Lineup in St. Louis

Very tough loss last night, for those who watched. A great game, but not the outcome we were hoping for…big game tonight to try and snare a game in the series.

Still no official confirmation from the team on Sherrill, though obviously I’ve seen all the stuff out there online.

We did make a move, though, in optioning Brent Leach and recalling Scott Elbert.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Ausmus, C

Kuroda, P



  1. selltheteam

    26 hours and counting (plus or minus, depending on our time warp issue) – Keep the core 25 Ned!!!!!!!
    Sherrill gives Joe one more bullpen arm to burn out.

  2. kpookiemon

    Good work, Joe…now leave Ausmus in for about a week. I wonder…is Martin sitting based on his 0-7 last night…or is he on his way to Toronto???????

  3. selltheteam

    Was Martin’s start pulled because Ned (and Bear) are about to send him to Toronto?
    While they’re at it, send Pierre too! He’d get along with that French speaking nation up north.

  4. selltheteam

    Kahli – great minds think alike. Actually, after 15 innings at catcher, he probably deserves a day off.

  5. kpookiemon

    Funny…Red Sox two World Championships now tainted…Phillies last year (JC Romero…he got a lot of Dodgers and Rays out, thank you)…but the Dodgers couldn’t even cheat their way to a championship these last 20 years (Gagne, LoDuca, and counting…).

  6. shad80

    On July 30, The New York Times reported that Ramirez tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs during Major League Baseball’s 2003 survey testing.[1] Ramirez, a member of the Boston Red Sox at the time, was among 104 major league players—including then-teammate David Ortiz—to test positive.[1]

    I didn’t notice it was the NY Times not Boston.

  7. shad80

    I hope Martin was man enough to ask for this day off. I wonder if Martin have told Torre I need to bat lower in the lineup would Torre do it?

  8. aeversw

    Joe Torre has yet to put his best lineup together and we’re 100 plus games into the season. I hope he retires after this season.

  9. shad80

    That’s why we need our starters to go deep so he won’t have a chance to burn them. Maybe Torre should had batting for Troncoso since run was hard to get and a 1 run lead is nothing to the Cards as we seen twice.

  10. perumike

    Looks like they got Sherrill for not too much, and that pleases me! Keep our guys together, and strengthen our pen! Good job so far Ned, keep it up!

  11. enchantedbeaver

    Keep a couple of the prospects and give them freaking Martin all wrapped up with a ribbon and bow instead.

  12. kpookiemon

    I feel Kemp, Kershaw and Broxton are untouchables, with Billingsley and Loney very close. Wouldn’t want to trade Ethier. Martin? Branch Rickey: “It’s better to trade a guy a year too early rather than a year too late”…of course, it might very well be a year too late already! Whatever happened to Martin? Could it be the “dirty little secret?” Always suspected Piazza…LoDuca for sure…Martin? Just asking…….!?!?!?!?!?!?

  13. selltheteam

    Okay. It’s one thing to keep the 2003 steroids list away from the public, fine. But as a GM, you’ve got to know which were on the juice, so that as they come off the juice, they will be lesser players.


    I’d applaud that saying, Scott, except it would be a disservice to most housewives I know, even the worn down ones – lol.

  15. selltheteam

    Scott – Does it all relate back to his use of “J. Martin” – in honor of his mother? I think Shad was the first to make this point.

  16. selltheteam

    Josh – We’ve still got time warp issues. Hard to keep up with all the comments, when they don’t show up in the order they are received!

  17. jesse_from_sc

    Sherrill is “earning 2.75 million this year and aribitration eligible next year.” so he will get big fat raise

  18. scott_in_arcadia

    What’s up, E!
    Still haven’t been to the new Boat (Galley) yet…

    bear – my apologies to all the worn out, beat down housewives out there!

    crash – the “J. Martin” thing does not help his wussy bat. Maybe his mom was his steroid supplier?

  19. selltheteam

    Scott – I don’t know who was the supplier, but it is curious that he went to the same high school as Gagne.

  20. enchantedbeaver

    You ever get to The Boat Scott I expect a full report.

    Martin’s the worst .261 hitting catcher I’ve ever seen. If last night didn’t prove it nothing will. I’d love to have a .235 hitting Yeager-type who at least could play great D to make up for his bat.

  21. koufax1963

    Hey ITD,
    Who is hot wins. The cards have simply outplayed us so far. Doesn’t mean after our June swoon and July sigh that we won’t get to our potential like April/ May. The phillies blow in to SF for four games lets see where we all are after this weekend. Go Dodgers! And yes I am glad to see Ausmus in the line up.

  22. shad80

    I hope Philly give the Giants fit and hate to say this but want to see the Giants pitching pitch horrible in that series.


    I kind of expected everyone to be in a foul mood after last night’s game (and the two before that) but find otherwise. According to the stats on the Dodger website, Dodger pitchers have been charged with 53 wild pitches so far. I did not check passed balls. I wonder how many runs have Dodger pitchers given up directly on the wild pitch or as a result of a wild pitch that moved a runner into scoring position and that runner eventually scored.

    Interesting discussion on Russell Martin. I too joked his troubles started when he added the “J” to his name. But he has been a bit of a mystery this season since we were told he changed his offseason routine to build strength and stamina. How quickly he has gone from the “heart and soul” of the team just a short time ago to being called “wussybat”. Oddly enough, Russell should have been able to relax more at the plate this season considering the offensive potential the Dodgers put on the field everyday because he did not have to an offensive leader as he did in season’s past. Unfortunately, with the Dodgers still having trouble in the power department, Martin’s drop off is so much more noticeable.

    It looks as if the PED issue just will not go away. Major League Baseball has mishandled this mess from the beginning making it hang around like an unwanted house guest who knows he makes everyone uncomfortable but still refuses to leave. Frankly, I almost don’t care anymore.

  24. oldbrooklynfan

    Well we came real close last night, but that’s all.
    Kershaw’s 8 inning gem wasn’t enough for a victory, but it gives a lot of promise for the future.
    The Dodgers played their heart’s out against one of the best teams in baseball.
    The main thing is for them to stay confident and I hope maybe the experience in this series will pay dividends later on.
    I see we picked up George Sherrill , a relief pitcher, pretty cheaply.

  25. selltheteam

    Wow, wussybat’s slugging percentage is a pathetic .319. At least Yeager’s career slugging was .355. Meanwhile, Oates came in at .313. Yeaaaaahhhh, Wussybat!!

  26. truebluewill

    oldbrooklynfan How are you doing? I agree with you. Also I felt last nights game had a playoff feel to it. I was disappointed with Broxton. If we are going to be able to go deep into October, we are going to have to win games like that on the road. Broxton is going to have to come through. I still think back to game 4 NLCS against the Phillies.

  27. shad80

    28 Russell Martin LAD 324 41 85 10 0 3 31 8 6 50 59 .262 .373 .321 .694
    29 Bengie Molina SFO 336 30 88 19 1 11 52 0 0 6 43 .262 .273 .423 .696

    Sigh bad Martin.

  28. oldbrooklynfan

    Truebluewill: All games against the Cards is like a postseason game.
    This is like practice if we get there.
    That was only Broxton’s 3rd blown save, can’t expect him to be perfect.

  29. colliethec

    Good evening ITD’ers! I hope all is well and everybody is ready to help our beloved Blue turn this thing around!
    Good pick up to get some relief for the relief.
    Now get that ace!
    Just a quick hit & run as I’m going to dinner with some friends.
    Can’t we get a 1 out hit????
    Go Blue!!
    Bring the Ring to LA in 20009!!!

  30. shad80

    Last 3 innings on the road he has given up 6 runs 7 hits. I thought that was gone. We could’ve had used that hit with risp last night.

  31. trublu4ever

    BPB ~ in this series, we have more hits than the Cards and hardly any runs so, wouldn’t you think Joe would figure out that his lineup is screwed up?!

  32. colliethec

    Blake’s had a couple of good games. I hope it keeps up. I agree Joe. I think he’s a very good player who has been in a slump. It’s a long season & slumps will happen.
    But I do think that Joe should have he & Matt flipped in the order.
    Good hustle Matt!

  33. trublu4ever

    NellyJune and I were talkig about that very thing this morning, bpb. She was asking what’s wrong with our team? And, we decided the batting should be as you suggested.

  34. enchantedbeaver

    Last year Tru the team didn’t start taking off until Kemp was leading off. This year, why not drop Manny to cleanup and bat Kemp ahead of him? I really think you’d see the offense take off again.

  35. trublu4ever


  36. enchantedbeaver

    The bottom line is, Torre should’ve learned last year from Kemp leading off that he’s a dynamic player. If he could bat in front of Manny he could really start honing his hitting skills. Instead, JoJo The Idiot Clown has him batting 8th most of the time where he rarely sees anything good to hit – and he still is batting over .300. Get a clue Joe. I don’t have 50 years of pro ball experience and can still see what is right in front of my face.

  37. colliethec

    That would work BPB. I wouldn’t mind experimenting with the order if you’re going to do that with the pitching. IE Schmidt…

  38. enchantedbeaver

    The bottom line is, Torre should’ve learned last year from Kemp leading off that he’s a dynamic player. If he could bat in front of Manny he could really start honing his hitting skills. Instead, JoJo The Idiot Clown has him batting 8th most of the time where he rarely sees anything good to hit – and he still is batting over .300. Get a clue Joe. I don’t have 50 years of pro ball experience and can still see what is right in front of my face.

  39. oldbrooklynfan

    I wonder if Odog thought that was ball four on the first one, forgetting the count, but the guys say he thought he was struck out.

  40. colliethec

    Matt has a hard with the slider. He can hit a fastball & he’d get those in front of Manny.
    Every Day Dre
    Big Game James
    My Favorite Martin
    That is what I would like to see for a few games.

  41. enchantedbeaver

    Would somebody PLEASE FIX THIS BLOG so you don’t have to sign in 25 times a night, double and triple post because nothing happens when you hit submit, time warp answers to questions that haven’t been asked yet!!!! This damn thing hasn’t worked right since they screwed around with it the night before the season started in 2008.


    Check me if I’m wrong, but if Kuroda loses this game, I think he’ll have a worse record than all our combined #5 starters. Big money, big promise, but low achievement. That’s a lesson about importing tired arms out of Japan.

    I am glad to get Sherrill aboard. We certainly have needed help for the pen. Makes you wonder if we would have been better off signing Beimel.


    Wussy bat Furcal isn’t doing much good for us leading off either. Plus, it’s getting to be obvious that he can’t run worth a damn anymore, so you have a leadoff man with no steal possibility – Great.

  44. enchantedbeaver

    Making Lohse into another Cy Young winner tonight. They ought to be mashing this soft tosser all over the yard.

  45. oldbrooklynfan

    Man the Cardinal pitchers seem to be having an easy time.
    Like they know just what to do to get an out.

  46. enchantedbeaver

    I agree Bear – Furcal just doesn’t have the legs anymore.

    Hell, let’s have Kemp leadoff – worked last year.


    truebluewill and brownpaperbag already said it. These pitchers can’t be that good. You’d think the Dodgers must have already set a record for men left on base in a four game series.
    Every team hits a soft spot during the season. All of us know that. All we can do is wait it out and hope we don’t give up too much ground.

  48. enchantedbeaver

    Jeez our team sucks right now. Absolutely pathetic.

    Where’s sage old Joe to guide us through the rough spots with his wisdom and savvy? Oh that’s right, he doesn’t have any.

  49. oldbrooklynfan

    Who was it that came up with the stat, “runner in scoring position”?
    What made him think that a runner was in scoring position?

  50. enchantedbeaver

    Loney swung at ball four.

    Same crap as last year – good overall batting averages, but can’t score a lick. Lohse sucks, yet he’ll probably go 8.

  51. oldbrooklynfan

    Who was it that came up with the stat, “runner in scoring position”?
    What made him think that a runner was in scoring position?

  52. kpookiemon

    Wake me up when Joe puts on an offensive play, OK? Guess he really likes what he’s been seeing lately and doesn’t want to upset the apple cart…whatever that means.


    Don’t blame me. See my earlier post at 5:28 P.M.

    “Somebody let me know when it becomes permissible to say that Manny*roid SUCKS.”


    I actually like Steve Lyons and Eric Collins for their opinionated analysis, but one thing I appreciate about Vin Scully is that he never gets excited about a fly ball that ends up being caught, even those that get caught on the warning track. It drives me nuts when these guys think it’s a home run but gets caught.

  55. enchantedbeaver

    Boy getting out of that last inning really fired up the team. Nice job. Did the pitcher even break a sweat?

  56. Dodger4life

    Good evening everyone….
    Lost the internet connection for a while.

  57. enchantedbeaver

    Have we got anybody in the pen that can hold this lead?

    Also, why would you pitch to Kemp with first base open?

  58. truebluewill

    oldbrooklynfan Great hit by Kemp!!! I feel a little shaky with Broxton coming in. I hoping for a 123.

  59. truebluewill

    Wheeeew! That was big. Broxton needed that. The Dodgers needed that. I needed that. Now maybe he’ll settle down and get back to his normal lights out self. Good night everyone, now I can get some sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  60. enchantedbeaver

    Salvaged one anyway. Frighteningly, as bad as they played this series they were within one strike of splitting.

    And Johnny says: Fu-Q Y’all!!!

  61. shad80

    Ethier 0/5 and Martin 0/7 last night. Hudson, Manny, Ethier combined to go 0/12 with 3 walks and Ethier getting 2nd himself and a big one in extra to help us win it. Blake first 2nd games were 1/8 and his last 2 games he goes 7/10 hope Blake is back.

  62. aeversw

    Hopefully when Sherrill shows up they DL Brox so he can rest his toe. Charlie and Monday kept talking about how uncomfortable he looked on the mound and his velo was down.

  63. bluesplash09

    I guess if I dont post during the game then we’ll win! I’m just glad we salvaged 1 in this series, lets take the series from the braves and hope the phils can help us out in san fran, we need to get our swagger back. GO DODGERS!!

    Kemp is my new favorite player (sorry Russ)

  64. shad80

    Deja Vu

    Albert Pujols gave the Cardinals their third straight win with his 11th career walk-off hit in the 15th inning. His last extra-inning walk-off hit also came against the Dodgers.
    Last 2 Extra-Inning
    Walk-off Hits Date 7/13/06 7/29/09
    Inning 14th 15th
    Opponent Dodgers Dodgers
    Final score 3-2 3-2

    Wow interesting fact here

  65. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!! Great game tonight! I thought we were headed into a repeat of last night. Thank goodness that didn’t happen, and we were on the winning end as well. Until tonight, the Dodgers hadn’t won since I had left on my vacation. I was beginning to think I jinxed them, but all is well now.

    I did get a chance to see Dodgereric yesterday. We met him and Chris for lunch as we crossed paths. We were going from Vegas to Costa Mesa, and they were driving to Vegas. He had heat exhaustion, but he is doing great, and he was allowed to go through with his plans of spending a few days with his wife in Las Vegas. I just didn’t want anyone to worry why you haven’t heard from him.

    Once again, great game today, and I hope we get through tomorrow, and the trade deadline, with minimum damage. Have a wonderful evening and an awesome tomorrow. I will try to check in tomorrow.

    Go Dodgers!!!!!

  66. kpookiemon

    Hate to beat a dead horse, but Ausmus got two more hits tonight and is batting .312. With only two months left in the season Ausmus should be catching. Martin could learn a thing or two. If he hasn’t been packaged for Halladay then sit his sorry a** down and let him stew, just like Ethier and Kemp had to. Martin has NEVER had to fight for his job, never had to produce to stay in the line-up. I get that he’s been concentrating on defense and the nuances of calling a game. But right now Ausmus is the better catcher. It wouldn’t be the end of the world for J. Martin.

  67. shad80

    Ouch I knew Loney struggling with the Braves in his career and number don’t lied. In his career in Atlanta he’s 0/12 with 5 k’s.

  68. northstateblues

    Martin hasn’t had to fight for a job since Navarro was on the team, and with Ausmus over .300, I wouldn’t mind seeing Joe trust a PVL for a while… just this once

    No time like the present for Loney to make his crappy record in Atlanta part of the past. I’m guessing his numbers will look a lot better after this trip :: fingers crossed ::

    Well, 11 hours and 40 minutes to go… Hope the panic button remains unpressed… though I won’t cringe at a decent deal, but we all know how likely that is…

  69. shad80

    Loney careers numbers vs the Braves in 12 games 7/42 that’s at least 2 doubles, 2 rbi’s and 4 walk’s. Loney and the rest of players needs to step it up

  70. boblee4014

    Good morning everyone. Well, it was a much needed win last night. If things stay as they are, we will probable play St. Louis in the playoffs and we need to have home field advantage. I was a little upset last night as I was just a few feet away from Manny when he didn’t try all out for that ball hit in the eight inning to start the inning with a hit. I thought a little dive would have come up with that ball. However, no harm done and we went on to win. I was one of very few that were rooting for the Dodgers in a sea of 43,263 fans last night at the Stadium. 4 straight sellouts for the Dodgers in St. Louis.
    We need to continue our winning ways today. I really believe Halliday will stay a Blue Jay. I hope we don’t trade the farm for him.

  71. boblee4014

    Another comment. Manny was booed constantly when he made trips to the outfield, when he came to bat and just throwing catch with bullpen pitchers before the start of each inning last night. He has served his suspension. I was at 2 games this week and for those that live in the Los angeles area and attend games should start an area wide effort to boo each and every Cardinal player that comes to bat or makes a good play when the Cardinals next come to Los Angeles. Did I tell you I hate the Cardinals as much as most of you in the LA area hate the Giants. Lets get this started.


    boblee, I normally agree with everything that you have to say. As to your suggestion to boo the Cardinal players next time they’re in LA, I would support that if you can point out to me a long term juicer and cheater on the Cardinals team that we could target. If they published the entire list of 104, I’m sure we could find a Cardinal or two, past or present, and my point is that the list should just be leaked in its entirety instead of pieces.

    As far as I’m concerned, Manny*roid deserves anything that ever happens to him, except respect of any kind, and the same goes for Frank and Ned for tying up with a long term juicer, all time cheater for their own promotional purposes. He’s the shame of LA and the franchise, and I hope he’s gone from the baseball scene as soon as possible.

  73. thinkingblue

    I don’t respect what Manny did. And I honestly think the whole list should be released. But hey they fans (not knowing the truth) were asking for Manny to be signed with the Dodgers. ITD was asking for Dodger’s to sign Manny. Who knows if Frank and Ned knew about Manny’s past. It sucks and I hate the fact that they have a list of users and the names get released when they start doing good. That list should of been released back in 2003 or when it was created. The entire MLB is freaken corrupted if you ask me, they are corrupted for having that list and only release a few name at a time. My son is a Manny Fan (yes he is too little to understand about PED or what’s going on). So why does MLB wait til all the young kids get attached to their favorite player. RELEASE THE LIST AND JUST GET IT OVER WITH IT. HAVE RANDOM PED TESTING TO AVOID A FUTURE LIST.

  74. thinkingblue

    Well let’s concentrate on 2009, and what is in the past is in the past. We have to play with Manny on the Team so we just goint to make the best out of it and not ruined it for the rest of the team.
    So when does Sherrill gets his start?

  75. thinkingblue

    And if Manny gets pulled and JP gets back in the game. I will be cheering for JP to do good and help the team win.

  76. boblee4014

    Hey messagebear, I agree. I would rather have someone with Mannys ability instead of Manny as we did ok without him, but we need a big hitter at this point so I guess we’re stuck with Manny.

  77. enchantedbeaver

    Bear – like I said last night, Manny’s got a new nickname – The Manzierre – for the two boobs that brung him to L.A.

  78. trublu4ever

    Sherrill joins the team tonight in Atlanta. Whether he will be used in relief is another question. However, knowing the way Joe like to use his BP and the fact that Schmidt is starting, I’d say we will see him in the game sometime tonight.

  79. thinkingblue

    Boblee, I have the feeling that the Dodgers’ management will be turning tables on who their media heroe will be. It will probably be KEMP…who knows??? But for us true fans BLAKE, KEMP, ETHIER, LONEY, FURCAL, HUDSON, AUSMUS KERSH, BILLZ, KURODA, KUO…and all other PITCHERS too many to list and yes (For Me) even MARTIN makes the list.


    Josh, I see a great advertising opportunity for Dodger Stadium, and you should follow up on it. Can’t you just see the sign STEROIDS.COM plastered on the left field wall of Dodger Stadium? I bet the online company would gladly pay big bucks for being featured right under Mannywood.
    Go for it.

  81. thinkingblue

    TRU – Thanks…yes Joe likes to use all the Pitchers per game. LOL…I was waiting for Loney to do his pitching debut…LOL! Heck next thing you know he calls the president to pitch for us.

  82. phan52

    LOL!! I see you folks are still obsessed with me.
    And for the ridiculously uninformed (cough…msrussyethier,,,cough), George Sherrill has never started a game in his MLB career.

    Cliff Lee tonight. Lee, Hamels, Blanton, Happ. Maybe even a resurgent Pedro Martinez. Good luck in October.

  83. thinkingblue

    PHAN: I am a rookie in baseball and I have many other questions that may seem ridicule to you. Hey I will be making a lot of mistake but I am still learning. Good luck to you to.

  84. perumike

    Good morning everyone! Glad we finally broke that mini losing streak. I’d like to see us light up the Braves!!!

  85. kpookiemon

    phan, you have the table manners of an oaf. By the way, do you play on the Phillies? You sure do get goose bumps with all their transactions.

  86. trublu4ever

    Eric is doing fine, msrussyethier. NellyJune had lunch with him the other day. He illness was heat related.

  87. trublu4ever

    Eric is doing fine, msrussyethier. NellyJune had lunch with him the other day. His illness was heat related.

  88. trublu4ever


  89. phan52

    kahli, what’s not to get goosebumps about? Cliff Lee? Without giving up a Happ or a Drabek?

    As far as Pedro is concerned, it’s a can’t lose situation. If he doesn’t pan out all they lost was a little money. If he does pan out he could be a difference maker.

  90. trublu4ever

    Hold on to your hats everybody…..just got an alert from NellyJune ……….Huggybear has been traded to Brewers for minor league pitcher C.Vinny Rottino.

  91. trublu4ever

    Hold on to your hats everybody…..just got an alert from NellyJune ……….Huggybear has been traded to Brewers for minor league pitcher C.Vinny Rottino.

  92. crzblue2

    good morning ITD!
    i am excited and nervous about the trade deadline
    “Albert Pujols gave the Cardinals their third straight win with his 11th career walk-off hit in the 15th inning. His last extra-inning walk-off hit also came against the Dodgers.
    Last 2 Extra-Inning
    Walk-off Hits Date 7/13/06 7/29/09
    Inning 14th 15th
    Opponent Dodgers Dodgers
    Final score 3-2 3-2

    Wow interesting fact here

    By shad15 on July 30, 2009 10:04 PM

    I was sitting in the outfield for that game when Odalis Perez gave up that HR to Pujols. A Dodger fan infront of us, two rows down caught the ball. When we went to dinner/drinks at Ozzie Smith restaurant, they kept showing the “lowlights” on TV and there we were when the ball was caught.

  93. kpookiemon

    phan, I hope your new savior beats the Giants tonight. I thought the Phightin’ Phils were supposed to be a dominant road team? At the end of the day–and I know this is going to hurt–what these mega millionaires do has little bearing on our real lives. If these guys bring you oodles of happiness, more power to you. I discovered, to my horror, that when the Dodgers won it all in ’88, GASP!!!!….my life didn’t change one iota….though Gibson’s home run did give me a forever bonding moment with a good friend of mine. I hope when your heroes won last season that you experienced the same.

  94. thinkingblue

    TRU so is the new guy a CATCHER??? Just kidding…you were victim of the MLB COPY CAT, MLB clonning!

  95. kpookiemon

    enchanted, that’s a nice little gift from Ned to Claudio…maybe he can start for the Brew Crew. And in that same giving spirit, perhaps Ned can find a new perch for Juan so that he can resume his stellar career unimpeded by the likes of Manny, Andre and Matt.

  96. enchantedbeaver

    How come I’m not hearing any headlines about all the prospects we’re getting for JP and Loretta? Oh that’s right, THEY SUCK and nobody wants them. Glad to know then that Pierre was our first half savior and Loretta is quite the magical PH, so much so that Joe just can’t use anyone else.

    Let’s nickname them both Snuggles™ – they both hit like a stuffed bear and Joe feels all warm and fuzzy inside when he has them around.

  97. thinkingblue

    TRU so is the new guy a CATCHER??? Just kidding…you were victim of the MLB COPY CAT, MLB clonning!

  98. enchantedbeaver

    C’mon Ned. If you can give a gift to Claudio, give all Dodger fans one too – trade Pierre. We’ll never ask anything from you ever again. Really. I’m not just saying that. Now get outta here you knucklehead.

  99. trublu4ever

    msrussyethier ~ I’ve been having trouble posting all morning! I didn’t want Phan to accuse me of not knowing anything! He is a total jerk!

  100. enchantedbeaver

    Not that one would expect much for one Claudio Vargas, but isn’t this Rottino guy regressing? I mean AAA all-star last year to .249 hitter in AA this?
    “Rottino, 29, has appeared briefly in the Major Leagues for Milwaukee in each of the past three seasons and was named to the Pacific Coast League All-Star team last season when he posted a 24-game hitting streak. He was hitting .249 with four homers and 48 RBIs for Double-A Huntsville this season.”
    Well done Ned. Well done.
    If they needed a roster spot, why not just release Vargas or Schmidt? I’m not seeing what good a catcher that can’t hit is – we already have one of those.

  101. phan52

    kahli, what you are suggesting about me has no roots in reality. I am well aware that baseball is a pleasant diversion that has minimal impact on my quality of life. I happen to be a phan that has been following the Phillies for decades, and it is nice to finally see a management that goes beyond just looking after the bottom line, and is not afraid to make the big move that will improve their team for this year. They usually treasure their prospects like they are guaranteed all-stars. A prospect is nothing more than the name implies.

    I am also not panicky about a few losses in a 162 game season, like your brethren were here over the recent bump in the road. The Phillies are still the best road team in MLB by a decent margin and they have turned it around at home.

    Now, go beat up on the Braves.

  102. kpookiemon

    Maybe we’re stocking up on catchers, you know, in case we trade one on the 25-man roster or something?!?!?!?!?!?

  103. thinkingblue

    Well I hope the Phillies do beat the Giants? Good luck PHAN, hopefully the PHILLIES can get the job done.

  104. thinkingblue

    Well I hope the Phillies do beat the Giants? Good luck PHAN, hopefully the PHILLIES can get the job done.

  105. kpookiemon

    phan, if you’ve been a Phillie phan for decades, then you’re no teenager. How come you come in here and agitate strangers like some freshman in high school? Act your age, let’s talk baseball, and quit with the “nah-nah” stuff. I can respect the Phillies and their phans and still be a die-hard Dodger fan. No need to insult anyone on the Dodgers’ blog. We’re all here for baseball, the greatest sport on the planet.

  106. scott_in_arcadia

    perumike – I saw that too…I’m afraid I’d have to pack Loney’s bags for him if A-Gon is involved…

  107. enchantedbeaver

    Rosenthal gets all of his information secondhand from the bathroom stalls. He’s the king of uninformed reporters. Don’t take anything he says as the gospel until its etched in stone from three other sources.


    Don’t see Ned getting us Gonzalez, unless he’s on the list of 104 – no, I gues that was before his time. I could see Ned and Frank going after Ortiz and bringing us that celebrated duo with a real drug pedigree. Maybe they can conspire to bring us a tainted Series too. Actually they should be made to return their WS rings, so that theirs can be exchanged for zinc – understand that tarnishes rather well. Worthless cheater pigs! Says a lot about other transplants from Boston, like certain owners I know.

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