Tonight's lineup and Randy Wolf

Garland going against his old team again tonight…every win is big these days and we’ve had a couple the last two nights.

Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Belliard, 3B

Hudson, 2B

Martin, C

Garland, P

Also, while I’m waiting to hear details from our PR rep on the road after Joe Torre passes them along to the media, it appears Randy Wolf will miss his next start and this weekend we’ll be Kuroda, Padilla, Billingsley this weekend against the Giants. More details coming shortly on this blog (if I’m still at a computer) or from Ken Gurnick on the front of the site.


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Looking forward to seeing the game on ESPN tonight…..GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope nothing serious with Randy. Kersh might be out longer than we think, too.


First Kershaw and now Wolf? No wonder Joe wasn’t unhappy at having six starters on the roster.

We do have alot of fill-in but I’d still take Weaver to bad Stults is not here.

JOSH thanks for the update & yesterday explaination of why we have time warps here at ITD…they need a server just for us…ITDers…LOL! Heavy volume of traffic in MLB!
I hope Randy is alright, nothing series and can’t wait to see him back in the mount! GO WOLF!
On the other post, someone mentioned something about singing “God Bless America”. I personally love (TRU – D4L I’m with you). I believe America needs blessings every single day, the more the better. GOD BLESS AMERICA and all those that make this country safer, better, heathier, & smarter!
Hope the Dodgers can put the snakes in a pillow case and throw it back in the Desert! Go Dodgers!

Since I posted this after the new thread, here it goes again:

My take on the God Bless America signing it every day is that we’ve had some bad singing and people trying to change the words or forgetting some of the words. some from American idol and who knows where else. Some are seeing it as an audition making it extra long. I felt bad for one person that got booed. Other times we just shake our head from the bad performances. I get embarrased by the ones that forget the words.
If you are not going to do a good job searching for quality people to sing it everyday, it should be reserved for many special occasions like Opening Day, the Milirary week, 9/11, 4th of July, Memorial, etc, etc. I really liked the military singing it and opera singers and people from the Philharmonic.

Since Ethier been getting some clutch hit against left handed pitching lately since I change my name I’m not going to change this name yet lol.

We still need a Ethier bobblehead and I forgot did we have a Kemp bobblehead already this year and if not he need one to.

You forgot Kemp’s bbh!? There was even a lil Kemp youtube. yes, Ethier does need a bbh. They did have Andre Ethier Kids BP jersey. He was the only one with that giveaway.

A couple of cents from me.
I’ve had people tell me I don’t have much, so I’ll just give a couple. 😉
I’m good with signing God Bless America. I like it and think that it is important to honor the troops and anyone that has ever served. I think while we are at war it is a great idea.
However if/when we aren’t I would reserve it to only special days. I wouldn’t want it to become done just as habit and then have it’s importance lessened by not having it be special.
No offense to Macy’s, but sort of like their sales. They have one every week so it’s no big deal if you miss one.
I love In N Out but if I ate there every day, well you get the picture…

Or maybe they could sing this little ditty…

Great win last night, but……what have you lately?
Wolf Hurt. Ouch Giants Lost! I wonder if lincecum will pitch vs. us? His hurt Back. Going to saturday’s game.
I like the Order. I just hope they execute! We can beat Haren! GO DODGERS!

According to L.A. Times Wolf has a stiff LEFT elbow. Not the reality a left-handed pitcher wants to experience. Have a feeling this will be more than one start.

No good news at all, Kahli.
Rockies are winning 2 – 0……crap!!!!

*not good news

Good Evening, Everybody,
Looks like Rockyidous is still with us and we have to keep it going.
That was some game last night, until the D’backs fell apart, lets hope for some more of the same tonight.

ESPN comes on after jeters 3 hit night, and Manny is up and smacks a RBI. What a Ham!

Does anyone else know that tonight’s Dodger starters have a total of exactly 100 homeruns?

Now this is what I call, a runner in scoring position.

Now Furcal has a lesser chance of scoring, it’s up to Manny.

lol yes I did emma but wonder where I was at?

GO MANNY, that’s all you had to do.

gosh damn almost left another runner on base with no out.

WTG Furcal! Nice triple. I liked the way the ball ping – ponged the wall allowing him to take the extra base. Good thing we got that bad hop hit by Manny.

But the main thing is we didn’t, you know.

Looks like the Snakes are taking BP again.

Yeah the Reds tied it up 2-2

Way to go boys…………..let’s keep them in check and put this game away!!!!

Haren is settling down, it could be along night for the Dodgers.

That triple by Furcal must’ve been a mistake by Haren.
I hope he has makes some more.

With first Kershaw and now Wolf having problems, it is a good thing that we had six starters. I hope Wolf’s elbow is not a serious problem.

M A N N Y 18th

We can do it too,
Nice goin’ J A M E S

Rolen homerun 3-2 Reds

Good to here the Reds are out in front again.

Oh just give the lead back would you?

Look like dodger4life post on the wrong thread,

I see we are ahead 🙂

Come on Garland stranded those 2 runners.

Nice going on Young and Bynies one more

What a play Raffy!!! Saved us at least one run!!! Fantastic!!!

YOU SEE, the Dodgers aren’t the only team that has trouble scoring runs, lately.

Gosh Cordero is getting squeeze or just pitching bad.

Good job on k’s Gonzo 1 more out.

Come on get Haren out of this game.

Don’t know what Furcal was looking for in those 3 strikes.

lol gosh damn Cordero

Rox’s still at.
Scully says it’s bad news for the Giants, what about us?

Strike (looking), Ball, Strike (foul), Ball, Foul, Foul, Foul, S Smith reached on infield single to second, C Barmes and J Marquis scored, R Spilborghs to second

What the heck damn lucky rockies?

I like that inning much better to bad for that other inning.

So much for that lead.


Well thanks Martin didn’t ended the inning with a dp.

I know we have to concentrate on winning, but I’m really really glad the Giants lost.

Nice that Loney has hit the 80 mark in RBI

The Snakes have hit Garland rather well but he’s pitching a pretty decent game IMO.



Glad to see the end of Haren.

I want the team that was killing Webb and Haren in back to back not once but twice last year lol.

You said it Shad. Those were four special games.


Coem on Manny time to knocked Haren out of this game


Look like Ethier knocked him out already.

You got your wish oldbrooklynfan, Haren is out of there. Now, let’s see if Manny can make some against there bullpen.

lol Manny took 2 strike damn

Please start Kemp at least

god damn it

It’s still better without Haren in there, we have a better chance.

Gosh damn 4 straight balls after a nice 1 2 3 innings.

Torre never seems to start the inning with Sherrill.

lol 6 straight balls oh come on

Nice play Loney! Big force at third!

the dodgers kill ryal let’s get him out now

Nice play Loney


Sherrill to the rescue!

Yeah we got that dodgers killer out.


That’s enough of this stuff, we ain’t gonna take no more.
Let’s get ‘Em.

Wait a second Ryal hasn’t played until tonight wow.

Congrats to Jeter on tying Gehrig with 2,721 in a Yankees unform amazing feat to do it with one team for this long.

Now we got to survive another inning.

Jeter’s a great hitter, great guy.

What a surprise to see Sherrill pitching another inning but we do have a day off tomorrow so it’s prefect.

lol chest match let see who get the best of it. Here Troncoso

Fooled you, Shad.

Sigh bad error

Not really is fool the Arizona manager.

Come on Troncoso get out of this.

double ibb now we need a dp

Not Good 😦


urgh sigh


There are many ways to lose a game and that’s just one of them.

Belliard’s 5th inning non-error blunder glove and troncoso’s 9th inning bad throw to first on comebacker. Both Disgusting. Pathetic. No Flask tonight. Good night

Dodgers still groping for offense…Martin, I really am beyond words for him and Hudson, just a 3-man black hole combined with pitcher, no wonder they have trouble scoring runs. Still, 2 of 3 in Zona isn’t bad, it’s just that Rockies sweeping the inept Reds makes it seem worse. On to a VERY desperate Gnats team.

whats worse is we cant control the rox till the end of the season. Im looking forward to gnats knocking the rox again, if they can. Just a waste tonight, HRs, pitching and to lose on walked in run, when you IBB to get out of it. The Irony is too thick. Choke, choke

I don’t think anybody’s choking.
It’s just that the Rockies are playing very good baseball at the moment and it’s hard to keep up with them.
It ain’t over yet, it still in our hands.

We are not going to get any help from the teams playing the Rockies right now, so the Dodgers really need to get it done themselves. And, tonight, really didn’t help their cause much.

I really thought the 8th was going to be ours. We had Matt and Andre on with 1 out and couldn’t score. That hurt big time tonight (not that it doesn’t hurt all the time).


Good Early Morning jhall!!! I just saw your “UNACCEPTABLE” sneak in there. It’s good to see you pop in every once in a while. I hope all is well with you. Big game this weekend for your Buckeyes. They had a close one last week.

Kahli – You are right………….normally we are happy to take the series, aren’t we? It’s amazing how a month of games can change that perspective.

Man I sure hope that centerfold that was Stalking Justplaindisgusted did’nt finally catch up to him…..
Then again Everythingisbeautiful these days…

Although they were really on a roll for a while, the Rockies cooled off to a 13 – 12 record from Aug 5th through Aug 30th. The Dodgers during that span were 12 – 12. The difference now is that they are 8 – 1 against the crappy teams they’ve played since (Mets, AZ and Reds) and we’re only 5 – 5 (vs SD & AZ). If we can’t do better than .500 ball against teams that are a collective 40+ games behind us in the standings, then we don’t deserve to make the playoffs.

Someone needs to lead this team, take charge. Any ideas? Too bad the manager is catatonic.

And speaking of the braindead, did anyone take notice of this article?

In it, Torre, Bobby Cox and Tony LaRussa are quizzed on how they make up their lineups. And here, AND I SWEAR I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP, Torre says this:

“With certain people, it’s easy. You know where the leadoff guy goes. I used to have trouble and Don Zimmer gave me a great hint — start from the bottom. He was right. All of a sudden I realized when you put the names down that way, it makes the rest of it easier. With our current lineup, you know where (Matt) Kemp, (Andre) Ethier, Manny (Ramirez) and (Rafael) Furcal will be. Those guys will be in the top four or five spots.”

First of all, I think it explains a lot that he listens to someone with a steel plate in his head.

OK, I’m sorry about that. I couldn’t resist. Back to the serious stuff. Boy, would I love to toss that article at him and ask him one question:

“Mr Torre, if it’s so obvious to you that Kemp belongs in the top five slots in the order, why have you started him lower than the fifth slot for 94 games this season? Is it the same reason that you took all season to figure out that Sweeney had lost it last year?”

???? Had me too Eric, It is good to see you, I start my new job tomorrow so……Good Night and God Bless everyone.

It’s good to talk with you too, D4! Congrats on that job and I wish you all the luck in the world at it!!

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful, and Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue…….
Dodgers ~ Giants…..I attended my first series earlier this year with Nelly, her husband Bill ( the not so bad Giant Fan ) Trublu and Collie and his lovely wife Margaret. Yes it was at the Phone Booth, which made it somewhat hostile enviroments ( Outside waiting for the gang to catch up to Jane..Yes she is a quick little devil… someone threw a beer bottle at me which bounced off my leg ), we were all wearing our DodgerBlue and there were plenty of Dodger Faithful there as well. Besides being in great company, I probably enjoyed my finest moment at a game ever….Collie was a riot countering the Beat L.A. chant with BE L.A. after they would stop…making us all laugh. The best part though was getting the cherished win. Without that my force shield might not have reflected the beer bottle as well…..I am excited again…..and still radiating the force!!!
Also it is an off day and a few of us like to play trivia on such occasions. I won’t be around much so here is my contribution…….
Have a great day everyone!!!

Almost forgot getting caught up in the rivalry……
Thanks Eric 🙂

It is always hard after losing a game in which you were in position to win, near the end. Last night being no exception, ( We want to win every night I know ) and the costly error’s don’t help matters. I will take solace in the fact that some really good things happened in this series though. Manny and Loney teamed up for some much anticipated long ball…Twice… and we managed to score runs off of Haren a feat that was difficult in the past. Yes Buckner did stump us for a while but we took advantage of the latter innings and won that game. It is always a good thing to start improving or playing well this time of year. I know many of the thoughts here on Manny…and I have shared mine as well. I don’t think he is the entire team but they made him a leader when he was acquired last year, and for good reason. The energy level’s with him around were accelerated. ( steroid issues, and marketing of said product aside ), he is getting paid to help this club reach it’s goals.
therefore I think that having him at his and the teams best. is deserving of said patron’s. Andre has the ability to raise the energy levels as well, so does Hudson, Kemp and his knack with the bases loaded, Furcal getting the hits to the gap, or his power from the lead off spot will do it also. Blake hitting in the clutch as well as Loney ( who has been on fire as of late. ) Martin does a lot of things, I think that we don’t notice, and I trust that he will feed off of the energy levels being accellerated to make us look pass some of the struggles he has had this year. We have some new accusitions as well that can and will in my opinion produce for us….so I am keeping my faith that all will be well in L.A..
Now that being said….LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!
It’s not just time for baseball…it’s time for Dodger baseball!!!

Hey D4, I don’t remember you getting plunked by one of those battery-chucking yahoos. Have you shared that story here before? And thanks for the quizzes. Although I only took about half of them, I enjoyed them immensely. I almost scored 100% on the last one, but I guess I’m too much of a Tommy Davis fan.

One of the quizzes reminded me of the Garvey/Sutton fight and that it sparked them to reel off a nice victory streak. Although we don’t seem to have that kind of clubhouse, we really need SOMETHING. Maybe a nice beanball war this weekend will galvanize this team. So long as no (Dodgers) get hurt.

Dodgereric ~ I don’t think Dodger4life mentioned the story about the beer bottle on here before. Great late night post BTW. I was in bed by 12:00am – a rarity these days because I was actually tired 🙂


D4L : great post and thanks for always staying positive and pointing out the great parts of the series. We won the series! And congratulations on your new job…GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS YOU!

I am just listening to the Vin’s broadcasting of Sandy Koufax’s perfect game (over on EMMA’s blog). Now I am starting to think the numbers 3 – 2 are good luck. Koufax is #32 (great pitcher…no need to explain here), Michael Jordar #23 (one of the greates basketball players) and if you play dominoes when you first play the 3-2 domino, no one can score off of you. My son just played t-ball and he was #32 (yey!)….hey they won all the games. LOL!

This is interested splits on Colorado.

They have gone undefeated against 4 teams especially Cardinals and sweep the Reds and Nats.

Look at the Rockies pitching against the Cards this year no wonder they 4-0 so far.

Look like the Cards have trouble with the Philly.

The Cards have problem with the Rockies of course and than Philly is not like the Cards played us so tough those game could’ve gone either way. The Dodgers pitching against the Cards or tied with the Cubs.

This is why I would not settle 2 wins in a 3 games series. I want both the Pirates and Nats swept and we should’ve been up 2-0 already against the Nats and blah at them breaking up our 13 games winning streak at home when we should had won that game.

Afternoon ITDers!
off day today. Time to catch up on other things. Hey, I have not read Bear lately.
I wish you all the best in your new job! Thank you so much for the Jimmy Durante video link! You know I had never watched that before.
Congrats on your son getting #32 and winning all the games! On my desk I have a black and white picture of Sandy holding four baseballs for his no-hitters. I was going to go to SF for a game with my friend Luvthedodgers23 but the plans felt thru. Oh well, I guess now I’ll go to the dodger Booster club picnic Saturday. They had a Dodger pinata last year for the kids. I was remembering that one of those cones from the pinata is what I have on my head in the my blog’s profile pic.

SHAD – Rockies are sneaking up on us. They are a team determine to win it all. Dodger want to win it all, but they are becoming comfortable with the number 1 spot that they are forgetting what it takes to win.

Some folks were talking about the most overrated or overhyped Dodgers over at Dodger Thoughts.
I posted the following under my old name:

Most overrated – overhyped Dodgers

I always thought Willie Crawford was right up at the top of the list.
He signed a $100,000 bonus at the time that Koufax and Drysdale were making less than that per year.
It is fascinating to go back through the LA Times archives and read articles from that era. I grabbed ten articles featuring Crawford from the time before he signed until the March 27, 1966 article that was about the Koufax-Drysdale holdout against O’Malley.

Go to to read the LA Times articles about the next hero of the Dodgers – Willie Crawford

P.S. Tommy Lasorda is featured prominently in the Willie or Rick article. Lasorda, Kenny Myers and Al Campanis all worked as a team to sign Crawford.
Tommy became so close to Crawford during the negotiations, that he was asked to deliver one of the eulogies at the funeral for Willie’s grandfather.

Normally I don’t much like off days but for some reason I am glad the boys are not playing today, not so much for their sake but for mine. I am taking these losses too hard. The Rockies have made up a lot of ground since the series with the Dodgers and that makes us all uncomfortable.

32and53fan, interesting topic about potential. I remember Willie Crawford and he did have all the tools. He just could not put it all together. It is tough to “live up to potential” since no one really knows what that is. How many of us can say we have lived up to our potential?

Thanks everybody for the well wishes, I survived the first day….and I am presently enjoying my own victory flask…..I am sore, sore, sore…a good sore though. Eric I did’nt mention that before so.. ( you heard it here first ) This isn’t Paul Harvey but GOOD DAY… anyway’s…..Once again Thanks everyone….

Collie you are a better man than me…I would of guaranteed him Pierre was going to take him deep….

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