Day Two of the Draft

You really start to feel old when you see a lot of the kids we’re drafting were born in the 90s. Yes, day two of the draft is over and one more day is left.

Yesterday we drafted Brett Wallach, the son of Tim Wallach, and we already have Matt Wallach in our system. Hopefully we’ll see both the younger Wallachs in the big league sometime soon.

Meanwhile, a former first-round pick Steve Lyons weighed in over at Psychollingy with his draft day memories while Tommy Lasorda, who was at the MLB Network headquarters back east, posted on his blog, too.

Back here at Dodger Stadium, we just finished a photo shoot for the cover of Sporting News, so be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks.

And now, we close out the homestand tonight with this lineup:

Pierre, LF

Hudson, 2B

Ethier, RF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Martin, C

Furcal, SS

Kemp, CF

Kershaw, P


  1. dodgereric

    …..and for the record

    Matt Kemp

    Batting 1st – 206
    2nd – 167
    3rd – 227
    4th – 32
    5th – 107
    6th – 269
    7th – 264
    8th – 73
    9th – 34


    cpompe, i’m going to be at the tour and the game.. amy is too.. it’ll be great to meet all of you guys.. finally..

    eric, judging by your #s, kemp should be batting 4th 🙂

  3. nellyjune

    Nelly is doing great!!! Adjusting to being off still. I have been busy for the most part so far………..mostly just catching up on laundry that I had accumulated the last two weeks of school. I have a table full of things I brought home that need to be put somewhere to either work on later or store. …………and doing things with and for the kids.

    How are you?

  4. cpompe1

    That’s great Sara!!! Now, Amy, isn’t she the one who has (or a relative has) season seats in the same area? I still haven’t met her! I can’t wait; this is going to be SOOO fun!!!

  5. cpompe1

    I’m fine Nelly. I’m doing much the same; a lot of cleaning to do and other errands and things to finish up. I just have to make sure that I get A LOT of work done before, say the 24th of this month. Once that day comes, it’s going to be hectic (a GREAT hectic, especially on the 27th!)


    dnelly, i think eric was listing matt’s strikeout #s by batting spot..

    cpompe, yeah, her dad’s seats are near there

  7. cpompe1

    My 3:52 PM post that says, “The moral of the story Eric is that Matty should be in the #3 slot!!!” was a repost from the last thread that I posted before Eric posted Matty’s SO numbers. I wasn’t paying attention.

    Anyways, The (revised) moral of the story Eric is that Matty should be in the #4 slot!!!

  8. trublu4ever

    sara ~ I’m glad to hear Josh will be leading “our” tour. We ITDers need to stick together.

  9. cpompe1

    Well, sorry ladies (and gentleman if Eric is still lurking around), but I’ve gotta go. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

  10. dodgereric

    They are his Plate Appearances by batting spot.

    At the end of the last thread I posted the career plate appearances in the 3, 4 and 8 slots of a few guys who struck out a lot to show that it’s OK to bat a guy 3rd or 4th who strikes out a lot.

  11. dodgereric

    He’s done OK in the 3rd spot


  12. nellyjune

    I guess I never knew he batted 9th. That’s what threw me off. Thanks for making us think Eric :)))


    ahhh.. okay, nevermind.. i thought those numbers were awfully high if they were strikeouts

  14. dodgereric

    He’s done OK in the 3rd spot



    yeah eric, those numbers are pretty good.. i definitely don’t mind seeing kemp up in the order.. if furcal can progress and improve his numbers.. the order i’d like to see would be:



    dnelly, he’s never started batting 9th.. those are probably all pinch hitting appearances

  17. trublu4ever

    Sara ~ I think Juan’s “glow” is gone and since he can’t get on base much any more, he should be dropped in the order like you said. In fact, I love your batting order.


    are any of you guys on twitter? they gave doug mientkiewicz a twitter so he could keep the fans updated on the dodgers.. cool guy.. i think he’s a good presence on this team.. his name on twitter is dougiebaseball.. he just started it recently..

  19. dodgereric

    seeya, cp!

    Those 9th place appearances are most likely as a PH.

    Meanwhile, I have a sad duty to perform. It seems to this Dodger fan that our esteemed manager Joe is abusing poor Juan Pierre. He’s started every game since May 7th, now 31 straight. Here are his splits:

    2009 season – 58 for 165 (.352), 11 – 2Bs, 3 – 3Bs, .412 OBP
    Last 28 days – 35 for 109 (.321), 5 – 2Bs, 3 – 3Bs, .383 OBP
    Last 14 days – 12 for 54 (.235), 1 – 2B, 0 – 3Bs, .278 OBP
    Last 7 days – 5 for 22 (.227), 1 – 2B, 0 – 3Bs, .261 OBP

    I think the poor guy could use a day or two off.


    yeah trublu, i think it’s a good order.. but ONLY if raffy’s offense continues to improve

  21. colliethec

    Not to change the suspect but I thought it was funny that LA was playing in Orlando and Orlando plays for LA!
    So how is everybody today?
    I hope all is good out there!
    I missed the game last night as I had a game myself but when I checked my cell I was happy to see the results. Way to go Every Day Dre and the rest of the team. They just keep doing well.
    Go Blue!!
    Bring the ring to LA in 2009!!!


    see we’re all very perceptive.. juan’s declining productivity isn’t just a figment of our imaginations.. it’s real.. eric, would you mind faxing over those #s to joe? haha 🙂

    we knew juan would go back to being juan sooner than later =P

  23. nellyjune

    LOL!!! That’s for you eric :))

    Hey Collie!! Our Every Day Dre is looking like Our Every Day Dre again, and it is very good to see. How did your game go?

  24. colliethec

    Hi Nelly! Yes he is. I know we all knew he would pull out of the slump. It’s fun to see.
    We blew them out. My Petaluma team is really good thus far. We haven’t lost and are winning most of the games fairly easily. I’m in the twilight of my career but many of the other guys are young and very good. We have a lot of laughter but then again we haven’t lost.


    haha eric, don’t start a twitter if you’re not ready for it.. it’s quite addicting.. once you start..

  26. trublu4ever

    Collie ~ Twilighters are very important! lol At one time NellyJune’s hubby was thiking of putting together a slow pitch team to represent the Academy. I thonk it would be fun. And, I’m way past twilight!

  27. colliethec

    Hey there Tru, Sarah, Eric.
    Nelly when does your son pitch again?
    I did ok Tru. 3-4 with a 6 RBI’s because everybody was on in front of me. I’m not a power guy at all. Every time up I had runners on 2nd & 3rd except for my one out.


    hey collie! i play coed park league a lot.. do you play men’s league? a lot of park league ball isn’t about power.. it’s just about timing and finding gaps.. sounds like you did well in your game last night!

  29. dodgereric

    sara, if twitters are addicting I need to stay away. This is bad enough! LOL!!

    Our big 3 bench studs need a lift somehow:

    Mark Loretta
    2009 – 17 for 68 (.250)
    Last 28 days – 6 for 36 (.167)
    Last 14 days – 2 for 23 (.087)
    Last 7 days – 0 for 9 (.000)

    Juan Castro
    2009 – 17 for 49 (.347)
    Last 28 days – 10 for 33 (.303)
    Last 14 days – 2 for 10 (.200)
    Last 7 days – 2 for 3 (.667)

    Brad Ausmus
    2009 – 11 for 39 (.282)
    Last 28 days – 3 for 18 (.167)
    Last 14 days – 0 for 8 (.000)
    Last 7 days – 0 for 4 (.000)

  30. colliethec

    That does sound like fun Tru. I’m 42 and there are a couple of other guys I play with that play on a 40 & over league. They are working on getting into weekend tournaments for 40 & over. Also one of my teams might switch to a wood bat league.
    I love playing ball except for days like today where I’m really sore from the last few nights of playing.

  31. nellyjune

    sara – we can’t even keep Eric doing Facebook :)) I haven’t started doing that either. I think I have enough going on already.

    Michael pitched Monday….only 3 innings,but it’s summer ball………………1 run in the first, but then he struck out 8 after the one and 2 batters scored the one run. If you are going to pick a rough inning for him, it’s his first. After that he settles down quite a bit. They are playing today in a tournament, but he is playing left field today. He will probably pitch again on Friday, depends on the teams they are playing.


    haha yeah.. well twitter is basically just like the status updates of facebook.. it’s not so much about keeping it updated yourself.. but it’s time consuming to read everyone else’s updates.. whoever you choose to follow.. so celebrities, athletes, etc.. some of the stars try to respond to some fans and keep everyone in the loop of their lives.. it’s pretty interesting..

  33. colliethec

    Sara — Yup a couple of men’s leagues. Most of the guys I play with play in about 4 nights a week as well as weekend tourney’s. Some do co-ed and really like it.
    A couple of the guys on my team last Sunday had played in 9 games on Saturday in a tourney. The longest break they had between games was 10 minutes. I would need a week off after that.
    Many of them travel throughout the state as well. I don’t have the time for that. Also I’m older & married. I love the game but would rather hang with Wifey. A couple of nights a week is enough for me. I would love to play more but since I have to work and so does she the extra time we have we want to be together.

  34. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen of ITD.
    I really hate to disappoint you, but I turned down the offer.
    I really didn’t take it seriously, at first.
    I thought that Josh would just ignore it
    When Josh made the invitation it took me by surprise and put me in complete shock.
    I’ve been real nervous all day, thinking about it.
    I always wanted to go to Dodger Stadium, these past 50 years.
    But I just can’t arrange myself to make this trip as the notice was too short for me to prepare.
    I hope someday I’ll be able to make the trip at my own pace.
    I really can’t find the words to thank all of you for such a fine gesture.
    That was another wonderful victory last night, even though I was too emotional to concentrate on the game.
    GO DODGERS*************

  35. colliethec

    He sounds like he’s a pretty good pitcher Nelly. That must be really fun to watch.
    Sara — Do you play USSSA or ASA?
    I’ve been thinking of doing Twitter for all my fans out there but a little mystery is a good thing!


    collie, i like coed.. the guys on all my teams like coed too.. it’s nice to have a mix.. it doesn’t surprise me that most of the guys on your team play a lot.. most people who play park league can’t just play one team.. it’s too much fun.. i play 5 times a week myself..


    collie, i believe all my leagues are ASA

    oldbrooklynfan, i’m really sad you won’t be joining us.. but i understand.. i’m sure that flying across the country is no easy feat.. and you can’t just get up and get on a plane.. as you said, hopefully one day you can make it out here on your own pace 🙂

  38. colliethec

    Say it ain’t so Joe.
    I’ll be your travel agent!
    I’m not even sure if I’ll make it but it sure would be fun if you could be there.
    Traveling is pretty easy these days. I hope you reconsider.
    But I understand the short notice thing. Hopefully Josh can make this a yearly thing and we can set a date earlier next year so more from further away can plan ahead & attend.

  39. nellyjune

    Collie- it’s fun and very nerve wracking at the same time, especially when things aren’t going well, either with his pitching or defensive errors. It’s probably why I comment alot about defense when it comes to our outfielders, more so than whether they are hitting the ball or not.

  40. colliethec

    Thanks Josh & Frank for taking this seriously with regards to the ITD Tour and getting Joe out for the weekend.
    I appreciate the invite myself but I’m not sure if I can go either as my Brother is coming out from Virginia and leaves that night. My love my Bro & he is #1 to me other than my Wife & Mom. I live north of SF so I don’t know how we could do this but we are still trying to figure something out. So we’ll see.


    Oldbrooklynfan, I too am sorry you won’t be able to make the trip but I understand. I was about to suggest that if you did come the Dodgers should let you throw out the first pitch that night. Anyway, the gesture was sure great and you will be there in spirit. I do hope that the Dodgers would extend the same offer at some time in the future if you ever decided to make the trip.

  42. colliethec

    Awesome Sara! 5 nights a week. That is what I would of done if I got as deep into it as I am now.
    What positions do you play?

  43. colliethec

    Nelly — Defense is so huge especially when you’re a young pitcher and dealing with the mental aspect of the game. .
    When you’re younger it’s tough to overcome bad plays by the guys/kids behind you. If I was coaching a young team I would really try to encourage the pitchers not to let poor defense get in your head. But that’s easier said then done.
    That is yet another reason why I love baseball. It’s really a mental game.
    Or it can sometimes drive you mental!!!

  44. enchantedbeaver

    Hey Brooklyn, sorry it wasn’t in the cards this year, but we’ll try again next season!!

    In lieu of Brooklyn, I nominate messagebear!!!

  45. oldbrooklynfan

    I’m sorry I can’t make, but I’ll always be part of ITD.
    I enjoy watching the Dodgers on MLB.TV, there were many years when I had to depend on a paragraph in the New York papers or run down to Manhattan to try to get my hands on an LA times. This and through sports magazines, the Met games and whenever they were on national T.V., to get more info on the team’s progress.
    I kept a close watch on them through those years, even though I didn’t see them much.
    Things are a lot better now and nothing beats making comments and friends on my PC.

  46. crzblue2

    Joe Pierre,
    I am so sorry we will not be meeting you. I was so looking forward to it. I can undestand if you want to make the trip when you are ready. If you are ever in L.A. please let me know, I love showing our beloved Dodger stadium to fans visiting.
    This week I am staying in Nashua, NH while I work here this week. I went to Holman Stadium in Nashua tonight, the place where Don Newcombe & Roy Campanella were sent to play in the minors. I wrote a little about it in my blog but I won’t be able to post pictures until I get back to L.A. I love our Dodger history and the history surrounded Holman Stadium. I left the game early as I have this nasty cough lingering from a cold I caught when I came back from Chicago. Well, I’ll be back in L.A. on Friday.

  47. dodgerbuddy

    Great line up. It’s great to see Kershaw the Kid pitch tonight. Let’s get another win tonight. Wearing my lucky Juan Pierre shirt tonight. GO DODGERS


    I am so sorry to hear that JoePierre won’t be able to make it. I do so much appreciate enchanted’s and nelly’s mention of my name as a replacement. Allow me to make another suggestion, however. I too have enjoyed following jhall in this forum, and he would be a great choice, and there is another worthy individual who apparently exceeds my length of time being a Dodger fan, and that would be boblee from the St. Louis area. I believe he’s been a fan for about 62 years, and that too would be a tough chore to keep up with being in the midwest.

    I myself have followed the Dodgers beginning with the 1951 season, but I was already 15 years old at the time. I had come to the U.S. at the age of thirteen from a displaced persons camp in Germany following the end of the big war. I never got introduced to baseball until I came here, but fortunately living in the New York area I had access to the Dodgers on Channel 9 I believe, and that was the beginning of a relationship to fill rest of my life. Since then I’ve lived in something like 12 states and traveled across the country extensively in my corporate days, but I never missed an opportunity to listen to whatever Dodger games I could catch on the radio, many times into the wee hours of the morning after the Dodgers went to LA. I’ve seen a doubleheader at Ebbets Field with Erskine and Newcombe pitching against the then Boston Braves and one game at Dodger Stadium, which the Dodgers won by shutout with John Tudor pitching and Scoscia hitting a home run.

    ITD has been a wonderful experience for me the last couple of years, and I know that all of you will have a great experience getting together for the tour. In the meantime, we have another ballgame to win, so let’s get to that, and forgive my meandering a bit here tonight.

  49. boblee4014

    major thunderstorm and tornado warnings in St. Louis area till 3:00 am. Can’t get the game. Internet exployer keeps shuting down. Will catch you guys later.


    That was pretty KershATROCIOUS, but it could have been worse. At least we’re still in the game.

  51. vl4ecc

    Good evening all.
    Rough start for Kersh. I hope he settles down. He won’t last long throwing 30 plus pitches an inning……

  52. boblee4014

    Hey messagebear, when I got married in 1957 and were starting a life with my high school sweetheart, I used to go to the car and listen to the Dodger games on the radio (couldn’t afford a radio then) when they were playing St Louis, Chicago cubs and Cincinnatti into the wee hours of the morning after they moved to LA. Never considered being anything but A dodger fan. Was disappointed at the time when they left Brooklyn.


    It’s been said many times that Martin should be interchanged with Kemp in the lineup. Do you ever listen to ITD, Joe? Just another pulled ground ball.

  54. sparkleplenty_1

    Hi Boblee. Are the bad weather warnings over? I’ve been sitting here, sending up good thoughts for you since I read your message above.

  55. boblee4014

    keep hopeing Kersh will start games and have his control in hand but he hasn’t reached that point as yet. He’s always digging himself into a hole and runs out of pitches in the fifth inning if not before

  56. boblee4014

    Tornado warnings till 3:00 am central time. in our area. Guess I’ll stay up late and keep an eye on the weather.

  57. nellyjune

    messagebear – you are most welcome, and it would be good to see Boblee there as well.

    Boblee – tornado warnings? ………….be safe 🙂


    Doesn’t look like Kersh can last five innings even if we take a lead in the game. At this rate he will be overused by the time we get to September, and there’s always the potential for arm trouble down the road. If we were able to get a quality starting pitcher by July, we should really write Kersh a ticket to ABQ for another season of seasoning that he missed.

  59. shad80

    Urgh why does Furcal run no more? Is he’s really hurt that bad that he can’t steal bases no more like he did last night?

  60. oldbrooklynfan

    I know some of you elder statesman recall when the games started at 8:00PM PT, which was !!:00PM ET.

  61. sparkleplenty_1

    Joe, I remember those 8:00 starting times. It played havoc with my bed time during the school year, but it was so worth it!

  62. boblee4014

    Talk to you guys later. Lightning real close. Have to turn off and unplug computer.
    very strong lightning, My power strip may not help

  63. 32and53fan

    Too bad… Kershaw was Mr. Hyde, not Dr. Jekyll tonight.
    It took Koufax from 1955 until 1961 until he became consistent. Of course Sandy was forced to learn in the majors instead of getting his experience pitching more often in the minors.

  64. kpookiemon

    Kershaw just looks so lost and befuddled out there. Greg Maddox talks about each and every pitch having a purpose…a kind of world unto itself, each pitch having a speed and a location and a goal. Kershaw just cocks and throws like a fast-forward pitching machine. I’ll bet Maddox could help Kershaw more from the first row than Honeycutt does up close day after day after day.

  65. oldbrooklynfan

    The Dodgers broadcast games back to the east coast for a short time on a regular basis and it stopped because somebody claimed for some reason, I was told, a lack of interest.
    Then came those late night DJs, giving the scores from the West Coast.

  66. oldbrooklynfan

    The Weave’s weaving them in there pretty good, It’s a good time for Blake, Martin and Furcal to get things started against Correia, whose taking on the Cy Young look.


    I also remember the 8:00 start times and even have ticket stubs from those days. KFI640 had a strong signal.

    Vinny just finished talking about Maury Wills coming up in 1959 and I can remember it like it was yesterday, which is funny because I usually can’t remember what happened five minutes ago.

  68. 32and53fan

    It must have been 1960 or ’61 when I got that radio. I would sure like to have it back in mint condition like that picture.

  69. 32and53fan

    It must have been 1960 or ’61 when I got that radio. I would sure like to have it back in mint condition like that picture.

  70. oldbrooklynfan

    The Dodger year book arrived today (of all days), in the mail.
    Good looking cover and title “The World of Dodgertown all are welcome”.
    I often wonder what the post office thinks of my Dodger magazines, here in Brooklyn.


    The Dodgers always put out a great year book. I have everyone since the Dodgers came to L.A. in 1958. That 1958 year book cost fifty cents!


    Will this be another game in which Dodger pitchers would have to throw a shutout in order to get a win? What has happened to the bats?

  73. 32and53fan

    When are they going to stop the madness? That singing of GBA was HORRIBLE! Isn’t the national anthem enough patriotism for one game?

  74. oldbrooklynfan

    For only the second time this year that I can recall MLB.TV let us listen and watch “God bless America” being song.
    Maybe because the Dodgers are losing.

  75. 32and53fan

    I remember that 1958 Dodger yearbook. I think it must have belonged to my brother and the cover was missing. But it had all of the players and stats from a mystical land called Brooklyn.
    The picture of coach Joe Becker standing with a bent over and very young looking Sandy Koufax is burned in my memory. I also recall the picture of backup catcher Joe Pignatano posing with four big pipe wrenches over his shoulder as if they were bats. The caption mentioned that Joe had to work as a plumber during the off season. Boy, have times changed!

  76. nellyjune

    GO DODGERS!!!!! We still have two innings. Remember we are an 8th and 9th inning team nowadays. We can do this!!!!!!!

  77. nellyjune

    Dodgereric – make sure you have trivia for another off day tomorrow. They are very fun to think about.

  78. ramslover

    The team had no life last night, but it is a long season and there will be nights like that. I love Kershaw, but if he cannot go 6 inning minimum consistently he is killing the BP. Yes we have a 7.5 game lead, but our BP will not last having to pitch 3-4 innings every night. The Giants have very good starting pitching and this lead could get tenuous if the starters do not step up.

    We need a front line starter. I am not going to panic, but I am a little worried. Now with that being said, come on to Arlington, I will be there Friday and Sunday…Cannot wait!

    A little distressing is in the 7th inning with 1st and 2nd no outs, why would Joe not have Raffy bunt. The way he is swinging the bat (poorly) I would have had him sacrifice and and have 2 men in scoring position for Matt…It could have been a better outcome. Also in the 8th, Dewitt gets to 2nd with no outs, and yes Pierre had 2 strikes at the time but somehow he has to get the runner over.

    Boblee we had some Tornado warnings in Dallas last night also and today it looks as if it will storm again…Looking at 96-97 degrees the rest of the week.

  79. trublu4ever

    Ramslover ~ have fun at the games. I agree with you about the game last night. Kersh’s pitching was awful but, we only scored one run against the PADRES!!! I also agree with you on the questionable calls by Torre during the game.

  80. shad80

    I should had said the Home Depot Center not the store and is home to 2 of our the soccer teams here but I think it should only be used for the LA team lol.

  81. shad80

    I should had said the Home Depot Center not the store and is home to 2 of our soccer teams here but I think it should only be used for the LA team lol.

  82. kpookiemon

    Dodgers need to take more days off…they’ve picked up a game in the loss column both Monday and today.

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