Ethierholics Rejoice!

Andre has been named the MLB Clutch Player of the Year!!! 

And just think, you guys all supported him before he was a big time star!

And while we’re at it, Jonathan Broxton, Joe Torre and Ned Colletti are up for’s 2009 This Year in Baseball Awards in the Closer, Manager and Executive categories. Vote Now!


Congratulation’s Andre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS MESSAGE IS FOR FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pay dre……….pay dre,pay
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THEN FLEE L.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I got new threaded…………….I will say it again…………..

I caught the very end of the coverage on ESPN. We all knew Andre was, but it was good to see him get the votes considering the other 5 incredible players in their own right.

Thanks for the new thread Josh, and yes, we Ethieraholics knew he would make the Los Angeles Dodgers proud.

This Ethieraholic is so proud of Andre for winning this award. I cannot think of a more deserving person to have this honor!

It’s really wonderful that Andre’s getting the recognition he deserves. WE know he’s awesome – now the whole country is gonna stand up and take notice! And that’s as it should be.

Josh – I also just wanted to let you know some of us are thinking about you during this turbulant time in our Dodger Organization. I know your position calls for situations like this, but still, it can’t be too much fun either. Thanks again for keeping ITD alive and well and letting us give our outlooks and opinions on our Beloved Dodger Blue. We just really want what’s best for team and nothing more, kind of like kids who are stuck in the middle of an ugly divorce. Let’s hope everything turns out for the best and hope everyone considers what is best for the kids…………….I mean Dodgers.

Dodger4life – I love that number 16 πŸ™‚

Trublu4ever – ANDRE ETHIER DOES ROCK!!!!!

Congrats, Dre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE knew how good he was even before our own management did!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow!!! Great Song Dodger4life!!! It looks like the songwriters are rubbing off on you rather nicely :))

Awesome song Dodger4life!!!!!!
I’m waiting for your new song, Nellyjune πŸ™‚

I haven’t forgotten about it πŸ™‚

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
I can?t stay, but I saw this new thread!!! Josh, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pass this message onto Andre:

OMG, Andre, you are terrific!!! I am so proud of you!!! After the story of your letter to Nelly, I just don?t know what to say except that: I am THRILLED to be an ETHIERAHOLIC!!! πŸ™‚


A little Bobby Darin ditty for y’all
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Congratulation to Andre.
What a year including the postseason.
Easily our most valuable player.

This is probably the biggest kick-off of a postseason ever.
Thank you Dodger4life.
Very entertaining.

Wow, Dodger4life…….very good! Two songs in two days, impressive, indeed!

Thanks oldbrooklyn and tru…..I realize it is a touchy subject, and it is hard to look at…. I’m just trying to laugh it off a little. Laughing at Frank and Jamie makes me smile πŸ™‚

I bet they aren’t smiling much these days!

However, their attorney’s are smiling from ear to ear!

The Blue Monster Mash
As the boy?s were working hard, on a run at the ring
Ned was busy spinning trades ,to look
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Frank did the mash, call it the blue monster mash
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Keep it going, Dodger4life! You know you will have to repost the songs when everybody is here.

I don’t know about reposting, but like the Blues Brothers
I’m on a mission, a mission of fraud…..

Congratulations to Andre on the much deserved recognition. We all knew he was clutch from day one, but it’s nice to see him finally getting some major props for it and the competition was pretty impressive to say the least.

Happy Halloween everyone!


You got that right Bluecrewgirl!!!!

Dodger4life – awesome, awesome songs!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween!

I’m representing the Dodgers tonight, you’ll see on my blog soon.

The picket line gets a reprieve today in honor of ‘Dre, keeping Dodgertown sucka-free (well… except for the owners’ box)

As a bitter Dodger fan and UCLA fan, what a nice day with SC and the Phightin’ Phils both on the losing end…………

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WTG Ethier but booooooooooooooooo Colletti and Broxton

Liked that baseball game last night.
Somebody on here said a couple of weeks a go the
“what ifs ?” were for the losers. True enough. The one I keep coming back to, besides the failure to pitch to Stairs, is what if Werth’s wrist had not been broken and he was still in left field? Both Manny and Pierre would probably be elsewhere and there would be extra bucks for pitching. Not that I am against JP’s being here, but O well.

Good Morning All………….
In last nights baseball game. Andy Pettite managed to regroup and stop a good Phillies offense. Something our boy’s were unable to accomplish. Also being a transplanted Boise Stae fan, 20 years now…..I wasn’t quite sure which outcome suited my team better. However I am a native Southern Californian growing up on both ( if that is possible ) UCLA and USC. When those two teams meet head to head though I am Bruin bound all the way.
The first half of the football game was quite intensive, and I am a fan of Pete Carroll. With a very good freshman quarterback, USC will bounce back soon I believe.

A couple of observations while following the World Series in kind of an off-hand way.
First of all, the regression of Hamels reminds me very much of Billz. They’re probably close enough in age and major league experience, but both are really suffering on the big stage this past season. I’ve got to believe they will both recover with some added maturity and experience.
I am also very proud of what Jason Werth has done since recovering from his wrist injury. I’m not necessarily faulting the Dodgers for giving up on him – just questioning it. We don’t seem to have a good record with dealing with injuries, so it doesn’t surprise me that somebody diagnosed Werth’s prospects poorly. I’m also thinking that the same medical team got it wrong with Tony Abreu, and we’ll probably see him bloom in a different environment minus the kind of power that Werth brings to the game.


Sorry Eric…My push for Jimmy has been suspended for the next few races…………..

I’m very glad for the recognition for Andre! The more interesting point now will be to determine what he’s worth at arbitration this winter. $10 million anyone? The others’ value will be rising as well. Can it break Frank’s diminished bank account, given his divorce costs and obligations? I hope he realizes that it’s better to sell the team with its players in tact than to sell them off piecemeal.

He says HOPEFULLY: Good Bye, Frank. What a miserable episode you’ve been in the Dodger ownership saga.

Messagebear I cant quote a source…But I can remember reading somewhere that Andre is expected to be in the price range of 5.5 mil to 7.5 mil per season. There is also some speculation that these arbitration signings will be done closer to the deadline , as to fill the holes created from free agency, or obtain free agent available players first. With the recession being declared over and the markets rebounding, I suspect Franks first priority is to obtain sponsorship in order to boost his profit margin, and obtain more credit. I am just stating the unreliable facts as I have read them. In my honest opinion though Andre deserve top dollar, I believe he has shown his ability to get the job done. I look forward to seeing his driving attitude towards success, in our future for many more seasons. Also Belliard was a good pick up for us at the time, although I am weary of his defensive ability’s in the upcoming season. With Raffy’s age and history, we need a solid back up at short, ( can we sustain two youngsters in the middle if the veterens go down ). And we defenetly need some help on the hill, We need a dominating and reliable starter.
Yes, I agree SELL THE TEAM FRANK not to JAMIE!!!!!


Change unreliable to unsubstantiated, they may prove to be correct???

I have to believe the Dodgers will exercise Garland’s option. Trading Tony Abreu for what would amount to a one-month rental (and not even activating Garland for the NLCS) doesn’t make sense…at least not to a rational person………..

Just wanted to add my congrats to Andre! Well deserved!!

AND thanks Josh for giving us a place to post our Dodger comments!

Okay…. Talladega was a mess at the end……I concede the season to Jimmy………What a team!!!!

Khali…. I am just guessing…. but if your prediction is correct. Garland shall inherit…. The he is or is not a Winner controversy???

Great, timely songs, D4life!!!! After all, what’s a Dodger off season without some overwrought drama!! Last year, it was Manny and this year, the Feuding McCourts. At least, this latest serial has both money and sex!!!!…..I agree with picking up Garland’s option. He did pitch well for us down the stretch and, with the exception of Lackey, there’s really no one any better out there in the crop of FA… For those of you who have MLB TV, the rebroadcast of Classic World Series Games is a real kick. Today, I saw Game 5 of the 1969 Mets-Orioles series and, other than the game itself, it’s great to see the environment of the times in which the game was played. The promos for AFL football games; umpires and fans clad in suits and ties; a billboard in Shea Stadium for Royal Crown Cola….sorry, trublu, I can’t rood for the Yankees, Phan to the contrary, EVER!!!!!

Red pen–that’s “root”.

Red pen—that’s “root”.

I really do understand you never rooting for the Yankees, Seesky, but, for me this is the first year I have never rooted for the national league. The entire Philly fanbase has left me bitter and I hope they know what it’s like to feel defeat once again.

The only experience I’ve had with Philly fans, tru, are the ones that come on here and those ones aren’t worth being bitter about. They’re contrarians and instigators who, not just satisfied with celebrating their victories with their own rooters, prefer to come on here and trash talk the losing team’s supporters. Those people are like the NY Giants fan in the movie”Big Fan” whose identity is so tied up in the support of their own team, he has no life outside of that activity. Those people are to be pitied, not hated.

Great point, Seesky!

According to Gurnick’s column, we have a potential option on Padilla for 12 mill next season. Granted, the guy, at times, has incredibly electric stuff but that’s awful pricey.


And the sign says, (THIS IS OUR TOWN) pay attention, I?ll tell you why
Cause it was built by a man , we learned to love and trust
The O?Malley?s left us but not in disgust, Hey Frank! I?m talking to you
His visions included L.A. bleeding blue, so much so the Giants came too
Signs, signs, everywhere there?s signs
Saying Frank?s about to lose his mind
So give it up now, before you do, Jamie this your sign too
Well the sign say?s in the( Heart of Dodgertown,) that means thru and thru
Just because you make it come out of your mouth,
Doesn?t mean were gonna embrace you
You promise us dreams and then raise the price
We won?t give up not without a fight, hey Frank ( Whatever It Takes )
Chorus ( sing it with me everyone )
Oh say now mister, can?t you see
Weve come to this place, since the early 60?s
You?ll never be able to change the fact, that the O?Malley family had our backs
And the sign say?s (it?s time for Dodgerbaseball ) tune in and listen to Vin
And 6 signs say ( World Series Champs ), I know you don?t want to talk about that
All of them came in years we had an Ace, and
None of them were followed by this utter disgrace
So I?m writing this song to tell you how I feel
I think it?s time your tires start to peel
Right on up out of here!!!!
Chorus 2x
It?s the same old song and dance we get from you,
Go ahead just admit it ( You?ll never bleed blue! )
Run Them Out of Town Records
Better days ahead CD


I freaking knew it my last start and the fool get into a rack and wow a rare win for McMurray and it took him 33 races and never made it in the top 5.

Throw Blanton out of the game he did that on purpose.

So far all of Utley’s hits in the WS have come off of Sabathia!

D4, truly awesome!!

After the first inning I thought we might have a slugfest. Now both pitchers have settled down.

CC’s looking shaky but the Phillies aren’t getting any good swings. They’d better get him early or they probably won’t.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories. You are the yard stick we measure by.

I thought the Phillies would give a better showing then this.

Damn stupid Giants reject.

I’ve come to the conclusion while watching the playoffs and now the World Series that ALL pitchers suck and they are not worth the $$$$$ they get paid!

lol Damon stole 3rd also when Feliz was guarding 2nd bases on that shift.

Yeah not a blow save but Lidge is still garbage.

Broxton take notes on Stairs.

Boy Dodger4life!!! Another great song πŸ™‚

Shad – Did you race Denny today? LOL!!! (jk)

And WOOOW….those damn Yankees!

Taking a hiatus from Ken and Barbie, I thought about A-Rod and Teixeira playing piρata to the Phils pitching staff…and how NO Yankee pitcher has retaliated…and then I thought about poor, old Chad Billingsley and how many in Dodgerland crucified him for not “protecting” his teammates. So, what’s the difference between the Yankees and the Dodgers when all the smoke clears? Well, both Manny and A-Rod responded with their bats, Russell Martin and Teixeira didn’t. But the reason the Yanks win is because they have a lead-off hitter that actually hits and a closer that actually closes. Somehow, I feel Billingsley became a convenient scapegoat for more glaring problems.

Kahli ~ I agree with you on the retaliation issue. Don’t you think if the umpires wouldn’t hve jumped the gun on issuing a warning in the first inning, CC would have retaliated?


Good Morning All………..
Khali excellent observation once again. At the time Manny would of become the target for the Dodgers and he was, balling like no other, the kids were feeding off his energy, so to take a chance at him getting hurt was a big risk. Bills was the scapegoat, although I don’t think that is what created his second half turnabout this season??? Lets hope whatever that was gets amended sooner rather than later. Have a great day everyone.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I was one of those who ‘crucified’ Billz for not protecting Ramirez, and rightfully so. But in NO WAY do I blame the ’08 playoff loss solely on him. It was just one thing and it’s a team game after all. Just like this year, you can’t pin this one on Brox. You can criticize him for not ramming that 100mph heater down the horribly overrated Stairs, but there were WAAAAY too many things that went wrong before that. The failure to get top quality starting pitching, the failure of Furcal to get on base, the failure of almost everyone to hit with RISP, the failure of the bullpen, we could go on and on.

Has anyone seen this?


Celebrating a little early I see………………….hmmmm, interesting indeed. Well, won’t they really feel foolish when the Yankees take the whole thing? ……….probably not.

Had to check out the Phillie blogs. Phan is going ape against some Yankee blogger. Seems I remember Phan lecturing us all about how it’s all in fun and only a game. They’re all in panic mode over there. Too funny. So if you’re sick of the “Frank & Jamie Show,” or just plain bored, like me, check out the aforementioned war in Phillie blog-land:

It’s really hard not to go on there and give him grief, isn’t it kahli? LOL!!!

For more interesting reading for us Selig-haters, I could have written this:

Well done, Mr Keisser!

If you continue down past the college football talk, there’s an interesting rumor at the end……….

eric, it IS hard not to give Phan grief, but believe me, others are doing it for us! As for the rumor that “someone” might be interested in our left fielder, I have mixed feelings about that. But I did read that Manny feels he’s approached DH time, that his legs are taking a pounding in the outfield. If Manny REALLY wants to leave, let him opt out. I don’t think he should have his cake and eat it, too, as it were. He exercises a $20 million option, then the Dodgers trade him and assume part of the contract? Doesn’t wash with me. But please, don’t ANYONE tell me to play JP for 162 games. We need a stud with defense out there, not noodle arm. The Dodgers are trying to win a World Championship, not appease a “great guy.”

Thanks for the article, Eric. I am no Bud Selig fan but I believe he has made money for the owners so whatever we think as fans (and certainly what sportswriters think) does not count for much. I get a kick out of all the whining about kids not being able to watch the games because they are all played at night but I think there are a lot more grownups who can’t stay up late either. These games start too late at night on the east coast and take too long to play with the added time between innings.

I have mixed feelings about Manny not resigning. While I agree that the prospects of having JP start every game in left field does not excite me at all, I get the feeling that the energy Manny brought with him in 2008 is long gone. Can he play an entire season in left field, taking the “pounding”? Did he ever recover from the leg problems or behing hit on the wrist? It did not look to me like pitchers feared his presence in the lineup and he had trouble making good contact on pitches he used to crush. Kind of reminds me a bit of Jeff Kent’s last two seasons; the head still knew what to do but the reflexes could not catch up. If Manny could hit around .300 with 20-25 home runs and drive in 80 runs, it would be o.k. even though he would be overpaid compared to other players the Dodgers have who might be able to do the same thing. Given the talent and tendencies of his agent, I would not surprised if Manny did try to opt out and make the deal mentioned in the article.

Kahli, I feel your pain about UCLA football. While one would think differently, USC’s loss to Oregon did not satisfy me much because the loss does not help my Bruins. Hopefully things will get better.

And finally, I am not going to let one pathetic Philly fan get me to root for the Yankees. Not sure how any die hard Dodger fan could root for the Yankees. Not sure how I would feel if the Giants were playing the Yankees in a World Series (or if it were the Yankees/Red Sox) but I suspect it would be like when USC plays Notre Dame or Ohio State. I would hope they both lose.

Kahli ~ I enjoyed your reading assignment! I find it amusing that they only have 3 or 4 bloggers. No wonder everybody comes on our ITD Blog.

Oh yeah, I read just about all of the posts! I’d assume the identity of a Yankee fan just to egg him on, but I think I finally got all of the stygian slime off me from the last time I sunk to his level and I like the clean feeling.

As to the rumor, I don’t really believe it. Boras isn’t above planting such things to drum up interest, as we all know.

The way Ramirez runs, I absolutely believe that his legs hurt. I know how he feels. McCourt probably gets his money’s worth out of Manny with all the merchandising items. We’ll know in 8 days for sure, he has to fish or cut bait by the 10th. Holliday would look really good out there, but that roulette wheel had better start hitting for that to happen. We’ll be lucky to settle with our arbitration-eligible guys as it is right now. We’re going after no one unless it’s on the cheap, just like last year.

Wow!! Some fun reading today – thanks!!!

Dodger4life – Excellent songs!!

Read the Phillies blog. Poor Phan, he’s learning the hard way. Taking his own medicine (or Castor Oil). Eating the old crow. Mired in troll muck, he has 72 hours at best to continue to refer to his team as the World’s Champions, about 5 or 6 hours at worst. Maybe it’s hard for a team that’s only won 2 in their entire history, but playing the live-in-the-now card has a short shelf life, as “the now” only exists from the time you realize it to the time it’s been realized. Of course, if he wasn’t a troll himself, that Yankees fan would still be there, but at least he’d be looking down on him instead of eye level at best and up at him at the current time.

A few moments of silence for the dignity of a troll…

As for the World Series, I’m currently rooting for one thing only, my girlfriend’s mom’s happiness, seeing as the only compelling Phillies fan I can think of is Cory Matthews from “Boy Meets World”. She’s been through a rough few years since the last time her team won, medical problem after other problems, etc. Don’t get me wrong, my nerves still bristle when I walk into her room, which could be described as Monument Park West. But I’ve always been cordial, wouldn’t have stopped had things ended up otherwise, and some things are bigger than baseball.

But I still laugh at all the foibles from both sides this series. Champs to Chumps, Chumps to Champs, that’s the story of life.

NSB, with all due respect to you and your girlfriend’s mother, I still can’t root for the Yankees. But, and not that you need it or I have any standing to give it, you have my permission to do whatever it takes to keep the peace in your world.

Yeah Burnett the man for hitting the crying hawaiian

Of course I did Nelly since I had one more start on him I knew that was going to happen again lol.

Manny leaving Dodgers?
4:17 PM ET Manny Ramirez | Dodgers Top Email Manny Ramirez has about a week to decide whether he’s going to opt out of the final year of his cont

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If Manny was a real man he would opt out lol

Good evening everyone! Long time no talk, but that normally happens in the offseason, especially now when I’m tired of the McCourt soap opera. Can they just shut their mouths and let the lawyers take care of it? I hope you all are doing well and enjoying life! πŸ™‚

I agree, perumike, that it’s too bad the two of them can’t just shut up for the duration but that idea would never occur to those two egocentrics….was alternating viewing the WS and the kinescope of Larsen’s perfect game on MLBTV. Great game to watch regardless of the outcome… still hoping for a 7-game series. The longer baseball lasts, the better!!! I, too, agree that if Manny really wants to be a DH, he should have the guts to opt out. My only fear is that the McCourts would, instead of using the savings to improve the club, would apply it towards any financial settlement of their divorce and leave us with JuanP for 162 games. Damon is a free agent after the season. Just an idle thought….. regardless of the outcome of the series, Utley could very well be the series MVP.

I thought Phillies can’t hit left hand pitching. God damn Utley should never went to UCLA and we should him in a Dodgers uniform along time ago.

lol Victorino was crying when he got replaced in the OF while the team is up 8-2 in the 8th are you kidding me? Did he forget he was hit in the 1st innings and it wasn’t even good?

Utley has tied Reggie Jackson’s record for homers in a WS but the Yanks aren’t dead yet.

Hello all. I really hope everybody is doing well.
Congrats to Dre for this great achievement!! I look forward to many others in his career. He is a quality guy from what I’ve seen & read and I look forward to seeing his success continue through his career!
That Phillies blog was great reading. Kind of funny that he was doing the “if this” comments. If is a huge word for only containing 2 letters.
I also have a tough time rooting for the Yankees. I’m pulling for the Phillies but won’t loose any sleep if they don’t win.
Last year I pulled for the AL team for the 1st time since the Angels beat down the Giants.
But back to the NL cap for this year.
I don’t care if they didn’t make it to the World Series. I’m still proud to wear my Blue! No if only those owners wouldn’t embarrass us.
Go Blue!!!

Those 2 solo shots last inning are now big runs…
It’s important to add onto your lead. Something the Blue failed at.

Now Shad…………….we have talked about you and Denny not being right for each other. Everytime you race him, he doesn’t do well, but when you don’t race him, Denny does very well. I am just kidding Shad, but I am beginning to wonder about the coincidence each time this happens – LOL!!! (jk)

Collie – It’s good seeing you on here. There is no other way then to be Dodger Blue thru and thru.

This McCourts are really not thinking about the Dodgers, both players and organization and their fans. I just feel the fans and the players (the kids) are going to suffer the most on this one just by what has happened so far, and I am guessing it is far………………………..far from over.

red pen – “The McCourts” not “this” – I had started out wanted to say something different and wound up saying something else πŸ™‚

I just finished reading Jamie’s court documents, there is alot of disclosure their……I found humorously entertaining that in a 21 month average, she claims to have paid 100% of the dining out expenses, yet earlier claims to have taken several vacations with frank and the family. Way to go Frank……They spent over $150,000 moving their Brookline Mass. kitchen to the Charing Cross Estate. The swimming pool in the Holmby Hills house where Frank is staying is of olympic size, as the one in Malibu is not suited for long distance swimming…..She claims that the McCourt Company was highly leveraged and that is why the residences all 7 of them are in her name. It took me over an hour and a half to read this thing….so excuse me if my facts are’nt spot on…..they aren’t too far off if at all though. There were alot of song lyrics in that piece of paper I’m tellin ya.

Very interesting references in the current John Weisman blog concerning the McCourt finances. In essence, the McCourts leveraged the Dodgers purchase to the extent that they secured more financing than the entire purchase price paid for the Dodgers at the time. That’s not typically unusual for someone in the real estate business, but it will likely have some dire consequences for both Frank and Jamie after or even during the divorce. The financing is secured by the 300 acre real estate surrounding the stadium, and apparently Frank already lost his Boston real estate holdings through foreclosure by Fox, so that’s no longer part of their assets. In fact, their unencumbered assets may not even be as much as half of the $1.2 billion cited in Jamie’s court papers. If you recall, I never believed the big number anyway.

The likely outcome in my mind is a necessary sale of the team, or even a violation in terms of their most recent $250 million loan (bond) because through the divorce the ownership will necessarily change from what it was when the loan was taken out. When they have to split things up due to community property considerations, I can even see where one or both of them will be filing for bankruptcy.

I cheer the outcome for the worthless McTurds and dread the consequences for our team as a result of this ill-fated ownership that never should have been allowed to happen.

Messagebear – your last line speaks volumes for how I am feeling about this whole situation. Many of us hoped they would sell the team, but certainly not under these circumstances where the entire organization is going to be affected.

I didn’t know are 2nd round pick in the 2009 draft had a twitter page. Look like we have another Darren Dreifort in with the bat and with speed hopefully he won’t be a bust with the pitching.

Tommy Lasorda vs. Phillie Phanatic
the memory lol.

I’ve been paying more attention to the Series, and had almost forgotten the McCourts. Hope their messiness does not cause the team to miss out like we did with Vlad Guerrero (where do you put all those r’s, anyway).
I find myself hoping more than a little bit that Manny opts out.
Pretty funny, Charlie Manuel admitting the Phillies were trying to steal signs from the Yankees. But he’s old school. I’d always thought it was a given, but some people new to the game seem to get upset by that.

lol at the beat LA chant in Oklahoma City. Yep I’m watching the Lakers/Thunders game but that chant it just not right.

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
I?m with Collie: I don?t like the Yankees; never have, never will. And yes, I’m pulling for the Phillies as I am a NL girl, but I won’t lose any sleep if they don’t win.

And Kahli, that link to the Phillies? blog was priceless!

Eric ? I couldn?t understand how it would be in Borass? and Manny?s best interest for Borass to ?plant? that story of an unnamed AL club is interested in Manny (i.e. Cleveland Indians). But the more I thought about it, if Borass did plant that story I would think that Borass is doing the planting in hopes to attract teams not named the Los Angeles Dodgers. For the Dodgers, the question is simple to Manny: Are you going to stay with the Dodgers, or are you not going to stay with the Dodgers? If he says yes (which I still think he won?t) the Dodgers will have no more interest in him.

Shad ? No, I?m not watching, but I?ve been sick of that ?Beat LA? chant for a long time. I don?t really pay that much attention to the NBA, but do fans in other cities do the same ?Beat LA? chant for the Clippers? I would think not. But I could be wrong.

Hey, I just happened to stumble on this article about Vicente Padilla. He shot himself in the foot.

Actually I meant he shot himself in the leg…

Hey Kahli!
Personally, I think it?s a moot point; I think Manny?s going to stay ? no matter what Borass thinks or what stories he may or may not plant. I just don?t see ANY TEAM being interested in Manny ? even if the Dodgers do pay part of his $20 million salary. I just hope and pray that if he returns that he?ll be able to do half of what he did in the 2nd half of 2008. But stranger things have happened ? Manny COULD opt-out. Not likely, but he could. If he does, then JP will be our starting LFer. Like it or not, that?s what I see happening (with, maybe, Xavier Paul being backup). Hey, maybe Paul will knock the socks off Torre?s feet that he?ll make him the starter!!!

And Kahli, I just got time-warped in front of you! It sure would be nice if this got fixed ? SOON!!!

I, too, hate the Yankees, but I respect Jeter more than any other player out there. Bottom line, when I watch the games, I root against the Phils. I didn’t plan it that way…it’s just reality. Any team that beats the Dodgers I root against. Just stubborn and bitter, I guess.

Surprising to me, anyway, I hope Manny returns. I think his steroid embarrassment, coupled with his obvious loss of strength or quickness or whatever, mixed in with a wrist injury, combined to make for a very forgettable “lost” 2009. Remember, 2010 will be a contract year for him. I mean, let’s face it, Manny will never get bonus points for accountability or people skills, but every Dodger fan knew that from day 1. If he shreds, all is forgiven…just like before. I believe his skills are still there. Besides, what are the options? JP…..ummm, no. A free agent slugger? We’re talking dysfunctional ownership right now. Manny in left field make sense…for now. But then, does ANYTHING make sense in Dodgerland right now?

Maybe if we time warp far enough back we can nix the Pedro for DeLino trade of yesteryear. Did that set the franchise back a few championships or what? And lo and behold, here the Dodgers are today in need of a second baseman….and lingering doubts about Billingsley. Holy deja vu, I can see it now. Billingsley or Kershaw for Robinson Cano. Someone kidnap Ned until second base is resolved…….

nelly, read the Times article this morning and it made me both sad AND angry. Bad for digestion of cereal and a banana…

Thanks for those articles, Nelly. I think the writers of the second article must have researched the ITD blog for some of their views – LOL πŸ™‚
Have a great day y’all!

If I were advising Andre and Matt, I would recommend holding off on any club overtures to sign them long term. They can both be making $7 – $8 million a year as a result of arbitration without committing longer term to a club with an uncertain financial future. If Frank and Jamie fight it out and drain available financial resources the way I see happening, it’s quite possible that the Dodger franchise can face bankruptcy. What good is having a long term contract then except to tie up your future?

What already concerns me is the poor condition of our farm system, if the media accounts are to be believed. If we’re not going to spend on fresh talent, why keep Logan around? The current status sounds bad enough, and it seems like it will get a lot worse. When will MLB step in? Oh, I forgot that means Bud Selig – well, never mind.

Thanks for the articles Nellyjune. Dre and Matty are our future…..we knew that all along!

I hope your driver is really good, Jamie. Look what you’ve “laid” to waste….

messagebear, I’m getting downright ornery and surly with this whole sordid affair and the McCourts’ self-serving interests. MLB can no more afford a floundering Dodger franchise than the NBA could afford a Celtics meltdown or the NFL a Cowboys meltdown. I call on creditors to call the McCourts loan and send these two wanna-bes packing back east to Phan and the like. And take Mattingly with you…PLEASE! WE WANT REAL DODGER OWNERS…….NOW!!!!

Right on, kahli. Couldn’t agree with you more.

Howdy folks! Must read article from Bill Shaikin of the Times:

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