The oldest living Major Leaguer

Former Dodger infielder Tony Malinosky will be honored in pregame ceremonies prior to Saturday night’s game. The Oxnard resident, who appeared in 35 games with the 1937 Brooklyn Dodgers, will celebrate his 100th birthday on Monday. He is the oldest living former Major League player.

“Tony’s in a great mood today,” reports Beth Lango, Tony’s niece. “He woke up singing, ‘It’s a Beautiful Day for a Ballgame.”
malinosky 2.JPG

And here’s tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Kemp, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Hudson, 2B

Martin, C

Kershaw, P

Let’s hope this is the one that win’s the NL West!

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Great!! Your batters 3-6 go 0 for 16 and you punish the one guy who actually hit the ball last night by benching him. Nice Joe……………….real nice. Sit Manny’s assss down. He does it to Andre, Matt and James when they aren’t hitting so why not him too. BTW – it’s not like JP lit it up last night on his chance either.

Batting aside…………………I want Andre’s arm in the game. Joe must have forgotten about the thrown down last night. That alone should allow Andre to play tonight. I am sorry but this is so very, very wrong.

I got my wish but damn I want Manny *** sit.



However, if memory serves, it seems like the majority of the times we’ve complained about the line-up, the team wins . . . just saying, there’s always a chance! After all, they ARE the Dodgers 🙂

With our offense struggling to score runs, Andre sits! If you must play Juanpy, sit Manny’s asss down a game!

Got to head to work, but I have my family at the game tonight, hopefully they get to see some fireworks 🙂 Regardless of the lineup, I’ve got a feeling… so I’ll let the Beatles say it for me, since they said it best:

I’ve Got a Feeling by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
From the “Let it Be” album, in stores now

I’ve got a feeling, a feeling deep inside, oh yeah, oh yeah
I’ve got a feeling, a feeling I can’t hide, oh no, oh no, oh no
Yeah, I’ve got a feeling

Oh please believe me, I’d hate to miss the train, oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah
And if you leave me, I won’t be late again, oh no, oh no, oh no
Yeah, I’ve gt a feeling, yeah, I’ve got a feeling

All these years I’ve been wandering around, wondering how come nobody told me
All that I’ve been looking for was somebody who looked like you

I’ve got a feeling that keeps me on my toes, oh yeah, oh yeah
I’ve got a feeling, I think that everybody knows, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
YEAAAAAAHHHH! I’ve got a feeling, yeah!

Everybody had a hard year, everybody had a good time
Everybody had a wet dream, everybody saw the sun shine
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

Everybody had a good year, everybody let their hair down
Everybody pulled their socks up, everybody put their foot down
Oh yeah

Yeah, I’ve got a feeling

Oh, my soul…

I started to point out that Joe’s playing the percentages with Ethier tonight (“Oh really? No S#$t?”) but rather than point out the obvious, I’ll say KEEP THE FAITH!!!! Tracey is a good manager, I wouldn’t mind at all if he were still with us, but we’ll see tonight who beats up on who.

Nothing like taking 31 HRs and 106 RBI out of the line-up when you’re team’s struggling to score.

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. I hate Joe Torre and think he’s one of the worst managers in the game. And even if he wins tonight it won’t change my opinion.

They bought their tickets. They knew what they were getting into. I say, let ’em crash.

I was the first one to post on this one and the time warp screwed me lol.

So iI get censored for saying the same word Nelly did with assss. I guess it was those s that didn’t censor the whole word.

Torre doesn’t deserve to have the pennant won.
He’s only hurting the team, however.
How can the team pull together when Joe pulls crap like this lineup.

lol he probably think speed and small ball might win tonight but this is Torre we talking about when does he do that?

You don’t know what you’re messing with.

I don’t care whether Andre hits the ball or not tonight. We need him in there for his glove. His glove kept us in the game early last night.

You got that right messagebear!!!!!!!! UNFREAKINBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!

I am so pissed right now I can barely type. How can Joe sit Andre, who has had so many game winning hits this season, and was the only one that played a good game last night in a game when they could potentially clinch the division title? He has more than earned to be in the lineup of that happens. It is so beyond insulting. So Manny gets rewarded for striking out 4 times last night? Andre should be in there without question and on an individual level Joe has taken away any chance he has to get back to at least the high .270’s before the end of the season. What a complete joke.

I’m not taking no crappy hitting tonight.

To think he got a hit off of a left handed last night and had 2 hits.

bluecrewgirl – I think you and I are on the very same page tonight.

Agreed, Nelly ): I thought for sure he would be in there tonight regardless of the pitcher. I am so sick of these throw the names in a hat and see what comes up lineups. Tonight of all nights it should be all the starters in there.

…………..not that we ever aren’t 🙂

Stinking Torre!!!

bluecrewgirl – This is just so wrong beyond words at this point. One of a few guys who has carried this team from day one is being benched for God knows what reason. I guess he’s the manager…………….that’s why. I am guessing he will get in the game and be part of the end of the game, but the way Torre goes about game situations, you just never know if the opportunity will come up for sure. So, why take the chance?

messagebear – my sentiments exactly.

Nelly, I’m sure as usual Joe is playing the numbers game and he’s sitting because he hasn’t hit De La Rosa well, but now at this point in the season is not the time to play the numbers and mess with the confidence and rhythm of one of the key players.

Serenity now.

Serenity now!

Serenity now!!!!!

SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

Serenity my a**!
Build the barricades now!
Burn Mannywood!
Torre a la guillotine!!!


LMAO, Dodgereric. No soup for Joe today, lol.

Shad ~ On June 3rd the Rockies were 20-32. That means they are 72-36 since then. Winning exactly 2/3rds of there games. That’s a pretty amazing pace for 108 games.

Dodgereric- Is your table still in one piece? 🙂

Shad – it shouldn’t matter that he has played more games against lefties this year. This is the second to last game, and he should be playing, period. He is the RBI and HR leaders who should be playing if not for his hitting, at least for his glove. Rest him tomorrow after we have clinched the division.

Shad ~ On June 3rd the Rockies were 20-32. That means they are 72-36 since then. Winning exactly 2/3rds of there games. That’s a pretty amazing pace for 108 games.

This is so freaking weird. The Nats leading the series 3-0 vs the Braves in Atlanta. The Brewers beat the Cards twice in St. Louis and to bad they couldn’t beat the Rockies and look at the Phillies losing twice to the Marlins in Philly.

All 3 teams look like they are cold at the wrong team and the Rockies are hot. I just don’t understand how you can change coach and Tracy Rockies are like 71-35 and when they had Hudler that was like 20-30 and was 15 1/2 out and Hudler took this team to the WS after a hot stretch that gave them the WC spot.

Fast Facts

• The Marlins improved to 7-1 at Citizens Bank Park this season. That sets a new record for the most wins in a season by a Phillies’ opponent at that park.

• Ryan Howard hit his 45th homer, giving him four straight seasons with 45-plus HRs and 135-plus RBIs. Only Babe Ruth and Sammy Sosa have accomplished that feat.

• Cole Hamels fell to 0-5 in his last nine starts against the Marlins.

Hamels always seem to owned us.

bluecrewgirl of course is a number game but we know I think Ethier playing more game and ab’s against left hand than he had all of last year.

First let me wish Tony Malinosky a Happy 100th birthday.
That’s quite an achievement.
He played the year before I was born.
Well another try at winning a baseball game.
The last game the Dodgers won was a week ago today, which I guess everybody knows.
I’m watching on MLB network, I don’t think I ever saw them win on that channel before.

Well I will be watching on MLB network as soon as the Tiger/Whitesox game ends, unless the Tigers win and they show the celebration which doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.
I’ll come back to Scully for the end of our game or if the Dodgers are losing.
Forget about it, I’m still here.

Ok Kershaw we need you to give us a good performance last win I think was July 18 and De La Rosa last lost was against us and he still 0-5.

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

Torre only pays attention to the numbers when they support what he wants to do in the first place.

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

Will I change my mind if Pierre hits for the cycle and we win 15 – 2? Hell no!

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

Someone name me another manager who would bench his consensus MVP on the SECOND-TO-THE-LAST GAME OF THE SEASON with the DIVISION TITLE and HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE on the line.

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

Go ahead.

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

Name one.

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

ANY one.

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

I mean how you can change coach and get so hot when Hurdler was there they was like garbage.

I agree Shad. He has been coming around against them and figuring things out. He always hit them well in he past prior to last season and I know he’ll figure it out. Baseball is a game of adjustments. It would be sweet if had the walk off winning hit as a pinch hitter tonight.

I got a feelin…

I got time warped ahead of posts I was commenting on.

Don’t want to put the whammy on the kid, but was that Kershaw or Koufax?

By the way Junie, I’m now a veteran of the Submission Error. 🙂

Blah at the awful grammar I’m so nervous tonight. Ok guys the Rockies catcher Ianetta can’t thrown out base runners at a rate of 27.7% so please Furcal, Pierre and Kemp and if you guys get on please run often.

That is not a good thing Dodgereric, but welcome to the club anyway.

All right Kershaw!!!!! That’s what we need!! A lights out pitching performance to put the Rockies on their backsides.

Nice job Kersh!!!!!

Robbed!!! Reminds me of a Rockies catch against another team earlier this year, ridiculous!

Kershaw has always reminded me of a young Hershiser in style, and a bit in looks too.

hahahahaa Twins won the Tigers lose and hoping we get done tonight

Go kershawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Damn no k’s for Iannetta

Well MLB Network has Scully’s transmission, I’m glad I decided to watch the game on it.
Great start for Kershaw with the 5 K’s in a row.

That’s great that you get to hear Vin call the game. One of my Dodger buddies is at the game tonight. It’ seems like the crowd is pumped up.

lol Manny why couldn’t you get that flied out last night?

Well, Andre could have done what the first 6 batters have done.

Well I hope the offense can get started tonight.

I’ve heard the crowd was around 54,431 still surprise it wasn’t a sellout.

Did anybody notice the ball coming out of the center fielder’s glove when he hit the ground? Manny was robbed. The umpires must have missed it. No way that’s an out.

Their another k’s for Kershaw

That sucks if he kicked him out in such an important game when he wasn’t even up at bat. He could have given a warning.

I guess Vin thought Russell was kicked out, but he wasn’t.

Looks like a pitcher’s duel here.
And Torre lost his bench coach.

Any time, offense……..

Well so far, KERSH is giving us what we want.

Top of the lineup. I’d say this is a good time to get the offense going.

That mean Ethier can play now????

That’s was Doug Eddings behind the plate no wonder.

Maybe this unexpected change will be a break for us,
If the the gods would allow.

Get a good pitch to hit Furcal

I don’t want to see anybody get hurt, but the Dodgers just got a tremendous break with De La Rosa coming out of the game.

What happen? I guess their bullpen is in time to destory this sorry bullpen except guys like Street.

Who get charge of that hit? De La Rosa left with a 2-0 count and Furcal singled off of Conteras. I guess Conteras.

What happened to De La Rosa? I didn’t hear what Vin said.

I hope so but De La Rosa never beat LA.

Come on Torre you have to send Furcal with Iannetta 27.7%.

Well at least Manny looks more like Manny
than Andruw Jones tonight, so far.

Here’s a bizarre little stat: since Broxton blew the save that could have clinched, the Dodgers have not had ANY lead in any game; they did have a 1-1 tie for all of 1/2 inning in San Diego.

So, now that Contreras is in, why don’t we put Dre in, and he can bat #2, his latest normal spot, for Juanpy.

That’s not a good sign walking Adkins.

Nice dp on the hawpe hate him killing us.

Way to get out of that inning Kersh!!!


submission errors are no fun.

Agree, perumike, but who knows what Joe will do?

That’s not a good sign walking Adkins.

I have to say I’m still not to excited because nothing has happened with our offense.
When something does happen, especially before the Rockies score then it might mean something.

Nelly, hopefully we’ll be seeing a defensive replacement soon.

Sigh stupid submission error surprise Tracy didn’t used a PH.


That’s probably it for Kershaw. Bravo! Well done. A Dodger finally shows some nad.

But Dodgers manager Joe Torre gave Ethier a vote of confidence before Friday night’s game when asked if he would consider sitting Ethier against a tough lefty in the playoffs.

“No. He’s a player,” said Torre, who often raves about Ethier’s talent.
So, why again, is Andre not starting tonight? Oh, I forgot……….. because JP needs playing time too (or Manny………I am not sure who should be playing between the two of them).

We need some damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

I hope Hudson get on base an Ethier hit for Martin lol

Urgh dp damn

At least we got some hits that inning.

Gosh dang it another lead off walk.

Helton was 2 for 9 against Kershaw and now he’s 2/3.

One more out Kershaw I want another k’s

Kershaw’s done a GREAT job!
Now if the bats would just awaken from their slumber……

Kershaw is over 100 pitches, that’s probably it for him. He certainly gave us an ace performance. Good tune up for the playoffs.


It looks like it has to be tonight, this was a good chance the way Kershaw pitched but, SO FAR, the offense is in a coma.

What is it going to take to spark this anemic offense?
I guess it’s time to start praying to ther great big Dodger upstairs. Something’s gotta give here. Manny is not delivering like he’s supposed to.

Maybe I was wrong and it’s not such a break getting De La Rosa out of the game.

why is andre sitting! take manny out now, this is what boston fans warned us about



Hey, Mr. Torre, can Andre come out and play? Please?

JP delivers!!!! You know if he didn’t this board would be screaming about DRE!

Maybe it’s Andre’s turn to make sure Joe stays awake during the game. He spits a few pumpkin seeds on him every now and then just to make sure he is still awake.

Time do the wave, cheer, make some noise. The pitching has been terriffic. Why hudson did not sarifice with blake and loney is the only mistake I see. Lets Go Dod-gers!

Yeah love status Kuo

WTG Casey! Hopefully that’s the spark!!!

Good one, Nelly! LOL all over the place.

Alright, man on third, less than two out, need to score!!

Nelly, maybe he should coat them with Tabasco sauce just to remind Joe that he’s available to go in the game.

Wow did Loney just get a sac bunt?

Alright Belly #2 (Belisario is #1)!!!

Okay – we scored!!! That is a start!!

LOL!!!! sparkleplenty and bluecrewgirl. Tabasco would be a nice touch.

Now JT starts playing small ball! Thank you Belli!!!

WB Belly dang PH for Odog I would never had guess seriously.

Martin get on base so Ethier can hit.

Why is Loretta on deck and not Andre. Too early for Andre?

You’ve got to be kidding. Loretta pinch hitting instead of Andre! Give me a freaking break.


Why not use all our possible 2nd basemem, and have Dewitt HIT

They will put Andre in for the top of the 9th for defensive purposes.

Alright Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, even Loretta can come through now and then! But WE WANT ANDRE!!!!!

Dodgers scored 5 runs playing little ball with the early bunt. Maybe Joe will smile and do more of that in the playoffs as runs become harder.

The patient is breathing.

I take that PH comment back. Way to Go Loretta!

Loretta delivers?!! The Great Big Dodger in the sky has answered the prayers of the faithfull fans!!!

I say it right now–let Sherrill pitch the 9th. I’m willing to bet he can get three more outs before the Rockies get five runs. Broxton….not so sure!!!!!!!!!

Torre had Ethier bat you know Beimel probably warming up to face him and Ethier still will give Beimel another quality ab’s.

Did my eyes deceive me? Does Andre have a bat in his hands? Let’s keep on praying, fellow Ethieraholics!

I guess he proved me wrong, lol. Joe probably wanted them to keep the pitcher in since they were getting to him and he probably would have been pulled for Beimel or another lefty if Andre came up.

Wow Loretta come thought damn poor Kershaw.

Good Job JP!!!!!!!!!!

The patience eyes are open.

I think Andre will come in as a defense replacement for somebody (probably Manny).

C’mon Bison! Let’s bring home a couple runs here!!! GO DODGERS!!!

I hope so, but not counting on it, Nelly.

Happy days are here again.

Good Job Matthew Ryan Kemp!!!!!

Please let Ethier bat for Manny come on Torre you can do it. Come on Kemp GS time.

Well, Andre has his jacket off, so he is going to be doing something.

I’ll take the sac fly.

Put some icing on this cake Manny.

Hey!!! Manny hit the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good time for Manny to come alive. All right boys, keep it up!

manny breaks out of the funk

Bout time Manny, way to go!

Dodger Stadium is Rocking!!!
Wish I were there!

As Scully said A HIGH FIVE…….5

Hope we get to Castro spot so he can PH Ethier for him.

Hold it down Dodgers!

oh maybe not.

Someone look it up was this Loney first sac bunt this year?

Dre’s in – yeah!!!

HALLELUJAH!!!!! A weeks worth of runs in one inning! I can’t believe it. Did it really happen? Pinch me! Great job by Bellie, Loretta, Pierre, Manny, and everybody. I forgot Blake He got it started.

great inning George! 3 more outs everybody!

All I know is we need 3 more outs.

Wow – a line drive right to Blake. It looked like the kind of bad luck the Dodgers have had for the past week. Nice to see the Dodgers finally get some good luck for a change. It has been hard waiting a week to win just one game but I knew it had to happen sooner or later.

James Loney’s first sac bunt in his career was Aug 11, 2008. This one was his 2nd. I guess Torre felt he was comfortable with it.

I want to see Sherill go 2 innings.

oldbrooklynfan ~ I think it’s almost time to break out the champange!

Since I don’t drink, and don’t have any Martinelli’s, I prepared a root beer float with which I hope to celebrate!

Eric – we had a question for you, but we didn’t think you were on so we solved it ouselves. The question was who did Jim Tracy play for?

perumike – The Rootbeer float sounds alot better to be honest. I am not a fan of Champagne unless it has orange juice in it for Sunday Brunch on occasion.

Is not spoil yet? Did you have that since Sunday? Nice called Torre despite I wanted you to do that with the Odog with runner on 1st and 2nd with no out.

Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All right, Big Jon – go get ’em!

Two down – the suspense is killing me!!!!

I wasn’t even aware that he played. So you know?

What does Johnny say?
Fu Qy’all ~ It’s about time!!!!!!!!!
TIME TO CELEBRATE DODGER FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s only right that Andre caught that last out!

How sweeeeeeeeeeet it issssssssssss!
Walter O’Malley said there are three ways to win. The easy way, the hard way, and the DODGER way.
Well, they did it the Dodger way.

That wasn’t so hard……….phew…….


The float was awesome, and glad to see Dre put it away!!

You mean you don’t know – LOL!!! (jk) He played for the Cubs for 14 months and had a .249 average.

LOL Nelly!!!! Congratulations Dodgers and ITD!!!

I don’t often agree with Steve Lyons, but in this case I will. He’s said a couple of times that a string of singles is better than a big HR blast for a team’s morale.

Let’s hope that 7th inning has ended this horrendous slump.

It is very fitting that Andre got the last out. What an incredible season our dynamic duo has had.

Time to turn my full attention to the TV. Good night, all. Glad to have shared this wonderful experience with you 🙂

I told my daughter to come over my house to go out and eat about 3 hours earlier if the Dodgers lost tonight, so I can come home in time to see the start of the game.
I’ll tell her tomorrow to forget about it and come at the regular time.


2009 West division champs! back to back Congrats everyone!

Superstition revealed: In March I bought a photo of Koufax throwing his 1963 no hitter(vs Giants) had it framed, and it hung in the front room watching the TV as I watched the Dodgers, After the last Giants series the picture that previously was there was returned and koufax went to another location, well enough of that after last night loss, I placed the photo back where it was this morning, I didnt want to make that the crazy superstition, but I couldn’t let this go on without trying something to get blue mojo going. So Lets pass the shots and give a loud shout: Go Dodgers NL Divsion winners!

Sparkle, I thought the same thing when Andre caught the ball. Hope he lays the hammer down in the playoffs. Congrats to the entire team.

I can’t say enough of that brilliant performance that the Kershaw Kid gave us tonight. Belliard’s hit was great, but Loretta’s was the real icebreaker!

im excited and happy. What i really enjoyed watching in this game was the fact the Juan Pierre started this game and finished the game. He contributed today; he has a big factor why the dodgers are champions.

Jhall’s in the ITD House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, is it good to finally get this done!!!!

We didn’t need Andre’ tonight but we sure needed him all year.


And so were the rest of the Dodgers.

Congrats to all you guys! You deserve it! Josh, congrats to you and your staff, and thanks for all you do for us fans! We appreciate you!

Oldbrooklynfan – you got that right. Andre is one of the several reasons we were even playing for this tonight.


And Nelly I hope we never lose him.


The champagne at the store was either warm or overpriced, so I popped open a 22 ounce Corona instead. My fam’s over at the game, and they’re goin’ nuts. WHAT A GAME!!!!

“Back to Back is a baddassss fact, a dream that remains intact!” – Red Hot Chilli Peppers, “Magic Johnson”

Congrats to the Dodgers and congrats to all of us on ITD! They finally did it! That was one of the worst weeks of my life waiting for them to clinch. oldbrooklynfan the champagne taste great.
I’m so pumped I’m flying 3000 miles to LA to see games 1 & 2. The best thing about this win is that it saves me $300 I don’t have to change my plane reservations.

What does Johnny say?
Fu Qy’all ~ It’s about time!!!!!!!!!
TIME TO CELEBRATE DODGER FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By nellyjune on October 3, 2009 10:33 PM

I want to added to that I’m sorry fans for taking so long can you forgave me?

Thank-you, Dodgers, for giving your fans another Division Championship. I think since it was not exactly a cake-walk the past few weeks, it will make us stronger in the playoffs.
I LOVE L.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just so you know……………….We had to sit in a room with a bottle of Andre Champagne on one side of my piano, the Dodger Gnome in the middle and, yes, a gnat hat on the other end (My son’s hat nonetheless) because my son was just being a typical gnat fan. It is a great feeling to know we are still in this thing and the gnats last day is tomorrow.

TBW, I’m very excited for you! Have a great trip and I hope you can bring us luck!

Junie, I think you ought to drench that Gnathat is champagne tonight for two reasons: One, it’s probably the only time it will experience it and, Two, every time Michael smells the champagne it will remind him what we were celebrating.

On a different subject, you know there’s a rule that grants the official scorer the power to take a win from a relief pitcher who may technically qualify for a win but was ineffective. For example, Broxton has a couple of “Blown Wins” this year. I bring this up because – taking nothing away from Kuo, who pitched a perfect 7th – Kershaw should be awarded this win. I say a rules change is in order.

I wish all these people I’m listening to would stop talking about this “first time back-to-back division titles” stuff. We lost the Series in both of those years. When I think of ’77 and ’78, I don’t celebrate two straight division crowns. We didn’t finish the job either time.

Let’s change that now.

Congrats to everybody!!
Before the game tonight I was thinking how could I send some positive vibes & luck so I bought a bottle of champagne.
Well Wifey & I actually popped some champagne and sprayed a little outside. That was fun. It’s been a tough week but hopefully things are turning the corner!
I posted this before the game but I’m not sure if any saw it. I think it’s fitting.
Watch & enjoy…

dodgereric – LOL!!!!! That thought did pass through our minds, but we didn’t open the Champagne. We are saving it for the ring celebration instead 🙂 However, we actually thought of changing the arrangement and putting the bottle and the gnome right next to the hat, with the gnomes behind facing the hat, but I am worried about jinxing it now. What do you think?

As for Kersh – I think he certainly deserves the win. I didn’t know the scorekeeper had that power.

LOL Nelly!
But LMA&TO Eric!!!!!!!!!

If you ask me Nelly — keep it the way you had it.
Tonight I found out my Mom fell down the stairs last night & hurt her knee and wrist. This was just as I got home from work & after the 1st inning and was just sitting down to have dinner. She said she was okay but needed an ice pack & some more pain medication as she had left them in her car. She had already taken one so she was good for awhile & it wasn’t an emergency.
I ate my dinner & then didn’t want to move as Kersh was cruising. I’m not a bad Son. Just a superstitious one. Wifey told me she’d hold down the fort until I returned. But I didn’t want to move from where I was sitting. So after eating I was going to leave to tend to her & that was about when Kersh gave up the 1st hit, so I felt I could bolt.
When I returned from getting my Mom some dinner, as after I got there I found out she hadn’t eaten, as well as tending to her injuries, & going to Sport Mart to buy more ice packs for Wifey’s injury, seeing as our ice packs went to my Mom, the game was still at 0-0!
The Collie family has injury issues!!!
& Collie has superstitious issues!

Dodgeric ~ Thank you. I know I’ll have a good time.
I know Emma is going to the games. If anyone else from ITD is going let me know. I’d like to meet at the game.

I can’t believe this is Wolf first time in the playoff congratulation. Congrats to our bench coach Schaefer to get tosses and fired up the team.

Yes, we did see that post earlier Collie. Thanks for the encore.

We had Dodge1612 in the house with us as well. So, I think the Dodger Gods were working extra hard tonight to get us a win. He is driving back to Sacramento tonight and then onto Fairfield in the morning to his new church where he is a youth pastor.

truebluewill – You are going to have a wonderful time. A win will make it even better.

Good Night Truebluewill!!!!! You will hear that song at Dodger Stadium.

Kuo pitches 1 inning and we took the lead the next inning so the win is Kuo.

Amen, lbirken, amen! Tonight’s for celebrating, but we haven’t finished the job until we get 11 more wins.

Shad, I know. Kuo gets the win, that’s the rule. There’s no rule that says otherwise. I’m just saying, since there IS a rule that can take AWAY a win from a pitcher that qualifies for it but doesn’t deserve it, there should be a rule that GIVES a win to a pitcher who doesn’t qualify for it but DOES deserve it, such as Kershaw tonight. If that explosion happens in the 6th instead of the 7th, he gets the win. And that would be justice. It just shows exactly how meaningless a pitchers’ won/loss record can be.

BTW, even though I haven’t seen that rule enforced in a long time, here it is:

10.17 (c) The official scorer shall not credit as the winning pitcher a relief pitcher who is ineffective in a brief appearance, when at least one succeeding relief pitcher pitches effectively in helping his team maintain its lead. In such a case, the official scorer shall credit as the winning pitcher the succeeding relief pitcher who was most effective, in the judgment of the official scorer.

32&53 — He yelled something about “fertilizer” as Vinny said.
I lip read and it was the kind that is produced by male cows…

Nelly ~ Watching on the computer and seeing the fans celebrate when the Dodgers score is exciting. But to think that I’ll be there in person, it’s mind boggling. I just want to sing Randy Newman’s I love L A in person.

32&53 — He yelled something about “fertilizer” as Vinny said.
I lip read and it was the kind that is produced by male cows…

Good night everyone and have sweet dreams, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

2009 Playoffs — Check.
2009 NL West Champs — Check.
Step #2 of 5 is complete…
2009 NLDS Champs — Next.
2009 NLCS Champs — After that.
2009 World Series Champs — the last step…
Let’s do this Blue!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

All I have to say is “Whew”! I would have liked to see this Friday night since I was at that game but I am glad the Dodgers finally got the job done and while this past week was certainly maddening for all of us it was kind of nice to do it in front of the home fans. This win will help wipe out all that frustration. The real season starts Wednesday. Bring on the Cardinals.

Two questions:
What did Schaefer do to get ejected?
Will Torre pull out most of the regulars tomorrow?

Okay Collie – I will leave it as is. I am guessing Michael will take down his hat eventually, but the Andre Champagne and the Dodger Gnome will remain in their places.

Soak the hats in fine champagne, Nelly, he can pick one up from Wally-World soon, if history is any indicator:

Junie, I admire Michael for his diligence, but not good taste or judgement. 🙂

32, I just fired up my DVR recording and watched the bottom of the third when Schaffer got ran. Russell Martin started his at-bat with one out, squaring to bunt. The pitch was low and inside, it almost hit him. He appeared to pull the bat back in time, but it was called a strike. Martin gave it the ol’ “Did you call it a strike?” look but went on with his business and eventually struck out swinging. As he walked back to the dugout he had his head turned, saying something to the ump, but he had a little smile on his face.

However, Kershaw was up next. He took a ball and then a low strike, right at the knees. The third pitch was at least 6 inches lower and was also called a strike. A horrible call, but hardly game-turning with two out, no one on and the pitcher hitting in the third inning. Anyway, I think Schaffer was still upset about that first pitch to Martin because the camera caught him yelling, “BULL-you-know-what” with Scully saying “Fertilizer”. That got him run.

Oh, and I’m sure that we’ll see Torre field a AAA lineup tomorrow.

I would too.

I think most of the regulars will get one at bat tomorrow and then Torre will pull them off the field to get ovations in the 2nd or 3rd inning. I hope Ellis gets his first career hit tomorrow……….and I’m kinda mad we didn’t recall Mitch Jones…….we had space on the roster. Although Wade, Leach, and Stults didn’t even get called up either!

Jeez, I’m talking to myself here, so I’ll go. But one more little gripe on this evening of relief.

Something I’m glad I can stop listening to is this supposed ‘record’ that the Rockies were about to set – you know – the Largest Deficit Ever Overcome. Granted, their comeback was impressive. But it was JUNE. The ‘51 Giants started their comeback in AUGUST. And that was in a 154-game season. You can’t even compare the two.

Maybe it’s Andre’s turn to make sure Joe stays awake during the game. He spits a few pumpkin seeds on him every now and then just to make sure he is still awake.

I was submission errored for the 4th time tonight.

I finally get through and a post from the middle of the game comes through as well.

LOL!!!!! Dodgereric – you are funny 🙂

Hey northstateblues – It is very, very tempting.

Tracy was the bitten by almost Shakespearean tragedy tonight as he goes all out to win a division………only to lose his stud lefty–and the game–in the process. As for Dodgerville, all is well in the land of Oz.

Shad, I know. Kuo gets the win, that’s the rule. There’s no rule that says otherwise. I’m just saying, since there IS a rule that can take AWAY a win from a pitcher that qualifies for it but doesn’t deserve it, there should be a rule that GIVES a win to a pitcher who doesn’t qualify for it but DOES deserve it, such as Kershaw tonight. If that explosion happens in the 6th instead of the 7th, he gets the win. And that would be justice. It just shows exactly how meaningless a pitchers’ won/loss record can be.

Wow really they can take Kuo win away? I know it does consider that Kuo only face 4 batter and got 3 outs. So how many wins does Broxton have for real? 1 or 2?

Collie, I hope your mom is ok. Truebluewill, have a great time at the game.

I think Mitch Jones team was in the playoff probably why we didn’t called him Gagne but I guess when their played end that didn’t want to called him up.

I think Mitch Jones team was in the playoff probably why we didn’t called him up Gagne but I guess when their played end that didn’t want to called him up.

Thanks BCG. She is okay but needs to go to the hospital to get looked at. She’s 82 and fell all the way down her stairs. But she won’t go to the DR. I guess now my Wife knows where I get it from. 😉
Hopefully we can get her to go in tomorrow. I work all day and Wifey is laid up as well. I’m going to leave work early to get her to go.

bcg, did anyone answer your question about De La Rosa? I’ve heard he had a groin injury. BTW to my last posted I think Wade and Stults should’ve been up already.

I think Mitch Jones team was in the playoff probably why we didn’t called him up Gagne? but I guess when there playoff ended they didn’t want to called him up.

Collie – speaking of doctors……………..has your cough went away?

Gosh dang triple post and what did I missed? I hope she’s ok collie.

Collie, I’m glad your mom and wifey are in such good hands.

De La Rosa has a “tight left groin and will be evaluated”. Probably not serious as they don’t have Conte as a trainer.

No, they can’t take the win away from Kuo. He was the pitcher of record when the Dodgers scored the go-ahead run. There isn’t any rule that can do what I suggested. I just think there should be. I guess that would open the door to a lot more interpretation of wins and losses and they don’t want to do that.

Now, to talk about what I posted earlier. The rule: “The official scorer shall not credit as the winning pitcher a relief pitcher who is ineffective in a brief appearance, when at least one succeeding relief pitcher pitches effectively in helping his team maintain its lead. In such a case, the official scorer shall credit as the winning pitcher the succeeding relief pitcher who was most effective, in the judgment of the official scorer.”

Not to pick on Broxton, but just to use him as an example. He has two “Blown Wins” this season – a combination Blown Save/Win.

On April 28th against the Giants, he entered the game in the 8th inning trying to protect a 3 – 2 lead. Billingsley started the 8th and gave up a single, got an out and then a walk. Billz gave way to Brox, trying for a 5-out save. He walked the first batter to load the bases, got a force at home for the second out and then walked in the tying run. He got the last out, but Billingsley’s win was out the window. The Dodgers scored two runs in the top of the ninth, hitting for Brox in the process. That made him the pitcher of record and in line for the win. Will Ohman came in to pitch the ninth and got the save.

May 14th in Philly, he did it again. Again, Billingsley was the victim. He went out after 7, leading 2 – 1. Wade pitched a perfect 8th. The Dodgers got an insurance run in the top of the ninth and Brox came in to pitch the bottom of the 9th. Two quick strikeouts, then a single and a walk and a two-run double tied the game. He got the final out, but Billz’ win was gone again. The Dodgers scored twice in the top of the 10th, making Brox in line for the win again. Troncoso pitched the ninth, getting two outs, hit a batter and then got the last out for the save.

In reading Rule 10.17(c) further, there is a Comment in there: “The official scorer generally should, but is not required to, consider the appearance of a relief pitcher to be ineffective and brief if such relief pitcher pitches less than one inning and allows two or more earned runs to score (even if such runs are charged to a previous pitcher).”

So, I guess the official scorer has an out in both instances. In the April game, Brox pitched less than an inning, but only gave up one run and it wasn’t even charged to him. But he was ineffective and blew the save. In the May game he gave up two of his own runs and was very ineffective, but pitched a complete inning. Even though the phrase “should, but is not required to, consider” is in there, the official scorer is within the rules in giving Brox those wins. But I wouldn’t have. I would have given them to Ohman and Troncoso because Brox didn’t deserve them.

OK, to bed with me. May God Bless all of you and let’s cheer our boys on to 11 playoff victories!!!

Maybe now with that monkey off their backs the boys can play to their capabilities. And a hearty WELL DONE to Kershaw who stepped up his game a notch to be the stopper when the team needed him most.

Had they lost yesterday and today it would’ve been the most monumental collapse in sports history. Now all will be forgotten and Joe comes out smelling like a rose. He’s still a pisspoor manager in my book, and if not for the total ineptitude of the Cards and Phils, homefield would’ve been lost. Maybe not a big thing against the Phils, but certainly against the Cards.

Clean slate now, so goodluck and let’s bring a championship back to L.A.

Well said, Itdbooger!

CONGRATULATIONS Dodgers, as well as to all fellow ITD’ers.
We’ve pulled together this whole season, and the best record in the NL is a great TEAM achievement. I say TEAM in spite of media spin to somehow make it a validation for Manny. Do you ever see a milestone win represented in the papers with someone else’s picture other than Manny’s?
I still think it was a mistake to sign him, to pay him the amount of money in question, and to commit to him for yet another year at huge dollars that could have gone to pay equitably one or two of our youngsters to guarantee their future on our ballclub.

Nonetheless, I hope that Manny can return to his post-season prowess of years gone by. He’s certainly being paid for it. As most of us here know, he’s not going to carry us very far by himself, so I’m wishing our deserving young players to establish themselves on the post-season stage – come on Kersh and Bills, Andre and Matt, Loney and hopefully Martin, as well as Brox. The road to big dollar stakes (like Manny’s) may start for you on Wednesday. I’ve loved you all as Dodgers – I hope you stay with the Blue for many years to come. Thank you for this season, and Good Luck to you all in the playoffs.

Right on, Bear!!!!

Way to go team!! We definately have a special group of kids and I too, hope we can keep them together for many years to come. Thanks Josh and the Dodgers for this great forum to discuss and cuss (LOL) our team!!! Just an aside, but I just checked out the Phillies blog. First time I have ever gone to another teams site. Wow, no posts on alot of them and only one or two on most!! We really have a something going on here!! I guess that is why Phan and others seem compelled to come to our blog and post. No one to chat with over there. Very sad, but still not a license to come here and be derisive!!! I’m psyched for the playoffs and want to Thank You All for another fun season of chatting/blogging. It really is alot more fun to share the Dodger experience with other avid fans. Thanks again, it has been a pleasure.

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful and Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue…….
Eric thanks for the history lesson…..Collie tell wifey and your mom I wish them a very speedy recovery, and to be careful out there. Bear very nice post indeed.
All I want to say is that I am so proud of these guy’s. It has been a long season and each and everyone of them have had ups and downs along the way, to reach this milestone on the road to our Quest for # 7 is enjoyable. After the way this ball club came out of spring training fired up playing like a team on a mission this was the only way to finish the regular season….No other way would of fit in my mind. Thank You Gentlemen…….
That being said…. This is what we came to camp for this year, to be in this position at this part of the season. You guy’s have the saying that it is not how you start but how you finish….Although I believe that the way this ball club started it made every other club, step it up or get lost in the shuffle. Nevertheless we are just one of the chosen few now…..One of the elite. Going out last night fired up and playing the way we all know you are capable of is indeed what we need to see in the post season. You took the momentum that the red hot Rockies brought into our house and put it where it belongs….In our dug-out on our side of the game and that is defenetly the right way to win ball games. Go out and play hard keep the fun in the game, obtain the momentum at all times, and continue to make the magic…..
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BEAT THE ROCKIES TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIFE IS GOOD TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your Sunday and enjoy the game everyone…..

Good for you D4!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you Collie and your wife and mom!!!

Dodger4life has a cold beer and I have a lousy Diet Pepsi!

It is kind of sad to sit here and watch the Reds broadcast. They are all saying there goodbyes for the season and talking about next year. We’re just getting started!!!

LOL Trumom!!! Someone make her a Sloe Gin Fizz!!!

LOL, Jhall. I’m thinking of going to get my Starbucks fix! I’d have to get dressed, however, and I’m being lazy today.

There are a few cold beers left over the celebration last night Tru………It is going to make cleaning up a whole lot more fun…….

:)))))) Trumom!! Nelly, take some cocktails or coffee over to your moms house for the game!!! LOL!!!!

:)))))) Trumom!! Nelly, take some cocktails or coffee over to your moms house for the game!!! LOL!!!!

Ooops, darn server error!! Hoping for a new, celebratory thread soon!!! LOL!!!

Hey ya Wally! How are you today my friend??

Morning D4, Bear and TruMom!!!

Today’s like open house.


Good to see you, Booger!

Hi’Ya Booger!! Yes it is!!! Great to see you my friend!!

BEEEEEEEEEAV!!! Things are really looking up now!!! I’m almost agraid to ask about the dream. LOL!!! But I will?

I wonder who going to coach today? I surely hope is Ethier.

Enchanted……Your back 🙂
Tru …. I have some champagne and orange juice, believe we drank all the gin……
Kemp is batting .298…. I am doing my best to will him over .300……WE BELIEVE MATT!!!!!!
Afternoon again everyone……


Ausmus is the Manager today..

Lineup is:
Pierre LF
Hudson 2B
Kemp CF
Ethier RF
Blake 3B
Mientkiewicz 1B
Ellis C
Padilla P

Time warped or clairvoyant, you choose gang!!! LOL!!!!

Thanks, Spanner.

First game all year I don’t mind JP starting. LOL

Hey guys, I had the weirdest dream…

Thanks Spanner!!!

I’d prefer Joe bless us with retirement…

How come I’m the only one not time warping?

How come I’m the only one not time warping?


I sure hope Mom and Dad aren’t too sore at me for staying out for so long.

Welcome back, Encanted. It has been way too long…..I’m glad your dream didn’t turn out to be a nightmare.

Who is this enchanted guy? I was really happy last night that Joe’s small ball (FINALLY!!!!!!!) led to five runs, a stinking plethora for this team, lately. Maybe Joe will bless us with more of the same.

I think they will get over it my brother. Not the same when you aren’t around my friend!!!! Let’s have some fun!!!

How could we not have fun with JP leading off??!!

Hey all. Trublu, I know what you mean about having trouble getting moving today. Too bad Starbucks doesn’t deliver. I could use one too.

Gotta give it a shot my brother. JP has not been a problem. Manny, sans the juice, and I still believe Ned, the furter are much bigger issues.

Always a good time when Pierre is in the lineup!!!! One way or another!!!

I hear ya Wally. Time for a REAL GM.


Isn’t this fan appreciation day?

Hey Frank – I’d really appreciate it if you’d fire Joe and Ned.

You sound like Dad/Eric Beav!!! Good company!!!

RUN JUAN RUN!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Baseball does it again!!!

Nelly said ” Tell everyone I am shopping with the family. “

Juan is like a box of choc-o-lates…

I want to see Hu get a hit. Congratulation Ellis on your 1st major league hit/rbi’s.

lol Padilla trying to be like Kershaw

lol 1st hit in the series for that Dodgers killer Hawpe and is another homerun go figure.

Ausmus manager of the year lol yeah right someone post that on that dodgers main board

Damn Arod hit a 3 runs homeruns and a grand slam in the 6th but to bad Tatis got the record for hitting 2 GS in the same inning off of Chan Ho Park.

Hu’s on first!!!

I thought they just said the guy that sang God Bless America was the Dodger’s controller. He has a nice voice.

I would have thought they would have taken Andre out by now so he could have his moment to be appreciated by the fans. Isn’t Jamie Hoffman available?

Hu did it!

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