Another Tony Tribute…

This one from team travel manager Scott Akasaki, who has come out of hibernation for his first blog post in some time. He obviously wanted to share these thoughts…

About three nights ago, Tony Jackson of the Daily News was laid off and I would be remiss if I did not take the opportunity to dictate a short story about something he did for me.  A couple years ago, I had surgery to remove two cysts and a benign tumor from inside my spinal chord.  The surgery was very delicate and during my rehabilitation period, I spent many hours at home trying to re-learn the most simple of tasks like taking a shower, putting on pants, and walking without losing my balance. 

My friends and family were very supportive with cards of encouragement, gift baskets, books, flowers, and a variety of different care packages.  Perhaps the most unique gift came from Tony, when he sent me a dozen bottles of barbeque sauce from the Montgomery Inn, an Ohio-based restaurant chain. 

Tony worked in Cincinnati when he was a beat writer for the Reds.  He learned of my affinity for barbeque so whenever we went to Cincinnati, we made plans to have a meal at the Montgomery Inn.  At those meals, we did not talk about the Dodgers but more about our different upbringings and our shared life experiences.  The barbeque sauce always made our meals good but Tony’s unique outlook on life made our meals memorable.  I will miss my friend Tony Jackson on the Dodgers’ beat. 

And here’s tonight’s lineup…

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

Wolf, P



    Relating back to the last thread and Mazone’s butt problem, I wonder if JP could develop a butt abscess sitting on the bench, or is that just wishfull thinking on my part. Well, at least he’s not out in the field tonight, so

  2. colliethec

    Scott — I’m glad you recovered from your surgery. They can be very delicate.
    I had a post on the last thread that jokingly had Pierre playing catcher for Martin to get speed on the base paths to take advantage of Young.
    Bummer I got new threaded!
    Giants lost 5-1.
    If we win tonight we’ll be up 4 1/2!
    Go Blue!!!
    Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!!

  3. nellyjune

    Oh I got it dcollins…………..

    LOL!!! I saw Pierre and lineup in the same sentence and thought Matt……I knew it wouldn’t have been Andre, but I would have been pissed just the same. I am with jungar, not that I ever want Manny, Andre or Matt sitting, but if they are going to give the lame *** excuse that they need to keep Pierre fresh and give the outfielders a rest, Manny needs to rest too. I dare them to do it because nobody wants that happening. As far as rest, out of the three of them, he, just based on age, should need the most rest, right?

    By nellyjune on May 2, 2009 4:02 PM

  4. shad78

    Damn yahoo still have Pierre 0/6 in CS’s against Young when it should be 6/6 for his career. I’m praying for alot of steals from Kemp and probably Manny would put one out.

  5. nellyjune

    Scott – that is some story, and I am glad everything worked out for you. Those are some of the best gifts. The ones with memories attached to them. Like I commented yesterday, I always looked forward to Tony’s take on the games and situations that we were discussing here on ITD. He will be missed by many of us on ITD.

  6. enchantedbeaver

    That was a great story from Scott – thanks for sharing it.

    Hard to say which one we should name Mazone’s butt problem after – Joe and Juan are both a pain in the ***.

  7. lny4loney

    Going to the game tonight!!
    I am thrilled with the Dodgers play!!
    But I am still mystified by JoJo. How can you sit the NL’s #2 RBI man for Juan frickin’ Pierre? It’s just amazing.
    Also, how can you sit a blossoming 30-30 man who’s been playing a terrific center field (well, one bad game a few days ago) for Juan frickin’s Pierre? It’s just amazing.
    Finally, how the heck do you bat a guy with Matt Kemp’s speed 7th. I think 7th is the worst possible spot for a speedster. If he singles and steals a base or if he doubles, the opposition just walks Casey to get to the pitcher. Batting seventh minimizes the value of speed more than any other spot in the lineup. Batting 8th is better, because nobody’s walking the pitcher due to an open base. Even batting 9th is better (thus forcing me to give JoJo a tiny modicum of credit for realizing that if he moronically insists on starting that worthless piece in baggy pants that he should bat ninth due to his speed).
    Popgun is doing surprisingly well at bat so far. But has anybody noticed that Delwyn Young has as many extra-base hits in 6 ABs as Juanpy has in 23? Each has one double.

  8. scott_in_arcadia

    Thank you Tony Jackson for good beat writing and not being a butt kiss like the Times writers. You will be missed.
    Nice lineup for a change. Why are the Dodgers not challenging their players to play as many games as possible instead of trying to find ways to get Pierre starts?

  9. nellyjune

    Hey lny4loney!! It’s great to see you!!! Have fun at the game tonight, and don’t get me started with the Pierre thing and sitting #16 or #27 for that matter. Just unacceptable really!!!

  10. trublu4ever

    Dcollin ~ I guess Halliday is out of the question for us, considering they want a “boatload” for him. A Garden Gnome wouldn’t do the trick, would it? How about the Garden Gnome and a few washed up pitchers?

  11. oldbrooklynfan

    Tony Jackson will be missed for sure.
    Hi everybody at ITD.
    The Giants lost and we’re 4 up.
    That should ease the pressure.
    I can’t wait for another exciting game.

  12. colliethec

    Tru — We should ask, “A boatload of what?”. Because well I think you can tell where I’m going here.

  13. bluecrewgirl

    Hey everyone. I was thinking today about last night’s win and this season so far really does remind me of 1988 when the little things that add up during the course of a long season seem to be going their way.


    Taking out the Ethier vs Peavy to play Juan, but not playing him vs Young who has to be the easiest guy in baseball to steal off is just old man gone cuckoo logic.


    Unless circumstances radically change in Toronto, Halliday will be going nowhere in the forseeable future. And when and if he does become available, you can bet that Pierre and Halliday will not even be mentioned in the same sentence. Our pitching problems are much more immediate. The only “boatload” that I’m thinking about is the amount of runs we’re going to have to score every night if our pitching doesn’t improve soon. What’s going to happen when we start playing some of the NL’s elite teams like the Cardinals, Mets, Braves, Phillies, Marlins, etc…..?

  16. colliethec

    Young is a good pitcher. Hopefully we can make him throw some pitches & get their bully out there.
    Young is a pitcher that when he gets grooving can really shut other teams down.

  17. colliethec

    That was ripped. Casey just missed having that go out.
    Kemp with a good AB and that was a good line drive hit by Martin.
    Down 1 but we are looking good.


    No big surprise on Weaver and Jimmy Mack. Maybe we can catch lightning in a bottle with Weaver and Mac can straighten himself out in the bullpen.

  19. nellyjune

    dcollins – Dre’s out of sync because he had to sit the bench for no good reason after a mulit-hit game the day before. At least wait until he has a bad day before giving him the day off. He’s had maybe 2 bad games this whole stretch and you bench him after a mulit-hit game.

  20. colliethec

    Don’t get mad at me Nelly! I’m not the one writing the lineup card ;)… (You said “you bench him” LOL)

  21. nellyjune

    Kyle is my #2 guy – gotta love those Joe Gibbs racers!!! I really wanted Denny to win, but that pit stop killed him big time, and they will hear about it I’m sure.

    As for Andre………..if this issue were reversed and it was JP still on his consecutive game streak, they wouldn’t be benching him. Same here…………..why are you benching a player who is on a roll like he is ………………… just killed his momentum last night. JP has no momentum…………..JP has nothing πŸ™‚

  22. nellyjune

    Yes, Jeff should have changed those tires. What happened to Jimmie? Tough night for him too. Eric isn’t going to be a happy Commish either. Jimmie is his guy.

  23. bluecrewgirl

    Nelly, after the game on Dodgers Live they are having a segment on Dining with ‘Dre, so I will give you a report. I agree that having the night off when he was in such a groove may have put him out of sync a bit, but he’ll get it back. Maybe Chris Young spent some time watching film of his nemesis and trying to figure out how to pitch to him during his rehab, lol.

  24. nellyjune

    It is kind of cool they call Andre his nemsis. That has got to be a compliment, just like the intentional walks. Thanks bluecrewgirl.

  25. colliethec

    JJ is my #2 favorite. I don’t do fantasy or anything I just pull for certain guys.
    I used to really follow racing back in the 70’s & 80’s when I was younger. When I got older I was always gone with friends on Saturdays & Sundays so I sort of lost interest.
    I was a Mario Andretti guy. Bobby Allison, Buddy Baker, David Pearson, and of course The King.

  26. nellyjune

    I loved Bobby Allison and the whole Allison family………A.J. Foyt too. I have two fantasy teams……one with Denny, Ryan Newman, Kasey Kahne and David Ragan (currently 2nd place) and my other one has Kyle, Casey Mears, Regan Smith and Joe Nemecheck (not doing so well in that league).

  27. nellyjune

    dcollins – I like a bunch of drivers really……….they just all seem down to earth and just fun to watch. I do like Jimmie, Jeff, Tony Stewart and the new #20, Joey Logano.

  28. nellyjune

    Looks like we are going to see Ramon… now there is hope………….Let’s go Ramon!!!!

  29. enchantedbeaver

    Another long night for the bully. Even the so-called veterans can’t even get into the 6th.

  30. colliethec

    Got it!
    The walk didn’t hurt!!
    Way to go Troncoso!!!!!
    Let’s go banggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. oldbrooklynfan

    Wolf 5.1 but he struggled in the last two innings after the second out in the 5th inning.


    A double shot inning for sure, nelly!!!!….I guess I don’t recall that one, E,

  33. enchantedbeaver

    7 freaking pitches and three outs. Way to make Young work late in the game.

    Any AB for Pierre is a freakin’ waste.


    Looks like another nailbiter again tonight, ITD’ers. Young has solved his stolen base problem the old fashioned way.

  35. colliethec

    Yup. Bad call.
    & Pop Up doing his best to keep that nickname.
    If he wasn’t wearing the Blue it would really be very funny.

  36. enchantedbeaver

    Another nice efficient inning from Wade. Hope his arm doesn’t blow up – he could be our salvation in the pen.


    Friars still only have one hit, don’t they? Can’t let this pitching performance go to waste.

  38. nellyjune

    Hey!!! At least he took his 5 pitches before getting his out!!!! Better than those first ball, hit and out guys πŸ™‚

  39. colliethec

    2 Sky. The dinger in the 1st and then the single up the middle that the O-Dog snagged.
    Time to end this!!

  40. nellyjune

    nice job Cory Wade πŸ™‚

    Fine!!! Bench Andre – see if I care!!!!! You can just have your JP slammed against the outfield wall like he is stuck to it.

  41. bluecrewgirl

    Enchanted, don’t go giving Joe any crazy ideas for when he’s sipping that green tea after the game, lol.

  42. nellyjune

    dcollins – I must admit that was fun, and I am still having fun with it.l…………………absolutely hilarious!!!


    Slappy McPopup sounds like a turnover pastry. Indigestable, to be sure….Somebody hit a bomb and end this thing!!!!!!

  44. dodgereric

    Hi e!

    Interesting how having Manny in the lineup kind of makes you want to stop playing the game. I really don’t want Hudson to bunt Furcal over.

  45. vl4ecc

    No brainer they would walk Manny. Golden opportunity here. Hope Andre can cash in with at least a long sac fly.

  46. enchantedbeaver


  47. sparkleplenty_1

    One heck of a long single, there, Andre, but it’s good enough to win . . . and we’ll take it!

  48. colliethec

    Everyday DREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    Everyday he does something to help his team win!
    Ethieraholics rejoice!!!!!!!!

  49. colliethec

    Nelly it’s because Pierre is hitting .375 & Dre is only @ .308. Also Pierre is a better base stealer! It’s so obvious!! πŸ™‚

  50. dodgereric

    I just stumbled across something interesting. Twenty-three more wins and we’ll have 10,000 in franchise history.

  51. nellyjune

    enchanted – Andre will give the credit to the pitching for keeping them in the game. He always does.

  52. oldbrooklynfan

    This is a first for me, I started rooting for the Dodgers right after the ’46 playoffs.

  53. enchantedbeaver

    So do Manny. Ferk and Marty get the day off tomorrow?

    At least we’d have a strong bench…

  54. nellyjune

    oldbrooklynfan – There is no cure. There is a 12-step program, but it’s very ineffective.

    dcollins – precisely πŸ™‚


    Now that was weird!!! I was following the game from you guy’s posts because audio was way behind video. We’re winning the squeakers, guys. A real good sign!!!!!

  56. enchantedbeaver

    You can correct me if I’m wrong, but if we win all of our home games and half on the road, I think we’ll win the division.

  57. oldbrooklynfan

    Two walk off in a row and the 9 straight home victory tying the record.
    Let’s hope they start hitting tomorrow.

  58. nellyjune

    It was really good to see Russell go 3 for 4. A much better night for him, and hopefully this is a turning point out of the slump he has been in.

  59. bluecrewgirl

    Andre is really learning to handle the pressure in the big game situations. That was one long single. I thought it was his first career grand slam for a minute. Matt cracks me up when the Dodger’s win on a walk off or have a big victory. He gets so excited. You can tell he really has fun playing the game.

  60. bluecrewgirl

    Andre is really learning to handle the pressure in the big game situations. That was one long single. I thought it was his first career grand slam for a minute. Matt cracks me up when the Dodger’s win on a walk off or have a big victory. He gets so excited. You can tell he really has fun playing the game.

  61. sparkleplenty_1

    In Andre’s comments after the game, he DID give credit to the pitching in particular and the team in general. He downplays his own contributions but we know how much he loves to play and how competitive he is. All us ecstatic Ethieraholics rejoice being able to watch him mature into the player he is becoming. Maybe we can call him the Mr. Clutch of Baseball.

  62. nellyjune

    See, he gave credit to the pitching tonight in the postgame show. He gave credit to every pitcher πŸ™‚

  63. vl4ecc

    Even with the lack of scoring the last couple of games, they’re still averaging more than 5 runs per game.
    I like it.

  64. dodgereric

    Yeah, I know you don’t. I was rubbing it in a little! πŸ™‚

    This game reminds me that we are not built for extra innings with 13 pitchers on the roster.

  65. bluecrewgirl

    Nelly, they just had the Dining with ‘Dre segment and it sounds like they are going to have more televised segments that are similar to his blog. It was at the El Ninos restaurant that he already reviewed in his blog and his mom, grandmother, grandfather (I think it was his mom’s dad, he called him his poppy) and Maggie were there. He ordered the beef enchiladas and then he went back in the kitchen and did a little commentary while they made the food. It went back to their table where he tasted his food and he was worried he was going to burn his mouth on camera because the food was just out of the oven. It ended with him out in front of the restaurant and he said to join him again, so it sounded like there will be more. Bluecrewgirl reporting for ITD. Back to enchanted and seesky for closing remarks and the passing of the victory flask, lol.

  66. nellyjune

    Fine!!! I see how it is……..- How about that race? – What happened to Jimmie? (jk) LOL!!! I should be talking……..Denny’s pit crew blew it for him 😦

  67. bluecrewgirl

    Correction on the name of the restaurant, I just checked his blog and it’s Ninos, not El Ninos.

  68. nellyjune

    That’s very cool bluecrewgirl – thank you and very good commentary πŸ™‚ I had read that he was going to do a Korean BBQ next.

  69. bluecrewgirl

    Thanks, dodgereric. I didn’t know if the was a way to make the Spanish “n.” I think you can do it in Word, not sure.

  70. bluesplash09

    Awesome win for the boys in Blue, we are now tied with the cardinals for the best record in baseball. This team is special, we have shown we can win with the blowout and also win the close ones. Billz goes for #5 tommorrow and I think our offense is gonna put up some runs to start us out 10-0 at beautiful Dodger Stadium this year. Get ready to see some special things this year Dodger Fans. GO DODGERS!!

  71. dodgereric

    I also wanted to write a little in Яussian, but sometimes their letters are backwards. Иo can do. 😦

  72. nellyjune

    You are welcome bluecrewgirl!!! He seems to be getting more comfortable talking to the media…….not so many “ums” – lol. I am sure it is nerves. Also, tru read that he isn’t taking pictures with fans as much anymore. I am guessing someone crossed the line somewhere down the line to spook him a little bit. It’s sad that people have to go to that extreme, especially with some athletes who you know are trying their best to protect their families and are pretty private to begin with. If you really follow Andre as a fan, you would know he is pretty private and on the quiet side. Shame on the person who made him leary of taking pictures.

  73. kpookiemon

    Not sure why Joe likes to sit everybody on the same day…….but then, it’s not like Blake and Martin are ripping the ball. I’ll enjoy this run while it lasts. The law of averages say there will be dark days too. Pile ’em up while you can, boys!

  74. bluecrewgirl

    I read that too and it’s sad for the majority of fans that just want a smile and a hello and a picture. Hopefully, he’ll change his mind about it in future because I don’t think the majority of fans should be punished for the sake of a few, but I am sure it probably does have to do with likely much more than one person crossing the line.

  75. nellyjune

    I am sure it’s more than one thing that happened too. I believe dcollins got an autograph and a picture when he was at AT&T Park.


    No doubt the darker days are coming. Hopefully, this year, they will be shorter in duration. we need to maintain equilibrium; don’t get too high with wins and too low with losses.

  77. nellyjune

    That’s it? I thought there was some magic key on the keyboard, perhaps a function key, that did all that.
    Thanks for the lesson πŸ™‚

  78. dodgereric

    Oh, there’s probably something like that for someone who’s more computer-literate than this old ditch-digger. But I sure don’t know how.

    Now about that Jimmie crack…….

  79. nellyjune

    I really, really, really felt bad for him. I just didn’t realize he was that far back and usually he works his way up fairly quickly to be in contention in the end. His car normally doesn’t behave that wayso I was very surprised. I kind of felt all along a pit stop would make or break Denny, especially with the amount of cautions they were predicting and actually happened.

  80. dodgereric

    He had a good car. He didn’t qualify very well, but he was moving up when he notified Knaus that his brake pedal was going to the floor. That’s not a good thing anywhere, but especially not on a 3/4 mile track. He pitted a couple times on the next caution while they tried to fix it and went down a couple of laps. When he came out of the pits it was just as they were restarting and didn’t get into the right position. NASCAR made him do a drive-thru that put him 3 laps down – that was their night. It then got worse when he got caught up in a crash right in front of him.

    After he went down 3, I started rooting for Hamlin. That’s when he had his lugnut problem and he went from first to eighth. He never recovered from that pitstop. I guess I was a jinx tonight.

  81. nellyjune

    Yea – I saw the brake issue and the black flag. It just was not his day. Kasey Kahne had a tough day as well.

    So, Martin, Blake and Furcal sitting……………so that means Ausmus, DeWitt and Loretta I am assuming.

  82. dodgereric

    OK, rest Blake tomorrow. Maybe Furcal. But Martin? He’s been slumping all season. He hit the ball hard twice on Friday and was 3-for-4 tonight. Yeah, sit him down. Don’t want him to get on a roll.

  83. dodgereric

    DeWitt went back to Albuquerque again. Castro will play short, I’m sure because Loretta will be at third for Blake. Hmm, with Furcal on the bench, can Torre resist from playing Pierre for Manny? What a lineup:

    Pierre LF
    Hudson 2B
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Loney 1B
    Loretta 3B
    Ausmus C
    Castro SS

    That’s not much of a stretch, and that’s every sub we have. Oh, for the days of the 10-man staff.

  84. nellyjune

    That’s right………….I forgot about that. Well, that will make things interesting. I hope they don’t screw Billz out of is 5th win.

  85. sparkleplenty_1

    With the way Joe mismanages and overuses the bullpen, we will never be able to carry a 10-man staff. I have concerns about the way he burns out pitchers before their time. This does not bode well for the future of the organization.

  86. dodgereric

    Well, we’re still playing San Diego.

    I better hit the rack. G’night Junie, give my best to your wonderful family and God Bless! And you too sparkle!

  87. shad78

    You sure is not going to be like this eric.

    Hudson 2B
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Loney 1B
    Loretta 3B
    Ausmus C
    Castro SS
    Pierre LF

  88. shad78

    Torre can’t resist mismanaging and you have to blame the starters for not doing the job and not get into the 7th innings.

  89. shad78

    oops I meant this.

    Hudson 2B
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Loney 1B
    Loretta 3B
    Ausmus C
    Castro SS
    Billingsley P
    Pierre LF

  90. Dodger4life

    Good Sunday morning ITD and Dodgerfaithful, I just finished watching last nights highlights. I must say that was some celebration πŸ™‚
    Good Job Boy’s!!!!
    Keep on keepin on…….
    Have a wonderful day everyone πŸ™‚
    GO DODGERS!!!!!
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

  91. nellyjune

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!!!

    dodgereric/sparkleplenty – You beat me out last night……I fell asleep at the switch as dodgereric would say.

    Fabulous game last night!! Let’s go for #10 today. That would be awesome. I have on my Billz t-shirt with my Ethier jersey. GO DODGERS!!!!!

  92. trublu4ever

    Please Joe, let the regulars play today for Billz. We want to keep our home winning streak alive and Billz needs the best defense behind him.

  93. bluecrewgirl

    Nelly, I found the episode of Dining with ‘Dre on Fox Sports:

    It’s on the right hand side where it says More Videos, and it’s on page 3. The guy I think is his grandfather, is his papa, Frank, so I go that wrong in the previous update. Anyway, enjoy. He might have a career on The Food Network when he retires, lol.

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