Congrats to our All-Stars

If you’re watching the selection show on TBS, you know now that Orlando Hudson, Jonathan Broxton and Chad Billingsley all were voted onto the NL All-Star team by their peers around the league. Congrats to all three, who were genuinely excited when Joe Torre let them know this morning.

Now, it’s up to you guys to get the fourth Dodger to the game, as Matt Kemp is part of the Final Vote. We’re counting on you guys to push this over the top and spread the word to all your friends, family, and anyone else you know. It’s time to show the rest of the world what Dodger fans can do when they get behind their guy!

Meanwhile, here in San Diego, we recalled Blake DeWitt and put Eric Milton on the DL.

Here’s the lineup for the series finale:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Kemp, CF

Castro, 2B

Billingsley, P

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I give up…………..what the hell is going on with Joe and his whacky lieups? Are we not supposed to be winning a championship? Why no Manny? Why no Orlando? Why is Juan still playing every frickin’ game?

Good Morning all
God Bless the U.S.A.!!!!
Red Dodger Hats….(I’m not a fan)….Wolf (I am a fan)
Where’s Manny????
Happy Flight Night!!!!!

Anf congrats to Billz, Brox and O dog doe making All Star team…………if Hudson is good enough to be an All Star, why isn’t he playing? Juan can go 4 games without a damn hit and he still plays everyday!

Sorry, I’m so ticked off I can’t even type today……doe should be for LOL

I agree trublu, part of the reason they were so consistent before Manny was suspended was because the lineups were more consistent. At least Raffy is batting leadoff. I had read yesterday that Joe planned on giving O-Dog Sunday off too, which I really don’t think he needed. Having yesterday off and tomorrow should have been enough. Knowing Manny, I am pretty sure he feels fine and wanted to play today.

I forgot to say congrats to Bills and Brox on making the All Star Team. Way to go! You both deserve it.

I guess it’s the day game after night game thing and Joe wants to ease Manny into playing everyday.

Congratulations to Billz, Brox and the O-Dog on being selected to represent the Best Organization in all of Baseball, at the leagues All-Star game. Lets do our best to add Matt Kemp!!!!

It’s the day game after the day game and Joe said yesterday Manny would be in the line-up every day. Old age…for Joe, I mean?

Perhaps they are going to reverse what they did yesterday and bring Manny later in the game to replace JP. I was expecting Andre to get the day off to be honest.

Probably his thinking, truebluewill and if they didn’t have tomorrow off, I would agree with him. Manny does look in really good shape for being off so long to me.

Manny will have a day off tomorrow…..we don’t play. Manny had half a game off for the two games he did play and how does Orlando get out of slump when he doesn’t play?

Why are you surprised that Manny is not there? Even Torre mentioned it the other day that Manny will get some day offs until he can get into game shape.

About O-Dog…. Torre also said he might get Saturday and Sunday off. Kind of like what he did to Russell Martin last week. No big deal.

I’m in a time warp again! I’ll bet you during the series with the Mets, Joe will decide Andre or Matt needs some rest and JP will be in there once again.

Torre taking a day off…great idea bear…LOL!!!!

What I’d really like to see is Torre taking an extra day off. Not that he seems to be exerting himself, but I’d just like a different approach a few days. No senile semi-retired action, but maybe a more agitated in your face approach like Bowa’s. What do you all think?

Congrats to the 3 who made the All Star team, much deserving….

Kahli, I respect your opinion on Wolf, but not really sure how you come to your conclusion that he is not a winner. As far as being a soft tossing lefty, they normally do not strike out an average of 160 plus batter a year nor do they average less than a hit per inning. It is the norm now to go 6 plus innings, if you go thru the ML stats there are only a select few that go 7 plus innings and no one on our staff is averaging 7 plus. The only thing a starting pitcher can control is the other team and he has done a wonderful job at that. How many teams can say the number 3 starter has a 3.49 ERA and and allowed 2 runs or less in 11 of 18 games. He has left many games tied or with the lead, just to lose the opportunity to win…I am sure Joe does not ask him if he wants to come out, if you have knowledge and proof that Wolf does not want to go back in the game, please let me know where I can find it. Wolf seems to be a very fierce competitior and I think he has been a very capable pitcher that has given the Dodgers great opportunities to win. I am not sure what the Dodgers record is in the 13 non decisions but I am very positive that the Dodgers have won the majority…

If you want to use a SP Won loss record as a measuring stick..I remember Nolan Ryan leading the league in ERA with the Astros and he had a losing record…

Go Dodgers!!!

Congratulations to Chad, Jonathan and Orlando in making this year’s all-star team.

From the previous thread –

Kahli/bluecrewgirl – I forget that sometimes when I see that 0-4 day Andre yesterday that he is still managing to bat a run in or get himself on base and score a run. Both SD games so far, Friday, he scored two runs, but his average dropped, and then yesterday Andre added to his team leading RBI total and his average dropped. He is not striking out a whole lot, maybe a few too many double plays for me, but he is making good solid contact. I didn’t see the game yesterday at all, but I am not sure why Shad yelled at him for some play in the outfield. What was that all about?

Congrats Billz, Brox and odawg! Matt Kemp could be an all star too! Too bad he bats at the bottom of the lineup.

NellyJune ~ they were yelling at Andre for not trying to throw the runner out at home. Fox Sports was yelling too! lol

It simple he could had that runner out.

I would love to see Joe pick a lineup and stick with it for at least a week. Oh, well, it’s just a dream.

The guy on fox even say it.

ramslover, I respect your opinion, as well. For me, it’s a “feel” thing. If I’m facing Wolf in a meaningful game, I’m very happy to be on the opposing team. Somehow, he’ll find a way not to win.

Kahli & Ramslover ~ Isn’t differing opinions what makes this site so much fun? We are a unique group.

……….but that is not always his call to make, is it?

The guy wasn’t even half way home and Ethier could’ve had thrown him out instead trying for 2nd where he had no chance.

Nelly, it was a play where he threw to the cutoff man instead of throwing home to try and keep the run from scoring and he really should have thrown home with his arm he would have had a chance. Karros thought he should have tried to make the play at home too. Much as I love Andre, I have to be honest that was a bit of a brain fade on that play.

Gotcha bluecrewgirl!!!!

Rwbjr ~ I see you are a little “miffed” too!

How do you get in “game shape” if you don’t play the dammm games ????

How do you win games with Your Best Player on the bench ?????

Why oh Why do you need rest when you have been sitting on your butt for two months ????

Please, Mr Torre — Get over this Love Fest for Putrid Pierre ….

I use to think that the worst Manager the Dodgers ever had was that Pig Farmer we had a couple years ago…
I have changed my mind however, Torre makes him look like a Genius by comparison….

I’ve heard a lot of Dodger games over my many years, and we’ve had a lot of pitchers who were great when matched one on one against some of the best in the league or simply against certain pitchers on contending teams. Erskine used to be great in that respect, and I remember him being matched up against a pitcher named Conley, who was very good at the time for the then Milwaukee Braves. Koufas was, of course, legendary in that respect, and his memorable opponent was Bob Gibson of the Cards. There were a number of other guys I remember along the way, like Sutton, Roger Craig, and a number who were not particularly noteworthy when it came to their records. They stood out in certain matchups, because the seemed to adjust to whatever the situation required, and most of the time they would come out on the winning end, because they outpitched the opponent regardless of what was required. That’s a quality that I find distinctly lacking in Wolf, and, as we’ve said, there are too many others like him in the majors – guys who basically perform at a .500 win/loss level in their careers. Wolf is useful on the team, but I wouldn’t trust him against anybody in a “must” kind of a game. That’s just how I see him, and I understand what kahli is talking about. It may be intangible, but to me he’s not a winner.

How many innings has Manny played recently???

I am just thinking maybe he is bringing Manny in at the end of the game instead of taking him out early because yesterday that plan backfired big time. However, I am not seeing why he can’t play the entire game. Like some have said, he has had 50 games to “rest”. JP didn’t need any rest in 50 games.

messagebear, as long as we’re on the same page, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second taking Weaver vs. Wolf in a must win game. Granted, Weaver is a space cadet and may not have his best stuff anymore, but he competes hard. And it’s ironic that he actually has one more win than Wolf in 70 fewer innings pitched…but that’s not why I’d pick him over Wolf. Relievers do pick up funky wins…

2009 Season Stats
Season 79 319 48 92 22 2 5 41 35 59 6 0 .288 .356 .417 .772
Career 944 3438 467 971 201 46 73 413 337 563 48 18 .282 .347 .431 .778
Last 7 days 5 19 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000
Projected 160 646 97 186 45 4 10 83 71 119 12 0 .288 .356 .417 .772

Hudson projected stats are scarey conside he’s on pace to beat all of his stats last year.

oops that’s consider

Go Billsssssssssssssssssssssss and Go Astros

I am not one to question every lineup move that Torre makes. The season is a marathon, not a sprint. We fans have absolutely no idea what is going on inside the team. Players all have to play through aches and pains and minor injuries. We don’t know when that happens but the manager usually has a much better idea about those things.
This is like spring training for Manny. He is being managed very carefully so he does not hurt himself by trying to do too much too soon. Hudson plays hard and goes all out diving for balls. It is likely that he gets pretty beat up and can use an occasional day off to heal.

First 20 games slappy played during Manny’s suspension he batting 21-50 he batting .244. He went back to being Juan for Four. Yet he gets all this love from the media and even his own team. Matt Kemp since Manny has been down hit we’ll over .300 consistently and he still bats 7th or 8th. I hate Joe Torre.

Damn Ethier crush that ball bad.

Everyday Dre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m with you 32&53. Joe is the one with rings. We all need to relax a little.

THAT’S why you play Dre over Pierre 365 days a year.

And let’s call Wolf what he is – a #4 pitcher.

messagebear – feel free to talk to Andre anytime you want. He seems to listen to you very well 🙂


enchanted – That’s why he needs to be “EVERYDAY DRE” – you are absolutely correct and I agree with you 100%.

I would had been laughing if Eckstein didn’t catch that pop up.

enchanted, you’re too kind. I’ll call Wolf the #5…right behind Milton…I mean deWitt……………………….

Joe hasn’t won a ring since 2000…baseball is a what have you done for me lately sport. Lately Joe’s made horrible lineups and bad bullpen decisions. I’m just glad next year is his last year. I mean Russ had 1 rbi in june and he still consistently batted in front of Matt Kemp who will probably be an all star this year.

Sigh Loney I sure hope that won’t come back to hurt us.

Holy **** I thought that was gone.

Milton better then Wolf HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg. Dumbest thing i’ve ever heard in my life hahahahahahahahaahahahaha.

Scully to Loney: “Don’t mess with the sun, son.”

Nice D by Dre!!! One out one in.

The dodgers have only lost 4 of wolf’s no decisions so its obviously not hurting the team. Randy can’t control the game after he gets taken out. The only problem Randy has is he gives up the long ball a little too often but they are usually solo shots. Mr Randy is a very acceptable #3 or #4 starter for any team. Milton better then Wolf hahaha I still can’t get over that. Eric Milton has the highest ERA of any pitcher with more then 250 career starts in baseball history. I think it’s somewhere around 5.75. He’s horrible.

You see Chad wheel? I wonder who can win in a footrace between Broxton, Bills, Saenz or Bengie?

I love that slap bunt from Furcal.

Let’s also added Ortiz and Howard.

I thought he was going to say Tomko is better than Wolf

And THAT my friends is why Pierre sucks.

Gosh damn don’t tell me we won’t scored.

Juan is so useless. I’m glad he gets the second most at bats in the lineup

Blake with a 3 run homeruns.

Miltons career ERA is 4.99…at the beginning of hte year it was 5.25 so he’s actually lowered it. WOW


I guess is now time to predict which inning Bills would fall apart any guess fans?

Alright Casey!!! He bailed us out . That would of been horrible to get nothing there.

Glad to see the old man Johnson losing 3-0 to the Astros.

Make that 4-0

4-0 Astros in the 4th

Thx Gonzo make them pay for it.

I guess not and hahaha some fan has a I love you Kemp signed.

Urgh hate 1 2 3 innings when we just scored 3 runs

At least Bills shut them down again

Bills looks good today. I don’t think he’s going to give it up today.

McNair shot four times, ruled homicide sigh terrible. I hope he did it get life in jail for that.

oops I hope he did get life in jail for that. Holy smoke Bills just hit a homerun.

There’s our new pinch hitter!!!!

Congratulation on your 1st career homerun Bills

Bills! Helping himself out there. First major league hr.

I told you a pitcher would hit a homerun before JP did. ALRIGHT CHAD!!!!!

CHADLY!!! He’s so awesome.

Why are the Padres wearing those 1985 jersey? Nice prediction Nelly.

Congrats Chad! The guys are really hitting well today, and it’s SO good to see.
BTW, I don’t think Bills is going to implode today Shad. I, for one, do not appreciate that kind of comment.

Biilz is being a real animal in this game. Love it! Now just zip a couple right under the chin of Gonzalez – then you’ll be my man.

WTF that didn’t hit Loney and damn Pierre how did you get thrown out on a pitch like that. yeah you totally suck

Oh man Vinny having some fun with that Padres pitcher.

I was hoping Bills would had flip the bat like Kuo did 2 yrs ago.

Well sorry but we know he always seem to give it back.

They’re scoring some runs today and that’s great, but how is Manny supposed to get in game shape and get his timing down hitting while sitting on the bench?

Are did we all forget what happen to the Angels and White Sox game which we should had swept the Angels and won 2 of 3 games?

No need to get nasty with that comment but the way this game is it probably won’t happen.

Should had work the count Kemp.

I WANT MANNY!!!!!!!!!!! LET MANNY PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not being nasty – just letting you know how I feel.

Isn’t it that time Manny come in for Pierre, since Pierre did it the last 2 games?

That suck Kousmanoff was 0/19 until that homerun.

I know that why I said I’m sorry.

I’m so glad Furcal is hitting up.

I’m so glad Furcal is heating up.

Why can’t this team ever score with the bases loaded and less than 2 outs?

Maybe we’re curse.

All-Star Starters
C Yadier Molina, STL C Joe Mauer, MIN
1B Mark Teixeira, NYY 1B Albert Pujols, STL
2B Chase Utley, PHI 2B Dustin Pedroia, BOS
SS Hanley Ramirez, FLA SS Derek Jeter, NYY
3B David Wright, NYM 3B Evan Longoria, TAM
OF Carlos Beltran, NYM OF Jason Bay, BOS
OF Ryan Braun, MIL OF Josh Hamilton, TEX
OF Raul Ibanez, PHI OF Ichiro Suzuki, SEA

Who the fool that running Espn having Pujols in the AL?

aeversw, my suggestion that Milton is the Dodgers’ #4, not Wolf, was a bit tongue in cheek. Milton is aging and broken, but dumbest thing you ever heard? How about this for the beloved stat monsters out there. Career, Milton 89-85, 4.99 ERA…Wolf 93-81, 4.21 ERA…both have pitched 11 seasons so there’s little to separate them, but slight edge to Wolf…post-season Milton: 1-0, 1.65 ERA (3 starts)…Wolf…oh my, has never appeared in the post-season (but it’s certainly not HIS fault). Milton, 1 no-hitter…Wolf, none, but it’s not HIS fault. Like I said earlier, in a game that really counts, you can have Wolf, and I’ll throw in Pierre, WS ring and all, for good measure.

Having Wright and Hamilton start is a joke but glad Rollins not even going to make it.

Martin sucks hard. Guy was a stud – now a wussy.

Actually right now Billz has a higher BA than Martin, and as many home runs.

Just heard that O-Dog got named to the All Star squad, so congrats to him in addition to Bills and Brox.

Let’s be honest J Martin sucks hard bring back the R. Martin, Damn that suck we lost a freaking run.

Yeah BCG. the Odog really deserved it and it should’ve been no debate about it he deserve it. We can’t forget about Pedro Baez playing in the XM All-Star Futures Game since the guy is still in our organization.

Those Red Caps is just now right.

I’ve been voting non stop for Kemp and Kinsler.

If those scores, that Vin just gave us, hold- It will be a very productive day!

truebluewill ~ Rockies lost and the Giants are going to lose….very good day, indeed!

Damn where was that 2-2 pitch?

Bills has thrown 78 pitches through 7 innings and no walk allowed that’s a very good QS for him today. I would love to see Bills get the CG today.

You got to love Loney speed.


Lets go Bills get the CG


Double sigh

I love when the road team give someone a standing ovation even when there more Dodgers fan than Padres fan.

Wonderful Job Chad !!!!!!! You did an awesome job and a major league homerun on top of it. Let’s hope the bullpen can win it for you. I think they can!!!!!!!

Come on Brox shut them down.

Wonderful Job Chad !!!!!!! You did an awesome job and a major league homerun on top of it. Let’s hope the bullpen can win it for you. I think they can!!!!!!!

Let’s Go Jonathan!!!

hahahah here goes the Let’s go Dodgers chant

C’mon JB – bring it home!



Unbelievable. Martin better pull his head out.

Can you say Danys Baez.

lol at the beat la chant go figure


I love how the crowd on there feet on the road.

**** come on the stupid beat LA chant is a joke here

That looked like strike 3 to me. Missed opportunities to score will come back to bite you.

Torre’s a total SH** for abusing Brox like that in that situation. Almost 40 pitches at 100 – won’t surprise me if Torre has him throwing out his arm. With a four run lead, you could have brought in Vargas for a batter or two.

Unbeliveable, just simply unbelieveable!!! Chad had that win too!!!! He would have been better getting it done himself.


**** unbelieveable and we should’ve worry?

F Joe!!! You miserable f’ing bast***!!!
Get the F out of the game and retire, you senile F***!!!

Joe just sat there like a ******* moron why Brox, obviously without his best stuff, threw the game away. Should have left Billz in or at least taken brox out. Who cares if your closer doesn’t get the save. It didn’t take a genius to see Brox did’t have it but Joe sat there with his thumb up his *** like a ******* idiot.***** JOE!

Bluecrewgirl is right………….12 men left on base will come back to bite you in the a**!!!!


messagebear – the players seem to listen to you. Maybe Joe will too 🙂

Chad should punch a hole in Joe’s face!

I want those runs back and fast.


Damn that Venable lucky catch.

thanks for not stealing juan. FREAKING USELESS

Yes, he should aeversw. A homerun and the whole bit for Chad, and you just hand his win over like that. How can someone do that to Chad or Jonathan, for that matter? I feel bad for him too. He knew he didn’t have it, and I would guess he would have rather been pulled than to lose the game.

Nice try Andre……………..this certainly is not your fault. This game should be over, and Chad should have his 10th win.

Freaking unbelievable. Andre couldn’t have hit it any harder.

We needs a dp now.

bluecrewgirl – no kidding!!

Beli obviously doesn’t have it either…I wonder how long joe will keep him in…o great MoTA.

I thought for sure it was at least a double, Nelly. Andre couldn’t believe it Either. He dropped to his knees in disgust.

Broxton had a four-run lead with two outs. You’d “think” he could get out of it with a save. If Joe lifts him for one of our heroes, Belisario or Troncoso, and either blows it, Joe would have looked even more inept. Face it. San Diego is haunted for the Dodgers. Wasn’t that long ago they blew a huge ninth-inning lead with Danny Baez and Lance Carter. I think Carter was sent down, never to return again, after that game.

Haunted, I tell ya!

Another big out oh god

I would had another pitcher in before Broxton. Damn should had Weaver or Mcdonald or even Vargas.

Speaking of Dany Baez and Lance Carter. Ned traded Edwin Jackson for those two pieces of crap. Today Edwin was named to the All Star Team. Thanks Ned!…I’m so glad there’s no game tomorrow.

Quick, before the results…what are the odds Leach does the job? What are the odds he doesn’t walk this guy?

Manny’s probably not even at the stadium.***** him too.

or even Leach

I guess they had to call Manny in from the hotel…

Hmmmmmmmmmm should had Leach.

Leach, I’m gagging on my doubts about you!!!

Get Manny and the Odog in this game.

I know this is hard to believe but, I’m speechless!!!!!!!!

Actually I like Leach. We should get rid of that bum Ohman if he ever makes it off DL.

If I’m Bud Black I kick Venable’s a** for swinging at the first pitch delivered by a rookie in that situation.

Get on base Kemp.

I guess they had to call Manny in from the hotel…

Awwww come on trublu we need you to speak your mind.

Shad ~ I am so ticked off at the way this entire game has gone………..we should have been on our way to New York!

God damn Gwynn Jr.

Martin does suck hard, and I blame him partly for the BP meltdown in the 9th. He’s calling the game – he doesn’t seem to slow anybody down – he doesn’t call for different pitches than just the fast ball with Brox. These are major leaguers, if speed is all they see, they’ll eventually time it when it comes over the plate.

Come on Weaver

The ball wasn’t hit hard. I like when Weaver side arm like that.

I surely hope the Padres won’t give up against the Giants.

Weaver has really done a great job this year. I’m happy for him. I can’t believe this game is in extra innings. Vin said the Dodgers have left 14 on base and the Padres have left 2 on base in this game.

Good inning for Weaver. Lets score some runs now and get the bad taste of this one out of our mouths.

Did you like the new park, oldbrooklyn fan?

Hi everybody, Just got back from Yankee Stadium, with my daughter our first visit to the new park.
When we headed home, It was 6-1 Dodgers, but as I now get home it looks like we’ve blown that lead.
Man these last two games have been murderous.

n/m they have to played the dback first than the giants.

17 hits, 5 walks and you only score 6 runs?

And I don’t call him Idiot Joe for nuthin’.

Who could throw a ball farther, Eckstein or Pierre?

This is longer than Federer vs. Roddick…

Maybe Joe should have put Weaver in when Brox didn’t have it. All hindsight of course.

Yes, they have oldbrooklyn fan. How was the new Yankee Stadium?

Joe Pierre- that’s awesome news. I am glad you got to enjoy yourself at a ball game today 🙂
It’s been longer than 4 hours goodness. We need this win and soon mind you!

I was waiting for you to make an appearance enchanted.

Hi Amy

Maybe we should’ve had Weaver come in for Bills.

Alright James! Amy, I guess you were the good luck charm! 🙂

Come on now two good innings from Weaver. We got to do something now.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm poor Eckstein

Hello! I just want this game to end in Dodger victory!!!! Come on boys!

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Loney


Thank you James!

Dodgers need about five more runs in this house of horrors…

Good going LONEY.
Now I hope we can hold it.

James! I would like to see some more runs in this inning.

How’ya doing, truebluewill

Thanks Mike 🙂
Too bad we aren’t the home team. I love walk offs…..
I will always play my part!!

I’d bring the outfield in to the co-ed line on Martin…

Alright who is going to save it now.

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

By leefink and martinloneykemp

Alright James Anthony Loney!!!!!

Can we just called the game off now since it like a homegame for us.


I want to cook dinner..but want to wait til the game is over!

Man those Red hat have to go.

We enjoyed the game, it was slugfest, won by the Yankees 10-8.

Oh my wow a good move let see if it work.

Come on Weaver

Nice win but it still a terrible win.

Finally over!!!!

7 runs 18 hits and my bday is July 18 nice.

A win is a win, however crappy and undeserved.

Glad they won and great job by Weaver, but it’s really to bad for Bills that he didn’t get the win after such a great effort.

Dear Joe, the ITD bloggers will be nice to you again if you bench J.Martin for the Mets series. No need to thank us.

Not often that Broxton blows a save.. It was absolutely the right call to bring him in at that moment.. 9 times out of 10 he gets the job done.. today just wasnt his day.. You guys really should lay off Joe.. was not his fault… Every decision he made with the pen was the correct one.. Doesnt always work out…. the guys have to perform.. Fortunately we got the win.. too bad Chad again failed to get his 10th win after a great performance.

I left a 6-1 game to enjoy some BBQing here, finished dinner, and just came into the room and opened the Laptop to hear Charley Steiner saying “AND THE DODGERS WIN 7-6 IN ONE OF THE LONGEST…” …
Funny thing is, I started listening when it was 6-0, then heard the Pads score a run, thought back to yesterday when I came home to Belli giving up those runs, and decided to walk away for the rest of it.

Don’t know how things got out of hand, but I like coming in to hear the right kind of surprise, heheheh.

Well, I’ll be headed to Citi field on Tuesday night to take in the game.
Even though all indications point to a Dodger sweep, I know we all know better.
Just like this series, it won’t be easy and the Met fans are thinking that we’ll be medicine from the doctor.
I’ll watch on T.V. on Wednesday and return to Flushing on Thursday for the finale.

Spanner ~ why don’t you leave us alone!

Thank goodness that game is over. I think Chad got royally screwed in that game. He had that game hands down, and Joe just gave it back to the Padres. I know it’s hindsight, but Chad should have been left in to see if he could win (or lose) on his own. Joe pulls him after a solo shot and a double, but lets Jonathan walk batter after batter, with hits in between and leaves him in to suffer.


We let you have your say, Spanner, why don’t you let us have ours?

We can’t banned him?

Whew!!! I’m glad that’s over with. Good move by Joe to walk Adrian. I thought he should have taken Broxton out after the walk to Edgar.

Oldbrooklynfan – I am glad you had a good time at the game today, and you are right, we can’t take any team for granted really. The teams that are doing the worst are usually the teams that have nothing to lose and they are the ones we usually have the most trouble with. So, Arizona ought to be a real treat too 🙂

Baseball is a wacky game of perception. This morning Plaschke was whining that the Dodgers had lost 6 of 10 and were limping to the All-Star break. Tomorrow morning the Dodgers will have won 3 of 4, 4 of 6, and have taken two consecutive series from division rivals. And the entire change in perception is due to ONE game…albeit a bizarre one.

I thought I answered you NELLY, but apparently I don’t see it here.
It was a high scoring game, which we both enjoyed, a real slugfest won by the Yankees 10-8.

You did oldbrooklynfan 🙂

Fortunately a huge thunderstorm hit just in the bottom of the ninth when there were two outs and we were still leading 6-2, which knocked out my PC or I would’ve had a meltdown of my own.

Billz pitched a nice game today, but even up 6-1 he still couldn’t finish it out. No ace be he. I don’t have any problem with Joe replacing Billz with Brox – how could you when he’s been lights out? Billz lost it and whoda thunk Brox would blow a 4-run lead with two outs in the ninth? HOWEVER, as badly as Brox was struggling, no way I don’t take him out even if he is the closer. That was just stupid [mis]managing by JoJo once again. Luckily they did win or we could easily be facing a 3-4-5 game losing streak. Gotta blame the offense too for not scoring more with all the hits and walks they received, especially leaving the bases loaded once again with with less than two outs.

JoJo’s problem with Brox today is the same one he has with JP 99.9% of the time. JP’s fast so he’s a leadoff batter period. Brox is the closer so he closes and doesn’t get replaced even though he should’ve been. Its like Joe looks at something and it is whatever it is. Like looking at a screwdriver and deciding that it can only tighten or loosen screws.

oldbrooklynfan I’m doing a lot better now that the game is over and we won. Glad to hear you had a good time at the new Yankee stadium. I haven’t gotten there yet.

Are you serious enchanted? YOu still don’t think Bills is an Ace? Wow. Im sorry but people who don’t think Bills is an Ace must have a mental defect. He is an ACE in every form of the word. God forbid he gets tired in the 9th inning. It’s like thats not an accomplishment since all of our starts go over 6 innings in all but 1 over their starts this year.

Billingsley Didn’t fail today at all to get his tenth win. Joe and Brox failed him today. Some people on here need to read a book or two about baseball.

Billz pitched a hell of a game and it got all throw away not because of anything he did. He can only control what happens in the game when he’s in the game. He deserved better. He even deserved to stay in the game even after the home run and single. He was dealing today and Joe goes out there with his thumb up his *** and ***** all over his good start by letting Brox suck it up. Who cares if he’s the closer. He wasn’t closing **** today and that was obvious. As Herm Edwards says “You play to win the game” so If one guys not getting the job done bring in another guy. Brox had nothing today and thats not his fault. He’s been dominate all year and on somedays guys just don’t have it. He should have been taken out when it was 6-4. WHo cares if he didn’t get the save we almost didn’t get the win because of it and a Win is all that matters.

Well since the tying run didn’t come up when Broxton came in it wasn’t a bs and most closer are awful in those situation. I’m sorry but seriously you can’t really say this was Bills fault.

Don’t be sorry shad, the people who think it’s Bills fault should be sorry for being so ridiculous.

How many pitchers do we carry on our staff? With a four run lead, it’s not like Brox needed the work. Why didn’t somebody else relieve Billz and get the chance instead of burning up Brox at every opportunity, even when it doesn’t seem necessary. Would Torre have done that with Rivera back in NY? I don’t know, but it seems like he gets on a kick and just rides Brox too much in all kind of situations. How many other guys did he ultimately have to use anyway.

07/03 @SD W 6-3 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 3 10 — Sv(20) 2.10
07/01 COL W 1-0 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 3 9 — Sv(19) 2.15
06/29 COL W 4-2 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 19 — — 2.21
06/23 @CWS W 5-2 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 3 — Sv(18) 2.27

Does Broxton really needs the work?

Ouch 2.10 ERA to 2.72

We still had Vargas, McDonalds and Troncoso.

Yup that’s me, don’t know schmidt.

Where did I say Billz didn’t deserve the win? Santana’s an ace, Sabathia’s an ace, Webb’s an ace. Halliday’s an ace. Is Billz an ace? – Hell no. Bills had a 3-4 run lead two games in a row comming into this one and couldn’t hold it ON HIS OWN. He had a five run lead in the ninth and couldn’t finish it out. Tired yes, but true aces can finish it out. Did he NEED to come out – yes. I believe I said that as well, though not in so many words. I too would’ve brought in Brox to finish it out. Obviously my OPINION differs on what constitutes an ace.

Now when you want to put on your big boy pants and debate the issue like an adult, you can come sit at the grow-ups table and we’ll discuss it.

With all the bitching I almost forgot to praise what Weaver did to win this game for us and to recognize the somewhat surprising bright spot that he has been on our pitching staff. I agree with kahli’s comment earlier on that Weaver has the guts of a winner even when he no longer has his best career stuff. Remember how he took on his brother, who’s probably the better pitcher, but still won. I also remember that long extra inning game that he lost after coming so close to getting out of an impossible situation only to give up the single after getting two outs with men in scoring position. He was so pissed, he threw his glove from the mound practically into the dugout. That may not earn you any points, but I’d rather have a guy who gives a damn, and Weaver has been giving us all he’s got this season. I’m glad we had him today, and I’m glad to have him in Dodger blue.

I didn’t have a problem with Torre using Broxton when he did, but when he saw that he wasn’t on his game he should taken him out after the walk to Edgar Gonzalez. I never like it when a manager sticks with a closer just because he’s the closer. If he’s having a bad game he should be yanked before it’s to late.

I agree, truebluewill, it was quite obvious he didn’t have it today and they were very lucky to pull out the game. Messagebear, I’ve always liked Weaver. He’s never been an ace by any means, but when he was a Dodger before, he gave them a lot of good innings and was very durable too. I like his intensity and I think he’s going to be an important part of their pitching staff the whole way through this season.

If he put anyone else in instead of Broxton and they failed you guys would say.. why didn’t they put broxton in.. it’s a no win situation… You guys just like to blast joe win it aint always his fault… Really why are you always so negative.. this team is in first place.. are you guys really this bitter and unlikeable in person?

Wow. “Hell No” thats seriously laughable. You base your opinion on 2 blow leads. Well guess what. Halladay has blown a lead before, Santana has blow a lead before get over. Bills has come up big in the games when we’ve needed him to. Remember he beat Haren and Webb in September last year, like a true ace does or maybe you don’t think so…obviously not since you don’t consider Bills an Ace. Bills has 16 quality starts this year (in 18 starts). Santana has 12 and Halladay has 12 also…but they are aces Chad’s not. Gotcha.


From now on NO ONE on here can have an opinion.

I’m not blasting Joe, I like the job he’s doing. I just thought there was a big enough lead that he could have gotten someone else in there before the game got tied.

An opinion is one thing but saying “Bills should punch joe in the face” is uncalled for.

no spanner, some people are just bitter cause instead of mc court hiring ned and joe he should of hired them since they are far better suited to be GM and manager………in their opinion, hindsight not being a factor of course. And if they had the wherewithal and resources they’d be a better owner too, 3 playoff appearances in 5 years of new ownership with more playoff victories than we’ve had in 20 years isn’t enough progress, not to mention the best record in baseball this year.

Billz is an ACE, no doubt, no stats need be stated for that, bar none Billz has developed into an Ace.

Bear……Weaver was player of the game and I love the fight in him too, plus his eagerness to be the swingman.

Does anyone know if the final vote has a voting limit? I thought it was 25, but I voted probably close to 50 times, I think. Cast your vote for Kemp! He deserves to be there for his patrolling of center field alone!

As paying fans we have a right to criticize the players, management and organization. My Hero Thomas Jefferson said “Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because if there be one he must approve of the homage of reason more than that of blindfolded fear.” I know this has nothing to do with God but questioning thing is how we grow wiser as a person so forgive me fore questioning Joe’s moves and Ned’s moves. I’d rather question them then walk around like a mind numbed fool who thinks people can do no wrong. Thats just how I look at life.

and enchanted I didn’t say you couldn’t have an opinion did I? Mines just different them yours and it obviously tickled you the wrong way

Well it’s too bad we have a first place team… imagine if we were the Pirates.. then what would you have to say? Forgive me for being the only one here who actually likes this team.

aryad, I voted throughout the whole game with the same email and voted well over 50 times…I think it’s limitless

I assume there no voting limit because I’m way over 25 and I have been using the same emailed.

I don’t recall being the one having a problem aeversw. I do recall someone saying I had a mental defect however. I believe that was… you.

So pardon my incredulousness at your last comment.

To bad we can’t kicked Wright off that team and put in Reynolds no way Wright deserved to be there.

Spanner, the people that post on ITD are all loyal and knowledgeable Dodger fans and different people express their opinions in different ways. At the end of the day, they all want the best for the Dodgers and it’s no different than any other message board or blog you can find on the Internet. You have the right to your opinion and others have the right to theirs. No harm done.

BTW, my “Opinion” post was aimed at spanners comment.

Sorry spanner, we all love the dodgers, but I personally can’t be a Dodger Blue lemming where wharever they do is OK, even if they are in first.

It’s the foul language and personal slurs against certain people associated with the dodgers I have a problem with.

Hey BCG – how are you??

enchanted, i dont think you ever give them credit for doing anything good…

That should’ve said “whatever” they do.

I’m good, enchanted, except that I am dreading have to go back to work tomorrow after the holiday.

Probably not enough Spanner you’re right, but if this blog were all cupcakes and sunshine, no one would ever come on here and it’d just be like any other team’s blog – boring.

It’d be:
“Hey, Billz sure pitched great today.”
“yeah he sure did.”
“How bout that homerun?”
“yeah, it was great”
“I had cornflakes for breakfast.”
‘yeah, me too.”

That should say “having” to go back to work. I which this board had an edit post function.

Very testy in here today. In defense of JoJo, I went back over the blog to the 9th inning and NO ONE in here was calling for Broxton to be lifted while he was on the mound. Myself included. Just as you want a pitcher to win or lose with his best pitch, I want the team to win or lose with its best pitcher. No way did I want to see Mota or Troncoso or Belisario right then and there.

enchanted, I wouldn’t take aeversw so seriously. Earlier today he labeled my opinion the “dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.” He only insinuated your opinion points to “a mental defect.” Silly us.

well there can be something other than the regular “JP sucks” “joe sucks” posts that recycle endlessly on here now…

I can’t type tonight. Red pen again, “wish”

I hear ya BCG. I have to go down to Houston this week.

Nothing like Texas in the middle of July.

Yes, I lived in Houston for 2 1/2 years my junior and senior years of high school and went to UT my first year of college, so I hear ya about the humidity there. We actually lived about 45 minutes outside of Houston, but it was still called Houston. Houston and Austin are great cities. I had fun there.

I can’t speak for others Spanner, but what drives me absolutely nuts about JP and Joe is that no matter how many times they find themselves it a familiar/same situation, they never seem to learn by their past mistakes and so they repeat them over and over and over again. That’s when I give JP and Joe the most hell.

Actually if you go back a month, I was praising JP for his play but since then, he’s just been back to being the unacceptible version of JP. He did well today. He did well in the extra inning game against the Rox. But too many times since May 29 he’s just been Juan.

Interesting too how there’s different Texas’ within Texas. People from Plano/Dallas are different from those in Houston and they’re different from Austin/San Antonio. Kinda like L.A/O.C.

And then there’s MERCED!!! 🙂

Exactly Knouff!!!

I think Billz is an ace in the making. While he’s the closest thing we’ve got to an ace. I don’t think he’s quite there yet.

Well i think Joe should get more credit for the teams success than you give him.. and you are a lot harder on JP than other players.. Kemp tends to strikeout in key situations a lot.. Ethier hit poorly for a long stretch and you dont come down on them ever..

I agree, especially when he throws strikes and attacks the strike zone like he did today.

I guess I see Kemp as what he is, a 24 year raw talent with a tremendous upside that’s going through the learning curve. His strikeouts do drive me nuts sometimes, but his D in center generally makes up for a lot of those.

Dre definitely isn’t hitting like he’s capable, but he does lead the team in HRs and RBIs so he’s generally getting the job done, just not in spectacular fashion.

Joe just doesn’t impress me in the least as an in-game manager. I still feel most of his success in NY was due to having the Yankee’s bankroll behind him. His efforts in Atl. And St.L were less than impressive. I will say that with this whole Manny saga, he’s probably the best equipped manager to handle that and what goes with it, but as a field manager, blah.

I’m so sorry I’ve been missing out on all the fun…….had a family gathering and am really dismayed at all the negativity you are piling on our Enchanted. Obviously, some of you don’t read our blog often enough to know that Enchanted is one of our fairest, most honest and most of all, one of the most entertaining members of this board. We once stated that this board is like a patchwork quilt with different pieces that when put together make wonderful product.
No matter what we say we all have the same thing in common, the love of the Dodgers and the need to see them succeed!

Thought I posted this earlier on Billz:

I base my opinion on the fact that Halliday, Webb, Sabathia and Santana have earned the right to be called ace over more than just a half a season of work. I base my opinion on Billz blowing up in the playoffs against Philly. I base my opinion on Billz’s pitch count gererally reaching 100-110 by the 5-6th inning on a regular basis. I base my opinion on Billz not holding 3-4 run leads in the 6th. In time I think Billz and Kersh will both win the right to be called ace. Just not now.

Aw shucks TruMom, we wuz just havin’ fun!!!

Trublu, it would be boring if every piece in the quilt was the same pattern.

I’m sorry Enchanted, it didn’t look like much fun to me. I don’t like it when peopke knock us without really knowing who we are. Even though I’ve never met you, I think I know you very well…..lucky me!

* people! My next venture will be a typing class!

This is on the Dodgers’ website, but it’s disturbing and aggravating nonetheless:
As for Ramirez, Torre said: “It’s his legs — he’s not in game shape yet. He can pinch-hit today and we can leave him in the game. He has to get his legs under him. Running back and forth to the outfield, it takes some time. By the time the second half starts, he should be all the way back. That’s what Spring Training is all about and, unfortunately, he had his season interrupted.”
Of course, the club was hoping Ramirez would work the kinks out during the 10-game Minor League assignment that is provided for players returning from drug suspensions. But Ramirez took advantage of less than half of the assignment, playing part time in only five games. In those games, he had only 10 at-bats and played left field for a total of 20 innings.

I’d comment Kahli, but I’m building my case for mental defect for when I go postal. 🙂

Thanks TruMom! I shouldn’t have spiked the koolaid.

OK I can’t stand it…

So the way for Manny to gain his legs and get into playing condition is by sitting on the bench and watching.

Sheer genius.

I could not let this weekend go without adding my two cents about this series. First, the red hats should be burned never to appear on a Dodger again. I understand the cause and the purpose but some things just are not right and red hats on Dodger players is not right! By the way, did teams who normally wear red hats have to wear blue hats?

Second, what is it with San Diego that brings out the worst in the Dodgers? How is it possible that generations of
Dodger teams have had so much trouble playing there? No say what happened today with Broxton happens anywhere else. But the good news is past Dodger teams would have lost this game but this year’s version won. And honestly, what other manager would have had someone else warmed up ready to go with someone like Broxton on the mound? You have to think with Brox on the mound a 6-2 lead is pretty safe.

Third, it sure seems every game is a big game and this road trip will be no exception. The Giants, much as I hate to say it, are lurking out there ready to make this a close race. As for whether Bills is an ace or not, it really does not matter. He is the best we have so on this team, he is the ace. He pitched great today and deserved a better fate. That is one reason I don’t put much emphasis on wins and losses as an important pitching stat.

I meant to say no way what happened to Brox today happens anywhere else.

Good Late Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

Wow!!! Pretty eventful writing today. It feels like the old ITD days where opinions were different, a little heated at times, but we are all here for the same reason………..because we bleed Dodger blue.

enchanted – you are one of the best things about ITD. You are passionate, opinionated, you are absolutely hilarious and you are one of the most creative people on this blog, and I know at least two others (and many more I am sure) who feel exactly the same way. So, don’t you ever stop speaking your mind, not that you will. I know you too well to think that 🙂

Manny said he was working out and raring to go. Then we read he plays minimally in half the potential rehab games. Then by game three back in fold, he can’t go. Hell, he was welcome on my slo-pitch team if he needed to run around. I must click my heels three times and repeat: athletes are not role models, athletes are not role models, athletes are not role models, athletes are not………………………

Well i think Joe should get more credit for the teams success than you give him.. and you are a lot harder on JP than other players.. Kemp tends to strikeout in key situations a lot.. Ethier hit poorly for a long stretch and you dont come down on them ever..

By on July 5, 2009 8:15 PM

First of all, JP is making 10 million dollars this year. Yes, perhaps he earned some of that money in May, but he hasn’t earned his money in June and July remains to be seen, if and when he plays. So, IMO he (and Ned) deserves the criticism when he doesn’t do well. Most people have been fairly positive about JP in this 50 days where he has played. I have not, but it’s my opinion just like you have your opinion. He wanted to be traded, and he didn’t want to be a Dodger so I am all for getting rid of him any which way we can, which I know isn’t going to happen.

As far as Andre, making 3.1 million dollars, it is hard to be down on the team leader in homeruns and RBIs. He has been streaky, no doubt about it, but I am starting to look at it as maybe he is becoming more of an aggressive hitter and once he figures it out, his Average and OBP will be where it should be. Messagebear has given Andre a fair share of grief for not hitting so well, and it’s been well deserved. Plus, Andre is hard enough on himself.

Then there is Matt, making a measely $467,000, which has been given his fair share of grief for too many strikeouts and some poor judgement in baserunning. However, like many have said, he has major upside and that raw talent make him unstoppable one day.

Hey Nelly if you still on I don’t know why you have to waste your breath on him. That guy would never learn.

Second half is going to be great. Dodgers AND Giants make the playoffs. Would that be a great NLCS????????? Red Sox play Yankees in the ALCS. Baseball nirvana.

What would really be nice if the Yankees don’t make the playoff again and the Rays do.

I also think Joe doesn’t get enough credit on here for being a good manager. Although… he’s always had the rap of over using the pen. He’s got more than three guys down there and needs to find a way to spread it around. I think Mota could be used more in the 7th or 8th.

Good Morning ITDr’s
Hope everyone is having a great morning…the weekend games were exciting. I’ve been out ill…in bed for about 2-3 days…and now I can not hear of one ear…it sucks. But hey I can still read and type. I have no idea what’s going on in ITD world, but I will try and check every now and then. Well work comes first since I’ve been gone for like 7 days or so.
I do know that Manny is baaaack and already did a Homerun ( I did watch), then I know Billi did a homerun aswell….GOOOOO BILLI…. As for our Dodgers All-Stars, congratulations to Billingsley, Broxton, & Hudson. I am happy for them but I am not too sure if it’s a good idea that two of our pitchers are going to be in the All-Stars…I believe they should rest…but that’s just me. But I am proud that they made it in. Hopefully Kemp makes it, sad to hear that Ethier did not make it. I knew Martin wasn’t going to make it.

Some weird stuff happening with out team lately…….

Weird Stat of the Week: Dodger pitchers drove in three runs this week (a Randy Wolf two-run single and Chad Billingsley’s first MLB home run), the same number as Rafael Furcal, Manny Ramirez, Juan Pierre, Orlando Hudson, Mark Loretta, Juan Castro, Brad Ausmus, A.J. Ellis, and Mich Jones combined.

Singular Success: In this last 53 plate appearances, Andre Ethier has five home runs, two doubles, and 11 RBI. However, during that time Ethier has zero singles. As a result, Ethier is hitting .149/.226/.511 during that span, and his .737 OPS is about as high as you’ll see with a batting average under .150. Ethier’s last single came in the eighth inning in Anaheim against John Lackey…15 days ago.

Both of these say alot about why batting average really isn’t telling the whole story of who is helping out the offense.

Here is the article/blog that info came from…..

Keith Law on ESPN Insider says: “Kemp belongs on the All-Star team because of both offensive asnd defensive value. Of course if the Dodgers had beaten the Phillies in the NLCS and Joe Torre were managing the all-Star Team he would have Kemp batting 8th and probably remove him for a pinch hitter at the first opportunity.”
The purpose of me quoting this is the fact that we are not the only ones who think Joe not the fantastic manager that some of you believe him to be!

I was reading over on Dodger Thoughts this morning (yesterday’s game thread and the one after), and they were all talking about the same things we were. All different opinions on how they saw yesterday’s game and how it should have been played out. The only difference between us and them, is we have more fun doing it, IMO.

Where to begin?

It’s nice to be in first place.

Although Broxton is allowed to have an off-day, I still believe that he’s scared to come inside with his fastball. Watch carefully and tell me I’m wrong.

I agree with those who say that Billz is our ace by default. “Our” ace is different than “an” ace. Sandy was an ace. Billz is the best we have and one of the best starters in the league. He’ll get better, of that I have no doubt.

Won-loss records for pitchers are almost completely out of their control and should be regarded as such.

Our blog is the best in the business. The difference in opinion is marvelous.

Enchanted needs no defense. He’s perfectly capable of it himself. But if he needs help, I’m there.

Torre does some very nice things as a manager. Not very many of them take place during the game. Just my opinion. Perhaps there should be a “Field Manager” position. I’ll put in my application. There are several posters here who could also do the job. It’s NOT BRAIN SURGERY!

The following is NOT Pierre-Bashing, it’s Ethier-Supportive: If anyone thinks Juan Pierre is a better defensive outfielder than Andre Ethier (I’m talking to YOU, Dodger Thoughts), you either haven’t been watching the games or know nothing about the GAME.

And, just to set the record straight, Pierre was hitting .355 when Ramirez “went on vacation”.
As of Ramirez’ return, Pierre was hitting .322.
During those 50 games, he went 68-for-214, a .318 clip. Seventeen points over his career .301 average. Very nice, but hardly superhuman. Charley Steiner, Joe Morgan, et al, please take note.

Please excuse me if I’ve repeated something already posted in the past few days. I’ve not had a chance to review since I last posted on Wednesday.

Good morning ITD boys and girls!
I know, I know. I haven’t talked that much lately. A quick post, and then gone. I’ve been VERY busy and will continue to be so for about a month. Whew!!! It’s been tiring, and the future sounds VERY tiring! I didn’t see or hear much of the game yesterday. My husband and I were at the Angels game (my birthday/his Fathers’ Day presents from our son).

But I have to chime in on what everyone has been talking about. We heard Billz being taken out of the game in the 9th inning. For Torre to leave him in the game that long, I would take it that Billz pitched very well. That sentiment was echoed later when I heard various sports reports later. And I wouldn’t have been so upset if JB was brought in the game in a save situation. But that wasn’t the case. The score when JB came in was 6 – 2. In order for it to be a save situation when JB came in would be if the tying run must be in the batter’s box for it to be a save situation (2 men on base). But it wasn’t. There was only 1 man on base. I said to my husband and myself, “Why wouldn’t Joe just leave Billz in for at least one more batter.” Perhaps if Billz was left in, he would have gotten the next guy out, and if he did that, chances are good that he would’ve finished the game out with a CG victory. But worst-case scenario, if Billz lets the next batter on base, or if he gives up a HR to the next batter, we still would’ve been ahead 6 – 4. That would be the point when JB should’ve been brought into the game.

As far as how long JB should’ve pitched, I have no disagreement with Torre on that part. JB is our closer, and guys in the BP should know what roles they are playing, whether it’d be closer, 7th/8th inning setup men, left-handed specialist, etc. I say once JB is in the game, he should be given every opportunity to close the game out. Unfortunately JB didn’t do that yesterday. As much as I don’t like it, this will happen to EVERY closer. What I find disconcerting is why did Joe bring JB in the game in a non-save situation? That’s MY frustration. If Joe had let Billz pitch his way out of the tough situation, we could’ve ended the game in 9 innings. I mean it wasn’t like it was a 1 or 2 run difference in the score. There still was a bit of a cushion. I just say, let Billz pitch…

And I forgot to say it above, but sorry for the EXTREMELY long post…


dodgereric – great post!! I like the Ethier/Kemp supporter phrase, and you are certainly right about enchanted, no defense needed,but I just had to say something. Glad you made it back to So-Cal safely, not that I had any doubts whatsoever, and the Dodgers won so being in Giants country had no affects on you or the Dodgers.

CP – It’s good to see you even if it’s in and out. Keep busy…………it’s tiring, but good at the same time.

Kahli – I just saw your post about an NLCS match up with the Dodgers and Giants, and that is just a scary thought but very possible. However, I am not sure I would classify that as fun for me personally – LOL!!!!

I’ve noticed that TORRE picks a fave and works them til death. Poor Martin has nothing left on him…why cause Torre over worked him. TORRE has a weird way of change the line up, and pulling pitchers in and out but I am not a coach and I do not fully understand TORRE. Just as long as we win and not overkill players.

nelly, not only a scary scenario…but a VERY possible one. And in a short series, the Gnats might have an edge: Kuroda vs. Lincecum, Billingsley vs. Cain, Kershaw vs. Johnson, Wolf vs. Zito. Who wins those games?

Kahli ~ at least we have Manny; Andre; Matt; Casey and James!

Oops, almost forgot the most important one………..Juan! LOL

KAHLI – Dodgers Vs. Giants is the perfect match up. Nothing like beating the (2nd best team in our Division). I think our Boys in Blue will feel more rewarding if we win (I mean when we win!)

My Nellygirl!
I know it’s been over a week in coming, but below is a link to my pictures from our ITD tour!!!

Boy, that would be a tough pitching match up. If this were happening today, then Linsecum for sure. The others, I think we have the better offense if they perform like they should. We have always done well against Cain (but he has been phenomenal lately), and we have already beat Johnson and Zito. There is no doubt, Kahli, it would be something that can definitely happen.

I still say we need to bolster our pitching staff. Don’t know who we would get if we don’t want to give up our Young Guns, but I still say our pitching staff needs help…

So is Manny going to get in game shape again tomorrow by watching Juan play?

And Kahli, I don’t know if I would want to see the Gnats in the playoffs. I’d rather see the Rox instead. That’s why the Gnats need to go on an extended losing streak. As it stands now, the Gnats is the leader in the Wildcard race…

BTW, it’s a save situation if the tying run is on base, at bat or ON DECK:

10.19 Saves For Relief Pitchers
A save is a statistic credited to a relief pitcher, as set forth in this Rule 10.19.
The official scorer shall credit a pitcher with a save when such pitcher meets all four of the following conditions:
(a) He is the finishing pitcher in a game won by his team;
(b) He is not the winning pitcher;
(c) He is credited with at least a third of an inning pitched; and
(d) He satisfies one of the following conditions:
(1) He enters the game with a lead of no more than three runs and pitches for at least one inning;
(2) He enters the game, regardless of the count, with the potential tying run either on base, or at bat or on deck (that is, the potential tying run is either already on base or is one of the first two batters he faces); or
(3) He pitches for at least three innings.

Thx for the rules brush-up Eric. I knew about the tying run in the on deck circle (actually, I just remembered that I said in the batter’s box above; my bad). But what I didn’t remember is if the reliever pitches for at least three innings, and he gets the save.

In the meantime, whatever happened to NL West being the weakest division?

Yeah messagebear, I just realized that the media hasn’t been saying that the NL West is the weakest division…

Well, I’ve gotta run. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Morning all! I just submitted a ton of votes for Matty! It appears there is not the 25 vote limit as on the other ballot! Let’s get Matty in there!!!

Thanks ERIC for the rules…learn something new everyday.
Thanks CPO for sharing you pics…they came out great.
ENCHANTED: Maybe that is TORRE’s new way of having Manny get in better shape (actually sitting on the bench)…worked for PIERRE…LOL!

Lots to catch up here and everywhere and with work/home. When the team goes on the road is when I can catch up (provided I don’t take a road trip)
My friend Lore and I were in San Diego Friday and Sunday. She had a prior engagement for Saturday so that is why we could not be there Saturday. Friday was crazy! The number of media on the field was incredible. Sunday morning, we spoke with James Loney prior to him entering the stadium . By mistake, I spoke to him in Spanish and he answered me back in Spanish! I was so surprised of his fluent Spanish so I continued to talk to him in Spanish. We like to think that we brought him luck and the team for being there for both wins.
Friday we had tickets in the the field box, a few rows from the dugout seats between home plate and the Dodgers dugout BUT one ticket in aisle 106 and another one in aisle 104 but still close to each other. It was the best way to get the best seats available. Thanks Lore! Sunday we had tickets in the premier club with access to the Omni club restaurant. The brunch was $28 and worth it. We found a table against the rail. the restaurant is behind the visitors dugout so we had a great view from there that we never went to check our seats. To us this was better as we did not have anyone getting up and down. I highly recommend it if you have the chance to get these tickets.
Back when the Dodgers first were those red hats for Memorial day, I posted in my blog that I did care for the red hats and that I understood why it was done and I support the cause but not the red hats. I was given grief for that, one of them was Julia (Red Sox blogger). I would like to see red/white and blue hat instead. Julia was also posting in my latest post that we Dodger fans should boo Manny. We know that will not happen. The very few people that will boo will not be heard with all the cheers.
I love to read all the ITD blogmates here including those that offer their opinions knowing that they are in the minority. If it was all one way or the other, it would be boring having all agree so all are welcome.
We had some ups and downs yesterday during the game. Having to endure it all at Petco Park, it was extra nice to come out with the win Sunday. Great job Billz., you will get them another time Brox, Woohoo for the hitters that came thru! Great job Weaver! Talked to Josh prior to Sunday’s game and he told me that they were getting in at 3:AM Monday morning. I wonder if it accounted for the late game.
Rest well Dodgers and don’t ease off on the Mets. Got to kick them while they are down.
Regarding the language, back at, the game threads is one thread where foul language is permitted but there those threads are started as separate threads. We know how heated we can become during a game and words escapes us when we are frustrated. BTW, is where they baptized Matt Kemp with the nickname “bison.” Another nickname I like that they use is “the invisible man” for Jason Schmidt.
Talking about Matt, vote for him. For those that have not voted, Shane Victorino is also on the voting list and we don’t want Shane to win over our bison.
well, got to go to a meeting. A good thing ha?
Have a wonderful day blogmates!

As for Ramirez, Torre said: “It’s his legs — he’s not in game shape yet. He can pinch-hit today and we can leave him in the game. He has to get his legs under him. Running back and forth to the outfield, it takes some time. By the time the second half starts, he should be all the way back. That’s what Spring Training is all about and, unfortunately, he had his season interrupted.”
Appearantly he was forbidden to run back and forth to the outfield or anywhere else…. during his suspension. I dont get it he has access to the best trainers and the best ecxuipment money can buy and he has to run in and out of a ballfield during an actual game……That explanation makes me want to trust you more Joe….. Good Job!!!!

My question D4 is – why didn’t Manny do the full 10 game rehab assignment if his legs were an issue?

Something just doesn’t sound right.

That’s what it sounds like when you’re being lied to, enchanted.

I think we are being lied to, also! Do they think we are idiots?

Maybe we are being lied to, but maybe it is to protect the team. Maybe it is not so much that they want to lie to us, but to the other teams.

Trouble with a drug test again?

Is JP paying him off?

Is Manny really pregnant?

Any way you look at it, Manny*roid is just a privileged character when you consider how any other player on the team might be treated under similar circumstances. It ultimately doesn’t matter how much he plays and how he performs, as long as Frank can get the most exposure and marketing out of him for these two years. It’s Frank’s money, so let him flush it down the toilet all I care. At least we know that we can win with or without Manny*roid.

It’s funny because Doug Mientkiewicz (MonkeyWhiskers) had a dislocated shoulder for crying outloud and he was running laps around Dodger Stadium at 1:00 on a Saturday. He is ready to come back, and yet Manny didn’t have anything technically wrong with him, and he doesn’t have the legs to run in the outfield for half a game. What a spoiled brat!!!!!

A team that couldn’t do anything about Andruw’s conditioning while paying him $16 million a year, can hardly be expected to do any better with a $25 million entry with legs that can’t hold up for a whole game.

There are soooo many reasons why Manny can not run to field. Who knows mayb Enchanted is right (LOL!) and Manny is pregnant, but I agree with Nelly….he is a brat, he was a brat in Boston and he will always be brat just aslong as he has people like Frank kissing his behind. And Frank will keep kissing his behind just as long as fans keep going ga-ga over him and spending their money on him. But we don’t really know.

Well Manny is going to have to start doing leg launches and buy the Thigh Master….taking what he took probably got his thighs all big….LOL!

I think it has less to do with Manny’s “spring training” legs and more to do with keeping Pierre happy.

Could be morning sickness!

I am trying not to think that way dodgereric, but that is very, very possible, and if that’s the case, then we are in for a long 2nd half of the season.

ERIC…could be… Fans do go crazy for both Manny & Pierre so they are milking all the fans money. Or Manny got hurt wearing heels…and they know the team is better (different) with Manny in the line up so they have to use Manny as much of they can to make the team better.

Manny didn’t get a whole lot of work in ST, did he? He had a sore hamstring, didn’t he? He certainly didn’t get 50 days of team-supervised workouts. Yet check the record. He played every game of the first 18. He played all of the first 29 except 2 – games 19 and 26. And he played every inning of those games except for a few that were blowouts.

I know Pierre drives me crazy!!

🙂 LOL!! I don’t have to comment on that, do I?

I guess I’m just saying that if I have a job that affords my family a better than average lifestyle…… And I do something to jepordize that opportunity….and my employer and peers see to it…to let the past be the past and concentrate on the future…..I show up ready to go to work!!! Not lollygagging around, pushing the puppy so to say, waiting to get in shape. Timing and hitting a baseball might be another thing but sore legs….Come on!!!!

Anybody max out on Kemp yet? It may not be possible.

I am not surprised Manny is not “ready” to go. He was not really ready when the season started, at least not game ready. This is why he will be perfect in the AL as a DH. He won’t have to get tired running on and off the field at the end of innings unless he is on base. He got very little action in his “rehab” games. Let’s see what happens in the next few days. After all, the Dodgers seemed to do o.k. without him. I do have a hard time believing this is all for JP’s sake.

Manny,s approximate salary per game……$150,000
Manny’s approximate salary per inning……$16,000
My beer cost per 24 ounces, with a bag of peanuts….$18.50
I imagine Monkey Whiskers….will be ready when asked.

25 million a year………..driving the cost of my seats, my beer my, peanuts, my memoribilia and merchandise up……Come ready to play you Turkey!!!!!

I have to laugh when Joe says Manny is uncomfortable dealing with all this stuff and that Manny is shy. Manny shy? Since when. What the heck did he expect? I think he expected not to get caught. But certainly his agent should be able to provide expert help in how to deal with the situation and prepare Manny in dealing with all the questions and attention. It is not going to go away.

Wire his jaw shut for 6 weeks…. if he dont want to talk.
That should’nt effect his legs one bit…..

I reached like 100 and had to leave my desk so I quit. I got email at 2:38 p.m. that Kemp is 3rd. I just hope Shane does not win over Kemp.

Big Unit on DL with strained shoulder. Don’t like to see athletes injured, but let’s see how Gnats finally handle some adversity. They’ve had smooth sailing so far. Dodgers, by contrast, lost their best hitter, Manny, and Kuroda, arguably their #1 starter, for about two months each.

Thanx, Emma. I’ll keep pouring them in.

Anyone read this blog?;_ylt=AqDjiC79X40tqg9fI6tDfbS5bZ8u?urn=fantasy,174782

Mark Reynolds(notes) broke up Ubaldo’s no-hitter with authority. (Highlight. Boom. Crushed). He gets this blog’s full support in the Final Vote. Reynolds is second in the league in home runs (24), third in RBIs (61) and 12th in year-to-date Yahoo! fantasy rank. The N.L. will have to add Kemp and/or Victorino anyway, due to the Beltran and Ibanez injuries.

Just in case and I see Emma said Kemp is 3rd we better vote more for Kemp.

Jonathan Broxton(notes) put up an ugly line on All-Star announcement day (1.0 IP, 2 H, 3 ER, 3 BB, 1 K), but he was squeezed, and Everth Cabrera’s(notes) game-tying single just snuck through. Nothing to fret about there. Gameday had one of Broxton’s pitches at 102 mph and everything else at 98 to 100. The lesson: You can always never count the Pads out, no matter the score.

Kemp is in third… The Cryin’ Hawaiian is in second…

And Pablo Sandoval of the Jints is leading them all in the NL

This is a travestah (not a travesty, a travest-ah), and will not be tolerated.

As long as I’m here, I”ll be making sure our man Kemp is in. Please make sure we’re represented in the OF, IF AND Pitching this year, Get The Bison In!!!

I’m trying Shad and NSB! I’ve been voting non-stop yesterday and today.

Tru – Me too! I’ve also been voting non-stop yesterday and today.

I hope it works!!!

I’m voting non-stop as of my earlier posting

We can do this! I’m definitely not standing for Sandoval or Victorino leading.

Okay, back to voting

NSB – We CANNOT let a Gnat or a Phillie get in ahead of Matty!!!

Tru – Yes, it WILL work!!!

Me too, NSB!

That’s great! I will definitely say a prayer for you!!!

Oh, one thing. I have a job interview tomorrow morning. Please say a prayer for me!!!

Okay Tru, how did your post get before mine??? Woooo. Time warp again…

Cp ~ I do get in a time warp every once in a while! lol

Thanks for the head up nsb don’t want that Pablo there. I just heard Brown signed a 2 yrs 4.2 millions to stay with us and no go to the Pacers and also heard Odom signing a 5 yrs 40 millions contract

opps not

CP, I’ll be praying for you, too, my friend!

Thx Sparkle!!! Sow how are things with you?

And isn’t it nice to see screen names and know the face that goes with it!!! 🙂

Going ok. Had an interview last week, but haven’t heard back yet. But hey, life is good!

Your pix were wonderful – and yes, it is great to see names and know the faces 🙂

Well Sparkle, I have you in my prayers!!!

Thanks for posting the photos Carol. Good luck tomorrow.

Thank you SO much! How was your 4th of July?

Thx Brian! I’ll be in your neck of the woods tomorrow; I’ll be in Camarillo!

Sparkle – My 4th was the same old, same old. My dog HATES fireworks, so we stay home, trying to calm her down. But we went to the Hollywood Bowl on the 2nd. That was good! How was yours?

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

Saying my prayers CP!!!

I have a nervous cat, so we stayed home keeping her entertained. We’re in the middle of about 3 different firework shows, so we can see them through the trees. I’ve only been to the H’wood Bowl once – and it was great.
Hi Nelly!

Hi Brian!

I just now saw the pictures CP, and they were great!!!

Hey Sparkleplenty!!!

Good Evening to you to 32and53fan!!!

Enjoying your summer so far, Nelly?

I’ll include you and the two others in this blog that are looking for employment. BTW, great pictures! NSBlues (John) is in pic #20.

Nelly – Thx! I know I can ALWAYS count on you!!! I’m glad that you liked the pictures!

Sparkle – Hollywood Bowl was fun. It just was a nice evening.

Thx Emma!!!

Well, I’m getting tired. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Oh oh Wilson is exploding come on Florida

I sure am Sparkleplenty. It’s been a busy one so far, but it’s all been good and fun. My son’s summer baseball is over, as of tonight, so that will slow things down a little for a couple/few weeks, and then we are heading to Las Vegas to visit friends (my husband’s college roommate, his wife and son) and back to So-Cal the end of July. Then I report back to school August 10th so my summer is going fast.

How are you doing?

Hi Sparkle. Yes, despite whatever challenges we all face, just being alive is good.
Good night all. Tomorrow will be quite a day with the Michael Jackson tribute circus in the morning and the citi FIELD circus at night. Send in the clowns!

Good Night CP!!!! Good Luck tomorrow 🙂

Good Night 32and53fan!!!

Sparkleplenty – that’s a big move. Well, she is going from one beautiful place in Southern California to another beautiful place in Northern California. Best of luck to her as well.

Good nite CP and Brian.
I’m doing ok – just getting over a bout with a cough/congestion thing. As I mentioned above, I had an interview last week. Will be following up tomorrow. My daughter’s in the midst of a move from San Luis Obispo to Cazadero (Sonoma County) and I’m hoping to be able to go up there for a quick visit if all goes well.

I am in a mini time warp apparently 🙂

Good Night Emma!!!

LOL 32and53fan,
They kept making announcement on the train to expect big crowds on the train and in order to make more room, to limit bringing bikes. Don’t know how they can say that when I have friends that need their bike to get from the train station to their work or home. I have a friend that was able to get two tickets. She is crazy. No way would I be caught anywhere near there.
You made me remember last year’s 4th of July Hollywood bowl honoring the Dodgers 50 year anniversary. What a great tribute that was with Vin, Nancy, Tommy and other Dodger legends there. That was my first time seeing fireworks from there.
Well, I should also call it a night. Let’s see tomorrow how crowded busses and trains are.

Nite nite Emma. Hope all goes well with your commute tomorrow.

I’ll pass your good wishes along to her for sure!
The time warp has hit me too 🙂 I need to sign off for now – gotta wake Dave up to go to work and my cat is demanding some attention as well. Will try to get on tomorrow.
Talk with you all then 🙂

It surely been alot of 1 and 2 hitters cg/sho and damn the Giants so lucky.

Oh well back to voting for Kemp nonstop.

Good luck, cp
This nonstop voting is like our apricot tree. Sort of takes over your life for awhile.
Of course I voted for Kemp and Ethier and I also wrote in Pierre 25 times. I’m just curious: did anyone else vote for Pierre? Day in day out, he’s not too popular on here, but I suspect he’s got supporters.

Just saw Matty on ESPN’s First Take……… cool!!!!

To bad I couldn’t stay up all night and vote for him non stop must had lost over 1000 votes lol.

This is so annoying typing in the validation number click vote now and also click vote again. Why can’t we click vote now and it direct us back to the validation number without the vote again?

I just heard that Mickelson’s mother is diagnosed with cancer first his wife now this. I think he should take the rest of the golf season off.

Well I don’t see why we are allowed to vote more than one time. They should just keep voting simple…one vote per person. Less votes to count. I do keep voting for KEMP. I do think he deserves to go. GOOOOO KEMP!
Also I am voting for ETHIER for the clutch player…GOOOO ETHIER!
I am still in “awwww” over the Phillies vs. Reds game yesterday….22-1….that is just sooooooo sad. Talk about a pitchers nightmare…wooow!
I did hear about Mickelson’s mother. First his wife then his mom….GOD BLESS THEM!
I am sooooo glad NOMAR got a standing ovation when he played against the RED SOX….I wanted to start crying just seeing him. Next time he visits the Dodgers….I am sooooo standing….DODGERS IS HIS TEAM OF HEART, THE TEAM HE DREAMED OFF AS A LITTLE LEAGUER….I have respect for the man…..GOOOOOO NOMAR!!!!

Hopefully the Mets would make 5 errors like that did in the 1st game against us at Dodger stadium and made 2 errors in the 11th to give us that 3-2 wins.

Oh yeah can’t forget that was the game that Church missed 3rd bases.

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