Magic number is 12!

Here’s the message I just sent around to the front office…

If and when we turn this series around, we would be the 12th team to erase a 3-1 deficit and come back to win the series. That’s hardly considered rare in the game of baseball. In fact, it happened as recently as two years ago and the Red Sox have actually done it twice in the last five seasons!

We beat the Phillies four times in a five-game stretch earlier this year and just this season alone, we have had 15 winning streaks of three or more games. Fifteen!

Joe Torre, Manny Ramirez, Casey Blake, and Doug Mientkiewicz have all been a part of series where the team that was up 3-1 didn’t win the series. No one here in Philly has given up and neither can anyone back in Los Angeles. A win tonight brings the series home to Dodger Stadium where anything can happen.

“Manny is a guy who has been through everything and so has Doug,” Pedro Martinez said yesterday. “They can be really inspirational to those guys and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do something to call it to their attention and turn them around. I hope they don’t, to be honest.”

See – even the Phillies realize this thing isn’t over, so keep up the positive vibes and don’t let down the preparations for Game 6! It’ll be here before we know it! 

Enjoy tonight and keep those spirits high! I’m hoping to see you all at the stadium on Friday.


I agree Josh. Go Dodgers!

WE BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING IT BACK TO L.A. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAPPY FLIGHT NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BEAT THE PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



We love our Dodgers 7/24, 365! Through thick and thin and everything in between. We believe in this team!

DODGER BLUE THRU & THRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have seen this year’s edition of the Dodgers come back from adversity time and time again. Just win this one game today. No pressure whatsoever.

Just wanted to stop by and say:
Go Mattingly
Go Joe
Go Manny
Go Ned… what? Oh crap. Well… anyway
Go Jamie
Go Frank

Okay, who is impersonating Enchanted?

Please tell me you really meant “Go Away”, enchanted.

LOL, Bear!

As Blondie said:
“Don’t go be bad
Cause you been had
Don’t go be sad
Don’t go away mad
Just go away (go away)”

Like Blondie said,
“Don’t go be bad
Cause you been had
Don’t go be sad
Don’t go away mad
Just go away (go away)”

Sorry for the double post. Got impatient with this blog. Don’t know why. Maybe because it takes 23 minutes to post my comment. Time Stamp: 2:53 pm

Good afternoon everyone! Unfortunately I won’t be home for tonight’s game, but my thoughts will be with you all and with our beloved Dodgers! Go Blue!!

Nice column…gives us all hope for the future…if not the present!!!!!!!!!!

Bear, you know me too well πŸ™‚

Thanks for all your nice comments about my posts yesterday. Nelly, you have not heard from me because I was out of town for the first round and beginning of the second round of the playoffs. The good news is I was able to watch an exciting first round game on TV clear across the country with my grown son and daughter, something we all realized we had not done together for a long time. Why bring this up? Because Kahli hit it on the head when he talked in the previous thread about how he feels when baseball season ends. I feel the same way; it means no more games to watch just about every day and no more Vinny, whose voice just makes me feel good no matter what.

However, as much as I like watching the Dodgers (and I will listen to or watch even the last game of the season no matter the standings just to get every little bit), I do think the season is too long. I like the playoff format as there can be no doubt it adds to the excitement and interest most often to the last day of the season. The problem is playing World Series games into November and all the bad weather issues leading up to the Series. I know the owners will never shorten the season by giving up games but maybe the season needs to start a little earlier. Of course, we have just as many bad weather issues with early games so maybe there is no workable solution.

Hi gang,
LET’S GO DODGERS!!!!! I’m trying to be positive and have some hope. I’m watching the game with oldbrooklynfan tonight. We’re going to a restaurant. I’m bringing my rally towels that I got at Dodger Stadium from the St. Louis series. Maybe that will bring us some luck.

How about less days off. Joe is always giving players days off on game days anyway.
Or…remember when teams played scheduled double headers?

This line-up is almost the same as our 3 hit, 11-0 losing line up, flip blake and martin, I guess JT is really going for the ultimate challenge/ revenge factor in this game. Fortunately it is not Lee on the mound. All that coming up, then Just Win baby! Go Dodgers!

Whatever the outcome in the game, will somebody turn off the hot water in the showers until the game is over.

Lineup from Dodger Thoughts:
Furcal, SS
Belliard, 2B
Ethier, RF
Manny, LF
Kemp, CF
Loney, 1B
Martin, C
Blake, 3B
Padilla, P

lbirken: I would rather start the season early than end it late. Play some games in March if need be. If the game is postponed, it can always be rescheduled later in the summer (remember when that would result in a two for one doubleheader? Now they charge twice). Much better than playing the NLDS, NLCS, and World Series in the snow.

Tough? Yeah. Impossible? No. Just get this thing back to LA.

Let’s go out and get the win tonight and bring the game back to LA. You guys can do this. Remeber to BELIEVE IN BLUE.

Thanks for the lineup, Crash.

Thanks for the reminder, NSB.
Let’s go get this one game. You can do it, Dodger Blue.

What about playing day night doubleheaders? That can cut days of the schedule and it won’t reduce the owners all important revenue.

Not sure I like Andre in there, tonight, vs. Hamels. I’d like to see Pierre in there, leading off since Furcal has pretty much checked out of this series at the plate. Also, Kemp is one of the few Dodgers that can hit Hamels well. Seriously, in the 5 spot? Should be up in the 2 or 3 ahead of Manny.

BUT, alas, I’m not Joe.

LET’S GO DODGERS! and let’s get this series back to LA!


should be – off

Holy crap anyone watching the Tyra Show? They showing this girl that should be 16 yrs old but she don’t age and she like a 2 yrs old child in one of that swinging mo jig.

I’ll be at work during most of the game… hope I get to hear us in a good spot on the way home. In the meantime, I’ll repost this in case times get a little rough:

Just a friendly reminder:

Please Don’t Feed the Trolls.

and remember:

Thank you.
By northstateblues on October 21, 2009 10:27 AM

I promist to NEVER feed a troll, North, tempted as I may be to do so!


Northstateblues great comment about feeding the Trolls. We will keep a blue light shining for you while you work and hope to give out some good reports for your drive home. GO DODGERS

Funny, thinking about double headers. They were introduced as a way to attract fans to games. What a deal, two games for the price of one. Remember double features (and a cartoon or two) at the old neighborhood movie theater? The owners figured out they really don’t need double headers to attract fans and perhaps the player’s union doesn’t want them.

Batter up… bring this back to LA

LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No excuses now. Just hold the lead.

Let’s score some runs in the first inning.

Always Bet On Blue!

Come on Dodgers. Lets do this guys. Bring this game back to LA.

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Nice start I want 10 runsssssssssssss

Urgh walks


Both of Werth hits was homerun such a bandbox

Were not done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bandbox or not, this is another example of why the Dodgers are down 3 games to 1. The Phillies get one hit and score three runs. The Dodgers get two hits and one run. The Phillies get extra base hits with runners on base. The Dodgers have not been able to do this but then again, they had this problem all season long.

WAY TO BATTLE LONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Loney come on dodgers

Too bad the Philly was batting around .233 with risp in 2 outs in the regular season.

Damn Martin should had took that 3-1 pitch

Look at thatr Hamels is throwing strike or getting the called please Padilla come on we need this game please no more walk.

Hamels 41 pitches 2 innings. I love this start for Hamels and hopefully they can knock him out in the 3rd to 4th innings.

What is this, home run derby?

Feliz 1 for 13 unbelieveable.

lbirken ~ it sure looks like it….just hope we hit more homeruns than they do!

Feliz hitting a dinger reminds us all that even a blind Squirrel can find a nut from time to time.
Padilla needs to throw less fastballs. He’s leaving the pitches up, and they’re jumping on them. Warning track flies at Dodger stadium for sure, but out of the yard in Philly. 😦

Why couldn’t Padilla do that to Utley in the 1st inning?

The “phone booth” sure has been busy early tonight. Maybe Padilla has settled down. Win or lose, this is still the best toy store there is, as nelly so aptly put it. GO BLUE!!!!

I want to see a real Dodgers WS win. Hard to enjoy the last one when you was only 10 years old thanks god for the Lakers/Sparks/Galaxy.

We need to get some base runners in the upcoming innings. Solo shots are going to get it done against the Phillies. Go Dodgers!

Way to go O-Dog!!! It’s rally time gang!!!!!

What was Ross Perot saying about that “giant sucking sound?” I think what we are hearing is the life going out of the 2009 Dodgers season. We are going to need some very big lungs to blow some life back in the next 4 innings.

Lets go Dodgers.

I’ll Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down
LET’S GO DODGERS LEt’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT AIN’T OVER 27 OUTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, Jhall….how’s it going, sir?

Hi’Ya Trumom!! Very well, all things considered!! LOL!!! How about you my friend!!!!?

I’m a nervous wreck right now! If we don’t pull this game out, it will be the first time in my life I’ll be pulling for the American League team to win.

I can’t stand the Phillies or the Yankees, trublu, so the Dodgers had better pull this out.

Bluecrewgirl ~ I’m with you!!! lol

Rats!!! Me too Trumom!!! Well, we’re still in it. Can’t give up any more runs!!! I’m a devout NL person. I have to go with the NL team in the Series!!!

The only way I’d root for the AL this year is if the Angels get in. I’d never ever root for the Yanks. In a Philly-NY series, I’m neutral.

The Dodger pitching has really gone south in the last few games and put a lot of pressure on the offense.

I don’t have a problem with the Phillies!! I’m not going to let one disturbed fan sway me!!! They are actually a fun team to watch and play really good baseball. Plus, I really detest the Yankees. If the Angels get in with Scioscia, I will be torn.

Glad is not the Yankees and Giants/

To have any hope of getting back in this thing,we need some quick shut down innings. Their bullpen is, definitely, beatable.

Let’s Go Dodgers. We need this win guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O-Dog is a far superior fielder to Belliard. I still don’t get why O-Dog hasn’t gotten any starts recently. Belliard was swinging a hot bat, but he’s slowed down and O-Dog was an important part of the Dodger’s success all season.

BonJour BleuFille’ mon amie!!! Our offense kind of went south with them!!! Ferk and Blake going ice cold in this series really hurt. Overall though, our vaunted regular season bullpen, has dropped the ball, IMO!!!!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!! I am 99% of the time for the National League, but for the World Series, any team to beat the Yankees.

The only good part of a Phillies-Yankees Series would be that I could watch the game, enjoy it for the beauty that is baseball, and not care who wins or loses.

Really good starting pitching will almost always beat good hitting!!! And everyone knew the Phillies starting pitching was better than ours. Kemp really hasn’t done much this series either.

That would be a very painful series for me to watch, seesky. I would need to swig heavily from the flask to get through it, lol.

Hi’Ya Nelly and Sky!! I’m with both of you!!! I can never root for the Yankees or Giants!!!

Rats!!! That was most likely the nail in the coffin!!!

This is so depressing. I had such high hopes for them. It will take a miracle now, which could still happen. The Dodgers gave up a bigger lead in a game during the regular season in the 80’s.

Pass the flask Bleu!!!

I know what you mean, jhall. When I started following baseball as a very young seesky, the Yankees were perennial winners and that was reason enough to hate them. That sticks way down. And the Gnats, well, are the Gnats.

It’s nearly impossible to win a series when you’re outplayed at every single position on the field, and that’s been our case against the Phillies. Didn’t help that our pitching didn’t show up either.

But, we did extend Ned’s contract, and the BIG Frankie and Jamie Show will be something to behold, I’m sure.

Jhall – I am with you on the Phillies players. I can’t blame them for the behavior of some of their phans. I actually like many of their players. And to give some of their phans credit, there have been some on here that have been very respectful and I have enjoyed reading what they have to say. I just wish others would take note and just be kind or don’t say anything at all.

Yep Bear, should be interesting!! LOL!!!

I’ll make it triple strength, jhall, lol. They have the guts of a great team with Andre, Matt and Loney, but they have some glaring weaknesses too, starting pitching being one of them, except for Kershaw. I think he will be a great one.

The bar is completely open. Multiple shots for everyone!!!

I am proud of them too, but hope that the divorce doesn’t get in the way of signing a top starting pitcher in the off season. Andre and Matt are only going to get better and I think Loney’s power #s will increase. As much as I love Raffy, this year has seemed like extended rehab for him, except for the NLDS where he showed how awesome he is when he’s on his game. Your leadoff hitter needs to get on base more than he has most of the season. I hope he can come back strong next year.

Yep Nelly, I agree!!!

messagebear – the off season will be a very, very hot stove, don’t ya think?

lbirken – I read your post from earlier this afternoon. That is great you got to spend time with your family watching baseball.

Merci Bleu and Sky!!!

Does Loney have another NLCS grand slam in him? Let’s hope so!!!!

These guys need to play all 27 outs, keep on fighting Boy’s!!!
Turn this around……………..
LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all knew coming in that their starting pitching was better than ours and that we had the edge in the bullpen. Our supposed edge/bullpen has really stunk!!!

tdon where your Giant at loser?

I don’t like any of the Phillies! I don’t like any of the Yankees! So, I will have to find something else to do during the World Series!

Seesky – I felt that this season when I went to an Angels/Giants game at AT&T Park. I was able to watch the game just to watch a game. The Giants weren’t a threat to the Dodgers, and the Angels aren’t in our division so it was fun just to watch and enjoy the ballpark and the game. It’s a fun ballpark to go to because of its location, but it’s just too bad it belongs to the Giants.

BTW – Thanks for the drinks :))

Yes, you do Seesky!!!!

I am very proud of our Dynamic Duo for really coming into their own this season, and we all know they are still not done yet putting up fantastic numbers. I am glad Torre got to see what we have been seeing all along with Andre and Matt, but Andre especially.

Aw, c’mon Trumom!! You know you’ll be here watching and blogging with us!! LOL!!! Why deprive yourself!!! LMAO!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Dodgers Suck! It was worth them beating the Cards just so this beating would demoralize their overachieving butts even more! Hope their plane ride home is LONG! WHOOO HOOOOO!

Maybe during the offseason, they can figure out how to make this blog work correctly πŸ™‚

Our starting pitching has been, pretty much, a jerry rigging all season long. We’re going to need to make a significant overhaul in that area, as well as others, before next season if we want to get to the next level. Clearly, maybe even more so than in last year’s NLCS, the Phillies have outplayed us and they deserve to move on.

Jhall ~ I will be the only one pulling for the Yankees! LOL!
Boy, it’s going to be a looong trip home for our Dodgers!!!!

Great, just what we need, another Troll!

I’ll just go on record now and say, I’m proud of our team. We’ve got some growing to do. Thanks for a successful and exciting season. I’ve enjoyed it very much and look forward to seeing you develope into World Champs!!! Our day is coming!!! The Phillies are just a couple of years ahead!!!

I’m proud of our team too, Jhall.

Tdonovanj, hmm, sounds like some foreigner that still wipes his butt with his fingers!!!! Geez!!!

Troll here. A very very happy TROLL! How does it feel now Dodgers fans? Not so arrogant now, are ya? HEHEHHEEHEHHEHEHE

Hey, if you are going to rip on the troll here, at least be relevant, ok? How the hell do I sound like a foreigner? And the whole butt wiping comment? Weak, just like your Dodgers!

Wipes with the left and jerks off with the right!!! Poor, pathetic soul!!!

It always comes down to pitching and ours is stinking up the joint. Maybe Ned will believe Torre this off season and get us a #1.
Been a nice ride, though I’m less than thrilled with the finish. Embarrassing, really.

You’re all welcome for the open bar. I guess I get to be Post Mortem Coordinator, too.

Somehow, this does not hurt as much as game 4…

Are you talking about me or Russel? Whiffed with bases loaded, oh my. Choke choke.

Tdon go back to Mexico you freaking immigrant you just a lost soul and you just mad your Giant blow.


Oh shut up tdonvanj I really wish you was here so I can kick your **** you loser so go cry to your Giants 1954 remember that year loser? You must had forgot about the 2002 WS game 6.

Sorry if I was insensitive, I just assumed you were right handed. My Bad!!!

Now Wally!!!! You need to behave or your father will have your hide when he gets home. Where is that brother of yours anyway? Oh yes, drinking his tequila ladened Koolaid I am sure. Then again, maybe he and your father are on the roof together. LOL!!!!

The troll must be a McNabb Phan. Now there’s a choke artist if there ever was one. The biggest bridesmaid QB in the NFL, AND DEFINATELY THE MOST OVERRATED!!!
How does it feel to loose to Raider Nation fool?
Can’t win the big one……….HACK!! HACK!!!

LMTO Nelly!!! It’s all good girl friend!!!!

I don’t understand why these trolls aren’t on their own blog spreading their joy.
I think the difference between our bloggers and others is class…..we would never go on someone else’s blog and berate their team or players.
If the Phillies win, and it appears they will…good luck to them!
We will still be Dodger fans, win or lose!

Actually I am 100% Irish. And what is wrong with being an immigrant? Our country was founded by them. And hey, half your beloved Dodgers are immigrants. Racism has no place here or anywhere for that matter. It just shows your ignorance. And regarding the Giants….I bet you wish you had their pitching right about now, huh?

Lot’s of issues Trumom, lot’s of issues that go way beyond their teams winning!!! Nice VL, good call my friend!!!!

Well guys, you got a good young team that has a chance to get back there again. You just happen to be playing in the time of a team built for a long run. The Dodgers remind me of the Phillies in the ’70’s when they couldn’t get past the Reds and Dodgers. Good team; not good enough. But they eventually got their’s in ’80.
Hang in there and hope they keep the young nucleus. Cya next year and GO PHILLIES!!!

Maybe because their MLB blog has little to no activity on it, trublu.

No more Manny

LOL, Bluecrewgirl!

That’s must be a Mets fan.

You got a good team. Your day will surely come, as long as you keep the nucleus together. Can’t say that’s easy these days, but good luck.

Agreed, tru. Couldn’t have said it better myself. But….. WHO’S GOING TO FIX THIS DAMN BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Lakerssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Well duh, my team is no longer in the race. Its much more fun to be here as the Dodgers choke two games in a row! Why would I want to be in a blog with no one to tease? One out to go, and the it really will be Dodger Blues!

You wouldn’t have anyone to talk to, nevermind tease with a ******** 2 posts on the most recent entry.

Oh well.
The Dodgers still have a helluva lot more pennants, and world championships than the all time loosingest franchise in professioanl sports.
Last shot of the baseball season is bitter sweet……….
Thank God for Bushmills Single Malt. At least my head won’t hurt tomorrow.

GREAT SEASON DODGERS!!!!! I know it ended earlier than you anticipated, but it was another fabulous year. Thanks for another rollercoaster ride. It was an awesome one. Wow!!!

I have no idea why I got censored, lol. The word I used wasn’t remotely a swear word.

Jhall I am immensely proud of these guy’s and the season they gave us……..Unfortunately I can not say the same about the ownership……Yes bringing Joe Pierre out was a fabulous gesture of good will, and deeply appreciated. That doesn’t get them a free ride however. I was starting to warm up to them as caretakers of this franchise because of that and some very well thought of charity work. Through my short time span of acknowledging their existence with this club, they have said and did some things that come off as phony or just plain ignorant to the sensitivity of our patrons. The events that have unfolded and were released this past week are just one small example of this. They have asked the public to respect their privacy however. I can except in the matters of my beloved Dodgers. What will they bring to the future of my beloved blue??? I am skeptical to say the least that higher prices are a definite course of action in the future? I have my doubts that payroll will be increased, this is partially brought on by the fools gold that was ( whatever it takes to win a championship.) Yes…. I blame Frank and Jamie, Ned I think did as good of a job as he was allowed to do ( that might be a blessing in disguise, as the youngsters are still intact and gaining valuable experience? ) I wish and hope for the best possible outcome in this situation, but do not have the strength of faith in this…. as I do the ballclub itself. There will be a lot of hot toddy’s brewing on the hot stove around these parts though……
I take my hat off to the PLAYERS of the Phillies, and their organization, they flat out played baseball!!! I wish them much success, as I am a National League guy, just the way I have been all my life. Even when The Big Red Machine was breaking my heart. I am a creature of habit, that is what I am.
To Our Beloved Boy’s In Blue…………..Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have provided us with, it has been a pleasure, I would like to give props to a few who were inspiration to me through out the year, Ethier you were outstanding in all aspects of the game and in life as well……Meintkiewicz the way you battle your way back into the season was admirable to say the least…..Juan Pierre what can I say you made me proud as well, you came the farthest in my opinion, you picked these guys up when they needed a lift, and helped them to move forward. I could go on and on with this club there were so many special moments. You all should hold your head high, and enjoy your off season. I will see you next year and then we will….

Werth just removed ALL doubt………..He’s about as bright as a small appliance bulb, & dumber than a box of rocks!

Congratulations Phillies. Kick the Yankees butt.
Well, ITD folks, it has be a fun year. The Dodgers did as well as could be expected given their lack of a true ace pitcher.
Hopefully, our core players will continue to progress. We need more ability to hit three run homers at any given time.
Coletti has his work cut out for him this winter.

only 164 days until April 5th… opening day

only 164 days until opening day

Congratulations Phillies team, city, and fans!!! I’ll be rooting for you in the World Series!!! Dodgers, hold your heads high, you have nothing to be ashamed of. The better team won, flat out!! We’ve got some growing to do. This is a learning experience!!! You’ve seen what it takes to be World Champs and I am sure you will learn and grow from it!!! Our day will come!!!

Outstanding post VL!!!!!

Thanks Phan52!!! Congratulations!! I’ll be rooting for you in the Series!!!

It’s been a great year and I’ve enjoyed spending it with all of the ITD faithful. Many thanks to one and all. Now we can look forward to the Hot Stove League and, hopefully, a better 2010!!!! Good night, all!!!!

Goodnight Sky!! We’ll be here all winter.

Goodnight Seesky!

Bits and Pieces.
The very worst thing about tonight? Vinny no longer hangs around on the radio to put the season in perspective. The final day of the season was always such a treat with Vin’s analysis. Those were the days…he and Doggett summing it all up. Interesting that what we all screamed in spring training came to horrible fruition. And it has a name: WeaverVargasMiltonEstesStultsHaegerSchmidtPadillaGarlandMcDonaldBillingsleyWolfKershaw
Did I forget anyone?
Bobby Valentine, on the post-game gabfest, feels Manny is injured, that he has no rotation on his core frame. Hope that’s the case. In any event, he’ll need to re-learn his swing and body, sans steroids.
Ethier and Loney and Kemp.
Martin, I like your grit, but my oh my, how you have fallen.
Casey Blake looks old…give DeWitt, another gritty player, a real shot next spring.
It has been a great year, and like we all say, the off-season should make for much ITD fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wally – Have you been drinking the Koolaid – LOL!!! (jk) For what it is worth…………………yes, I will be cheering on the Phillies myself.

Good Night seesky!!! Thanks for the rounds. It made the hurt much more bearable πŸ™‚

only 164 days? LOL!!!! Thanks for the update πŸ™‚

Declined Manny and get Sheets, Hudson and some other bullpen help.

Although we are all disappointed, this really has been a great year – all the ups, downs, ins and outs. (My manicurist will be very proud of me for not biting my nails for a few months, I’m sure πŸ™‚ ) For me, I think one of the highlights of this season was the opportunity to meet several of my ITD blogmates at our ITD tour in June.
The Phillies were one tough team and they earned the right to represent the NL in the World Series. Much luck to them.
After all is said and done, we are still Dodger fans, love our team, and look forward to good things next year. Sounds like the old Brooklyn days, doesn’t it? Wait till next year!
We still have a good core, no doubt about it. Our Dynamic Duo has come of age! They’ve shown themselves to be just as good as we thought they’d be, and will only get better with experience. Kershaw is gonna be an awesome stud – no doubt about it. Loney just keeps on driving in those runs and has been outstanding at first base. If we can get a true ace and if those who had bad/marginal years can bounce back, there will be no stopping us! We’ll be good not only on paper but on the field, too.

Sparkleplenty – The ITD tour was a definite highlight, and we just need to make sure it happens again, with some good lead time so we can get more out there, especially our out-of-staters.

LOL Nelly!! Yep, Dodger Blue Kool-Aid is still the sweetest drink around for me. Been drinking it since 1965!! I will always wear the Dodgers colors loud and proud.

Hopefully, they’ll fix the blog in the off season. I just typed a long post and got submission errored. Congratulations to the entire Dodger team. It’s been a great run and it’s heartbreaking to see it end. I already can’t wait until next season to see what our Dynamic Duo will do next year. I hope Ned is smart enough to lock them both in. Kershaw and Brox will only get better and hopefully Bills will rebound. Wolf is pretty solid, but they do need to add a top starter. I really hope that we don’t lose Mattingly. I think he will be a good manager when Torre retires. It seems like the young guys like him and I think his advice to Andre to be more patient against lefties is helping him to hit them like he always did in the past. It has been great hanging out with you all this season. I look forward another great one next year.

Jhall – It has been a great season………certainly nothing to be ashamed of, and we had phenomenal years from our Dynamic Duo, Andre and Matt, which we all know it’s not the end of their growing and development.

Excellent posts Dodgers4 and Sparky!!!!

I’m with you on that, Nelly. An annual affair would be truly awesome! We can do a tailgate picnic and a game and plan it well in advance. What fun!

Nelly, they just interviewed Andre on the Dodgers Live Postgame Show. He seemed very disappointed, but classy as always. Matt is supposed to be interviewed next. I think all our young guys are a credit to the team in the way they carry themselves.

Guess I forgot Kuroda, huh??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Yep Bleu, they need to upgrade their server and fix the blog. I’m having the same problem. Great post!!! I agree Nelly!! I guess we have all winter to break it down. Our seasons over, but hopefully, our blogging isn’t!!! Interacting with you all really makes the journey more fun!!! Lot’s to sort out and rehash thru the winter.

bluecrewgirl – Thanks for the info. Andre had an incredible year. I know this will hurt for a while for him, but he is one of the major reasons they got to this point in the first place. I remember back when he was going through that “so-called” big slump back in June, and we said when he comes out of it, it would just make him stronger. Well, it certainly did. I am so glad Joe got to see the Andre we knew he would be if he just had the chance to play everyday. What a season he and Matt had, and they are only going to get stronger, faster and smarter at playing this game.

Agreed, Nelly. I bet they’ll have his interview snipet on later, so you might want to check it out. It will be exciting to watch them both develop. You, I, tru and all the Andre fans have always known what a great player he would be, but it’s nice to see him getting recognition at last. He had a great postseason overall. Even though he didn’t get as many hits in the NLCS as he did in the NLDS, he had a lot of good at bats in the NLCS and he looked much more confident against lefties. I think the worst of that rough patch against them is over. It seems like Ron Darling likes Andre’s game. He had a lot of nice things to say about him.

I was just reminiscing to myself about when the Dodgers were swept in the 66 WS by Baltimore. I just had to share the experience with you all.
My mom, brother and I went out to LAX to meet the Dodgers’ plane and let the team know we still supported them, even though they landed during the wee small hours of the morning. I guess the highlight of the night was chatting with Sandy Koufax. My mom asked him what happened. He replied with, “Do you know the difference between a keppie (head) and a tuchas (rear end)?” We all nodded yes. He then said that the Dodgers used their tuchases to play, not their keppies! Ahhhh, the memories. . . . .

Well gang, its been fun!!! Not only our team, but interacting with you all!! Lot’s to talk about over the winter and I hope to keep it going into the Spring. I’ll start it off. Not really crazy about resigning Ned, I would have gone with Ng!!! I think she is proactive, not reactive!!! You’re all great!! Excelsior True Believers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good night jhall!

That is too cool Sparky!!!!

No more burning our bullpen out again I knew it was going to backfire but are starting pitching didn’t help me either. Thanks Broxton 2 years in a rows we should’ve been tied 2-2 and lost the momentum.

Goodnight, jhall! Great story sparkleplenty!


Tim Wallace for manager.

Great Story Sparkleplenty!!

bluecrewgirl – thanks again for the info on the video, and yes, Darling did have some good things to say about Andre.

Jhall – It has been another wonderful year being on here with you, and yes, there will be lots to talk about, both in and around the Dodgers this off season. Take Care my friend, and we will talk to you soon :))

Good night all. Time to settle in for the evening. It’s been great chatting with you. God bless us everyone!

Good Night Sparkleplenty!!!!

Goodnight sparkleplenty.

Phil Jackson for manager just maybe lol

Great season Dodgers, sorry it had to come to an end like this again. We will be back next year and with some smart offseason moves, we will be better prepared to go all the way. GO DODGERS!

I am by default rooting for the Angels.
I only want to ever see the Yankees in the World Series if it’s againt the Dodgers.
Generally I’ll root for the National League Champ in the World Series — even if they knocked us out of the playoffs (or it’s the Giants). But I really dislike two Phillies enough to be against the entire team. The two? Utley and Victorino.
Go Angels. (I’ll root for them, but no exclamation point.)

Oldbrooklynfan and Truebluewill ~ I hope you enjoyed your time together tonight eventhough the result isn’t what we wanted. I am sure you both made the best of it.

Just like Seanez did last year I have a bad feeling Park going to get a ring to and it just to bad Philly didn’t get Nomar when they was rumor he would be over there.

Let the Hot Stove League begin.
The reality: we have only two offensive players who are clearly stars: Kemp and Ethier. Almost everywhere else we have good players with potential to be a lot better than they were this year. We need to improve our offense somewhere and I think that somewhere is 3rd Base. Actually left field would be the best place, but unless Colletti has the balls to try to void his contract we?re stuck with a fading and juiceless Manny.
I like Casey Blake but his offensive statistics for a third baseman are just fair and at his age we cannot expect improvement.
But who?s available? I love Blake DeWitt, but I don?t think he?s ever going to be a star. Josh Bell, Andy LaRoche, and Tony Abreu are no longer with the organization.
The list of 2010 free agent 3rd basemen is pretty thin. Adrian Beltre and Chone Figgins look like the best of a mediocre lot. Ryan Zimmerman and Jorge Cantu are due for free agency in 2011. Maybe we can make a deal for one of them.

I want Carlos Santana and Jon MeLoan back. Get rid of this freaking cancer on this time. Blake should be moved to LF if Blake have the leg for it and give the job to Dewitt now and to be honest after game 2 Belliard should?ve been playing 3rd bases. Thome should’ve bat for Martin or Blake and I bet the fan were upset not to see Thome get an ab’s in these past 3 game. Ethier and Kemp better be our #3 and #4 and played everyday and it doesn?t matter which one you have bat 3rd I like Kemp better #3 or maybe 2nd behind Raffy.

Dump Manny and Blake and go with more kids.

Austin Gallagher 3B/1B
Andrew Lambo OF

Are both of are 2007, 3rd and 4th round ready yet?

How about Russell since he’s 2 years younger? How did we lose Locke?

Whoever this Russell Mitchell kid is kicking butt in the
2009 Winter League
PEJ AFL .476 6 21 10 10 5 0 3 11 24 4 2 0 0 .560 1.143 1.703

Andrew Lambo number in winter ball keep it up.
2009 Winter League
PEJ AFL .444 6 27 6 12 2 1 2 9 22 2 2 2 0 .500 .815 1.315

These guys are racking winter league

Oops forgot about Xavier Paul since I think he was in that 2002 draft.

As the late great Porky Pig said, “Evitta evitta evitta That’s All Folks.”
For one reason or another our boys just aren’t ready for primetime. Walks, bullpen meltdowns, poor starting pitching and lack of timely hitting I think pretty much sums up the NLCS round. Everything the NLDS was, the NLCS wasn’t – again. Philly went out and proved they were the much better team.
That said, it was a very fun season and I look forward to next when Kemp truely has his breakout season, and Kersh furthers his development. Lots of holes to fill this offseason. Let’s hope Ned’s up to the task.
Thanks for all the fun again this past season on ITD gang! The best part will start here after the WS – hot stove time. Always a pleasure reading and kicking it around when its who do we sign, who do we trade and for whom.

I am still proud of my DODGERS. They were wonderful and watching them throught out the whole season was great. The ending was NOT what we wanted. GREAT JOB BOYS!
BUT….. I don’t know what the Dodgers needed to do to win. I want to blame the pitching! I just felt that we did not have a pitcher to match what Phillies had. I hope NED learned his lesson and concentrate on getting us great pitchers. Or the coaches better think of ways to improve what we have. Well our batters were getting on base, but somehow they were NOT crossing the HOME plate. I don’t think that bringing YOUNG players will do the trick for next year.
Well I just want to congratulate the Phillies. They are a tough team to beat. Yankees vs. Phillies will be a great series. But Angels are still in the race and I will help my dad, father-in-law and my friends that are Angel fans in supporting & rooting for the Angels (Don’t worry my heart will always be BLUE). They have it tough and wish them LUCK.

ENCHANTED well said!

I couldn’t agree more, Enchanted and Rose. We were certainly entertained by this team and I am looking forward to next season. I know they are feeling pretty blue right now but, they should be proud of how they played all year.
Still a fan……always a fan.

The funny part is ….I am just weak, so I started to cry… I know, I know. My husband just told me “Welcome to the World of Sports”. I can imagine how it will be when my kids get older and are competing. AAAAahhhhh!

Good Morning ITD………………..
I want to say thanks to everyone who comes on here and shares their joys, and heartaches through out the year. This being my first full season, (Hot Stove to Play Off Run.)
I can say it has been a wild ride, but one filled with so much emotion, excitement, anticipation and sometimes disappointment. I want to take the time to show Josh my appreciation for all the time and thoughtful energy he puts into this place, he is what makes this world go round…..Thank you for a wonderful 2009 season Josh…. I also want to thank Mark and Scott for their contributions as well… it is always a pleasure to see your post…..Thank you gentlemen.
I want to thank the organization again for the ITD Tour, where we were able to co – mingle with each other and enjoy a few laughs and stories, while watching this wonderful ball club up close and personal. The enjoyment I received at the Tour is one I will cherish for a lifetime, or two……Thank you to everyone involved…….I look forward to a great 2010 season as well and as always….. I Have Faith
Thanks Again Everyone……..Enjoy your day and your hot stove season……………
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to do something about that starting pitching. Hope that Billinglsey and Kershaw can get their heads screwed on straight. Wolf is dependable. Padilla is not. Kuroda, I don’t know enough about. Don’t know if you have what it takes or if he will be available, but Halliday is a stud.

You have the nucleus to stay on top in that division (Ethier, Kemp, Loney, Furcal, Russell) , but that bullpen cannot carry you. Starting pitching is where it’s at. Good luck.

Good luck to your Phillies, Phan. Hope they play against the Yankees as well as they did against us. It should be a fun World Series.

I almost forgot, hope we meet again next year!

Thanks Phan….I actually agree with you. But I think Kersh is young but he will be good. Congratulations (Again)!

Predictions an idiot could make (of which I volunteer, being an idiot, that is…)?
Kemp, Ethier, Kershaw and Broxton will be Dodgers in 2010.
Other than those four, they’re all trade bait as far as I’m concerned, though Loney is very close to being included in the above group.
Love to see Halladay in blue, but who wouldn’t?
Casey Blake needs to become the righty off the bench.
Russell Martin needs to…..oh, never mind.

Gotta admit Kahli, Loney’s an enigma. I’d give him one more season to figure it out unless they could get a good return in player(s). Hard to give up 90 RBI, but at the same time he should be hitting over .300 with some better power numbers. 25 doubles and 13 HRs doesn’t cut it anymore for a first baseman.

Have to say too that DeWitt isn’t going to be able to put up the kinda numbers needed at second or third either.

Looks like the two teams squaring off in the World Series will be the two that invested in Ace front line pitchers, namely Sabathia and Lee. Second rate starting pitchers like Wolf, Padilla, etc. were not enough to get to the last step. Wonder if Halladay would have made a difference? Manny certainly DID NOT.

Its a good starting point Bear. I don’t think anyone last year would’ve confused Lowe and Billz for aces, and certainly not messers Wolf, Padilla and Kersh this year.

To get through the world series you have to have 2-3 strong frontline starters. That’s 11 wins in a max of 19 starts. When your starters have a tough time making it though 6 innings all year, oft against mediocre teams, and other than the odd game here and there like Padilla’s first start against Philly, they sure aren’t going to do much against a playoff team. You can get lucky and catch lightning in a bottle in a best of 5, but when you have to beat a team 4 times you need something better than baling wire and duct tape starters.

I’ll give Joe credit, he wanted pitching this year. Ned didn’t deliver. As it sits today, next year’s starters shape up to be Kersh, Billz, Kuroda, Garland (assuming they pick up his option) and ???. Even money says they go after back of the rotation type pitchers again. They’ll either try and resign Wolf, Padilla or some other PVL.

Good enough to win the West? – probably. Good enough to go anywhere in the playoffs? – no.

Gents, I gotta believe Ned will push HARD for Halladay. The media has thrown it in Ned’s face for two weeks now, his lack of an ace, that is. Maybe even Lackey as a #2. I’d keep Wolf, if he wants to stay, so long as he’s a legitimate #5 (behind Bills and Kershaw)…none of this top of the rotation stuff. What about a revitalized Manny (that possible?), our once-potent Canadian catcher, and a couple prospects to Toronto for Hallady? Manny can rake against NY and Boston regularly as a DH and Martin can go home. Is it the off-season already???!?!?!???!!?

I expect we’ll find the mutual option for Garland to be too pricey, and given his record I’d probably agree that around $10 million is too much for him. I’d rather try for Padilla, but wouldn’t go near $10 million for him either; same with Wolf.

Overall, I expect that we’ll be cutting payroll again, if not out of habit, then due to the Frankie and Jamie scenario.

And yes, we’ll probably be the team to contend with in our division, but not likely to improve enough to make it to the World Series. In fact, the way we played in the second half of the season, I would think we would not have made the playoffs if we were contending in the eastern division.

messagebear, way to slap me back to reality……….
Figuring that infidelity must have something to do with the Dodgers’ marital dilemma, I hereby chastise any and every man and women on this planet for having decreased standards when contemplating amore.

Halladay would be a good target, but I’m not sure that we can swing that deal, especially if Frank/Jamie have to pay his salary. I would give up Martin and a handful of prospects in a minute for Halladay. At this stage I would not include Loney, because, even though he has been an enigma, I don’t see us having or getting anybody better. I also think that Billz is worth keeping, remembering how he did the first half of the season. We probably need somebody better than Honeycut and Torre to figure out what went wrong and more importantly how to remedy that.

There is also a pitcher or two that the Florida Marlins have that would be worth trading for – not the same assurance that Halladay would provide, but maybe more reasonable in terms of what we have to pay.

The playoffs were a microcosm of the season – start out playing like hell, then spend the next half looking like it.

You’re probably right Bear, Wolf or Padilla won’t have as big a pricetag as Garland, and they’re all about the same pitcher.

I’m not against trading Billz, Martin and about a half a dozen others if it’ll improve the starting pitching. Of course, you also have to have a manager who’s actually willing to let a guy pitch through 7+ innings. This 13 man staff is BS. Way too limiting when it comes to double switches, capable PHs etc. etc. A first rate starter or two would help that.


This was a great season, the ups and downs, we repeat going to the NCLS for this first time in 30 years, from Hudson hitting for the cycle vs the gnats to sweeping the Cy studded cards in the divsion series, it was very entertaining. I am proud of our Dodgers. I want to thank you ITD for providing such a great forum to laugh, cry, yell and complain about all things Dodgers (and more), it shows how special are the Dodgers are to each of us. I was really bummed after game 4, but I recovered and remembered the good of this season. I believe at this time last year we were faced with some of the same “rebuilding” concerns and now they present themselves again. I go back when we had no GM, and therefore, would not choose a manager. This upcoming year we have perhaps ownership problems, and nightmares of the Fox News (Murdoch) Era come to mind. But hey 93% of what I get concerned over never happens. My point is the Dodgers are getting better and will continue to get better despite the obstacles, because they are the Dodgers, a tradition that holds itself to higher standards. Looking forward (and how) to 2010 season, and that will be no cake walk, as I expect the NL west to be the toughest division, but bring it on; and yes to echo our ITD faithful; Bring the Ring to the Dodgers!

kahli, I caught the word “infidelity”, and my ears went up right away. Who do you think did what? Is there a reality show in the making after all? If there is a guilty party, that should provide some leverage in deciding who will own the team, if either of the McCourts. I’m, of course, hoping that neither of them wants to give in, and the only alternative comes down to selling the team and settling for money. Watch for when this hits the sleeze tabloids!

Frankie deserts Jamie in favor of the Green Girdle. Scurrilous Dodger gang jeader Ned Colletti finds time to sing the blues, Joe Torre quips a lot, Randy Wolf walks a lot, JP whines a lot, and columnist Bill Plaschke kisses up to everyone…

He sits in the third row, she sits in the first. Its Frankie and Annette, I mean Jamie as you’ve never seen them before in BLEACHER BLANKET BIMBO.

Rated S for screwed. No one will be admitted (to the hot stove) without a barf bag.

Hi everyone,

Not much to say after last night. I think we are all feeling the same way. I am proud of what they have done, but feel that this year was incomplete. As far as next year, would we go after Matt Holliday if Manny didn’t pick up his option? I can see a rotation of Kersh, Billz (if he can get his head together), Padilla, Hiro and someone like Halladay or Lackey (not necessarily in that order). I think with one lights out pitcher and maybe one more bat, we are in business. That bat can either be Manny returning to his old self, or someone from outside.

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