also my belief that due to the lack of bat speed due to age and lack of stimulants, he can’t wait that extra split second he could in the past, in which to judge the location and direction of the baseball. He still has plenty of pop, and is still a very good hitter. I have said before that barring another embarrassment, I will support him. Let’s hope he can stay healthy, stay clean, and stay focused on the positive side of baseball.

  27. northstateblues

    One of Jamie McCourt’s first act as a Dodgers employee (or owner, or emperor, or Queen-of-the-Mutha-_____-Universe, whichever title she wants to create next) was to send Fernando Valenzuela a coach-class plane ticket to Spring Training. You would’ve thought that someone who wanted to be the Dodgers’ owner since she fell out her mama would’ve known his reputation.


    One of Frank McCourt’s first acts as Dodgers owner was to not return Joe Amalfatano or Ross Porter’s phone calls when the two were told to stay in touch with the organization per their employment, kicked to the curb like a couple of panhandlers in front of Wal-Mart.


  28. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi ITD
    I just finished reading that article by Michael Leahy about Maury Wills.
    Wow, nothing in this world could’ve disturb me or broke my concentration, while I was reading it.
    What a wonderful story about a great shortstop who should’ve made the Hall of Fame long ago.
    I’m happy that Manny wants to stay with the Dodgers and that’s the best news I’ve heard this offseason, because it means the Dodgers won’t have to find another player of his type.
    Personally I think the Dodger offense is set.
    Only the starting pitchers need to be work on but it looks like it’s going to cost.
    Somebody better tell Frank that it’s cheaper to keep her.

  29. enchantedbeaver

    I see the Jays are talking to the Snakes about their catcher (Snyder.) How ’bout Martin for Halladay straight-up? We get Halladay for a year and they get a Canadian catcher for several.

    Ned, make it so.

  30. trublu4ever

    We can throw in JP also, Enchanted….that would make him happy because he could play everyday. And, that would make me happy because Dre and Matty would play for us everyday!


    With now only two years left on JP’s disastrous contract, I have to believe that we can move him someplace if we really wanted to and Ned was up to his job. So, let’s get JP OUT OF HERE!

  32. enchantedbeaver

    But JP was our MVP Tru 😉

    If Ned can’t manage to get a front end starter to solidify the rotation to possibly get us over the hump, then I say go with all the kids and trade the vets for whatever you can get at the deadline. Manny will be serviceable as a DH, Blake will be a steady vet for someone, Furcal could fetch a couple prospects, Kuroda too. JP’s still untradeable even at two years left on his contract, but maybe for a low minor leaguer? Trade Martin just because he sucks.

    Let’s face it, without decent starters, this team goes nowhere anyway. Kersh may be ready to step it up, but Billz is a head case, and Kuroda’s always got something going on. Throw in either two rooks or Ned’s bargain basement leftovers and I don’t see how this team could contend against the likes of Lincecum, Cain, Haren and Webb, and even if they could they’ll do nothing again in the playoffs because they refuse to get an impact pitcher.

    Its like they know there’s something wrong with the alternator, but they get parts to fix a tailpipe. If they’re not committed to get what it takes to win, then let’s start over.


    Where’s Ivan DeJesus?
    When you consider our two big contracts for Furcal, it’s been a total waste. The guy has lived on his Braves’ reputation. He’s played for us about half the time and rather poorly about half of that time. So, the money waste is pretty much up to Schmidt proportions.
    Furcal is a waste!

    Get Martin OUT OF HERE too, because he’s a worthless gd mamby pamby that I’d like to see relegated to Toronto, whether it’s on their ballfield or the Toronto subways I don’t care.

  34. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ since JP is our MVP, Nellyjune and I thought this would be a perfect time to unload him 🙂 Strike while the iron is hot! 🙂

  35. enchantedbeaver

    Don’t know bear. Its like he fell off the face of the earth. Didn’t he break his leg? Did he even play in 2009?

  36. enchantedbeaver

    Jamie, Frank, Ned, Torre, Mattingly, Honeycutt… its enough to drive you to wear a brown paper bag Tru. When does the insanity stop and we get some real baseball people in L.A.?

    When you really stop and analize it, maybe its not a first rate starter that keeps us from getting over the hump.

  37. trublu4ever

    I’m sure we will all be wearing brownpaperbags…..should come up with some very original names for them too!


    Brown paper bags are not enough. Dedicated Dodger fans need to come to the stadium with pitchforks, then charge the “owners box” and Ned and clean the shi* out of the barn for good. While at it, tell Joe that there will be no added year or years to his tenure, and get that gd brownnose Mattingly out of there with him; Honeycut too.
    This whole management team from top to bottom smells of cow manure.


    With all of the swine flu in the news, has anybody thought to test our ownership? Considering all the garbage that they’ve been through and heaped on our franchise, I wouldn’t be surprised that they’re contaminated and passing it right along. QUARANTINE THE MCTURDS!!!

  40. Dodger4life

    Good Morning All………
    I see our ITD GM has showed up early for the meetings, I am guessing the brownpaperbag is in his briefcase.
    Bear I seen the pitchfork this morning, four pronger 🙂
    TAKE MY JUANPY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. kpookiemon

    Ned reminds me of a bad football coach who burns his timeouts needlessly or a poker player who wastes chips on bad hands. I have nothing against trading prospects, but Ned needs to cherish the “chips” he has and play them wisely. Case in point: Tony Abreu (umm, did I hear the Dodgers need a second baseman???) for Jon Garland, a pitcher who helped them little and one whose option they declined. Dumb trade. Very dumb. A waste of a “chip.” Fast forward to right now. The Blue Jays are intimating they might trade Halladay, a pitcher the Dodgers desperately need. But Halladay is a one-year rental waiting to happen…unless Ken and Barbie can stop fighting over the swimming pool long enough to assure a long-term contract extension IF a trade is made. I say this because I think Russell Martin and a pitcher NOT named Kershaw or Billingsley or Broxton might be the basis for a workable deal (the Jays are talking to the D-Backs about a catcher, having nothing to do with Halladay). But if Halladay is set to bolt in 2011, I’d only offer Pierre, Honeycutt and Jamie.


    There’s no question that we’re in desperate need of an impact starting pitcher. We’re hardly alone in that requirement. Unfortunately, there’s damn few of them out there. I’d prefer going after Lackey but the financing may not be there, by necessity or design, and, even if it was, I can’t see Ned outbidding the likes of the Red Sox, Yankees, et al. Hell, Ned has enough trouble consummating a deal when he’s bidding against himself. No doubt that the Blue Jays are still trying to deal Halliday because the clock is ticking and the closer July,2010 gets, the lower the return will be. I’d go for a Martin-Halliday deal straight up but I doubt that would fly and, since pitching is our weakest point, who else would they want but Bills, Kersh, or Brox? In this market, Halliday would be crazy if he didn’t test FA after 2010. Bottom line, the price for Halliday is too high for a year-long rental. It’s a mistake to not have picked up the option on Garland. Granted, he’s not an impact pitcher but he’s as good or better than most of the FA’s out there. If this is an indication of management’s thinking, look for another pitching cattle call in Glendale come February.

  43. phan52

    Martin for Halladay? LOL!! That is funny.
    And it looks like the Dodgers entire roster is either a FA or arby eligible. Better hope Lucy and Ricky are willing to spend some of their disputed money this offseason.

  44. kpookiemon

    Former Tigers star Kirk Gibson told the Detroit Free Press that he would love to become a major league manager.

    “I love challenges,” the 52-year-old Gibson told the newspaper. “It seems like the ultimate challenge.”

    Gibby….or Donny Baseball? Ummmmmmmmmmmm…….

  45. trublu4ever

    That would be awsome, Dodgereric! We weren’t the only ones thinking about him buying the Dodgers….we were probably the first, though!

  46. shad80

    lol @ Nationals. Yeah Odog and the other 2 surely would be happy over there. I doubt Matsui really want ot played with the Mariners but he can played with Ichiro.

  47. trublu4ever

    I see on our HomePage, Castro, Loretta and Ohman filed for free agency. Also, all coaches havve been invited back.
    I like your new name, Shad 🙂

  48. nellyjune

    So, are we the Dodger fans appealing to Mark to buy the team? We have mentioned that quite often around here, and that was prior to any talks of a McCourt divorce. Boy, would that be sweet!!!

    Shad – you changed your name again. BTW – Did you race Denny this past weekend? He did well so I am guessing not – LOL!!!! (jk)

  49. Dodger4life

    Guys who made a showing on the mound last season, with not a whole lot worth discussing, that are still on the 40 man roster.
    Stults ~ Threw the only complete game for the Dodgers last season…..end of story.
    Leach ~ situational lefty…ate innings with very little success.
    Wade ~ non existant
    Haeger ~Short stint, had some moments but seemed to fall out of favor with Torre.
    Elbert ~ somehow was available for the post season, although didn’t amount to much.
    McDonald ~ What can I say…at times he would breeze through guys, at other times the baseball would catch a cool breeze out of the park.
    Schlichting ~ He did make an appearance, although I dont remember as to when or where.
    Guys that are gone that made an apearance…
    Schmidt ~ More than we ever dreamed was possible.
    Ohman ~ never belonged in the first place
    Milton ~ never belonged in the first place
    Vargas ~ long enough to get shipped to Milwaulkie
    Guys who made an apearance and made it count.
    Weaver ~ I wonder who Ned will find at the restaraunt this off season.
    Troncoso ~ he gave us a lot of quality outs, we never seen coming in the spring.
    Bellisario ~ same as Troncoso.
    Kuo ~ he just keeps hanging around.
    Then there was Mota, had a big month or two but was scary at times as well….
    Then there was the kid in spring training who they seemed to be thinking about at the end…..I am at a lost for his name, I am sure I will remember it come spring again.
    Trueblue L.A. has estimated our payroll to be around 90 million after the arbitration dealings. That doesn’t leave much room for anything highly positive, now does it?
    Oh Well…..we did resign the pithing guru…..Honeycutt, to further the devolpment of Bills and Kershaw, so that the rest of the above mentioned have a better chance at survival in 2010!!!!

  50. Dodger4life

    That was him thanks Nelly…..I am not trying to negative here, I am just wondering how things will play out next season. I know we are expected to challange again and that it is said we need an Ace quality starter to reach the final destination. I also remember the trade rumors at the deadline with some of our youngsters. I am sure there will be more rumors this winter.
    How many more days till spring training???

  51. Dodger4life

    That’s what I was afraid of…LOL!!! Jimmy wrecking early last week gave some of us…. a ray of (I am sure is short lived hope.) Denny did well also.

  52. nellyjune

    Denny did well. Shad must not have raced him – LOL!!! Denny moved from 11th to 8th in points. He really wants to make it to the top 5, and Jimmie proved on Sunday anything is possible and nothing is impossible even in NASCAR. Funny, on Denny’s facebook page, he is in the process of designing his new house. He also showed a picture of what his current closet looks like………………I think he may have a touch of OCD – LOL!!! Also, he never did tell us which of the Wizard of Oz characters he was. I still say he was the Scarecrow, Kyle the Lion and Joey the Tin Man 🙂

    As for Dodger baseball – It looks like Matt and/or Andre might be getting some awards. That would be awesome!!!

  53. scott_in_arcadia

    I keep reading about the “cash strapped” Dodgers when it comes to top free agents or arbitration talk. Whether we all want Mark Cuban to buy the team (maybe fantasy?) or not, almost everyone in L.A. is in agreement that the McTurds must go. Don’t re-up for season tickets people. Don’t buy Dodgers merchandise until Frank yells “uncle!” and has to sell the team.
    Cash strapped??? Let’s show the McTurds what cash strapped really is. If you really care about Dodger baseball, stop paying into the McTurd’s bank accounts!! All they have done is raise prices and lower the payroll and buy 20 million dollar homes for themselves.

  54. shad80

    Jeff Fletcher of AOL says Hudson has won the GG for the NL, the rest of the winners come out today.


    If you compare their season contributions, I believe that Hudson easily comes ahead of Furcal, Martin, and Blake, and that doesn’t even give full credit to his defensive capabilities. It would have been great to keep him signed for another couple of years at $7 – $9 million per. I don’t know how many games he saved us with his defense, but that doesn’t seem to matter to our management. He’s just too expensive unless he could be signed at a bargain basement price. Well FU, Joe, Ned, and Frank!!!

  56. shad80

    2009 American League Gold Gloves:

    C – Joe Mauer, Twins.
    1B – Mark Teixeira, Yankees.
    2B – Placido Polanco, Tigers.
    SS – Derek Jeter, Yankees.
    3B – Evan Longoria, Rays.
    OF1 – Torii Hunter (CF), Angels.
    OF2 – Ichiro Suzuki (RF), Mariners.
    OF3 – Adams Jones (CF), Orioles.
    P – Mark Buehrle, White Sox.

  57. northstateblues

    I was going to write about the Divorce, or the Hot Stove prospects (or lack thereof), or why we should be careful for what we wish for should Mark Cuban buy the team (speaking from the experience of having another controversial sports figure I liked drag us from our moral high-ground on Giants fans).

    But I will say one thing, and it?s far more important than any of that tripe above?

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MR. AND MRS. SCULLY! Many happy returns!

  58. trublu4ever

    North ~ a very pleasant and truly appreciated break from the McCourt Saga……Happy Anniversary from me too, Mr. & Mrs. Scully!

  59. dodgers62

    The person above that thinks Don Sutton should not be in the hall of fame is insane. He wasn’t just a damn good player, he was one of the best pitchers in all of baseball from 1969-1983, winning over 15 games 10 times in his career, winning over 15 games 8 years in a row from 1969-1976, and winning in double figures 21 times in 23 years…Good pitcher, no, a great pitcher who had more shutouts 58, than nearly any pitcher during his era, Tom Seaver, the best pitcher of that era had 3 more than Don 61…And you say Don was on all these great teams…well from 1966-1973 his team only finished 1st in 1966, and his stats were still great during those down years 1967-1973…Don Sutton along with Tom Seaver, Steve Carlton & Jim Palmer were the 4 greatest pitchers of their generation, don’t downplay him just because Maury Wills didn’t achieve enough stats to make the hall of fame…Don deserved it…20 wins is over done man, Don won, 21 in 1976, but he also won 19 twice, 18 once & 17 three times, his amount of innings pitched are incomprehensible today, I say from 1969-1976, Don Sutton may have been (Arguably) the best pitcher in Baseball only Tom Seaver, Steve Carlton, Jim Palmer have an argument…But when Don pitched during those years we knew were going to win…

    The most consistent, winning pitcher the Dodgers had from 1966-1980, bar none, look at his era over his Dodger career, it still might be #1.

    Pee Wee Reese made the Hall with average numbers, whereas a player like Willie Davis who had far superior numbers in every offensive category wasn’t even voted on in any ballot…now that’s a sin…

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