Schmidt returns!

In case you haven’t seen it, the Dodgers Media Network page on has all sorts of awesome videos that get hidden sometimes in the media player, but one of the latest that has been added is the newest episode of the Jr. Dodgers Show. When you’re hanging out online with time to kill (and you’re not already killing time on this blog), check it out.

Meanwhile, tonight is going to be very interesting with Jason Schmidt returning to the mound. Obviously it’s hard to know what to expect from someone who hasn’t pitched in the bigs for two years, but if he can do the job as the fifth starter, what a huge boost that would be…I know how badly he feels having been hurt for the majority of this contract and there is no better time to come up big than over the next few months.

Here’s tonight’s lineup…

Furcal, SS

Martin, C

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Castro, 2B

Schmidt, P



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Oh great hope Hudson is ok and damn want Kemp batting 2nd.

It seem to weird to see him in the yahoo/espn box scored.

At least they put the best team they could behind Schmidt. Can’t argue with Castro over DeWitt.

Goodluck to Jason. I hope he makes a “drive” these last three several weeks for a new contract.

Not with us of course.

Damn I thought Hanson was going to get out of that one again.

So day-to-day means ODog can’t play today. I hope he’s back tomorrow.

Should be interesting tonight with Jason pitching. I do wish him the best and commend him for trying. Also, if he should have his troubles, I definitely think a song will soon follow!
R.I.P. Yougnomewho and welcome PP aka the Peepster!

Let’s go Dodgers!!! Good Luck to Jason tonight!!! I am hoping Orlando is okay, and I am glad to see Andre in the lineup. That ball hitting him on the knee looked pretty bad, and I thought maybe he would have more issues with it the next day.

so who is off the roster? someone has to go since he was on the 60 day dl…

boooooo lineup.

no one Milton going on the 60 days DL

Haven’t seen any official roster moves, but Milton will probably move to the 60 day DL

lbirken – I read your post on the previous thread, and I thought it was awesome.

(From previous thread)

Nelly, let me put it another way. For the most part, JP has pretty much performed up to his capabilities while he has worn the Dodger uniform. Forget how much he is being paid for a moment and consider what he brought to the team and what he has done while a Dodger. I suggest you try to find another free agent signing where the player performed as expected (or better than expected). Most don’t. JP has. He has no potential and he has pretty much done with the Dodgers what he did when he played for other teams. Again, forget the arguments about his pay or his value to the team.

Andre, fairly or not, is another issue. From what I see Andre (and Matt and James) have huge upsides whether real or imagined. While no one really believe JP will ever be better at anything, most want to believe Andre can do a lot better than he has done. I agree that Andre has had to prove himself many times and I think he has himself to blame for that. Honestly, did anyone really think of him as a power hitter when he came up with the Dodgers? At that time the Dodgers had a number of outfielders fighting for playing time and they all looked like the same player. I am talking about Werth, Repko, Ethier and to some extent Kemp as well although I think he had some abilities these other players do not have. Anyway, if you go back a few years ago did it really look as if any of these players would be superstars? Werth and Repko were always hurt and I really believe the Dodgers never felt Andre would be anything better than a decent hitting, good defensive player but with questionable power. Andre also has suffered a tremendous drop in batting average this season and some wonder how much Manny helped him last season when Andre did so well late in the season.

I understand many of you are big fans of Andre. You have come to expect a lot from him and we know Andre expects a lot from himself. No one expects much from JP and there is no mystery to his game. But for Andre, one at bat he is hitting into a rally killing double play and the next he hits a game winning home run. You are greatly disappointed when he hits into the double play but not terribly surprised when he hits that double down the line or gets that game winning hit because you knew he could do it all the time. For whatever reason Andre still has not established an identity for himself. He is not consistent and he is still chasing that ever elusive “potential”.

Don’t get me wrong; I like him too. I would rather have him out there than sit on the bench. When he came to the Dodgers he had a reputation as a good hitter and he has had a lot of success. Did I think he would hit for power as he has done? I certainly did not and my guess is the Dodgers did not think so either. The challenge for the Dodgers and Andre is to figure out what sort of hitter he can be and then become that hitter. It is my understanding that when Eric Karros came up to the big club he was a decent hitter but favored hitting for average over hitting for power. Someone in the organization saw some power potential and convinced Karros to sacrifice average for power. I know many don’t think much of Karros but I thought a lot of him as many of you do about Ethier. I liked him a lot (perhaps it was the UCLA connection) and I believe he learned to hit for power and it kept him in the big leagues. I am starting to think Andre may be in a similar situation. If I am right, can he actually become that type of hitter? If he does become that type of hitter and can hit 25-30 home runs a year, he (and the fans) might just have to accept the strikeouts and double plays. I can live with that.

oh ok… I like it then… I didnt want to lose anyone valuable…

wohooooooooooooooooooooo 3-2 Atlanta

How many innings do you all think that Schmidt can go?

Bear – I give him four innings. Fortunately, Weaver is ready to go tonight.

Shad, it does seem a bit early to be watching the scoreboard but I admit I do it too!

I just wanted to the Giants fans hating on Sanchez again.

I would be thrilled if he went 5 or 6. Just put the ball in a place to make contact and let your defense work its magic!

Sorry to mention another team, but I was catching a glimpse of the ESPN game between the Cubs and the Phillies,and the Cubs just suck right now. They have made two costly, costly errors in the last five minutes of this game, which is only in the 4th inning ,and it’s 9-0, Phillies. Phillips is pretty much saying if they get Halladay, the Phillies can write their ticket to the World Series, and that no player is untouchable.

Shad – they never really liked Sanchez, and the fact that he had the no-hitter, didn’t really change their minds all that much. Most feel Linsecum and Cain are much more deserving. They just figure they want him to pitch well enough to get a trade for him.

Urgh I mean I want to see the Giants fans hating on Sanchez again.

Ouch Cubs

I hate to say it…. but do you think Toronto would be interested in Bills? Kershaw’s doing too good right now for me to understand trading him. Bills isn’t doing too good at the moment, but he’ll be good again… it just seems Kershaw has more upside at this times.

I hate to even breach the subject, ’cause I’ve always liked Bills, and think this is but a temporary setback for him. But the last thing I want to see is Halladay go to the Phils…. I guess the end of July is why you should try not to get too attached to the players you have.

Still… I’m suspicious of Halladay. Might be paranoia from being burned by bringing in outside pitchers before (Lowe excluded), just to watch the pitching we gave up thrive for other teams. But like Nirvana said in a song, “Just because you’re paranoid don’t mean they’re not after you”.

I hate to say it…. but do you think Toronto would be interested in Bills? Kershaw’s doing too good right now for me to understand trading him. Bills isn’t doing too good at the moment, but he’ll be good again… it just seems Kershaw has more upside at this times.

I hate to even breach the subject, ’cause I’ve always liked Bills, and think this is but a temporary setback for him. But the last thing I want to see is Halladay go to the Phils…. I guess the end of July is why you should try not to get too attached to the players you have.

Still… I’m suspicious of Halladay. Might be paranoia from being burned by bringing in outside pitchers before (Lowe excluded), just to watch the pitching we gave up thrive for other teams. But like Nirvana said in a song, “Just because you’re paranoid don’t mean they’re not after you”.

That run was a joke for the Giants.

So, what are you thinking now Kahli?

Martin and Pierre should thank their lucky stars that for some unknown reason (at least in the universe I reside in) Uncle Joe Torre likes them…a lot. I mean, really, really likes them as players–beyond all logic. Joe consistently puts Martin in crucial spots, showcasing his failures even more. Martin will probably get one more at bat tonight than Kemp. Why?

The line up looks great! WELCOME BACK JASON! I am glad that Ethier is in the LINE-UP and that his minor injury wasn’t serious. I hope O’Dog gets better soon and returns to the Line-up…..GOOOO DODGERS!
Today has been a very strange day for me….who knows maybe today’s DodgerBlue Heroe will be the unexpected!

Come on Braves pile it on.

NS – For some reason I’m thinking that Billz started concentrating on his batting over his pitching. Why? Don’t know but somehow his batting has improved but not his pitching. Kershaw is more promising to me. And if I had to pick between both…Kershaw stays and Billz gets voted off. But that’s just me!

Go Braves!! It’s great to see the Giants get smashed. Now, let’s win and tack another game to the lead.

Hi Everybody
I’m really looking forward to watching Jason Schmidt pitch tonight.
We’ll all be on every pitch he delivers from his first to his last.

Did the Mets really rejected a trade for Halladay?

Regarding JP…his has helped this team as much as other. But he is not better than Ethier or Kemp or Manny. I’ve said this over and over but just about the whole team has contributed to the win…and I know all of ITD knows that. But the media and who knows maybe Management contributes to this: But somehow they want ONE HEROE…they want one Dodger to stand out. The spotlight only shines on him. Sad to say but some fans fall for the whole circus crap. I admit it…I’ve gone to the circus. (Not with JP, but with Manny). But tent came down and my eyes are wide open. I see the contribution that each Dodger has done….sacraficies that they have done…even JP….GOOOO DODGER!
In the past the failed to win because they were not working as a team. They were thinking about the spotlight. Then we had the rookies vs vets… Well I am glad that they have learned to play as a team, from rookies to vets. And working as a team (with a little extra work in the pitching) DODGERS will WIN and like D4 says…BRING THE RING! Well and if JP hasn’t reallized that DODGERS IS A TEAM (I’m sure he will)…then he will continue to be sitting on the bench.
I still have faith in MARTIN…(oops I guess I am still in some Canadian Circus….LOL) I saw what he did last year and I know he still has it in him….GOOOOO MARTIN

Come on Braves let put the Giants bullpen to triple digits ER’s.

Make my night Schmidt give us a QS and probably hit your 2nd homerun in a dodgers uniform since you did hit one in your first year with us.

We really can’t afford to give up either Billz or Kersh for Halladay. Halladay will probably only be a rental for this year and maybe next year. What we really need for a championship starter staff is Halladay, a Billz as we know him at his best, and Kershaw as good as he’s becoming. Then we’re talking. Giving up Billz now would be a sad mistake, even though he’s struggling at present.

I wouldn’t want to give up, Billz or Kersh, either, Messagebear.

I agree Bear.

Good news on Odog. Rick Monday just said even though he is not starting tonight he is available to pinch hit.

That rotation looks good, Messagebear, but Toronto probably wouldn’t greenlight a trade with us without getting one of those two, or Broxton. And Kemp or Ethier, and our number 1 prospect, and possibly Frank and Jamie’s first-born.

Moral of the Story: Crack Cocaine is alive and well in Toronto.

I agree Bear.

Well doesn’t look so good in that Dback/Rockies game but still the Braves are killing the Giants.

And Furthermore… I wonder how Philly would be flat-out favorites to win a WS w/Halladay if they’re ripe to get similarly fleeced.

and Halladay can choose to say bye-bye after the season is over. That doesn’t look too appealing, especially after said fleecing.

Well I am glad O’Dog is available to PINCH HIT….yey DOG!
GIANTS are loosing (AWSOME!)
I don’t want Billz to be traded but if I was given a choice between Kersh & Billz. But we do need help with our pitching in order to survive the 2nd half and of course play offs.

I see a good many names on here tonight – guess we’re all curious to see what Schmidt’s got left.


Jul 18 Schmidt (shoulder) will make his long-awaited return to the Dodgers rotation on Monday versus the Reds, the Dodgers’ official site reports.
Recommendation: It’s hard to see this going well, but go ahead and grab Schmidt in NL-only leagues, though I’d certainly wait until we see how he does on Monday. If Schmidt falters, James McDonald or Eric Stults would seem to be next in line.

Let’s go Jason! Show us your stuff, and let’s get to 25 games above .500!!!

Yeah rotowire seriously.

…just a tad bit concerned about the clause in Halladay’s contract, and I am concerned with what is going to be given up to get him.

Let’s play ball and hope the Schmidt doesn’t hit the fan.

Good Evening All…Add one more name.

NELLY …we are in a scary part of the season…were one of our fave Dodger can hang his uniform forever…stressfull! Or we get lucky and get a great player????

Here comes his first pitch!

Hey D4! – you come here too to see if we’re watching the Queen Mary or the Titanic?

Not much difference in velocity between his fastball and change-up…


LMAO, BPB!!!!!

I wish I could read lips!

Jason may throw 100 pitches the first inning!

Too Funny…..LMAO!!!
Good to see ya, BPB πŸ™‚

I’m in a time warp, just like Schmidt!

Wow they are determine to go for the Dodger DugOUT

Toooo many throws…not good and Martin is in for a work-out!

Send up some flares and see if any ships are nearby…

Let’s hope this is jitters and not more of what we saw a few years back!

Not a pretty sight so far. On track for maybe three innings at the 100 pitch count.

I feel really bad for Schmidt. This is just one game on the schedule and our #5 spot will take care of itself…but in human terms, this must be heartbreaking for Schmidt.

And by the way, just WHAT does Martin do well…walk?

No ships nearby and the life boats seem to be missing.

Juan, that’s how you throw it in! Ethier near the wall, Raffy on the edge of the grass!

Heeee’s gotta do better than that.

aaaaahhhhhh CASTRO…..not good!

Wishful thinking:
Frank to secretary – “Watching this brings back some very angry feelings. Remind me to fire Ned in the morning.”

Well, it’s not helping Schmidt that our guys aren’t doing their normal great fielding!

Good start for us! Come on, let’s get some runs!

Finally another out!
OK the outfield is getting a work-out too!

LOL – Bear

Wishful Thinking:
Dodgers get 6 runs in the first inning…LOL

PP has no power!

Alright boys! Let’s go! We shouldn’t have had as much damage that inning as I think Manny pulled up on that ball that just went foul, and Dre should have had that fly ball!

Are they playing “Nearer Thy God To Me” on the organ?

Lets help him out and hope he can throw a 4 hitter….
Come On Dodgers!!!!


Hmmm, Juan slaps at balls, maybe a single. Raffy slaps, gets a double.

Its a line drive in the box score…

We got them back in a hurry.

There’s Martin’s hit for the night.

Vinny: “This is gonna be a pier 6 brawl. We have a 3-3 tie.”
Owings sucks as much as Schmidt.

BPB…he will get atleast one more hit…just watch! And no I don’t mean the ball will hit him…I mean his bat will hit the ball for a run. LOL!

We may need these runs, if Schmidt doesn’t have it.

The Mailman comes through again!!!!!

One down, 5 to go!

Can you say 11-10 game today?

It seems that left field is having problems seeing the ball…too many flares up in the sky!

3 down 3 more to go….

Nice hit Ethier come on Blake.

My goodness, it appears to be moving day in the NL West. Ladies and gentlemen, your 3rd place San Francisco Gnats!

This is more like watching the Andrea Doria and Stockholm.

OMG I am telling this has been a strange day…hahahaha Giants in 3rd!

Alright boys, way to have Schmidt’s back!!!

4 down two more to go….

Hey everyone. Great bottom of the 1st come back. Hopefully Schmidt can settle down.

Great catch, Matt!

msrussyethier, you still have my amazement! Nice optimistic call!!!!!

Much better Jason!

THAAAAT’s Better

Damn Msrussy are you psychic?

PP would never have made that catch!!!

How fast was that pitch that he struck out Owings?

Look like Owings wasn’t trying to advanced the runner either.

2 innings down….

That inning was better for Schmidt, but he doesn’t look that good. There isn’t enough difference in his pitch speed between his fastball and breaking ball.

Marty 2-2!

Martin has been hitting the ball pretty well this month.

That’s what we needed!!



I felt that one coming.


Holy crack 7 rbi’s for Morneau glad I have him on one of my team with Pujols.

Come on Schmidt need to shut them down with a low pc.


Schmidt looked good in his 3rd inning.
This is just what we expect of him.
No real fast ball, but if gets people out, that’s all we want.

Be interesting to hear from Schmidt on why the first inning was so horrid. Maybe he was so pumped his fastball, being as it is, wasn’t moving.

Sigh I hate 1-2 pitch ended up as a walk.

Come On Schmidt!!!

Already more pitches to this one batter than last inning.

Oh Well….Come On Schmidt!!!!

A real strikeout need a dp

Dusty don’t like to bunt with Owings even though he’s a good hitting pitcher.

C’mon boys, let’s get a pile of runs here so Schmidt can cruise through the fifth for the win.

bpb where is all the women at?

I think Martin love hitting in front of Manny.

O.K. another good inning for Schmiddy.

Just one more inning Jason.

Alright Russ!!

How can you get caught stealing on a 77 mph change-up?

bpb – horrible jump!

Okay 5 hitter…..
Keep on Truckin….. Dodgers!!!

O Happy Dre!!!

Great job Jason, especially with only 1 hit since the 1st (2 out in the 5th).

Let’s see PP do what Dre just did, 19 times!

We need more insurance run Ethierrrrrrrrrrr

Hi ITD Fans,
Just tuning in, and I am more than pleased, quite impressed with JS pitching to the 5th, shaky beginning, but settled with control of the breaking stuff and getting a fast ball (mid 80s) over that turn in to outs. Add a come back first inning and a Manny HR. We should be Happy!

WOW 5 innings, so far, no bad.

Looks like the SS Schmidt was able to stay afloat afterall. Good for you Jason!!

A N D R E remembered me from our Shea stadium meeting when I got my second autograph from him in Dodger Stadium.

Way to go Slumping Ethier!!!

Andre getting back in a groove! Schmidt not looking great, but not terrible. He hasn’t been hurt by the offense tonight at all, but I think he at least deserves some more starts to see how he progresses.

That’s really nice that he remembered you, oldbrooklyn fan. Shows that he cares when he meets fans.

Greetings True Blue ITD Believers!!! WOW!!! Nice to see another Andre love letter to Nelly!!! I have to admit I was not very optimistic about Schmidt after the 1st inning, but I am happily surprised and excited about the way he sucked it up and gotter’done!!! What a huge lift for this team if he can contribute in the 5th starter role the rest of the season. I would not have bet the rent money on it, but it is a good sign. GO DODGERS!!!!

Oh that homerun that Manny hit passed Mantle on the career homerun list.

Now don’t blow it for Jason.

Nice to see you jhall.

Jhall ~ good to see you!

Hey Wally. How’s things? Did you hear about Porky? Sad day.

Come on Mcdonald nice that Encarncion let you off with that 2-0 count.

Well, I’ve been quiet tonight but thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth. I don’t think we could ask for a better job from Schmidt. Hope he gets his 1st win tonight and continues to improve every game. We got our hitting clothes back on again.

Dre is awesome tonight. Manny is being Manny tonight. Life is good πŸ™‚


I had to tell Ethier about the circumstances, how I didn’t know the people around him was his family and they were very friendly too. That was outside Shea.
He said “Oh Yes, I do remember”.
I was so happy he did.

Think JoJo will let Mac bat for himself? Or will he blow through the bully as usual?

That’s was fast Mac

Hi’Ya Shad, BleuFille’ and Trumom!!! Thanks!!! Always great to see you as well. Welcome Browny!!!! Enjoy your comments.

I really liked Schmidt outing to night.
He did well, after that shaky start and that’s important.

LOL Browny!!! Things are going well, how about you?

I wouldn’t mind seeing Mac pitch 2 innings and Weaver 2 innings.

I don’t believe it! Mac’s going to get to pitch another inning.

Well bpb look like we have are wish.

After throwing BP in the first inning, Schmidt was able to hold it together long enough to get a win. So far, it seems like his shoulder is doing okay. Let’s hope he remains pain free and can help us all second half.

That was slick play by Hairston, but it was “close?” at first.

Hi’Ya Brooklyn!! That’s way cool. Good for you. Andre is a class act and a keeper. I hope we get him locked up for the next 5 or 6 years.

Doing well Wally, well, after I got over the initial shock that is.

I’m happy for Schmidt, seems like a decent guy, and I’m sure this is a happy day for him after all his struggles. Let’s finish it off and get him the win!

Hey Bob and 32!!! Hope you are both doing well. Schmidt really exceeded my expectations tonight. Nice surprise.

LOL Browny, I know what you mean. HaHa!!!
Hey PMike!!!!

Nelly needs to drop by and pick up her Andre Love Letter!!!!

Torre, can we have another inning from Mcdonald?

Nice Johnny Mac.

It’s nice of MLB.TV for showing us the singing of “God Bless America”, lately.

Looks like Russ likes batting in front of Manny.

jhall, great to see you! Most of the gang is here! Woo hoo!

hhahaa vl4 I mention that like hours ago you read my mind lol.

I’m trying to find NellyJune for you Jhall!

Hey VL!!! Thanks PMike, always a pleasure to see you!!! Very busy weekend, but was very impressed with the way the Dodgers came back and split that series with the Astros. They’ve had our number so far this year.

Wow I would had throught this would be the time for Pierre to PH for Manny or PR.

LOL Tru!!! Yep, she’s got a special delivery letter from Andre!!!!


She’s on her way home as we speak! I told her you were looking for her πŸ™‚

Merci Trumom, mon amie!!!!

Russ goes 3 for 3 with a walk and still manages to make two outs. Who does he think he is – JP?

Damn Martin got CS again

Hope all is well with you Tru!!! Now we need Kuo to come off the DL and be productive. What a bonus that would be.

That should have been a BIG Inning

Wow Torre? McDonald for a rare 4 innings save.

BPB ~ PP, jr., perhaps!

LOL Browny!!!!

I guess Torre wanted 3 innings from him tonight consider he did pitches 2 days ago

Jhall ~ except for roasting in this ungodly heat, I am fine. I prayed for warm weather during the winter but, didn’t mean 106 degree for two weeks!

Urgh so much for that big innings we missed out on look like Mac in trouble.

Didn’t everybody just know that McDonald was leaving and Troncoso was coming in.

Ramon “No soup for you!!” Troncoso…

Wally, I am home!! Where’s Beav and your father?

LOL Tru!!! I’ll take the heat anytime over the cold. Of course I get those -10 to 10 degree winter days.
They just totally suck!!!!

Nice job Mac time for a dp and a k’s.

First, I get into a time warp and then the famous, “Submission Error”……….not fun posting tonight!

Damn it Castro

Rats!!®. Gonna need us some Johnny says tonight!!!!!

According to what I read, OldBrooklynFan, Jon had a cortisone shot. He won’t feel any pain for about six weeks or so – or at least, that was my experience.

C’mon bullpen!!!

Should had been out of that inning with no run scored.

Castro sucks!!!!

Nice job Tron!!!

Damn, this time warp is ticking me off!!!!!!!!!

I hope Broxton’s foot or toe is O.K.

Joe thinks he’s as good as Sweeney! LOL

Hey jhall. It’s getting a little too close for comfort. Some insurance runs would be nice.

32&53 — I was telling my Wife Martin needs to train in the offseason with the Red’s catcher.

When this game started I had mixed feelings. Yes, it was great to see Schmidt try to overcome all the injuries and finally make a contribution but I could not get the idea out of my head that putting him on the mound was something just short of desperation on the part of Torre considering his other choices. I really did not expect much from Schmidt and kind of wondered if Joe would have someone warming up in the bullpen as a backup as soon as the game started. Then it looked as if Schmidt would not get out of the first inning. Fortunately, the Reds pitcher was not much better and it started to wonder what the over was on this game. But Schmidt lasted a lot longer than I thought and might have earned another start.

Wow 13-13

Boy, this time warp stuff is screwy……………my first post ended up way up there.

Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!!!!

Between Russ and Castro, they’re doing a pretty good imitation of JP.

I hope J. Martin is taking notes. This Hanigan guy is blowing us away with his arm.

My time stamp is 7 minutes slower than oldbrooklynfan, who was the last post when I posted.

GO BROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Hudson is available to PH, why did Swetta get another friggin’ critical PH AB to screw up?

Bring back the R. Martin at least that one can steal lol

What does Johnny say?

Fu Q y’all…………………..I am definitely back!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cut Castro screw him

This one’s for you Nell’!!!!!

Nice catch Andre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous night for Jason to hang in there and get a win. Thanks offense for helping him out……….. Awesome game tonight!!!!




Nice win tonight. Let’s keep it going!

jhall – It’s for all of us :))) It’s great to see you!!! How have you been?

I bet that might hurt Nelly family alot seeing him getting a win tonight.


What does Johnny say everyone?????

Good job, guys. Good team win!
I am more than happy to eat my words of the other day about Schmidt. Considering everything, he did a fairly good job and I hope that he can contribute the rest of the year.

The story tonight was Jason Schmidt, he did a good job.
8 UP on the Rox.

I have to agree with you birk. Nice gritty performance by Schmidt, but he was throwing garbage most of the night. Fortunately Cincy isn’t a very good hitting team. He’s earned another start though IMO.

Pass the flask ! Yeah even on a monday night! Very cool win. tenacity and grit w/o hudson, schmidt coming back and the team overcoming that first inning and even martin’s thoughts of being Maury Wills that back fired.

Happy for Jason Schmidt but I am going to reserve my excitement over his potential comeback until the next time he pitches. Let’s just hope he stays healthy.

MLB.TV is really getting kind, I watched the whole interview with Russel Martin.

WooHoo, win streak!!!! Way to go team!!!
Doing well Nelly, thanks, how about you? Always makes my day/night to see you mom!!!!

Shad – they can’t and won’t say much………….they still have Zito πŸ™‚

Schmidt is going to be one start at a time.

Well I’m going to sign off. Anticipating a busy workday tomorrow and I need my beauty sleep. Great visiting with you all!!!

Speaking of pass the flask koufax, I wonder where our keeper of the flask seesky is. Haven’t seen him in a while.

Likewise here jhall. It’s always great to see your name up there on the screen …………………and I am doing great as well

The Dodgers are looking good. I am glad for Schmidt, and this was a good confidence builder for him I am sure. The Reds aren’t the toughest team, but if he was going to start, this is the team to start with. I am really proud of our offense for giving him the runs too, especially the first inning. I am sure that added to Jason’s confidence. Let’s hope they can do the same for Randy tomorrow. He deserves a win too.

Nelly, they were talking Andre up on Dodgers Live just now. It’s funny how they were all focusing on saying he was slumping and now they’re all back on the bandwagon tonight and mentioning he is the hr and rbi leader. They had all seemed to have forgotten that fact recently. If he can get back up to the .270’s by the end of the month, I think he has a good shot at ending up near where he did last season in batting average and will definitely have more hr’s and rbi’s.

We are now 25 games over .500, right where Joe said he wanted to see us. Now let’s maintain this lead, expand it a bit more, and get ready for a playoff push!

Okay for the third time………………….

Good Night Beav……………………I mean enchanted……………….I mean brownpaperbag. Take Care and thanks for the laughs today. You were ingenious and hilarious as always.

BC Girl Seesky passed out, in the first inning! This win could be huge for the D-boys having a 5th starter that can throw 90 pitches. I hope JS doesn’t develop some DL pain again.

I have to admit I was really upset with the Dodgers after the first two games with Houston following the All Star break. It was not just that they lost two games but the way they looked doing so. But they came back and won the next two, avoiding a three game losing streak once again. I am not upset anymore.

Have a good evening. I get to go to bed happy tonight.

Wow a terrible way to end that game for the Twins.

Shad — He was safe.
I’m not going to post anymore as I’m tired of this time warp thing. I’ve tried for the last few days but to no avail. They always end up showing way earlier…
Go Blue!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

bluecrewgirl – He is one HR away from his last year’s best, and with 2 more plus months to go, he can easily be between 25 and 30 before the season ends. I am not worried too much about his average. His SLG% will be great and like you said, his average will be there too.

………..and you are right………..where is seesky?

Good Night lbirken – thank you again for your take on JP and Andre. It was well worth reading πŸ™‚

I think it posted with the time on your clock is seem everyone has different time.

Hey Collie!!!! Yes, you are still in a time warp. I am about 5 minutes ahead of your “testing” comment.


Nope… the time on my computer was 11:03 when I posted my “testing” post that shows a 11:10 time stamp. My time on the computer is now 11:06.

11:15 Testing…

We need to sweep the lowly Reds. Keep at least 25 games over .500 to keep Joe happy.


Good Night Beav……………………I mean enchanted……………….I mean brownpaperbag. Take Care and thanks for the laughs today. You were ingenious and hilarious as always.

By nellyjune on July 20, 2009 10:45 PM

You’ve got to be kidding!! Beav, are you really Browny!!! Between the name changes and time warps, I’m lost. LOL!!! Anyway, sweet win tonight, and I will bid you all a fond goodnight.


Well 32&53 your time works. Now mine is ahead. Or late…
I’m superstitious. I never talk sweep until we’ve won the 1st 2 of 3 or 3 of 4. Whenever I used to do that I was disappointed. But one would be sweep! Or, er, sweet!!!

We really should 32and53fan, but as we know from being fans of the Dodgers, they don’t like to do anything the easy way. I think they like their fans on the edge of their seats night after night.

Now, jhall – you didn’t know that enchanted and bpb were one and the same? It’s no secret really. Anytime Joe decides to make idiot moves, enchanted does this until he goes back to being good Joe again. I think playing PP two nights in a row, with a few other choice decisions made him do it this time. Good Night jhall – Take Care and God Bless………… always a pleasure πŸ™‚

Okay – I am just reading this for the first time. The fans booed Jason Schmidt when he was announced tonight? Now, granted, the whole signing a contract when you were hurt thing may have deserved it (so, I understand the booing to a point), but why him and not Manny? Manny got suspended for using a female hormone drug, known to be used by those on steroids, and the crowd acts like nothing happened and treated him like royalty, with all the applause that came with it.

Goooooood Morrrrning Everyone. Great win last night. I have to applaud Schmidt.
I don’t think he deserved to be booed when he was announced. If in that same situation, we all probably would have signed that contract but would we all have went thru what he has to be able to continue to pitch or just retire after a couple of years. This was something he didn’t deliberately do as Manny did in his situation. We’re behing Manny, so lets get behind Schmidt

There’s really nothing to take out on Schmidt. It’s now common knowledge that Ned, and probably Conte at the time, knew that Schmidt had a medical condition. They just chose to overlook it – obviously didn’t think it was serious enough. I believe that fact came out when the Dodgers tried to recover salary on their insurance, and, of course, that knowledge stopped that recovery effort. Not my money, but that’s why I’ve always held the Schmidt situation against Ned. I don’t know why Frank did not, but over the last couple of years it seemed like Jamie was more pissed about it than Frank.

As for Schmidt, I too applaud his hard work and deserved comeback. I don’t expect he’ll ever recover the velocity, but he could be a useful #5 for us if his arm works through at least five innings – kind of comparable to Milton in circumstances. Before he went on his rehab, I remember always seeing him in the Dodger dugout, so he certainly stuck with the team, which is more than can be said for some. And it may be that he can impart some of his knowledge to our younger pitchers while he’s here. So, you have a hearty clap of hands and a few shouts of welcome back, if not an ovation, from this harda** of the ITD.

I also want to commend Jason on a gritty performance last night. However, I do hope we get another pitcher or two to help during the stretch run. One starter and some BP help would be fantastic. On Schmidt…..somebody mentioned they were at the game last night and said he really didn’t look that great — just so-so. I think we have to wait until he gets his next start to see what he really has left.

Last nights games was just wonderful. I am happy that MANNY hit a Home Run….. oh yeah my boy ETHIER also hit a HomeRun (I’m so proud of him)….. and MARTIN kept hitting the ball. He does hit better infront of MANNY.
And NO I am not psychic, just optimistic and plus and I’m always saying that Martin is going to hit a homerun and I’ve been right 2 times out of who knows how many….LOL When ETHIER was in a slump I showed my support and pray for him to get out….MARTIN needs that now. They are my boys and I will back them up, regardless of how bad they’ve (Martin) has been doing this year. GOOOOOO MARTIN…..and GREAT GAME DODGERS!

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!

Thanks for the commentary on my late night post. I hadn’t really seen the beginning of the game, and when I read an article saying Jason was booed, I was just a little taken back why they would boo one player coming back and not the other. I do applaud Jason’s efforts in trying to get back, and I hope his next outing is successful so we can see him pitching in a #5 spot down the stretch. I remain optimistic, but cautious at the same time because it was the Reds who we played. However, like Messagebear said, he did stick with the team, and he can be an invalueable piece of knowledge to our young pitchers.

Of course Schmidt did nothing wrong and didn’t deserved to be booed at all.

The crowd must have been in a booing mood last night. They even booed Manny when he let the ball drop in front of him. But, then they cheered when he hit his homer!

Hey msrussy I think everyone hit front of Manny and I hope Torre never put Loretta and Castro up there lol.

Good morning everyone! Glad to see we are back on track after the two losses to Houston! Let’s go out and win tonight to clinch another series! I hope you’re all having a great day!

SHAD: hey each time a player goes into a slump, TORRE should put him infront of MANNY to boost his moral.
We need a long winning streak!

Agree msrussy! Let’s show the Phils that they aren’t anything special!

What has been the longest winning streak we’ve had this season?

Here’s my Jason Schmidt signing analogy:

Schmidt: “Mr Coletti, you dropped your wallet.”
Coletti: “It’s not my wallet, it’s Frank’s.”
Schmidt: “But you dropped it.”
Coletti: “Yeah, he lets me carry it around.”
Schmidt: “Well here, take it back.”
Coletti: “Why don’t you keep it?”
Schmidt: “It’s not mine, I don’t deserve it.”
Coletti: “Ah, go ahead. We’re both Giants at heart, right?”
Schmidt: “Oh, I get it now! Thanks!”

These “celebrity” billboards are getting worse. Bret Michaels? Nickleback? Nikki Sixx? Like I said before, you might as well just put regular fans on the billboards instead of these “celebrities”.

Good morning ITD blogmates.
The first time I heard that Schmidt was booed was this moning when Rose mentioned in my blog and I was surprised. I was there and I did not hear any booes! I called my brother to ask him if he heard booes and he said no. IF there were booes, there were in the miniscule minority. Even Dodger Talk did not mention it.
I was wearing the Jason Schmidt t-shirt that the Dodgers gave away a looong time ago. I had to look hard to find it. I saw two other fans sporting the same t-shirt in my section. I stood up, applauded and encouranged all the ones around me to do the same thing, also when he walked back to the dugout. i felt bad for him in the first inning and also when the play had to be examined by the umps and he had to wait around.

Hi Rose!

We won 7 straight from April 30 to May 6
We won 8 straight from April 11 to April 19
We’ve had 2 other 4 game win streaks too.

I’m showing 8 games during April as our longest winning streak.

I guess you can blame the fixation on Laker celebrities for that, aeversw.

BTW, here’s a nice TJ Simers article on Schmidt,0,1674090,full.column

Thanks MIKE & ERIC

Great job on that analogy and thanks for posting that article. Simers did a great job on that piece.

I read it in an article last night that Jason had been booed (I think it was an mlb article). I usually don’t post anything like that just because, but what do I know. I am just a fan sitting at home watching the game. If it is true that he wasn’t booed, then that is great because he shouldn’t have been.

ESPN also said they booed him and Manny too (when Manny let a ball drop in front of him).

Like I said, what do we know?

I know you would not post something like that just because, is just that it really surprised me this morning. You know how it is that the negative, regarless of how little there is of, it gets reported more.

We know everything! LMAO!!!! πŸ™‚

The booes for Manny I heard and Dodger Talk mentioned it. The booes for Manny was from some but did they say “Some booed Manny” or just ‘”They booed Manny.” it was frustrating seeing the defense in the first inning but none in my section booed, just saw frustration in fans’s expressions.

The booing must of come from the DRUNKEN section! The good thing is that we won! Or by the few Reds fans… Or who knows maybe the boo’s weren’t even for either one but people tend to boo when the usher takes those damn beach balls! Or maybe the boo’s were for the REDS.

Those boos for MANNY were from NON-MANNY-FANS being NON-MANNY-FANS….

That probably why he didn’t give the fan the curtain called when he passed Mantle on the homerun listed.

Wait a second Dewitt had a 27-1 record in high school as a pitcher?

Good Afternoon ITD, Dodger Faithful and the Boy’s…..
Outstanding perforfance from the team as a whole last night, way to support one another.
I am looking foward to more of the same tonight πŸ™‚
Enjoy the game everyone πŸ™‚

I just got the he live chat with Billingsly and my questions were not chosen….

Sorry let me rephrase that…..I just got OFF from the LIVE-CHAT with Billilngsley and my questions were not chosen…BOOO HOOOOHOOO! And I wonder how come they weren’t chosen….I probably skipped words and confused them all.


I heard the usual type of boos you would expect from watching the first 3 batters of the game almost knock the outfield walls down. Scattered and insignificant. I also heard a few boos after watching Russell throw one into center, and Manny and Andre almost get hit in their respective feet with fly balls.

They were also scattered and insignificant compared to what Fatso Jones heard last year.

I don’t blame Manny for not diving for that foul ball. If he had, chances were pretty good he was going to dent the field box seats. And we’re not paying him to make shoestring catches and running into fences, we’re paying him to knock the ball over the fence.

Andre obviously lost that fly ball in the sky, just like one of the Reds did.

And I think that Manny didn’t go out for a curtain call after his homer because he knows he hasn’t been hitting worth a crap for the past few games.

Hold on to you caps, Dodger fans…….they Dodgers are REALLY interested in pursuing Halladay! They feel they can’t let this chance slip away. What is it going to cost us?

*the Dodgers…….as just reported on ESPN.

To tell you the truth, Dodgereric, I was booing from here during the first inning too!

I was surprise that Martin got the error on that throw instead of Castro for not catching, but I blinked and I needed the instant replay. But if Martin F’ up then he gets the error.

Something must be terribly wrong with T.J. Simers. He has written two complimentary articles in a row, the first about Kershaw and the second about Schmidt. Has he gone soft?

Rose, I still like Martin. I think his bat’s coming around. But his throwing, especially to second, sucks. The ball is almost always on the wrong side of the base. Witness the difference in the Reds’ catcher last night. Both throws to second were on the first base side of the bag. It’s elementary baseball and if he’s not working to correct that, it’s his fault and the coaches.

Hi Tru! I wasn’t booing in the first inning last night, but I was yelling, “COME ON!!!!!” a lot. LOL!!!!

Talking up the Dodger defense:

msrussy, I also thought Castro could have been given the error on Martin’s throw but Eric makes a good point about where the ball should be.

Hello ITD! havnt been on here for a while.
Trublu i think that the media is just trying to create a market for their show and keep the curisoity of baseball fans. The dodgers are not going to trade for Halladay! simply because the dodgers wont give up kershaw and bills. kershaw is 21 and bills is 24. Halladay is 32. Now our best pitching prospects are mcdonald, elbert, lindblom, and our recent draftee ethan martin. this is the ammunition we have to get halladay. If i were ned i would consider trading bills if he doesnt get his stuff together because hes been shaky all year! his only dominant starts were against the astros early in the year and the dbakcs. those were his only two scoreless appearances…and they were both for 7 innings. This shows you that bills is not efficiently effective! now i am a huge bills fan but he has absolutely dissapopinted me and i have lost all confidence. I have a couple points why bills is stuggling. compared to a halladay or even a kershaw, bills hasnt changed his speed of pitches effectively. he would be far more effective if he can spot his fastballs but he hasnt. As a result, he has to go to his secondary pitch which is his curve or slider and when you hang both of those pitches to get the lower 3rd of the strike zone; hitters will uppercut the pitch and drive the ball. This has happened numerous times and the last outing against the astros is a key example. the reason why he shut them out early in the season was because he wa susing his cutter and slider effectively on the outside 3rd. on the other hand halladay and kershaw have the 3 effective pitches and the changeup is the biggest differene between kershaw/halladay and bills.
If bills doesnt spot his picthes he will be whacked around because his stuff is not as overpowering as kershaws. bills 50 some odd walks is an indication of his poor command. so the question is would u rather have halladay for the next 3 or 4 years or bills for the next 6 to 10! that is the main dilemna in trading for halladay. but if the dodger dont include either bills or kershaw we wont have halladay. And i wouldnt be suprised if the giants end up with halladay and vernon wells. idk they’re farm but they have a lot of good arms!

Toronto seems awfully high on themselves…

TORONTO — Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi still hasn’t received an appropriate trade offer for Roy Halladay, and has set a July 28 deadline to complete a deal for the 2003 Cy Young Award winner.

“At this point, it’s probably unlikely that we’ll trade Doc,” Ricciardi said Tuesday.

Baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline is July 31. Ricciardi said July 6 he would field offers for Halladay, who is signed through 2010 and has a full no-trade clause.

“No one has really stepped up yet,” Ricciardi said. “We’ve got to be highly motivated to move him. We haven’t been highly motivated yet.”


Alright, alright, we get it Riccardi, you think Halladay’s **** don’t stink.

But what’s this little nugget at the end of the story that I haven’t really seen publicized before? Read the rest after the ultra-impressive first line:


The AL starter at this month’s All-Star Game, Halladay is 11-3 with a 2.73 ERA in 18 starts. He pitched a six-hitter to beat Boston on Sunday, his first victory since June 7.

Halladay was placed on the 15-day disabled list and missed two turns in the rotation after injuring his groin while pitching against Florida on June 12. He has gone 1-2 in four starts since returning June 28


One victory since June 7th after a groin injury robbed him of 2 starts? And they think they’re getting Kershaw?!!! And Ethier/Kemp and Lindblom and whoever else?

DON’T DO IT, NED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric – Great article on defense and the “UZR”. Just another reason why the 24 year old Kemp should not be sitting out any games.
Interesting that the statistics indicate that Ethier’s defense has deteriorated this year. However, why sit him when he’s projecting to hit 30 or so HRs this year?

I think Halladay will end up with the Phillies if he is traded at all! They, however, don’t want to get rid of their “young talent” either. It will be interesting to see what develops in the next week.

north, I’ll agree to not trading Kersh, Billz, Brox, Kemp, Ethier or Kyle Russell for Halladay or almost anyone else. But I’d have to listen if they want someone else.

crash, that article was fun to read and I absolutely believe in defense first – especially up the middle. But I’m not sure about using stats to measure it. I prefer to watch the players play. Someone might have more errors than someone else, but be a vastly superior defensive player just because he takes more chances. Statistics can be a great tool, but that’s all they are.

Do you know how many seasons Willie Mays had zero errors? None. Not even close. Nine errors in ’51, 7 in ’54, 8 in ’55, 9 in ’56 and so on. But he won 12 Gold Gloves.

Roberto Clemente? 6 errors in ’55, 13 in ’56, 6 in ’57, 6 in ’58 and so on. Not one errorless season, but he also won 12 Gold Gloves.

Shane Victorino? No errors in ’06. Three in ’07, Two in ’08, one so far this year. Gold Glove winner in ’08.

Shane’s a nice player, but even putting the offense aside you’d have to be a Phidiot for picking him in your outfield instead of Mays or Clemente.

Well, guess we can expect a new post any time now since that usually happens to dodgereric this time of the day.

Great points by all, and I don’t have much to add because you are all doing a fine job of it. GO DODGERS!!!!

ERIC – it makes sense..thanks. Martin threw the ball to the first base side but it was a bit high.
TRU – How have you been? Well I hate to loose one of our current Dodgers for Halladay. But I can see them trading to minors for a vet….maybe Dewitt & Leach (which I like them both – they are our toddlers)…but I dunno…don’t want to loose any of the current players.
NS – If NED those it, I will be joining the “Fire NED” chant….

red pen – I should have said “…expect a new thread” not “new post”. I was getting us and Josh confused πŸ™‚

Nelly – not yet, so here’s tonight’s lineup from Phil Gurnee via Dodger Thoughts:

Thanks Crash!!! Joe is showing signs of settling down the lineup somewhat, but still not sure why the best hitter is batting 8th. I am sure aeversw will let us know how he feels about that.

Hudson is back and bumped Martin back….HOPEFULLY (Wishful Thinking) Martin continues to improve.

Good to see ODog back. We need him both offensively and defensively.

Well KEMP can clean-up Martin & Loney when they get on based……KEMP can bring them home.

The big question for me is — when will Billz get his head screwed on straight again? Will we be seeing bad Chad again tomorrow night? With bad Chad, we won’t be getting a ring this year. He needs to get straightened out well before the playoffs start.

Nelly June i think its great that matt kemp if our 8th hitter! other than the firt 1-3 innings depending on how effective or defective your offense is…the batting orderdoesnt really matter because your hits or walks is gonna shuffle who is leading off the next inning, etc. But i understand why torre is batting kemp 8th simply because he is our 2nd cleanup hitter and due tot he fact that homer bailey is a rhp, thus ethier will bat higher in the lineup; because of the lefty vs. the righty! nevertheless this lineup is increidble!!! in addition i love how torre put martin who is seeing and hitting the ball into the right places in the 6th hole and having a lefty in loney against the right handed homer bailey!

No doubt about that Rose, but I think most people want to see Matt getting more at-bats, if I am not mistaken, but with this lineup, all of them deserve more at-bats at times. So, in some ways it’s a win, win situation. How many teams can say that about their lineup? ……….not many.

CRASH if Billz get his head screwed on straight again then it will be GREAT CHAD …DUH! THE SHOW-ME-THE-RING CHAD….lol!

i wouldnt worry about anyone getting at bats! as long as youre in the lineup hitters 4-8 will see just as many at bats and because its a home game eveyrone will see about the same! its PIERRE that needs his 4 at bats but kemp will glady take it in the 8(2nd cleanup hole in this deep offense)

Great to see Jason Schmidt regain his form, Ethier has the potential to hit 40 hr this year. Can’t say enough about Pierre, Castro, Ausmus, and the whole bench showing up in a big way. Manny is the man and continues to deliver, while “Willy Mays” Kemp and “Brooks Robinson” Blake have been the anchors. We need to score runs early tonight so Wolf can get a win. When Billingsly and Wolf start we have been having a tough time getting ahead early lately.-Rudy Jr

SAMMIE…thanks, you just taught me something new regarding batting order.

NELLY – not that we are bragging…but we do have a great line up…..GOOOOOOO DODGERS!

sammie – I am not concerned they are batting. I am more concerned with whether they are playing or not period at this point.

Yeah i feel you! espicially bills!

red pen – I forgot “where”

sammie – It’s good seeing you around again πŸ™‚

I would also like to see Joe keep the regulars in for a while. I think by keeping them intact, we can widen our lead over the Rockies.

Come to think of it, I don’t think Joe gave Jeter or A-Rod days off to rest, did he?

TRU – Joe probably doesn’t believe in vacations.

TRU yup that is true… I am surprise he let Ethier continue playing afte he got hit on the knee and I was even more surprise to see Ethier on yesterday’s line up. Ethier’s HomeRun should tell Torre something. He will never get that from JP.

Msrussyethier ~ he likes to give Matt and Dre days off though, doesn’t he? Just to make PP happy!

New thread!

Even on the Dodgers Homepage, they say Manny and Andre feed off each other. So, why does Joe like to screw it up all the time?!

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