Series finale in Chi-town…and a farewell to Albuquerque

A good chance to watch the game during work today! Last night here in Albuquerque, Kim Ng and I watched the Dodger game on MLB.TV and it had been a while since I used the product because usually I’m at the game. Wow – the quality was incredible and the features that are a part of it are awesome…pop-up in-game box scores, the ability to just flip back to another inning and watch from there on. It’s really pretty amazing how far has come since the two years I worked there in 2001-02. Kudos to their technology group… 

And if you guys haven’t seen the new at-bat app for iPhone, that’s another one that is mind-boggling. Impressive video quality on your handheld. Makes me remember the days that people would bring their portable TV, with the rabbit ears antennae, to various events to watch the Dodgers or Lakers, etc. Fifty years from now, they’ll just be implanting chips in our heads and we can just think of the Dodger game and it’ll appear in our minds, live!

Anyway, as I post from the Albuquerque airport, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the Isotopes’ staff for its help over the past few days. They have handled Manny’s time here with great class and professionalism and we’re extremely grateful to Ken Young (the owner), John Traub (the GM), Steve Hurlbert (the PR director) and the rest of their great front office for their hospitality. Manny will play tonight here and then head home tomorrow before the game at Lake Elsinore on Saturday…

By the way, whoever dug up that random video of the Skateboard Angel song from the 70s…that’s a great find. You actually had me looking at it because Ned was, in fact, a keyboard player in a band back in college and I thought you were onto something. Unfortunately, it’s only the ‘stache that matches but I’ll definitely show it to Ned!

Here’s the lineup in Chicago…

Pierre, LF

Martin, DH

Hudson, 2B

Blake, 3B

Kemp, CF

Loretta, 1B

Jones, RF

Ausmus, C

Castro, SS

Billingsley, P

This surely means that the regulars will all be in the lineup tomorrow night for the homestand opener. Hope you’ll be there, too if not Saturday!



  1. nellyjune


    Thanks for the lineup Josh. I wasn’t too happy seeing James and Andre out of the lineup, but now that I see several more are out, I guess it’s understandable on a flyout day. We do want them ready to take on the Mariners this weekend seeing how most of us will be there Saturday night for sure.

  2. landonkk

    I was very impressed with this year until about a week ago when they decided to hold off for up to 4 hours on making the archived versions of in-market games available. That decision pretty much makes the subscription useless for me now. I understand the reasoning behind blackouts, but nonetheless it renders most of their products pointless. Just because I live “in-market” doesn’t mean I have access to the TV 24-7. I was bowling the other night (sans TV) – the game was one of the featured games being streamed on the new At Bat app, but I couldn’t watch because I was blacked out. Sorry for the rant, I just didn’t want your positive review of the mlb products to go without any critique.

  3. enchantedbeaver

    Kemp better be ready to cover A LOT of ground in the OF today. Billz had better be on his game with that line-up.

    Actually Josh, I was joking about Ned, but there are other clips of “The Mirth Makers” where it looks even more like him.

  4. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    I’m just sitting around waiting for some phone calls, while I’ll watch the game, until further notice.
    Dodgers should come back after last nights loss.

  5. dodgereric

    Hi Joe, looking forward to meeting you Saturday!

    Boy, when I look at that lineup it doesn’t seem as if it has 7 – .300 hitters in it. But it does.

  6. boblee4014

    Well, when was the last time we hit 6 home runs in a game. I’m not sure if its been within the last 25 years.
    Not a very good start to this game.

  7. boblee4014

    Hey dodgereric, I missed that game but I remember now.
    Billz has a long way to go to be considered the Dodger ace. Its more than just winning games. He seems to create his own problems. I think he will be great, but may take a couple more years.

  8. oldbrooklynfan

    I will be leaving to pick up an item I’ll needing for tomorrow.
    I’ll try to get back before the end of the game.
    See you later.


    I just love that Hudson guy – the best find in the off-season, and we need to keep him around for a long time.

  10. crzblue2

    oh yeah! I remember that game so well. We did not want to leave the stadium. People were honking their horns everywhere. As I recall, we could have used that ticket to get free wings at Hooters but my friends, my brother and I saved it. I imagine a lot of people saved their tickets and skipped Hooters.
    I think I will head down to Barragans on Sunset for their breakfast special and bloody marys before the tour. the last time I was there was in April but I imagine they still have it.

  11. trublu4ever

    Messagebear ~ we finally agree on something! lol I also love Hudson.
    There went the no-hitter, shut-out!!!


    trublu, I think I agree with you on most things; the only exception I can think of is Manny, and I hope you’re right on what he’s going to do for us. You’re one of my most respected ITD posters, and as I recall you’re also a long time Dodger fan. I’ve been one since 1951; how about you?

  13. boblee4014

    Het messagebear, I know how you feel about Manny, but even if he doesn’t have the year he had coming to us like last year, I think he’s good for the young players . I was dissapointed as I had hoped this years team would win over 100 games as we haven’t had lots to cheer about in the last few years.

  14. boblee4014

    Hey messagebear, I know how you feel about Manny, but even if he doesn’t have the year he had coming to us like last year, I think he’s good for the young players . I was dissapointed as I had hoped this years team would win over 100 games as we haven’t had lots to cheer about in the last few years.

  15. trublu4ever

    messagebear ~ I’ve been a fan almost as long as Oldbrooklynfan. I remember my Dad taking me to see a game at Ebbets Field when I was 11 or 12. I know they played the Milwaukee Braves because I became a fan of Hank Aaron. I also decided right then that the Dodgers were my team……and have been a fan ever since.

  16. koufax1963

    Excuse me, but either Torre should have pulled him OR Walk AJ P and pitch to the guy with the 244 BA and no hits today with force outs on all bases.

  17. perumike

    Matt has one more steal than Pierre, and now 3 less CS. Matty – Please teach Pierre how it’s done!

  18. perumike

    I heard a guy the other day on Dodger Talk extolling Juan’s virtues, especially comparing him to Dre. He was sayin Juan gets to balls faster, which nullifies Dre’s stronger arm, better average, faster. Well, he is not our best baserunning outfielder, and this coming from a guy who a season or two ago made huge baserunning errors. Matty can teach him a thing or two. 🙂


    Mike, I heard that call about the virtures of JP on Dodger Talk and if you recall the hosts let the guy talk and were polite but they certainly did not agree with the caller.


    Billz is demonstrating that he’s a pitcher just like Penny was. Have a great start to the season, and then give up. What an Ace – he’ll probably be another .500 pitcher when the season ends. If I was Torre, I’d take him back into the clubhouse and kick his sorry a** up one side and down the other – the goddam “can’t hold a lead” pu**y.

  21. trublu4ever

    Perumike & lbirken ~ if Juan were that great…..he would have been traded. Forget his huge salary because something could have been worked out. But, he is still a Dodger and I for one, feel we are stuck with him! People seem to forget what a whiner he was last season and the beginning of this season.

  22. boblee4014

    Well, Juan did help us out while Manny was gone. Now put his sorry A** on the bench July 3rd and leave him there till he’s traded or his contract runs out.

  23. enchantedbeaver

    Bear – would that be something that rhymes with wussy? LMAO!!

    For a guy that’s supposed to be a polished pro, JP will try to bunt with two outs and a man at third, get picked off and/or caught stealing quite often, can’t usually move a runner up, still often times looks like a little kid trying to judge and catch a fly ball… He’s had his bright spots but at the end of the day, he’s still Juan P.

  24. boblee4014

    I don’t like our chances one little bit. Where the hell’s our power?????????????????????????????????????????????


    Boblee, our “power” has been on a self induced vacation for the past few weeks but I understand he is in “rehab” right now.

  26. boblee4014

    Ibirken, I hope Manny is the spark that sets this team in motion. Martin has been disapointing, no power. Loney starting to show some power, but took him long enough. I thought Kemp would have close to 20 this time of year but didn’t happen. Rthier has been hot and cold. Casey the one brigght spot in offense and defense.

  27. 32and53fan

    Nice baserunning by Blake. I was glad to see he was wearing his batting gloves as he slid head first into second base.
    I could never understand why most other runners take off their gloves and hold them in their hands when they try to steal bases with headfirst dives.

  28. boblee4014

    I would bench Martin and play A.J. till Martin decides he’s going to be the catcher he once was. He stinks…..

  29. trublu4ever

    Fox News is covering that right now. He is apparently in cardiac arrest. Didn’t say he has died. At least not now.

  30. trublu4ever

    I saw that this morning, dodgereric. Wow, what a sad day. I think Michael Jackson has died too but they haven’t cofirmed it yet.

  31. selltheteam

    Mike – The spooky thing is that is exactly what I said to my wife about three hours ago after Fawcett passed away.

  32. crzblue2

    When Ellis went to talk to Weaveer he said:
    Ellis: Mr: Weaver get them out so that I can have my 1st MLB at bat.
    Weaver: Dude, I am trying.
    ugh.. long day for Kemp.

  33. selltheteam

    As a tribute to Michael Jackson, I am reposting my “killer” song from last year. Interestingly, none of the PVLs mentioned in the song are still on the Dodgers’ active 25 man roster – except Pierre.
    Enchanted has inspired me.
    Best sung either before we see the lineup, or also about 7:00 pm.
    [to really scare yourself, think of Michael Jackson’s mug shot as you sing]
    Its close to game time and Andruw’s grovelling in the dugout
    Under the park lights we see him grab a bat it stops our hearts
    We try to yell but horror takes the sound before we make it
    We start to clench as JoJo writes his name upon the lineup card,
    We’ve scrutinized
    ‘Cuz this is killer, killer night
    And Ned’s not gonna save us from his four outs of strikes
    We know its killer, killer night
    We’re fighting for the streak which will be killed tonight
    We see the umpire grip the lineup card and we are done
    We see the cold bat and wonder if we’ll ever see a run
    We close our eyes and hope for JoJo to suddenly revert
    But all the while Jones goes to the plate with his huge wart
    We’re out of time
    ‘Cuz this is killer, killer night
    There aint no second chance against the thing with gimpy knees
    We know its killer, killer night
    We’re fighting for the streak which will be killed tonight
    Dead horses call
    They all want to rain on our parade
    Theres no escapin the rotten deals done by Ned this time
    (they stink like heck)
    This is the end of our dream
    They have outs to get us, there’s vet’rans closing in on every side
    They will be mediocre unless we change the GM to Ng or White
    Now is the time for you and I to bloggle close together
    All thru the night I’ll save you from another awful boxscore
    We’ll make Frank see
    That this is killer, killer night
    cause we can have eight great hitters but Joe won’t try
    Kids, this is killer, killer night
    So let us rebuild the team into a winner, winner, winner
    Winner here tonight
    Darkness falls across the park
    The Sweeney hour will be dark
    Nomore crawls in search of hits
    To stop the throws of Schmidts’
    And Juan Pierre shall be found
    His on base percent without abound
    Must stand and face the boot of Kent
    And throw like son of Bennett
    Proctor’s stench is in the air
    Andruw has eaten another eclair
    Derek Lowe’s pitch no longer sinks
    Brazoban has returned from the links
    Loaiza’s pitch will always hover
    Abreu cannot ever recover
    And though they fight to stay alive
    The team falls towards the cellar
    For no mere fan can resist
    The eve of the killer ©
    By on May 23, 2008 12:36 PM

  34. aeversw

    yeah echanted, billz loaded the bases in the 12th annd billz let weaver lose the game without any back up in the bullpen…give me a break.

  35. aeversw

    I still can’t believe Broxton didn’t come in. He’s our best reliever and should be used when the game is on the line. Why save him for when we get the lead when we might never get there. Sure Weaver almost got out of it but he isn’t a strike out threat like Brox is. For weaver to get an out the batter has to put the ball in play and we got beat because of that.

  36. koufax1963

    My thought: Torre should of pulled Bills in the 6th, when he hit about the 100th pitch or so. And looking at 6 LOB for Kemp and 4 SOs. He should have saved the HR from yesterday for today. Now we return with a depleted Bullpen and High Hopes of sweeping the Mariners. Tough Loss.

  37. aeversw

    Bison gets such unfair treatment…he’s been hitting over .330 this month and has one bad game and gets crapped on…meanwhile Juan Pierre has hit under .270 in the same time span and gets praised on national television.

  38. shad80

    We should’ve sweep the Angels and take 2 out of 3 games against the White Sox and the Giants should sent Bills a thank you call.


    With all that is going on in the world today it does seem a bit trivial to fret over today’s game. Teams cannot “save” runs (we have all wished for that at one time or another) and players can’t pick when they hit home runs. As good as the Dodgers have been so far this season it is clear there is plenty of room for improvement. Last I looked the Giants were only seven games back and that was before today’s action. This season has a long way to go. We know it and the players know it. The good news is the Dodgers are coming home where they have done pretty well so far this season. Keep the faith.

  40. Dodger4life

    Good Evening ITD, Dodger Faithful….
    I have been rather busy these last few day’s. I tuned into the game just as Kemp was pounding the grass, enough of that. Tough series in Chicago, we can do better Boy’s!!!
    Have a safe flight home, we look foward to seeing you guy’s back in action at home. ITD TOUR and Dodgerbaseball Saturday :)))
    OLDBROOKLYNFAN HAVE A NICE ENJOYABLE FLIGHT OUT HERE :))) We all are waiting your arrival as well :)))
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!
    Good Night and God Bless All 🙂
    Have a great Friday and see ya on Saturday…..

  41. enchantedbeaver

    aeversw – Billz was handed a 4-0 lead after 5 and is supposed to be our “ace” pitcher. He not only couldn’t protect it, we went out losing after 6. Your best pitcher isn’t supposed to be giving the lead back. He holds even 1 run of that lead they win the game. That’s two in a row now that he just gave away.

  42. Dodger4life

    Enchanted That Skateboard Angel post was funny…..I have said this before about Billz, when he has his best stuff he has a little more bounce at the end of his delivery. Just my observation though. Good Night and God Bless again all 🙂

  43. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!

    All I know about this game is I walked into watch “The Transformers” (Fantastic movie by the way),and the only thing I saw up to that point on my way out of the house was JP being picked off at first. We were winning 4-1, and when I came out of the movie, we were losing 5-4. I thought the whole point of this game was to supposedly give some of the starting line up the day off. Well, obviously that didn’t happen today. Now we have a spent bullpen and I am sure a long and late flight home to LA. Let’s hope they get up rested and ready to take on Seattle tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.

  44. Dodger4life

    Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful….. Good Morning Boy’s!!!
    It is just about time to hit the road, I cant wait this is an oppourtunity I am glad to be a part of…..Thanks to all the people who made this happen 🙂
    This is the last series before the Big Boy returns, Lets make a statement BEAT THE M’s!!!!!!!
    Carry On My Wayward Son……
    Have a great day today everyone, enjoy the game
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!
    Alright I’m out of here see ya all soon…Hollywood Los Lonely Boy’s 🙂
    I LOVE LA!!!!!!

  45. toper2

    Please pass on to everyone in the Dodger organization that we Topes fans in Albuquerque are
    1. very happy to have our AAA team back with the Dodgers
    2. appreciate the support the Dodgers have shown since taking us back, including the Manny appearance.

    I am a Dodgers fan too, not so much a Manny fan, but I do appreciate the increased revenue his appearance brought to Isotopes Park. The Topes play great baseball and I hope they gained new fans from this event.

    We are proud at ABQ to see lots of our Topes in your ranks even though every time you take our players it makes it harder for us to win games– AJ Ellis did a great job last night!


    Great to hear from you, toper2 on this forum. I’m glad too that ABQ is back in the Dodger system. All of our young talent pretty much will pass through ABQ, and therefore I always watch your box scores the following morning. I’d rather see people from our AAA than some of the has-beens that Ned tends to sign – Ohman and Mota come to mind. Would be very glad to hear from you from time to time with updates and local perspective regarding our Topes.

  47. crzblue2

    Good morning ITD faithfuls!
    D4, Drive carefully!
    Tope2, welcome! Like bear said, we love for you to give us updates from Albuquerque so don’t be a stranger.
    I am exited that the boys are back in town and of the ITD get together!

  48. amyw27

    Good Morning. The boys are back home today and we all get to meet up tomorrow!
    I am ready for some Dodger Baseball 🙂

  49. perumike

    Good morning all! I hope you’re doing well! I have a question for anyone who is going to the tour: Has your debit/credit card been charged for the tour? I don’t see it anywhere on my statement, and wanted to see if tha was the norm or what?

  50. dodgereric

    Hey peru! Getting excited?

    In our email correspondence, Dustin said “It will not be charged to your credit card however until the day before or even the day of the tour. Please enter through the Elysian Park gate and they will direct you to the Top of the Park from there.”

  51. perumike

    And yes eric, I am getting excited. My wife is probably getting tired of hearing me talk about it, but she’ll live!

  52. crzblue2

    because I am a season ticket holder, I asked if I could use my two tickets for a tour that get included in our package and I was told yes. Is only me, so if someone has not paid and wants to be included in my tix, let me know.

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