Hoping for a clinch…

Well, that was weird. Can’t say I’ve ever seen what we saw late yesterday in that situation, but that’s why sports in general and baseball in particular are so unique.

Of course, that loss will mean a heck of a lot more if we somehow don’t manage to win anothe game this year and the Rockies win out, but I’m still feeling pretty good about our chances to win the division. It would be nice to do it today before we head home.

Meanwhile, I know I’ve been slower at posting lineups this year than in the past, but keep in mind that we’re posting them almost immediately on our Twitter account. Quite often, I’m not near a laptop and can’t blog at the moment, but I send it out via email to our front office and it gets tweeted from there. Of course, today is an exception because of how early the game is on the West Coast, but generally speaking you can find it there.

Here’s the lineup in case you don’t have it yet:

Pierre, LF (Manny with some hamstring tightness)

Hudson, 2B

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Loney, 1B

Loretta, 3B (Blake back in LA to make sure his hammy is ok and Belliard with the groin issue from yesterday)

Ausmus (ties Benito Santiago today for eighth all-time in games played by a catcher)

Castro, SS (routine day off for Furcal)

Kuroda, P


Let me answer you again on this thread, TBW,
I’ll celebrate after the game if they win.

Interesting line-up trying to clinch…but it’s not exactly like they have any immediacy. Check out the Red Sox line-up yesterday as they were swept by Yanks. Same kind of non-vital line-up.

D.Y. and LaRoche are sure getting their revenge.

I think our Champagne will be chilling another day! We look like crap!!!!

Ok, fine Manny has hammy trouble, but this is a ****** lineup just the same. “Routine” day off for Furcal? Idiots.

We the work is cut out, if we’re going to celebrate today.

Looks like Pirates say “no celebration here!”
Can’t really celebrate anyhow , with the way we played on this road trip through the cellar dwellars. What concerns me is the injuries (groin, hamstring), The Dodgers look like they are limping into the play-offs. I would rather have the ROX win the WC, and the way we have been playing, they shall win it the WC. I just pray we don’t wind up like last year’s cubs in the play offs.

Los Angeles Dodgers
H Kuroda 2.0 6 5 0 1 2 0 47-29 3.59
Totals 2.0 6 5 0 1 2 0 47-29

Yeah I like that 5 runs none earned. Pirates are so lucky in this game.

All these stupid days rest throughout the year didn’t prevent guys like Manny, Blake and Hudson from getting hurt or playing better, so what gives? I suppose the first stringers are suddenly going to put it together come play off time and feel comfortable with each other hardly playing together 2 days in a freaking row??? I doubt it.

Do they sell champagne in San Diego?

Maybe the Dodgers want to win this thing at home.

Maybe the Dodgers only want to play 1 home game in the playoffs before taking a nice long winter break where Ned can find the next Mark Loretta.

Kuroda had pitches 9 innings in 2 games without given up an earned run.

You have to play at least two games in the first round, Scott.

OBF- That must be “THE PLAN”, add to the Drama, let the home town fans celebrate at the Chavez Shrine, so that means we have to endure a whipping by the Padres too?
But we can’t control the ROX losing, I hope this mingling with the last place teams rubs off come October.

Sorry I mean 3 games.

//Do they sell champagne in San Diego?//
Why? Are you going to be in San Diego? There is the Omni Bar that should have champagne. I will be in San Diego for the two games and of course at the three final games but I hope is wrapped up by then.

For clarity, when I state, “rubs off”, I do mean no lingering effects, it goes away.

I hope you got a good refrigerator, TBW.

Here the real earned run.


I don’t know who she is but she died of Lupus. This roastrip been hell so far.

Right Joe, 2 games on the road then 1 at home. I’m saying home field advantage is about to be lost with this crappy play against 2 of the worst franchises in baseball. Not time for a “routine” day off, are you kidding me???
On the bright side, Joe, Philly isn’t that far from NY, right?

LaRoche, always played better not wearing a Dodger uniform.

Kuroda being left in shows there is no big interested in winning this game.

I don’t think we have come back from 7 down this year. perhaps coming back to California will help, but I am quite concerned about Blake, now Belliard and Manny with “soreness”. And Furcaal’s recent error rash, reminds me of what happened in the NCLS with Philly and Ferky’s errors. I know it will get better, but right now.. Yikes.

No Scott, a short trip on Amtrak.

No Scott, a short trip on Amtrak.

Home for lunch and checked the score.
Is this someone’s idea of a joke? Is this for real?

I am guessing it is not going well 😦 It’s not like we play our best ball in San Diego either.

Harger is hurt now

I’d rather we have won last night and getting blow out today.

What an absolutely gutless performance!

Don’t worry guys and girls, I don’t expect the Rockies to win out the rest of the season, this is just a matter of time.

Yes we don’t expect the ROX to win the rest of the season, but I am certain the rox don’t feel that way. The Dodgers are looking like something I have not seen all year. Like I said I am more concerned with “injuries” rather than the outcome of this game or future games. Winning the West would be nice, and not backing in to it. Having Home field advantage would be nice, but not required to win. Having the A-team able to play and playing their A-game is what is mandatory. Things will be better in a week. I’m optimistic.

I was just pointing out that winning the N.L. West is a sure thing and today is just another one of those games.
Thinking that we just need one win for it and the thought of celebrating if we win has made the mood seem bad.

Interesting how Torre gets the team ready and peaking for the playoffs. HOF A-hole!

“No champagne until they win a playoff series” –Koufax 1963, WOW.
I says celebrate when you get the chance.
You never know.


LOL!!!! messagebear!!!!

It shows you can’t take any team for granted XXXXX
There is no such thing as a “cake walk” no “easy schedule”.
I hope that lesson was learned.

No more champagne till they win a play-off series. Put it back in storage in LA, use it to ice sore hamstrings, groins, wrists or knock some sense over people’s rear ends.
At least Mota won’t be wonder for the play-off roster! HA!

Well 9-0 that’s enough for me. I guess my champagne will be nice and cold by the time I’ll get to drink it. Now I’m getting real concerned about home field advantage. If they lose it I’m going to have to change my plane reservations.

It’s as if the whole team, including management, has caught the swine flu, because they are playing like pigs. This part of the schedule was supposed to be a cake walk for the Blue, and yet they’re wallowing in it. First it was the defense. Next, the players all came up with nagging injuries. Finally, Joe adds an awful lineup.
They barely escaped Washington with a series win. Now they are likely to lose three of four from a team that can’t pull together even one winning season over the past seventeen years. I can see why brownpaperbag changed his name, because I, too, am disgusted.

We can’t even use the excuse that Nelly was watching this on her TV! Ha!

lol Castro in LF hmmmmmmmmmm

Loney should pitch the bottom of the eighth.

Sorry no schedule is a cake walk when Manny came back we haven’t played good like we did the 1st half.

What an insult the Pirates manager should bring in their sub but I forgot they only have 4 if I’m not mistaken.

The defense let us down big time.

truebluewill – sorry you took the day off for this game. Just absolutely awful game. I am glad I am not home watching it. I would have turned it off long ago, or at least stepped away for a while.

I always say, “Not against us”, but congratulations to Andy LaRoche.
He shouldn’t’ve been stopped on his way to third going for the cycle.

As I type this they scored 2 more run

Truthfully I never “expect to win”, it always hurts when you do this, and lose.

Like I said time to change this name lol.

Joe had already mentioned he didn’t care about homefield advantage, and he is the magician so he must know something we don’t.

Well, Joe is an IDIOT.

We still can win HFA, this is just one loss, we’re still ahead.

A truly lousy way to start my week. I know, Josh will get mad but, I don’t care, Messagebear is right, JOE IS AN IDIOT!!!!

Joe is tripping and didn’t the Yankees have homefield advantage when they blow a 3-0 lead against the Red Sox?

If he is a magician, maybe he should be Merlin the Manager!

HU ?

The good about this game: We know which pitchers won’t be going on the play-off roster: Mota and Mcdonald. But then I don’t get to choose. This will be a long flight to San Diego.

At least we won’t be shutout/.

The headline on the homepage is “Dodgers Need Big Rally to Catch the Pirates.” I think it’s gone beyond big at this point, don’t ya think? LOL!!!!

That should just gave Duek the CG.

I can’t believe J. Russell took Duke out.
Complete games are too hard to come by.

Was Hu on second?

There’s always tomorrow, you can’t win them all.

I think it is time for the songwriters to come out 🙂


Some person said to protect the future yeah right.

I can’t believe Castro played LF and would had love to see Loney pitch.

Shad – add this one to dodgereric’s stats from this morning. We definitely didn’t get 10 hits, and the other team 10-run ruled us.

I don’t want a pickle…….

I just want to ride on my motor-cicle

I bet the Pirates record is way better than us when we don’t get 10 hits.


And I don’t want a tickle

And Junie, my poem was a continuation of kahli’s……

By dodgereric on September 28, 2009 9:46 AM

I must have missed his, which is a rarity I know 🙂

It figure you mention his name and pop up.

LOL!!!! Thanks for lightening the mood………..I think…….. because I am not sure how this is going to end.

WOW that was one bad BAD loss. Well I hope that the only reason they lost was to bring the celebration of winning the NL West to one of the Dodgers 2nd Home (were atleast half the fans are Dodger’s fan)….PetCo Stadium. Man I wish I can be there! GO DODGERS!

I’d rather ride on my motor-cicle

Somehow, I have tix for mañana in SD. Never been to PetCo in my life……Padres will NOT want the Dodgers celebrating on their home field. This thing just got a whole lot more difficult.

Congratulations to Andy and Delwyn! They got some sweet revenge for the shabby way the Dodgers treated them. And they will probably continue to do so in the years to come and show that Dodger management made a big mistake in the way they were handled.

Colorado’s game tomorrow starts about 1 1/2 hours before the Dodgers game, so the Blue may be backing into the Western Division title. Not that Prince Fielder really wants to do us any favors…

And I don’t want to die

I just want to ride on my motor-cy

I also don’t understand why LaRoche was stopped. What did they have to lose? Congratulations to Andy and DY.

Let’s get them tomorrow in San Diego! My friend and I will be in the field level 3rd base side near dugout on Tues and Wed.



Is this your version of sinking into the deepend? I am thinking enchanted must be as far down as he can go right now, don’t ya think? LMAO!!!!! He’s beyond justplaindisgusted now.

When I start singing Arlo Guthrie songs, you can bet I’ve sent my brain to the Bahamas to protect it from injury.

The Dodgers had champagne iced in their clubhouse, ready to celebrate on Sunday, but the Pirates scored four runs in the bottom of the ninth. Now, it must be toted back to San Diego for the start of a two-game series against the Padres on Tuesday.

Duke (11-15) was in control from the start, allowing only three singles until Orlando Hudson tripled with one out in the ninth—a low total for a pitcher who has allowed an NL-high 225 hits.

Duke couldn’t believe it when manager John Russell lifted him following Chin-Lung Hu’s(notes) sacrifice fly, with a 10-run lead and only one batter to get for his fourth complete game, and the fans booed loudly as Duke walked to the dugout.

LaRoche getting more hits than the whole Dodgers team. That’s just sicking me and Duke was #1 in hits allowed.

I’m sorry Andy really didn’t have no future here but Young I still wish we had him.

I have my own tropical song floating in my head…………. one part sand, one part sea, one part shade of a banana tree…………….

The title of this blog is “Hoping for a Clinch.” That’s about how Joe and the Dodgers played it today. Sit the regulars, “hope” for the best. So I figure tomorrow’s blog should be titled “Getting Their Collective Heads Out of Their Collective A**es and Hammering the Padres for the Division Championship.”

The Pirates will hand the ball to Zach Duke(notes) (10-15, 4.06), looking for his first win in more than a month. The left-hander is 0-4 with an 8.54 ERA in five starts since beating Cincinnati on Aug. 22. He gave up five runs in six innings to suffer a 10-4 loss to the Reds on Tuesday.

Duke is 1-3 with a 6.64 ERA in seven starts against Los Angeles. Dodgers catcher Russell Martin(notes) is 7 for 15 with one home run and three doubles against him.

I’m still sick and I’m sorry I think Martin should’ve played and Casey Blake need to suck it up.

Let’s the Pirates win a series against the Cubs not us.

kahli – I second your recommendation.

Already assured of a playoff spot, the Dodgers lost three of four to the Pirates, who had dropped 23 of 26 going into the series—the franchise’s worst stretch in 119 seasons. The Dodgers went 3-4 on a road trip against the majors’ two worst teams, the Nationals and Pirates.

I’m still sick and about to thrown up.

What happen to the easy road trip?

Having a tough time digesting this. Borders on the ridiculous.
If anyone had to do it, I guess I’m glad for La Roche and DY. I do hope they go on to have productive careers. Still sucks they had to start today.
I’ve been wondering if the news on this poop road trip is really true, that perhaps someone hi-jacked this website, but the same crappy news has been in the Times. Hardly building
confidence for the fan base. The damn thing about baseball is, this could turn 180 degrees tomorrow. Nothing to be done but keep the FAITH.

The Pirates haven’t won back-to-back games against the Dodgers since Sept. 19-20, 2006, going 6-15 in the series since then.

Let’s also not forget how close it was to a 1 – 6 road trip against the majors’ two worst teams.

We won Saturday because of a 4-run rally that went walk-single-walk-walk-walk-single.

We barely won the last game in Washington by the skin of our teeth, remember?
After starting off in fine style with 4 in the first, we let them come right back with 3 in the second.
We loaded the bases with no one out in the third and managed to score 1 on a sac fly.
Scored an unearned run in the 6th on an error, a walk, a wild pitch and a ground out.
Failed to score Kemp from third after a leadoff triple.
Only Ethier’s arm kept the tying run from scoring in the 8th.
All that to beat a 52 -100 team by a run.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not panicking. I just really don’t like the way we’re approaching the playoffs. We’re not hitting. We’re not pitching. We’re not fielding. We’re not running the bases worth a damn. What’s left? This theory of Torre’s that we can turn it on when we have to is fraught with disaster. A few days ago our biggest concern was whether or not we can trust Billz with a start. Now that’s about the least of my concerns. And that’s not going to change one bit if the Rocks lose tonight or we play one good game in San Diego.

This team doesn’t need Andy Taylor to pat their heads and say, “Now Opie, don’t you worry none.” It needs Al Pacino to scream, “IF I WAS HALF THE MAN I USED TO BE, I’D TAKE A FLAME-THROWER TO THIS PLACE!!!”


dodgereric – sing your Guthrie songs. It will make you feel better 🙂

Or as Cheswick says in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, “I WANT SOMETHING DONE!!!!!”

Right on, Eric! Team reminds me of a bunch of wussies that need to be taken to the woodshed and horsewhipped. Good ol dad, the ever-calm Torre ought to be tarred and feathered.

Go Astros hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

lol 1-6 seriously is not like those 2 teams deserve it of course it could be 6-1 in our favor easliy

Yeah another bad outing from Lee.

I miss my friend Booger!

If the team manages to lose the Home Field advantage, they all ought to be renamed BOOGERS.

LMAO, Messagebear! I’m sure he would think so too!!!!

Oops that was Harmels even better.

Wow, just got in and checked the score. Disappointing to say the least. I was hoping to catch you all sipping the champagne and celebrating the NL West title. Oh well, just have to wait till tomorrow. Still leading the Phils and Cards by 2 1/2 for best record with 5 to play. We need 3 of these next 5 and I think we will take best record and home field advantage thru the playoffs. Just wasn’t our day!!!! I believe we will get it done.

Holy Cow, did Andy LaRoche have a monster day or what!!!! Good for him!!!

Even though plenty was at stake, an announced crowd of 25,046 that looked closer to 15,000 turned out at Turner Field on a night with a hint of fall in the air.

NOTES: Jones’ homer was his 426th, tying Billy Williams for 40th on the career list. Next up is Mike Piazza(notes) at 427. … Sanchez’s previous career high for walks was six. … Nate McLouth(notes) drew a bases-loaded walk from Kiko Calero(notes) in the eighth to bring home Atlanta’s final run.

Wow I’m surprise at the attendance in Atlanta consider the Braves are only 2 games back. If it was the Marlins and I think last year it was around 23,000+

Jhall ~ Andy did, indeed, have a monster day. Come to think of it, though, we made the entire Pirates team look like All-Stars during the four game series.

Jhall ~ I think we will win tomorrow and having a lot of Dodger fans at Petco will inspire the Boys in Blue. Then we can all breath a sigh of relief…..and, pop our Champagne corks, of course!!!!
THE TIME WARP SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi’Ya Trumom!!! LOL!!! We certainly did. Now all we can do is spank our beloved Puds and hope everything comes out OK!! LMAO!!!

Okay, we all agree that as bad as that loss yesterday was, today’s loss was 100 times worse. I started watching the game, but I had to leave the room after I saw that Kuroda definitely didn’t have it today. Still listened to the game, but of course, there wasn’t much to see – to put it mildly.

I know many ITDers and PO’d that Andy LaRoche isn’t a Dodger anymore and that DY isn’t a Dodger anymore. I’m right there with you that the Dodgers never game these two much of a chance. But c’mon guys, where is your allegiances? Are you so PO’d at the Dodgers that you are rooting that Andy and DY beat the snot out of the Dodgers? Reading these posts make me think that you are rooting for the wrong side. And given how much I know that many here don’t like the Dodgers ownership, their GM or their Field Manager, I’m beginning to wonder if some ITDers are secretly using Andy and DY to “stick it” to the Dodgers. I don’t want to believe it, but the way many of you are posting right now, that is exactly what I’m thinking.

My advice: GET OVER IT! Newsflash: Andy and DY are not Dodgers. Who’s next? Are you going to do the same thing for, what’s his name, the catcher that was traded for Casey Blake? Oh yeah, Santana – the one that was traded to Cleveland from the Dodgers’ Single A team. I remember seeing at one time or another here on ITD that we ALL are Dodger fans. Act like it that this was nothing more than another loss. Yes, this was a loss that couldn’t have come at a worse time, but a loss nonetheless. OBF, wasn’t it you that said that the sun will rise tomorrow? Well, the sun WILL rise tomorrow. Count on it.

LOL Tru!!! Its happening to me also. Just Plain Disgusting!!! I think we have outgrown the MLB server’s capacity!!! They need to upgrade. Of course, they could take all the extra crap off the home page, like the archives for the past 3 years. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t gone back more than a day or so in my entire time posting here. Just a thought.

Hi’Ya CP!!! I don’t think anyone is rooting for LaRoche or DY to do well against us. Just giving them a well deserved pat on the back after the fact. I certainly would not be rah-rahing either of them before the game or anytime in the future when we are playing against them.

Hey Late Night ITDers!!!!! Are we any better than we were this afternoon? I didn’t even see it, and it just seemed so off kilter for our team.

********ATTENTION JOSH**********************
This is the post of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The first real answer that makes an ioda of sense…..
LOL Tru!!! Its happening to me also. Just Plain Disgusting!!! I think we have outgrown the MLB server’s capacity!!! They need to upgrade. Of course, they could take all the extra crap off the home page, like the archives for the past 3 years. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t gone back more than a day or so in my entire time posting here. Just a thought.

This is one of those games where I don’t even go near ESPN or the newspapers. I went to see Michael play baseball, and there wasn’t too much said about it either. When you are sitting amongst Giants and A’s fans, they can’t say much considering their teams will be watching the playoffs from home.

MOM, BEAV, how the heck are you!!! Great to see you!! Thanks Beav!!! Not really rocket science!! LOL!!!

Hey jhall!!! I hate to break it to you but that is not Beav/justplaindisgusted. It is justplaindiguised……….different:)

I hear ya Jhall. My take on all this is when will “well deserved pat on the back” end? Next year when we start the season schedule in Pittsburgh, will ITD sill be giving Andy and DY a “well deserved pat on the back?” That’s why I said, “Who’s next?” Santana? Any ex-Dodger? Okay, perhaps not Milton Bradley, but you see my point. For me, I’m a Dodger fan. I always have been and always will be. Way back when Paul LoDuca was traded, I was shocked, upset and any other adjective you’d like to use. And yes, I was upset not just the day or the moment that I heard of the trade, I was upset for a couple of days or so. But again, I’m a Dodger fan, and I got over it. Okay, DY was a Dodger at the beginning of 2009, but Andy was traded over a year ago. That’s why I say, “Get over it.” And I imagine that many, if not all ITDers always have been and always will be Dodger fans. I just couldn’t tell that from some of today’s posts. That’s my frustration.

red pen – I meant to say “not too much said about it there” not “either”

Holy cow Nelly!! My apologies JPG and welcome. Evidently, very cleverly disguised. Enjoy your posts!!! Then where the heck is the “Beav”!!!!!

jhall – I think Beav is going deeper and deeper into the deepend of his Abyss – LOL!!!!!

CP – I didn’t even see the game. I just saw what was posted on here and figured DY and Andy had a great day. That’s the extent I know.

Okay, I said enough. Don’t worry, I’m off my soapbox. I’ve gotta go. G’nite to all in ITDland…

Good Night CP!!!!!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!!!

LOL CP!! I’m totally with you. I think alot of Dodger faithful were just trying to accept the loss gracefully, stay positive, and move on as you stated. Not much good to say about our effort today!!! We’re still in the drivers seat, no use to cast a pall of negitivity yet. We lose the next two, and you will see negativity!! LOL!!!

Goodnight CP!! Good to see you, as always!! Frustrating loss today for sure.

I think Dodgereric did it right……………….put a happy song in your head to keep your brain from hurting – LOL!!!!!

:))) Nelly!!! Koom-bah-yah!!!! Everybody, all together now!!!

It’s more like “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere” or “Margaritaville” – LOL!!!!!!

Good evening all…………….I didn’t see or hear the game today as I was out and about, maybe that was a good thing?
I do think they will bounce back……Some good things came out of this trip, and some not so good things….We were able to battle back, just weren’t able to put the game away… different day’s bring different challenges. Over the course of this season, we have overcome many, so I see no reason why we can’t get it together now. I do want home field advantage, this team will respond a lot better with the excitement of our crowd I think. Don’t get me wrong I believe they can and will win anywhere…..We have guy’s that can overcome the element’s…..I just think when we turn Dodger Stadium into the Magic Castle once again…..It will lead to much success.

It’s going to make me sick looking at the Angels clinching the divison tonight over us and we blew it last night.

Hi’Ya CZ!!! Good to see you again. Lot’s of frustration tonight. We will prevail.

I bet if Casey Blake was playing we would had clinch a weeks ago lol

Good Evening Dodger4life!!!!!!!

LOL D4!!! All the name changes have me baffled. Time warping again am I. Well, we’ll get’em tomorrow gang. On that note I will bid you all a pleasant goodnight. Excelsior True Believers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jhall…..It was I (justplaindisguised ) and I didn’t mean to get ya worked up…. Sorry…….Where is Booger/Beav….

Good Evening Nelly…I am glad they didn’t harrass you too bad tonight “-)

I actually was sitting next to a Dodger fan who didn’t know about today’s game. So, I got to inform him of our wonderful performance today. Let’s see, I was sitting next to some Steelers fans who certainly aren’t happy and some Giants fans who don’t even watch the games anymore. They have moved onto the Raiders and the 49ers, who both had their BAD moments yesterday as well. So,not much could be said to me seeing how we are still in the playoffs.

Good Night jhall!!!! Thanks for checking in with us nightowls, seeing how you are quite the nightowl yourself – 1 am in Columbus to be exact. Take Care, God Bless, and it’s always…………..always a pleasure chatting with you 🙂

Jhall said best, we were just trying to accept the loss gracefully and staying positive. Last year when the Dodgers got swept by the Nationals, my bro VIc, my friend Erik & friend LTD23 went to Arizona because we had faith the team was going to turn it around there and they did. They went on a winning streak after being swept by the Nats. Now LTD23 and I have reservation for staying in SD one night and catching both games there, driving back after the game Wed night, and then going to work Thursday. We both had to put extra hours at work in order to be able to get the days off and I will be carrying my laptop to do a little work in the daytime. I bleed Dodger Blue! Don’t mistake that I did a little pad on the back for DY and Andy. I know Brooklyn did the same and you know he has been bleeding Dodger Blue too for the last xxx years.
Let’s go Dodgers!
Wrap it up at Petco Park.

I have notice alot of you are really blown away by todays’ lost; and still can’t forget about Sunday’s blown game. I do see where the dodgers have not been playing to there level. The problem here is that the mentality of the team changes when you play a easy team. It gets into the players head. Everyone tends to play more as an indivisual, instead of a team; and the players will try to do to much and even under estimate plays. I am talking from experience. I play baseball in a organize adult league. Example: This past weekend we faced a pitcher that pitched 60-65 mph. We are the first place team in the league, we are the team beat. We are on our way to make the playoffs. So we face this team that had this slow pitcher, everyone tried to do to much, instead of staying withing ourselves and playing our game. Everyone on the team was trying to go yard on this pitcher. We ended up loosing the game. We only had 5 hits through out the game. Not to mention we had 4 errors. I had one of those errors. I play i normally make i through it away, because i was careless.
My point is today’s game, the dodgers where not into the game mentally or phyically and they weren’t to concern about winning because of the following reasons:
#1 reason: the pirates suck they where not into the game
#2 dodgers have a big enough lead over philly and St. Luis for the home field.
#3 Dodgers would rather win the NLW tittle in San Diego, where they have a large fan base…

I will actually sacrifice my work and my body to see the dodgers win tommorow in San Diego. I will make the trip.
Everyone will see tommorow that the Dodgers will take care of business.
Go Dodgers!!!

Very good points Carcyn!!! Have fun at the game tomorrow, and the best of luck in your own playoffs.

You just made me think of Collie. We have not seen him in a very long time. Last I knew he was in OC with his wifey. I hope all is well with him. I know these connections issues have him really bugged, but it’s still kind of strange we have heard from him throughout this series and last.

red pen – “we haven’t heard from him…….”

Good luck to you in the playoffs! Where are sitting? If you can email me. I will be between 3rd and visitor dugout.

Good night! Yes, we will prevail tomorrow! I know I will see lots of fans at the game tomorrow that I see at Dodger Stadium. I am just trying to see if the Metrolink in Commerce is safe to leave my car there.

I agree it has been disappointing to see our team play this way but I would rather this was happening now than in the playoffs or the world series. What ever it is, hopefully, it has run its course. Something tells me it is all going to be OK and they’ll work through it and be better for it.

true2dodgerblue – Love your name!!!! ……………..I kind of expected a game like today (where nobody really played), but I expected it after a win yesterday. I just think they all wanted to go home, and let’s hope the semi-hometown crowd helps them get it done tomorrow.

Ah, zeal. (noun)
Definition: energetic and unflagging enthusiasm, especially for a cause or idea
Synonyms: passion, fanaticism, fervor, ardor, eagerness
Antonym: apathy

Zeal. We all have it. And we all have it for the Dodgers. OUR TEAM. As individuals, in most ways I’m sure, we differ tremendously. Size, shape, age, race, sex, employment (or lack of), religion (or lack of), political affiliation – whatever. However, we all Bleed Dodger Blue or we wouldn’t be on this site.

And although we are all Dodger zealots, we still tend to differ as to how we express that passion because of our individualism. A comparable scenario might be patriotism. One person might subscribe to “America, love it or leave it” and another “America, change it or lose it”. Although they are 180 degrees apart, neither one is wrong. They are both patriotic. Then again, this could easily start another argument. So, back to sports.

When I was growing up, I was a huge LA Rams fan. From 1968 until they left in ‘95, I lived and died (mostly died) with them almost as much as the Dodgers. When that “person” (and I normally use “xxxx-xxxxxx old xxxxx” to describe her) took my team to St Louis, I divorced myself from them in every way possible. I have several friends who feel the same way. I have a friend who remained their fan as long as they still had an LA Ram on their roster. I have friends who are Ram fans to this day. Who is the greater fan? The one who remains? The one who feels the betrayal? Truly, who is to say?

When the disastrous Fox regime traded Mike Piazza, I didn’t cease to be his fan. I always wanted him to do well, even against us. Mind you, I didn’t WISH him to do well against us. But I didn’t begrudge him success. Similarly, I have always been a fan of Bill Buckner. I have always cursed the fates for Bobby Valentine. Conversely, I couldn’t wait to defeat Don Sutton. I would love to beat Derek Lowe. I would probably root for Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier should they leave (perish the thought). Perhaps it would have something to do with the manner of their departure. If they left for just a few extra bucks ala Eric Gagne or Adrian Beltre, I don’t think I’d feel the same way as if they were escaping from a skinflint owner.

So what’s the point of all this? I think we can root for ex-Dodgers such as DY or LaRoche to do well whether it’s against us or another team and remain loyal Dodger fans. I think we can root against them and not be cold-hearted. Sometimes we get attached to the man inside the uniform and it transcends loyalty to the team.

Zeal and individualism. Long may it remain in us.

My two cents.

………….well, like I tell lbirken, your thoughts are worth alot more than 2 cents around here. Through all of this ITD stuff (reading mostly), I have simply become a fan of baseball, so I tend to watch players who have never worn a Dodger uniform as well as some who have. So, as long as they are not playing the Dodgers, I wish them all the success in the world, and if they are playing the Dodgers, then as long as we win, they can still have all the success they can make for themselves.


I don’t know who she is but she died of Lupus. This roastrip been hell so far.

By you_know_nothing on September 28, 2009 11:11 AM
Shad – Julian Lennon was the “son” of John Lennon from the Beatles.

Sorry I can’t take #2. I wanted at least 3 to 5 more wins and after starting with the best record we should’ve been like 11 games in front of the #2 best team and we should’ve had clinch before the Angels and Cardinals.

I knew that last name ring a bell but didn’t take the time to check it out.

Yeah Eric like we cheer for Jeff Kent?

Was Bonds the only Giants that we booed when Kent was still a Giants?

Bring back Piazza to be the hitting coach and I didn’t even realize that until now.

Lidge isn’t the only weak closing act.

Tiim Brown forgot to say Broxton who was light out this month had a tough time Sunday night.


I really don’t think Dodgereric meant all former Dodgers. That wasn’t his intent of his post IMO. As for Kent, most Giants fans didn’t like him when he was with them. I am speaking from experience on that subject.

Free agency was really the vehicle for fomenting hatred of ex players. I mean, how could you hate a Dodger if management traded him? Like LaRoche and DY. I don’t even have a dislike for Milton Bradley. My list of former Dodgers who I don’t care for are, in no particular order:
Tommy John
Andy Messersmith
Eric Gagne
Brad Penny
Adrian Beltre
JD Drew
Hmmm, I think JD Drew tops that list because he’s such a diva, anyway. And I still remember that image of Tommy John throwing a hissy fit in the dugout when Bob Lemon removed him from Game 6 in NY of the “81 World Series, the game in which the Dodgers clinched the championship, of course!

Kahli ~ like your list. Especially Brad Penny and JD Drew. I’d have to add Jeff Kent and Gary Sheffield to my list.

Oooo, this is fun……..

Damn it tru, you beat me to Sheffield.
I guess it’s unfair to Bill Russell, but I always held it against him that Bobby Valentine got screwed.
Then, there’s Andruw Jones

Guys I could never boo:
Shawn Green
Brett Butler

Dodgereric ~ How can we forget Andruw Jones?! lol I loved Shawn Green and Brett Butler too.
Speaking of Bobby Valentine, I heard this morning that he will be joining ESPN for the playoff coverage.

Bob Lemon? Is that the same one that pitches for the Tiger?


Why does this subject bother me?

Lots of fans that are season ticket holders thought Jeff Kent was a nice guy. He did not need a camera to be nice to us.

new thread……….

before I do…………….I can think of a current player I will have no loveloss for when he is gone …………..JMO, of course 🙂

In fact did he even get booed playing for the Astros?

kahli, I know what you mean about Bradley. As someone with a temper problem of my own, I understand a lot of what he does. I certainly don’t know of all his issues, but while he was here, I didn’t have a big problem with him. That bottle-throwing episode – I probably would have chucked it too. I think I remember that he had a bottle thrown at him on the road somewhere and having one thrown at him in a home game sent him over the edge.

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