Going for the record…

A win tonight would give us the best home start in National League history…here’s the crew that’s looking to do it.

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

Stults, P

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Thank’s Josh! Lets keep this thing going, Boy’s!!!

Martin is still too high in the lineup.


Elated to see Manny back in there. I didn’t want it to be another one of Conte’s “it’s nothing that concerns us” to day-to-day to DL to out for the season injuries.

Let’s get the record tonight Dodgers! Everyone is going to have a great game! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the cubs are beating the giants right now 3-0 so tonite is off to a good start

Btw, we started today with the best record in all of baseball…do sumthin! GO DODGERS!!

martin isnt to high, he went 3-4 saturday night so maybe hes done with his slump… well see… I want to see 11-0 at home tonight… were the best team in baseball, this is fun.

How ya doin’ all.
Gotta smash that record tonight.

oldbrooklynfan ~ it’s almost time for Dodger Baseball!!!!!!!!!

Good evening all!!! Let’s go Dodgers, let’s go!!!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!! Beautiful lineup tonight. Let’s go for that record boys!!!

dodge1612 – It is great seeing you on ITD 🙂

from previous thread: Dodgereric – I am doubting you will be working for Frank anytime soon, but thanks for clearing up any misconceptions. Very nice post 🙂

Good Evening Piano Man and oldbrooklynfan!!!!!

Nice first inning for Eric!!!

Hey everyone. It must be a beautiful night at the stadium, perfect weather for baseball. Hope they make it 11 in a row at home.

Good Evening





Back to back homers, way to start it out! Andre’s happened so fast after Manny’s, at first I thought it was a replay of Manny’s.


Nice start by Manny and what’s that other guy’s name??


and the big E

Very funny enchanted!!! He just got #6 too 🙂

Nice start with back to back jacks!

manny and dre… the new bash brothers in blue


This is Stults’ problem – he can’t shut the other team down when he’s handed a lead. He just doesn’t have the stuff for a major league pitcher.

nice double play boys!!!

2-5-3. Defense comes up big again!!!!!!

That they are dodge16 🙂

Nice DP though.


Alright Russell!!!

Well, that was called being at the right place at the right time…………….and the result………..a triple play.

Well, S@%%t!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about 643 TP.

Aside from the error, this game has had brilliant defense, Right?

Good job in getting out of that inning!!! Let’s get some runs to help because I think we made need them later, if not sooner. GO DODGERS!!!!

this team is looking way good right now… stults sucks, but whatever he is our four starter… anything we get from him is great… I want 6 innings from him today at leasts.

The table is set for Manny!!!

I go away for a few minutes and Blake hits into a triple play.

Well at least we didn’t leave any men on base that inning.

That sucks. I was hoping Manny would get on and Andre would get a shot at his 1st career grand slam. They’ve lost quite a few opportunities to good defense already in this game.

uuugghhhh!!! I was thinking the same thing bluecrewgirl 🙂 I bet Doug Davis was very happy too because Andre tatooed that last homerun.


nice pickoff Eric!!!!

Excellent job Stults!!!

I know 🙂 shhhh!!!! yeah!!!!!


Nice ball handling on the field tonight, by both sides.

4 innings out of Stultz. So far, so good.

Is anyone else getting that crazy audio from MLB.TV?

A nice 1-2-3 inning by Stultz. Let’s get him some runs!!!!!!!!


WTG, Eric. That’s helping yourself out!!!

Aaaand Dirtball Davis heads for the showers!
Golden opportunity here. Anyone else think Rauch is soiling his drawers?
C’mon Manny! Cash em in!!!

Manram’s at the plate. And nooooooooo place to put him!!!!

Missed it by that much! Bet Rauch still has skidmarks though.

Great job Manny!!!

They pitched around Andre – fine!!!

oldbrooklynfan – yes I am. I thought it was my computer, but it sounds like it’s mlb.com then – well, I feel better about that at least.

Loney’s not H-I-T-T-I-N-G.


I think there scared of the bash brothers… had to pitch to manny and he just misses hitting a grandslam, then they pitch around dre… this offense is amazing

Nelly, A groggerly VInnnny.

It seems to be better know oldbrooklynfan.

yes, it was a groggerly Vinny, but it seems to be better for now.

dodge1612 – I think you are right.

Ouch! Oh well! Once again, solo dingers don’t hurt as much…

We sure left a lot of money on the table. Hope it’s enough.

Nelly, in case you didn’t know, they have a clip on Carne Asada Sunday on Fox Sports. Andre’s been the rock star on Fox this past week, lol.

STULTS 5.2 About average.

Now if Belly can come through.

We got as much out of Stultz as we could expect. Go get em. bullpen!!


Russ is starting to come around.

The D-back’s bullpen ERA is over 5. We’ve got that going for us.

Russ does seem like he’s coming out of it, vl4ecc.

WTG Matt!

Yeah Baby!!!

Thanks bluecrewgirl!!! I will check it out after the game.

Good to see Matt come back strong tonight after struggling for a few games.

And MATTY made him work too.

Nice job Matt!!!!!

Is it me or does Matt seem much more comfortable batting 7th? He really seems to press hitting higher in the order.

It was only a matter of time bluecrewgirl. He’s gotta feel like that big old dark cloud is finally breaking up, and he’s starting to see some daylight. A dinger would really get his confidence back.

…..and the D-backs bullpen performs true to form. Nice shot. Matt!!!!

Man, Lakers aren’t looking so good tonight. I keep switching back and forth and they’ve been behind the entire game.

Looks like Kemp’s gonna have to steal home too.

That’s 2 runs we got on Kemp’s speed annnnd baserunning.

We take em any way we can get em.

Well, he got home on an error.

On to the 7th.

Kemp’s making me flash back to Maury Wills for a bit.

Why Mota????

………….just for you enchanted because they know how much you care for him 🙂

I blame the one sided fouls called in the Rockets favor.

They can’t blame their spotty defense on that, Shad, lol.

Mota makes me nervous & gives me the willies. I lost faith in him the last time he was in a Dodger uniform.

I’m still embarrassed as a fan that Ned would sign a known roider in the first place. Not to mention he’s washed up and has been for years.

hey enchanted I think I agree with you on Kemp maybe that why Torre not batting him ahead of Martin.

Mota makes me nervous too.

At least they didn’t blow a game 4 lead again lol

oops or try to lol.

oops or try to lol.

Damn we just lost 1 point lead.

Let’s Go Cory!!!!!!

MOTA looked ok except when they made contact, counting the long foul ball by Snyder.

Alright Cory!!!!!

Damn Odom missing FT’s

Makes me wonder why Wade wasn’t brought in earlier instead of Mota.


WADE will probably start the 8th.

I say that because he only faced Lopez.

Juuuuuuuuust a bit outside.

Booooooo!!!!!! Hitting Manny calls for payback!

Make em pay Dre.

ManDre strikes again 🙂 Come on James!!!

This guys gotta be tough to hit – he’s all over the place.

Is it just me, or does Loney seem to be on the outside looking in on the ‘Home Cooking.’ Hope he gets out of this little funk soon.

What a freaking joke.

great at bat Russell!!! Come on Matt!!!!

Great at bat by Russell. He’s really showing a lot more patience and it’s paying off.

I just gained alot more respect for Yao refusing to go to the locker room.

what a good night, the gints lose, pads lose, lakers are going to lose and the dodgers are gonna win… I love nights like these

Starting to be like last year (and all the ones before it) when we load the bases with less than two outs.

The Rockets got lucky that the refs was on there side.

I’m with you dodge. Houston came to play. Artest plays well when he behaves. lol

Lakers should be ashamed of their effort, or lack thereof, tonight, Shad. I hope Phil rips them a new one after the game. Bynum has not been good since he came back. I think he’s afraid of getting hurt again, but you can’t play that way.

look im not a lakers or rockets fan im actually a clippers fan… and one that will admit it, but I do enjoy seeing the lakers lose!!!! and were three outs from NL history!!!!!!!!

What’s wrong with you people?
There’s a record at stake and only 30,000 people in attendance.
Laid back, laid back (lol)

It’s okay Dodge……….I am a Kings fan 🙂

Let’s go Dodgers!!!!

Lakers forgot that Houston plays defense, unlike the Jazz.

I could understand why he started Bynum but seriously Odom should had started and Gasol to center. I hate to blame the refs but come on Houston 14 Lakers 26 fouls. How the heck Houston has 14 fouls and even with homefield advantage it should be the other way around.

Yeah JP!!! LOL!!!! sorry……….got ahead of myself – LOL!!!

Enchanted’s evening should be complete now, JP got to pinch hit!

The Lakers played like crap tonight, admit it!!!

The Lakers did play like crap tonight!

Kobe didn’t feel good. He was under the weather. His teammates didn’t pick up the slack.

Shocking too he popped out to center Tru.

Wow, good to see you back here, Dodge!


Enchanted ~ you called it yesterday!

Old is becase the 18,997 at the Staples Center. There wasn’t going to be a sellout at DS tonight.

it has been WWAAAAYYYYY to long since I’ve stopped by!!! how is everyone doing this fine evening?? is our Andre not doing a Ethieriffic job!?

I have no problem admitting it, Nelly, lol. They stunk tonight. I’m a huge fan, but they have a tendency to think they can just kick back sometimes, especially at home, and it comes back to bite them.

Kobe was still sick another reason why they lost.

Acardona ~ great to see you again! it has been way too long!!!!


I know you know that bluecrewgirl.

Yeah Manny!!! Come on Andre!!!

Hey Acardona – Andre who? LMAO!!!!

I think it’s safe to say Manny likes Dbacks pitching!

Manny’s being Manny tonight.

hello TruBlu! how are you doing? between school and work I find it hard to come on here even for a few minutes.. I really miss this blog though! Believe it or not I haven’t been to a game yet, BUT I’m going to one of the games against the Angels this month! yay!

thanks trueblue, its great to be back with my people!!!! I love all dodger fans

Nelly – LOL!! how are you doing girl?? long time no see! or.. talk! haha

Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny.

Hey AC!

I am doing great!!!! Andre is doing a fabulous job so far this season, along with all of the Dodgers it appears right now.

Hey, arcardona! Long time no see. Nelly, Andre was talking about how he loves Chorizo in the video clip and he was telling what it is made of. I just looked up what tripe is and I definitely won’t be trying Chorizo. Yuck.

I wasn’t sure Johnny was going to pitch tonight.

I’m doing great, Acardona. I understand how busy you have been. Just drop by from time to time to say hi and then we know you are okay.

LOL!!! funny bluecrewgirl 🙂 I lived in Memphis. Tripe isn’t anything compared to what they it there.

nelly – absolutely! I’m Lovin the team we have right now! i definately think we’re going all the way this year!! Bring The Ring In 2009 right!?!?!?


hey there Enchanted! how are you? any new drawings this season??

red pen – “eat” not “it”


hey bluecrewgirl!! man its like a family gathering in here for me!! haha!


enchanted is our songwriter…..northstateblues is our artist. Unless, enchanted, you have been hiding something from us – LOL!!!!

AWESOME! One for the books! Destiny!!
The boys in blue still feasting on the home cooking!

Great win tonight, let’s keep it up tomorrow! Should be interesting tomorrow with Weaver, hopefully he does great!! Nite all!


What does Johnny say?????????????

Nice one enchanted!!! I think you are getting better with each ndeschenesesk post.

NL history tonight! Way to go, boys!

I’ve been watching the Lakers and the Dodgers with the ol’ picture-in-picture and the reason they lost was they were 2 for 18 from 3-point land.

Johnny says, “What the hell am I doing in here? It’s not a save situation!!!”

Only disappointment for me is the small crowd turnout. Wish I could have been there.

trublu – yeah I usually come on the website about once a day just to check up on things but i never really get to the chance to come on the blog. I’ll put more effort in to saying hi even if its only for a few minutes!! I really do miss this blog 🙂

Fu Qy’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We made history tonight!!!

oh I’m sorry enchanted!! I don’t know why I got you two confused for a second! I meant any new songs this season!? lol

I knew my Nells wouldn’t let me down!!!!

Good Evening dodgereric!!!! As for the Lakers, that would do it. Can’t miss those three shots like that 🙂

Johnny says, “Can’t touch this” – 13 innings, 2 hits, 4 walks, 23 K’s, WHIP=0.46

The Dodgers are the first National League team to win it’s first 11 games at home.
We own the National League record.
Back to 1876.

There might be a new one or three on dodgereric’s blog AC.

One more victory and they tie the major league record. It would be very cool if they break it.

enchanted- cool I’ll have to check them out! I’m probly far behind since I haven’t been on in so long!

I’m wondering why Vinnie was just looking to the major league record of 12 by the Tigers in 1911.
I mean we broke a record.

Congratulations to our 2009 Dodgers!! 11 home games!! fantastic!!

Who would’ve thought that Stults would have more wins right now than Kershaw and Wolf combined?

okay guys.. this was short but sweet 🙂 I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow! but I’ll be back on tomorrow night!! GREAT talkin with ya’ll!! have a great night 🙂

Acardona = Ethieraholic and Doyer fan for life!!
Congratulations Doyers!!!

Later AC. Glad you could stop by!!

I didn’t think – lol!!

good night acardona – thanks for stopping by and have a great day tomorrow 🙂

Yeah, Pierre. He did seem like he was somewhat ignoring the NL mark.

I just saw yet another replay of Manny’s HR. I noticed that no less than 5 people with those dynamite seats behind home plate had their heads down (probably texting) when Manny made contact on that 3/2 pitch. Geez, if you’re not going to be paying attention, give the seats to someone who will. What a waste of money.

I know……………..that is so very annoying Eric, to watch those folks back there. Most of them could care less about what is happening in the game. I am sure Frank doesn’t care though, does he?

Nah, a buck’s a buck!

I wouldn’t mind have their season tickets. Those seats almost always seem to empty out before the end of a game.

LOL!!! no kidding!! Well, if the crowd in the dugout club is the only thing we can complain about, the Dodgers are doing pretty good right now, aren’t they. I even got a compliment from Michael tonight saying how we had the best record in the league. This was after his team had lost to the Cubs. Like you said yesterday, our test will come when we play the teams outside of our division, especially on the pitching end.

bluecrewgirl – my girlfriend and I sat right above that section …the first row in section 1, and it was awesome to be that close. However, I am just has happy being anywhere there.

Me too, there really aren’t too many bad seats at Dodger Stadium.

I think the only deck I haven’t sat in is the top deck, which I am assuming is an adventure in itself.

The top deck is fun, at least it used to be. It’s been a while, but it was full of the same people you’d meet in the bleachers. Which is to say, blue collar types like myself. I’ve been fortunate enough to sit in every section, including the old dugout seats once.

I guess I need to sit in those new orchestra seats now.

Well, I technically haven’t sat in the dugout club section. I was just one row shy of it though and obviously treated just like a normal fan. I had to go get my own food 🙂

bluecrewgirl – Another great video by Andre 🙂

Well, I finally got my NASCAR stuff out and I’m fighting sleep. Good night nelly and bluecrew! God Bless ya’ll!

Well, I am glad you got your NASCAR stuff done. I am heading to bed too. Good Night dodgereric and God Bless to you as well 🙂

Good Night bluecrewgirl – Have a wonderful day tomorrow and I will catch up with you during the game if you are around.

Goodnight to you both and talk to you soon):

Good morning ITD, Dodger Faithful……… Well the Boy’s just continue get it done. 19 – 8 ~ 5.5 games ahead of the Jints, Best record in baseball at this point, and owners of the best home start ever from any NL team. Simply AMAZING and a whole lot of fun!!!!
Great game last night once again, Back to back homers from Manny and Andre, awesome defense and the pitching pulled together and got it done 🙂
Tonight we go at it again, Weaver on the mound against Scherzer, lets keep this thing going, Boy’s!!!
Stay just a little bit longer, this is so much fun!!!!
Enjoy the Day All 🙂

Good morning Dodger4life and the rest of ITDland. This certainly has been an enjoyable team to watch. Keep up the good work, Dodger Blue! Have a fantastic day everyone!!!

Does’nt this feel just Wonderful!!!!!!
Dont bother knockin just come on in 🙂
I LOVE L.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s the way to get us going, Dodger4life!!!!!

Good morning Tru and all……It is our beloved Boy’s in Blue that are doing all the work. Just Taking Care of Buisness!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

GREAT GAME LAST NIGHT….sooooo proud of my BOYS IN BLUE. Back to back homeruns!!!!!YEAH!

Well it is a great morning and with DODGER4LIFE spreading DODGER CHEERS….HERE IT GOES
Can you take me to…DODGERTOWN
Can you take me to…DODGERTOWN
Yes it is Alvin & the chipmunks…I have kids!

WAIT I posted it wrong.
Here it goes AGAIN:

That’s the spirit!!!

Good morning ITD boys & girls!
I LoVE IT that we have been singing “I LOVE LA” for every home game!
Weavie: Have a great game guerito!
Holly wacamole Enchanted! Great job with the ndeschenesesk! Holly history! I also sat in the old dugout seats once.
Next time you all are in town I’ll go get you so you can meet the Top Deck family inlcluding our unofficial photographer who is sits in the same row I sit. He is always telling the fans “let me do that for you and you can be in the picture.” Saturday I think I will take a cake for one of our “Top Deck family” who just got her Masters.

I love it Rose!
Won’t you take me to Dodgertown!
Won’t you take me to dodgertown!!
Dodgertown, Dodgertwon…
Funny this guy that sits in back of me just said “Emma, what are you doing? you are putting your hand up like you are doing the walk of the egiptian.” I was just enjoying the song. I still have to listen to the ones D4 posted.

Josh Josh!
Can we have requests for Nancy Bea to play? Please, pretty please? Maybe I’ll take her some flowers over the weekend.

Tony Jackson: I miss reading your columns and blog 😦

Wow do anyone buy those 2.50 ticket to a game even parking cost more?

I’m not sure what my great grandmother condition is but she still alive and been in the hospital since Friday but still pray for her and my whole family if you haven’t yet and let’s get win #12 at home and sweep the dback and overall win at #20 and also Let’s go Cubs damn I feel dirty saying that after we swept the Cubs out of the playoff last year.

Is those the Pierrewood or Sweeneywood or maybe Joneswood sits out there lol.

SPIT – Well hopefully your grandma gets better soon. And I will keep praying.


I was just going back to some old thread from Dec 28, 2007 it bring back some memory of even Furcal playing 2nd bases and even this one. It’s the Dominican Winter League, not the big leagues Jose Lima is among the leaders in ERA and Carlos Perez is up there in wins). I wonder what happen to Kiper04 or did he change name yet and I didn’t even recognize him yet.


I agree fliegel – a no trade clause has got to be even dumber than the $$.

But let’s not get too excited fellas – Ethier won’t be traded just for back of the bullpen help, and Torre’s [hopefully] not stupid. With the thought of limited playing time, losing his consecutive games streak, and a majority of Dodger fans ready to boo his every step, I’m sure JP would be more than happy to waive his “no trade” clause.

By enchantedsunset@msn.com on January 1, 2008 11:03 AM
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I agree Enchanted. Pierre signed to leadoff and play centerfield. He will probably not do either with the Dodgers in 08. Now throw in the shared playing time and he will most likely be more than happy to approve a trade. Let’s hope Ned can get it done. Either now or before the July trade deadline when a desperate team my take him. That may be our best hope of unloading him.

By jhall1218@yahoo.com on January 1, 2008 11:24 AM

My favor 2 posts.

Holy Crap I didn’t even know RIP Dom DeLuisa.


I don’t know if anybody is watching the Indians/Jays game, but the Indians were winning 6-3 going into the 7th, and it is now 10-6 Jays. Pitching, pitching, pitching……………our test will be when we leave our division. However, for now………………..GO DODGERS!!!!!! #12 is yours for the taking. GO GET’EM BOYS!!!!!

What the heck a throw away game for the Cubs? No Bradley, Soriano, Ramirez. Theriot and Sota. Wow Pinella is really stupid than Torre.


Oh man the same with the Astros and Nats.

“…Ethier won’t be traded just for back of the bullpen help, and Torre’s [hopefully] not stupid.
By enchantedsunset@msn.com on January 1, 2008 11:03 AM

Obviously my hopes were soon dashed…

… and continue to be so.

Good luck in tonight’s start, Jeff Weaver. May your outing tonight be as successful as your last one.

Wow! No post since 12:59? Anyone seen the latest Dodger magazine? the one with O-Dog on the cover when he got the cycle? Did I mention I am in the magazine?. One pic is from the Bluetopia premiere and the other is with my 70’s outfit.


LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! too funny 🙂

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