Today is the Inside the Dodgers tour of the stadium at 11:30 and then a large group of people are going to the game, too.

And don’t forget that tomorrow, Jon Weisman will be signing copies of his book at the stadium, too! 100 Things Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die is a must read for any ITDer…there will be a quiz at the end of the season! Well, not really, but I loved reading it and was surprised that even after working at the team for 15 years, I still learned a ton!



    Since I live in Mariner country, I had the pleasure of watching last night’s game on a regular local channel, and that along with the result was a treat. Really look forward to seeing tonight’s game and trying to watch out for our ITD’ers in attendance.

    BRAVO, ANDRE on an outstanding game. I was thinking of Nelly in particular and figured she would have been at the game. What a treat for you.

    With Torre’s comment about playing Pierre once or twice a week as a starter, why does it result that Andre and Kemp will alternate sitting out – why isn’t Manny in the sit-out mode as well. Like, what has he done the last two months that guarantees no days off for him? Are we automatically assuming that he’ll come back to form immediately and be crushing the ball? What if he’s a dud? Have to be assuming that he was taking the prohibited medication for some valid reason – what’s he going to be like without it.
    I still say, F Manny, and just keep playing ball the way you have in his absence.

  2. nachotaco

    Josh… I really don’t think anyone needed a reminder!!!! Can’t wait to be there…. woohoo!!!! see you all in a bit

  3. enchantedbeaver

    Good thing Manny’s not back yet or Dre’s 3 homerun performance would be earning him a trip to the bench tonight.

    Serously, Manny in left and JP in center – defense can’t get any worse than that. Maybe those will be the days Joe’s planning on scoring 10 runs.

    Or it will be a Kersh start.

  4. shad80

    In June Pierre numbers are 266/.317/.319/.636 0 homeruns 4 rbi’s. Ethier numbers are .296/.374/.667/1.040 including 8 homeruns and 19 rbi’s.

  5. perumike

    Good morning all! Running out to an employment conference to see what we can find for my wife (specifically it’s focused on work from home opportunities), and then off to the tour. See you all at the top of the park at 11:30!!!

  6. northstateblues

    “I’ll be there with bells on!”

    – a puzzled-looking Woody Boyd on “Cheers”

    Thanks again for the opportunity!


    I see our old buddy Bradley is back in the dog house. Just think, we could still have him and Ethier could be in Oakland. His manager in Texas said he cares too much and that’s his problem. Whatever. He wears out his welcome fast.
    Have a great time!!!!

  8. wallymoonman

    My brother and I are always having discussions about the Dodgers and it always turns into a dispute. I was wondering where we could get a copy of the press guide with the Dodgers records to settle these disputes. Can we purchase the press guide from you? And if we can not purchase the guide where do we get all the records?

  9. wallymoonman

    Here is an example: Andre Ethier had 3 homers last night the last Dodger to that was He Sop Choi. It was mentioned that Ethier was the tenth Dodger to do so who were the other 8? Where do you find this info? WE want answers!


    Have a great time on the tour and the game, everyone!!!!! Wish I was there!!!!……I heard somewhere that Bradley has played on 7 teams in his 10-year career. That says it all, IMO.

  11. shad80

    July 13, 1926 Jack Fournier Brooklyn Dodgers, NL A
    August 5, 1948 Gene Hermanski Brooklyn Dodgers, NL H §
    May 30, 1950 Duke Snider Brooklyn Dodgers, NL H ‡§
    August 26, 1950 Roy Campanella Brooklyn Dodgers, NL A §
    September 16, 1950 Tommy Brown Brooklyn Dodgers, NL H
    June 1, 1955 Duke Snider Brooklyn Dodgers, NL H 2nd
    April 21, 1959 Don Demeter Los Angeles Dodgers, NL H 11-inning game
    May 11, 1974 Jim Wynn Los Angeles Dodgers, NL A 2nd occurrence
    August 20, 1974 Davey Lopes Los Angeles Dodgers, NL
    April 17, 1994 Cory Snyder Los Angeles Dodgers, NL A 2nd occurrence
    June 29, 1996 Mike Piazza Los Angeles Dodgers, NL A
    April 11August 15, 2001 Shawn Green Los Angeles Dodgers, NL H
    2000 Kevin Elster Los Angeles Dodgers, NL A
    May 23, 2002 Shawn Green Los Angeles Dodgers, NL A
    June 12, 2005 Hee-Seop Choi Los Angeles Dodgers, NL H §

  12. shad80

    Going to do the 1994-2009 again
    April 17, 1994 Cory Snyder Los Angeles Dodgers, NL A 2nd occurrence
    June 29, 1996 Mike Piazza Los Angeles Dodgers, NL A
    April 11, 2000 Kevin Elster Los Angeles Dodgers, NL A
    August 15, 2001 Shawn Green Los Angeles Dodgers, NL H
    May 23, 2002 Shawn Green Los Angeles Dodgers, NL A 2nd occurrence; four HRs in game
    June 12, 2005 Hee-Seop Choi Los Angeles Dodgers, NL H §
    June 26, 2009 Andre Ethier Los Angeles Dodgers, NL H

  13. perumike

    Good afternoon everyone! I just got back from the tour (ran a few errands on the way home). It was great meeting Josh, dodgereric, nellyjune, cpompe, crzblue (emma), oldbrooklynfan (joe pierre), 32and53, tru, sparkleplenty, nachotaco, and others (if I didn’t name you, I apologize). It was a great time, we got to lots of places in the stadium. I don’t have a lot of time right now, but keep an eye out for recaps, and there should be a story on the website or about joepierre. Have a great afternoon you all!

  14. gagne85

    My favorite pitcher on the team, Cory Wade, was just sent to AAA to make room for Milton. I know exactly why this happened, it’s because Wade for some reason doesn’t throw his change up nearly enough. It is by far his best pitch, he gets swing thru strikes on it all the time. He does have a very good curve ball, but it’s not very effective against lefties…..that’s when he needs to throw his change more.

  15. vl4ecc

    Milton’s a bum. Another washed up has been who needs to be kicked to the curb. Recall Wade, and put Weaver in the rotation.

  16. boblee4014

    Well, Milton doesn’t have it.
    I would rather have had Weaver start this game. Joe has made some poor pitching selections

  17. enchantedbeaver

    That’s one I can’t figure out VL – Weaver’s been better as a starter than a reliever, so why isn’t he #5?

  18. vl4ecc

    Go figure enchanted. At least with Weaver on the mound, you don’t get the feeling you’re watching a high wire act ready to go south at any moment. I think Weaver has proven himself so far this season. I’ll admit, I had my doubts with Jeff, but he’s surprised me. He may not have the velocity he used to have, but he’s more crafty & savvy than Milton.

  19. aeversw

    Eric Milton has the highest ERA for a starting pitcher with 250 career starts in baseball history…and he’s coming off of surgery. Did ned and Joe really except him to be good?…What Juan Pierre useless? since when?

  20. enchantedbeaver

    Even when Milton was in his heyday (which I might add was 5+ seasons ago), his ERA was in the high 4’s +. The fact they actually got two wins out of him is a miracle.

  21. boblee4014

    I can’t wait for Manny to get back, just so Pierre will have his Butt on the bench. He’s started 45 straight games. When does he rest?

  22. enchantedbeaver

    Felix is throwing a lot of pitches. If we got someone in there that could hold them, we may have a shot in the late innings.

  23. boblee4014

    Well, I’ve seen enough. I hope the Itd group at least goes out to dinner somewhere and has a good time after the game. Good night all.

  24. shad80

    I took my freaking time finding this for wallymoonman and he didn’t even come back to thanks me geez.

  25. shad80

    WTF walking a .117 hitter to get to the pitcher I guess lol. I’m surprise the Mariners didn’t PH for him and King Felix does have hit a grand slam against the mets.

  26. shad80

    Geez are the Giants fan stupid? Yes of course Wilson blew the save but come on this was his worst game this month and had 11 consecutive saves.

  27. shad80

    Wilson numbers this month.
    April 11 0 1 0 5 1 0 0 0 11.0 9 5 5 1 3 12 4.09 1.09 .220
    May 13 0 1 3 7 2 0 0 0 13.1 13 8 6 1 6 11 4.05 1.43 .260
    June 9 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 0 9.2 4 0 0 0 4 14 0.00 0.83 .121

  28. shad80

    Belisario Arrested DUI…ugh!!!

    I dont understand, Belisario says he got pull over for talking on the phone (that is a ticket), then he was tested for DUI and he passed? I dont understand, if he passed why LA times claims he was arrested?

    Per LA TIMES:

    Dodgers reliever Ronald Belisario was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol early Saturday after being stopped by the California Highway Patrol near his Pasadena apartment.

    He was taken to the Pasadena Police Department and later released on unspecified bail. He reported to Dodger Stadium as usual Saturday afternoon.

    Officers stopped Belisario at 2:27 a.m. on Fair Oaks Avenue south of Colorado Boulevard after observing him talking on his cellphone, according to CHP officer Francisco Villalobos. Officers then observed symptoms of possible alcohol intoxication and placed Belisario under arrest.

    Belisario said he was coming home from dinner when he was pulled over and dismissed the incident as “nothing.”

    “I was driving to my apartment, talking on the telephone and they stopped me,” Belisario said in Spanish. “Then they gave me the alcohol test and it was normal. They gave me a paper, said everything was normal. . . . Everything’s fine.”

    Belisario did not specify what kind of sobriety test was administered and Villalobos said he did not have that information. General Manager Ned Colletti said he was unaware of the arrest.

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