Where in the world is Tommy Lasorda?

This week, he was in Midland, Michigan to watch the Single-A Loons and you can read about it here on his blog.

And this weekend, he heads to Brooklyn to be inducted in the Brooklyn Dodgers Hall of Fame!

Meanwhile, from what I understand, despite yesterday’s tough loss the team’s spirits are pretty high. They managed to come back when they were down to their last strike against one of the game’s top pitchers and still took two out of three from the charging Giants.

Tomorrow we kick off the weekend in Arizona where we need to continue to win series. Safe to say that if we take two out of every three games from here on out, we’ll be just fine!



  1. perumike

    Great series win in spite of the lack of a sweep! Glad to see us keep the Giants in their place – looking at our backs! Let’s take advantage of the cellar dwelling Snakes and increase our lead a little bit!

  2. nellyjune

    Josh – I thought the series was great!!! In all three games, they showed the intensity that seemed to be missing for a couple/few weeks there, and it was good to get some major bragging rights from that series. On the bay area radio station, their fans are still calling in and complaining about the calls during the series. Even the hosts are telling them to get over it at this point. What a bunch of babies!!! Move on to your next obstacle already, the Dodgers have.

  3. shad80

    Wow who is this N. Feliz kid in Texas? He has a .15 whip and a 1.35 ERA and in 2 innings today he had 5 k’s. Talking about relief.

  4. thinkingblue

    JOSH – That’s good that Lasorda is keeping himself active….The Giants series was very very interesting and I am happy with it. GOOOOOOO DODGERS. GET SOME REST you guys deserve it!
    Wow benches cleared and I couldn’t see what was going on. I did go home and watched the video over and over and I never saw the ball hit Sandoval. Martin did do a lot of talking but some fool came charging at Martin. Oh well. ANDRE was awsome, like always. We won the series and now they play against the Dbacks. GOOOOO DODGERS!

  5. Dodger4life

    Good Afternoon ITD, Dodger Faithful and Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue…..
    I hope everyone is enjoying the off day….I thought the team played exceptionally well in the series against the Gnats. Good starts from Kuroda and Wolf, the bats came alive at the right time, the intensity levels were up, and the Boy’s seemed to be having fun. As I stated this was my first live look at the rivalry. My intensity levels were up as well, the boys just need to maintain a good balance of energy from here on out and have fun in the process, and I think this team will be just fine.
    I was’nt impressed with Mota throwing that letter high fastball with a 0-2 count over the fat part of the plate, Mota has been doing a decent job at times, I dont know what the thinking was on that one though. Oh well its a team win as it is a team loss, live and learn.
    Arizona…St. Louis…..Chicago…all in the near future, that should keep the intensity levels and desire to be better up!!! GO GET EM BOY’S!!!!!
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!
    Enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening everyone 🙂

  6. enchantedbeaver

    I had some time… Jan & Dean, The Little Old Lady From Pasadena:


    It’s the little wussy bat from On-ta-ri-o…
    The little wussy bat from On-ta-ri-o.
    (blow Marty, blow, Marty, blow Marty blows)
    Swings a faulty wooden bat wherever he goes.
    (blow Marty, blow, Marty, blow Marty blows)
    But parked persnickety on the dugout rail,
    A foolish old man that covers his tail.
    And Old Joe is sayin’ that wherever we go,
    He’ll play the wussy bat from On-ta-ri-o.
    He can’t hit crap when we got men on.
    He can’t throw too because his arm is gone.
    It’s the little wussy bat from On-ta-ri-o…
    If you watched a year ago – was quite a bruiser.
    (blow Marty, blow, Marty, blow Marty blows)
    Once an all-star man, now quite a loser.
    (blow Marty, blow, Marty, blow Marty blows)
    Well he’s gonna get a hit now sooner or later,
    But he still trails Andruw Jones for hittin’ taters.
    And Old Joe is sayin’ that wherever we go
    He’ll play the wussy bat from On-ta-ri-o
    He can’t hit crap when we got men on.
    He can’t throw too because his arm is gone.
    It’s the little wussy bat from On-ta-ri-o
    [Instrumental break]
    (blow Marty, blow, Marty, blow Marty blows)
    (blow Marty, blow, Marty, blow Marty blows)
    The guys are stealin’ bases from all around,
    ‘Cause most of Marty’s throws end up downtown.
    And Old Joe is sayin’ that wherever we go
    He’ll play the wussy bat from On-ta-ri-o
    He can’t hit crap when we got men on
    He can’t throw too because his arm is gone.
    It’s the little wussy bat from On-ta-ri-o…
    Blow Marty, blow Marty, blow Marty blows
    (oh man does he blow)
    Blow Marty, blow Marty, blow Marty blows
    (oh man does he blow)

    ©NedCo Broken Records 2009

  7. selltheteam

    Nice song, brownpaperbag. J. Martin’s stats in the 2-hole against our rivals: 1-13, a pathetic .077/.077/.077

  8. enchantedbeaver

    The great thing about this Jan & Dean song is it can fit so many on the team:

    And everybody’s sayin’ that there’s nobody meaner,
    Than our buffed-out steroid boy and his little weiner…
    He runs real fast and he works real hard,
    He’s JoJo’s popgun hittin’ Little Pard…

    The possibilities and endless.

  9. MLBallhawk

    Josh – This is John Witt, aka Major League Ballhawk, and I am the guy that is raising money by catching “Baseballs 4 MADD” this season. I just wanted to say thanks to the Dodgers for the tickets last week. It was a great game and I grabbed 3 baseballs that helped raise more money for Mothers Against Drunk Driving!So far I have grabbed 78 baseballs this season. 58 at Major League Games, at the World Baseball Classic and 14 at Minor League Games.That brings the total raised for MADD to just under $500 so far and much more to come!!Thanks Again!JohnBaseballs 4 MADDhttp://ballhawk.mlblogs.comhttp://mlballhawk.com@mlballhawk on TWITTER

  10. thinkingblue

    BPB – Russell with those stats he should go to VEGAS….so many 7’s…LOL STILL Love your song….I know I know…MARTIN IS LOOSING IT. But I will keep cheering for him until the BLUE comes off. And hopefully my cheering will wake something on him and do something right.
    NELLY – OH YEAH Andre is always awsome, he is MR. CLUTCH! He is MVP for the Dodgers!

  11. nellyjune

    Rose – I think Andre and Matt should share that honor at this point. Matt has done some pretty fabulous things this season too.

  12. lbirken@aol.com

    I don’t think there is any doubt at this point of the season who the Dodger MVP is and unless someone else (Manny?) goes on a huge home run binge (would have liked one yesterday), Andre should end up with the title. My guess he doesn’t care much one way or the other but his fans do.

    BPB, funny song and you are right, the possibilities are endless. But I will say I am sad to see Martin fall to such depths. He was pretty much the heart and soul of this team the past two seasons and with the talent the current team had going into this season, he really did not have take on as important a role offensively. Unfortunately, he has struggled at the plate most of the season although he seems to be hitting the ball a bit better lately. He sure had a big smile on his face after bunting successfully the other night so there is no doubt he is well aware of what is happening. I am not ready to give up on him quite yet as there still is a lot of baseball left to be played and I am hoping he will win back your trust.

    Anyway, after the past three games we all needed a rest. As for the Giants fans complaining about the calls, it is not as if the first two games were even close. Yes, the Dodgers may have had some calls go their way but you still have to play the entire game and make your own breaks.

  13. nellyjune

    lbirken – not that I am saying all the jobs on the field are not important, but the catcher has one of the more difficult, if not the most difficult, and important positions on the field. I, for that fact alone, want to see Russell turn things around and become that All-Star catcher he can be, both offensively and defensively. As for the Giants and their whining, what you said was perfect.

  14. messagebear@msn.com

    Just an observation on an off-day about our ownership and about things to come.

    Have been reading about Torre’s request and Ned’s work to add pitching to our team and about the fact that Frank seems to stand in the way of that effort. At this time of year Frank is probably unwilling to take on any more payroll, and unless some team will take on the salary to move a player, or maybe accept some of the Dodgers’ prospects in order to do that, a deal will not get done. Now, I don’t see anybody out there that’s available who would be a significant addition to our staff, so I’m not complaining about Frank’s attitude on the subject at the present time. Ned’s previous additions, a la Loaiza, don’t exactly inspire confidence in any of his moves.

    What concerns me is a look ahead and how payroll restrictions will affect the Dodgers of the future. I would think that the LA market with our super attendance should warrant a payroll in the $100 – $120 million range, and wisely spent that should be plenty to pay for championship talent. Other than money going to Manny and that being misspent on Schmidt and maybe JP, we have very good talent that comes to Frank very cheaply this year. I think he may be getting too used to it. The time is coming when our young guys will not only deserve but demand some big bucks, and I’m afraid that Frank will be unwilling or unable to handle it. I can see him willingly giving up that talent in order to save payroll, and that possibility has always made me dislike him as an owner. The time to lock in Andre and Matt, and Billz on a longer term basis is approaching. Kersh can probably still wait a year or two. I don’t consider Loney or Martin in the same league, and they could be trading pieces if we get the right return for them. I don’t know how management looks at this picture, but I’m afraid of the ownership that’s looking to keep things on the cheap for the long run, and that’s just how I see Frank in spite of his words.

  15. lbirken@aol.com

    Bear, interesting comments. I have said many times it will be interesting to see what happens when this current corp of players makes it to arbitration and free agency. We have already seen a bit of that with Ethier and many of us felt he was mistreated by the Dodgers. Unfortuanately, this is a business for both the players and owners. It is no different than any other industry except the players have limited options until they have been around for a specific amount of time. There is still plenty of time to “lock up” a player should the Dodgers and the player be willing to do so but I suspect that the Dodgers will not be too open to any long term contracts, even for the younger players. So enjoy your favorite players now while they are still wearing Dodger uniforms.

  16. enchantedbeaver

    Birk – I would love to see Martin back to what he was a couple years ago, but honestly, I’d be happy if we would just have a Yeager-type catcher that can handle a pitching staff and have a canon for an arm. Even though Yeag never hit much for average and wasn’t a big RBI guy, the teams he was on always seemed to score (much like thie current team is capable), so big offense from the catcher wasn’t needed.

    IMO, Martin elevating his average lately is all fluff – he still doesn’t hit with men on at all.

  17. Dodger4life

    Shad I’m not positive but I think my signed Les Paul Air Guitar, became even more rare today.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

  18. lbirken@aol.com

    BPB, I hear you. Yeager was a special kind of player. I had the opportunity to meet him at fantasy camp when Piazza was starting to make a name for himself and I asked Boomer is he could help Piazza block the plate better. No one was better at this than Yeager. At the time Piazza had the habit of taking throws a bit in front of the plate and swipe tagging the runner. Yeager said with the way Piazza hit the Dodgers were not going to encourage him to risk injury by being really aggressive with runners trying to score. I just asked Yeager to get Mike to get the ball in a better position to make a tag and that I did not expect Piazza to block the plate the way Yeager did.

    The Dodgers do have some great catching history. Neither Scoscia or Yeager ever hit for much power but they certainly did a great job behind the plate and handling pitchers. They both did enough offensively to be dangerous. We all know what Piazza could do (and should have done for a longer time while wearing Dodger blue except for idiot Fox). We will see what happens.

  19. nellyjune

    lbirken – I am thoroughly enjoying them right now, and you are right, we don’t know how long because, like messagebear says, we don’t know if Frank can handle what they will deserve when it comes time to pay up to keep them in Dodger blue.

    dodger4life 🙂

  20. nellyjune

    Loved Steve Yeager and, of course, Mike Scoscia. Mike Scoscia was equilvalent to Andre in terms of my favorite player back then.

  21. enchantedbeaver

    Glad the boys showed some moxey against Lincecum. That’s what’s been bothering me about this year’s team – we aren’t beating the other teams best pitchers. Last year they could go out and beat Webb and Haren on consecutive days during their stretch drive. This year’s team hasn’t shown me any of that, and that’s why I still feel that they’ll be out after the first round this year. They’ve got a month and a half to make me a believer.

  22. enchantedbeaver

    Is Frank still the owner?
    Is Ned still the GM?
    Is Joe still an idiot?
    If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then the bag’s staying on!!

  23. northstateblues

    Random thoughts on an off-day:

    What bothers me the most about the Dodgers’ current ownership situation is that Bud Selig let the sale of one of the most storied teams in his stable, in the second largest market in the country go to someone who had to go into debt to even consider buying the team.

    Also, Rupert Murdoch must’ve crapped himself when he actually DID find someone who would buy the team without the television rights. If you’re curious, this is how what was considered a little over 10 years ago as The Best Buy In Town® became a mandatory minimum $60 for a family of four to even think about enjoying a ball game. And that’s before taxes or concessions (anyone willing to help with the price of Dodger Dogs, a bag of peanuts and the smallest size of soda, and maybe even the price of a Cool-a-Coo for schitzengiggles? Don’t know where to find those prices online).

    Television rights were also the cause of the Piazza trade and why it went behind Fred Claire’s back. TV rights are much more profitable than any player, who would have a 25 year shelf life tops, even less for a catcher.

    As angry as I am about it, I won’t blame Frank for the current fiscal situation, the man HAS to make money on his investment. But it would definitely help if he understood another Pitcher = better pitching = better chances for a championship = MO’ MONEY, MO’ MONEY, MO’ MONEY!!!

    But FOX, Rupert and Bud-y ol’ Pal are definitely accountable. Especially Selig, whom I imagine was probably pants’d, melvined/wedgied and purple-nurpled by the O’Malleys before being sent to the Kids Table for Owners meetings, which could be the only explanation for his apparent disdain of our beloved franchise.

    Need examples? That hippo Fielder wasn’t suspended for a FILMED ACCOUNT of him charging another team’s clubhouse, all but shoving attendant William Gomez out of the way? Manny nabbed, but yet other Players are continUing to JOin in the virtuaL deStruction of hallowed records, untouched? A-Rod on the All Star team a few short months after being outed for PED abuse, and spending the first month or so on the DL for the removal of a Hip Cyst? Okay, the last one didn’t involve the Dodgers, but I never tire of pointing that one out.

    And one last kick in Bud’s shins: Why the hell are Maple Bats still used in Major League Baseball? You’re losing money on bats that break more often. Plus, the Ash that was favored long before ‘roiders like Bonds used Maple bats as their scapegoat for their increased abilities doesn’t splinter when breaking, it cracks. Now that we know PEDs were the explanation for the increased pop in the late 90’s and early 00’s, why is Bud letting this charade continue?

    Baseball would likely capitalize off the first unfortunate player to have his season, career or life ended. I honestly don’t think Selig is this vile, but that is likely what would happen, one only has to look at the effect of Michael Jackson’s passing to see how one could profit from such an unfortunate event.

    Using Maple makes no sense but Dollars and Cents. You have the power, Bud, but you’re not using it.

  24. northstateblues

    Thanks for the compliment, Nelly, but if I wrote this for a real newspaper, my body would soon be found in the same crackhouse as Ken Caminiti’s (God forbid).

  25. northstateblues

    In other news, I shouldn’t have laughed when I saw the beer cup hit the Cryin’ Hawaiian in Chicago. But I did. Loudly.

    Anyone in Philly would be laughing if the same happened to one of our guys too. But the fact that it happened to Victorino, after the week he’s had, is so much funnier… kinda like someone getting kicked in the butt as they’re being dragged by the hook offstage by the Apollo Theater Clown.

  26. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    interesting comments by bear and lbirken. the time is coming when management will have to ante up to keep these young players, so will they want or be able to afford to keep them all?
    lot of ball left to be played and I’m not ready to give up on Martin either.

  27. shad80

    lol Moyer upset over money? Padilla scaring off teams good don’t even trying it Ned lol. My favorite one is this one Webb to big market?

  28. dodgereric

    Catchup time……….

    Encha…… er, bpb, nice work on that song, although I’m still with lbirken and knouff in that I’m willing for Martin to work through his struggles. Especially since we don’t have much in the way of replacing him in house for a while.

    North, I’m still convinced that Selig allowed McCourt to purchase the Dodgers BECAUSE he didn’t have any money, hoping that they couldn’t afford to build up the team.

    Pitching? We missed the boat once 7/31 passed. There’s no one worth spit out there anymore. Let’s take who we have now to the dance and see if our offense can carry us all the way.

    Normally I’m a proponent of people getting second chances. But seeing who signed Michael Vick has given me an opportunity I’m not passing up.

    Philadelphians should be ashamed.

  29. dodgereric

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    You hit like a woman
    And you throw like one too………


  30. thinkingblue

    ERIC – love your b-day song to JP. Funny.
    I am also on the I-AM-NOT-GIVING-UP-ON-MARTIN train. GOOOOO MARTIN….YOU CAN DO IT….HR TONIGHT BABY! Oh wait Mr. Torre said it is NOT about the HR but just HIT DAMN THE BALL! YOU CAN DO IT…MARTINISTA in da’ House!

  31. thinkingblue

    Maybe that’s what Martin needed. Hey I was willing to go slap him a couple times to wake him up. LOL!

  32. thinkingblue

    Well I’m glad the Dodgers are not playing the Phillies again this year…I wouldn’t want Hudson going that way…near Vick….LOL

  33. shad80


    2006 LA C 117 114 1015 856 788 62 6 8 .993 7.54 .000 5 71 32 .311 3.93
    2007 LA C 145 143 1254 1164 1065 85 14 11 .988 8.25 .000 5 82 41 .333 3.95
    2008 LA 3B 11 8 71 26 2 21 3 3 .885 2.92 .000 — — — — —
    2008 LA C 149 138 1238 1118 1042 65 11 8 .990 8.05 .000 6 70 23 .247 3.64
    2009 LA 3B 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .00 .000 — — — — —
    2009 LA C 98 96 871 795 727 63 5 7 .994 8.17 3.073 1 57 22 .278 3.52

  34. nellyjune

    Nice song dodgereric!!!!!

    I am a Redskins fan, and I hope every team in our division pounces on the Eagles (Yes, Boblee – the Cowboys too). It’s bad enough they had TO, with his issues, but now this. In some ways if you think about it, Vick will probably do well with the Philadelphia fans. Some of them have no problems engaging in disturbing behavior either.

  35. nellyjune

    Well, I will admit JP probably throws better than I do. Then again, I don’t get paid the money he does to do so.

  36. crzblue2

    Where else can I have season tickets for $4 a game? Yep, that is how much I pay in the Top Deck. If I spend more is my option for food, parking, gift shop, auctions. Sometimes I bring my own food.
    I was surprised when I was in San Diego and they did not let me in with a litter of water. they said it was too big but at Dodger Stadium a litter or less is OK. Another thing at Dodger Stadium I can bring any non-alcoholic drink like coke, gatorade, as is sealed and is plastic but at Petco Park you can only take water.

  37. trublu4ever

    It’s a close call, on you and JP, NellyJune. Remember.
    we were watching him during his warm-ups and I’ll bet you would have reached Andre with the baseball!

  38. trublu4ever

    I think NSBlues was expressing that for the most part, it is not an inexpensive outing to take a family to a ballgame.

  39. trublu4ever

    Me too, NellyJune! A Dodger Dog is a must! Seeing the guys up close all the time is a must! Not to mention….a souvenier or two…a must!!!

  40. nellyjune

    I guess I don’t go to Dodger Stadium enough to be willing to sit on the top deck. I think of it more as a mini vacation when I go so I tend to spend the money for the better seats and the ballpark food. Even going to the game last Monday, we spent the money on the better seats, but we certainly did well in the parking. If you want to park at AT&T Park, it’s $30, but Collie has a system using he meters, and it only costs between $3-$4 to park with the same amount of walking and a great view. That was an awesome find Collie, one my husband is sure to use in the future.

  41. crzblue2

    Thanks Tru! Sorry NSB, you do forgive me, right? 🙂
    When I on the road I do buy the best seats. If I am going for the entire series, I buy one or two very good seats and the last one I sit anywhere. At Dodger Stadium, even though I have season tickets, sometimes I buy tickets elsewhere because I am with other friends or when I got the seats for “This is My Town”, Stich and Pitch or I get the company seats or for other events. I still go back to my seats at the Top Deck. Even Josh’s boss I have seen sitting in the Top Deck. I spotted him there one time and I went to talk to him. the next time I saw him walking in the club level he was telling the person he was walking with “Emma treated me well upstairs.”. Another time I saw him there keeping score and with his binacolors. Because of the openness, you get a very nice cool breeze there when is hotter elsewhere.
    This year I’ve been in the field level (company seats), reserved behind home plate, reserved right and left side, Loge, club level and of course Top Deck. I’ve sat in the dugout seats but not this year. I met a few people that have season tickets in the Left Field Pavilion and I do have a friend that has season tickets there so my friend Lore and I want to sit there for a game. I sat there a few years back and my brother caught a BP ball from Albert Pujols.
    My friends and I have paid the $30 at AT&T (we don’t know better) and $20 at Petco Park but with attending the last series at Petco Park, now we know where to park for less.
    At Dodger Stadium I park for free by the Academy entry or the main entrance or the 110. Back in the days I used to park outside off the Scott entrance, now is closes to the main entrance or where my friend parks that I call “Loreville” which is on the street next to the workers parking lot. If I am running late or do not feel like walking, or I am taking some friends and family or kids then I park inside.
    oops. sorry for the long post.

  42. crzblue2

    Oh and Happy birthday Juanito!
    My friend Lore is having a bday next week but she would kill me if I do something. I embarrassed her when I got a graduation balloon, tied it to her seat and brought a cake from Portos. She got her Masters! she works for a Charter school.

  43. crzblue2

    Very nice article! Yep, they did not face Kerhaw. Wolf was dealing and Weaver has pitched well his last two games.
    I love it that Kemp is ranked #1! I saw the “This is My town” banner at Union Station today with Matt Kemp. I need to take a picture of it for a friend.

  44. northstateblues

    Dost my eyes deceive me, Kahli? An objective sportswriter in the Bay Area? One who owns up to the fact that Pablo Sandoval was not hit, as opposed to cheerleading and overreacting when they thought Sandoval was ejected, which he wasn’t. Now we know where our SF import got his itchy trigger finger.

    I wish I could’ve DVR’d it and taped it for all Dodgers fans to see. The way they blew up the frames from J-Mac’s inside pitch to Sandoval so large, it was pixelated like a scene from the Atari 2600. The way Kruk and Kuip, the biggest babies/aspiring Umpires in the league, hooted and hollered at a massively blurry picture as conclusive proof that a Dodger runner was out at 1st in the 9th. A freeze frame, mind you, that looked like someone put an impressionist painting in a Spirograph.

    This is further proof for me that Jim Miller is a hack. And he deserves to spend his weekends next to Joe Morgan. I used to feel sorry when Morgan would make him look the fool on National Television… but for once, Morgan might be telling the truth of Miller’s foolhardiness.

    We are beyond spoiled to have Vin Scully calling the games for us. And he grew up a diehard Giants fan in Washington Heights, NYC. I guess when drunken Horace Stoneham picked up the stakes and moved the Giants to San Fran, he left any vestige of classiness back in New York.

    What a circus lifestyle following the Giants must be. As objective as World Wrestling Entertainment. I know I shouldn’t be surprised having lived here for 8 years, but I try to think the best of humanity and what our potential is, and to see a culture repeatedly fail… it’s downright depressing.

  45. northstateblues

    Emma, it’s fine, season tickets like that are a hell of a deal, and letting people bring their own sealed water is definitely a plus.

    I was mainly pointing out that for families to decide at the end of a work day to pick up and take in a day/night at the ballpark, what was once the Best Buy In Town is now probably 25%-50% of one of the parent’s paychecks, including travel expenses, concessions and other amenities (programs, souvenirs, etc).

    Frank does it ’cause he needs to make money on his investment, I understand that. But I blame Rupert Murdoch for not selling the Television rights, and Bud Selig for allowing the sale to an owner who, in order to keep financially afloat, would have to raise prices of everything at inflated rates, and that’s just to keep even.

    We can’t even afford to take on a new pitcher, according to Frank, even with Joe and Ned telling him its a NEED, especially with Bills on the mend. That snake Bud is hissing his approval somewhere in Milwuakee.

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