A powerful morning…

This morning, Dodger Stadium played host to a memorial service for Ted Hall and Arnie Quinones, the two firemen who lost their lives almost two weeks ago helping fight the Station Fire. It was an extremely moving service with thousands of people in attendance, including Vice President Biden, Governor Schwarzanegger, Sen. Boxer, Frank McCourt, and several other dignitaries. The widow of Mr. Quinones is ready to give birth to their first child any day now, which made it even tougher to be a part of, but I think the Fire Department did itself proud today in the manner in which it was handled.

For those interested in donating to the fund set up for the families, you can visit this site.

It’s a reminder to all of us that the real heroes in this world are out there every day but for one day, many of them “took the field” at Dodger Stadium.

Up north at AT&T Park, here are the guys who will take the field tonight for us:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Manny, LF

Kemp, RF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Hudson, 2B

Padilla, P

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Sounds like a mixed-emotion kind of day at Dodger Stadium.

I know JP is doing well, but this isn’t the lineup I was expecting. However, I am sure we will see #16 by the end of the night, but I am glad I didn’t go to the game. I wouldn’t have been happy to go and not see Andre play.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!

lol Franklin blow another save for the Cards. Let’s go Braves. Wow Philly bullpen suck this year.


I’m glad I’m not at this game….I’d be plenty pissssed off!!!

The only people happy that Andre is not in lineup ……………….. The Giants and their fans.

Having JP roaming centerfield at AT&T is a joke!!!!!

I thought Joe had finally figured out his lineup and then he goes ahead with this crap!!!!

lol 3/19 vs Sanchez I’d rather have Pierre in over Manny VS. LEFT: .357 / .878 and AWAY: .372 / .907. I have no problem with Pierre playing when he’s 12/20 against the Giants but not for Ethier.

JPD ~ :)!!!

What is this Loney playing against a lhp when Joe always put in Loretta at 1st?

Given the subject matter above Nells, I can’t repost that over here – why I’d feel lower than Twiggy at a bra factory.

Oh yeah that 3/19 was a homerun if I remember right.

Prayers go out to the families of the fire fighters.
And they wonder why we win one game and then loose another game. Ethier should be playing! We need to win!
Let’s go Dodgers!

……………and I don’t want to read/hear it’s because of a lefty pitcher……………..it’s Jonathan Sanchez for goodness sakes. Even my gnat family doesn’t like watching him pitch. I knew he would have a day off to “let” JP play, but I didn’t think it would be against the Giants at AT&T Park. Andre always does so well there. There better be a better reason than just giving him the night off to rest, it is a lefty pitcher or giving JP a start. Andre is on the verge of breaking milestones in HRs and RBIs and he is being pulled out of a lineup for sentimental purposes……………just wrong I say.

jpd – very true ๐Ÿ™‚

My thoughts and prayers are once again with the families of these wonderful firefighters….I wish hope and pray for much peace and solitude in the coming days and years for Mrs. Quinones and her new born baby.
May God bless you and your life ahead.

This is turning into a crappy night…..a lousy lineup and I’m in the damn time warp again!!!!

I know this may present a jaundiced view, but could it be so Andre doesn’t accumulate even more big stats for his next salary arbitration? I would never put anything too sleazy beyond this management team of ours. Salaries and money are more important to Frank – unless it’s also being in the company of people like described above by Josh.

Yes, I can’t stand Frank.

SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bear ~ aren’t we supposed to be trying to win a division title?! Doesn’t every game count more than ever, now?

Nelly their no reason I was shocked to see Loney was in their and was thinking he would gotten the day off but to see Ethier getting a day off is bull and when was the last time Ethier rested against a lhp?

lol bear

messagebear – anything is possible and nothing is impossible when it comes to this management team.

I don’t mind Andre getting a night off. That happens, but he is not getting the night off for the normal reasons. He is getting the night of so JP can play……………..pure and simple. Also, unless he is sick, or the game is out of reach one way or the other, then I am guessing we will see him before the night it over. Matt will have to play CF if the game is close. They can’t afford to lose a run on JPs arm if the game is close.


At least Loney is in there against a lhp. I surely hope Joe didn’t check out that 3/19 against Sanchez.

Where did that post come from?

It’s nice to know that both the Cards and Phillies lost, today.
Two teams that will most likely join us and the Rockies in the postseason as we fight for home field advantage, down the stretch.
I don’t think any other team has a chance, at least as it looks at the moment.

That inning sucked for us!!!!

I’d like to see Manny hit 2 more HRs as soon as possible so that all 3 starting outfielders will have at least 20.

Padilla said “I will get it done myself” – good job!!!

Nice going Padilla 8 pitch inning. Everyone was a strike.

All right Matty that’s the way to make something happen.

Time to cash in on this break

Dang it Loney

Oh come on runner at 3rd with no out and it’s already 2 outs damn

It figured after scoring 10 runs last night.
At least we scored.
I see we’re playing the Gigantes again, tonight instead of the Giants.

Thanks god Padilla got that hit

but why send Blake geez?

Padilla gives it, Padilla gives it away.

Good dp nice defense

Bowker over ran the ball. I think that caused some confusion with Bowa.

Yeah probably so but Blake is not 100% healthy.

Andre could have struck out and Andre DOES NOT ground out softly to the pitcher. When he grounds out, it’s a shot.

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

By leefink and martinloneykemp

Sorry guys, but the chemistry is totally different without Andre in there!!!!

Not only the chemistry, but the pitcher has to be much more careful with Andre in the lineup. THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!!


Alright Russell Martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I know you hate the lead off walk

Hate lead off walk.

That should had ended the inning when we still up 1-0.

I meant Padilla got it, Padilla gives it away.
The run that is.
eh, it happens.

Would have gotten out of that inning with no runs scoring if Padilla makes a good throw. At least they got only one.

Omg where was you all season long Martin? Now you got that homerun you going to hide from us for 2 weeks but I hope not.

I hate this submission crap been trying to posted that 5 times now.

A nice inning except for that infield single.


Hello ITDers,
My thoughts and prayers to the firefighters honored today Ted Hall and Arnie Quinones. I watched the ceremony on TV. I took at couple of pictures from the TV and posted them.
Did you know also a year ago today was the tragic Metrolink accident in Chatsworth. There were ceremonies going today in Chatsworth and Simi Valley.
C’mon Padilla! Let’s get win #3!
Woohoo! Martin comes thru!


I would love to see an 8 spots liek the Red Sox doing now.

WTG Martin!!!! That’s saving your HRs for a big spot. Awfully quite in the phone booth now.

Let’s tired their bullpen again

After what happen to them last night I wanted a 10-0 lead. I think Bell got cheated last night and struck off Yorvit

I had a feeling Martin would do something good there ahead in the count 3-1, you could sense something big was going to happen.

Well, we live enough in the area that we don’t get the game on tv, so we are switching back and forth between the USC/OSU game and NASCAR. However, we are, once again, letting the scoreboard speak for itself – GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W00000HOOOOOO!!!!!

Simon say’s….. say…..YAY RUSSELL!!!

Dodger4life ~ After the struggles Martin has had this year it’s nice to see him heat up. He now has 8 RBI in his last 6 games.

All right 2-0 Padres in the first inning. Go friars!!!

Yes!!!!! Nice breaking ball to K Velez!!


I agree, Come on Boy’s add to the damage….


Testing! Server error!!!!!! Enough, already!!!!


Winn just made Padilla work.

That was the first inning that Padilla labored.

Blah at walking Winn esp when he’s batting left handed.
VS. LEFT: .158 / .380


Come on Padilla settle down

Let’s see Padilla in the 6th.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh Padilla


Good Goin’ Vicente.


You have to wait until the game is over to chant BEATen by LA.

So who is winning…GOOOO DODGERS! We must keep this up!

Thanks, We’ll take that run.

Giants had the 2nd best ERA I want to see them at least dropped all the way to #5. We need more runs to dropped them to #3 tonight.

LA 3.45
SF 3.51
St. Louis 3.59
Atlanta 3.65
Chicago Cubs 3.88

I am all late but I gotta cheer for RUSSELL! GOOOO MARTIN!

My comments are coming out way up here.

It’s so quiet in the phone booth now. I think we should get a chant going. BEATEN BY LA!!! BEATEN BY LA!!! BEATEN BY LA!!! BEATEN BY LA!!! BEATEN BY LA!!! BEATEN BY LA!!!

Time to take Pierre out for a defensive replacement since he got 2 rare k’s.

Strike out #2 for JP ๐Ÿ™‚

NELLY: So any new mini-ethieraholics or mini kempers in your new classroom?


BEATen by LA!!!…………..BEATen by LA!!!…………BEATen by LA!!!

BEATen in SF!!!!……..BEATen in SF!!!!!!…….BEATen in SF!!!!!!

It has taken me 15 minutes to get a post to stick without the dreaded…….SUBMISSION ERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh time to K’s Lewis now.

Nice you 2.

Good work gang, I love seeing that chant.

Padilla 86 pitches through 6th nice but I want 1 more inning or maybe 2 or even 3 but Torre won’t give him the CG.


Wow Manny with a triple omg

This break in the action is brought to you by me……………..a NASCAR fan – YEAH DENNY HAMLIN – Just won in Richmond!!!!!!!!!!! He’s my Andre of NASCAR :))))

Dang I forgot to set my lineup today because I thought that race was tomorrow.

Let’s go Orlando.

Remember Blake scored all the way from first base last night on an extra base hit. I think Bowa changed his mind and decided to hold them up and Martin kept going.

Let’s go Kuo.

I posted that Blake comment a long time ago. How did it move up to now? Alternate universe maybe?

Both of Manny’s hits have been to RF. For him that’s a good sign. Maybe he’s getting ready to go on a tear.

TBW ~ this entire night of posting is in a major time warp!!!

Nice Walk Andre ๐Ÿ™‚

See, Andre can draw a walk too………….and, Andre can hit one out of the park!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL, NellyJune!

Sigh 2-1 Padres here come the Rockies.

According to my notes.
Dodger Pitchers who pitched at least 8 innings. This year
5/9…………….Eric Stults………………..9
6/23…………..Hiroki Kuroda……………8.2
7/5…………….Chad Billingsley…………8.0
7/29…………..Clayton Kershaw……….8.0
8/11…………..Randy Wolf………………8.0
9/11………….Hiroki Kuroda…………….8.0

JP taps a foul, Andre rips a foul!!!!!

UCLA wins, Dodgers gonna win, Russ hits a 3 run shot. What more can I ask for?

Pierre looked safe to me.

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

By leefink and martinloneykemp


Come on Monkey man.

oh a hbp even better

Well, I guess I can ask SD to win, but that might be too much to ask!

oh a hbp even better

dang we didnt score this inning

Let’s go BELI

Hey guys, no more runs tonight, save some for Penny!

Perumike ~ SD always manages to lose. I’m glad both USC and UCLA won!!! I love USC Football and UCLA Basketball!

sigh accidently hit the submit button twice didn’t think it would had posted the first time.

Scully feels sorry for the Giant fans and the game ain’t over yet.
Whatta guy.

Penny is so PO’d, he probably won’t even be able to pitch. I’d love to run him out of the game by the 3rd inning!!!!

Like to see Loney powder one.

I call that one.

JAMES LONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Everytime we got the lead off hitter on we scored is this going to be another run.

You sure did, Oldbrooklynfan!!!

Another homerun on the road for Loney would love to see Ellis and Repko hit.

Odawg’s due.

Well he was due to get on base.

Agreed tru! I hope we have batting practice against Penny!

Me too, Perumike! I really dislike him more than any player who has worn a Dodger uniform.

Great to see the offense coming alive the last couple of games. Loney is really on a roll and Russell is looking much better. I hope they cream Penny tomorrow. I would love to see Andre get his first career grand slam against him.

bluecrewgirl – especially since his son’s birthday is tomorrow.

Why Castro? I want Repko or Ellis to get an ab’s.

BCG ~ That would make my day! ๐Ÿ™‚ A slam for Andre!!!!

19 runs in two days.
I hope they have some left for tomorrow.

I want Penny knocked out by the 2nd innings yeah I’m trying to be nice to him lol

BEATen bady by LA.


Wow tomorrow is Ethier son bday? Where have the time fly?

I hope the Dodgers bring the brooms tomorrow.
Against Penny.

Nelly, time goes by so fast. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. Seems like the older I get, the fast time goes by. I remember when I was a kid I couldn’t wait to turn 18 and now I wonder why I was in such a rush.

WAY TO GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have outscored the Giants 19-4 in these two games.

Alright boys! Nice to see some punch from Marty and James! Nice to see Blake getting on base quite a bit! And nice to see very good pitching the last two days! We have now won 4 of the last 5! Woo hoo! Let’s finish off the weekend with a sweep, especially against that guy who used to be on our team!


No pressure Jmac I this the kind of game he needs to pitch to get his confident back and still have high hope for him in the future. I hope they give him another chance to win the 5th spot in the rotation next year.

Great win tonight!! Good to see the offense put a lot of runs on the board for more then one game. Let’s keep it going tomorrow.

Yep – a year ago yesterday, Andre took a few days off to be with Maggie, and we were happy for him but nervous with Andre out of the lineup.

Padilla should’ve been 4-0 but 3-0 is great.

Shad, I like the # of games over .500 they are this year better. Are they undefeated since you changed your screen name?

Same exact thing that happened last night……………Bell gives up another one for the Padres. Now, it’s only tied this time, but a tie is as good as a win for the Rox at this point because the Padres won’t come back and win if it goes into extra innings.

Time for some Kuo tonight.

I hate my posted showing up late.

Tonight’s game
Andre had to leave town for personal reasons, so here’s tonight’s lineup. Looking to go a season-high six games over .500

Yeah that when Dewitt was playing 2nd a Berroa played SS and Martin leading off. I’m on that thread right now. That thread still have my email showing.

I still love this name tradejuanpypaperbag.

LMAO!!!!!! I remember that name Shad ๐Ÿ™‚

Geez those Rockies won’t go away.

Torrealba been clutch 2 night in a rows something have to give soon.

bluecrewgirl – this last year seems to have just flown by. I remember this time of the year last year, and we were the team 2 games or so out trying to catch the dbacks…………which we eventually did ๐Ÿ™‚

The Padres actually pulled it out – alright!!!! …….back to 3 games up – yeah!!!!

Good job SD

“Before this series began, manager Joe Torre called for more from Furcal, Ramirez and Martin. Against the Giants, they’ve produced.”

Gee, ITD has been saying the same thing for weeks. Proof positive! Furcal, Ramirez and Martin should have been forced to read our blogs!!!!!!!

Kahli – ITD should required reading once a week.

red pen – “should be” not just “should”

Alright, my day is complete! UCLA, Dodgers and Pads win! Nite all!

You just hate to lose your 8 games winning streak with a bases loaded walk.

Good Night Perumike – It was a good night for the Dodgers and Pac 10 football.

I can’t believe the PAD’s actually pulled it out. Great news. it was a good sports day for me too. I thought USC was going to blow it, but they pulled it out in the end.

This must have been a tough football day for jhall. He is OSU Alumni. Knowing how passionate he is for the Dodgers, I can only imagine how he is feeling about that game being a home game as well. At least the Dodgers won big. That should help some ๐Ÿ™‚

Would have been a perfect day…if Southern Cal had LOST!

Dodgers magic number to make the playoffs is 12.

It would tale a monumental Phillies type : ) meltdown for the D’s not to make the playoffs.

And speaking of meltdowns, let’s hope that Brad “can’t come-up big in the late season” Penny has a monumental one today (and I think he will.)

Two down, one to go against the Giants. Let’s kick Penny’s asss all the way into the bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, Good Morning, Justplaindisgusted ๐Ÿ™‚

R.I.P. Heathcliff ๐Ÿ™‚


QUEENS, NY (UPI) – HEATHCLIFF DEAD In what appears to be a nontagonal suicide, Heathcliff the Cat, 36, was found dead today in the apartment courtyard of his owner, Mr. Nutmeg. Apparently despondent over his lack of syndication and his ongoing jealousy of the overwhelming popularity of fellow contemporary Garfield, Heathcliff overdosed on catnip and leapt out the 7th story window nine times to his deaths.

His deaths sent shockwaves throughout the cat community. Reached at his home in Muncie Indiana, Garfield thought bubbled, โ€œYou never know when your times are up. Hey!, the leftover canary in the fridge is mine pal!โ€, while the Pink Panther was speechless. Heathcliffโ€™s mentor, a now senile Sylvester, just kept muttering, โ€œthufferin thuckatashโ€ over and over until Hector the Bulldog hit him over the head with a mallet.

Services will be held at the Queens S.P.C.A. September 16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23, and 24th.

And a good monring to you Tru!!!

LOL!!!! Nothing like waking up to laughter on ITD. Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!

jpd – you know how much you were missed, right? First Pop and now Heathcliff. Who will be next? The cartoon world is becoming a scary place.

Been real busy of late Nells and of course, just plain disgusted, though there does seem to be a little spark in the boys these last couple games.

Top five Detroit Tigers ballboys of all time:
1. Benny Noodleman
2. Billy Kowalski
3. Jimmy Johansen
4. Timmy Bloomfield
5. Darius White

Tough choices 2 thru 5 IMO, but that Noodleman kid was dynamite.

jpd – I figured as much. I also thought maybe your migraines might be acting up, but then the Dodgers can do that to people I would assume.

LMTO!!!!!! So glad you are back!!!!

jpd – noodleman – LOL!!! Kind of reminds me of one of our Dodgers ๐Ÿ™‚

Good morning ITD, Dodger Faithful and Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue…..
Two animated obits in such a short time…..I will miss them both.
JPD, Tru and Nelly and everyone else …How are ya all today???
What a weekend for the Blue so far. Our pitching staff has been superb, Kuroda’s low pitch count and Padilla’s strong game, combined with the run production, has allowed us to rest Sherrill and Broxton.
The Fire Power of late has been exciting to see….It is as if they are riding a sudden Santa Ana wind and this may be just the push we need going into fall.
Anyhow…. Today we have the unique opportunity to sweep the Giants during a pennant drive, ( One which if I go by the mood surrounding me in my neck of the woods has been Char Broiled to a nice and dry, well done for the orange and black. ) which makes me smile even if only on the inside at times ๐Ÿ™‚
And for an extra bit of satisfaction we can achieve this feat against the unappreciative Mr. Penny.
So once again Boy’s we are all behind you cheering proudly in our Dodger Blue, knowing that this day only comes around once in a blue moon….. So Let’s Make the Moon Dodger Blue by the Bay Tonight!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!
Enjoy today’s game everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

It will be a great feeling if we sweep. Trust me………….words won’t even need to be said, but the gnat fans in this house already know their season is done. So, it would be nice to put the screws on them some more and send them packing to Colorado with a broom attached to their plane.

I wonder how much DePodesta knew about Gagne, Mota And Lo Duca juicing at the time of the Penny trade, and if that factored into the decision to move our all star catcher and set-up man. You could see the reasoning behind the trade, but I still thought it sucked. Penny did some good things for us, but he was a bit of a cry baby. That time he confronted Green about stealing signs was ridiculous. But now he’s on the Giants and seems to have worked up some animosity towards our guys. What would have made it really interesting is if Padilla was going for us rather than Billingsley. But, of course, that could also be counter productive and get in the way of a needed win. This should be fun. I get to see this on TBS.

Good morning everybody.
Great win last night!
I had a busy day so I missed it but am sure enjoying it nonetheless. It has been great punching them in the mouth 2 days in a row. Not just beating them but leaving them & their fans defeated. I’ve taken so much crap for so long it just makes me smile.
JPD — You are busting me up!
Nelly — Isn’t it funny that you don’t need to say anything and won’t, but if the roles were reversed you would be taking crap from most of their fans. I bet if the Giants win today I’ll have some of my Gint friends popping off to me tomorrow.
I would love to see them smash Penny today. I’m not one to dislike former players of my team, but he is just an idiot.
However I would probably be happier if they win a low scoring game. The Giants next have the Rockies & I want them to at least have their bully intact to take on the Rockies. I want to win the season not just the laughing.
Go Blue!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

Sorry to have to report this:

DETROIT, MI – HOWDY DOODY GONE In what has become a string of recent high profile deaths, Howdy Doody, 62, slipped away quietly in his home at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Howdy began his meteoric rise to fame along with Buffalo Bob in 1947, though it was always rumored that someone was pulling strings for him behind the scenes. Mr. Doody was known for his 48 freckles which represented the 48 states of the union, but had to retire in 1960 when the admission of Alaska and Hawaii just became too much for him to bear.

A brave soul to the end, Howdyโ€™s only fears were melamerpes erythocephalus and termites, which accounts for his never befriending Woody Woodpecker, and his only professional regret of never having become the spokesman for Raid.

A tribute is scheduled for this Wednesday which will feature a flyby from his close English friends, Jeff Tracy and his five sons (The Thunderbirds) and eulogies from Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd, though if truth be known Howdy always considered them nothing but a couple of dummies.

The family is asking that in lieu of flowers, mourners please send Minwaxโ„ข.

Funny how these things always seem to happen in threes…

LMAO!!!!!! jpd – Boy, you are on a roll today – a hilarious one too ๐Ÿ™‚

Collie – I can imagine every Nor-Cal Dodger fan goes through the same thing. If the Gnats happen to win today, it will be this game they remember…………………….not the 19-4 for stomping they got the previous two games, and one being against one of their star pitchers.

Lou Seal has been rumored to be in I’ll health as recently as this morning. It is believed he may be dealing with severe depression. This is a known side effect of the rare disease spreading through the McCovey cove area, suspected to be brought about by a week immune system. The disorder has been linked to and named appropriately. Kung Fu Panda’itis. Since 1954 this strain has strenghthened and it has been documented that there is No Kown Antitdote!!!!!
Traveling from the Central Valley to try and Brighten The hillside are the Jolly Green Giant and Bean Sprout…Stay tuned…..More news in the evening edition.

Poor Lou…


I’m busting a gut…

Me, too, Collie!! And, they can play “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille” by Kenny Rodgers in the backround!

Hello Everyone. Hope you are all well and happy!!! LMTO my brother Beav!!!! I see you are off your medication this morning. LOL!!! Sweet win last night. Let’s put the broom to Penny and the G’Nats!!! Tough loss for my Buckeyes last night but a good game. Congrats, USC!!! Busting up Penny today would certainly take some of the sting out of the OSU loss!! GO DODGERS!!!!!

jhall is in the ITD House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about your Buckeyes yesterday. It was an exciting game from beginning to the end.

Hi, Jhall.
JPD ~ I feel like having Panda Express for lunch….wonder why?

Now, this is the ITD and all the craziness that has been missed – LOL!!!!! When I first read it, I thought it was justplaindisgusted, but it is not…………………………..it’s justplaindisguised.

Tru — In honor of that I’m going to get Orange Chicken for lunch today! A celebration of the last 2 games. & I’m going to enjoy every single bite!

It is, NellyJune! I never realized that!

Souds good to me, Collie! I might go get some too!

I wish I could stay today and enjoy all the fun & games with you guys, but I do have to work today. Then a 9:30 game tonight. So have a great day and send some positive vibes the boys way!
BE LA … BE LA… BE LA……………………..

Disguised turned back into Disgusted!


I snuck one of Mom’s little yellow pills…

See ya Collie……Have a good time ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great day Collie!!!! I hope this is a start to a better week at work for you. Good Luck with your game tonight as well. Take Care and God Bless!!! Say “hi” to wifey for us. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jhall good to see you as well….At least that game was early in the season…I am sure you will be in the hunt at the end ๐Ÿ™‚

Wow the Braves given the Cards fit and look like they helping us to.

What is happening JHALL?! I really hope things are going well for you!
I’ve got to go & get ready for work so just a short hit & run.
Speaking of the little blue pill D4 (LMTO by the way), did anyone else find it funny that R. Palmeiro was the pitch man for viagra? I mean seeing as one of the side effects of roids is having a problem with the male anatomy being well,… perky. When it came out he tested positive my 1st thought was he isn’t just a spokesman, he also must use it.

What little yellow pill?

Look like Manny is sitting this one out today.

Thanks gang, good to see all of you also. Have a great day Collie!!! Beav goes running for his mothers little helper, eh? LOL!!!

Mothers little helper.

Mine are blue???? Both of them!!! I get them mixed up from time to time. Different stages of happy going on there though.


Thanks D4L!!! We’ve got a good young team. Time to get down to business and win the big ten. If you guys(USC) run the table, I hope you paste Florida for the National Title!!!!

No Manny today.


Kids are different today…

Atta boy D4!!!

Andre in….Manny out today.

I am a Boise State guy first and foremost JHall then UCLA then CAL……Then USC……But Yes I hope so too.

I am a Boise State guy first and foremost JHall then UCLA then CAL……Then USC……But Yes I hope so too.

jhall – The look on OSU’s sideline at the end of that game was just heartbreaking. I know how passionate you are about the Dodgers, and I can only imagine how you felt yesterday after that OSU loss. The Dodgers will win today to make it better.

Pierre did such a stellar job yesterday…

Guess they’re trying to catch Penny while he’s laughing out there on the mound.

Wow Lidge sucking up again

I’ll start it off, you guys finish it up…

What a drag it it being old…
“Kids are different today”
I hear old Joe Torre say.
JoJo needs something today to wake him up
With line-ups that make you ill
Makes us all look for the still
Stead of playing out best belter Joe wants his speedy little yelper
And he sends him on his way, because Ned he overpay…

Thanks Nell’ mom amie!!! We’ll be back!!! Now it’s time to dust the G’nats and Panty!!!! It may be a blessing to have the Rocks nipping at our heels. Keep them from getting to full of themselves and letting their guard down. If we get hot now, we can do some damage in the playoffs!!!

Hey, How’s Everybody today.
I have a funny feeling the Dodgers will be playing in October.
In fact, I have very little doubt of it.
Winning the first two games of this series, prevents Penny from knocking us in a tie or even out of first place.
Now, that not the case.
My concern is with Billingsley, I’d like to see a solid 6 or 7 innings, at least, from him, he’s been pretty shakey lately.

Wow the Browns finally scored an offense td’s since Nov of last year over 416 plays.

I am thinking they needed this push as well jhall. They seem to play better when things are on the line, don’t they? Another good thing is the Phillies and the Cards are struggling as well so it will make for an interesting playoff run.

I’ll be around until 5:15PM ET or so, but it should give me a chance to see some of Penny and Bilz.

Guess Lidge didn’t blow that game.


Yeah I’m watching the Redskins and Giants.

Yeah Ethier

jpd – I think you are forgetting that he is the mvp. It’s just us stupid fans and the rest of the teams in the mlb who don’t want him that don’t know what a commodity we have………………a great pinch runner.

I’m watching on TBS.
Furcal & Pierre hit Penny pretty hard, wouldn’t you say?

I didn’t think Penny looked any too sharp that first inning.

Yeah sure guys, JP is our team’s MVP. What a bunch of ********.

All right DP! As Vin says, “Just like that two gone.”

oldbrooklynfan ~ How are you? Do you have your broom ready?

Come on Billz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jpd – I know, I know…………………..just like you said ********!!!!!

jpd – if it’s possible, the bullpen, as a group, deserve the mvp. They have managed to keep us in almost every game this season, whether we won it or lost it. If they can stay healthy, they will play the biggest part in the playoffs, as they have all season thus far.

Wow, Loney got faked out on that fly ball.

Yeah, TBW.

Was Loney going on the pitch or did he just screw up? I hate giving away outs on the base paths.

Loney blah

I vote for Ethier and Blake for our MVP’s. Most consistent. I am officially off the Pierre bashing wagon. I think he has performed well. Furcal is in my dog house right now. He needs to step it up.

Billz needs to go back to school!!! Not sure what’s wrong with him.

I’m all for trading Billz. I’ve come to the conclusion that he just isn’t that good. He keeps proving that every time out.

The Indians would have jumped all over a Billz/Martin trade for Cliff Lee and Victor Marinez. Geez would that have been sweet!!!

CHEEZ, I think I could hit Bilz

jhall – I agree – I think JP has done a wonderful job for the role he has played this season, and I wouldn’t put it past anyone for voting him as MVP. However, it would be icing on Andre’s season for me if he were to get the MVP. He has gone above and beyond what anyone in the Dodger organization expected and proved why we knew all along he IS Everyday Dre’. I am sure he could care less about the MVP status because Andre rather have a 2009 WS Ring.

Penny seems to be in the groove.

Moss is a little punk

Col up 3-1.

jhall – It sounds/reads like we didn’t even try to go after Lee. What do you think? He would have been at least worth a look. I am sure Casey Blake would have loved it!

Pierre has filled his roll, very, very well, with his hitting, base stealing and heads up play but Andre’ gets my vote for MVP.

Are maybe Ned don’t want to trade both of those players.

Yeah catcher interferance come on Blake

Maybe we can sub Martin for Santana (I just have a bad feeling he’s going to be good)

I’m gone

Well so much for that rally.

Yep Nell’, I think Ned was once again, asleep at the wheel. We could have made much better offers for Lee and Martinez.

Billz is not doing good at all ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Get Weaver up.

Billz is a mess. Been that way for 2 months. Again, I’m nopt sure what’s wrong with him. Much like Bombko, good stuff, just can’t figure it out.

This is the one game that I am actually watching (we were blacked out for the first two, and yes, I think I need to stop watching the games on tv. Everytime I do, they suck!!! I can watch on gameday, watch via my phone, and they do fine, but I watch on the actual tv, and it all turns to crap. I have no choice in this case however,………………………..the gnats fan in my house is watching.

OK, rally time Dodger faithful!!!!

However, it is early and maybe I will just leave the room now!!!! LOL!!!!!

jhall – something is definitely not right with Billz…………….sad but true ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Billz is getting is leaving a lot of fat pitches over the plate. If this were the Cards or Phills someone would have been killed by now.

I can’t believe Penny is shutting them out. Especially after the bats came alive the last two nights.

Weaver is not fooling no one.

nice dp.

3-2 Rox, but Padres have bases loaded. GO DODGERS!!!!!

Bills’ biggest problem in my opinion – no balls.

Disappointing game so far for the Dodgers, especially with Penny going for the Giants after that stupid comment he made the other day. Penny looks a bit slimmer than when we saw him last. Keep waiting for the melt down but obviously he has done well since coming back to the National League.

As for Mr. Billingsley, I certainly don’t know what is wrong with him. He seemed to have everything going for him until just before the All Star game. If it is a case of “no balls”, what happened to them?

Very, very possible jpd.

LOL Beav!!! Same can be said for Ned. Those Giant Balls just don’t have any oomph!!!!

5-3 Padres and the bases are still loaded.

Damn again Weaver need another tight rope like last inning.

…..and why is Manny not in this game. We know that you need to get into Penny’s head to make him ineffective so who better than Manny? Penny knows JP, and knows JP is no real threat. Then again, it’s Joe, and he is probably thinking of this as a throw away game since we got the series. However, there are no throw away games when we are playing the Giants. We did this last series against them. We took the last game and just gave it to them like we just threw it away – “Here……….have this game”

6-3 Padres ๐Ÿ™‚

Geez bases loaded! At least it’s 5-3 Padres.

Destroy those loser lol

Just not the Dodger’s day so far.

By the way, I still think Ned is a baffoon. I hope he is gone soon.

And take Honeycutt with you Ned. Don’t let the door hit you!!!! Stan Conte should carry thier luggage so they will be sure to not to get hurt on the way out.

Boblee ~ this is not the game we were hoping for today. Billz has looked like crap his last few starts. To let Penny beat us is unforgivable!!!!

Oh well, Go Padres!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah Russell!!! So much for a shutout!!!

I doubt whether the players much care but it sure bugs me that Penny has done so well against the Dodgers today. Glad to see Martin take him deep to at least get on the board.

Bellisario sucks!!!

I think this is just one of those games. We still won the series and the Rockies are losing so it’s not that bad. Hopefully we can fatten up on the Pirates next.

Been watching the game. It sucks. I really think bills should be relegated to the bullpen and get his s*** together and untill he decides he really wants to pitch in this league.

Let’s break this shutout

Wellsaid Tru and Bob!!! Agreed!!!

lbirken – It probably doesn’t bother them like it bothers us. Just like all the others things that bug us in relation to the Dodgers. They probably don’t even think twice about it.

What’s worse, is the Giants announcers are acting like they have swept us! lol

At least they broke the shutout. Nice to see Martin’s homerun swing coming back. Maybe we’ll see more of it in October.

I wish the Giants didn’t scored those other 4 runs.

About time we retired Uribe and Ishikawa today.

Torre has said the pc thing, that he has given no thought to a post season rotation. Unless something changes fast, I’d go with Wolf, Kuroda, and the new guys. The Kid is always an option, but I think he is hurt more than anyone is saying. The Billingsley has performed, it might be tough to have him on the roster.

Nice Troncoso striking out the side. I really wanted this win so we can be up 2 games up on the Cards.

Tb4 ~ You have my sympathy. Are you listening to Kruk & Kuip, or is it that Miller fellow.


They hit him………………………they just didn’t want to see him get a homerun – fine!! (jk)

Nelly, I am sure it is better that way.

TBW ~ it’s Kruk & Kuip….Miller is doing the Sunday game for ESPN!

Runs Diffs
Dodgers +154
Yankees +152
Red Sox +119
Angels +107
Rockies +97

I love those stats and blah the Yankees would be #1 after this game.

Phillies +94
Cards +85
Rangers +71

Birk – I think Bills is just a head case right now with no confidence. Reminds me a lot of Hershiser before Lasorda started calling him the bulldog. At this point in time, I’d much prefer starting Padilla in the playoffs rather than Billz.

You would think that Torre would want to start building some momemtum going into the playoffs and secure home field. Obviously he’d still rather keep Pierre happy (afterall, he is our savior.) I agree Nells, Manny would’ve gotten in Penny’s head. Still, they should’ve scored some runs off this loser even without Manny.

Nelly, I meant it is better the players don’t much care about losing to Penny. The way the post lists it looks like I was talking about Ethier getting hit. This time warp thing is really irritating.

lbirken – if they worried about all the things we worry about, they would be so screwed up in the head, don’t you think? LOL!!! I am sure that is why we are the fans and they are the players.

lbirken- I knew exactly what you meant.

I expected something when they come back to DS.

JPD ~ I agree they should have scored runs without Manny but, he would have made Penny think more…….Juanpy batting 2nd doesn’t do much to rattle a pitcher. But, Dre batting 2nd and Manny 3rd is much different.

Nelly, no doubt but does that mean we are screwed up in the head? No answer needed.

tradebillspypaperbagb hahahahaha.

I agree jpd. They should have scored some runs with or without Manny. Let’s just get out of the bay and go home to Los Angeles and hopefully gain some ground playing the Pirates. However, nothing with this team is ever easy. We should know better by now, shouldn’t we?

What a name and the Padres added another run 7-3.

Good catch Cooley had the same number of TD’s that you had last year.

LOL!!! lbirken – with songs, obituraries, movie nights, trivia days, time warps, name changes and the Cleaver family……………… I would say we are pretty screwed up ………….but I wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?

I was wondering where Haeger was at.

It’s official – Padres won:)

Give Repko or Ellis ab’s at least.

You got that right, Nelly. Looking forward to another crack at Penny next week. Have a great rest of the day.

Padres should’ve had that sweep damn that Bell.

lol given Odog an useless ab’s and not one of the other 2 names.

You too lbirken!!

Shad – be happy the Padres got two. I wasn’t expecting that.

You got that right, Nelly. Looking forward to another crack at Penny next week. Have a great rest of the day.

I wasn’t expected them to take 2 against us so yeah guess I’m happy. Actually I think the Padres was playing much better than the Rockies.

Dang the Cardinals with 11 penalty so stop it. I want the 49ers tio lose.


Bullpen ERA.
1 LA Dodgers 142 33 20 3.11(Ethier/Kemp/Blake/Odog/Loney/bullpens is the MVP of this team not Pierre)
2 San Francisco 132 21 20 3.66
3 Cincinnati 136 17 18 3.69 36
4 St. Louis 135 19 14 3.73 42
5 Atlanta 141 19 23 3.76 34
6 San Diego 142 22 20 3.78
7 Florida 137 28 21 3.87 36
8 NY Mets 141 16 25 3.89
9 Philadelphia 133 23 21 3.91

Blown Saves

LA 23
SF 15
Cin 11
St. Louis 13
Atl 21
SD 20
Florida 21
NY 19
Phi 21 (not scared of Lidge 7.18 ERA and 10 blown saves and 2 against us in 4 games and every games we scored at least a run on him,)

I just seen Dewitt and Hu called up and is about time. I been trying to post that last message 5 mins after the first message I wrote.

SAN FRANCISCO — The Dodgers made two additional callups on Sunday, promoting infielders Blake DeWitt and Chin-lung Hu from Triple-A Albuquerque.

This marks the sixth time DeWitt has been placed on the Major League roster this year, believed to be a Los Angeles Dodgers record. It is Hu’s first promotion of the season after splitting time in 2008 between Los Angeles and Triple-A.

DeWitt, who opened the season with the big club, was actually the Opening Day third baseman last year, when he spent most of the season in the Major Leagues. This year with the Dodgers, he is batting .156 with a homer and an RBI in 23 games. At Albuquerque, DeWitt batted .256 with 21 doubles, seven homers and 47 RBIs in 92 games with more walks (48) than strikeouts (44).

“I’ve tried to make the best of it,” said DeWitt, whose path to playing time at third base and second base has been blocked by the acquisitions of veterans Casey Blake, Orlando Hudson and most recently Ronnie Belliard. “It hasn’t been a great year, but I don’t feel I’ve struggled that bad. I did OK. Just not what I’d like to accomplish.”

DeWitt said he would play both positions for Licey in the Dominican Winter League.

Hu, primarily a shortstop, batted .294 with 21 doubles, six homers, and 53 RBIs in 130 regular-season games with Albuquerque. His path to the Major Leagues this year was blocked by veteran backup shortstop Juan Castro

Billingsley sure is struggling…..and time is running out quickly on the season. Even if Bills isn’t in the rotation as a starter ( and I’m not saying I give up on him ) he is as a reliever. I did watch part of the game on TV today and he doesn’t look comfortable with his throwing motion, why that is I have no clue. ( Maybe someone can dub together/overlay the game against the Cubs last year and the game today and notice any subtle changes that don’t stand out to the naked eye? ) Perhaps as you all have suggested earlier it is a confidence factor??? ( That being the case Chad we don’t need an ace, we do need the best you can give out on the mound and I know you can give us more. )
As far as the game today, there is no telling whether Manny may have changed the outcome?? There for that is a moot point in my opinion. The fact that he wasn’t in the game today is a different matter. I have no idea why Joe is resting guy’s at this juncture after resting them all season.
I suppose he has his reasons, even if they don’t make any sense to us. Hudson he said was beat up earlier in the year, and Belliard has been on a tear, so that kind of makes sense, except maybe you risk the fact of Hudson cooling down. I guess the veterans should be able to adjust to off day’s??? I think Troncoso and Bellisario are not adjusting as well to the day’s off, after being the go to guy’s all year. ( That being said , keep the faith Boy’s, you are a big part of this ball club and we need you to be prepared when called on ) JMO.
I just checked the Rockies schedule, not that I am scoreboard watching, I just heard it mentioned that they play St.Louis before ending the season against us, ( and they do with a couple of games against the Brewers mixed in. ) They have an uphill battle there I think. I hope that works to our advantage.
As far as match ups for the post season ( Trying not to get ahead, just stating my opinion ) I don’t have all the stats as far as who we fare better against in a short series and who we don’t. I do think that that is trying to control a factor you can’t, so I have no preference. I believe at that stage of the year we can beat anyone…. at any given time ….under any given circumstance!!! No Excuses before or After…..Just Positive results!!!
Way to grab the series in SF Boy’s lets keep our heads held high, keep our nose to the grindstone, and keep our legacy building!!!!

Once again, I am not upset at all that Andre sat last night. It’s going to happen, but can we please just say it like it is………………….you want JP to play. I am tired of seeing excuses like this…………………………..

Andre Ethier was out of the lineup because he was one for nine in his career against Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez. “I think he’s swinging the bat well right now and I didn’t want to mess it up,” said Manager Joe Torre, who started Juan Pierre in place of Ethier. Pierre began the game with two doubles in three career at-bats against Sanchez. . . .

“I didn’t want to mess it up” – What in the world does that mean? Mess what up? His swing?…………….His timing?……….. His chance of getting some work against a left-handed pitcher? ……..His chance of getting a few more RBIs or another HR? Just tell us “I wanted to play Pierre.” We will still have questions and some of us will not be happy, but at least you there would be some credibility in the excuse/answer.

red pen – ….but at least there would be……….. omit the word “you”

Not to put a tag on Andre and left handed pitching ( I’m just stating that it has been mention before ) Sanchez or anyone else. It just seems that at some point this is going to come to head, and Andre will need to overcome it. He has overcome many obstacles this season so far although some took time and hard work. I don’t think things just changed overnight. I am not to worried about Andre and his swing, the way he has come together this year, I believe he has a vendetta to prove. That being that he can and will be a ball player the team can count on this season.
I do think you are right Nelly that Joe want’s to get Pierre in the game…as well as Belliard. So why not just state that fact???

Exactly Dodger4life!!!!!

As I ramble on….Here is what I would like to see improve as the season comes to a close. I want to see the team as a whole finding way’s to overcome severely unpleasant surroundings. We all know that come play-off time when in hostile territory and behind the 8 ball ( so to speak ) it takes a whole lot of determination to overcome and persevere. Whether on the mound or at the plate, turning the difficult double play or coming in from the bull – pen to stop a rally dead in it’s tracks. Being able to be a momentum changer is what separates those who’s game is revered for ages and those who’s game is revered for years. I won’t say Winners, as I believe, that with all the extra curricular activities these day that ball players devote themselves to many are well beyond that status. The true momentum changer is asset worth it’s own weight in gold.
Having not only the guts to face the challange head on like a deer in headlights not seeing anything but his end result, but having the heart to pump the blood to get it done.
This Team!!! These Guys Wearing the Dodger Name Across Their Chest!!!! Are Never Out Of A Game!!!!! They Are Momentum Changers Just Waiting on Time!!!!

Great stuff Dodger4life!!!! Keep the spirit!!!!!

They are being called the dynamic duo. We have always known they would be, but the entire league is beginning to take notice and it’s fun to read and watch.


Good Morning ITDland ~ Great posts NellyJune and Dodger4life. I LOVE OUR DYNAMIC DUO………..GO DODGERS……LET’S WIN THIS DIVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning ITD, TRU: Nothing like to start your morning with a fresh cup of coffee and to read about the Dynamic Duo (thanks Nelly for sharing). D4L great post…LOVE IT!
Last night, it was not one of our best games. Thanks to Martin, we didn’t get shut out. BUT I am very thankful for the Padres for keeping the Rockies from advancing.

Torre told us over and over earlier in the season that Pierre was going to play 2-3 times a week, remember? At least he didn’t lie about that. He should just have the guts to remind everyone about his plan. He loves Pierre. Period. We just have to live with it, for the rest of this season …….. and next.

I was doing a little research and came up with some figures that Torre can ignore. After all, he’ll use them for excuses to validate what he wants to do and ignores the rest.

I went back to the last month or so that Pierre gave either Kemp or Ethier “a rest”. I’m not really interested in when he “rested” Ramirez, because he’s 37 and could use some. Here’s what Torre’s plan to rest a 24-year old and 27-year old has done:

Since 8/19, Pierre has played twice for Kemp and 3 times for Ethier. (And 3 times for Ramirez – 8 games in 3 1/2 weeks. Just about Torre’s pace.)

Pierre is 1 for 9 in the two games replacing Kemp (.111)
He is 3 for 12 in the three games replacing Ethier (.250)
For the record, he is 2 for 12 in the 3 games he replaced Ramirez (.167)
So he’s 4 for 21 while resting Kemp and Ethier (.190) in the last month.


I’m prejudiced, I’ll admit. But it seemed to me that neither one of them benefitted from the rest, so I checked that out too.

In the two games Kemp was rested, he’s come back to go 1 for 9 in the returning game (.111).
Ethier is 3 for 12 (.250).

So, Torre is benching the two guys who – forgetting their vastly superior defense for a moment – are hitting .283 and .305 and leading the team in home runs and RBIs for someone hitting marginally better at .313 with absolutely no power. He hits badly in their stead (.190) and they hit badly when they return (.190). That’s two games each time.

For cryin’ out loud, Torre. Stop the madness. Stop over-managing. They’re young. They’re uninjured. We’re trying to win a division and have home field advantage. LEAVE THEM ALONE!

PS – I am NOT Pierre-bashing, I’m Torre-bashing. If anyone is going to criticize me, please get that straight. I’m grateful for his truly amazing 20 games in May when Ramirez was first suspended. After that, he’s been ordinary at best. Look it up.


Furcal and Pierre aren’t exactly the “Dynamic Duo”!

๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Dodgereric!!!! Our dynamic duo does not need to have any off days for the remainder of the season IMO. However, we know Joe, and it won’t be the case. The JP love is too strong at this point, and there isn’t any going back.

All we can hope for is

A – Mattingly is his own person or
B – Someone else is the manager in 2011


C – Pierre is traded

ain’t happ’nin’.


A very positive weekend in all, I went to saturday’s game and the Dodger Blue was in full force, easily out cheered the Halloween suited, whether they wore Red Caps or called themselves “gigantes”. Padres took it to the Rox, so we gain a game on both Rox and gnats. Martin and Loney showed that they can hit long ball. Im so glad Loney did not get really hurt with the collision with the Ump. I view the win by SF, with Penny as OK, with the Rox losing too, and Hey I tell the gnat fans it took a former Dodger to get a win. This way the giants can be upbeat to play the Rox for a sweep. WE can get our sweep of SF this weekend.
MHO, I think JT plays JP to keep him game ready, He will be our DH come WS time, it should not be a big deal. This seems to be the same formula JT uses in the BP mangement, where one pitcher rarely pitches more than one inning, a little palying time for all. Bilz is not sharp, hope he gets that way soon.
I am noticing a lack of punch from the 2nd base position, neither Hudson or Belliard are doing much. Kershaw did not win a game in August. So looking at post season rotation right now, maintaining that wolf comes back like he was, you use Kuroda, Wolf and Padilla. Prediction: come Sunday the 27th we lock up the west. Go Dodgers!

Well both Eric & Koufax have good points regarding JP playing. Eric’s analysis is great. I do understand that we are trying to win a division so to me I will put the best in. But JT is not that bad. He did pick ETHIER & KEMP to be the starters and not JP. JP does need to keep playing to keep improving and make him more tradeable. And if needed he can do good when either of the outfielders need time off. Also JT has not allowed JP to play the whole game, he always brings him out and puts the great ones to play. Rarely the time JP played the whole game (well other then the time when Manny was on his 50 staycation). I believe in not giving up on a person. If he continues to wear the Dodger Blue then they should continue to improve the player. BUT BUT we are at the end of the season and I say play JP in an emergency and we have no choice. Less than a month to go and we are only 3 games ahead of the Rockies. We need the champs, the dynamic duo to play as much as they can.

Koufax – I live with gnat fans and I actually thought of that very thing. They really needed that win yesterday to convince themselves they are still in this Wild Card race. Even Kruk and Kuip mentioned it yesterday on their broadcast. The fact that they think they are still in this will make them push harder into this series with the Rox, which in turn will help us if they can win a couple out of the series.

I rather have the Giants vs. the Rockies playing for the Wild Card than the Rockies vs. the Dodgers playing for the division

NellyJ: My die hard Gnat fan Bro in law called me at the game to concede the west. A buddy I went with to the game said Im leaving if the Dodgers score another run, they did, and then the heart of the giants came up and were left stranded at 2nd and 3rd with one out, he then stayed for another inning and watched furcal double in martin. So the dodgers not only chased Sanchez but most of their fan base in this game. Its good He left, otherwise He would have seen a Triple by Manny!
So yesteday I told them Im a Giants rooter for the next 3 days with a big snicker. Being around gnat fans is tough enough, but to live with them, yikes that requires patience,tact and love, which you display. Like they say you can choose your friends , but family you’re born in to. Fortunately, Everyone in my house has seen the blue light. Im sure you have some great “friendly” rivalries at home. And we have to go through this again this weekend! Sad Giant fans, after their rox series they will have a glimmer of hope again, only to face the Dodgers at Home. Go Dodgers!

Have to agree with you eric – Thome was brought here strictly to fill the DH role if they get to the series. Even JoJo’s not stupid enough to use JP as a DH.

Or is he…?

Koufax, saying that Torre plays Pierre to keep him ‘game-sharp’ is correct, at least that’s what he said earlier in the season. Personally, I think it’s love but I digress. I’m of the opinion that the price of keeping him ‘sharp’ isn’t worth the cost. I also don’t think you have to play him that much to keep him sharp. He has the short, choppy swing that’s perfect to come off the bench. Kemp and Ethier have much longer swings and need to be playing all the time.

Oh, and if we didn’t get Thome to DH in the Series, why in the world is he here?

Rose, FYI – in those 8 games I mentioned, Pierre played the whole game 5 times. The other 3 he was part of a double-switch, twice in the 8th and once in the ninth.

Dodger Eric: I wondered why we got Thome. My thought was he was cheap (fits the McCourt model player) and provides the power shot threat. He would be used when a PH is needed for a pitcher (hopefully we have men on base) and he could be used all season and post season in that capacity. We have nothing of measured Power on the bench now (Lorreta, Ausmus, Castro, MenkieW…)When WS starts, Pierre has a good Average and Speed, which could be used to get on base, avoid DPs, steal bases. Thome would be the big bat, and I hate to bring back this memory, but like Matt stairs did for Philly vs. us in the NCLS. Ouch.
Thats how I see it, if JT does something different, well he is the proven manager, but Manny, Dre and the Bison had better be the WS OF always.

ERIC…maybe if I stop getting up each time JP goes on I would of noticed that he plays the whole game. LOL Thanks

e, as Merlin mumbled to no one in particular while he was trying to talk Arthur out of getting involved with Guinevere, “Love is deaf as well as blind. Yes, that’s it.”

Koufax, it’s the only thing that makes sense. Thome isn’t going to play 1st, he’s made that plain. And he’s a lifetime .221 hitter with 3 HRs in 85 plate appearances (3.5% HR/PA) as a pinch hitter, but .268 (5.9%) as a DH which is right at his lifetime rate (6.0%).

Koufax – I married him…………it was a choice – LOL!! However, I was a Dodger fan back then, but now I am a Dodger fanatic. However, my hubby and I get along great during games. It’s my son and I who do not, usually.

jpd – he just might be ๐Ÿ™‚

Nelly: I completely Understand. Love of the Dodgers and family. At least by Christmas there is peace. Ha!
Eric/ JPD: Makes sense? Oh My, We have been wondering what is in JT’s head. I shall consider your point. And I hope we shall see what a Dodgers line up looks like in the WS in 2009! Consider this
THome: This season 110-games, 348ABs, 87Hs, 15-2B, 0-3b, 23Hrs, 74RBIs, 117SOs for a 250 BA, OBP-371 as he was a DH in the heart of the order. Pierre: this season 129 games, 345 ABs, 108Hs, 16-2Bs, 5-3Bs, 0-HRs, 29 RBIs, 26 SOs, SB-26 with 313 BA, 374-OBP while batting mostly at the top or bottom of the order.
My point being that Pierre as DH has as good a chance of getting on base as thome, then increases our chances for scoring once on base. I would think if we go to the WS, we would have beat long ball Cards, Philles, Rox and I hope JT would incorporate this Dodgers hit barage tactic rather than the wait for the Thome 3HR blast when the WS comes our way. I agree Thome is not going to play First base. and we agree we are all Dodgers fans wanting the best for our team. I really hope we get to see what JT decides when the time come!

I think, as we are headed toward the playoffs, Juan is a liability when he plays. Therefore, if Joe must use him, pinch hitting is all he is worth. JOE HAS TO PLAY THE REGULARS EVERYDAY!!!!!!

OK, one more statistical fact before I go home to immerse myself in NASCAR fantasy stats and NFL Monday Night Football and the Dodger/Pirate game.

Juan Pierre in 2009 splits:

as LF (.321)
as CF (.231)
as PH (.342)

Mr Torre, manager magician, please look at this. When has Pierre played CF? Only when subbing for Kemp or Ethier, right? These numbers are not cherry-picked in any way.

If you need, for some bizarre reasons of affection, to play Pierre more than is necessary, please play him to rest Ramirez ONLY. LEAVE KEMP AND ETHIER ALONE!!!

Josh, you may now start the new thread. BTW, MLB.com either lied to you regarding the time warp or had no idea and made something up. This is getting later and later. 3:46PM

Give the Dynamic Duo a big lifetime contract.

Dodgereric – yeah Denny!! GO CHARGERS!!!!! I am very close with my competition in my first week of fantasy football. I need my quarterback (Rivers) to get some points tonight. BTW, if you didn’t know already, Mariya is a Raiders fan ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t believe the Phillies let’s Martinez pitches around 130 and what they trying to do blow his arm out?


Oh, one more thing before I go…………………….GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kick some Pirate Booty tonight!!!!!

I think MLB might have several servers located through out the USA. Our post might use random servers and depending in what time zone (east, west, mountain) the sever is located, that is the time it post. ?????
JOSH – I agree with Eric….If Pierre has to play, play him in an emergency or just rest Manny but our dynamic duo must keep playing.

2 players in Dominican Summer League suspended

Two players in the Dominican Summer League have been suspended 50 games after testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

Pitcher Jose Dominguez of the Los Angeles Dodgersโ€™ organization and outfielder Waldo Rosario of the Tampa Bay Raysโ€™ organization were penalized Monday under the minor league drug program.

The suspensions will start next season.

That’s just crazy and why does the summer league need to do that.

Reason I tab Thome as purely a pick-up for the WS only is that he’s a true DH. He knows the role and knows how to prepare for it. JP doesn’t in any way. I think the stats would bear out how inept Dodgers DHs have been these last few seasons to where they really do need a real American League DH to fill the spot. (Maybe Mr. Eric the stat man could find this out for sure.)

Using JP as a DH would be giving away 4 outs (5 if he bats first or second) in what should be a purely RBI position.

Just adding fuel to the fire: Pierre does not help us score runs. Not with his 11 caught stealing out of 37 attempts. He has just a 70% success rate in stealing bases. Compare that to the Bison’s success rate of 82%. I wouldn’t want to see Pierre getting any significant playing time in post season.
Now go beat those Pirates while the Rockies and Gnats battle for the wild card!!!!

Hey all. How is everyone today? Me, I’m good, feeling better after that defeat yesterday and gearing up for another one tonight… no, not the Dodgers, the Raiders, heheheh. These days, Raiders seasons are like watching mummified remains decompose to the point that you’re not quite sure whose remains they are anymore (i.e. Francisco Pizarro).

Anyhow, I’ve realized I haven’t done any drawings lately… school, work, home, school, work, home, lather, rinse, repeat… All my days “off” from work are days I’m at school, and all my days “off” from school are filled with me sandwiching in my insane amount of reading. Goethe’s 8 book epic “Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship”… there’s a reason there’s no good Wikipedia articles or crib notes on this work: I’m convinced very few have made it through it… and then there’s the Journeyman Years, which I’m glad I don’t have to read. half of the first 50 pages are a long, drawn out sequence of him telling his lady stories of himself over 8 chapters as she smiles politely, struggling to stay awake. I imagine Cris Collinsworth was Wilhelm Meister in a past life…

But back to the point: I’m bored with this and want to draw again, but there’s a problem: I’m uninspired as to who to draw. There’s so many great people to choose from in the Dodgers organization, I’ve got no clue where to go.

So I have this idea: I’ll have a “contest”. Whoever wins will get to choose the Dodger I draw next. It could be one I’ve drawn before. It could be one I haven’t. It could be Clayton Kershaw, Zach Wheat, Raul Mondesi, Don Demeter, Cookie Lavagetto, Roger Owens the Peanut Guy, Nancy Bea Hefley, Hilda, Happy Felton, and anyone else who has some connection to the organization that began as the Brooklyn Base Ball Club.

How can you win? Well, I’ll ask a question, and the first person to email me at drinkinmercury79@aol.com with the correct answer will get to choose [NOTE: Be sure to include 1.) your answer to the question and 2.)your MLBlogs handle or whatever you want to be known by for when I announce the winner, as I’m sure people don’t want to have their email’s floating around publicly. This one is an AOL email I almost never use, until now. I’ll email the winner back asking who’d they want, or you can put the requested drawing in the original email if you already know who you’d want]. I figured email would be the easiest way to hold it, since the Time Warp will make it tough to choose who was “first” if people are coming from different time stamps. And I’m not going to sell any e-mails or anything underhanded like that, or else I’ll gladly attend a Dodgers game wearing a Giants Hat.

No promises on when it’d be completed, but I’m certain with a set goal in mind, I’ll be plenty determined to get this done within 3 days of the decision on who to draw.

The question this time isn’t necessarily Dodger-related (can’t find any of my Dodger books at the moment, and have to head to work in an hour and 15 minutes), but it’s one that anyone with an internet connection can search for and find the answer. Here goes:

I made a Beatles playlist recently with songs that had something in common. When looking at a few songs from the playlist, can you guess what I had in mind when putting this playlist together? (it’s easier to find out than you’d probably think):

“I’ll Cry Instead”
“And Your Bird Can Sing”
“P.S. I Love You”
“Hold Me Tight”
“When I’m Sixty-Four”

Email your answers to drinkinmercury79@aol.com . I’m opening the contest here and at my blog at http://northstateblues.mlblogs.com . Happy Hunting!

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