Meanwhile, back at the Ranch…

Been waiting all spring to use that line. We are, in fact, back at the Ranch for the next four days with home games in three of them (plus a “road” game against the Sox tomorrow.

We’ll be hosting some of the Dodger bloggers here for tomorrow’s game and showing them the our new digs and hopefully starting to shore up some of the final roster decisions to be made. Well, I guess we won’t be doing that but our baseball ops staff will be.

Here’s the lineup for today’s game against the Royals…no Casey Blake, as he and his wife are getting ready to have their third kid so congrats to the Blake family.

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 3B

Kuroda, P

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Congrat’s to the Blake family here too 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m coming to the game tomorrow, too! I want to get hosted! Come on, Josh, hook me up! First trip to Camelback for me and my two friends. We flew to Vero last year to say goodbye, now we’re excited about checking out the new pad. Driving out from LA to AZ tomorrow at 5am so we get there in plenty of time for the game.

I concur with the first post: Go Dodgers!!

Yeah I real lineup is about time.

Congrats Blake

oops I=a

Congratulations Casey and best wishes for your family. Finally, a real lineup.

Congratulations Casey Blake!!!!

Gotta love the lineup!!!!!

Ramslover would be proud of us. Eight posts and no mention of a certain person!

……’re killing me Smalls. It pains me not being able to mention his name. I will try and go a week……………… a day…………………, I will try for the next hour not to mention his name – sigh 🙂

That is an awesome line up….
For Those About To Rock!!!! We Salute You!!!!!
Prepare To Be Thunderstruck!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!
Go Get Em Blue!!!!

JOSH … thanks for the line up….let me just say…this line up looks great…to me this is the line that should be playing, but that’s just me:)
I belive it is somebody’s birthday today. JHALL…yup it is your birthday… I remember sharing birthdays with somebody. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JHALL! I know it sucks sharing birhtdays with JOE PIERRE…HAPPY BIRTH TO HIM TOO…HOPE HE GETS THE DAY OFF FOR HIS BIRTHDAY….it would sure make my birthday!
ROSE (a.k.a. DODGERSRULE and they will always RULE!)

[Clap, Clap] [Clap, Clap, Clap]
[Clap, Clap] [Clap, Clap, Clap]

A very happy b’day to Joepierre and JHall.

[Clap, Clap] [Clap, Clap, Clap]
[Clap, Clap] [Clap, Clap, Clap]
Lets get Kuroda some runs.

They forgot Ozuna.

and Sweeney lol.

Happy Birthday JoePierre, Jhall and Rose! LOTSA Birthdays today, heheh. My girlfriend and cousin have the same birthday today, and the same name. Crazy stuff, heheh

Congratulations to the Blake Family!!!


Happy B- Day Rose!!!!

Guys, I would like to commend everyone for not mentioning one such person…GREAT JOB….

Lets go Dodgers!!!!!

[Clap, Clap] [Clap, Clap, Clap]
[Clap, Clap] [Clap, Clap, Clap]
Lets get Kuroda some runs!!!

Thanks NSBLUES & DODGER4LIFE! Yup there is a lot of birthdays going on. Well NSBLUES I wish you girlfriend has a happy birthday aswell.
OOOH I have no idea who are we not mentioning…but I will not ask…and hopefully I didn’t ruined it by mentioning him or her (most likely him)
ROSE (a.k.a. DODGERSRULE and they will always RULE!)

Thanks Rose!

we shouldn’t mention his name. He makes everything about himself lately, not the team, so mentioning his name is what he’d WANT us to do, heheh.

Don’t let the Wookie win 🙂

Interesting Beatles song of the day: “Number 9… Number 9… Number 9… Number 9…”

Furcal, SS 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 .204
Hudson, 2B 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 .229
Ramirez, M, LF 2 0 2 0 0 0 0 .455
Ethier, RF 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 .254
Martin, C 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 .387
Loney, 1B 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 .242
Kemp, CF 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 .250
DeWitt, 3B 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 .286
Kuroda, P 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 .500
Totals 17 0 3 0 1 4 7

Damn Kuroda

Happy Birthday Rose!! Your comment earlier went right over my head – so sorry. I hope you are having a wonderful day!!

Happy Birthday to your girlfriend northstateblues……i hope you have a fun-filled evening too…… doubts I’m sure 🙂

I really think that Joe needs to rethink the batting order. I’m not impressed by Hudson at all batting second. If he’s going to bat Manny third, put Dre back to batting second where he flourished. I’d drop Hudson to 8th.

Happy Birthday to all parties concerned!!

Shades of last season when a guy with an ERA over 9 could look like Cy Young against us.

Thanks NELLY, don’t worry…I’m having an OK day so far (I’m at work) but it is time to blow the horn for me and the celebration begins…LET’S GO PARTY clap…clap, clap…clap…clap! I don’t want to work I just want to bang on a drum all day…..
E thanks…I know there are sooo many of us!

enchanted – I am kind of thinking the same thing with Ethier batting 2nd. I think he did such a good job getting on base for Manny at the end of last season, why not keep it that way. I just wasn’t sure where to put Hudson, but 8th isn’t so bad.

When Manny goes 3 for 3 and doesn’t knock anybody in, two people aren’t doing their job. Until he starts swinging the stick, Hudson’s a number 8 IMO.

I agree enhanted. Shouldn’t this be the time to be playing with the lineup instead of during the season when we didn’t see the same lineup for weeks and weeks and weeks. He seems to be okay still looking at pitching so why not see if different lineups will work better than others.

really?…….are you listening to this……the BP isn’t looking stellar……well, no %^&*!!!

Oh enchanted!!!! I forgot the “c” in your name. I am so sorry!!!!!!

..this is why Andre needs to bat 2nd……most of the time he gets on base, whether by hitting the ball or by drawing a walk. That’s what Manny needs, guys on base…..doesn’t matter how they get there.

Minty Fresh/Monkey Whiskers can stay 🙂

I found Enchanted’s C! lol

Good late afternoon ITD boys and girls!
So who are all the ITDers that are having birthdays today! Hmmm. Jhall, Joe Pierre, Rose!!! Happy birthday to all!!!

Y’all want to see who’s hanging around Camelback Ranch these days???

Oh, and congrats to the Casey Blake family!!!

I saw that earlier CP. Partially torn rotator cuff and can’t pitch anymore – whatcha waitin’ for Ned???

I know Enchanted. Another pitching reclamation project for Ned. Look how “successful” his other reclamation projects went for the Dodgers in ST??? :p

Hi CP! How are you doing?

My Nellygirl! I’m fine. I’m actually filling out employment applications. Someone that works with my husband at the post office has a sister that works at the CB (Seabees) Base in Port Hueneme. He sent a list of jobs (none of them pay that great) but they’re jobs nonetheless. So I’m filling out an application to see if I can work there – AS A CIVILIAN, NOT MILITARY. I mean, if I’m fortunate enough to land something there, THAT is definitely a place where there is room to grow!!!

Rose! Is your birhthday! Is your birthday! Hope you are having a great day!
Josh! I used the “Meanwhile Back at the Ranch” in a couple of my threads in my blogs.

I leave in two hours to Camelback Ranch so I don’t have much time to post. I’ll talk to you all later

Emma – You’re making another trek to Camelback??? Drive safely (or fly safely, however you’re going) and have loads of fun!!!

That’s great CP!!! As always, my prayers are with you!!!!

Emma – Have a great time!!!!

Thx Nelly!!!

Carol, Thanks! Good luck! Is so tough right now, There were 29 layoffs where I work. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
We are driving but we just made a change of plans since the freeways are so congested. Now we will leave very early in the morning.
Thanks DNelly! It was not my idea to go back but when my friend said she wanted to go back I just said “OK”.

Well boys and girls, here’s how I see our pitching staff:

SP – Kuroda, Wolf, Billz, Kersh, McDonald
RP – Lindblom, Mota
Swingman – Weaver
Sitch Lefty – Mazone
Set-up – Wade, Kuo
Closer – Brox

I don’t see how you could take anybody else over Lindblom, certainly not Estes or Milton, and Elbert needs to pitch regularly.

Good evening enchanted – Well, if that’s what we have to live with, it might be survivable…..might be. The BP did have a pretty good day today.

Enchanted – That pitching staff of yours looks good! Let’s hope and pray that this is our pitching staff that starts the 2009 season!

I think Kuroda, Wolf and Billz should average 6-7 innings per start, Kersh about 6 and Mac 5. Lets see where we are then by the trade deadline. IF Troncoso can straighten himself out, he could be a big addition later as well.

Well, I’ve gotta go. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Good night CP!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

enchanted – sounds good 🙂 ……… now for the batting order. Do we keep it the way it is, and hope our 1-2 batters figure out how to get on more often as I am hoping they will, or do we play around with the lineup while you still can to see other combinations.

I’m gonna go way out on a limb here…and predict DY starts the season on the DL. Funny how these nasty little injuries just seem to crop up on young talent–out of options, you understand–as the season approaches. Guess Ned is finalizing the last details of that Pierre trade.

I thought Enchanted/GM did the hiring and Dodgereric/Manager did the lineup. LOL I do like your assessment of the pitching staff, Enchanted.

Kahli ~ That would be the greatest news since Andre avoided arbitration!

Night CP!!!

ramslover – Kahli did it!!! He ruined the streak – LOL!!!!! jk..Kahli 🙂

tru – yes dodgereric/manager is in charge of the lineup, but since he is not here right now, I was getting the GM’s perspective. He brought it up this afternoon.

Well, since Manny wants to bat 3rd, I’d go with:

If I was making out the line-up:

Much like Manny did for Dre last year, I think Kemp could have a breakout year in front of Manny, and he’s really the prototype #3 hitter – power and speed.

Enchanted ~ right now I like Hudson in the #8 hole. According to Charlie and Rick on today’s game, they said Joe wants Manny 3rd so he can get more at bats during the season.

Phew, JP, Pierre, Herpierres, Pile, Trigger, Whining Wonder, Garden Gnome, Juan, Noodles, Noodlearm, Slappy McPopup, Juan for 4, Rally Killer, Worthless [panting and out of breath now.]
That’s been needing to come out all day. Thanks Kahli!!!

I like it enchanted. I like having Ethier help set the table so to speak, and if he manages to hit one out, then so be it. Then Manny walks if they don’t pitch to him and you have Loney, Kemp, Martin, etc. to get him in. I see the logic in your lineup as well. Andre manages to get himself on base either by hitting or drawing a walk. Matt doesn’t draw the walks as often and strikes out a bit too much and would definitely benefit from batting in front of Manny. Plus, like you said, he’s got the speed as well.

Yeah Kahli and Enchanted ~ it’s been bottled up inside me all day, too!

But, Matt has new contacts and says he is seeing the ball better than he has in the last 2 years and, promises he will not strike out as much.

If they want Manny to have more ABs during the season Tru, don’t take him out in favor of Slappy for defensive purposes.

Honestly with this line-up, if the first 4 hitters don’t average 4.5 PAs a game, then there’s something wrong.

LMAO!!!!!! That’s funny enchanted – I didn’t realize there were so many names for him. That list is pretty long for yougnomewho 🙂

I agree, Enchanted. Manny isn’t as bad a defensive player as people think. And, there is always the chance of extrra innings and we wouldn’t have him in the lineup.

The 2008 WIN baseball clinic pictures are posted on the Dodger site. You can go to the WIN sidebard from the Dodgers link or go to my blog. Amy is in several pictures, I am in two. One is the back of me at the luncheon after the baseball clinic (Amy is also on that one) and the other one is I am throwing the ball to a friend who gets down in position to catch it.

Josh: I have a blog and I will be there tomorow .. Am I invited? 🙂

Matt’d be seein’ a lot of fastballs in front of Manny.

To me, Hudson’s a perfect #8. Blake’s power is wasted in that slot because the pitcher’s up next. Hudson only has occasional power so they’re not going to be as apt to work around him. He also has the ability to work a walk and enough speed to stay out of forceplays on a bunt. You get Blake plodding along out there and you’ll have the pitcher running the bases more often than not.

Okay, it’s agreed……Hudson bats 8th! You call Joe, Enchanted and tell him our decision. and you are right about Matt. He says he can see the seams on the ball, so I predict he, Andre & James have a very good year.

….then you are letting the pitcher move Hudson over if necessary, with the top of the order coming up behind the pitcher – good thinking 🙂

See, Nellyjune, being manager isn’t that tough.

And if the pitcher can’t get the bunt down, O-Dog has the ability to steal the base. Blake’s still gonna be standing on first where it’ll take two hits to get him in.

Right on, Enchanted.

Definitely a good point enchanted 🙂

Gosh, I had no idea! I feel like a box of X-Lax…if they even make that stuff anymore…. But like I’ve said countless times, I’m NOT down on Pierre per se, he’s just a really stupid fit for this ball club. How in hell does Pierre help the Dodgers as a fourth outfielder? The number one criteria to fill that spot would be defense, especially with an aging, lead-glove, albeit, MVP like Ramirez penciled in EVERY day. Repko or Paul fills that ticket. Not a noodle arm who will NEVER throw the tying run out at the plate.

enchanted, I want Manny coming to the plate GUARANTEED in the first inning. But then, I’m only the Aesthetics Coordinator.


Kahli ~ we are glad you opened the discussion for the day. I, myself, had to avoid saying anything at all for most of the day……there wasn’t much to talk about.

The key though is to get Manny up in the first inning with men on base. With Furcal, Dre and Kemp, you’ve got .439/.375/.340 [2008] worth of OBP. Chances are at least one of the three will reach base for Manny to bat with someone on in the first. Move him up a notch and that pct. goes down.

Move him down a notch and there’s a great percentage chance he leads off the second inning. Double plays pop up, as well. Love to make that starter sweat a bit at the opening bell…and Manny batting third “almost assures” your clean-up hitter bats in the first inning with a man on base.

Joe is pretty much committed to batting Manny 3rd. The real question becomes, who bats 2 and 4?? Spring Training is a tough place to get a real feel for what O-Dog can do. But Ethier was unconscious in the the two-hole once Manny arrived. His only drawback is average speed, but he has a great eye, he’s patient, he hits to all fields, and he has pop. The two-hole, though, isn’t nearly as important as the four-hole. Because if we have a replay of last season’s clean-up ineptness, post-Manny, Man-Ram will outwalk Bonds.

I guess my problem with it Kahli is that we don’t have a true clean-up hitter. Now if Loney can come into his own and be the pure hitter he is, then I can maybe see Manny batting third, but I still think Kemp is the near perfect #3 – speed, power, average. He cuts down on his K’s he would be perfect. He had the most ABs on the team last year and only hit into 11 DPs. Hitting in front of Manny, I can see Kemp easily being a 30/30 man.

They might as well have not signed Blake if they’re going to bat him 8th. Bat him 8th he might hit 12-14 HR and maybe drive in 60-65 if he’s lucky. Bat him 7th and he’s probably good for 18-20 HR and 80 RBI. That leaves O-Dog the logical choice to bat 8th. If DeWitt was playing third it’d be a toss-up between him and Hudson, but with Blake out there, Hudson has to bat 8th. Honestly, who do we want to have an extra AB a game – Dre or O-Dog?

Just curious – Where did the O-Dog bat for the D-Backs?

Most of the time he batted in Arizona diggie.

Ho ho – very good E! Yeah, at least half the time, for sure – LOL. I meant in the batting order . . .

From the L.A. Times: “Manny Ramirez will bat third in the Dodgers’ lineup this season, Manager Joe Torre said this morning. Rafael Furcal and Orlando Hudson will hit 1-2. ‘Last year, we didn’t have those 1-2 guys,’ Torre said. The Dodgers’ cleanup hitter will change depending on whether they’re facing a left- or right-handed pitcher. Andre Ethier, who is batting fourth today against the visiting Kansas City Royals, and Russell Martin appear to be the most likely candidates.”

Nothing like a platoon batting clean-up. I forgot how much Uncle Joe drives me absolutely crazy….


I think a lot of the time they batted Hudson 3rd.

So maybe it looks like Hudson is being asked to take on a challenge batting second. We can only hope he steps up to it, or that Jojo recognizes early on that . . . . oh wait, we ARE talking about Jojo after all. He doesn’t understand or use early recognition techniques.

So I guess Joe’s saying that Furcal-Pierre 1-2 didn’t cut it. Well, one of them anyway.

Nothing Joe does ever makes sense Kahli.

he batted in Arizona – that’s funny enchanted!!! LOL!!!

Good Evening diggie!!!!!

Hi Nelly – how ya’ doin’?

I guess the good thing this year is that we’re debating the batting order instead of who should or shouldn’t be playing. That’s a definite improvement over last year.

Oh, so true, E. I was thinking about that today.

Doing good diggie and you?

enchanted – THAT is very true.

I think you’re right too Kahli – time for mystery ailments and injuries to pop up so that we can keep DY around. Wouldn’t be surprised if its so bad he goes on the 60 day DL.

enchanted, I have to agree there! But with Uncle Joe’s scientific batting order, when Martin sits, that means Kemp will bat clean-up against a lefty…and this after Kemp said this Spring, and I paraphrase, bat me anywhere, but just DON’T MOVE ME.

Any wagers we don’t see the same line-up two times in a row until July again?

Joe IS going to retire after next season – isn’t he?

Hanging tight, Nelly. I’m enjoying the rare treat of being able to listen to/watch spring training games.

Let’s all hope he does – LOL!!!!

How often do you think Furcal and Hudson sit out? If he plans on sitting them out on occasion as well as giving Russell days off, then I don’t predict the lineup staying the same too often. I, like some, think JP is going to get some starts as well. Then throw in the lefty/righty pitching idea Joe has. I am not so sure about a different lineup everyday, but I can’t see more than two days in a row for sure.

I love that Gagne visited Camelback today…just to check it out, you understand. I’d like to see him get in shape and become the 7th inning guy. Or better yet, get good again (is that possible…geeeeeeeeeeez, he fell FAST) without supplements and tell Jonathan he can have the 8th inning back. Glad, in retrospect, Hoffman’s a Brewer. He’s another PVL DL guy.

I’m surprised Ned hasn’t sign him to a multi-year yet Kahli. Ned’s type, torn rotator cuff and all (see Bear, Huggy. Toaster, Milton. Schidt, Jason. Feces, Shawn.)

That’s great diggie. I get to watch about 40-60 minutes a day during the day games and I have gotten to see both night games. Last year it was all about watching how the outfield was going to play out. This year it’s all about the pitching.

My nephew has a tournament in Peoria so my brother and his family were at the game today sitting in the grass area. They said it was too distracting. They did it because it was very inexpensive to get in their whole team with families in to see a game, but she said sitting in the seats is preferrable. She said the facility is spectacular however like our fellow ITDers that have already been there.

Well, I’m heading for the barn. Nice kickin’ it with y’all tonight!!

I loved watching Gagne pitch in his prime. It’d be great if he could resurrect his career. However, if Honeycutt was that much of a wizard, he’d have helped Estes, Milton, et al.

Nite nite, E!!

Good Night enchanted!!!!! Have great Saturday……take care 🙂

I have needed a huge red pen today – I didn’t know how to fix my previous post and now I have left the word “a” out of my last one.

I’m gonna shut down for now, too. Good nite everyone!

Good night diggie – have a great Saturday!!!!

Good morning ITDland ~ hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Today’s game can be seen on TV (channel WGN, Chicago) if you have it on your cable.

Morning Tru!

Diggie – Honeycutt is to wizardry is what Joe is to magic.

Good morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful…Good morning Tru 🙂
I dont have that channel….:-(

Oh well!! I will survive. I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday. Mine is supposed to be close to 60 degrees for a change.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!

Well, that’s good news about the game trublu 🙂

enchanted – funny 🙂

Dodger4life – How about Nascar instead? You may still be under the influence of girl power, however, so it may not make a difference what you can or cannot watch 🙂


I’m sure I will watch something and yes the girls are still here. I have plenty of TV’s just one computer. LOL!!!!

LOL!!!! gotcha!!!!

Good morning Dodger4life and Nellyjune.

Good Morning all,

From what i’ve been reading it look’s like D.Mientkiewicz will make the club. Enchanted i like your batting order for the season…But who wouldn’t…..Well gotta run…You all have a good day

Milton still on the team…Release him already

Go Dodgers

Randy Wolf takes the hill against the White Sox at 1:05 PT.
Keep the innings coming strong Randy. MLBTV, gameday audio, and WGN. enjoy the game everyone.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This ones for Joe, who despite the best everyday line-up the NL, we’ll still rarely see the same one two days in a row. I give you Simon and Garfunkel, 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)

Slowed down, don’t think too fast.
Always livin’ in the past, just
Leanin’ on the dugout rail.
Line-ups of Joe’s are freakin’ goofy.
Duh duh, Duh duh, Duh duh, Duh duh… Freakin’ goofy.
Hello JoJo,
Whatcha knowing.
Let’s hope that this year’s team’s not blowin’
Gotta work in ‘ol JP.
Never the same twice,
Freakin’ goofy.
Duh duh, Duh duh, Duh duh, Duh duh… Freakin’ goofy
He’s got rookies to screw
And veterans to keep
He’s senile, befuddled and might fall asleep
Its never the way bloggers want it to be
JoJo’s line-up’s
Freakin’ Goofy
Duh duh, Duh duh, Duh duh, Duh duh.
Duh duh, Duh duh, Duh duh, Duh duh.
[Duh duh to fade]

©NedCo Broken Records 2009

Hello all,
Congrats to C.Blake

Great song Enchanted…Estes,Milton still on the team…Release them already

The way it look’s D.Mientkiewicz is going to make the team…I think anything is better then Mark Sweeney’s .130 ba

It has been kind of slow around here so far today and thank you, Enchanted, for livening things up!
How are you today, Dodgerzona? I think Milton and Estes should be gone too but I think Joe is going to use Estes out of the BP…….a scary thought!

I also think Vargas should be released.


Yeah i don’t want any of them on this team….Waste of a roster space….Estes in the bp…He would get lit up

Manny will be the DH, Casey Blake’s still not back after the birth of his third child.

Rafael Furcal SS

Orlando Hudson 2B

Manny Ramirez DH

Andre Ethier RF

Russell Martin C

James Loney 1B

Matt Kemp CF

Juan Pierre LF

Blake DeWitt 3B

Randy Wolf P

Thought i would post today’s line-up

Dodgerzona ~ maybe they would use Estes just to get one out. I would prefer they all would be released.

Roster spot…lol

Thanks for the lineup, Dodgerzona. If Joe insists on playing JP, he should have him batting 8th.

LOL Tru…I’m afraid Estes could not get even one out….The only thing that really scare’s me about this team is the BP

Me too!

I wish JP was not even on the team…hard to move that contract

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Ned will grant his wish and trade him, even if we have to eat some of his salary. That way, XPaul or Repko could come up and fill in if needed.

X.Paul looked good when i seen him last thusday…Here in Tucson

Enchanted – great song. And so meaningful, too!

You all have a good day….Gotta run

Is it just me, or does this feel like Juanpy’s tryout for the White Sox?

Ozzie Guillen was practically gushing at Pierre’s drag bunt that got him to first.

Left the room after that, but I imagine getting picked off/caught stealing didn’t help much.

NS, from what I’ve read, Ozzie really wants JP, but the White Sox’s front office doesn’t.

Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!!

I turned on the game as my favorite outfielder got caught stealing. Wait! ……my “real” favorite just got caught stealing too. However, I must admit, that play at first base was awesome Andre. That’s something JP can’t do.


Northstateblues – I hope you are and your lady had a wonderful day yesterday for her birthday 🙂

Hey Diggie!!! I didn’t see you there……..good afternoon to you too 🙂

Even when JP does something good, he follows it up with another out.

McCourt should take a note from the Walter O’Malley playbook, and invite Jerry Reinsdorf over for a three martini lunch.

Pierre might have a better chance at a starting role in the South Side.

Just listening to this broadcast and what is being said about the White Sox right now. That is what Dodger fans don’t have is trust in Frank and Ned. We don’t trust how Frank is (or is not) spending Dodger money , and we don’t trust how Ned is using that money.

You are right, Diggie. Ozzie does want JP but management doesn’t care for him. I hope for all of our sakes and yes, even JP’s, Ozzie has a lot of power!

It’s ok that you didn’t see me – I did a hit-and-run.
Great points, Nelly. We have no trust.

I am thoroughly enjoying the White Sox announcers. They sound very knowledgeable and friendly.

I’m still totally underwhelmed with Hudson batting second.

And Oh goody, if Monkeywhiskers makes the team, so does Castro. GREAAAATTTTT bench: two slappers (JP and Castro), Ausmus (who you can’t use because he’s the only other catcher), Monkey and Loretta. I thought we were trying to win a pennant, but obviously I was mistaken.

And Sturtze has a good chance of making the club. Sturtze – gimme a freakin break.

Even when blessed with an abundance of talent, Dumb and Dumber still pickout the worst they can find. Would any other club given the available personnel come up with this roster? I think not.

Go Dodgers!!!

diggie – their announcers are very cool!! They spent alot of time talking about our announcers……Vin, Charlie, Rick, Jarrim, and Fernando. Very gracious and fun to listen to.

Enchanted is not happy.

I agree digthedodgers – GO DODGERS!!!

Good Afternoon nelly. (used to be dishguy…enchanted inspired the name change)

Wow!!! I am glad you identified yourself. I would never have figured that one out. I like the name very much, and yes, Enchanted inspires lots of things around here. How are things in Utah? We haven’t seen you in a while.

This past week has been more like mid-January, but Opening Day is almost here.
I love the day when pitchers and catchers report because the sights and sounds of baseball are so refreshing, but I don’t like Spring Training games. It doesn’t matter if the Dodgers win or not. Only when there is a real position battle going on am I interested. I just pray to the baseball gods that there aren’t any major injuries. When my wife and I do attend CBR someday, I will enjoy the workouts on the other fields much more than a game.

Glad to see you back, digthe dodgers. I love your new name. Enchanted seems to be getting a little miffed again! I guess you can call me frustrated………….because of the mess our BP is going to be. We are going to have to score at least 10 runs to maybe be safe.

Last year Spring Training meant a whole lot more than it does this year it seems, as far as position players. I am sure in my mind that has to do with Andre and his battle for the job in left field at the time. This Spring Training seems to be more about the pitching, which has it’s own issues, but for the most part seems to be working itself out. At least we hope so.

I didn’t mean to leave a space between the and dodgers. I’m a little spaced out with the lack of pitching we’ve shown lately.

I’m always concerned about the pitching, but ST in Arizona cannot be evaluated properly. The ball flies like in the pre-humidor Coors Field; maybe more. Plus the high skies create a lost of lost balls and late breaks by the OF’s. That said, we have a BP way low on experience.
I just hope Bills and Kershaw are both fine physically.

Listening via the web to “my” Bruins getting smoked by Arizona…but they have played a lot better the last two weeks.

Eventhough the score doesn’t indicate it, Wolf had a very good 5 innings, along with some good defensive plays today by the postition players.

I love our top 4 guys, like most every Dodgers fan, but the depth behind them is anemic. Last year MLB teams used an average of 10 different starters during the long season…We’ll undoubtably rush some of our young guys. Then again, we rushed Kershaw last year…Wooo Hooo!!!

Good afternoon ITD
Back at work again full steam so I’m spending most of my time tired again. I realized that the first game at Dodger Stadium is Thursday. Although it is an exhibition game, it should be a good one.
I think I was the most impressed this spring with X Paul. The games I watched in person at Camelback, I thought he was a real go getter and found the ball quite often. I was lucky enough to get an autographed ball from him. He is a very nice young man. I would love to have him wear Blue.
I will have some tickets the first week of June since I am going back east (timing isn’t so good). It is only one seat since I always go alone. My season seat this year is Row AA in field section. Let me know if anyone would be interested. It includes parking in Lot K. I love Lot K because I point my car to the downtown gate by an exit and get out of the games without going through pedestrians or cross traffic. I am planning on selling some of the tickets, giving some away, since they are worth about $400. I think that possibly the weekend tickets are taken by my buddy. Let me know on my blog since I sometimes don’t have time to read every post on this one.

I believe Lindbolm will the next one to be rushed.

Hello heartruss!!!! How are you doing? I see you are busy back at work. I am sure full of the many surprises and the usuals you get – LOL!!!! Are you going back to see your son?

Well, its easy to see why Torre favors Sturtze – he reminds him of Milton, Estes, Vargas and Weaver.

I have however been pleasantly surprised by Mota this spring.

New thread!! Yes Nellyjune I am going back between Apr 7-9 for a very short trip to see him. Most of it will be in travelling time.

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