They Love L.A.

Kicking around town today, I seem to notice a lot of Dodger jerseys, shirts, sweatshirts, and hats than usual. In fact, I was surprised how many I saw in comparison to the Lakers, which is really strange given that they’re in the Finals. As we wish them luck in capturing another title, the Dodgers close out the road trip on ESPN in Chicago.

Here’s the lineup:

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Loretta, 3B

Hoffmann, RF

Milton, P

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We repreent at home and on the road! I ran into a lot of Dodger fans here in Chicago. I am at the airport waiting for my flight back home with my Los Angeles Dodgers 1980 All Star t-shirt and I also have my “Dodgertown” bag from the beach party last Sunday.
I ran into fan from Whittier (2 different groups), Montebello, San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, Alhambra San Gabriel, Pico Rivera, and other Dodger fans that live here or close by. Met a big group of friends/family of Hoffman that made the one hour trip. .
I hope that when we land, I’ll have good news that we won the last game.


correction: Hoffman’s friends made the 8 hour trip. Also I know I met more Dodger fans from back in the LA area but I forgot what cities they told me. I am tired and ready to come back home to my beautiful Dodger Stadium.

What say you, Uncle Charley?


From the May 28th Boston Herald article:

“The All-Star Game is for the fans and I think if he got voted in, then it would be appropriate for him to play,” said Philadelphia’s Charlie Manuel, the NL manager. “Once he serves his suspension, he’s paid his penalty and he’s just like every other player.”


Guess Charlie REALLY wants to win the all-star game. At least our very own Joe Torre is keeping it real. And I think Manny would keep it real, too. If he didn’t, it’d be a gross misstep, and polarize the fan base due to the embarassment of many should Manny choose to appear in the all-star game.

But I’m pretty certain he would enjoy a 3-day break after taking in all the punishment from the long road trip that opens his return.

But enough of that crap, I’d be happy to take a split in Wrigley. We won the series that counted last year, I doubt any of us would trade that series for this one. This lump is easy to take in that light. Dust off, and get back to the fight, we’ve got something special going here, and it’s gonna take a lot more than a burble in Chicago to take the team off-track.

Here we go again with Andre getting jerked around again. Guess he’s the only player on the team not allowed to work his way out of a slump. No wonder he puts so much pressure on himself.

Note that this upcoming homestand members of our Dodger Booster club will be volunteering their time to recruit blood donors for our upcoming Blood Drive. One of the locations this year will be the Police Academy that is off the Academy road entry to the stadium. I will be volunteering to recruit donors, but I don’t know what level I will be. I have this phobia for needles but I will be giving out blood when we start the blood drive.

I agree with you BCG! I’m sure Mr. Pierre is tired but does he get a day off? Heck no!! This is bull****!

It is total bull, trublu and I am sick of it.

Me too, BCG! Just wait until NellyJune finds out! He is hitting the ball better and Juan is starting to slap around as usual. His average has dropped considerably in the last week. I’ve tried for the most part to keep my mouth shut on the entire Juan thing but, this isn’t right! Joe has lost his mind!

I know, just when he’s starting to come around, Joe has to go and stop the momentum.

This is just fabulous, just fabulous………………….maybe, just maybe JP needs a day off. He did go 0- fora frickin’ 5 yesterday so maybe, just maybe he is the one that needs a day off. You have no problems giving the 27 and 24 year old the day off for no apparent reason so why not give him the day off. There is NOBODY on this team that is irreplaceable so why all of a sudden is JP. This just pisses me off to no end, and I too, am really sick of it. Andre is actually hitting the ball right now, and why oh why would we pull him out now????……………….UNBELIEVEABLE AND TOTALLY, TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! ………and believe me this has nothing to do with Jamie. I wish him the best. I am just tired of the double standard when it comes to Andre. HE DOES NOT NEED A DAY OFF!!!…………and if you insist he does, than the others do too, including the “everybody loves him all of a sudden” JP. sigh……………..

Things like this are making me like NASCAR more and more.

BTW – dodgereric – I didn’t see the end, but I hear your guy, Jimmie, won…………………very nice, very nice!!!!

Good girl, NellyJune!
By the way, the Giants and Padres won so, we had better get our s*** together!

Why doesn’t Juan play every position on the field and give everybody a day off!!!! Afterall, he is the one carrying the damn team on his back!!

Very well said, Nelly. It is soooooo frustrating. I can only imagine how he feels.

JP has went 2 for 11 in this series, and going 0-7, with a BB in the last two games. Andre has went 3 for 12, and has one hit in each game. So, maybe, just maybe, JP needs a day off. Andre can play left field too you know 🙂

Juan’s lips must be sore from kissing Joe’s a** so much!

…………..just read the article on the homepage about him. I think it’s time for some JP/Joe love songs again. I guess the fact that he wanted to be traded doesn’t matter anymore.

Or the fact he said the Dodgers were trying to screw him last season. That seems to have been forgotten too.



…or the fact that he didn’t even see Andre and Matt as competition. I think Matt and Andre have learned to keep their mouths shut because I doubt they would ever say anything negative about any player (it’s not their nature), but I am sure going to speak up for them because this just sucks how they (mostly Andre) have been treated. I know it’s still a month away, but alot will be said of Joe’s intergrity how he handles the outfield when Manny returns.

Andre has pretty much always been the one to get the shaft, going back to Grady Little. So unfair, but he will stay strong like he always does and make them all eat their words when all is said and done. When he proves himself for the umpteenth time, hopefully the Dodgers will finally treat him the same as the rest of the starters and let him go through the normal ups and downs without fear of losing his job.

I just hope we don’t have to listen to any drivel from the ESPN announcers about how outstanding Phew’s attitude and play has been. I’m already about to throw up as it is with what we’re reading/hearing.

They already started, Sparkleplenty! He is the “catalyst”! Yuck!

You gals have me smiling…..:-)
Game time…..GO DODGERS GO!!!!!!

There’s nothing like a short leash to make you even more anxious to break loose.

LOL, sparkleplenty! I’m about ready to hurl myself.

………….just sickening I tell you 🙂

Oh oh, here comes some more of the stuff . . but at least they’re crediting Loney and ODog, too.

Here they go Sparkleplenty!

Morgan needs to have his head examined – he’s talking about JP’s “outstanding” defense – now it’s time to LOL.


I can’t remember any Dodger player in recent memory getting so much attention for having a hot month. Andre certainly didn’t get close to this much media attention last month or in September of 2008. Blake has had a hot month too, but he hasn’t gotten much press to speak of.

BCG ~ And yet, no other team wants Juan!!!

Did anyone notice that Casey Blake didn’t get any recognition at all during this pre-game preview? That makes me almost as sick as Andre’s being on the bench!!!

The ITD ladies are on the warpath tonight!

I thought it couldn’t get any worse by having to watch a Dodgers/gnats game in the same number with my family, but I think I just topped that. My daughter and I watching a Dodger game, while whooping and hollering over JP.

Sparkleplenty ~ You noticed!

red pen – same room………..not “same number”

I think I am going to have to mute this volume 🙂

This is just sickening………..really sickening 🙂

More marketing blabber to listen to . . . . yuck!!

Nelly, I was just about to post the same thing. Man, did Pierre’s mother pay off Joe Morgan to gush so nauseatingly about him?

Matt Kemp has more stolen bases than Juan!

Who’s passing the barf bags around?!

I need a seasick patch, lol.

Good job, ODog!! Tru, I’ll send the barf bags.


Nice at bats Raffy and O-Dog (real base hits)!!!!!

Thanks, Sparkleplenty!

Wouldn’t you know Andre sits on a day when the opposing pitcher can’t get anyone out.

You’re very welcome. Son of a gun, even Russell is getting on board with real hits.

Nice job James!!!!!!

I have a feeling we are going to need all the runs we can get! Remember our pitching?

What is all that white stuff floating across the screen?

Who could forget it?

Loretta comes through again. Love it!

If he is such a catalyst, then why was he sitting the bench until Manny’s suspension.


Nice inning boys – let’s go Milton!!!!! They have given you a 5-run start……………….let’s go!!!

I love Loretta. I really hate when Kemp can’t get a hit with risp.

I was thinking enchanted should write a song to the tune of My Sharona by the Nack and title it Mark Loretta. It has right number of syllables.

Nice inning now let get a 1 2 3 innings.

Sounds good, BCG!!!

It’s all good to scored in the 1st innings again. I love this team with or without Manny.

WAY TO GO BOY’S!!!!!!!

Way to go Hoffman! The boy has a nice swing. Andre needs a rest.

Spit and Dodger4life ~ are you sure you want to get in the middle of all this! lol


Andre doesn’t need a rest and the Dodgers wouldn’t be where they are this season without him.

It’s all good to scored in the 1st innings again. I love this team with or without Manny.

That’s a question we’d all like the answer to, Nelly.

If JP is soooooooooooooo very important, why did we bother going after Manny? …….just wondering

Nah tru and what did I missed lol. For Ethier case lucky he not rested for Pierre when Manny playing I don’t mind him resting I like this Hoffman kid. We all know Torre won’t have an OF of Ethier Kemp Hoffman out there and I would love to see that.

HE DOESN’T NEED A REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

strikeout 🙂

I mind him resting for anyone.

JP needs the rest. That was a lucky basehitin the first and now a strikeout. He should have been the one to rest.


Where’s the PianoMan when you need him?

I certainly mind because this isn’t about him getting rest, it’s about Andre getting the short end of the stick for three years and running now.

Damn a 1 2 3 inning.

Noodlearm does it again!!!

LOL!!!! exactly!!!!!!!! Doesn’t have a strong arm, and you are going to want him in center field when Manny returns. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice play by Hoffmann!!

Nice play Jamie Hoffmann!!!!!!

Does anybody miss Andre?

He probably still dealing with the toe injury maybe he request it. If it aggrevate that same toe injury than we would be complaining.

Yes, he could be in left field.

We want Ethier playing but I would still be worry about him and Conte.

Spit, he’s always hated Andre, so I would expect nothing less from him.

He never complained about his toe. He wanted to play………..Joe made that call, not Andre!!!

I miss Andre!

Put him in LF.

Nice Job Matthew Ryan Kemp!!!!!!!

That sure makes up for the K – WTG Matt!!!

Good job, Matt!

Now, if Kemp was out of the line up – he would be missed. Nice long one…………………………!

bluecrewgirl – some of our new ITDers may not know of his hate for Andre. I didn’t forget.

Neither did I NellyJune!

Speaking of hating where has badge been hiding at?

Ethier, Kemp and Hoffmann would make a really good outfield in Manny’s absence, and even when Manny returns.

You’re probably a chick.

That would be an awesome outfield, NellyJune!

Damn a 1 2 3 inning.

Well, if that isn’t just the most degrading comment of the night.

Well, if that isn’t just the most degrading comment of the night.

Urgh I didn’t even posted that message at 559.

We did not see that kind of play last year. That is one of the reasons we managed to stay in first this month – Andre has done nothing this month to claim right field. You earn the right to play the game. JT knows what he is doing. Andre got this month to prove himself – i wish him the best.

Guys like Dre as much as “chicks”! Just look at all the boys wearing Andre jerseys at the games!

I meant the play at second

Out of all the bloggers on here that are guys, not one of them has referred to US as chicks. I am saying US because all but one is one. We know our baseball and we know it well, so please don’t refer to US as chicks.

A big paycheck gives you the right to play! Talent has nothing to do with it or Juan would have been sent down or released the way he was playing last year!

Your pitcher just gets hit by a pitch and Juan swings at the first pitch! CLASSIC!!!!

I think all players should be allowed to go through a slump, and really go through it. Other than JP, all Joe and Joe have been talking about is all the struggling hitters………………… I am typing………the mention of Papi………..batting .185.

To bad that big paycheck won’t help Schmidt since he’s a pitcher lol.

I wonder if Pierre goes 0/25 would Torre have the ball to bench him?

You are right, Spit!

I’m sure he did that last year, Spit, and he didn’t bench him. We just lucked out when he got hurt and Andre got the chance to play.

Well, Shad, let’s hope so – it would not be good for the team. Oh wait, we ARE talking about Torre here . . . . It’s all about what’s good for WonderJuan with him.

In my mind he has went 0-11 already. That base hit was questionable. Even Joe Morgan said they will have to wait for the ruling so it wasn’t a clear cut base hit. It was more about not giving the error to the shortstop.

Remember when Matt and Andre were batting 1 – 2 and they did just fine?!

Which inning do you think the Toaster will be toast? Any bet?

I really hate infield single and that guy Johnson.

That was an extremely insulting and sexist remark, PaDodger. All the people on this blog are very knowledgeable baseball fans, male and female alike. Since when does going through a slump mean you don’t earn the right to keep your position? He earned it last year and the first month of this season. Blake and Martin both played very poorly the first month of the season and Furcal has played poorly all year. Loney and Kemp didn’t play very well the first month of the season. Why should Ethier be held to a different standard? That’s total bs. And if you don’t think Andre has made defensive plays like that in the past, obviously you haven’t been watching because he has.

All right James!!!

….and if he were playing in left field tonight, no runner is running to 3rd base on a fly ball either.

Bluecregirl ~ I think he was really trying to insult me when I said I liked Andre. I am proud to admit I like Mr. Ethier and I am proud to be a Dodger fan and I do know my baseball! Thank you and NellyJune for sticking up for the ladies!!!

Hello All,

Been along time since i posted…Been busy at work and all
Way to go Loney

Sparkle, when Paul was called up and I was praying for a Ethier/Kemp/Paul and if Torre known talent he would played Ethier/Kemp/Hoffmann. I didn’t see that thrown that Hoffmann made but I’ll check it out later.

Hi, Dodgerzona. Good to see you again.

Shad, it was a wonderful play. And I agree with you – that’d be a really awesome outfield. It’s just sad that Torre isn’t as intelligent a manager as we are on this blog.

Good to see you Zona

Good to see you to tru

Way to go Dodgers

Shad – it was a fabulous play, but Andre could have done it too. Could Juan have done that?……………not a chance!!!

Hey dodgerzona!!!! It’s great to see you!!!!

Hello spit…Come on Loretta
Nice job kemp….Come on Jamie

Dodgerzona ~ did you read about the ITD Tour? It would be great if you could come.

We have to remember he did win 4 WS with a stacked lineup lol.

8-0…I love it…Hopefully get away with a win and go back home and have a good homestand

Dodgerbuddy – you new here? If so, welcome!

Yes i did tru….With work and all i don’t think i could make it

Let’s get some more runs. I don’t really trust Milton at all.

Dodgerbuddy – Welcome to ITD if you are new!!!!!!!

Milton looking good so far

The funny thing is even though we have an 8-0 lead, it still doesn’t seem like enough, considering it’s only the 5th inning.

Hello Nelly….Well let’s just get some more run’s then 🙂

Who’s this Milton dude? This can’t be the same guy who I remember giving up I don’t want to say to jinxed him. The Cubs are curse.

JP needs a day off…………………………. 0-12 in my book, but I will give him the base hit today, and now he is 1 for 12 in the last three games.

Hi dodgerzona. Good to see you.

Nice Raffy

Nice to see you to BCG

JP really need a day off.

Dodgerzona ~ if the ITD Tour goes well, I think we should make it an annual event. That way we can have a selected date early in the season and more people can plan for it.

tru – if you do that and it’s the same weekend every year (or close to it, depending on game schedule), then those that are out of town and out of state, can plan better to do it every year. That’s a great idea!!!!!!

I was thinking of the out of staters. It would be awesome to make it an annual event! What fun!

That would be great tru

……and Bruce from the gnats is gone after this year unless they do some remarkable things and get into the playoffs.

hmmmmmmmm I think I’m missing something Padodgers is Badge in disguise?

3 out of the 5 west division managers will be different next season.

gosh what is up with these infield single? There was one to 2nd bases and now SS.

Wow, Ethierholics are a bit feisty tonight! Lefty starter meant Ethier on the bench. Could have been Juan but he’s been on fire, and Andre, not. I know Andre hits lefties just fine, but it’s no big deal. Uncle Joe just wanted to give Mr. Too-Hard-On-Myself a night to chill. Heck, maybe Ethier ate something that disagreed with him. Who knows? There’s no doubt Ethier is an integral part of this line-up and when Man-Ram returns I’m sure it will be Juan on the bench. You just can’t give away that much defense if both Pierre and Manny play.

get Milton outttttttttttttttttt nowwwwwwwwwwww

Oh oh Milton is explode.

Darn 😦

It’s was bound to happen. Time to get him out of there.

Come on Belisario…Shut them down

Kahli – we were holding our own until we were called chicks, and that really got us going n- LOL!!! I am hoping you are right, and I want to believe you are right. I can’t imagine Manny and JP in the outfield together for defensive purposes so I hope your thinking is right.

Come on Ronnie!!!!!!!! You can hold them!!!!

He should had took him out before that hbp.

One more Belisario.

Yes, kahli, it was a mistake for him to pull the chick card on us, lol.

Nice job Ronnie

Good Job Ronnie!!! Let’s go Dodgers…………another 2, 4……….10 runs would be nice right now 🙂

Nice way to start us off Russell!!! Let’s go James!!!!

Dang Belisario almost came close to issue a walk in 6 straight games.

Let’s go Ronnie

Whew!!! Let’s go boys!!!!!!

Way to go Ronnie

Good job Ronnie!

Aussie was not amused!

1 for 13 ………….it’s time to sit if you are playing the “He needs a rest game”

Juan being Juan!

This is weird that Ausmus is PH first off the bench.

Well, it’s might be safe to say Cinderella’s carriage has turned back into a pumpkin.

I was sure Ethier was going to PH for the pitcher and come in for Pierre next inning but I guess it’s not going to happen.

It sure has NellyJune!

Holy crap for you hockey fan if you guys are hockey fan and care about the SC final there were a brawl just now with 18.2 sec left in the 3rd.

They don’t need Andre unless the bullpen implodes in the 8th, and we need another bat.

Now they just have to slip the shoe back onto Andre’s foot, if it will fit over his bad toe, lol.

LOL!!!! That’s good bluecrewgirl!!!!!

Let’s go Ramon!!!!!!!!!!! Have we decided on his new name yet?

That’s true but anything to take Pierre out of the game lol.

Let’s go Troncoso.

Come on Kemp I need another homerun for my fantasy team.

It’s time to get a couple more insurance runs lol.

Hey it’s Dre!!!

Can someone tell Joe Morgan to shut up????

He did hit it sharply, but at someone . . . .

Time for big John

Joe never shuts up! What a pain in the butt!

Agreed on putting the muzzle on Morgan.
I put him in the same category as Kornheiser.
They just babble on waaay too much.

I was thinking the same thing kahli, only with an adverb added.

Should had just let Troncoso bunt but I guess we need to see Broxton so he won’t be rusty.


At least we don’t have to listen to Tim McCarver.

Here’s Johnny !!!!!
……………..even though it is not a save situation.


And with Buck and McCarver together, you’re lucky to even know what’s going on in the game.

Buck and McCarver always make me push my mute button!

Nice win guy’s….Goodnight all

Way to go Dodgers………have a safe trip home!!!!

That was another good road trip 5-2…………..can’t beat that!!!!!

And Johnny says, “Fu-Q, y’all!!!”

That’s more like it. Hope they can get some sleep on the plane.

heres a fun stat…. the Dodgers team OB% is .370 and that the Giants don’t have a player with a .370 OB%!

………….perfect timing enchantedsunset!!!!!

That is a fun stat dodge1612 🙂

Great road trip. Winning on the road like they right now is a big plus.

2-0 MILTON? Unbelievable.

Dodgers-Cubs all time (since 1890) dead even 1014-1014-14

I love these stats and good timing Enchanted.

Nice one dodge.

Where were you when we needed you, Enchanted?!

It would be nice if he can keep that up but we know it won’t happen.

It would be nice if he can keep that up but we know it won’t happen.

Sorry Tru, was out on one of my epic Sunday drives.

I think they have an everyday player with a .367 obp but that the only thing that come close.

I see Pierre’s turning back into a toad again.

I understand, Enchanted 🙂 Yes, Mr. Pierre is back to normal.

Good evening everyone….
Milton Superb…Hoffman Superb play to the plate….Kemp Superb home run…Raffy outstanding game, you looked fired up….. What a fantastic Sunday evening gentlemen. Have a Happy and Safe flight home we await your arrival.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRINGB THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It really got bad in here enchanted.

I forgot to mention the bull pen. Troncoso, Belisario and Broxton great performance. This was a fabulous team win tonight!!!

Victory Flask it may be Sunday but a Win is a Win!!!!!
Cheers everyone 🙂

Did you see homepage? Pierre Providing Serious Pop in Manny’s Absence. I am really hoping they are trying to sell to the highest bidder, but in the last three games he has certainly come back down to Earth.

Cheers, dodger4life.

Cheers BCG….:-)))))

Thank you Dodger4life!!!!!

enchanted – we women of the ITD board did good tonight. I hate being called a chick when it comes to stuff like this, assuming we don’t know anything about baseball.

You gals earned it 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
And yes, us ITD chicks do know our baseball!!! I was reading from earlier today, and my blood was boiling! How dare he insinuate that we are a bunch of dumb “chicks” who don’t know our baseball! Notice, I don’t even want to refer to his “name.” He doesn’t deserve the attention… Tru/Nelly/BCG, you did this ITD girl proud!

Great win today. We split the series; that’s fine. After the game my husband said that the Dodgers are in a position to split series; the Cubbies are not. That comment really crystallized how well we have been playing. Yes, my husband and many others still say we are doing well; for the NL West, but for nothing else. I think we have done just fine against non-NL West teams. And I know that we will continue to do well against non-NL West teams.

I like many of us Ethieraholics are sick of seeing Andre sitting on the bench. Lately, JP has been coming back down to earth – where he usually languishes. I just don’t see why Andre has to suffer on the bench, so much more than anyone else. Does anyone else remember Joe telling Andre at the beginning of the year that he doesn’t need to look over his shoulder anymore because he earned the STARTING RF POSITION??? Okay Joe, what’s up with that???

The Piano Man is here! As you can see I already tuned one for Juan, and I’m now tuning one for Padodgers! 🙂 Good evening everyone!

My biggest hope is that Ned comes to his senses and includes JP in a trade for a pitcher…

Hey Piano Man! We REALLY need a tuned piano for Padodgers! So how are ya???

Great cpompe, how are you? I’m getting an extra special one ready! 🙂

I’m fine. It was great to see the boys get out of the hitting funk they’ve been in for the last few games. And speaking of pianos, d’ya got an extra one in the back room for Joe??? Not to knock him out completely; after all, he is our manager. But maybe a baby grand to knock some sense into him…

Thanks Pianoman! Good to see you too, CP!

Hey CP and Mr. Pianoman!!! I hate being called a chick anyway (unless it’s in fun), and the fact that I was already not too happy about the lineup, just made the comment that much worse.

Hey Tru!!! It’s always great to see you too!!!

…………and what about his replacement?

Yeah nelly, that stinks. If your husband calls you a hot chick, then that is probably pretty good, but not a dre-hater.

My Nellygirl!!! Oh, I was reading “his” comments and yours. I could literally feel your blood boil too!!! BCG hit it right on the head; that was an insulting and sexist remark.

And Nelly, don’t get me going on his replacement…

Well all, have a great rest of the night, try to relax after “the comment”, and bask in our Dodgers’ great win on national TV! I’ll see you all again tomorrow! Sleep well!

Pianoman ~ I am probably not considered a “hot chick” either, but his insinuation was that all Ethier fans are women, and that is insulting too.

CP – you are right………..bluecrewgirl nailed it!!!!

Urgh the husband shot his wife and he’s turned the gun on him and there 3 kids were in the other room. I don’t want to here this when the news comes on.

I am doing good now Mr. Piano Man. Good Night and take care 🙂

CP……. I have never heard of Stults’ replacement.

Goodnight Mr. Pianoman!!! Yes, at that win by our boys was seen on national TV! That’s one of the best parts!!!

Nite nelly! Yeah, his comment wasn’t appropriate, and you all were right to rip him a new one.

CP, he told him he didn’t want him looking over his shoulder last season when he won the job after spring training and we all know how it went down after that until he finally won the job back.

Ah, Nelly, now I understand. And here I thought you were still talking about JP… I think I’ve heard the name Travis Schlichting before, but I don’t know anything about him. We’ll just see when he gets hear. For me, it’s kinda like Brent Leach. I’ve heard of Brent’s name before, but didn’t know much about him until he came up…

Hi and bye perumike):

Hey BCG!!! Like many others hear, it just seems like there is a HUGE double standard going on here. As much as I want Andre to remain a Dodger, somehow I’m getting the distinct impression that he won’t be. For some reason it just seems like Joe doesn’t like Andre that much. All I can say if they trade Andre, they better get someone or some QUALITY people coming back…

…………and here he is fighting the same fight. I don’t think he will ever feel comfortable assuming he has a position. I don’t think it’s in Andre’s makeup to take anything for granted, but at least give his fans some peace of mind knowing he doesn’t have to fight so hard, and just let him play for an entire season without the jerking around. Once again, this has nothing to do with Jamie or Xavier. I think they are great, but this is about a player who has done his time with this club,and they need to allow him to go through and come out of this slump like everyone else has been allowed to thus far.

But at least Brent Leach knows that he’s not going to be the one carrying the pink backpack with the huge butterfly on it anymore!!!

That’s true CP!!! That is too funny 🙂

Nelly, I thought you’d get a kick out of that!!! 🙂

But seriously though, I REALLY hope I’m wrong about Andre’s future with the Dodgers. I REALLY AM!!!

CP, I hope they don’t trade him. I think it would be a huge shame if they did. I don’t think Joe necessarily doesn’t like, him, he has said some nice things about him in the past, I just don’t think he has supported him consistently the way he should. Hopefully that will change for the better.

I think like you CP. I just don’t see how it’s going to benefit the team when Manny comes back by putting Andre on the bench, and I rather see him play for another team than to watch him sit over JP, even if it’s once or twice a week. You know alot of that will be decided not necessarily when Manny comes back but on if Furcal stays healthy too. If Furcal goes on the DL, Joe will put JP in the leadoff spot in the lineup.

BCG/Nelly – Again, I hope, I hope, I hope I’m wrong, TOTALLY WRONG… And it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if I am wrong. Yes, Joe did say some very nice things about Andre early this year, but his (meaning Joe) actions don’t always match up with the things he says. I’m hoping that Joe IS talking to Andre, and Andre knows Joe’s plans. If that’s the case, I don’t mind being left in the dark and wondering why Andre doesn’t play; as long as Andre knows what’s going on. I’d be okay with that.

But with that said, if Andre is being jerked around for no good reason like before, I’d rather see him play and flourish for another team than to watch him sit over JP.

So, how are all you chicks tonight? 🙂

Eric – Now, YOU can call us chicks all you want!!! We know you’re not saying it in a derogatory manner at all!!! 🙂

Shameful indeed, but not out of the realm of possibilities either.

I thought Kuroda getting activate because of Stults.

LOL!!!! You are funny 🙂

I guess Travis needed in the bullpen but not tonight and they going to send him down to activate Kuroda.

Shad – Kuroda will be activated on Monday, but A.J. Ellis is going back down to the minors. At least, that was the last thing about his plans were last I heard…

So, how are you tonight dodgereric?

Sigh guess we’re back to the 4 man bench.

What a great Sunday of sports-watching for me! 1) The Best Driver In NASCAR gives me the best of both worlds – being the dominate car AND winning in a great finish. 2) My co-worker’s daughter is the leadoff hitter and 2nd base(wo)man for the U of Florida in the NCAA softball tourney. They won their game today with a walk-off grand slam. 3) The Dodgers split with the Cubs and go home with a 5 – 2 roadie!

Ya know Shad, I’m not entirely sure why they brought up A.J. Ellis to begin with, knowing that he was going back down soon.

I heard your Jimmie won. I had watched about a third of it, and then went to the movies, but you may already know that. I watched the highlights when I got home, and saw that Denny slammed into a wall after a blowout 😦 I am glad Jimmie won though. He should have won last week, but that was just a screwy one from the get go.

That’s great about your co-workers daughter.

………and what a great road trip we had 🙂

Wow I just recieved 325 points in my nascar league and was around 65th percentile and it goes up to 75th. I never gets that lucky with 4 drivers with around 65+ points because that C groups normal suck lol.

I had a feeling Ellis was going to be sent down but didn’t really think it was going to happen so soon.

Hamlin did hit pretty hard. He was a little shook in the interview afterward, but he’s fine.

Shad, I can’t believe we’d be going back to that damned 4-man bench with Blake being such a question mark right now. But then again, I can’t believe a lot of things that happen with our team.

Shad – Who knows why Dodgers management does what they do anymore.

Oh, and Eric, congrats on to your co-workers daughter! That’s exciting!

Well, I’m getting tired; gotta go!!! Great talking with y’all!!!

Somehow we’re still have the best record in the league lol


Good Night CP!!!! Take Care and God Bless!!! ITD Chicks Rule!!!!!

I saw that highlight too, and the interview 😦 Did you read about that Texas/ BC game that went 25 innings? How incredible was that game?

I just finished reading about that. Amazing! Inside that game, a guy pitched no-hit ball for 12 – 1/3 innings!

I’ve been watching an old David Blaine show on the Travel Channel. That guy might be an alien………….

Hey florida State is playing on ESPN 2

sorry – Univ. of Florida

That game was pretty amazing……169 pitches he threw, 120 of them strikes.

It’s possible David Blaine is an alien 🙂

Yep, that’s the game! I see that they’re showing a shortened version of it. If you stay up long enough, it’s a hell of a finish!

Had to laugh at this note in Rotoworld:
“After hearing before the game that he was heading to the bullpen, Sean Marshall was lit up for eight runs — seven earned — in 4 1/3 innings by the Dodgers on Sunday night.”

Then comes the comment:
“Way to go, Lou. Maybe when you give Marshall the ball for his next relief appearance, you can tell him his dog died.”

And, in the latest chapter that is the NFL in LA:
“Report: Rams owners to sell…………Rosenbloom, the franchise’s managing partner, would like to sell to St. Louis representatives, according to the Post Dispatch. But with a lack of interest from buyers in the area, Rosenbloom may have no choice but to sell to a buyer who will move the team out of St. Louis.”

Now, where have I heard this before?

Gad, look at the time…….gotta hit the hay. God Bless you and yours Junie.

So, Lou told him he was going to the bullpen before he came in to pitch tonight………………..nice!!!!

Good Night Dodgereric/Ward Dear – as always…………..take care and God Bless to you and your wonderful family 🙂

So, where or where will the Rams be next?

Good Night Dodgereric/Ward Dear – as always…………..take care and God Bless to you and your wonderful family 🙂

So, where or where will the Rams be next?

You guys are still up lol.

Good morning Dodgerchicks and gents!!!

We’ll see who has the last laugh when JP turns back into a pumpkin (which he’s started to morph now) and Andre turns back into a prince. A leopard can’t change his spots. You can’t get blood from a turnip. And career stats don’t lie.

It took until May 30th to get shutout this year – that’s the longest I can remember a Dodger team going before the first shutout. They still haven’t lost more than two games in a row. THAT’S the sign of a very good team, especially when we still don’t have a true ace starter.

The team is still winning despite no Manny, Dre and Marty not hitting to their capabilities, Ferk only hitting .245, Kuroda only making one start all year, the middle relief bullpen a mess, and JP being a full time OFer.

The implication is, THIS TEAM CAN GET BETTER. If it does get clicking on all cylinders, lookout.

Greetings everyone! Hope you all are well… sure has been a fun year of Dodger baseball.

Wow first Peavy and now Oswalt what’s next? No one want to play for Ozzie but Pierre maybe? Ozzie do want him bad lol.

Nice intro enchanted and good morning to you too. Love the post this morning. You sound so positive, I have to double check to make sure it’s you (jk). It’s hard to stay mad when the team is doing so well. Well, we found a way to stay pretty mad last night, and the “chick” comment just ignited us just a tad more – LOL!!! As you put it…………..I was miffed to put it mildly. However, you and Eric saying it doesn’t have the same meaning as it did last night. It was the meaning behind it that had me miffed.

edwcarter – It’s great to see you on ITD this morning. It has been a great season so far, and I am very impressed with how well we are playing right now. 🙂

I thought there were a 10 runs mercy rule in College?

Florida St gets offensive in 37-6 win vs. Ohio St.
I wish I could take a look at the box score.

I guess they didn’t wanted to end the game 20-0 in the 3rd innings

Wow 12 1/3 innings no hitters and some college coach should be fired for letting anyone goes that long regardless of the no hitter. They have to be a box scored of these game. I really want to see what 12 AB’s in a box scored would look like.

Good Morning Enchanted, Edwcarter, Shad and the rest of ITDland. Winning yesterday and coming home on a positive note is always a good thing. I think Juan’s bubble has finally burst and I hope Joe has the common sense to see it. It would be fun to see Andre, Matt and Jamie playing at the same time.

By playing those three, we’d have more power, better defense and just about as much speed.

Where is Aybar when you need him the most?

Oh yeah he’s over there in Anaheim.

I don’t think we’re comparing JP to Dre – yet. JP, Kemp and Andre are the three best outfielders on the team right now. Despite Hoffmann’s terrific DP yesterday he is what he is – a AA hitter with some good defensive skills. Why Joe played him over Dre is known only in Joe’s mind. Not even Joe can possibly think Hoff is worthy of platooning with Dre.

Joe’s always done things bassackwards. Marty will get three hits, he’ll rest him the next day and ruin any feel he’s getting for the stick. Same thing with Dre. He’s even done it to Blake. Why? – I have no idea.

We’ll find out where JP and Dre really are after the 4th of July. Even then the whole thing might be moot if Manny comes back like Andruw when the juice is taken away.

That’s exactly what I’m dreading – that Manny will come back and won’t be able to get back in the groove with his bat. I don’t believe for a minute that management will have Manny sitting out games. They’ll just keep playing him with expectations that he’ll come back. In the meantime, it will disrupt all of the teamwork that’s been built up and has worked so successfully.

My motto always: F MANNY!!!

It will be interesting to see how things develop, Enchanted. Just wondering why everybody gets a day of rest except for Juan?

Good morning to all in ITD land. It was a very good road trip and it will be nice to be home again. As for the game last night, it was nice to split the series. Alot of Dodgers fantasy campers from around the country got together and spent the week going to the Great Lake Loons first and then to see the Dodgers in Wrigley. By the looks of the pictures they had a great time.

Hoffman made a hell of a play in Right last night and he has added some pop, so hats off to you. As for Andre sitting it was a chance to get Hoffman in against a lefty. Andre has been struggling and yes he has been hitting the ball better lately but a game off will not hurt. He is too valuable on this team with its lack of power not to be in the lineup every 6 out of 7 games.

As for # 9, he has been a spark to the team and he has earned his right to play. I would like to see him take a day off, but Joe goes with the hot hand until it burns out and then continues. I just hope when Manny returns, it is #9 that returns to the bench. We shall see.

Troncoso and Bellasario have been the saviors in the BP, they have performed so well that I do not think any of us could have imagined. I have always been intrigued by Troncoso, I just hope Joe does not wear him out.

Ohmans injury takes me back to my philosophy in football holdouts…I would not sign them, in the NFL it seems every player that holds out rushes back and gets a major injury..let them sit out…Ohman, the staff is to blame. Originally he was to spend the 1st month in the minors, but Joe and the staff rushed him. We will need him to be effective. I am surprised that Joe trusts Leach, but what choice does he have, and the kid has done ok.

Lets go Dodgers and bury the Diamondbacks in the desert!!!

Actually bury the Dbacks in LA.

If #9 doesn’t return to the bench, he will be our centerfielder. Not good!

Best answer to the Manny situation would be to have the Congress investigate him like they did some of the older former players. Then when he lies or refuses to answer in a straight and forward manner, cancel his visa and deport him to the Dominican.

LOL!!! 🙂

Think there might be a few people on here that would like Congress to investigate JP and deport him back to Chicago. LOL!!

Wow Bear you really do not like Manny. Sounds a little harsh!! Personally, I hope when he comes back for the last 75 games he knocks the snot out of the ball and helps to lead us to the WS!!!!!!

We need to get a strong Starting pitcher…

Cliff Lee

We are not set up as presently constituted in the starting rotation to compete in the postseason.

Bills and Wolf have been solid, but the rest are killing our BP..Troncoso and Bellasario on pace for 70- 80 games, way too many…

LMAO!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))

So I take it then Ram that Milton The Toaster and Dream [OK its really Nightmare] Weaver don’t do it for you???

I am just mad at Manny right now because I just feel he has let down a lot of players (whether they say it or not) and fans who thought he was the real deal. IMO, I don’t think the chemistry will be the same when he returns as it was before he left, whether it’s with the players or the management, and with the added media attached to his return, that will just add to the chaos.

I agree with nelly’s take, in that Manny’s coming back is just likely to be another unncessary disruption and media circus.

The other 3 is ok but no Peavy

To be honest I think we need bullpen help over another SP.

Kinda goes in line with our bullpen’s high-wire acts and JoJo the Clown.

You can tell I’m full of **** today!!!

I want Manny back!

Also, if Manny were legit, we wouldn’t be having these discussions about JP because he would still be sitting on the bench wallowing in self pity.

Agreed Nelly. I think the best thing for Manny to do right now is to address the issue head on with the media and the fans, whatever the story may be. But absolutely nobody in the Dodger organization is putting pressure on him to do just that…and he is going to have to face the music sometime. Why not sooner than later? Either way its a lose lose situation, but lets get the losing and distraction out of the way.

Agree with spit…the bullpen is in far worse shape than starters. Billingsley, Kuroda, Kershaw, Wolf, Milton, Stults…could be better but could be far worse. But who is the set-up man? Who is the veteran out of the bullpen in a tense late-inning, late-season situation? Who the heck is the Dodgers’ lefty “one-dangerous-left handed-hitter” specialist? Tune in later this season when Ned hopefully sheds some light…

Bills, Kuroda, and Wolf aren’t that bad to go into post season with as long as we’re swinging the sticks fairly well. I agree with you – we really need a better bridge in the 7th & 8th to Brox.

Trouble with Manny is, all he’s got for a story is what Boras tells him to say, and evidently Boras isn’t saying very much.

Granted that Peavey has a contract that nobody in today’s economics would embrace and eagerly assume, but barring a physical breakdown, he’s probably good for 16 plus wins per year as a starter, who can eat a lot of innings and free up a lot of work out of the bullpen. I personally think that he’s way ahead of Oswalt, Bedard, and Lee in terms of what he could do on our starter staff. I don’t see much in the way of immediate prospects coming to help from our recent drafts, be it Elbert, Lindblom, Withrow, or Martin. None of them are performing particularly well in the minors, and I would even rethink the idea of drafting pitchers right out of high school at a very high level. You can think that Kersh is really great and on his way, and he certainly shows some promise, but in my mind he’ll be at best a .500 pitcher for a while, if he doesn’t blow out his arm, and you can’t rely on how many innings he can go.

So, I wouldn’t scoff at going after Peavey. The only question outside of the dollar commitment would be how much and who we have to give up to get him. For starters, I’d be willing to deal McDonald, DeWitt and either Paul or Hoffmann. I would not deal Kemp, Loney, Brox or Ethier, but anyone else could be a consideration. If there was any chance of trading for him, I think I would require some expert medical examination and opinion outside of the usual suspects that we use for that purpose. Our previous medical certification has been dismal.

Well regarding MANNY can not talk about his situation….I heard he sold his story to LIFETIME CHANNEL to do his movie….LOL…I’M JUST KIDDING…LOL!

My thinking with Peavy is he doesn’t want to leave California (So-Cal in particular), and we hate playing against him so who better to have on our side? Like messagebear said, he will be great for eating up innings, and couldn’t he be somewhat like Maddux and be a help to our young pitchers? ……….but, yea, the question is who do you give up…………SD has no need for a left fielder with great speed, and is now considered a catalyst 🙂

Rose – I am glad you put “just kidding” – LOL!!!

Nelly brings up a whole new question. Much as I might like to have Peavey, if there’s anybody out there willing to trade any pitcher whatsoever straight up for JP, bring it on. Of course, Ned and Joe, and Fox and ESPN wouldn’t agree with that.

NELLY – You know I spent my weekend watching Lifetime & Dodgers game. Except for yesterday! My brothers wife had their beautiful baby girl last night so I missed most of the game.

Hey everyone 🙂 Rose…. I just laughed up my lunch…
Where is Manny today???
Another commenter on another blog said that Kershaw will be moved to the pen, That came from ESPN??? I have no confirmation.

They wouldn’t agree to it because he is such a catalyst to the team. If he is such a catalyst, why did he sit the bench until Manny’s suspension, and if he is such a catalyst, why couldn’t he be traded when “he” asked to be traded?

I’m sure Dodgers Coaches want to put this Manny nightmare in the back. I’m sure they don’t want for the players to be disturbed and they just want for the players to concentrate on the Game. I’m sure Frank is enjoy the whole publicity it is getting. We get Manny, We loose Manny, Pierre the Heroe, and soon Manny is back AGAIN, ETHIER VS PIERRE. And yes this whole thing will be back to being a Circus.

Well I’m just wondering who will play tonight and who will be sitting down to rest. Our boys need a rest, they have been playing for a long time now. One thing that makes feel good is that even our bench warmers are doing good. GOOOOO DODGERS! Time to do some sweeping again!

“Phils beginning to pile up All-Star votes”
Sooooo it looks like Phillies fans are stuffing the ballot box now. Something to be “proud” of no doubt.

As far as I’m concerned, even the team with the best record in the majors (that would be the Dodgers) only have three all-stars – Hudson, Brox and Billz. Manny’s name should be withdrawn from consideration period.

But then you all know what I think of the ASG in the fiirst place.

Getting back to normal now Nells!!!

LMAO!!!!!! It’s good seeing you getting back to your normal self (kind of like JP – LOL!!). I was getting kind of worried you had gone into the shallow end, leaving us all to fend for ourselves in the deep end.

hey everyone! 🙂

dnelly, has the craziness of yesterday subsided?

i can’t wait to see what kuroda looks like tonight..

GOOOO KURODA! He will be looking good!

i sure hope so Rose. we could use that boost to keep our positive energy up 🙂

I’m sure we are all hyped up….Even ENCHANTED! We had a bit of a tough game on Saturday, but yesterday if we won it must of been a big boost.

Hey Sara!!! Yes, I think all is good for now, but tonight is another game so who knows what tonight will bring. I just don’t think the person knew we were all “chicks”, but one, at the time, and everyone should know……….you don’t mess with ITD chicks. We know our baseball and we know our Dodgers. It’s good to see you on ITD!!

haha definitely.. all the boys should know not to mess with the ladies on this board!

oh oh it sounds like I missed out on something fun and exciting…damn.

I see where Manny has now dropped to fifth place in the ASG voting. I wish the LA fans would come out and give enough votes for Kemp and Ethier to place higher than Manny. It would tell the fans everywhere who we think are the real All-Stars on the Dodgers – why, even JP deserves an All-Star vote more than Manny. So, come on and give your 25 votes for Kemp and Andre NOW!!!

messagebear, i agree completely! we need a current outfielder to place higher than a suspended one!!

……… doubt messagebear.

messagebear, I’ll vote for Kemp and Ethier when they DESERVE All-Star votes. Personally, I never vote, anyway…though I do in political elections! Go figure. The only Dodgers worthy of a trip to All-Star land are Hudson, Billingsley and Broxton. The fact that the Dodgers have the best record in baseball and have shredded the West is a tribute to their TEAM play, which I’ll take over an All-Star humanoid Eight Days a Week. Do You Want to Know a Secret? It Won’t be Long before Kemp gets there. Every Little Thing he does, except strikeouts, is exciting. It’s Getting Better All the Time with Kemp. I’m So Tired of the naysayers when it comes to this guy.

I have it on good authority that Secretariat was a neigh sayer.

I completely agree with you in principle, kahli and also recognize that the three you have mentioned are the only legitimate All-Star candidates from our team. I just feel that it’s a shame that the one Dodger near the lead in fan votes happens to be the one who has nothing to do with the team effort that we’ve exhibited since his ignominious demise, vacation, or whatever you want to call it. My suggestion for Kemp and Andre votes is symbolic of the best spirit and attitudes that we have on this team, even if they’re not showing up as true All-Stars in performance YET.

Don’t worry…there will be no Manny in the All-Star extravaganza.

In reference to the BP vs SP debate. I would like to say the BP is the reason why we are where we are. I base this on the inability of the SP to get thru 6-7 innings consistently. Kershaw, Milton, Stults only going 5 innings or less has put unneeded pressure on the BP. Troncoso and Bellarsario have performed very well and have earned the 7th and 8th innings. Wade is not as dependable as last year because of the wear and tear of the SP not being able to pitch late into games.

That is my reasoning for wanting a horse to ride in the starting rotation. We need someone who will pitch 7-8 innings consistently. I agree we could use another strong BP guy, but if we address the SP, that in turn will make the BP stronger and fresher.

What’s up ITD?

The scary thing is, Joe Torre is the only baseball man I’ve heard (as opposed to talking heads) who has said Manny shouldn’t play in the ASG, not so much as a penalty, but as a fact that he hasn’t played in many games this season as a result of the penalty. If you look at my first post waaaaaaaaay up at the top of this thread, you can see what the salivating Charlie Manuel thinks of Manny on his team. And we all know what Mayor McCh…. uh, Frank thinks (that’s really a complement, Mayor McCheese is one of my favorite mascots ever. If he was ever President McCheese, I’d probably never complain).

I think the thing with Dre isn’t so much the slump so much as the worry about his toenail split. Splits don’t often sew back up on their own, you know, only tear closer to the quick of the nail, and superglue isn’t exactly an airtight cure-all. The split is probably the reason for the slump, as the feet are the foundation of a batting stance (taken from Tim McCarver’s “Big Book of Drooling Nonsense”).

That being said, I’d be happier if they’re taking care of Dre insuring that he’ll contribute to the second half healthy, as opposed to Conte-ing it and sending him out there til his toe falls off and he ends up on the 60 day DL, if that’s the case.

Oh, and Kahli, I Want To Tell You that was a clever post.

Thanks, northstates…I was beginning to wonder if there were and Beatles fans left out there! A Day in the Life of a blogger, I guess.

I think the All-Star Game is a joke. Every year it gets worse because it is so lopsided with players from oe team. It’s like the National League playing against the Yankees or Red Sox, depending on who stuff more ballots into the box. Excuse me but I see enough of the Yankees and Red Sox all year long thanks to the folks at ESPN who think they are the only two teams worthy of broadcasting. The National League voting is just as bad, to be honest. It’s always loaded with Mets or Phillies. So, for the past several years, as much as I love baseball, I go out to dinner with my husband and enjoy my all-star night.

One more thing. Peavy does want to play for the Dodgers. He would gladly approve a trade to play at the Ravine.

I’d have no problem with the ASG if it were an exhibition. And I’d have no problems with it “counting” if they’d wave the “Every team gets to play” rule (9th place ribbons, anyone?).

I liked the all-star game a lot better when it didn’t count, and we were treated to funny displays every year, like when Randy Johnson threw over John Kruk’s head. It used to feel more friendly. Now that it “counts”, it’s… well… I still watch it every year, but it’s not as “fun” anymore.

Reason #173 that Bud Se…. um, nevermind, I’ll stay off that soap box… _> (shifty eyes)…. for now…

NSBlues ~ Those were the days!

Oh come on northstateblues!!! We like it when you are on your soap box. We all have our moments you know 🙂

Talking about Beatles….BEATLES ROCK BAND is soon to come out! I believe so…Sorry I am a ROCK BAND JUNKY

Good afternoon all, glad to see you all on today! I hope you’re all doing very well today!

i like jp.i always guys hate on him so much.why?cuz he gets paid so much.thats neds fault.not jp’s.why wouldnt he take that offer?and then he just comes in when they need him to and has been great for us since manny’s been question hes a true ball player.


You took the word right out of my mouth 🙂

do not respond it is the devil!!!

I agree it’s Ned’s problem, and Ned needs to fix the problem because if he doesn’t, we will be stuck with the problems for another 2 and a half years.

For those interested in Jon Weisman’s perspective of what happens when Manny comes back:

peter gammons calls the yankees the best team in baseball! right now on sports center.

Messagebear ~ very interesting. I just don’t trust Joe to do the right thing!

Thank you Ramslover!!!! I do enjoy reading what he has to say.

sorry messagebear – you deserved the thank you. I was not paying attention obviously.

OK rams, I’ll talk to you instead. The BP vs SP debate.

First, I don’t think you can single out the bullpen as “the reason why we are where we are.” It’s true that Brox has been great. Troncoso and Bellisario are gifts from heaven. So far. Your quote about Wade is why I say that. Last year is when Torre broke Wade, not this year. And he’ll break Troncoso and Bellisario before this year is out too. Why? Because 1) as you said, the starters are killing the BP and 2) no one else down there is worth spit (no offense, shad).

I’ll absolutely agree with you that a good addition to the SP will help the BP. Not only with stretching out some innings, but moving a Stults or Milton to the BP would let us get rid of someone who JUST DOES NOT BELONG ON A MAJOR LEAGUE ROSTER.

But returning to why we are where we are, don’t discount that our OBP is outstanding and so is our defense (the pitcher’s best friend). How long has it been that the Dodgers had a great defense AND a good offense?

And rams – how about an update on those Loons? I love reading about our kids!

Gotta hit and run and head for home: 8 ET on ESPN2/ESPN360: No. 3 Washington vs. No. 1 Florida (Game 1)

GO DODGERS!!! Let’s see if Snakes taste like chicken!!!

Ramslover – thank you too, but it was too late for me.

I think Weisman is right on the money. I am not going to concern myself with what happens in July when I am more concerned about what happens tonight. Yes, I am taking things one game at a time, mostly because my mind is too cluttered with other, more mundane stuff. I am not saying this is not an interesting topic but not one that gets my juices flowing. I am so disappointed in this whole Manny affair I almost would prefer he disappeared, which in a way he actually has. If JP can get the job done, I am all for it it. If he can’t, then hopefully someone else will step up.

Not that a repsonse is really needed but it should be clear that no one on this blog “hates” Juan Pierre. Other than some things he has said and the perception some have of him from what they see, no one knows him well enough to make any judgements about him as a person. We know he works hard, we know he wants to play and we know his abilities. Yes, sometimes we wish him to be a different player than what his is but to be sure, we all know it is not his fault a lot of money was dumped in his lap. What many on this blog object to, rightly or wrongly, is playing time he may have taken away from other players. No one can agure that it did not take a baseball genius to figure out that having Juan Pierre in center and Luis Gonzalez in left gave the Dodgers a horribly weak outfield, which is what the Dodgers had two years ago.

Very nicely put, lbirken.

lbirken – just fabulous!!!

lbirken ~ THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!

IMO, obtaining starting pitching would be too costly for an already thin farm system. Oswalt, Peavy, Lee… no way those guys don’y cost you your top prospects +. Relief pitching’s more obtainable with what we have to offer. We’ll have to dance with what brung us – Bills, Kuroda, Wolf and Kersh.

BTW, don’t want Garland AT ALL – you guys seen his line?
J Garland
ARI 4 4 5.75 10 10 0 0 0 0 56.1 71 39 36 8 0 24 21
Another 5+ inning starter is not what we need.

Enchanted, I was talking to someone earlier today who brought up trading for Peavy. He asked me if I would be willing to trade Kershaw for Peavy to which I responded I did not think such a deal would be acceptable to the Padres. I agree with you that the price would be too high but he argued that Peavy holds all the cards because of the no trade clause. I then countered with the notion that judging by what Ned has done recently it is unlikely the Dodgers would be willing to take on Peavy’s contract structured the way it has been reported, especially the no trade clause. I also told him I am not willing to part with Kershaw because I still believe patience with him will be rewarded as it was with Billingsley.

Can’t stay long…

*** Note to Josh ***
Just got word from my husband; he got the day off work on 6/27/09 and will be able to make it to our ITD tour!!! Yeah!!! So for me, it’s 2 adults coming!!!

Okay, now a note my fellow ITDers:
I know I’ve said on here that my husband is a Cubbies and Angels fan, but do me a BIG favor please!!! When it comes time for the tour, please don’t knock him for his choices of favorite baseball teams!!! Thx!!!


Agreed birk. Give Kersh even an extra year on top of what they gave Billz even because he’s so young, and they’ll have something special.
IMO it would take some combination of Kershaw, McDonald, Kemp, DeWitt, Ethier, Lindblom, Martin (the minor league pitcher) and Lambo plus a peripheral prospect or two to land a top flight starter. That’s way too high a cost for a rental or a bad contract.

E ~ new thread!

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