1. colliethec

    Woo hoo! I made it to 1st.
    I hope all is well with everybody. Great game yesterday.
    Go Blue!!
    Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

  2. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    Wow! The Dodgers on Facebook??? Does that leave only little, old me NOT on FB? Again, I will consider it.

    Thx Eric for the kind words. Yes, it does feel good to be part of the working community again! My next step is to get a more permanent job.

    DC – Great stories about DeWitt and Lindblom. Very cool stories indeed! And the letter you sent to the Times about the violence at DS is right on the mark.

  3. cpompe1

    *** Note to Josh ***
    I know this isn’t exactly your area, but if you can PLEASE ensure that the Security Office for the Dodgers (or whatever it’s called) gets all of our messages. These thugs are ruining the great Dodger experience for us. My mom has season seats and loves the Dodgers so much, that I can’t even fathom the thought that she very well may get hurt while at the game. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, forward these messages!!!

  4. trublu4ever

    Good evening Dcollins & Cp ~ I thought Josh had read the complaint by you, dcollins, at the end of last season and had passed it on to those in charge of security.

  5. cpompe1

    Hey Tru! It’s been a while! Yeah, I know Josh did read dc’s complaint at the end of last season and I’m sure has passed it onto those in charge of security. But these incidents are ridiculous and should never happen; not at an MLB park. I just get sooooo frustrated when I hear about things like this (here or in any MLB park) that I, well, there I go again getting frustrated.

    So how are things with you Tru? I know you and Nelly are heading down south, but are you leaving early in the morning tomorrow?

  6. trublu4ever

    CP ~ I’m not going on this trip. It’s just Nelly and her family. We are coming again probably in June and July or July and August. We may even go see the Dodgers play in San Diego. I’ve never been to Petco and I’d love to cheer for the Dodgers there, too!

  7. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!

    CP – tru isn’t doing this trip…….just my gnat family. However, we will be planning our summer games soon, and as soon as wreak do we will let you know which games we will be going to. Those trips will be all girls………..me, Mariya, mom, and my sister.

  8. cpompe1

    Okay, sorry Tru. My mistake! Nelly, I’ll talk later. I’ve gotta go right now. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

  9. sparkleplenty_1

    I’m sure you’ll all have a great time. If you’re coming south along the 5 through Orange County, wave in the direction of Dana Point – I promise I’ll wave back 🙂

  10. nellyjune

    Well, our destination is Del Mar, which is our homebase while we are down there. We are going to the Dodger game on Thursday, and on the other days, a variety of activities and some undetermined. We will see when we get there type of deal.

  11. bluecrewgirl

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to wish DY luck with the Pirates. Nelly, hope you have a great trip! CP, congratulations on your new job. That is great news! I am watching the Laker game and they just showed Loney and Kemp in the audience. They’ve interviewed Matt courtside at games before.

  12. selltheteam

    Here’s hoping that DY breaks into the Pirates starting lineup. Their current outfielders are fairly inept at the plate, other than McLouth. This may be a good trade from DY’s perspective.

  13. shad78

    I’m hoping those minor league are 2 pitchers. To make up Meloan and those other pitchers we traded to SD. You can’t really have too many pitchers on this team and we need all the pitchers we can get.

  14. shad78

    Nice I wanted to see more 57,099. Since we got Manny probably no more 56,000 since we got the largest capacity in the league now since both NY teams went to there new stadium.

  15. boblee4014

    I’m sure DY will make it big in Pittsburgh. Look at Konerko, just hit his 300th home run. Andruw Jones is 5 for 8 with a HR and 4 rbi’s for Texas. Ever wonder if it’s our management team

  16. arayd

    let’s see

    …dodger’s win a game last year while getting zero hits
    …dodger’s win a playoff series last year
    ….dodger’s get a run on a fourth out this year
    ….dodger’s get their 1st ever cycle IN LA & 1st in 40 years
    ….dodger’s are gonna…………what else this year?
    …..dodger’s manager looks other way at the long locks on a dreadlocked baseball rockstar, first time ever
    it’s been entertaining…hopefully it’ll be a championship year.

    O-dog is making me like the way torre pencils in the line-up. our farm-guys and ethier our showing they are more than capable of handling 4-8, russ just needs to knock in guys on base, which we ALL know he can. GO BLUE!

  17. trublu4ever

    Well said, Arayd. It is going to be an outstanding year! Now, let’s beat the Giants on Jackie Robinson Day! GO DODGERS!!!!!

  18. enchantedbeaver

    Can’t blame this management team for Konerko, but I know what you mean Bob – don’t have to look very hard to find a Ned blunder(s).

    Andruw’s miraculous turnaround can only mean one thing – he’s into the clear and the cream again.

    Let’s give Kersh some 11 run love tonight. Sure makes pitching easier.

  19. crzblue2

    Is a beautiful day here in the Los Angeles area! I drove down the 210 Foothill freeway and is just a gorgeous crispy day! I MISS YOU ALL!!
    had to put extra hours at work in order to be off on Monday!! What a fabulous Opening day that was! I had to clear my tears hearing Vin when he said “In all these years I needed you more than you needed me”. I saw men get chocked up too. Everyone did great and I am so proud of Billingsley’s performance! He did not walk a batter and struck out 13! My friend Deb said he will be inducted into their HS hall of fame next month.

    Congrats CP!!! You got a job!
    Is very unfortunately about the accident at the stadium on such a glorious day. I have to say that I have never witness any bad event at Dodger Stadium and I always stay until the end of the game. I sometimes walk by myself or I go with my brother. I either park inside the stadium or park outside or I take the bus there. I’ve done it all. I’ve sat with Giant fans, Padre fans but even if we pick on each other is always in a respectful way. Our security people are always on top of everything. I had a lady security come and talk to me one time asking me “Is that fan bothering you?”. I love that they take care of us. They see us day in and day out. I got to the stadium at 10:AM Monday and all around the stadium, the parkings, the parks were all full of people already celebrating so I guess some of those people started drinking too early. Why can’t people just get high on the game?. For me the perfect drink at the stadium is a cold lemonade
    Anyway, have a great Jackie Robinson day everyone!!! I want to leave early today so I got limited time. I don’t even have time to update my blog.

  20. dodgergirl17

    Wow what an opening day , very touching , this was my 18th opening day and again i felt it was my first , thank you , The American flag presentation was awsome being a cuban born american i was very proud to see our flag on the the field with all the other countries. Vin Scully , very classy man , i feel fortuanate to be a dodgers fan and to have the pleasure to have been listening to him for years. We love you Vinny , thank you for all you have done for the Dodgers, Also thanks you Fred Mc court for taking time to say hi to the fans just before the game , very classy , I WILL ALWAYS TREASURE IT . Orlando thank you for giving my youngest son (14) the awasome baseball history we witnessed , Have a great season BLUE CREW , Love Sara ( very proud dodger fan )

  21. thinkingblue

    Haahaa it is a beautiful day today…skies are BLUE! And everyone at ITD are having fun. Happy Jackie Day! Happy Birthday to Ausmus! and HAPPY DODGER BLUE DAY TO ALL!
    DCOLLINS had the best comment….1st!….haahah congratulation ‘D’
    NELLY you are super busy with all the links…I am trying to keep up and read them all….Delwyn traded…poor Martin he will be sad that his buddy left. Hopefully Delwyn gets more playing time as a Pirate…rrrrrrrr!
    I am still waiting on Ethier to write another blog…but it is not as important now, hitting HRs is more important!
    I will be checking out the facebook!
    Later all….GOOOOO DODGERS!

  22. shad78

    Yeah me to but the Konerko for Shaw really didn’t hurt us that bad imho that much to bad he didn’t stay he never got the chance to prove himself with us or even the matter with the Reds for that half of a season. What’s next Arayd? Kershaw and Stultz both pitches back to back no hitters for us and strikeout 15’s when the last time both teammates had back to back no hitter. I would love to see.

  23. shad78

    Wow the dback should be a shame to allowed that stole base to a pitcher and hahaha poor Garland getting lit up like a xmas tree.

  24. gomartin55

    wakefield was perfect through 7.. six outs away.. and he not only blew the perfect.. he blew the no-no.. and then the shut out.. SO close, yes SO far

  25. northstateblues

    Shad, found a pic of Marichal in Blue (with John Roseboro on the left):

    Juan Marichal LA: http://mlb.mlb.com/images/2005/05/17/5GyVOYtv.jpg

    And here’s the only player to play for all 4 of the New York-born teams, Darryl Strawberry:

    Dodgers: https://www.bestsportsphotos.com/images/t_24400_07.jpg
    Giants: https://www.bestsportsphotos.com/image.php?productid=35063
    Mets: http://paxarcana.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/darryl_strawberry.jpg
    Yankees: http://cache.daylife.com/imageserve/07ti62r1LKfla/340x.jpg

    And another shocker: Sparky Anderson in a Dodgers uniform:


    and here’s the team photo that picture was from:


  26. lbirken@aol.com

    Spit, I remember well when the Dodgers signed Marichal and he did not look right in Dodger blue. I have always talked about rooting for the uniform and not the player and I suppose if he could have helped the team maybe things would be different. Anyway, he did not last very long since he was at the end of his career so it never became an issue. I will agree that seeing Hershiser in a Giants uniform and Garvey in a Pads uniform never set well with me.

    That being said, I wish DY well (except when and if he faces the Dodgers). Sometimes things just work out better for a player after leaving one team for another. DY really had no position with the Dodgers. I suspect the Dodgers will hold on to Repko as insurance in case anyone gets hurt. And don’t forget Konerko was not able to take advantage of the opportunities he had with the Dodgers and did not really “make it” until he was traded by the Reds to the White Sox.

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