Time for the tour…

It looks like most people want to do the ITD tour on a weekend, so that’s now the plan. If you’re interested in taking a behind-the-scenes tour of Dodger Stadium on June 27 at 11:30 a.m. with the rest of the members of this blog, please post “I’m in” on this thread. The cost is going to be a special group rate of $10 per person or $7 for kids and I’ll plan on personally hosting the tour.

If we get too many people (a good thing), we might have to break it up into groups but for now, let me know who is in and we’ll follow up with details.

As for the day game in Denver, here’s the lineup:

Pierre, LF

Loretta, 3B

Hudson, 2B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Castro, SS

Kershaw, P

UPDATE – Torre pregame:

Furcal is playable, but I wanted to give him an extra day. It’s a lot easier when Castro plays this well.

Manny is working out and hitting in California. I don’t know if we’ll see him. He might go to Glendale. I’m not worried about him. The most important thing is to get the cobwebs out with all that’s going on. I don’t think he’s ready for the media at this point. I haven’t talked to him.

I told Casey he would be out today on Monday. I wasn’t tempted, and stuck to the plan.

Kuroda will throw 75 pitches for Inland Empire tonight. Then we’ll see how he comes out and plan our next move from there.

Cory Wade is not available out of the pen. I would rather not use him back to back.


  1. dodgereric

    From the end of the last thread:

    Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks.

    Although I’m not getting into a conversation with the pathetic troller, I’d like to chime in on the All-Star game discussion. Its makeup has always been controversial. It wasn’t much different before the fans did the voting. For one thing, there has always been two schools of thought. Is it a reward for a great career, or just for this one season so far? I remember when Willie Mays was added to the team and a lot of people were upset because he wasn’t anywhere near the player he used to be. I thought it wouldn’t be an All-Star Game without him. Tru is right when she says one of the problems is the requirement that every team has a representative. Particularly with 16 teams in the NL and 14 in the AL, it gives the AL an advantage right away. I also disagree with rewarding the winner with home field advantage in the Series, although I think it’s a little overestimated in its importance. The one big advantage of the home field in baseball is when the game goes extra innings. The visitor has to go back on defense if they score, the home team does not. Otherwise, its overrated.

    Requirements to be named to the teams have never been defined, and the controversy is probably one of the things about it that MLB wants to keep. If we’re talking about it, the media is too. The MVP voting is similar. Is it the Most Valuable Player or the Player of the Year? The qualifications are different and it’s not always the same guy. Two consecutive years gave us the perfect example. Andre Dawson in ’87 had outstanding stats and was voted MVP. The Cubs finished in last place. Most Valuable? How? Player of the Year? Absolutely. Did Kirk Gibson have the best stats in ’88? No. But he was the MVP. Rather inconsistent, but baseball loves the controversy.

    I aslo think that’s one of the reasons there’s no playoff in Division I NCAA football. They like the ongoing publicity.

    First basemen is almost always a real battleground. Who do you tell to stay home? Albert Pujols? Prince Fielder? Ryan Howard? Adrian Gonzales? Keep all four?

    It’s supposed to be fun!

  2. aeversw

    I just noticed my name has changed on this…I haven’t been here in a while…its Max_Power!!!!!!!!!

  3. perumike

    My wife’s out of the country, just sent her an e-mail to see if she’ll accompany me on the tour. I’m am so thrilled that eric, nelly, tru, ms are going. Hopefully jhall and enchanted can somehow make it. It would be awesome if brooklyn could go too! I’m excited!!! 🙂

  4. scott_in_arcadia

    I’m in, but…
    My son might have a little league all star game that day 😦
    So, the game is 7pm against Seattle…so this is an all day thing?

  5. amyw27

    I am in + 3 adults.
    Not sure how many people will be joining. So for now I will add my 3 family members just in case 🙂
    Thanks Josh for putting this together!

  6. perumike

    Josh, I forgot to say thanks! You are truly a great support to the Dodgers, as well as to us crazy fans! We appreciate all you do!

  7. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Folks,
    Did anybody reply, I’m not in”
    It would cost me a lot more than $10.00
    But maybe someday, if I could ever get it figured out.
    IMO, there’s no such thing as a bad lineup, not this year anyway.
    I’m glad that Torre is sticking with ETHIER, maybe batting lower will help him. Along with the rest of you ETHIERHOLICS, I’m rooting hard for him.
    And I’m rooting for FURCAL, to come back healthy.

  8. enchantedbeaver

    Hey Josh – any way you can get oldbrooklynfan out there? Surely there’s a few bucks leftover that they’ve saved on Manny’s salary. If not, I’m in for $20 towards a plane ticket for him.

  9. boblee4014

    Hey nelly. you know I’m in the St Louis area, and can’t make the tour. Take lots of pictures and email me some. Would really like that and appreciate that. Let me know if possible.

  10. Dodger4life

    I’m not in either oldbrooklyn fan…..To far to go at the present time. It should be a blast for those attending, however…. Thanks Josh 🙂

  11. trublu4ever

    One way or another, we are bringing Oldbrooklynfan and Dodger4life to the tour! They both MUST be there!

  12. enchantedbeaver

    You’re welcome Brooklyn – how many Dodger fans on here can say they’ve been to Ebbets Field? THAT’S a long-time fan.

    C’mon Josh, can’t you clear it with Frank?

  13. nellyjune

    Put in 20 for me as well!!!!

    So, if all of us Californians (and those states close by)get enough money in the pot, is it possible to have other regulars get tickets as well provided oldbrooklynfan is taken care of first? There are others I would love to help out if it is only a matter of a plane ticket to get them here.

  14. perumike

    I love how Matt is trying to get us to their bullpen early!!! I guess with their bullpen having a 9+ ERA against us, that’s a good strategy! 🙂

  15. perumike

    brooklyn, if you get to sleep in the Dodger Stadium clubhouse, I do too! Although I would also accept Vin’s press box! 🙂

  16. aeversw

    ya hi everyone. I’ll be back a little more often now since I’ve finally got internet on a regular basis. I’ve been busy. I dropped out of school and have been working on getting an organic farm and working a regular job…i still get to watch every game though thankfully!…I’m i the only one who has deja vu with the raffy situation? Reminds me a lot of last year.

  17. thinkingblue

    I think they have the sleepovers during Father’s day or so…I’m not to sure. But they do have them!

  18. perumike

    Come on boys, let’s get the lead back and get Kersh through at least 5 so he can even up his record!

  19. oldbrooklynfan

    I completely missed the bottom of the 4th in about 45 seconds, but I see I must’ve saved a lot of aggravation.

  20. oldbrooklynfan

    I see I missed Spilborghs HR, I was wondering why Kersh didn’t look any different when I got back on.

  21. enchantedbeaver

    They’re swinging the bats like its a getaway day. C’mon boys let’s get with it – these are the Rockies dammit.

  22. boblee4014

    We need some long balls, home runs, big long hits, four baggers. big bombs, lon shots, whatever. Let’s go guys.

  23. oldbrooklynfan

    It’s hard to believe I missed 5 ABs in the bottom of the 4th, maybe God spared me.
    I can see that I’m not watching live, because it was off for less than a minute.

  24. enchantedbeaver

    Trouble for Martin boblee is that he gets three hits the day before, then Joe sits him the very next day. As long as he was starting to get a feel for the stick, why disrupt that?

    And you just can’t play three games at Coors and not hit at least ONE homerun can you??

  25. boblee4014

    Yeah enchanted, but I hate to see a hitter take a called strike. You can’t put it in play if you don’t swing.

  26. lbirken@aol.com

    The lack of home runs is the reason the Dodgers seem to work so hard to score runs even though they get a good number of hits per game. But we all remember the home run derby type games usually played at Coors.

  27. nellyjune

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! This is part of my intervention still I am assuming……………. Anjuan – geez!!!!

    Big Game James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. enchantedbeaver

    Now all we need is someone that can pitch the 7th and 8th without incedent to get us to Brox.

  29. lbirken@aol.com

    Of course I will still take the doubles that drive in runs. Whatever it takes!

    So when do the steroid claims start coming out about Pierre?

  30. messagebear@msn.com

    There is something clutch about Loney in a needed RBI situation. That’s why he belongs in cleanup on a permanent basis.

  31. nellyjune

    messagebear – I like James in the cleanup spot, as long as he stays away from those DPs he got last year, he would be great there!!!

  32. oldbrooklynfan

    It’s amazing the job guys like BELISARIO are doing.
    I can’t help but appreciate them.

  33. Dodger4life

    Outstanding 🙂 Lets put this one in the Win column Boy’s!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

  34. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    our offense just keeps rollin’

    Josh, sorry for the late response.. i couldn’t check the blog earlier today.. but definitely count me in for the tour! thanks 🙂

  35. lbirken@aol.com

    Enchanted, there is a good joke in there but this is a family forum so it is best unsaid.

  36. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    enchanted.. can i call the tabloids and make some money on yours & pierre’s baby? 🙂

  37. lbirken@aol.com

    Enchanted, there is a good joke in there but since this is a G-rated forum, it is best left unsaid. Just use your imagination.

  38. dodgereric

    Hi everyone! Funniest thing………. About 3 weeks ago, I slipped on the driveway, hit my head and went into a coma! I didn’t know it, but when you’re in a coma you have the weirdest dreams. For instance, I dreamt that – get this – Ramirez got BUSTED for PEDs and Pierre became Ty Cobb reincarnated! (except without all the racist stuff) Man, he was slamming the ball all over the place – pulling it, straight away, driving in runs, using the whole park! Amazing!!! Boy, the stuff you think up when you’re brain-damaged!!!
    So…….. what’s new?

  39. nellyjune

    LMAO!!!!! I am thinking it’s more of a matter of “who is Manny?” at this point.

    dodgereric who?

  40. kpookiemon

    Interesting little tidbit from Yahoo sports:
    While the Dodgers have maintained their hold on the NL West without him, Manny Ramirez’s absence already appears to have had an effect on young outfielder Andre Ethier. With Ramirez on the roster, Ethier batted .285 in his first 33 games, with six home runs, 27 RBIs and 23 runs. In hits first 11 games since Ramirez’s suspension, Ethier was batting .162 with no home runs, three RBIs and three runs. “He thinks that with Manny gone, it’s his job to be the star,” said one NL executive, “when all he has to do is just be part of the team. Sometimes guys can get caught up in self-importance. He’s a good player, but he’s swinging and missing pitches that he was hitting the heck out of earlier. Just relax and play.”

  41. messagebear@msn.com

    JP has as many HR’s and RBI’s as Martin – is JP really that great or Martin that lousy.

  42. lbirken@aol.com

    So one NL executive thinks he knows what is wrong with Ethier. How in the world would he know what is in Ethier’s head? These comments are just plain silly.

  43. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    dnelly, you would have just loved this guy amy and I sat next to at the game over the weekend.. he was talking about how ethier is the worst player on the team.. the ENTIRE GAME.. he was thrilled when ethier went out for hoffman.. lame =P

  44. nellyjune

    The question you have to ask yourself, JP hitting or not, do you want him in centerfield when Manny returns? ………..because that is where he will be if Ethier is the one out.

  45. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Good afternoon, all!!! A quick post and I’ll be back later. Being a non-Californian, I’m not in for the ITD tour. I do, however, like the idea of pictures and would appreciate any that anyone would send of the event. Well, maybe, someday.

  46. lbirken@aol.com

    I think we are getting ahead of ourselves worrying about what will happen when Manny returns. That is still a long way off. Let’s worry about what happens today.

  47. bluesplash09

    I blame Ohman for this, once again he is asked to get a left-hander out and he gives up an rbi triple, GET RID OF HIM, HE IS WORTHLESS!

  48. bluesplash09

    However this ends, Brox prolly wont be able to pitch in chicago tommorrow, already has ovver 30 pitches today, thanks a lot Ohman you fat piece of sh*t

  49. 32and53fan

    Ohman could not have been any worse than Broxton. I don’t know why Torre lifts guys so fast.

  50. kpookiemon

    WOW……………………………memo to Ned: the Dodgers are winning IN SPITE of their pen; please get help. That is all.

  51. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Did any of you recognize that guy in Broxton’s uniform? He seemed to be half asleep.

  52. enchantedbeaver

    Ohman sucks for sure, but you can’t blame him for Brox’s woes. Brox just wan’t sharp today.

  53. lbirken@aol.com

    Bluesplash, even though the Dodgers finally got the win, you are right on about Broxton being available for tomorrow. With a five run lead in the ninth you would not expect him to be needed to secure the win but so goes it today.

  54. oldbrooklynfan

    The Dodger pen is doing all it can be asked of them.
    They’re in every game and carrying the team.
    Have to have some bad outings
    They deserve credit.
    A wonderful job.

  55. aeversw

    OH-NOman should have never seen the game today…why did joe let Belisario hit for himself and then pull him after a single? Joe always does this and it always ends up not working out. He just wasted two bullpen arms that shouldnt have been used….Juan Pierre should be traded when Manny gets back. As much as I have been anti-slappy he has really helped us out and I actually wrote him in for an All-Star vote. Juan isn’t a good fit as a 4th outfielder because of his arm. Xavier Paul and Jamie Hoffman are better and way cheaper 4th outfielders. Perhaps we need to defer some of Slappys money and get him traded…it would only be fair to him.

  56. lbirken@aol.com

    Agreed, Broxton did not have his best stuff today. Could it be he was not prepared, given the five run lead?

  57. dodgereric

    Ty Cobb claimed in his autobiography that he couldn’t hit Walter Johnson until one day he saw the Big Train nail a guy in the melon. He said that Johnson turned white as a sheet and Cobb figured that he was afraid of hurting someone with his tremendous fastball. Cobb said he started crowding the plate and was able to get ahead in the count, which improved his batting average against him.

    If the GameDay pitch placement was correct, Brox was pitching away from every batter. Left or right, he went away. About the only pitch on the inside part of the plate was his last pitch. Now, what I know about pitching I could fit into a thimbel, but it seems to me that someone who has 100mph cheese should be going inside – at least occasionally. Why wasn’t he? Is he afraid of hitting (and hurting) someone? Sounds stupid, I know. But he is a quiet kind of guy, right?

  58. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    According to the Rocks’ announcers the pitching staff gave up 25 walks in this series. You cannot continue with that and continue to be successful.

  59. oldbrooklynfan

    I have a feeling that if JP is benched when Manny comes back (which I doubt now), he has a good chance to be traded.
    But I have a feeling he will not sit as much as he did before Manny left.
    I don’t think Joe will do that.

  60. enchantedbeaver

    Brox hadn’t pitched since Saturday, plus I’m sure he didn’t think he was going to be needed in this game either. A little rust, a little unpreparedness – he just wasn’t sharp.

    Ohman is right there with Mota needing to be DFA’d. Let’s hope McDonald can get his mojo back and help out in June/July.

  61. lbirken@aol.com

    Eric, I recall Vinny talking on a previous broadcast about the fear some power pitchers like Broxton have of pitching inside for exactly the reason you mention.

  62. enchantedbeaver

    Thank goodness the Rox are all hitting so badly. 25 walks is atrocious. Where’s Honeycutt’s complicity lie in all this?

  63. dodgereric

    I agree with you Joe. I don’t see Torre doing that either. Not unless he’s cold as ice at that time.

    e, in a perfect world we’ll 1) get a healthy Kuroda back and 2) lose Mota and Ohman so we can get back to “only” a 12-man staff. Whoops, there goes my concussion again…..

  64. enchantedbeaver

    Could also be that you miss inside over the plate and the games over. You miss away and its a poke to the opposite field or a ball.

  65. enchantedbeaver

    Agreed Eric – this 13 man staff is rediculous. Get rid of guys like Mota and Ohman and you lose the reason why you need the 13th man in the first place.

  66. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    is anyone a little worried about raffy being pushed back each day? i hope this doesn’t mean another stint on the DL.. although, castro is playing better than raffy has all season.. sadly 😦

  67. dodgereric

    That’s interesting lbirken. I didn’t hear him say that. It’s human nature I guess. Maybe we could pay Bob Gibson to have a talk with the young man.

    enchanted, sure it could. But with the possible exception of Helton, I didn’t see any Pujols-like bats over there. I think pitching outside with a gifted arm like Brox gives most hitters too much credit. Challenge them, especially when they aren’t the tying runs. Stewart is hitting less than .200. Fowler isn’t much of a HR threat. “Here it comes, meat. It might hit you, better watch out.” It sure beats walking them. No defense against that.

  68. lbirken@aol.com

    Correct me if I am wrong but I never thought of Broxton as a control pitcher. He has such great stuff he seems to challenge the hitter so once in a while the hitter will win that battle. He has been mostly effective this season and by the usual standards should not have been needed today. Give credit to the other side; they made him work. Remember, there was a game in the AL just the other day when a team scored 7 runs in the bottom of the ninth to pull out a win, so while most of us assume a 5 run lead in the ninth should be safe, there is always a chance.

  69. lbirken@aol.com

    I find it interesting that whenever the discussion of pitching inside takes place, the names of Bob Gibson and Don Drysdale come up in that discussion. Both were great pitchers but is there any other pitcher, preferably someone who has pitched in the last 20 years who could also be mentioned? Nolan Ryan? I really never saw Ryan pitch much. JR Richards? Anyone else?

  70. enchantedbeaver

    Think I’m going to be happy if they can split in Chicago. Somewhere, sometime all these walks are going to be taken advantage of by a good hitting team.

    Y’all see Schmidt’s been shutdown again with a sore shoulder? At his age he should just take Frank’s money and walk away from the game a very rich man.

  71. lbirken@aol.com

    Enchanted, you are probably right about Schmidt but at least you have to give the guy credit for trying. I know we poke fun at players sometimes but when you look at what some of these guys have gone through to get to or back in the major leagues after suffering serious injuries one can only admire their determination and desire.

  72. lbirken@aol.com

    Dibble was great and not too bad on the radio either. Dibble and Norm Charlton made an imposing pair for the Reds.

  73. messagebear@msn.com

    Talk about pitching guys inside, the name Sal Maglie comes to mind – the old New York Giants in the 50’s. They called him Sal the Barber. Now, there was a real rivalry in the Brooklyn days. At the end of Maglie’s career he was actually traded to the Dodgers, and as I remember tossed a no-hitter for us. I believe that was the only one of his career. If anyone remembers, maybe Joe Pierre, although it might have been even before his time.

  74. enchantedbeaver

    Definitely birk – Schmidt’s showing a lot of grit trying to come back. Just at some point I think he has to admit to himself his shoulder just won’t let him.

    Bear – this is actually a three parter, but here’s part 1 of Sal Maglie’s last inning of his no hitter:

  75. lbirken@aol.com

    With all the body armor hitters wear these days there is an obvious concern about pitchers having the control to pitch inside.

  76. messagebear@msn.com

    Enchanted, that really brings back memories. I saw that game on TV. It was surprising the number of games carried by New York channel 9, I believe, of the Dodgers. That’s what got me hooked on them for life.

  77. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    I remember Maglie. He had that two days of growth and that glare.
    I’m not certain Ryne Duran threw inside, but he was very fast, had those thick glasses,and had that reputation for drink. He made people uneasy.

  78. enchantedbeaver

    Hey, if Brox would learn to come inside a deck a batter once in awhile, NO ONE would want to get in there and face him. Remember a few years back when the NL was facing a still nasty Randy Johnson for the first time? Nobody wanted to stay in the box against him. THAT’S how it should be with Broxton.

    Brox just needs an injection of nastyness. Unfortunately, some got it, some don’t.

  79. koufax1963

    I’m IN that said.
    This series had some real upsides:
    Martin threw out some runners
    Dre got some hits
    and we sweep the rox at home
    I hear the Cubs got fired up today so we might have some excitement in Chicago
    I just hope our starters go deep, Raffy gets healed and our bullpen rested.
    Till tomorrow ITD: GO Dodgers!

  80. jhallwally

    That’s it. I’m having Juan Pierre’s baby.

    By enchantedsunset on May 27, 2009 2:41 PM


  81. jhallwally

    Hello gang!!! Hope everyone is having a great day. I am happy for all of you that can attend the ITD open house. I wish I could be there. Kudo’s to the Dodgers and Josh for putting it together. It really says alot!!!!

  82. trublu4ever

    Jhall ~ We ALL want you at the ITD Tour. Just imagine what fun it would be to have the entire Cleaver Family in the house!!!

  83. Dodger4life

    Good evening everyone…
    Enchanted I have no idea why Brox didn’t pitch inside, however he had a lead, and nothing sparks a rally quite like a ball in the stands. If he plugs someone in this situation, they will in return plug…..Maybe Pierre, Ethier, Hudson or Blake and we need these guy’s healthy, I would like to think that Brox can and will throw his 100+ mph fastball inside when needed. He tried to get them to go after some pretty good breaking balls, to no avail. No excuses though, the bull pen almost had a meltdown with the walk’s. Brox has been spectacular when tied or down by one run, and the team has been spectacular producing the winning run.
    We are 33 – 15…….9 -3 in one run games…..and 15 – 10 on the road, heading into Chicago…..GO GET EM BOY’S!!!
    Quite a nice showing so far for the tour, come one come all 🙂
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!


  84. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Thanks, e, for the link to the Maglie no-hitter. I listened to all 3 parts and it was a sweet trip back in time. Joepierre would, I’m sure, especially enjoy it. A classic postgame wrapup by Vin. He mentioned that Maglie had made 24 starts that season and completed “only” 7!!! Boy, is that a sign of the times!!!!! I heartily recommend that you pull out a pack of Lucky Strikes, (or not) sit back, and enjoy, for a brief time, the Golden Age of baseball….Brox could, definitely, use a dose of nastiness when he’s on the mound but I don’t think he has the temperament. Speaking of nastiness, whomever posted the comments regarding Dibble and Charleton forgot the third member of the “Nasty Boys”, Randy Myers….Ryne Duren, as I recall, was fast and wild, either by accident or design.

  85. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Trumom!!! Thanks a bunch. It certainly would be a gas to get this group in one place. You’ll have to carry the torch for me my friend. Maybe next time. Nice win today!!!!
    Our bullpen is just a collapse waiting to happen. Maybe some good relievers will become available in July. Nothing out there worth a darn right now for anyone. Almost every team is looking for bullpen help.

  86. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Sal Maglie was also the pitching coach of the ill-fated Seattle Pilots in Jim Bouton’s book “Ball Four”.

  87. trublu4ever

    Jhall ~ To me it looks like every team’s bullpen sucks. Don’t you think so? There are several teams ready to deal right now but, what would we have to give up for some pitching help?

  88. cpompe1

    *** Note to Josh ***
    I’M IN, I’M IN, I’M IN!!! Josh, right now, it’ll just be me. I’ve already mentioned it to my husband (btw, the two of us already have tickets for that night’s game against Seattle). He works on that Saturday, and he’s not sure if he’ll be able to go to the tour; we may end up taking 2 cars. Don’t know. I’ll let you know if it’ll just be me, or at most 2 adults, if my husband is able to get the day off.

  89. jhallwally

    Yep Tru!!! Not many good/great bullpens out there. You’re right on, the price right now for a quality reliever is prohibitive.

  90. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!!!
    Oh, this is soooo exciting!!! I sure hope that my husband will be able to get that Saturday off, so that he can come with me to the tour, and then the game that night!!! BTW, we’re sitting in the Infield Reserved section, Aisle 1.

    Jhall!!! It has been so long!!! Too long, no talk!!! So how’s OH these days???

  91. trublu4ever

    I think it would help us a lot if Kuroda comes back soon and is healthy for the rest of the season. If the starting pitching could get deeper into the game, the BP wouldn’t be such an issue. Just one or two guys to get us to Brox would be great.

  92. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    It’s been said before but it bears repeating: management missed the boat during the offseason by not being able to multi task and get us some quality pitching during the Manny negotiations. And now we see the results. You get what you pay for. Now, the market for the starting pitcher and set up guy that we will need to get us deep into October will be a seller’s market and we will have to pay a king’s ransom in order to get those last pieces of the playoff puzzle.

  93. jhallwally

    Excellent point Trumom!!!
    Hi’Ya CP!!! Great to see you as always. How’ve you been? I’m happy for you and I hope your husband can get the day off. Ohio is real nice these days. January and February are the only months that really suck here. LOL!!! Thanks!!!!

  94. jhallwally

    Unfortunate, but quite possibly true Sky!!!! May just have to run what you brung to the race. Fortunately, most every other team is in the same boat.

  95. trublu4ever

    Hi CP ~ I’m doing great! Can’t wait for the tour. What a blast it will be. Josh will finally get to see what a great group we are!

  96. cpompe1

    Hey there jhall!!!
    I hope my hubby can get the day off too. Is the humidity going upward? That would be a killer for me. I can handle (don’t like it much, but I can handle) CA heat, but not when it’s muggy and sticky. Yuck. As for me, I’m fine. Still unemployed, but fine. But I am at such a crossroads right now, it’s not even funny. I still find myself looking for the same kind of jobs I’ve always worked at; customer service, administrative. But I can barely get in to have an interview. A lot of times, I just don’t hear from them at all. So, I’ve been contemplating learning something totally different, like medical assisting. I’m not young, but I would hate to be having these same discussions with myself 10 years from now when I REALLY will be old…

    *** Another Note to Josh ***
    Somehow, get our way out-of-state ITDers here!!! Surely Frank has, oh, say, $7.7 mil lounging around???

  97. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    You may be right, jhall, but the thought of Stultz or Milton starting a playoff game doesn’t exactly raise my confidence level.

  98. cpompe1

    Hey Tru!!!
    Yeah, I am sooooo exciting for the tour. Not only will Josh finally get to see what a great group we are, but we’ll all be able to meet each other in person!!! I know, I’ve already met a few (yourself and Nelly included), not to mention Nelly and Eric (well, that’s an entirely different subject altogether!) But wouldn’t it be great if the Cleaver Clan can be reunited???

  99. jhallwally

    Hang in there CP. Good things will happen for you. Anything medical is a good choice if you want to retrain. Nurses clean up nowadays. Humidity here is not a big problem until July and August. I don’t really care however, as I would rather be in shorts and a tee shirt, hot and sticky as opposed to bundled up, cold and freaking miserable. LOL!!!

  100. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Good, cpompe!!!! It’s finally warmed up in Utah and, when it does, it doesn’t stop. I’m really happy for all of you that will be able to attend the ITD tour.

  101. jhallwally

    LOL Sky!!! Not a pretty picture there. Just got to get to the playoffs. Then we really only need 3 good starters. Kuroda, Billz, and Kersch could get us thru if they continue to develope and get hot in Sept.

  102. cpompe1

    Thx jhall!!! Not sure if I want to be a nurse, but I could see myself assisting a doctor in a doctor’s office. I’m glad that humidity isn’t a problem for you now. But as much as I don’t like muggy heat, I do hear your point of hot and sticky versus bundled up and cold. LOL!!!

    So UT has warmed up, huh seesky! I know about the heat though. No, I’ve never lived there, but my dad used to and at times we’d go to UT on vacations – of course, in the middle of summer! Yuck! We drove thru UT about 10 years ago and saw most of the National Parks. Gorgeous country, indeed!!!

  103. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Or, if we got another starter to go with Wolf, Kuroda, and Bills, we could use Kersh as a long reliever during the playoffs. I’d feel real good about that setup.

  104. jhallwally

    Whatever you decide CP, my thougts, hopes, and prayers are with you. I’m sure you will excell in whatever you pursue!!!!

  105. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I’ve seen most of the National Parks in Utah, cp, and, you’re right, they are as beautiful as any I’ve seen anywhere. As for the heat in Utah, it’s a dry heat but so is an oven.

  106. cpompe1

    And to chime in on our pitching situation: All I can say is, to mimic seesky, “You get what you pay for.” Would it have been asking too much to at least make some sort of attempt at Jon Garland? I mean, he’s certainly not ideal, but he’s not bad either. And we definitely could use him in our rotation.

    Thx jhall!!! I definitely could use all of the prayers.

  107. shad80

    I see Ohman is still terrible and we still need to cut him and to think we signed him late in ST could had keep someone who really work there butt off in ST. To bad Mazone wasn’t keep and is this guy still hurt? The last time he was hurt.

  108. cpompe1

    LOL Seesky!!! A dry heat, same as an oven!!! My favorite NP was Arches, by far!!! I went to Bryce and Zion as a little girl, and we went there 10 years ago, but oh, Arches was far and away my favorite!!!

  109. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Arches was my favorite, too, cp. I’ve got a picture of myself standing under the Great Arch…you’re right about Garland. He may not be the greatest but he’d still be an improvement over what we have.

  110. trublu4ever

    I used to say that heat was heat until I experienced humidity! It’s not fun to sweat when you aren’t working out! My hair was wet all the time and I have never felt so sticky and uncomfortable in my life. I went to Las Vegas one time and it was 112. But, it felt better than 89 degrees with 100% humidity.

  111. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I’ve experienced both, too, tru and I’ll take the heat over the humidity any day. With humidity, you take a shower and, 10 minutes later, you need another one.

  112. jhallwally

    LMAO!!! I’d love to see you here in February when it is 10 degrees and the wind chill is 5 below. You’d welcome humidity.

  113. trublu4ever

    Jhall ~ I don’t like the cold either! I guess I belong somewhere near the ocean. Moderate temperatures are for me!

  114. bluesplash09

    Perfect situation: The royals start slipping back in the standings and they trade us zack greinke for Pierre, it would only be fair to Juan.

  115. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    I grew up in Michigan and lived in Wisconsin for many years,jhall, so I know of what you speak. That’s one of the reasons I’m not there anymore.

  116. jhallwally

    LOL Sky!!! I don’t blame you. Winter here is nothing compared to there. It’s all good if the only thing to complain about is the weather.

  117. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Good night, all. Some of us were out late last night drinking on ITD and I need a little more sleep than last night. GO BLUE!!!! LET’S TAKE THE WINDY CITY BY STORM!!!!!!

  118. shad80

    I was just watching Ch 5 and they said Gagne wanting a 2nd chances to come back to LA hahaha. I guess he realize his mistake now.

  119. shad80

    WTF Andy is batting almost 300? The Pirates was bashing him all year when he was batting under .200.

  120. dodgereric

    I’m in!!
    *****JOSH, I know I chimed in for this yesterday, but if it’s not too late I’d like to bring my wife and son. And thanks! You didn’t have to do this, but you did. A once-in-a-lifetime event!

  121. Dodger4life

    Good morning ITD, Dodger Faithful….
    Dodgers – Cubs…. on Fox Saturday and ESPN Sunday. I am eagerly awaiting them both, first we have today and Randy Wolf heading to the hill. Wolf has been a strongpoint thus far in my opinion, Take it to them again Randy.
    Lets keep up the run production, and keep having fun 🙂

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!
    Enjoy your Thursday everyone…….:-)

  122. trublu4ever

    Good Morning ~ Let’s have a great series with the Cubs. GO DODGERS, BEAT THE CUBBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. kpookiemon

    Got a great idea for the ITD tour. Everyone takes a turn against Ohman in the batting cage. If ANYONE is able to get a base hit off Ohman, he is DFAed immediately, but can stick around if he still wants to be the locker room clown…though Kirk Gibson might have something to say about the worth of such a position (see Jesse Orosco and eye black for further clarification).

  124. lny4loney

    I’m not going to be able to make the tour. I’ve got to study for the bar exam … again. Ugh.
    I haven’t had much time to follow the board lately so perhaps I’m repeating what has long since been noted. The difference between Pierre ’09 and Pierre ’07 and ’08 is that he is SWINGING HARD AND DRIVING THE BALL now instead of just trying to put his bat on the ball. Where as ’07 Pierre had just 32 extra-base hits in 668 ABs, ’09 Pierre has 13 extra-base hits in just 114 ABs (that extrapolates to 76 extra-base hits in 668 ABs). ’09 Pierre has already equaled ’08 Pierre in extra-base hits in less than 1/3 of the ABs (374 ABs in ’08).

  125. messagebear@msn.com

    I have a different idea for Ohman, Mota, and maybe some other designated non-performer. Let’s set up a water dunking scenario with ITD’ers getting a shot of 3 balls for $5.00 – proceeds to go to Jamie’s charity selection.

  126. lny4loney

    One more thing. Pierre is striking out a little more. Good. That’s because he’s swinging hard. An extra strikeout every three games is more than worth it to hit the ball hard. It forces the defense to play him deeper (I was going to say more honestly, but they honestly knew he was going to hit nothing but dink shots), gets him to second and third base without having to wait for a steal or a sacrifice bunt, and allows him to drive in runs.
    My first question: Will Pierre continue to swing hard or will he return to his Popgun ways the first time he goes in a little slump. Only time will tell.
    My second question: Will Nedsterado have enough sense and balls to trade him while he’s tradeable (assuming he’s still tradeable when Manny comes back)? Doubtful.

  127. kpookiemon

    L.A. Times has Ned saying he needs more pitching. Ya think? He says starters failing to go deep, and thus taxing the All-Star bullpen, can’t continue and that NO ONE’S job is safe (except Billingsley who goes deep all the time). Oh, and Gagne is playing in Canada, eying a return to the Dodgers this season. He’ll have a hard time out-pitching Ohman, Leach, and Mota, though……!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  128. northstateblues

    Oddly enough, wouldn’t Gagne coming back to blue be just what the Dr. ordered to take some heat off Manny? SOME heat.

    Imagine that, in 2009, it could be possible to have both Mota AND Gagne in the bullpen.

    Is Paul LoDuca available?

    Is sarcasm detectable?

    Will Louie the Lilac’s Toxic Tulips undo our Caped Crusaders?

    Tune in tomorrow:
    SAME Bat Time
    SAME Bat Channel.

  129. kpookiemon

    northstates, I feel your disgust…but if Dodger fans welcome back Man-Ram…and they will…how do they NOT welcome back the likes of Mota or Gagne or any other “enhanced interrogator?” Because until the Mitchell Report is made public, we may be cheering our little fannies off for guys we think are clean…but are not. I mean, on the surface, maybe Pierre ought to pee in a cup soon!!!!

  130. northstateblues

    Kahli, I feel that if we do that, it might be turning us into hypocrites after over five years of accentuating the obvious to Giants fans about their bloated behemoth. Plaschke had a knee-jerk reaction to Manny’s suspension that was blindly based on he didn’t want to be a hypocrite, so he put all his cards in the other basket, and I haven’t seen him write much on the Dodgers since.

    I believe in atonement, and I think that they can atone (although Mota’s doing a funny job of it). Maybe that’s what is going through the minds of Management if that’s what they’re gonna do (which they don’t want to do as far as we know, this is just Gagne’s pipe dream, like Manny’s Cleveland pipe dream).

    I don’t pretend to know how Baseball is going to get through the muck of PEDs, but I do remember a saying: “Forgive, but NEVER forget.”

    If I thought Gagne had anything left in his tank, AND thought he could come back CLEAN, then I might begrudgingly be up for it. But I fear that if Gagne came back with anything better than what he’s done for the past 2 years, he’ll be checked out and tested, and the last thing we want to hear is another “My dog injected my homework” excuse.

    And I do think Pierre should pee in a cup. I think EVERY BALLPLAYER should pee in a cup as a leap of faith. If you’re clean, what do you have to lose? (And from what I understand, Amphetamines leave the system quick, especially in a pee test, so they might not have to worry about that, yet… let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

    Down the road, Selig-less Baseball (the would-be Savior yet to materialize) and Fehr-less MLBPA should man up and make ballplayers consent to a blood test every year (blood tests can detect HGH, which is, of course, exactly why those cheats of cheats Bud Selig and Donald Fehr don’t consent to them now).

    Because Bamboozle Bud obviously doesn’t have the mental capacity to realize that the way out of this mess isn’t to find ways to hide the users, but to get rid of the PED culture in sports, head on.

    Right now, he’s no better than Vince MacMahon, pretending that his Comic-Book-Physiqued athletes would never think of doing drugs, ’cause they run commercials saying drugs are bad. And even the PEDers have to let people know Drugs Are Bad… after all, I doubt they want competition.

  131. kpookiemon

    I’m a Tour de France geek, and if any sport has been leveled by doping it’s bicycling. An Austrian rider named Bernhard Kohl just retired after receiving a two-year ban for doping. He said he retired because he didn’t want to live the lie anymore. His quote was very telling: “The clean sports hero we wish for is often just fiction,” Kohl said. “Somewhere along the way, talent, training and tough discipline just aren’t enough anymore.” Now you don’t have to agree or disagree, like or dislike…it is simply one world-class athlete stating his opinion.

  132. nellyjune

    Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!!!

    ****Josh – I need to add my daughter to the list of people who will be attending the tour.

    I was taken away to the Bay (Monterey Bay) for my 21st Anniversary last night and this morning, and while coming home, I was notified that I needed to add Mariya. My husband and son would love to come just to give all us Dodger fans a hard time (jk). They are baseball fans too, and just to see history would be worth it, but Michael has a baseball tournament that weekend.

    northstateblues – just a fabulous write up as always. ……and how is our graduate doing these days?

  133. dodgereric


  134. dodgereric



    Happy Anniversary Deb & Bill!!! (Dodger fans get top billing!)

  135. lbirken@aol.com

    Happy Anniversary, Miss Debbie.

    As for Mr. Gagne, the magic is over for him. I don’t want to see him back in a Dodger uniform, not because I am upset with him but because I just don’t think he can do the job anymore. If he could he would be doing if for a team in the major leagues and not some indy league. I do think signing him would send the wrong message. Don’t get me wrong; Gagne created some of the most exciting moments for the fans, especially at Dodger Stadium. Even with the knowledge that he was probably juiced, his accomplishments will still be remembered. Thanks for the memories.

  136. nellyjune

    Thank you Dodgereric/Ward Dear!!!!! You are awesome, but you already know that 🙂 I was personally shocked when I came home thinking I was just going to dinner. I had planned to take the day off today, but I certainly didn’t expect to be taken to an oceanside hotel in Monterey.
    Then I get home and there are two cards from your household, one from Chris (a sympathy card for Sophie – very sweet indeed), and a thank you card from Matt for the gift card extending his “Freedom Fridays” fund to In and Out( with every bit of humor his dad has). Just fantastic, and I thank you kindly 🙂

  137. nellyjune

    Thanks lbirken!!!

    I guess I missed something with the whole Gagne thing, so I will have to catch up on my reading to find out how this topic came up.

  138. lbirken@aol.com

    Nelly, Gagne was reported to have said something about wanting to come back to the Dodgers. He recently signed with an independent league team in Canada and according to the article was going to be used as a starter.

  139. nellyjune

    To be used as a starter? That is interesting for sure, and “wanting” and “being able” to come back are two different things.

  140. thinkingblue

    NELLY – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! So we are having Giants fan join the tour….this should be fun. Our Mission is to convert them…LOL. They are going to love Dodger Fan’s and they will go back to Giantsville talking great about the Dodgertown and the fans…I can’t wait! See ya soon!

  141. nellyjune

    I have tried to short copy this story, but it is not allowing me too, but it’s worth the long post because it’s something one of our own ITD brilliant minds could have done as well. Also, I can’t take credit for finding it, tru is the on that found it, but I was given the task of getting over her, to no avail other than a long post.


    You heard the news: Manny and the Dodgers met in a hotel in Miami to discuss the outfielder’s suspension. Turns out it already had happened — and Page 2 was able to receive the exclusive transcript of Ramirez’s address.

    (Scene: Dodgers clubhouse)

    Frank McCourt: “Gentlemen, I know we’re all still kind of reeling over the recent news. So I have asked Manny here today to speak to the team. Manny, the floor is yours.”

    Manny Ramirez: “Thanks, boss. I’m not used to giving speeches. So I looked on the Internet for tips and they said I should start with a joke to loosen up the audience. OK? You ready? What is Manny Ramirez’s new nickname?”

    Juan Pierre: “Womanny Ramirez.”

    Andre Ethier: “Ma’am Ram.”

    Joe Torre: “That’s just mammaries being mammaries.”

    Ramirez: “So you’ve heard most of them already.”

    Russell Martin: “We have. We even thought up many of them ourselves.”

    James Loney: “Some long before this news came out, actually.”

    Ramirez: “I see. OK, let me try another one. A priest, a rabbi and Manny Ramirez walk into a bar.”

    Torre: “Just a second, Manny. I don’t mean to interrupt. But do you mind if I record all of this?”

    Ramirez: “Umm, I guess not. Why?”

    Torre: “Oh, you know. In case I would, say … write a book about my Dodgers years or something. Not that I have any plans to do that, of course, guys. What is said inside the clubhouse stays inside the clubhouse. That’s an unwritten rule of baseball, am I right? But when I write the book, I don’t want to misquote you.”

    Ramirez: “Sure. Whatever.”

    Torre: “Fantastic. OK, let me press ‘record’ … and continue. Oh, and feel free to talk #$%^ about A-Rod, if you’d like. Readers eat that stuff up.”

    Ramirez: “OK, where was I?”

    Chad Billingsley: “A priest, a rabbi and Manny Ramirez were walking into a bar…”

    Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has spoken with Manny Ramirez. Now he wants the disgraced slugger to speak to the team.

    Turns out it already happened — and Page 2 was able to receive the exclusive transcript of Ramirez’s address.

    (Scene: Dodgers clubhouse)

    Frank McCourt: “Gentlemen, I know we’re all still kind of reeling over the recent news. So I have asked Manny here today to speak to the team. Manny, the floor is yours.”

    “Knock knock .. who’s there? Not me for 50 games! Get it!”Manny Ramirez: “Thanks, boss. I’m not used to giving speeches. So I looked on the Internet for tips and they said I should start with a joke to loosen up the audience. OK? You ready? What is Manny Ramirez’s new nickname?”

    Juan Pierre: “Womanny Ramirez.”

    Andre Ethier: “Ma’am Ram.”

    Joe Torre: “That’s just mammaries being mammaries.”

    Ramirez: “So you’ve heard most of them already.”

    Russell Martin: “We have. We even thought up many of them ourselves.”

    James Loney: “Some long before this news came out, actually.”

    Ramirez: “I see. OK, let me try another one. A priest, a rabbi and Manny Ramirez walk into a bar.”

    Torre: “Just a second, Manny. I don’t mean to interrupt. But do you mind if I record all of this?”

    Ramirez: “Umm, I guess not. Why?”

    Torre: “Oh, you know. In case I would, say … write a book about my Dodgers years or something. Not that I have any plans to do that, of course, guys. What is said inside the clubhouse stays inside the clubhouse. That’s an unwritten rule of baseball, am I right? But when I write the book, I don’t want to misquote you.”

    Ramirez: “Sure. Whatever.”

    Torre: “Fantastic. OK, let me press ‘record’ … and continue. Oh, and feel free to talk #$%^ about A-Rod, if you’d like. Readers eat that stuff up.”

    Ramirez: “OK, where was I?”

    Chad Billingsley: “A priest, a rabbi and Manny Ramirez were walking into a bar…”

    Ramirez: “Oh, right. A priest, a rabbi and Manny Ramirez walk into a bar. The bartender says ‘What’ll you have?’ The priest says: ‘I’ll have a beer.’ The rabbi says: ‘I’ll have a glass of wine.’ The bartender says: ‘What about you, Manny?’ And Manny says: ‘I can’t drink alcohol because I’m taking female fertility drugs. I’ll have a glass of cranberry juice.'”

    Ethier: “That’s not all that funny.”

    Ramirez: “I know. It’s not. But it is true. That story happened word-for-word about two weeks ago. Remember, guys: alcohol and womb medicine don’t mix.”

    McCourt: “OK, Manny. Let’s move along. This is serious. Joke time is over.”

    Ramirez: “Yes, sir. Guys, I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart. I know you trusted me and I feel like I have let you do–”

    McCourt: “Oh! 50-Game Banny Ramirez. That’s one I heard.”

    Loney: “Meh. I think the Manny-as-chick ones are better.”

    McCourt: “Yeah, you’re probably right, James. OK, sorry, Manny … continue. I just wanted to say that one before I forgot it.”

    Ramirez: “Sure. No problem. As I was saying, I feel like I let you guys down. I guess I should have been more forthcoming with my situation. But I was stuck in that long contract negotiation this offseason and Scott Boras didn’t think I should mention the fertility drugs.”

    McCourt: “Of course. Boras.”

    Ramirez: “But Scott was right, Frank — despite how far we’ve come in this country, people who are on female fertility drugs still make only 75 percent of what males in similar positions make. And that’s not right.”

    Juan Pierre: “That’s a good point, actually.”

    McCourt: “No, it’s not. You aren’t really a woman, Manny. You used that stuff to cover up your use of steroids.”

    Ramirez: “Not a woman? Steroids? I’ll have you know I played for the Boston Red Sox. Didn’t you read the Mitchell Report?”

    Torre: “I did not. I did, however, read ‘The Yankee Years’ by Joe Torre. And you should, too. I’ll be signing copies in my office after Manny is done. Buy two copies and get 10 percent off my next book: ‘The Dodger Years.'”

    “Could someone break down in tears? My publisher says that will really help with the 18-34 year old female demographic.”Ramirez: “Look, the details are not important. All that he-said, Manny-said stuff isn’t going to win us any ballgames while I’m out. You’re going to win by sticking together.”

    Loney: “And by playing in the NL West.”

    Torre: “You better believe it. I don’t miss the AL East one bit.”

    Ramirez: “Right, you’ll win mainly by playing in the NL West. But also by sticking together. I just want you all to know that I support you. And I know that you support me. Thank you for using pink bats in my honor on Sunday.”

    Ethier: “That was actually for Moth–”

    Ramirez: “Shhh. Words can’t capture how much that meant to me. And just as you have supported me, please know that I will be with you while I am away. A little piece of me will be inside each of you, like a tiny fetus growing to term over the next 50 days in a fertile womb. And with the right chemistry — and I mean that literally — we can be even stronger in 50 days than we are now. Like, muscles everywhere.”

    McCourt: “OK, that’s enough.”

    Torre: “Perfect timing. My recorder was about to run out of batteries.”

    DJ Gallo is the founder and sole writer of the sports satire site SportsPickle.com. He also is a regular contributor to ESPN The Magazine and has written for The Onion and Cracked. His first book, “SportsPickle Presents: The View from the Upper Deck,” is on sale now.

  142. nellyjune

    Rose – Mariya claims to be half and half, but we have ALL told her it’s next to impossible to be both a Dodger fan and a gnat fan at the same time. However, her room is blue, she sleeps with a Dodger blanket, she wears Dodger pajama bottoms, she wears Dodger shirts, and she has been to more Dodger games than gnat games, and other than her school colors (which happen to be orange and black), she has no Giants things in her room. Oh, and she happens to be dating a Dodger fan, whose family happens to be Dodger fans (LOL!!!) So, go figure!!!

  143. nellyjune

    Josh – I am adding another adult and two kids to the tour if that is okay with you. Thanks again for doing this 🙂

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