Sunny Sunday…

Rumor has it, June gloom started early in Los Angeles but so far here in Miami, it’s sunny, warm and muggy, which is par for the course in this town.

Clayton Kershaw takes the mound today and hopefully can turn things around a bit. While we were in Philadelphia last week, former Dodger Joe Moeller was there keeping an eye on Clayton. Joe is an advance scout for the Marlins and he’s one of the few people in the world who knows what it’s like to be in Clayton’s shoes. Moeller was the youngest starting pitcher in Los Angeles Dodger history back in 1962 when he was just over 19 years old.

Meanwhile, It’s hard to even fathom how well Juan Pierre is playing these days. I know that he’s been a lightning rod for discussion in this two-plus years here but I’m personally thrilled to see him making the most of this opportunity. He works harder than just about anyone I’ve ever seen and he’s handled the changes of the last year and a half with class. Now, he’s helping keep us atop the standings and today, he’s atop the lineup yet again.

Pierre, LF

Loretta, 3B

Hudson, 2B

Kemp, CF

Loney, 1B

Ausmus, C (day off for Martin)

Paul, RF (first big league start)

Castro, SS (day off for Furcal)

Kershaw, P



    Interesting, to say the least. Kershaw can still win this if he concentrates and throws strikes; otherwise, I don’t see it as a big offensive lineup.

  2. edog07

    If you count Pierre we are starting 5 non starters today. Looking forward to seeing Paul get some playing time, Ethier probably could use the day off. Kemp needs a big day in the 4 hole..


  3. enchantedbeaver

    I can’t find fault with JP – his offense is way above the .360 OBP line that we’ve all decided it has to be in order to make up for his defense. Swapping Paul for Dre is a wash right now, as is Ausmus for Martin. Only thing is I’d like to see Blake in there. In fact, I’d actually like to see Blake bat clean-up for awhile.

    Hate to say it, but without Manny in there, our young core is average at best. I really expected more out of them this year than we’ve seen.

  4. edog07

    I agree Blake in the 8 spot seems low for him. Im not knocking Pierre, he is playing right now at a level we all hoped we would get when he was signed. Loretta has not hit well in his starts so that is a big loss at third.

    Kershaw needs a big game.

    Im gunna say 12 strike outs.


    Certainly no break-out superstars among the youngsters, and I’m not voting for any of them to the AllStar team. The only Dodger worthy of an All-Star vote in my book is Hudson, and Billz should certainly be selected on the ptiching staff. Our record is clearly a team effort in my book, and that usually works the best. If the bullpen can keep up with extra required effort on their part, I expect we’ll continue to do well, especially in our division. We pretty much have to, because I don’t see any savior coming up from the minors, and I don’t know how much Kuroda will contribute with having to start the season all over again.

  6. obi_wen

    Juan is doing very well so I have to give credit where it is due. However, with all the alcohol I’ve consumed since he’s been in the line-up my liver was really hoping that Joe would give him a day off.

  7. boblee4014

    Juan is definately doing his best to carry the team and except for the power, he is doing as good or better than
    Manny would be doing at this point.

  8. enchantedbeaver

    Think you’re right boblee because when Manny gets back I’m sure JP will let out a little whine.

  9. boblee4014 locked up. Had trouble getting back on.

    Can Clayton go 3 more innings without allowing a hit. That would be a great way to end this road trip.

  10. enchantedbeaver

    I think the answer to that boblee is “No.’ I wouldn’t either, even if he still has a shutout.

  11. shad80

    Good job Kershaw damn I got you in a league with CG/Shutout as a categories oh well guess it wasn’t important yet.

  12. trublu4ever

    I was thinking the same thing Enchanted. I just told NellyJune that 10 runs should be enough for our BP.

  13. shad80

    Give Loretta move starts maybe he need to spill Furcal at SS and Loretta can played any IF positions.

  14. enchantedbeaver

    You know what’s starting to worry me?

    I’m actually starting to look forward to JPs at bats.

    I need help.

  15. boblee4014

    I’ve come to the conclusion, Mota is a worthless pitcher. Release him and get someone, anyone would be better than his.

  16. shad80

    Can we traded him back to the Marlines for Pinto or Calero even though we killed Calero in this game?


    Great game! Except for that one guy. Maybe he lives in Fla. and they can save him the trip back to LA. Can’t even finish up a game like this?Much more importantly, a tremendous outing for the kid, everybody contributes and we head for home with a 4-2 road trip.

  18. shad80

    I think it was already Ned fault for signing him. I would take Sanchez back and the Padres did released him.

  19. enchantedbeaver

    Here I thought it was safe to go take the dog for a walk and I see Mota had another blow-up.

    Mota is a worthless piece of #%^&@!! who should be DFA’d immediately. I’d rather take my chances with Pierre pitching than turn the ball over to that [ex?] roider. His “performance” takes a little luster off an otherwise great game all around. How Ned signed him for $2-3 mil I’ll never know. Just proves once again that Ned has no right putting together a team.

    Kudos to Kersh and Pierre for their games though.

  20. shad80

    I always wonder can Pierre pitch? Heck I would had Loney try to pitch don’t forget Loney did pitch some in high school.


    You’ve got to think Mota isn’t long for the team. I also thought it was safe to turn my attention away from the game, jumped on my bike and went to the video store and got back just in time for Ross’ grand slam. If you cannot use Mota in a game like this, then when?

  22. enchantedbeaver

    The thing with Mota is, he’s costing the team another bench player. You HAVE to carry a 13th pitcher when he’s on the staff because he can’t even finish up a game like this.

    I still don’t know how any reasonably intelligent GM (well, I guess I just answered my own question) could look at the guy’s declining stats – for years mind you, not months – since he’s been off the juice, and still sign him. I don’t know how you knowingly sign an ex-roider anyway (though he did the same thing with Bennett.)

    This is what I find totally unacceptible – that this front office can knowingly engage in signing cheaters.

    When ManRoid comes back, they better damn well DFA Mota (if not sooner.)

  23. shad80

    I think the only reason we carried 13 pitchers is because sometime like in Wolf or Kershaw case having huge pitch counts and sometime can’t get out of the 5th innings. Maybe when Kuroda comes back that probably would release him. I’d rather take a look at Sanchez and I feel much confident with him over Mota and Sanchez is a lot younger and I would Leach or Ohman. He hasn’t been the same pitchers since 2006 when he had that separate shoulder and was force to sit out all of 2007.

  24. shad80

    Anyone watch the Indians and Rays? I can’t believe Maddon totally screwed up the lineup card and it’s so weird to have a pitcher batting 3rd.

  25. shad80

    Tampa Bay Rays
    Hitters AB R H RBI BB SO LOB AVG
    B Upton CF 3 1 0 0 2 0 2 .188
    C Crawford LF 5 0 1 1 0 1 3 .333
    A Sonnanstine P 3 0 1 1 0 1 1 .333
    E Longoria 3B 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 .343
    C Pena 1B 3 0 0 0 1 1 1 .245
    B Zobrist 3B-RF 4 1 1 0 0 1 3 .289
    J Bartlett SS 4 2 3 1 0 1 0 .370
    G Kapler RF 2 1 0 1 1 0 1 .220
    G Balfour P 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
    J Howell P 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
    a-W Aybar PH 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 .255
    T Percival P 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
    A Iwamura 2B 2 1 1 0 2 1 0 .285
    M Hernandez C 3 1 1 3 1 1 3 .296
    Totals 30 7 8 7 8 8 —

  26. ramslover

    Man reading some of the comments I thought the team was 13-26..Fellas we have the best record in baseball, lets enjoy and not pick everything apart. The season is long and we will have plenty of time to belittle Ned. Right now he is the GM of the 1st place Dodgers…

    I agree with the Mota sentiment and he should not be on the roster…The team picked it self up on this road trip…a little hangover from the Manny news was to be expected, but the boys have responded. I believe that the confidence they got last year in the last half has carried over. True that no one is putting up huge numbers out of the young guns, but they are playing winning baseball. Loney, Kemp and Ethier are all pacing over 100 RBIs, so lets not be too harsh on the development of these young guns…

    The key is Martin and Loney…they need to start driving the ball and hitting for some power. Loney is hitting alot of weak groundballs and singles and he needs to hit 2bs and and the occasional HRs, 15 is acceptable with 35 plus doubles…Imagine if Loney, Martin (has picked up the last week), and Furcal start to produce. This lineup will be scary.
    The BP has been better than I think alot of us thought it would be…Ohman needs to settle down, Wade stay healthy, and we need another lefty…Leach is too green, Joe does not and will not trust him…

    The SP is also scary..Bills is proving to be the stud we thought, Wolf should have 4-5 victories and Stults has been much more consistent than he has ever shown. A trade is going to have to happen. My number one Halladay will not be traded as long as the blue jays continue to win, man would he look nice in Dodger BLue…I made a little list of who may be available..

    Cliff Lee, he scares me but he has righted the ship and the Indians are a dead team.
    David Bush in me crazy but I like this kid.
    Ian Snell in pittsburgh…
    Roy Oswalt
    Jake Peavy

    Can anyone think of anyone else we may be able to get..

    The bench has been a godsend, Loretta, Ausmus, Pierre, Castro have so far played very well…Kudos to them.

    Have a safe trip home boys and lets kick some Mets ****!!!

  27. crzblue2

    Hey Spit, I felt that! It was a mild one.
    So I went to Von’s market and this lady grabs my arm and tells me “what are you doing here?” I look at her like “who is this woman?” She says “you don’t remember me?” “maybe because I am out of uniform, I am the one by the elevator…” Then it dawn on me that she works at Dodger Stadium.

  28. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!! I hope everyone in So-Cal is okay.

    Great game today from our Dodger Blue. I didn’t see any of the game today as I was running around in the heat trying to get last minute things done for this upcoming week, namely Open House on Wednesday. Anyhow, it was great to see the Kersh pitched so well……………….awesome job today!!!!! Also, it looked like everyone contributed whether on defense or offense, which I didn’t expect with the lineup I saw this morning. Always nicely surprised to see that.

  29. Dodger4life

    Good evening Deb and everyone, I am impressed with the way the team plays unselfishly. We are off to a fantastic start, and everyone wants to be a part of it. Joe has been resting just about everyone and the guy’s that come in…in their place are just as successful as the guys resting. This should help us later in the season. Sure we have our moments, Mota had one today. Overall we have had alot of good things from everyone however. I am pleasantly surprised and happy, we have along way to go but this is one fun bunch to follow. Keep up the good work Boy’s, I am sure there are alot of guys around the league that would treasure the chance to be a part of this. You guys have something very special, and you deserve it.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!

  30. nellyjune

    Good Evening Dodger4life!!!!!! It’s good to see you your happy and spirited self this evening 🙂

  31. nellyjune

    It was a very hot day here in the valley for the middle of May. It felt like July, and it is supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. Then a cool down by the end of the week hopefully 🙂 How is the weather in Idaho? Nice, I would assume 🙂

  32. Dodger4life

    90 today, warmer tomorrow, then mid 70’s the rest of the week. It will be hot soon enough. My first year here we had 45 straight days over 90 or something to that effect. My memory has faded some as of late. Ice Cream will cool you down, and we are in 1st place 🙂

  33. nellyjune

    Wow!! That’s pretty warm for you I would imagine. In watching the news, we set a record today……105 degrees, 29 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. High 90’s tomorrow and Tuesday and then back down into the 80’s by midweek, or so they say so far.

  34. Dodger4life

    Rams good to you posting again also. I have no clue as to who we should go after. I do think if this team continues to win and have fun, there will be alot of guys willing to come. Not just willing to come but upbeat and eager to play with this team. That being said I hope we dont give up too much. I am not a GM or a manager, just one of the Dodger Faithful.

  35. Dodger4life

    It is hot for me, I do better in the cold than the extreme heat. I was getting sick of the snow and freezing temps this year though. I was in Hesperia for a summer and you talk about hot…..I was miserably hot there.

  36. nellyjune

    I can imagine Hesperia being pretty hot. I am sure northstate can comment on that since he is from Barstow, which I am sure gets wickedly hot there as well. Then again, I have lived in Las Vegas and I can imagine enchanted has some pretty good desert heat where is at as well.

  37. Dodger4life

    Yeah as I was commenting…. I thought of enchanted and him laughing at me… Go ahead E I can take it…:-)

  38. nellyjune

    However, dodger4life, you deal with winters that I would not want to be part of so there is a trade off in climates for sure.

  39. Dodger4life

    The winters are’nt bad, North Dakota this year had me counting my blessings. It just gets old after so many day’s.

  40. nellyjune

    All I have to do is watch “Fargo” to understand the weather in North Dakota…………… thank you 🙂

  41. Dodger4life

    Like I said though when I did my jury duty. I live near a city Boise which has a bike rack in front of the court house. I would assume their are less than trust worthy individuals coming and going every hour. Not a one of the bikes were locked up. It has an upside to living in this climate as well.

  42. nellyjune

    That is something you definitely wouldn’t see here 🙂 Every place has it’s pros and cons for living there, but that’s what makes this country great.

  43. nellyjune

    Yes, that would be tough. We have had a few flood scares…………..quite a few here and a few flash flood warnings in Las Vegas. However, only once here has the creek crested, but it never reached our house. We were temporarily evacuated though. It was an eerie feeling looking across the road and seeing the water at eye level like that.

  44. Dodger4life

    It is a GREAT COUNTRY, and it is the people who sacrifice their time and families and sadly on occasion their lives that make this place so outstanding. Thank you to all the men and women in uniform. Well Nelly I better hit the sack, job searching tomorrow. God Bless, I enjoyed the chat.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!
    God Bless Us All……and God Bless the U.S.A.!!!!!

  45. nellyjune

    Good Night Dodger4life!!!!! Good luck with the job search…………… prayers go out to you. Take Care and God Bless 🙂

  46. shad80

    Yes emma I just got finish watching the Magics/Celtics and we just had an Earthquake 20 min after that game was done and I was thinking the LA fans are happy to see Boston get eliminated lol.

  47. trublu4ever

    Good morning ITDland ~ Looking forward to the series with the Mets. Keep up the good play, Dodger Blue!

  48. dodgereric




    Plotline: Disheartened by the 50-game suspension of his favorite team’s slugger, dodgereric is tempted by Scott Borasgate – an unsavory character with horns and a tail – who offers to place dodgereric in the Dodger’s lineup and endow him with the talent and ability to let him save the team in the slugger’s absence, but there is a catch. He must leave his wife and children for a while and do it in another’s body. Dodgereric is so desperate that he momentarily forgets who he’s dealing with and accepts the offer. Borasgate keeps his part of the bargain, but, being the Devil, twists the rules a little. To his horror, dodgereric finds himself in the body of Juan Pierre, whom he has been castigating every chance he gets. He starts running around Dodger Stadium looking for Borasgate to get out of the deal, only to be halted in his tracks by Lola, a very attractive but underhanded agent of Borasgate’s. She manages to convince him to give it a try. Dodgereric finds that, although he is stuck with Pierre’s noodle arm and lack of power, he is able to maximize his position by actually pulling the ball on occasion instead of merely laying the bat on the ball and hoping for the best.



    Juan Pierre – Jaleel White
    Scott Borasgate – Pat Buttram
    Lola – Erica Durance
    Joe Torre – Floyd Lawson
    dodgereric – himself

    A “Be Careful What You Wish For” Production
    Coming soon to a theater near you


    You’re a riot, dodgereric!!! LOL!!!
    Now I’m going to be thinking of that every time Pierre comes up.


    May I also fantasize a little bit about what Lola did to you in order to convince to take that deal?

  51. dodgereric

    And thanks. I have to give the credit of inspiration to Josh. “Hard to fathom” just about covers it.

  52. trublu4ever

    I have a feeling Dodgereric will be worn out after playing the entire 50 games of Manny’s suspension. Eric won’t dare take a day off to rest his weary bones. Heck, I think he may keep playing even when Manny returns.

  53. selltheteam

    Just a few comments on the events over the past week.
    Eric/Juanpy – You are doing a heckuva job. Incredibly, you are carrying the team right now.
    A 4-2 road trip in Philly and Miami? Whodathunkit? Fantastic job, by the team, by people like Kershaw, Martin, Loney, Loretta, and last, but not least, Eric/Juanpy.
    Eric – Be careful what you wish for. In Act III of this production, you could be traded in a package deal along with three minor league pitching phenoms (Lindblom, Ethan Martin, etc.) to the Puds for Peavy. I’m thinking about 11:59 pm on July 31st.
    I don’t usually like to do this, but this time it’s so darn fitting – I told you so!!
    Mota – Please. DFA ASAP.
    By on May 14, 2009 10:13 AM

  54. nellyjune

    Okay – So, if I imagine JP as Dodgereric, that might do the trick because right now I think I am in need of an intervention plan because I am having issues with this. enchanted thinks he is the one who needs help, but I think it’s me 🙂 I am probably over-thinking what I think might happen, but it’s happened time and time again, so there isn’t any reason to think it won’t happen again.

    BTW dodgereric – THAT IS FUNNY!!!!!

  55. trublu4ever

    NellyJune ~ if you are over thinking things, then so am I! I just don’t trust Mr. Torre at all.

  56. perumike

    Hi all, not sure if this was mentioned, but on Fox Sports, our boys in blue are #1 in the Power Rankings!!! Woo hoo!

  57. selltheteam

    NellyJune – Okay, let me try to calm your fears. (1) Matt Kemp has come into his own as a defensive centerfielder. (2) Ethier is currently in a three-game hitting streak. Unless one of those two guys falls completely apart, I don’t see Eric/Juanpy in any other Dodger role than fourth outfielder after July 3.

  58. arayd

    good to see juan pierre doing well. as you all know i like him, his vet presence, knowledge, preparation, everything except the arm: here’s a good article on him from

    he won’t keep up this tear forever, but what a boost it’s been w/ manny gone, and furcal and ethier slumping. also blake and martin have really stepped it up as well.

    and kemper is lights out running balls down in the outfield, amazing. he still needs to polish up his baserunning skills, but that 2nd to home sprint on a sac bunt in philly was just AMAZING.

  59. scott_in_arcadia

    Hi all,
    Yes, good ol’ JP is really hitting right now thanks to all that hard work that no one else does.
    I’m sticking to my guns. Thanks for batting .400 JP, but I’m not drinking your kool-aid yet. Why don’t we just bench Furcal as well since Juan Castro is a hitting machine too right now.
    I say mirage.
    In the meantime, go Dodgers!

  60. selltheteam

    The Mets are throwing Tim Redding, who just came off the DL. His career WHIP is 1.50. Let’s jump on him early and often!

  61. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
    YEAH!!! GREAT ROAD TRIP BOYS!!! Okay, I got that out of my system. But all kidding aside, everyone on the team has been doing great; and I do mean everyone. Yes, many of us on here don’t really care for JP, but give credit where credit is due. JP is doing extremely well; better than any of us would’ve thought.

    Eric/Juanpy – First of all, that “screenplay” is phenomenal!!! My side was in stitches; I couldn’t help laughing so hard!!! Then I left after reading for a bit, and then came back. Only to see that you came on later with a “new” name – ericjuanpy!!! You are too funny my man!!! BTW, does Matt share your same sense of humor??? If so, he’s gotta be keeping Mariya in stitches too!!!

    Oh, and what can I say about our Kersh’s performance yesterday? I didn’t get to see the whole game, but I did see it from the 6th inning forward!!! So I did get to see some of your magic. It was like you were like a magician and kept those hitters in a trance!!!

    GO WOLFY!!!

  62. cpompe1

    My Nellygirl!!!
    Yeah, I know what you’re saying – that nasty ericjuanpy!!! No, I certainly am not jumping on the JP bandwagon; far from it. I’m just glad that he AND THE REST OF THE TEAM are doing well. But our Andre is going to snap out of his funk soon. I’m just glad that the team hasn’t rolled over and played dead the last week and a half. To me, I’m happy as long as we are winning.

    So how are you???

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