Near freezing in Philly…

It’s 48 degrees for the workout here, but according to, it feels like 42 degrees. For Angelenos, it feels like the March of the Penguins, but mostly we’re indoors today.

The players have been working out in the cages and just getting used to the weather here, as obviously we’ve got to win at least one game here, if not more. Yesterday’s win was obviously huge and you’ve got to believe that a Game 3 victory would get this team’s confidence extremely high.

Joe Torre told the media a little bit ago that Kershaw will start Game 5 on Wednesday and that’s about the only news from out here today.

Think warm thoughts for the Dodgers…and as Manny Mota just walked by and told me, “Stay postive!”


They say to think of something warm when you are cold.
And yes alway’s stay positive………….there is plenty of sunshine and good times ahead. This is unfinished buisiness we are attending to now.
Here is a warm and positive song…….To kick it off with.
GO GET EM BOY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is so freaking hot here that I just had a bowl of ice cream to cool me off but if is warm thoughts that you want us think, OK. There are always warm thoughts for our beloved Dodgers and to all Dodger fans and Dodger personnel that made the trip there.
Think warm
Think Blue
Think WIN!
Go Dodgers!

Well, if thinking warm thoughts helps Josh, it’s about 100 degrees in Palm Springs today. The game yesterday was nailbiting for sure, and I think most of us were close to passing out from lack of oxygen during Andre’s at-bat. That was a very intense at-bat for us fans,and I know that is nothing compared to what he and his teammates were feeling.

My warm thoughts are with you, Dodger Blue!
From the previous thread……I think it would be totally awesome if you could come out here, Jhall. What an absolute riot we would have with you and the rest of the gang!

I just love how the announces jinxed Burnett and bam a wild pitch to tied it up 2-2.

They said Jeter was at the plate when it was Damon. These annouces are terrible.

Did Buck just talk about the Umpire State Building?

Many thanks for the position of Celebrations Coordinator. In anticipation of many celebrations this playoff season, I’ve laid in mass quantities of libation so the Victory Flask will never be found wanting….A spine tingler of a game in the Bronx and not just because of the chill in the air. GO DODGERS!!!!!

Cheers, Seesky!

I used to love Nascar…….Not so much anymore!!!
I used to love Jimmy Johnson….Not so much anymore!!!
I mean after Daytona why bother……..Jimmy is just going to win. Jimmy should just retire now…. go into the Hall of Fame and let someone other than Jimmy Johnson win a chase race, and a cup!!!!
I Dislike Jimmy Johnson…….

.Just kidding I love Nascar and I love Jimmy Johnson….but seriously someone else needs to defeat his a**

Congrats on the new job seesky 🙂

I am glad you liked your job Seesky, and it sounds like you are well prepared for the celebration that awaits us.

Dodger4life – I am not sure what happened during the first 300 laps of that race, but Jeff had his chance at the end. Jimmie was just being Jimmie. However, at least your guy finished the frickin’ race. Another bad day for Denny 😦

Went and saw “Where the Wild Things Are”. As many times as I have read the book, they did a great job capturing the essence of the book. The only difficulty I had in watching the movie at first is keeping my mind off of James Gandolfini’s voice because of how much he sounded like Tony Soprano throughout the movie.

I just messing around Nelly…….Jimmy and his team are simply a cut above the rest………..Yes Gordon finished the race, and it is too bad about Denny….You know I like just about all of the Nascar drivers, Denny and Jimmy included.
Unbelievably Amazing what Jimmy and his team do year after year.

Dodger4life – I know you are. Well, we know Dodgereric is happy with the result :))

Our AL neighbors sure looked out of sync in their 2 games in NY. They seemed to be overly concerned with the weather conditions and their defense, in particular, suffered. Hope that mindset doesn’t affect our boys in Philly. Considering the weather, we’d need the Victory Flask for warmth as well as celebration .

Speaking of the cold weather and playoff baseball, it reminds me of the story that came out after the 2004 ALCS Red Sox-Yankees series where some of the Red Sox players were taking a nip or two off a bottle in the runway behind their dugout to ward off the cold.

Just think warm and have fun!! Don’t let those Phillie’s fans get the better of you. Think of us watching the game screaming “Let’s Go Dodgers” over and over! 🙂

seesky – I am thinking they are going to use all means necessary to keep the weather from disrupting their game plan.

Well, I predict we will beat Lee in this first game in Philly. If we can beat Lee, we take the series. It;s that sinple.


Good Morning ITDland ~ Happy Birthday Ramslover. Your birthday today will bring the Dodgers a victory!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I see that Ng is interviewing for the Padres GM…..not good for us!

It will be what it will be… but for sure it will be cold…or just chilly in philly…
Outside the Phillies Looking In

These 3 guys needs to get going soon and it?s sure not hard to figure out who I?m talking about lol.

That’s not good at all collie.

re: sweeney tour of philly. i’m a dodger fan and have also lived in philadelphia back in the day, but i gotta tell ya…at one point mark sweeney, from the steps of the art museum( not the museum of art, btw) points down the franklin parkway and id’s independence hall. wrong, that is the iconic city hall with the namesake of pennsylvania, william penn (who from one angle, oh never mind) towering high over broad and market streets. uhm, get it straight………lets go blue!

I think the favor should be our considering Kuroda owned Philly and in the playoff last year.,0,1686780.story

Yeah why Myers wasn’t fined when he started this crap.

It’s not too surprising that the outcome of many post season games, where the talent levels of both teams are roughly equivalent, are decided by physical and mental errors. 2 of our 4 wins so far have been decided in this fashion. We’ve been lucky in not having had any of those lapses as of yet. Both the Yankees and the Halos made errors in the first two games but the OC made them in critical situations. Hopefully, if we make any of those mistakes, ours will be as benign as the Yanks were. GO DODGERS!!!!

I can’t believe the Giants challenged that play and won and stop it from being a td when the Saints have it on the 1 yard line because the Saints was going to scored a td and they just did.

Good luck to Kim Ng in her GM interview with the Padres. Just as the case is with the players on the field, this game is a business and she is more than ready to take the next step up. Because she is a class act, it’s only a matter of time until she gets her chance.

Ouch so sad and only 20 years old.

Has anyone noticed that Takashi Saito was outrighted to the minors by Boston? Can’t help wondering why.

The Dodgers’ 2009 playoff sweatshirts read, “Los Angeles – Est. 1958.” Hmm…this is curious though literally correct. It ignores, however, the Dodgers’ total legacy, which harkens back to 1884. I get the distinct impression that the Los Angeles Dodgers management finds memories of Brooklyn inconvenient.

Rooting in the present and looking forward doesn’t require us to discard a richly textured past.

Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!!!

collie – very good article you posted last night. I wish Kim Ng the best in her interview with the Padres. With that said, does this Frank and Jamie split affect Ned’s job as well (or anybody’s for that matter)?

seesky – It does seem that way. For the most part, the team that wins is the team that capitilizes best on those errors, either in pitching or defense.

Outsidephillies/Peter – Thank you for representing the “good side” in the Phillies fans. We haven’t had a lot of that on this blog in a while.

dbfhaguO – I can imagine that a great deal of commenters on this blog feel the same exact way you do.

Boblee – I would love to see that happen.

Ramslover – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day with your family.

Sparkleplenty – that is too bad about Sammy 😦

hahahahaha the Vikings almost lost and wow the Chiefs won.

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