Beach Blanket Ballpark

Fleece blankets will be waving tonight at the park…we just finished taking the team photo for 2009 and here’s hoping it’s one that hangs in Noah’s Bagels 50 years from now (hopefully some of you know what I’m talking about).

Here’s tonight’s lineup behind Randy Wolf, who is back on the hill after one start away:

Furcal, SS

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

Loretta, 1B

Hudson, 2B

Wolf, P

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Ok Dodgers Win this game too, Um this lineup puts Martin in a new light. Does James need a rest? Come on Wolfy, welcome back, you have been missed. Go Dodgers!

Just stick with the same lineup for heaven’s sake!!

I’m with you Scott…..the same lineup for a few days in a row would be a good thing right now.

Let me guess………… Duke is a lefty – it is why James is sitting. We would hate to mess anything up for James since he is doing so well right now. That’s the excuse why they sat Andre against Sanchez last Saturday- didn’t want to mess anything up. Anyhow – GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boo hoo hoo, Steve Perry…


Perry’s 8th-inning Journey
Henry Schulman, Chronicle Staff Writer

(09-14) 20:20 PDT — Steve Perry, the former lead singer for Journey, will be at Dodger Stadium wearing his Giants cap as usual when the team plays there this weekend and he will leave before the eighth inning, as usual, but not to beat the traffic.

Late last season, the Dodgers started playing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” before the bottom of the eighth inning every night as a rally song, and Perry leaves before they do.

“I have to,” he said. “I don’t want to hear it.”

Why? Because Perry is a diehard Giants fan who cannot stand the fact that the Dodgers “hijacked it first” and use it to win games.

Perry has friends on the Dodgers. He admitted it was “amazing” the first time he heard the entire stadium singing along with his voice and finds it appropriate the song is used by sports teams. Still, he said, “It tweaks me to know they’re using the song as a rally song. I really wish we’d have hijacked it first. I think the song is about hope and power, and it’s working for them, damn it.”

Perry became a Giants fan in 2002 and became friends with many Chicago White Sox players, including Aaron Rowand, when they played “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” in their clubhouse every night on the way to winning a World Series.

As a co-writer of the song, Perry gets a royalty every time the Dodgers play it, but said, “It’s not enough to get me a latte at Starbucks.”



Well, if Steve Perry’s upset about that, he’d probably be really upset about this little gem I forgot to pull out last weekend:

Lights Out (based on Journey’s “Lights”)

OOOoooOHHHHhhh… why so blue?

When the lights go down in the city
And the sunlight hides from the bay
They’ll ask “Who put the lights out in my city? Oh no!
THEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEee Dodger Blue!”

The trophy cabinets are dusty
Well my friend, they’re empty too
NY’s winning ways never made it to the bay
OOOoooOHHHHhhh… why so blue?

It’s funny and sad, oh, so many World Series trophies made
Without you, without your name
Oooooohhh, my, my my my
OOOoooOHHHHhhh… why so blue?

When the lights go down in the city
And the sunlight hides from the bay
They’ll ask “Who put the lights out in my city? Oh no!
THEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEee Dodger Blue!”

Coming Soon: “Someday, That Latte Will Find You (Nickel and Dimed Royalties Won’t Bind You)”

Final thought: If Steve Perry’s not happy about the amount of money he’s getting for the song… is there any way we can get McCourt to defer his royalties?

nsb, great post as usual. Wouldn’t bother me if they stopped playing the song all together. The lyrics drive me crazy and it takes too long to get to the punch line. And from what I have read about this song, the Dodgers certainly were not the first team to use it.

And furthermore, playing the song in the 8th inning is just as likely to embolden a visiting team who is down in the runs column as it is to affect the Dodgers… who shouldn’t play the song if they’re winning in the 8th, as others on this blog have stated earlier.

If this hits the LA media, I wonder how Perry’s visit to Dodger Stadium will turn out this weekend? Poor guy…

And, you know, he could always lobby the Giants to play the song as well… two royalty checks should be able to reward him with that cherished Latte. The Dodgers don’t own the song, Steve-a-Ling-Ding 🙂

There’s absolutely no reason on God’s green earth to move Martin into the two hole. None. Torre needs to be slapped up side the head…or worse.

I’m not taking that lefty crap because Loney can hit left handed pitching and we all know Ethier is hitting .193 against them so Loney should be in their no matter what.

Loney vs left handed pitching and right handed pitching
vs. Left 64 107 13 32 5 0 4 24 17 19 3 0 .299 .392 .458 .850
vs. Right 138 413 51 115 19 2 8 61 47 39 4 3 .278 .350 .392 .742

Ethier vs lefty .193/.280/.338/ .618

I can see what Torre want Martin in that spot because he’s also owned Duke like Ethier does and I have no problem with Martin there but the big problem is why Loney is not playing?

vs. Left 50 89 12 26 3 0 1 4 18 16 2 1 .292 .427 .360 .787
vs. Right 130 372 45 94 15 0 5 44 43 58 8 5 .253 .340 .333 .674

Why not have Martin there when he’s owned left handed pitching this year and his career? Martin is a career .309 vs lefty.

Good Afternoon ITD, Dodger Faithful and our Beloved Boy’s in Blue…………
I passed out early last night and missed all the action…..
I am refreshed and ready for some Dodger Baseball tonight!!!
North nice song……I could’nt figure out the meaning to the songs in the contest, sorry.
Enjoy the game everyone :o)

In 72 ab’s vs the Pirates in his career he has put up a stats lines of .347/.443/.556/.999.

If we had Giambi he probably would had started at 1st tonight.

It’s too bad Stults, Wade, and Leach won’t be in the team photo.

Awesome, North!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!;_ylt=AqQruV2Z2Y1FIotvU2Str1CFCLcF?year=career&type=Batting

What’s the heck? If you going to sit Loney down moved Blake to 1st and put Belliard at 3rd. To bad Belliard is 0/10 against Duke.

Pre-All Star 765 2642 373 742 167 10 53 291 277 416 24 12 .281 .350 .412 .762 Post-All Post-All Star 626 2208 278 585 147 13 56 281 188 340 16 14 .265 .323 .419 .743

9,852 (23.3% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

I know the Reds aren’t going to make the playoff but still you rarely seen an attendance that low.

Is too bad for Stults I remember he had more wins than 2 of our starters.

We played the the Yankees at DS and Red Sox in Boston interested especially if Manny come back. I’ve been waited to played these 2 teams for a long time.

This is the 2nd time the Dodgers were scheduled to play the Yankees at Dodger Stadium in interleague play, which is unfortunate for me because I’ve been looking forward to have some games schedule at Yankee Stadium. Who the heck makes these schedules anyway?
Well just for that, I hope the Dodgers do this October.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

Whoever wrote this article listed Nomar as a Dodgers.

Whoever wrote this article listed Nomar ad a Dodgers.

northstateblues – fabulous post and song to go with it. I forgot the group Journey is from the bay area so one would think they would be Giants fans.

blah at the double posted but hmmmmmm Thome a 1 year deal worth 5 millions with incentive.

I thought someone made up that stats but I guess I was right that we’re 44-15 against the Pirates.

Yeah Karros but don’t forget that are bullpen throwing all those innings and I still think that going to bite us soon.

Go Marlins

Hello ITD.

Come on Dodgers!!!!

Yeah 1992 is all time ago and I was still in the 8th grade.

Nice start Randy!

Now it’s good not to get shut down following the Bucs 3 runs.
Best to score here. Right now.



No biggie….this is one of those momentm shift games…….I say we need to rise to the occasion in these games.

It’s uphill from here guys.

hahaha Adkins nice errors.

SF up 2-0.

oldbrooklynfan ~ Did you notice the Dodgers are coming to Citi Field April 26-28 of next year. I wish it was later in the season. A bit cold in April.

Yes I did TBW, I can’t remember them coming in that early before. I’m disappointed that they are not going to Yankee Stadium again.

Rockies losing 3 – 0 too.

It looks like we’re really going to need some Giant help tonight.

85% picking the Yankees at DS and 15% picking the Red Sox in Boston.

85% picking the Yankees at DS and 15% picking the Red Sox in Boston.

I will be trying to get a ticket for one of the games in Boston.

Geez wish that would fixed this blog.

Geez wish that would fixed this blog.

YAY, a hit!

Shad are you chewing Doulbemint gum tonight…LOL!!!

* Doublemint gum

LOL, dodger4life!

The last time they came in April was 1997 for the first Jackie Robinson ceremony with President Clinton present. I was at that game. Were you? I’m also disappointed that they’re not going to Yankee Stadium. I don’t know what’s up with MLB, why they are having them playing in LA two times in a row. Also in 2007 they played Toronto and Tampa Bay and skipped the Yankees altogether.


I thought Loretta ball was out we need a 1 2 3 innings.

I had a feeling when the Pirates did that double steal we had the momentum and we got 2 runs out of it.

Like I said we need a 1 2 3 innings and we got it.

Don’t worry yet…………I turned off the game 🙂


Way to go Matt….let’s bring him home!

Keep it going, guys!!!!!

I must’ve went to that series in ’97, but I don’t recall if I was at the Robinson game, I think I watched it on T.V. but it’s hard to recall.

Okay, Loretta, an rbi for you too.

See………………..I turn off the game and we score two runs. It’s okay………………………I understand. I will be with you in spirit on Gameday from now on 🙂

Rockies losing 5 – 1


LOL, Nellyjune!

Nice rally boys!! Loretta just missed a HR.

I know what you’re going through Nellie it’s happened to me.

Thanks for the support oldbrooklynfan. Maybe it has to do with the gnat fans in the house 🙂

Evil spirits, Nellyjune!

Nice way to shut em down after we scored. Now let’s take the lead this inning.

Come on Dodgers, Randy has already had his bad inning.

I have a lot of Met and Yankee fans running in and out of my life, so I think I understand that too.

Ramirez, Kemp and Blake looks fantastic on paper.

Come on I want the lead after the 6 pitches last inning by Wolf and so far the Duke rbi single is the big blow so far.

I don’t think it helped much that Michael walks in and says………”I have a present for you mother.” I knew it was gnat related, and sure enough it was a gnat snowman ornament. Evil is definitely the word of the day.

Nice move Repko in for Loretta don’t want to see Pierre right now.

Come on Odog get that bunt down.

Dang that was close.

It still looks good on paper.

Come on big game Loney

Well…. we will just have to get you 9 Dodger ornaments Nelly!!!

Nelly, I was hoping Andre would have a multi-hit game against Duke since he had a lifetime a average of .455 against him in about 19 at bats. I am beginning to think part if it’s menta that he’s struggled against lefties recently. He needs to chill out and relax. He should be looking at this guy like he owns him like he does Chris Young. He’ll get it figured out.

That should say “mental” not menta.

Dang come on Furcal

BCG ~ ir doesn’t help Andre much when Charlie says how dreadful he is against lefties. I really dislike Charlie and wish he wasn’t our announcer.


Charlie never says anything bad about Juanpy, does he?

O.K. Ramon.
We have to keep the Giants at bay.
At 7.5 back that is.

There’s no holds for pitchers when the team is trailing but good job Troncoso and Sherrill.

He’ll get past it. There’s no way he could hit so well against them in the past and all the sudden not be able to.

I think so too, Bluecrewgirl.

Torre asking Odawg to bunt.
Very unusual.

It’s the right play but Torre rarely sacrifices with position players.
Well, it worked.

I’d like to see Repko steal home and make his season.

bluecrewgirl – lefties or not……………………..he has done a fabulous job this season. Like you said, he will get past it………….no doubts at all.

ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! That’s it for me guys. Got to get up early. Hopefully they’ll rally and win it in the ninth while I’m dreaming of Dodger victories.

Duke is gone and Andre may face Chavez next inning.



Good Job Brox!!! Rally time boys – LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Nelly, Andre should be very proud of his season. He has been the mvp of the team in my opinion. Another walk off hr would be nice if Russell can get on base ahead of him.

That’s O.K. Matt Capp is right handed too.

40TH DOUBLE FOR ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Way to go , Andre! End it with one swing, Manny!


Andre is #2 in the NL – Panda got one tonight. He has 41.

Clutch Matt rookie mistake Jones



Nellyjune ~ sorry, that was what Charlie said. it would be Panda!

Yeah walk him I want to see Thome up.


Another no decision by Wolf and his nice 7-1 record vs the Pirates is still intact.

Dynamic Duo strikes again. And this time they were separated, meaning not in the lineup back to back.

Here come Thome

He will be #1 by the end of the season.

Come on Jmac let’s shut them down.

That was close. Thome hit that hard, just right to someone. At least Andre and Matt kept them in the game. Manny was looking like he was coming out of it on the road, so hopefully tonight was just one down game at the plate.

Comon Guys let’s put it away.

Now let’s give another win to Jmac.

I guess we need one more inning from Jmac. Come on Kid you can do it.

Well sometimes you do and sometimes yo don’t.


3 scoreless inning from Jmack impressive even though it’s the Pirates.

Way to go, JMac!

If we don’t score this could go on for a while, because the Pirates don’t score too often.

Yeah Pierre 1 out triples

It would’ve been great to see PIERRE go all the way.
Let’s go HUDSON.

I’m getting sleepy too, tru. Hopefully Loney can bring Pierre home.

The dynamic duo gets hits together and they strikeout together too 🙂

Tru is getting sleepy…..let’s end this game right now!!!!

Damn it Odog.

Crap, hope that bad throw doesn’t come back to bite them.

Someone needs to teach Russell how to bunt.

Holy **** Ethier vs lefty handed

Oops he did it again! And against a lefty! Way to go Andre!

It’s do or die now.


We should have won this a couple of times now. I know you can’t win them all but not scoring Pierre after the triple with one out was BAD.


Maybe Ethier could shut up Stiener right here.

Let’s go Andre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANDRE ETHIER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANDRE EVERETT ETHIER – WOW!!!!!!!!! TRULY, TRULY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That’s more like it. Another walk off homer! Unbelievable!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANDRE EVERETT ETHIER – WOW!!!!!!!!! TRULY, TRULY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!
Good Night and God Bless Everyone :o)

He shut up Charlie.

Yes, he did oldbrooklynfan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey tru did steiner shut up about Ethier can’t hit a homerun against a lefty?

30 HR and 98 RBIs – JUST ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

Every Day Dre!! Every day he does something to help the team win!
Just a quick post to share some laughs that happened at our casa tonight. Yes it was a “bump the chandelier” moment but luckily that didn’t happen.
What did, was I switched channels because Wifey wants to see the new show The Vampire Diaries. So I switched during the pitcher change to set the recording so I wouldn’t forget later. When I switched back the ball was in the air & I started yelling “He did it again!”. Classic… missed part of a walk off to set a recording for a show that’s not on until Thursday!!! Sheesh!!!
Take care all!

The only drag is that since the game was on KCAL out here tonight instead of Primeticket, we won’t get the postgame coverage and interview with Andre. Oh well, small price to pay for an important victory.

Yeah that suck I had to watch it on Kcal.

Wow! Dre for postmaster general! Ok Just MVP.
Wolf is back, a couple bad pitches in the 3rd. Glad that single by duke didnt sink the dodgers tonight.
Sweet dreams of blue victory.

Someone take a peep over there on the Giants board after Giants fans saying about Ethier I would never had guess thet would do that..

Shad – this is the best one ……….. That’s pretty good coming from gnat fans.

Ethier is a f’n menace.

I fear him more than anybody in that lineup at the moment, including Mammary.

Long time no type/talk.

AMAZING!! Sweet 16 indeed, Andre has shown all he is about this year.

Wasn’t that a Dodger or even MLB for walk-off hits in 1 year?

GO BLUE!!!!!

p.s. props to Ned on Padilla and Garland, they have saved our arses w/ their 5-0 combined record, HUGE pickups, good one Ned. Plus adding power on the bench too, good on Ned. Oh and trading for a Oakland Minor League OF’er 3 years ago……….

Yep that was the main one I was expected you to see hahaha.

THANK YOU ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to admit, that was pretty fun to see Shad.

Well, I hope to not hear any more crap about:

1 – Benching Ethier against lefties and

2 – Pierre being our MVP.

I am thinking you still will.

Ethier might get LEAGUE MVP for this latest one, 6 walk-off hits in a year by a player is a league record….i think, I couldn’t confirm on-line, but it might be.

We can hate Ned for signing Jones, Schmidt, Sweeney all we wanted to but he did pickup a steal for Ethier while sending Bradley/Perez to the A’s. To bad they don’t give up MVP for each team Ethier have to get one.

he’s in the running for league MVP, 6 walk-off hits (4 as homers) in a fairly tight division race could push him over the top, if Pedroia could win it last year, Ethier should this year by that standard.

oops that’s out not up

Yeah could happen but I don’t see him taking it over Pujols and give the MVP to Pedroia last year was a joke..

yeah, pujols is an absolutely amazing player, he’s like the really good advanced kid in little league, except he’s in the majors now. on pace to be best of all time, hands down, no doubt, oh well, he doesn’t have SIX walk-offs this year!

You’re probably right, Junie.

And I agree with you, shad. Pujols has to have the MVP sewn up.

It is a great thought, but I am thinking Pujols too.

G’night Dodger faithful! I gotta hit the rack. Early game tomorrow. I hope we remember how to sweep a team. It’s been a while since we have.

God Bless you all.

Wow I was just checking out how many blown saves the Pirates have and believe it they were tied 2nd best with the Rockies and Cardinals all having 13 blown saves with the Reds having 11 and leading in that category. Of course the Pirates only have 39 saves opportunity doesn’t know how many in the 9th innings but to bad we’re tied last with the Nationals with 24.

Fast Facts

• Andre Ethier hit his league-leading sixth walk-off hit (four have been homers) to rally the Dodgers from a one-run deficit in the bottom of the 13th. Ethier is the first player with four walk-off HRs in a season since Roy Sievers of the Washington Senators hit four in 1957.

• Ethier became the first Dodgers’ left-handed batter to hit 30 HRs in a season since Shawn Green in 2002.

• The Dodgers have an MLB-best 12 extra-inning wins and are an NL-best 27-19 in one-run games.

Good Night Ward Dear!!! Take Care and God Bless to you and your wonderful family.

Shad – some great fast facts.

Yeah every game espn does those and it fun to see.

Well actually after every box scored for each games.

Oh yeah and still not Ethier bobblehead and can we complain about that?

Good morning everyone. Dodger4life, you’re right I’ m very happy this morning but not surprised. I thought the Dodgers could come back against the Pirates and was not surprised at all to see it was Either who hit another walk off HR. He has been so fantastic this year. He’s definitely our MVP.

not=”no” and I had to comeback and fixed my mistake.

Look like you had a less than 7 hours nap.

Good Morning ITDland ~ it was a fantastic finish last night. Loved seeing Andre hit the walk-off and shutting Charlie up once again! I have a feeling, Joe will be resting a lot of players today………JUST SO HE KEEPS THE DYNAMIC DUO IN THERE, I DON’T CARE!!!!! I think Russell and Casey will have the day off.

I didn’t finish watching the game last night…fell asleep during the 10th or 11th inning. I have to get up at 4:30 a.m. every morning and right when I heard the final score and how we won, who needs coffee! I am wide awake and full of energy. MR. CLUTCH, MR. MIRACLE, 1/2 of the DYNAMIC DUO DID IT AGAIN…..ARRIVA ANDRE!. But yeah thanks to the full DYNAMIC DUO & many others that contributed! GOOOOO DODGERS!
TRU – I am with you, rest any other player but the DYNAMIC DUO! WooooHoooo!
FIVE ahead from the Rockies makes me feel much better. We do need to keep going for more. Right now it is Giants Vs. Rockies for the Wild Card….let’s keep it that way!

It’s great to see our Dodgers mount a stretch drive, never mind that we’re playing a lot of weak teams in the process. We’ve also been able to do it when it counted against our nearest contenders. BRAVO!

Mostly today I want to point out the promotion of the ridiculous – today’s second of the season Manny bobblehead event. He’s, of course, mainly paid for his reputation (at least before the drug revelation and suspension) and for shooting off his mouth at every opportunity. I’m not trying to pretend like he’s not contributing, and I think he does present more threat in the lineup than JP, but he’s not nearly the best player on the team, who incidentally has not yet been considered for a bobblehead. This second such recognition for Manny this season is absolute baloney and just another mark of Frank’s delusion as an owner. Can’t wait to see Andre’s treatment in the off-season to see whether management really wants to pay and play the people that produce the winning results.

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful and Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue…..
Well there were certainly some momentum changing moments last night!!! Outstanding !!!!
Now that we have the momentum and energy on our side of the field lets take advantage of it!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!
Manufacture the Magic!!!
Enjoy the game today everyone, I am not sure if I’ll be around so…..

Wow, 6 am comes early when you stay up until 11:15 pm to watch Ethier and Kemp save this team’s collective a** once again. Once again Andre proves he is the 2009 MVP…without a doubt.

As for Torre, I said it before the game and I’ll say it again, Martin had no right being in the two hole–one nice series in SF with a couple jacks does NOT make up for a dismal season. His performance last night–capped by his inept bunt attempts in the 13th inning–bear that out. Torre’s “tough love” approach to Kemp, Etheir and Loney throughout his tenure as manager do not seem to translate to J. Martin. I may NEVER understand his double standard. Ethier had a GREAT quote in today’s L.A. Times and you can read into what you will. To me, it was a comment on that double standard:

“This is the first season where I’ve had a chance to play full-time from day one,” Ethier said. “It takes a lot of time and learning in this game to be able to go out there and perform and put up the numbers. It finally shows that given a chance and given a little confidence in you — from not just yourself but from OTHER PEOPLE — can go a long way in this game,” he said.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!!!

It is great to watch the Sportcenter/MLB TV, and see Andre’s name everywhere. I am not sure if I like him being called Andre the Giant. It brings a different meaning if you are a Dodger fan, don’t you think?

messagebear – It’s sad that today they are recognizing Manny when it should be Andre IMO.

Good morning ITDers!
It was awesome last night! Unbelievable! I took a day vacation today to go to the day game. Short night and early morning.
Happy 16th Andre! and congratulations on homerun #30 and your latest walk-off homerun! You are amazing! I love how much fun you are having out there.
Happy Independence Day Mexico! We are ready to sing “El Rey” today but to you Andre!
Or this version by George Strait

When is the rookie hazing?

Kahli – that does speak volumes, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing that quote.

Have to disagree there is no problem using Martin in the 2nd hole for a guy that he’s owned in his career and left handed pitching and this capable of giving Ethier another guy in front of him and if you have a problem with Martin batting 2nd try looking at Furcalobp in the lead off spot. I’d rather see Martin batting lead off than Furcal at this point of the time.

Geez and didn’t Manny goes 0/5?

Martin vs left handed pitching and batting 2nd is ok but not when he facing a right handed pitcher.

Good morning all! Great game last night, Mr. Clutch came through! We need a pic on the cover of the Dodger Magazine with Andre and Jerry West! ESPN just said that Andre’s 6 walkoff hits is the most in the majors in the division era! Go Dre!!! Let’s hope we whoop on the Pirates today, and the Rox lose so we can hopefully put this division away in the next few games!

Good day, ITD.
Well, day game after a night game means one HORRIBLE lineup coming our way in the next few minutes. The Dodgers are only 1 game up in the race for home field advantage (something Torre and Colletti seem to care nothing about).
I better see Ethier and Kemp in that lineup today dang it.

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