Meet me in St. Louis

Tonight’s game is a little earlier than originally scheduled, as ESPN has picked it up (outside of LA). For those here, still tune into Prime Ticket tonight at 4:15 p.m.

Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF (named Player of the Week today in the NL)

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Kemp, CF

Wolf, P

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Congratulation ETHIER!
Like the line up…..GOOOO DODGERS!

Josh- I will be in St. Louis tomorrow. I am going to really ry to make it out to a game!!! I hope it all works out!
Congrats Andre. You are super awesome and so much fun to watch.
I work late tonight so I will miss the entire game 😦 Go Get Em Wolf!

Good afternoon all! Glad to see the lineup, and congrats to Dre!!! Let’s silence Pujols and Holliday!!!

AMY have fun in St. Louis. I hope you can make it to the game and represent!….GOOOOO DODGERS!

Good day everyone…….
Way to go Andre!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!
Right on through St. Louis!!!!

D4 you are awake and full of energy!!

7 games on the road.. let’s see what the boys can do! GO BLUE!! 🙂

I am 🙂

Gomartin55….Love your name GOOOOOO MARTIN!
D4 – LOL…great party!

“I think you can rip it and grip it for a time or two,” Ramirez told the Dodgers’ official Web site, “but over the course of catching the ball in the outfield … it’s going to ache on you.”
Hopefully, Ramirez gets over this hand soreness soon. I’d hate to see Torre treat him with kid gloves (pun intended) like he did when Manny was coming back from his 50 game PEDS suspension.

Hi Everyone,
Looking forward to this week’s games. With the Dodgers playing in the central and eastern time zones, I’ll get to watch all of the games and still go to bed at a decent hour. I feel this road trip is another test for the Dodgers. 4-3 would be a passing grade.

From the end of the last thread:

I remember listening to an interview with James Cameron, the director of “True Lies” among many others. He was talking about asking permission to blow up the actual highway bridge in the Florida Keys instead of building the models. He was turned down of course, but I remember his quote, “Hey, you never know unless you ask!”

That’s why J.P. Ricciardi is asking for the moon. He doesn’t HAVE to trade Halladay. At least not right now. Some idiot might just……………….OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!?!??!?!?!?!?

Congratulations Andre. I knew you were special! LET’S GO DODGERS………….DODGER BLUE THRU & THRU!!!!

Eric – I wonder who is calling the shots this week. Is it Ned or is it Frank? And if it’s Frank, why does he still need Ned?

Not to say that Frank’s not an idiot.

My fear is they are going to do a 2004 like trade and tear the team apart.

Idiot is, Idiot does!

Idiot is, Idiot does!

I see Bud Selig’s working towards his own canonization by pondering whether he should let Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame (He’d have to be voted in, of course, but his record speaks for itself. Unfortunately, so does his attitude). Of course, any story this big would take the heat off of his embracing acceptance of PEDs in baseball.

Poor Bud, who’s going to elect you into Cooperstown?

nsb, interesting commentary (as usual – I always enjoy reading your comments). If he lets in Pete Rose, does that open the door for ALL the PEDS cheaters? Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Clemens, A-Roid, Manny, Palmeiro, etc. etc.?

Peter Gammons of ESPN says it does open the door for those players too. If you let Pete in you have to admit the others.

Good Afternoon from Las Vegas ITD readers and writers!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS ANDRE!!!!! This Ethieraholic is very proud of you!!!

Thanks for the lineup Josh!!


The Hall of Fame in Cooperstown consists of two parts.
1) A museum with exhibits commemorating the history of the game, etc. When I went there five years ago Pete Rose was represented in the museum at least once.
2) The sacred Hall itself. Pete is not represented there.

Pete Rose was an important player and it is good and right that his accomplishments and those of the powerful “Big Red Machine” are represented.
Pete Rose was a cheater of the most blatant sort, and as far as I can tell still an unrepentant one. His “apology” was weak. Whenever I hear Pete on the radio, all he wants to talk about is how Pete is being mistreated. When Pete starts talking about how he mistreated the game, the Reds organization, Reds players, etc … then I might begin to reconsider my attitude (as if my attitude is of any importance). Until then I strongly feel that the name of Pete Rose should not sully the sacred Hall.
I might not object to him being admitted posthumously. Baseball fans deserve to appreciate his accomplishments. Unfortunately, Pete himself does not.
Finally, the gambling is worse than the PEDs because at least when a player takes PEDs we can assume he is doing it to make himself a better player and more valuable to his team. No such assumption can be made about a manager who bets on his own team – even if he always bets for them.

Maybe there should be a baseball Hall of SHAME.
Pete and Bud could be part of the inaugural class.

I like the Hall of SHAME, lny4loney!

No way I would want Rose and those who blatantly falsely blew away Maris’ single season HR record (Bonds, Sosa, McGwire) to be in the Hall of Fame.

I was looking at the photo gallery (7/25) on the homepage, and that picture of Brox and his son is just priceless.

Hi everybody,
A positive thought is that in the past few years I didn’t expect the Dodgers to beat the Cardinals, now I’m not sure.
GO DODGERS********************

It’s great to read that Andre won player of the week AGAIN.

Crash and Tru… that’s what I’m afraid of… Pandora’s Box.

MLK, great Hall of SHAME idea. where would it be? I’d say Milwaukee, bring it home to Bud.

After this series I think we’ll have a much better idea how the Dodgers could fair in the postseason, if they get there.

Joe – I agree. However, I’d rather say “when they get there”. Of course, nothing in this game is guaranteed.

Did anybody catch what the sign the cardinal fans were holding up when Manny was at bat said?

Way to go Casey & James! Let’s bring them home!

Maybe next inning!

Damn double plays! We’re not going to beat this team if we keep doing that!

Stop swinging at the first pitch! 3 times swinging at the 1st pitch has led to 3 groundouts 2 of whict were double plays, make carpenter pitch! ahhhhh

Wow! the game already started!?

Amy! how exciting tht you will be in St Louis! I wish I was there!

sh*t, rockies are winning 2-0

The Dodgers did not take advantage of a big opportunity with the series against the Marlins. With the two teams behind the Dodgers playing each other, the Dodgers could increase the lead over at least one of those teams with a victory but by losing two of three games the Dodgers lost ground to the second place team, a team that is playing very well right now. The good news is they did not really play all that badly but the bad news is they continued to struggle to score runs. The problem yesterday was not so much Schmidt because he was gone early; the problem was Weaver could not keep the game close enough. So much for yesterday.

I don’t know if the team feels this way but it is clear to me that this series with St. Louis and the series that follows with Atlanta is critical. It should be an interesting week.

why dont u walk this guy and let pujols come up with bases loaded, that should work out great for us

Down 2 runs…… problem for us!

Joe just loves giving the other team outs! Does he know Bison is our best bast stealer? Obviously not.

Felicidades Andre en ser nombrado jugador de la semana de la liga Nacional!

Bring Matt home guys!!

Good job Raffy!

O.K. F U R C A L nice SF

A little bit more and Raffy’s SF might have been a HR.

tb4, That’s one.

A 3 up 3 down inning would be nice from Randy.

The lead is cut in half, tbw. More to come next time around. Andre will get us started!

Amazing yahoo has Holliday in an A’s hat but espn has him in a Cards hat.

Nice inning Randy! Now come on Dodgers let’s score.

Nice inning Wolf.

U called it tru! Nice job Randy, lets have some more of those

Yay, hit for Andre!

U called it tru! Nice job Randy, lets have some more of those

Nice hit DRE! Good call tb4!

Stay out of the DP!

Did I forget to mention that Andre has just been awesome lately 🙂


Make him pitch Casey


maybe we shouldnt hit it to right field

Come on Matt, hit one out!

at least we’re makin carpenter throw a lot of pitches

Matt’s not going to get anything to hit. He’s wasted in the 8th spot.

Help yourself out Randy!!

Crap…..hey, maybe Randy can get a hit!

What a freaking waste. Not 1 fastball to Matty. Imagine what he’d do batting in front of Manny not in front of the freaking pitcher.

Hey Folks, first time here on this blog. I used to keep up with LA Times blog until they changed the format… I heard a lot about this one…so here I am. Not to take too much from the game….but its a commercial break anyway so….just a few more details

31, from CA, but in SC now
going to ATL this SAT for road game
lived in BKLYN, so got a looooot of cool Dodger stories…..

Jesse from SC

I think it would be awesome, aeversw. But, you know Joe! Says he likes to spread out his power.

You’re not alone, aeversw!

oldbklynfan, Wez wus robbed by Ludwick!

Long inning, made Carpenter work, that helps.

I figured out whenever you get “submission error” it then puts you in the time warp!

Top of the order.

Top of the order next inning, gotta get some runs

Yes Blake need to go back batting 8th.

Damn, double plays are killing us!

Every time Matt bats 8th and comes up in a situation where he could drive in a run or two he’s going to get walked either intentionally or unintentionally to get to the pitcher and he’ll be wasted. I just don’t understand Joe’s reasoning for batting our best all around player 8th. Bison should bat 3rd, Manny 4th and Dre 5th. Man I hate joe.

Umm…we caught a break there

How many more opportunities can we waste

we should have at least 4 runs, we beat ourselves this game, what a freakin shame

Hey daze805! Welcome to ITD!! (and don’t believe everything you’ve heard – we’re not THAT bad!!)

Daze, stick around; it can get pretty interesting around here sometimes.

Manny keeps hitting them where they are.

Welcome daze805

Ouch, three double plays! I hurt my hand slapping myself in the head over that.

Thanks peepz, i plan on sticking around for a while…didnt know Carp was such a crybaby.

What no double steal? We need Furcal running more

Howzit going Truebluewill?

Welcome to ITD Daze805!!!

Beav/enchanted/bpb – ……but then sometimes we are THAT bad 🙂

lbirken – interesting sometimes and down right crazy sometimes as well.

Crazy is cool, fitting for this crazy year

oldbklynfan I’d be a lot better without those DPs.

Very true, very true – LOL!!!

I might need a day off tomorrow nursing my hurt hand.

Thanks lbirken. I’ve tried to do video chats with my family in CA, and no one is as die hard as me, lol. I found it hard to find where jimmy fallon crossed the line in fever pitch, whats wrong with going to spring training… i went to vero last year and it paid off when i met Mr. Koufax

Daze, what you will find here is besides some pretty knowledgeable and passionate Dodger fans are some folks who will put a smile on your face with some really funny stuff.

Wolf pitching carefully around Pujols and Holliday, Can you blame him?

we had carpenter on the ropes and now we are gonna let him out of the inning without even throwing 10 pitches

oldbklynfan I’d be a lot better without those DPs.

oldbklynfan I’d be a lot better without those DPs.

Still can’t believe we didn’t even bother trying to double steal with Furcal and Hudson.

oldbklynfan I’d be a lot better without those DPs.

It’s a tough game so far, we’re only one run behind anything can happen.

I’d like to welcome you also, Daze. We are a great group of fans as you will find out.

I wish I’d get out of this damn tie warp! I see PP is his usual self!

*time warp!

lbirken – you are pretty funny yourself 🙂

Ryan was 0 for 2 against Wolf now he’s 3 for 3.

Crap, just what we needed!

I feel ripped off!!! Juan should of won the Player Of The Week!!!
He’s been robbed!!!!!

That was a nice 6 inning from Wolf.

Just so unfair!

That should be a nice 6 innings.

I love when Raffy does that!!!

not even close, what was Phat Albert thinking…time for the bullpen to shine, then some late inning theatrics…..

I mean if after getting 2 strikes on him the other day he just didn’t try to bunt that time with 2 strikes, he would of won it! Unjust!!!

i’m goin to work i give up, double play bs

lbirken – The DPs are not good. Too many chances for scoring on those just erased like that. However, with this team, it’s early still and we have learned we are never out of it until the last out of the game.

& that play yesterday when they were down 8-0 he tried to steal 2nd & got hosed by a catcher who’s only thrown out something like 16 of 64 runners. Ripped off!!!


These DPs are almost becoming expected.

I have my moments, but this game may not be one of them. Hard to find something funny about hitting into four double plays unless you are Joe Torre, who hit into four double plays in one game and blamed the guy hitting in front of him for hitting 4 singles!

Sorry if Furcal not going to steal no need for him to bat 1st.

& that time recently where he attempted to steal 3rd with no one out & got thrown out. Shameful!!!

I’m just kidding everybody! I gotta have some fun on occasion!
Congrats to Every Day Dre from this Ethieraholic!!!!
Well deserved!
Go Blue!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

Oh & D4… what was in that BBQ sauce last night????
I think you could of written some songs for the Dead!!!!

What a bunch of crap! First 4 DPs and now a lead off HR. We’re getting moidered!

They sure are sloppy tonight.
& Joe’s their Manager.
I know what I want for dinner!!!!!

Welcome to the fun Daze.

Damn guess Pujols forgot who in CF tonight.

Thanks for that stupid error Blake.

I didn’t expect much out of them tonight – travel all night, lose three hours going east, start the game an hour early. Then you have Joe as their manager who’s about as electric as pudding – and such the motivator.

I’ve liked J-Mac but he isn’t looking good tonight. He was missing by a lot.

Fk Blake.

Yup BPB — very flat. Although they do seem to respond well after the flat games though.

Struggling Mack.

Electric Pudding ~ PRICELESS, bpb!

That wasn’t Mota fault at all this inning should be over at 3-1

Hey Collie!!! just for you……………….GO JUAN PIERRE!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! You know how hard that is to do? Also, I would like to know what was in the BBQ sauce of D4’s. As the saying goes..”When the cats are away, the mice will play”, but in this case, my cats and dogs are playing with D4 too – LOL!!! Dodger4life – I am just funnin’, but I know…………….. I will expect payback sometime soon:)

Here goes our bullpen.

Ok, synchronized my clock to this blog so my comments will show real time…

Great, a 3 run lead now, looks like it will take a GS to win this one.

LOL!!! Electric as pudding – that’s funny Beav………………I mean enchanted…………………..I mean brownpaperbag.

Go Metssssssss

Daze ~ the ITD clock seems to change and puts all of us in a time warp from time to time.

I hate these games in St. Louis.

So, I guess Jo is oing to use every member of the BP tonight!

Thanks tru, can the time warp take us back to the 3rd inning?

Well we let Carpenter off the hook and now we’re paying for it. We seem to do that at times.
Sweet work by the bully tonight!!
At least the Met’s have come back to tie the Rockies.

I wish it could, Daze! lol

Sigh yahoo change Leach run to an unearned because it was.

When we have a game like this at this time of the year I always picture Ned on the phone looking to make a deal!

Wait this is only one game, we’re stuck here for 3 more.

Hello there Nelly! Hope your having as much fun away as D4 is having at home!!!
It’s hard for me to but my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek.
I’m sarcastic when I’m hacked off… & I’m hacked off!!!
I’m so sick of going to St. Louis and losing. So annoying.

Any real likelihood that Doc Halladay ends up in Blue by the end of the week???

I see Wolf will be pitching this Saturday in ATL, hope he gets more run support

But it is good to see where we stand. We need more if we are going to get that Ring. That is very evident.
The problem is at this time I don’t see a whole lot out there that can help us out.
Getting Halliday would be great but not at the cost of any of our 25 and half the farm.

Now Manny gets the extra base hit. At least we knocked Carpenter out.

Not even sure why the Dodgers even bother to show up in St. Louis. They just can’t win there.

Here’s my take on obtaining a starter – you either go after Halladay or Lee or you go after no one. We’re going to the playoffs no doubt about that. We’ve got enough arms that can throw and be a #5 (except Schmidt – just stick a fork in that guy), so another Wolf (Jerrod Washed-up) doesn’t do you any good. We’re not trying to win the season, we’re trying to win the series. Only a Halladay or Lee will help you there. Now the question becomes, would I give up the farm to obtain either one?


The very fact that the Dodgers’ lefty “specialist” is a rookie named Leach speaks volumes about Ned. He NEVER addressed the pitching woes so evident even before Spring Training began. He’s still living off the bump Manny gave him, in terms of being a “successful” GM. And to try and rectify the pitching situation at the trading deadline will cost this team dearly in prospects…if it can be rectified at all.

Joe, I hear the Jays want the farm for Halladay, in our case that would undoubtedly include Kemp, Kershaw, and another pitcher…maybe Leach or Mac. Way too high a price IMO. Supposedly they asked for 3 top notch players.

RALLY TIme?!?!?!

Just a thought here… Since he is mentioned… Is it collusion for Scott BorASS to keep his lair of players from signing with teams so he can play them off one another????

Daze ~ it has been rumored that Torre would love to have Halladay but I think it would cost us way too much, don’t you?

Hey Nelly – have a wonderful in Las Vegas!

Not that I would necessarily want it to happen, but it would be fun to see Andre to get tossed in a game. He doesn’t argue calls too much.

And, I think dodgereric pointed out this morning that Boras is Halladay’s agent. Not good!

sparkleplenty – I am having a good time in Las Vegas. The kids are at the movies so I took this time to watch the game, but this game isn’t very enjoyable right now.

Is Boblee at the game perhaps? We haven’t seen him tonight, and he does live in St. Louis.

daze805 – you are sounding so much like us already. It’s like you have been here all along. ……….and yes, it is naueating to say the least.

Good hitting by Russell. Hope Matt can do something with this situation.

Just a thought here… Since he is mentioned… Is it collusion for Scott BorASS to keep his lair of players from signing with teams so he can play them off one another????

Come on Kemp, BLAST ONE !!!

Looks like Tony runs his pen like Torre…

I wish MLB.TV, wouldn’t make it so hard for us to figure out whose pitching .
They take too long to come back.

Let’s go Mets back to back walks.

Aw nuts!

Collie ~ I noticed that about Tony the other day when the Cards were playing the Phillies.

anyone else watching the game on ESPN? If I have to hear them say Jose Oquendo one more time i’m gonna punch the screen.

I hate Franklin’s beard.

Colletti, it’s still intact, although a 9th inning DP would definitely necessitate me getting a new TV.


Collie ~ Thanks for the video and the gnat info. My hubby did not know that so he thanks you too 🙂

Nelly —- for you….

Sleep well!!!!!!!

I am! And I agree wih you, Daze!

Well we certainly are getting a lot of ABs

I got time warped!!!

Welcome back K U O.

Welcome back, Hong-Chih!!!!

They just said it again Daze… Hopefully the TV isn’t broken.

When Tony does it’s good but I think the Cards has 30+ less innings than us.

Welcome back K O U.

daze805 – Did you just change your name?

Giants just got Ryan Garko….

I need me some Kuo tonight bye Dewitt

I just heard that rumor too, aeversw.

Looks like we’re going to have another L but at least Kuo looked good.

lol at Garko ok Giants I don’t think it would help much

That was a yucky game – blah!!!

The San Francisco Giants have acquired first baseman Ryan Garko(notes) from the Cleveland Indians, filling a big need in the infield and adding a key right-handed bat.

Garko was a late lineup scratch for the Indians on Monday before they opened a road series against the Los Angeles Angels. He was batting .285 with 11 home runs and 39 RBIs in 78 games for Cleveland, including .343 this month.

The Giants, who fell out of the wild-card lead with a 3-7 road trip, gave up Class-A left-hander Scott Barnes in the deal. Barnes was 12-3 with a 2.85 ERA and 99 strikeouts in 18 starts and 98.0 innings.

At least the Mets are winning 7 – 3!

He’ll help them some Shad. They needed something better at 1st & now they have it. They are a dangerous team especially if they make it to the playoffs.

Welcome, Daze. Of course there is one major problem with this site: MLB is using 1994 internet technology.
Tonight has been a prime example of the absolute insanity of wasting Matt Kemp in the 8-hole. Most of the night the Cards just pitched around him. And why shouldn’t they? That’s what I would do.
It is not at all difficult to project Matt Kemp hitting .325, 20 HRs, 75 RBI, 25 SB if he was hitting in the top half of the order. Personally I would have him hitting third (certainly while Manny was out). Just imagine the difference in the quality of pitches he would get with Manny behind him.
This guy should be a worthy MVP candidate (well, if there was no Albert Pujols), and JoJo has him hitting eighth.
It really is astonishing.

wohoooooooooo Mets 7-3 WB Kuo.

You gotta luv that Tru!

Yes I do Collie and now if the Giants would lose, not a bad night after all. We will come back with a win tomorrow because we haven’t los 3 in a row all season.

Actually I take that back it will help esp there pathetic obp.

Shad – It’s kind of an understood thing that if the gnats don’t make the playoffs (and some even say better than that), then Bochy is gone anyway. It get talked about alot on their radio station. However, anything can happen in this crazy business.

Got to keep trying, beating this team can mean an awful lot.

daze805/jessefromsc – Gotcha!!! There are many here with multiple names, both displayed and/or given over the coarse of being on this blog.

If I was them I’d rather have Ishikawa but since him and Aurilla were in a platoon I don’t think Garko would be a bad move for them. I just check Garko numbers and his obp is good but he’s been in a platoon with Martinez at 1st.

I hate to say this but I really hope Garko failed and Bochy get fired lol.

I hope your right tb4. I hope that this game is not a bad omen of things to come on this road trip. Remember the Dodgers haven’t had a prolonged losing streak so far this year. Things have been going so well I’m always afraid the other shoe is going to drop.

nelly: or Jesse from SC…not sure what name it will display…

Okay – I am getting time warped again. I am heading out in a few anyway. Have a great evening Dodger Blue fans!! We haven’t lost two in a row all season, and we are not going to let it happen tomorrow. It has been one of many great things about this team this season.


I thought Garko would cost them more than a minor league pitcher but I guess not.

Wow Willington just hit 2 grand slam but to bad it wasn’t in one innings against Park.

lol 13 runs in the last 2 innings and he hit them in consecutive Ab’s.

Same here Shad. But that’s a pretty good pitcher. At least in A ball.

Well thanks everyone for the kind welcome. I can truly say I have not had this much fun during a loss. Tomorrow will be a better result, Bills will dominate!!! I think I’ll watch a Tommy rant on youtube to lift my spirits.

looking forward to blogging live from Turner Field on Saturday!!!

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!

Jesse from SC (daze805)

I hope everybody knows that our starting 8 regulars are all batting over 260.
At least that some good news.

Lets face it, we got outplayed especially on defense, the good news is that is our 2nd loss in a row and that is our limit!

I live in the St. Louis area and I don’t know if I’ve expressed this before but I hate the F***ing Cardinals. That’s all I got to say and good nite. We’ll get them tomorrow….

I wonder if our little troll saw this…

1963 — You are correct sir. They were sleepwalking today. Hopefully it’s just due to a bad travel schedule and they snap out of it. I was bummin yesterday but they clawed back so I thought they might be ready today.
Guess not…

jesse – You are so welcome, and this was a mild day for this group. You haven’t seen nothing yet 🙂

Okay – now I am really going – bye!!!!

One more thing. Why did Kemp take the first pitch as it was a pitch he could have hit a mile. Manny took the first 2 pitches in the ninth for strikes which were hitable.

I guess boblee was at the game.

One more thing. Why did Kemp take the first pitch as it was a pitch he could have hit a mile. Manny took the first 2 pitches in the ninth for strikes which were hitable.

One more thing. Why did Kemp take the first pitch as it was a pitch he could have hit a mile. Manny took the first 2 pitches in the ninth for strikes which were hitable.

Oh n/m he here now. I didn’t see you boblee since I wrote that post.

Take care Nelly… we need to get those tix soon!
*****Josh****** This blog needs some work. It’s really messed up. Please get IT to fix it soon. It’s really annoying!
Thanks for running it. When it doesn’t work well it makes one realize how much it’s missed!

Bob — I thought the same thing. Bases loaded with a relief pitcher coming into the game. As a pitcher you are thinking that you have to get a 1st pitch strike. As a hitter you have to think the pitcher is thinking that.
He grooved it and Kemp should of been swinging at it.

Nice collie I’m going to see if they posted that on the Philly board yet

Submission errors, time warps, 2ble & 3rple posts!!!! uggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!

Well they did but I can’t believe there was a Yankees fan that wan’t Jason Werth since Gardiner on the DL but do the team have enough OF’s?

I’m surprise that fool didn’t come to the Dodgers board and wanted Pierre than they can have the 2 worst arm in LF and CF consider that poll last week.

Geez little Timmy has 8 k’s in 4 innings to bad they could’ve clone him.

I definitely wouldn’t trade Elbert for Sherrill, especially not him and more!!!!

Toady in AAA Albuquerque:

Abreu: 5-5 1HR 3RBI 3 2B
Lindblom: 2IP Save
Stults: W 6IP 2ER

AA Chattanooga:

Steve Johnson: W 6IP 3H 0ER 1BB 7K’s
Bell: 2-3 1 2B (now hitting .300

Nice numbers tonight from our minor league teams.

Of course a dodgers posted this on the message board or else today would be spell right lol.

Of course a dodgers poster posted this on the message board or else today would be spell right lol.

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
Today’s game is the kind of game where I’d like to walk up to the Dodgers and strangle them. No, not really, but it was just SOOOO frustrating to watch. I mean, Manny comes up with men on base in his first 2 at bats, and grounds in to DPs on each of them. And when he leads off an inning, THEN he hits a double. I mean, couldn’t he have done this during any one or both of the DP innings? It wasn’t just him, but it was still frustrating to watch. We had their best pitcher on the ropes early, and we couldn’t capitalize on our chances. Ah, nuts!

So how are my ITD friends this evening?

Message to the Dodgers, channeling another old manager named Joe:

“**** ’em, they’re just like anyone else. Now let’s get back to the hotel and pound that Budweiser…”

Wow so many grand slam tonight. Soriano just got his 1st hit after going 0/5 and it was a game winning GS.

NSB – Another old manager named Joe? Okay, I’ve thought about it; you stumped me (which isn’t hard to do). Who are you talking about?

Wow Fuentes blew a rare save and who the heck do Martinez think he’s going to be a Dodgers soon.

Fuentes last blown save/runs allowed/homerun was on May 30. He had something like 17 straight saves.

Cpompe! I know what you mean in your post. This game was soooo frustrating. Oh, I just feel for Wolf.
Welcome to the ITD!
So you are going to St Louis?! Bring us a win and stay cool. It is very humid there!

Just wanted to share this with you all cause sometimes people say that I am such a fan. I tell them there is plenty of us!
You must be the most dedicated Dodgers fan!
…. Thanks but I read the passion and dedication from so many fans here in the MLB blogs and other Dodger forums, and Baseball forums from any team. We are just sport fanatics supporting our teams at the stadium or religiously following them from afar.
A friend comes to mind who was in Asia. Thai would get up in the middle of the night to follow the Dodger games in game thread even the ones during Spring Training. Then all of sudden we stop hearing from “Thai” A few months later we started noticing another fan posting in the game thread with the name “Thaidad”. Someone said “We used to have a poster by the name of “Thai” “Are you by any chance his dad?” “he said “Yes, he was my son.” He got killed in a car accident.” “I came here to read what my son was posting.” sniff..remembering all this brings tears to my eyes. -Emma

Emma – thank you for sharing that! And yes, there are a lot of dedicated fans here. The group of us that regularly gathers on the Red Sox beatwriter’s blog during the games – we are from across the US, Mexico, Canada and South Korea – and yes especially our military from S. Korea have to watch many of our games at odd hours and it is tough. And I bet Thai’s dad found solace in the words he shared with all of you; baseball has a great way of binding us together like that!

Cpomp, sorry, I dozed off… the other Joe is the late Joe Schultz, ex-manager of the ill-fated Seattle Pilots, who were bought by Bud Selig and moved to Milwaukee to become the Brewers.

Just came across a great story on Vin Scully from the times:,0,1062184.column?page=1 . Some might’ve heard the story before, but it’s a good one, about Scully’s first big broadcasting assignment of a College Football game in Boston. The young Scully left his coat and gloves at the hotel, expecting a warm booth at Fenway Park for the winter game… and… well, read the story 😉

I’m about to throw up.

HOFFARTH: Thanks for everything, Kershaw, but Dodgers now need a Halladay

You know Shad, these moron writers never cease to amaze me. Put aside the fact that management has already said Kershaw is untouchable, and that Torre compares him to Koufax, look at the illogic of that article…

You’ve got two top starters – Billz and Kersh. You’ve got two rather pedestrian starters – Wolf and Kuroda, and you’ve got a black hole – 5th spot. How is trading one of your top starters for another top starter going to help things? That’s a lateral move. Even in the playoffs, you still only have two top starters. The point is adding a third, not replacing a second.

Not to mention you’d be trading a 21 year old that will probably be the dominant pitcher in either league in 3 years for a guy you’ll at best only get 1+ seasons from.

Do any of these writers actually follow baseball, let alone the Dodgers?

BPB ~ I don’t think the writers follow the Dodgers at all. We are on the West Coast, you know!

These writers or sportcasters try to follow so many teams or they follow some more than others that it easily comes thru how little they know about our team.

TRU – They do follow sports. I thing that they pretty much know Kershaw is a good and talented pitcher and will be a BIG NAME in the future. They just want for the Dodger’s to get rid of him so that Kershaw moves to the EAST COAST and leave Dodgers powerless. Reverse Psychology!

But the article is from the L.A. Daily News.


Where is the writer from?

OK he just doesn’t follow sports…the columnist is a Trojan -USC grad. He probably in an Angels fan…LOL

Good morning everyone! Bad night last night, but hopefully today is much better. Let’s go good Billz!

It’s nervous time now with the trade deadline coming up, let’s pray that Ned doesn’t blow up what we have!

But the article is from the L.A. Daily News.

By brownpaperbag on July 28, 2009 9:34 AM

Ever since Tony Jackson left, I have not read the Daily News.

These sports writers just don’t do their homework. It’s been pointed out–on this blog, no less–that as a veteran with five-years tenure on the same team, Halladay can demand a trade this winter, if he is indeed traded at the deadline. Why on Earth someone with a shred of brains would even “consider” Kershaw or Billingsley in a trade for Halladay (or anyone, for that matter) is ludicrous. These two guys are the future of a dominant rotation. Ned has a history of over-paying at the trade deadline (Manny being his ONLY exception, with apologies to LaRoche fans). As a Dodger fan forever, it would please me muy mucho if a World Championship came to LA in 2009. But the sun will come up either way. There is no guarantee Halladay will bring such a championship in the next two years. I’d rather gamble on the continued development of the kids for the next decade, than a fleeting two-year window of opportunity with Halladay and Manny. Now if the Dodgers want to package Martin and a few prospects, be my guest.

THAT was an awesome post Kahli!!!!

Wow, very well said, Kahli!

Amen Kahli!

KAHLI – well said, but ruined it with the last sentence (well for me). But I know they have to do what is best for the team. I still have hope for Martin. TORONTO…near Martins home. Boooohooooo….I hope MARTIN wins a ring with the Dodgers! LATER out for lunch!

I don’t see PP’s name mentioned in this paragraph about our outfield.

Who else is having a nice little week?

Andre Ethier(notes), Los Angeles Dodgers: Ethier was NL player of the week for the second time this year and is the only Dodger to win the award. He’s already matched his career high in homers (20), and it isn’t even August. With Kemp, Ethier, and Manny, the Dodgers may have the best outfield in baseball.,179242

Great post nelly! Glad to see Dre progressing as time goes by!

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