Sunday night baseball

Welcome back, Hiroki Kuroda. He’ll take the ball tonight against the Pads on Sunday night baseball so hopefully you’ll be at the yard (sunset at Bleacher Beach!) or watching on ESPN.


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Can’t wait to see Kuroda pitch tonight!!!


Post 2 of 1000…..
It’s good to see Kuroda’s name in the line – up 🙂

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


EVERYDAY DRE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad to report that Abreu is still officially with the Dodgers, because the D’Backs refused to take him as the player to be named later for Garland. D’Backs say that Ned misrepresented Abreu’s status due to the apparent settlement of his Players Union Challenge back in 2007 concerning his demotion to the minors rather than placement on the DL, which he apparently deserved, since he reported the injury while still on the major league club. The misrepresentation due to the settlement would make Abreu subject to arbitration after 2011, because the settlement increased his major league time, rather than having to wait until after 2012. The D’Backs consequently figured that Abreu would cost them extra millions of dollars to maintain Abreu with them.

I am personally delighted to see that, because Ned and company tried to screw this player, and I even think that our medical staff should be liable for malpractice, since the first operation that we had Abreu undertake was apparently botched and subsequently required a repeat. Naturally I’m delighted with anything that can be stuck down Colletti’s craw, and I also note that Josh nor anybody else with the Dodgers will address the Abreu issue openly to tell us what has been going on. Unfortunately the team will probably just deal Abreu to somebody else, because having him around would be too much of an embarrasment for the powers to be. He happens to be a special favorite of mine, which is why I continue to follow the issue.

Screw Colletti and everybody associated with his spinmeister handling of things. Fire his a** right after the end of the season, and let anybody go who was brought on board by him.

I know this is the Dodgers blog but this is crazy.

J Rivera flied out to center. 0 0
G Matthews singled to right. 0 0
M Napoli doubled to deep left, G Matthews scored. 1 0
H Kendrick singled to center, M Napoli scored. 2 0
C Figgins popped out to shortstop. 2 0
E Aybar tripled to deep right, H Kendrick scored. 3 0
B Abreu singled to right, E Aybar scored.

I think the Dodgers players should take notes on risp with 2 outs lol

Shad – We all know why enchanted/brownpaperbag is now justplaindisgusted, but why did you choose your new name? Just wondering…………………………

NellyJune ~ I think Shad should have chosen you_know_everything……with all the stats and facts he gives us.

I think I used this for Ned for signing Pierre, Schmidt and Jones but to bad I didn’t think of this before.

That’s not a bad idea either tru

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
Okay, okay. I know it’s been A LONG time since I was here! A lot of stuff going on here and plus, it was getting kinda lonely the times I was here. Oh well, I’m baaack!!! I have been reading though. I was thinking of posting after Friday’s game; I was SOOO ready to vent. But I think I expended too much negative energy during the game that I didn’t have much left after – much better game yesterday.

For a while, I wasn’t sure who you_know_nothing was at first, but after a while, yeah, I realized that it was our one and only Shad! So Shad, how long are you going to be you_know_nothing? Or will that always be you? I still think from time to time of changing my screen name, but I’ve been too lazy lately.

So how are my ITD friends today? Any plans for tomorrow?

I see that I posted 15 minutes in the future. Hmm, time warp problems…

I always like when one of Boras player get bombed and was a 1st round picks. I’m glad we didn’t sign Horchevar and could probably be another Dreifort. Hunter stealing 2nd bases when his team up with a 7-1. I want Scioscia but he signed through 2018 but could opt out in 2015.

Awwwwwwwwww CP I though you would had knew lol. I don’t know CP maybe for a few weeks lol.

Yeah Shad, I’ve been watching that game off and on. I’ll be glad if Borass eats crow and Hochevar doesn’t turn out to be much of anything. The way Luke has been pitching this year, he’s not doing well. He’s young though, and could grow into it. We’ll just have to see. I’m just glad that the Dodgers don’t have to deal with it…

It’s been a while Shad. But I can’t ever stay away from ITD for too long…

I often see the mention of Scoscia for Dodgers manager, and it would be absolutely great if that ever happened. On the other hand, why would you ever expect Scoscia to be so stupid as to come to work under either Ned or Frank?

Wow Yankees the so best team in the league since we’re slumping and lost the best record is getting beat bad

Going into today, we’re tied with St. Louis for the best record in the NL. I’m not concerned about not having the best record in MLB. It’s nice, but until MLB (Selig) does away with that stupid “All-Star Winner” crap (which we know will NEVER happen as long as Selig is “in charge), having the best record in MLB doesn’t mean much. We’re tied with St. Louis with Phillies 2 games behind both of us. That’s what I’m concerned with.

Yeah he’s young and he does have alot of year ahead of himself so I won’t count on it.

Hey there Bear! Perhaps both Ned and Frank would be gone! A girl can dream, can’t I???

Hey CP!!!!! It’s great seeing you on here. I hope all is well with you.

messagebear – It would be a great thing to see, and if it did, I would think Ned would be gone by then too.

My Nellygirl! I’ve been waiting to say that for a long time! Like I said before, I can’t stay away from ITD for too long! I’m fine; just same old, same old – no major changes. But I have people coming over for a BBQ tomorrow afternoon. But I’ve got a lot of my shopping done; I just have to get the last minute stuff tomorrow morning.

So how are you? How’s the Academy? How’s school this year?

Wow Rex Hudler talking about the Royals Sept called up and he said that the Royals hasn’t got any on their roster and still have 4 on the bench fromt he 25 man roster lol.


Why wouldn’t a team that’s going nowhere like the Royals not have any September callups? Should be auditioning time for some young studs for 2010. That’s odd…

CP ~ great to see you here again. We have missed you.

Hey Trumom! (See, I still remember!) Thx; it’s always nice to be missed. I’ll just make sure that I don’t go so long between postings. How are you?

Go figure that the dback would not try to help us.

Even worst Petit was pitching the guy we should had shelled when we face him instead of the pathetic 3 runs we scored.

But Shad, if the Snakes wouldn’t want to help us, I wouldn’t think that they’d want to help the Rox either. At least the Brewers are keeping pace with the Gnats…

Good for you CP!! Things are going pretty good here. The academy is doing well, I have “what seems to be” a pretty good class this year, and I am finally settling down into a routine, where I am not spending weekends at school as much. I do have a student teacher this semester for the first time so that will be an experience in itself.

Yes, that seems to be the main difference, is there are a couple/few behavior problems as opposed to last year where I had many, many more and constant. At least this year, we have had “real” good days rather than better days than the day before. The good thing is the behaviors that were hard last year, are the same behaviors for their second grade teachers, so at least it wasn’t just me. The student teacher will be a great help, and for the last two weeks she is in my class, she has to run the class by herself, so it will be hard to let go, and not be in the class at all. Plus, I may have to give up my baseball for two weeks because that is the one unique thing about my class is the all-around baseball theme, which is, obviously not for everyone, and I don’t expect it to be for her. However, her son, who is a 5th grader at our school loves it!!!

hahaha Jackson should’ve lost but it look like Maddon turned into Torre with mismanage the bullpen.

I’m glad Nelly. A student teacher, huh? For not being a teacher, I would think that having a student teacher would be a great help to you! As far as you can tell for right now, is your class this year a little less problematic as last year? I seem to remember that there were issues last year…

Oh, and before I forget, I wanted to give a BIG shout-out to my fellow El Camino Real High School graduate – CONGRATS WOLFY ON YOUR 100TH CAREER WIN!!! 🙂

And the other thing – St. Louis lost today, so with a win, the Dodgers can go one game ahead of the Cards for the best record in the NL…

Wow the Cards blew a game and didn’t the Pirates have a big losing streak.

Nelly – I’m glad that your class this year seems to be a little better behaved. Just hope it stays that way! Yeah, having your student teacher run the class on her own should be interesting.

And Shad – I just checked the Pirate’s homepage; it says that today’s win ends a nine-game losing streak…

Well, I’ve gotta go. I promise, I won’t stay away from ITD as long!


Look like the Astros sweep the Philly has Phan been online the past 3 days?

Wow shad that was you……..I thought it was JPD with another name change. LOL!!!

The Cards had won 6 striaght games vs them so it look like both streak had to end soon.


I hope the Giants goes 30th innings and lost and that bullpen be so tired when the Padres come to town.

Hi Cp 🙂
It’s good to see you again!!!
Oh yeah and Seesky we hope you are alright and can join us soon for the Victory Flask 🙂
Were getting close to the end of the regular season and The spirits need to be in High Gear soon!!!!
I realize this has been an up and down 2nd half, but I think we are improving a little at a time.
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

bear, D-Backs have declined Abreu FOR NOW. L.A. Times says they have until October 15 to decide. Times also says Padilla, Billingsley, Garland will pitch in Arizona, with Wolf, Kershaw, Kuroda in SF. As for Rocks and Gnats, they’re playing good ball, like they’re supposed to. Dodgers last seven games have been WLWLWLW………..looking for the big, big, mind-numbing two in a row.

Shad ~ You know dodgereric charges for those services – LOL!!!. I am just kidding, really. If anybody can find it, it will be him 🙂

lol at the failed bunt by Uribe

I am time warped again 😦

CP – The time warp/submission error prevented me from asking how your volunteering at the hospital is going. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, take care and God Bless 🙂

I posted this in the other thread but going to added something else to my message. It seem Thome been having some bad luck. He played for the Phillies in 2003-05 but the Phillies won the fluke WS last year so he missed out winning a ring there by 3 years. He played for the White Sox from 06 through the middle of 09 and the White Sox won it in 2005. You won’t find many players that would hit over 500+ homerun but was picked in the 13th round so I wonder how many late rounds like the 11th rounds that have over 400+ homeruns and make the Hof. I wonder why Thome valued was so low in that 1989 draft? Maybe Eric would find that answer for me lol.

Come on Brewers game over Howry is in lol

Come on fat Fielders for one day I don’t want to hate you.


We will get that elusive two in row Khali. Kuroda is a winner also.
This team WILL GET IT DONE!!!
Minor milestones…..Casey Blake is 5 hits away from 1000
and the O-Dog need to play in 6 more to make it an even 1000…..Keep on trucking gentleman!!!

* needs to play

Yeah and Weaver is just one more win away for career number 100.

Good job Brewers

God damn Rockies cut it out.

Good job Fielders and now I can hate youb again.

Time for a little pre game calistethics…..
Stretch out good Boy’s and ……..
Lets Get Down Tonight….


Congratulation Ichiro on 2,000 career hits.

Arizona manager A.J. Hinch replaced Justin Upton in the bottom of the third inning after the outfielder jogged to first base on a deep drive to left-center. The ball bounced off the wall and Upton was held to a single.

Wow that rookie coach have ball to do that and Upton though he had a 420 feet homerun.

Pierre CF
Belliard 3rd

I think last week I’ve posted the attendance of the Rockies game against the Mets series and they were under 60% and I see today they had this. I would had guess another under 60% consider the holliday coming up

35,192 (69.8% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

I can’t wait to see Kuroda on the mound and pitching.
At the moment it takes priority of everything else.

Young hit 3 homeruns and the dback still lost but not a surprise when that game was in Coors.

Yeah we get to see more Belliard and I see why Ned got him in a trade. I guess he seen enough off Loretta and Castro and I didn’t even notice Amusmus batting average is under 300.

Since we took the last 2 games against the Reds. The Reds probably got mad as us and won 7 in a rows but it suck that 4 was against the Pirates and Braves seem to be choking.

Well unbelievable the Angels are 9-0 against the Royals and probably would be 10-0 after tomorrow and I for once would love to see our team beat the Pirates and goes undefeated

Damn a Odog rare error cost us. Time to get that run back.

Good evening OBF…..I agree it will be really nice to see Kuroda tonight. I have no doubts he will succeed.

That’s inning look like the SF players not taking pitches no need for that at all.

A lot of action, a little sloppy but not much damage.

Wow Martin working a walk after being down 0-2 ala Manny watching 2 strikes go by.



Hiroki looks a little off.

Another gutsy offensive performance against a Cy Young type pitcher.

Good to see Kuroda have an easy inning after struggling the inning before.

R U S S E L L Just a flip of the wrist.

Well Adrian got that run back.

I guess everybody heard that the Dodgers are 10th in the league with RISP.
At least there’s still 6 teams worse than us.

Well we all should be very happy that KURODA’s back.
He didn’t look at all effected by the injury.

I must be a jinx, I was just noticing how good Weaver was pitching and bang Tony Gwynn lines one solidly over his head.


Same old story. (different pitcher)
How much stamina does Tim Stauffer have and will he make some mistakes.

Good to read from you Kahli, I thought I had something wrong with my PC.

OH NO, I’m not gay.
but I sure love ANDRE’

We’re back in the game.


Hi everyone ~ Went out for diner tonight and just got home. I see I didn’t miss much. Looks like Kuroda didn’ have much.

As I’m typing Either doubles. Allright a hit against a LHP. GO DODGERS!!!!

…against a lefty too 🙂


oldbrooklynfan – LOL!!! It’s okay. I am married and have been loving Andre since the day he put on a Dodger uniform. It happens 🙂

Our strength, the bullpen comes through again…

Wow amazing but don’t like Kemp PH for Loney when Kemp should’ve PH for Pierre.

A mancrush, on my part.

back to back strikeout didn’t want to see that.

Maybe we’ll cool Heath off next inning.

Geez! We couldn’t get a wiff off of Gregerson.

Hung-Chih navigated there but he brought it back to the status KUO.

Come on guys RALLY TIME!!!

We better not lost to that unearned run in the 1st inning but Cabrera gave us a big gift.

oldbrooklynfan ~ Love your posts tonight. Your in rare form.


It’s okay Andre!!!

No need for that error Beilliard

Damn!! That was pretty bad losing 2 out of 3 to the Padres and having a 3 – 4 homestand. This was supposed to be the easy part of the schedule.

I can’t believe Torre didn’t PH Thome for Loretta

Come on Thome a nice game winner would be nice

Damn it

Blake should’ve PH for Loretta. He can’t be to hurt just for 1 ab’s but then again that might be a problem on defense but probably could’ve move Belliard to 1st, Martin to 3rd and Ausmus behind the plate if the score were tied.

Blake should’ve PH for Loretta. He can’t be to hurt just for 1 ab’s but then again that might be a problem on defense but probably could’ve move Belliard to 1st, Martin to 3rd and Ausmus behind the plate if the score were tied.

Now maybe knowing that it’s not going to be easy, just might be the spark they need.

Gosh which is would had posted when I hit submit the first time and not take 2 mins damn isp going to slow now.

Can’t anyone on this team NOT named Ethier or Kemp pull their own stinking weight? Day after day, week after week. Can’t really blame the PVLs, they are what they are. But Loney and Martin need to decide whether they want to part of a championship or part of a winter package.

Listened to the Bottom of the 9th in the car.

Hate to lose to the Pads, but it’s bearable as long as there’s some fight in the Dodgers. Friday night’s lackluster antics were a different story.

No new letter in the Jim Mora board, but none taken off either. So the board remains at:

And don’t worry, Jim Mora’s Vanna Dress isn’t the same deal as the cutout of the Owner in “Major League”. He’ll keep his clothes on, thank you very much.

But Thome flied out to left field and appeared to injure his foot as he limped down the first baseline.

“I think it was something under his foot,” Torre said of Thome’s injury. “I think it’s something he has that he just may have irritated. Hopefully that’s all it is, but I don’t really know.”

The word “hopefully” never is a good sign when Dodgers and injury are mentioned in the same sentence.

Hello and Happy Labor Day gang!!! Very disappointing series with the Puds. Losing 2 of 3 at home to the door mat of the division is Unacceptable and, well, just plain disgusting!!!!! Hope you all have a great day and hopefully, our Dodgers can get back on the fast track soon. Got to get hot soon to have much of a shot in the post season.

Godd Morning and Happy Labor Day ITDland ~ we had better get our ducks in a row starting with the Arizona series……the Rockies play the Reds and the Giants play the Padres and I assume they will both win. So, if we don’t right the ship, instead of playing for the division title, we will be battling for the Wild Card. LET’S GO DODGERS AND GET OUR BATS HITTING!!!!

Anybody else tired of the stock answers after another blah effort and loss? I guess we’ll see when we play the giants again, but this is hardly encouraging.

Disappointing home stand, and the word “disappointed” is does not do justice to my emotional state. To think the dodgers are playing to two worst teams in our division, where the rox would play the mets and snakes, the giants the phillies and brewers, we should of put some distance between us and the gnats for sure, and perhaps the Rox.
Last nights game: A Travesty, not starting Matt kemp. #2 fisrt inning error by Hudson, #3 Furcals wide throw home to try and get eckstein. Thats just the first inning, you all saw the rest. But that set up this game and the psyche.
I was so waiting for the 9th inning bang from Thome, and if he didn’t I was sure Dre would, but its Sunday and there is no mail being delivered.

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful and Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue………….
I hope everyone has an enjoyable Labor Day today. It has been a long summer, and Fall is right around the corner.
The Dodgers are laboring these days, it’s almost as if they have their heads in the sand against the weaker teams ( so to say ) and only get riled up when the teams that threaten their existence come through. Maybe they played with so much emotion earlier in the year that they seem a little disinterested in the everyday grind. How do we go from Orlando’s Cycle and the Magic Castle days to we don’t watch the scoreboard, we don’t need home field advantage. And don’t say Manny cause that is just an excuse. Bills and ( the Twilight Zone)……Kershaw and ( Hide the Thimble, your hot, your cold.)…..McDonald looks like an ( Oasis…whoops make that a Mirage)…..Furcal is so, so….( just an average everyday SS. )….Martin I keep thinking of when the runner stole home on him ( He has done little to erase that memory.) Broxton and his ( should I stretch out on the mound mentality. ) Manny well he looks an an ( Big ole pampered Barbie Doll compared to the G.I. Joe of yesteryear.) I guess I’m just trying to say …
I’m just venting, and no it isn’t helping so now that I have that out of the way……
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

Notice when Manny was back in the lineup last night and Kemp rested we lost should’ve rest Manny for 2 days in a rows.

Love the description “Big ole pampered Barbie Doll” for you know who – you have the way with words, D4life.

Only Joe would sit the team’s best avg. hitter, second in HR’s for no reason other than to accommodate PP, who probably cost us one run because of the poor arm everybody knows he has.

Well he was 1 for 17 I don’t blame him but still I’d rather have him in the lineup over Manny.

Well Kuroda didn’t make his case by walking 2 guys and give up a single to load the bases in that inning but he does get a break because it was his 1st game back.

There is an upside to this…. WHEN WE TURN IT AROUND.
Those teams that ( kept us in the back of their minds and believe me they did. ) Will once again know that the energy is flowing strong on our side of the field. They will have to climb that hill once again. That is a strenuous and demorilizing climb too. We need to fight hard to get that swagger back. It is’nt gone completely some guys have it flowing now ( we all know who’s thriving at the moment. )
Forget about everything else…..This may be just a baseball game…..But it is our baseball game, the season belongs to us!!!! What do you want to do with it???
Make the other side sweat, make them eat sleep and think Dodgers….all while we eat sleep and think Championship.
Don’t Confuse Routine With Commitment!!!!
Commit Yourself to Victory!!!!

I’m just hoping the Reds keep on winning to bad one steak is going to be snap hopefully is the Rockies.

I would love to sweep the dback but the way we’re been playing lately it won’t happen. I hate when a team take 2 out of 3 and played the next series and get sweep. The Rockies sweep the dback with ease so we should try to sweep them.

There is no mystery to this team’s slide: Furcal, Hudson, Blake, Loney, Martin…they no hit no more. An aberration? Or an accurate indication? And if a team isn’t going to hit (when was the last time this team put a charge into ANY decent starting pitcher?), then it must manufacture runs. I can’t recall seeing the art of moving a runner over from second to third with no outs (lead-off doubles seem to die a painful death at second base on this team), or taking the extra base on a single, or even stealing a base, or SUCCESSFULLY bunting to move a runner. Hell, this team makes EXCUSES for failed bunts (“not his comfort zone,” or “hasn’t done it all year, anyway…”). Joe is a staid American League manager. I’m not saying he’s a loser, just not a genius–and certainly not best suited to be in the NL. Sorry. Even including his nearly two years as Dodger manager he’s sub .500 in the NL. I know if the Dodgers string 8 wins in a row and get to the World Series I’ll look like an idiot. So be it.

Bear ~ I said Thanks for the kind words but somehow that disappeared. You do vey well yourself my friend.

Khali… I do value your outlook on the game, very much well as many many others. I do however… enjoy when you are wrong as well… be it.

Time to get Padilla his 10th wins of the season and 2nd with us and should’ve been 2-0 already. I hope Padilla got over that little minor injury.

Sep 3 RHP Vicente Padilla has owned the National League this season. Not only has he given up just three earned runs in 10 1/3 innings of his first two starts with the Dodgers, but he has a 2.22 ERA in five starts against National League teams this season. One of those outings was against the Dodgers while he was still with Texas, when he tossed five shutout innings June 12.

I didn’t even realize he owned the NL.

* very well


Thanks Dodger4life…I WANT to be wrong on this one!

LOL!!!! I know ya do…..Lets Hope the Boy’s in Blue do!!
This team is like my shop vac….it is like they have a switch that forces all of the energy outward, and with one little flip….( vroom ) the other way it goes…. FLIP THE SWITCH!!!

Urgh Philly leading 3-2 I wanted the Astros to sweep and the Cards leading 2-0 with Carpenter pitching a 1 hitter.

Did Drew really try to go to 3rd bases? Wow Manny and Loney is about damn time. This crappy submission is nerve racking.

Odog should’ve bunt like it seem to always do and put Belliard at 3rd bases with 1 out.

Wow even Martin is hitting with risp

Damn it Reds come on.

lol don’t give the Rockies any gift runs Reds.

Gosh freaking time warp.

Thank-you, Manny!!

James, too!!!!

Urgh not the start I wonder started off 0-1 and had 4 balls in a rows and walk him.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 3-1 Reds

My Loney has a first name
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me “Why?” I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
with H-I-T-T-I-N-G

By martinloneykemp

NICE JOB BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martin CS% is way better this year even though we complaint about him not produced when he need to and thrown off baserunners.

Let’s keep it going!!!!!! Let’s prove we are #1!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Penny and Jones are the except.


Well that inning suck.

Oh oh

Great DP!! Perfect execution by Belli!!

BACK TO BACK Manny and Loney That’s the kind of jolt we needed!

As I was tuning in I heard Vin say Kershaw will miss his next start because he ran into a wall. Does anybody know anything?

Hopefully it fired the team the rest of the way.

I hope Penny Lame today. Don’t wish former Dodgers anything bad…unless they rip the organization. Just shut up and pitch.

Another dp good.

Good job former Dodgers Park lol now the Astros are tied 3-3

Kershaw ran into the wall during BP, hurting his RIGHT shoulder.

Here comes JP!!!!! …………or will Repko get a chance – nah!!!!

That was outstanding…..way to go Boy’s!!!!

Kershaw is going to miss start in SF.
Great job getting thrown out, Manny! Now we get JP the rest of the game.

Scherzer against Padilla with the bat should be very interesting….

Way to go Ronnie!!!!!!!!!!! He can definitely stay!!!


I love that slap bunt by Raffy.

How did Furcal goes to 3rd when Ethier lined out to the pitcher?

Time to calm down Padilla

Double crap I knew the Padres wasn’t going to do crap.

Hello ITDers,
I am going to make this fast as I have tried since last night and I keep getting connection problems. don’t know if is the connection from my laptop here where I am kitty sitting up until today.
Good to read you again. we missed you around here!
For those oldtimers,
What do you remember about Red Adams besides what little I can find on the net?

Shad ~ The ball hit off of Scherzer on a line and bounced. That’s how Furcal was able to advance.

Thanks going to find that video later on if their is one.

Break that gosh damn no hitter and damn lead off singled to the pitcher.

Urgh Drew little brother with another hit


It has been frustrating commenting here. i tried a few times last night without any luck. Today, the second time I was able to submit.
We got two Bellies playings.
Can’t believe all of Loney’s homeruns have been on the road!

LOL, Dodger4life!

D4 ~ I’ve been having trouble with that too.

Nice K of Reynolds to end the inning. I think that’s it for Padilla Joe should take him out.

In other news Phan team just got sweeped by the lowly Astros lol.

My loney with a double! In comes Juanp!

Well guess the Angels have to settle with a 9-1 record against KC. Gosh freaking submission errors and let’s get 2 runs in this innings.

Gosh damn I’ve been trying to posted this for 5 mins. Well guess the Angels have to settle with a 9-1 record against KC. Gosh freaking submission errors and let’s get 2 runs in this innings.

Gosh damn I’ve been trying to posted this for 5 mins. Well guess the Angels have to settle with a 9-1 record against KC. Gosh freaking submission errors and let’s get 2 runs in this innings.

All these submission errors that I’m getting and it post that twice.

I think we all have TrueBluewill.
Come on Boy’s!!!!

I just love how all the runners advanced come on Doug get a hit with risp with 2 outs.

Gob job Pierre two stolen bases!! That’s the way to take the game to the D-backs Runner on third less then two outs. We MUST plate that run.


Way To Go Juan and Ron!!!

WTG Belli Super-sub. Come Russell. make them pay for the HBP.

Nice Boy’s!!!

Rocks lead…Gnats and Rocks are playing well because they HAVE to win. Dodgers still a bit too comfortable….

oh god Sherrill vs Upton

Here come Broxton for the 4 outs save.

I can’t believe Sherrill lost Drew when the count was 0-2.

He just blown Upton away

WTG Big Ox.

Kemp was 1 for 22 before that hit.

Let’s get that insurance run in.

Way To Go Juan and Matt!!!!!

Yeah Pierreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and Matt

I would had love to see Repko hit

Come on Broxton induced the dp now

or a strikeout lol

Better game today, guys. Let’s step it up a notch tomorrow. Pitching was very good, hitting improved a bit but, I want MORE!!!!!

Thats Better……Good Job Today Boy’s…..
Way to go Manny!! ( The Rambo action figure today )

They just had to stick to a fielder’s indifference when we have a lead when Broxton in the game.

It like they have to have at least 1 to 2 every time this situation come up.

Tb4 ~ Pitching was as good as always. Nice to see the bats come alive. This is the kind of offense they showed in the first half of the season. Hopefully they’ll keep it up and we’ll finally get that winning streak we’ve been craving.

It’s amazing that the Giants fans wants to see Posey get a ab’s and Bochy being too stubborn even when they’re up by 7 runs.

Great job Dodgers!

Jim “Vanna” Mora buys you a vowel!

Someone should’ve told Jim that you don’t have to write on the square with Magic Marker, all you had to was turn the tile. When will he ever learn?…

Keep it up, Dodgers! St. Patrick is alive and well in Phoenix, Arizona.

Good Late Evening (pst time anyway) ITD readers and writers!!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I had a little of everything…………..some relaxing, some work, and some fun. These three day weekends never seem to be long enough, but it was great to get to see the Dodgers win today. I didn’t see the entire game. I was at school when I saw the first five innings…………the homeruns and Manny getting tossed. Here’s a chance to start a streak once again. It doesn’t look like the Rockies are going to get much competition from the Reds, and the Gnats don’t seem to have the same problem with the Padres that we do. However, the Dodgers are still in first, and as long as the Dodgers do the winning, what happens behind us shouldn’t matter. Let’s control our own destiny boys and start a streak tomorrow with two in a row. Every win for us is one less game the others have to catch us.

I knew their was a reason to even hate Penny more than we already do hate him a Padres fan posted this on the main board.

Penny is a PoS
To: All Sep-7 110123.1


Padres fan coming in peace…

No need to remind Dodger fans of what they already know but this guy is pure scumm. Cursing at Gonzo as he was rounding the bases and a ridiculous celebration to get out of that inning,


Hopefully we bomb him not once but twice and I really need to get to DS when we face him again.

Poor fan just waited when Penny break down and choke

Good morning everyone! Long time no talk! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Just wondering, did you guys see much of phan this weekend while his team got swept by the Astros? Somehow I doubt it. Glad to see our boys take the first game from the Snakes, hopefully we can get on track!

Really irritating to me how the media always portrays “Manny leads the Dodgers win”. Actually he wasn’t even around for most of the game. Why not Loney, why not Belliard leading the win? It’s like this is Manny’s team, and they never are able to do anything without him.

F Manny!!!

I have read him in the Phillies Beat Writer Mlb blog. I happen to go there ’cause I saw it in recent comments a few nights back.

Good Morning ITD,
MESSAGEBEAR I don’t like it either. The media is just obsess with MANNY. But I don’t blame Manny for what the Media is doing. So I say F’ the media! But Manny does need to step it up and start hitting more balls!

You’re right, msdodger on the media aspect, and I stand corrected up to a point. What I don’t like to see about Manny is again what some of the so called sports reporters bring out – that is that whenever somebody else is being interviewed, Manny seems to butt in and have his say whether it’s asked for or not. If I was one of the other guys who really have carried the team, I’d take him aside and tell him to shut the F up if somebody is talking to me. If he didn’t, I’d kick his a** all over the shower the next chance I got.

Yeah it would bug me if Manny keeps butting in. But I don’t know about kicking his *** all over the shower, I would probably wait til his walking to his car…LOL (need some clothes on the guy, don’t want rumors started!LOL)

Probably so, msdodgers – I just figured it was easier explaining how he slipped in the shower instead of how the car door hit him in the face. LOL.

In the meantime I’m waiting for this evening to watch Manny lead the Dodgers again and see if we can’t finally string two wins together.


Amen messagebear. Vin was talking yesterday about how the last 8 (now 9) games we have alternated win, loss, win, loss, etc. Let’s get a streak going!

Good morning ITDers.
One of my earliest threads on my blog I was going to titled LWLWLWLW. You cannot even start with a W because before that we had LL. Let’s see if the good Chad can get a W.

Two wins in a row would certainly be a move in the right direction.

MESSAGEBEAR….LOL…that is true…and there is less people in the showers!
I don’t mind the win today loose tomorrow crap just as long as we win the NL West. Once we get to the playoffs, it better be a long long winning streak…..WWWWWW until we get the World Series RING!

Did anyone voted for the Odog yet for Man of the Year? If not here the link and I guess their no limit so better start voted now.

ALL IS WELL!! No worries!

I just heard Don Mattingly say that we’ve risen to every occasion so far, so we shouldn’t be concerned about the inconsistent offense!


In all fairness to Manny:
“This is the guy you should be talking to,” Ramirez said (to reporters), putting his arm around Belliard. “Not me.”

KAHLI – Thanks…Manny is a good guy…but sometimes let’s his fame get to his head….but overall he is good and has a great heart! And he seems to get along with the rest of the team…GOOOOO DODGERS!

Good Afternoon ITD, Dodger Faithful and Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue…..
I sense a name change…….I am guessing it wasn’t shad????
Bear I understand where you are coming from wholeheartedly….I agreed to give Manny a second chance as long as he acts responsible while representing my Beloved Dodgers. I do expect all of our Boys to produce to the best of their ability with or without all of the regulars, Manny included.
Andre has improved in my opinion by adjusting to the line – up when Manny is in and out, and by hitting in different spots . He was working on driving that outside pitch in the spring, and has been successful. Kemp has been pretty consistent this season as well and at a high level.
Kershaw looks like he wants that leadership role bad. He has the stuff and the mindset in my opinion. He may be a pleasant surprise soon???
The bully has progressed as well. There are several young guys down there that are producing. Bellisario and Troncoso.
Juan has been outstanding ( gotta give credit where it is due ).
The rest that haven’t been mentioned I have all the faith in the world in. It’s past labor day gentlemen, No excuse as I like to say.

Is Everythingisbeautiful D4L?
where is our fearless leader Josh? is he on vaca?

Is this a new Trivia Contest??? If it is you would be wrong Emma sorry. However I tend to look at things with rose colored glesse I guess. I think it may be……………….
I’m not tellin….ha ha ha ha …..It isn’t me though 🙂

*glasses…really bad typing day sorry!!

BTW beware you can voted for 1 person in every division so actually we could voted 5 more players.

Hello all…D4L well I think our boys have mature and have improved soooo much from last year. As for the name change. I am guessing shad changed his name to YOU_KNOW_NOTHING. And I am guessing Eric is EVERYTHINGISBEAUTIFUL….???
Ethieraholic & Martinista…..all the way

I’m glad you got to shake Vin Scully’s hand. He is a legend that I have been listening to since 1958. I can’t imagine the Dodgers without him but that is something that we will all have to face some day.
I guess Vin is different if you run into him at the stadium or on the road. I hear that he is very thoughtful and friendly to those he meets in the right situation. The only two times that I saw him in public he showed a different side of himself. The first time was at the ceremony where the Dodgers got their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on June 20, 2008. All the big names were there, McCourt, Lasorda, Torre, Newcombe, Scully, Jaime Jarrin, former players like Maury Wills, Ron Cey, Jerry Reuss, Manny Mota and Eric Karros. Current Dodgers Blake Dewitt and Andre Ethier were also there. After he spoke, Vinny immediately left the area and did not mingle with the VIPs like most of the other invited Dodgers and with the unwashed masses like Ron Cey, Frank McCourt and a few others who were happy to say hello, sign autographs and pose for pictures.
In Scully’s defense, it was a hot day and he said his fair complexion could not handle the June midday sun.
Later that year, on November 21, I saw Vinny get honored by the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters at Sportman’s Lodge in Studio City. After his very entertaining speech, Vin waited on the dais for the event to end, then rushed off the stage.
A small group of attendees, not even the general public, cornered him as he was trying to get out of Dodge and asked him to sign some autographs. My mother wanted me to take a picture with him but I took one look at his face and there was no way I would impose on him. Like you, I would have liked to say hello and thank him for all the wonderful hours of pleasure that he has provided to Dodger fans of all ages. Instead, I watched him squirm as he reluctantly signed a few autographs with a frustrated and angry countenance. He said his wife hurt her leg and he wanted to rush home to be with her. I am sure the face he showed to my mother’s camera ( ) was different than the one you saw walking back to the team hotel.

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