Another historical entry from Mark Langill

This weekend’s World Baseball Classic with teams from the United States, Venezuela, Japan and Korea highlight the international ties to Dodger Stadium.

When the ballpark was built in 1962, the dean of Japanese sportswriters, Sotaro Suzuki, was invited by the Dodgers to the dedication ceremonies on April 9 and the first game the following afternoon against the Cincinnati Reds. Suzuki returned to Japan and commissioned a stone lantern to mark the opening of Dodger Stadium.

During his career, Suzuki played a major role in the Dodgers’ relationship with Japan, often serving as a liaison when the Dodgers traveled overseas. The Brooklyn Dodgers toured Japan following the 1956 season and returned 10 years later as the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Tokyo Giants sent three players to the Dodgers’ spring training in 1957, with Suzuki serving as an interpreter, and the entire Giants team trained in Florida in 1961, 1967, 1971, 1975 and 1981.

The stone lantern from Suzuki was shipped to Dodger Stadium in the winter of 1965. The 10-foot tall, 3,921-pound stone lantern was built by the Shimizugumi Stone Works Company. The lantern was the centerpiece for a Japanese garden in the 1960s and 1970s that was maintained by local gardeners and contained two cherry blossom trees, river-rock paths and pine trees cut Japanese style.

The lantern was placed on a hill adjacent to Parking Lot 37, which later was re-named Parking Lot 6 beyond the Right Field Pavilion.


Picture 362.jpgAlongside the Japanese stone lantern is a bronze plaque from Korean American Community Night at Dodger Stadium on Aug. 20, 2003, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Korean Immigration to America.

The most famous Dodgers from Japan and Korea are both pitchers. Chan Ho Park in 1994 became the first native of South Korean to appear in a Major League game. In 1995, Hideo Nomo became the first Japanese professional player to appear in the Majors in 30 years.

The all-time Dodger roster features many players from Venezuela, including Vic Davalillo, Carlos Hernandez, Omar Daal, Roger Cedeno, Giovanni Carrara, Cesar Izturis, Dioner Navarro and Luis Maza.


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These historical posts are pretty interesting, Mark. Keep them coming. I thought I knew a lot about Dodger history, but you are continuing to show me that I have a lot to learn.

From previous post, just posted……..

Dodgereric – I just read the article about the Dodgers finally realizing they need pitching. Couldn’t they have just read what ITD had been saying all along. We even gave them suggestions on who to go after, but noooo………had to go the cheap pvl route. Well, they got what they paid for I guess, with a very few exceptions.
By nellyjune on March 20, 2009 12:28 PM

Okay – now I will read Mark’s entry 🙂

Mark – thank you for the history lesson once again. Just fabulous!!!

Okay – so maybe you don’t know everything about Dodger Baseball, but you are pretty darn close, and you know it!!!

Great write-up, Mark. I look forward to seeing more from you.

Yeah, Junie – I’m a pretty fart smeller…… er …… SMART FELLER!

LOL!!! ……and funny too 🙂

Mark, I love hearing Dodger history! Thanks!
For those that might not know, Mark Langill has written several books.
DC. i just included your mom in a prayer.

Slow day leads to things like this:

Ripping off Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar”

We got winners, we got losers
We’ve had steroid abusers
We’ve got hitting, need some pitching
Where can I do some bitching?
‘Cause our owners and GM are in a fog

Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog

We got jhall, and messagebear
Seeskybout2rain and joepierre
And we got dnelly, diggie and trublu
MLK and peru
Northstateblues will tell you ‘bout his favorite grogg

Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog

I love this blog
It’s my kind of place
Just talkin’ ‘bout the Dodgers
Puts a big smile on my face
Clear skies or smog, LA or Prague
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I’ve read Boblee, Msrussyethier
Scott_in_arcadia and jungar
And we got alex, emma and amy
Bluecrewgirl, Max_power and Kahliforni
Enchanted finds new ways to rhyme Andruw with a hog

Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog
Yes I do

I like leekfink (I like leekfink)
Crash and dc (Crash and dc)
I like to hear from ol’ sara
I miss bigkace and rodmky

But I love this blog
It’s my kind of place
Just talkin’ ‘bout the Dodgers
Puts a big smile on my face
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Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog
Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog

We got Scurtis and Lbirken
Thought bubbles from Obi_wen
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Heartruss and Cpompe and Redfox

If you get too down D4 will drain the bog
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……and I sincerely apologize for anyone I either forgot or ran out of room for…..

I am assuming the Sheriff is really, really out of town today 🙂

“THAT” is an awesome song Dodgereric!!! …..and no youtube necessary. I know the song well 🙂

He threatened to, but I guess there was too much prairie dust out there.

Eric, I am honored to be mentioned in your song.

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
Josh – That was a great piece about the Japanese art! I love this blog!!!

Hmmm, where did I hear those exact same words??? Oh yeah, Eric! Eric that was a WONDERFUL song! I’ve been thinking of doing a song just like that, but I never could get the right feel for the original song to parody. This Toby Keith song is just perfect! And I’m glad that you put the You tube link. I certainly know Toby Keith, but don’t know the song. I guess I’m not THAT much into cowboy songs! But that was great!

So Emma, we’re going to be sitting near each other on Saturday! Now that I know what you look like (from your pics from your blog), I’ll DEFINITELY be looking out for you! I can’t wait! Like I said before, I think my nephew got tickets for the top deck, row A, right behind the plate!

Oh, and NOW the Dodgers realize that their pitching could be their weak link. I loved what I saw on MLBN from Kersh’s game yesterday, and I REALLY think Kersh is going to give us pitching like we’ve never seen before, but I still think we need a quality 5th starter. Ned – Sign Pedro!!!

And Eric, I am TOO honored to be mentioned in your song!!!

I liked Kershaw the first time I saw him pitch in person last season. He looked confident and acted as if he belonged. I suspect he might frustrate us at times just as Bills did but both these guys have huge upsides. Kuroda has some potential but after that, we have a mystery in Wolf and then a hole. We don’t know for sure if Broxton can be the lights out closer we all want him to be but we will find out soon enough but one thing is sure is that the bullpen will get a lot of work.

Hey lbirken! I hear ya. But if there is ONLY ONE thing that encourages me (and believe me, there are much more than just one thing that encourages me about Kersh) is that it seems that he is gaining command on his change-ups! Yes, I know he’s young and yes, he’ll frustrate us just like Billz did, but I am just so excited to see both of them mature. I think Wolf will do well as will Kuroda-san. But you’re right; right now, we have no 5th starter and that scares the heck out of me right now. No, we don’t know for sure if Broxton will be the lights out closer we need, but he’s young enough that I’m not going to give up on him yet.

Well, I’ve got stuff to do lbirken. A short, sweet convo about one of my faves, but that’s okay! I’ll catch up with ya later…

Most teams have issues with the back end of the rotation and it is clear the Dodgers are gambling that a lower paid pitcher will work out as well (or as bad depending on your point of view) as a higher paid name veteran. Remeber, the Dodgers did not really want Kershaw in the starting rotation so early last season but circumstances demanded he be given the opportunity. Will McDonald get that same opportunity this season?

Eric…… should be so lucky 🙂 There’s rumors that our sheriff may be on the move to another school and not necessarily by choice. I am not sure if that is good or bad, and I think alot of that depends on who we would get instead.

Hey lbirken and CP!!! It’s good to see you both.

I still try to keep up with the blog every day but have not had time to post much lately. This is an interesting time of year with spring training, the WBC and NCAA playoffs.

Great job, Dodgereric! ITD songwriters never disappoint. Every song gets better than the one before it.

Dodgereric, thank you for mentioning me in your latest, greatest song. Makes one feel very special 🙂

Thank you so much Dodgereric!! Woohoo! I made it into one of the songs! I feel so special!
cpompe! Looking forward to meeting you! I am meeting with a couple of friends for breakfast near the stadium, but is too early so I’ll go back home and come back early.
Oh, got to go take train…

With all the concern about our pitching, especially the bull pen, I was “inspired” to write another ditty. Jumping into the deep end once again . . . .
Uno, dos, one, two, tres, quatro
Jojo told ol’ Neddy about some holes he saw.
“Need some big league pitchers, righty and south paw
Or else we’ll have a wooly bully, wooly bully.
Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully.”
Ol’ Neddy told Jojo, “Let’s don’t take no chance.
I’ll sign some used up pitchers and then go to France.
Maybe we won’t have a wooly bully, wooly bully
Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully.”
Jojo told ol’ Neddy, “That’s not the thing to do.
Gotta get some better throwers or we’re in a stew.
‘Cause we’ve really got a wooly bully, wooly bully.
Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully.”

Very well done, Diggie!

Thanx Tru!

Good evening everybody.
Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.
I just got back from the hospital & dropping my Mom off at home.
She is okay. She has a slight case of pneumonia as well as an internal infection. She is 82 and still works full time but this has hit her hard.
Eric that was a great song. Thanks for personalizing it for us!! That’s fun!! I love this blog as well. Not because it’s a Dodger blog but because so many that take part in it. It really makes it a special blog!!!
Thanks again for the birthday wishes. We had a great day yesterday. We went to lunch at a Brazillian Gauch resturant in the city and it was great.
On to baseball…
Wouldn’t it be nice to have Luke Hochevar in our rotation as the 5th starter? Oh well!!

So happy to hear your mom’s ok, DC. Thanks for the good news. Just make sure she takes care of herself – or has someone who will keep a close eye on her.

gonna sign off for now and watch the game – see you all later!

I’m so glad to hear your Mom is okay, Dcollins. It’s kind of wonderful here, on ITD, because we feel like we are a family.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

Awesome song Diggie!!

dcollins – that’s good to hear your mom is home 🙂

Great start to the game!! GO DODGERS!!!

So I’ve been less than enthusastic about our ptiching.
Truth be said I think we are going to have some long AL type games this year, espicially on the road.
That being said we might do better than most of us think. We have some unknowns but maybe some of these will end up on the good side & not the bad.
In addition, we have what most of us wanted for the last couple of years. We got young and the kids are now playing. We still have some good players in the minors as well.
I like that we are working on rebuilding from within as well, by building up the minor leagues. I really think that the future is bright and we can hopefully be celebrating a Championship in the next few years.
Maybe evn this year!
Go Blue!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

Well, now it’s our turn to pitch 🙂


Thanks Tru, Nelly, & Diggie!

Just realised the game is beinging telecast on MLB Network.
It’s a lot clearer than on MLB.TV

Hello my ITD friends and family!!! Its a wonderful night for baseball. Outstanding songs Diggie and Dad/Chevelle!!!! Thanks for the mention in your song Dad. Hope everyone had a great day. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Colly, also glad to hear your mom is OK!!!!

Good evening all
dcollins I’m happy to hear mom is at home and feeling better. I will keep her in my prayers…
Eric and diggie nice job on the songs.
clap, clap] [clap, clap,clap
clap, clap] [clap, clap,clap
clap, clap] [clap, clap,clap…
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clap, clap!!!!! Go, Dodgers!!!
Howdy, Jhall……….good to see you again, sir.

Vargas ~ 2 innings….no runs allowed!

Wally — great to see you my friend!
I keep seeing you on here but you’re always gone by the time I’m here.
How is life?
Hello there Joe. Nice to see you here. I agree… it does look great seeing them on my 42″ TV instead of my 20″ computer! That and the couch is way more comfortable than my desk chair!!
Also Joe they will be reviewing the Dodgers after the game in their 30 & 30.
Vargas is looking good so far after 2. 1 broken bat single, a walk and he just struck out the side in the 2nd.

Hi Trumom, thanks!!! Always a pleasure to see you!!

Thanks Colly!! Great to see you too!!! Life is good, how about you?

Hi Ya Guys & Gals.

Enchanted finds new ways to rhyme Andruw with a hog.

LMTO Dad!!!!! I saw where Andruw the cow isn’t going to make the Rangers major league roster. LOL!!! What a piece of work. I think Beav was on to something when he suggested that the cow went dry without the steroid juice.

Hi’ya Brooklyn Joe!! Good to see you. How’ve you been?

Life is good. Yesterday was better but tomorrow is another day. Right???

So true Colly!!!!!!!!!!

The ESPN insider says that the White Sox need a lead-off hitter but have no interst in YouGnomeWho because the GM and owner don’t like him and his salary is too high….no s&%&!

Good Evening jhall and Dodger4life!!! Life is good today 🙂

Good Evening to you too joepierre!!! I didn’t see you at first.

Moooooooooooooooooooooooom!!! Bonjour!!!!
That is too funny Trumom!!! Pathetic, but funny!!! LMTO!!!

Can, you imagine that somebody doesn’t like him?! And, some people thought we were cruel here! See, we Dodgers fans are pretty smart.

It was sad to here of the passing of Whitey Lockman today.
although one of the”enemy” will be missed.
My condolenses

Okay – that’s two long fly balls to opposite field ….one of them is bound to go over soon 🙂 Great catch by De Jesus!!

So, trublu, you mean my gnome has to stay on the piano all year? LMTO!!!!!

I was thinking the same thing Nelly!

Hey Dad and Diggie – great songs!!
Missed the earlier convo, but glad your mom’s doing OK DC.

Wally two nights in a row… geez, they’ll let anybody on here! 😉

Hows y’alls doin?

Those that aren’t able to watch teh Dodgers are up after 4 & 1/2 3-1. Vargas did pretty well.
Now Milton is in.

Good Evening enchanted!!!! Well……….they do let you stay, don’t they?!! LMTO (jk)

dcollins – So, close……but it’s great to see that opposite field stuff from Andre 🙂

Sorry Huggy, 3 hits and 2 walks in 3 innings ain’t gonna get it done.

If Huggy and the Toaster are really 5th starter candidates, shouldn’t they be stretching it out to 4 or 5 innings now?

Red pen…
Thanks Enchanted. I’m good. Wifey just pointed out that we had an enchanted sunset about 5 minutes ago! Hen bam there you are!

Good evening to one and all. Great historical stuff as usual, Josh. Never knew that statue existed. That’s only one reason why I love this blog. Speaking of that, thanks, eric, for the mention in your song. Now, we’re all immortalized. The ITD crew of songwriters just keep turning out solid gold…. great stuff on Honeycutt’s (and others) doctoring of the baseball. I’d forgotten he’d been suspended for that. Maybe he should be teaching that to some of the usual suspects.

LOL Trumom. We aren’t cruel. We just call it like we see it. Cruel is being subjected to watching Phew and his lame game. Especially when far superior players are forced to sit so he doesn’t get his feelings hurt.

Try as they might Nells I keep finding a way back in.


dodgereric, like everyone else before me, thanks for the mention. Not much to blog about these past few weeks, really. Guess the most intriguing thought would be to add Pedro, but I think he’s priced himself out of Frank’s reality. Disappointed that Repko and Estes seem to be slip-sliding away. Don’t really have any emotion for Weaver or Vargas or Milton. When in doubt, play the kids–Elbert and McDonald. Trouble is, a pitching staff is usually best served with PVLs. However, “usually” doesn’t mean “always.” Pierre still remains the ugly in-grown toe nail. A bad fit.

Pac 10 puts five teams in the Whoop-dee-doo 32. How many will survive to the Sweet 16?????????????

LMTO Beav!!!

Hey Kahli!!!!!!!!!!

If that were JP out there, they would have scored.

I’m like the proverbial bad penny Wally.


Well, you know we are happy you keep finding your way back in, and if not, we will find a way to get you back in.

Good Evening Kahli!!!

Milton’s teetering on the edge of disaster.

I think the box score is off. It might be me as I’m pretty wiped out, but I think Huggy went 4 innings. 1 of the hits was a broken bat single that Guillen fisted. He actually looked not bad with his location as well as pitch selection. A couple of balls were hit hard but at the outfielders.
Loney didn’t help Milton on that play. But Milton to me doesn’t look confident.
But then Loney helps him there!!

Amen Nelly!!!!

Oh no!!!

He just fell over that edge. Tie game.

You know Beav, with Mom/Nelly and Dad/Eric being so bombastic and using foul language, we have to be the calming influence around here. LMTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good call Sky!!! How’ya doin?

Is it too early to say Milton is toast yet?

Your right Nelly. Right now he is just stale, moldy bread!!!!

LOL Wally!! Aren’t we always!!??

When do the real guys show up to audition for #5??

Now he is rancid toast!!!!!!!!!!!

watching this makes me say, “It sure is ugly with regards to the 5th starter…”

Nelly he was toast when they said he was taking over…

Doing well, jhall. Milton is burnt toast.

….calming influence? ……you two? …..yea right!

Good to see Chan Ho warming up in the pen!

LMAO!!!!!! I like the burnt toast reference………..because the smell lingers for a lonnnnng time 🙂

:)))) Nelly!!! Ned the furter is probably on the phone with Odalis Perez. Geez!!!!!!

Nice job Ned. You’ve done it again.

Was that Milton’s 2nd inning?

Milton didn’t get a lot of help from the defense ,either.

I think that is the lingering aroma of Cow-Schidt-Phew Nelly!!!!!!!!

That could’ve been a scoreless inning but…..6 runs scores.

See how calmly I typed that Nell’?!! LMTO!!!

LMAO!!!!! Very impressed on how calm you were 🙂

All these toast references are very wry.

Nellyjune ~ It looks like your gnome will be on your piano for eternity!
Milton is really, really awful! However, the rest of the invitees are just as bad!

Merci Mom!!! OK everyone, cleansing breath. Very nice. Once more. AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

LOL Sky!!!!

When you have to carbon date the last good year of your career, its time to quit.

It’s amazing, Enchanted, you called him “The Toaster” before he actually became toast!

LOL Beav!!! Good to see DY out there. How has Repko been doing?

… least for three more seasons. You know my son and husband just noticed it the other night. It’s still in the box because I am afraid MY cat my knock it off the piano on purpose, and then I got the idea maybe that isn’t such a bad idea. However, I think Ward Dear is right. I will need it for therapy the nights JP is starting instead of ANYBODY. Pinch hit/run fine…not a problem, but if he starts and nobody is sick or injured, watch out!!! Okay, Wally, maybe you have a point :):):) I’m not exactly calm when it comes to yougnomewho – LOL!!!

If we all think real hard, maybe we can conjure up a 5th starter.

Following Sky’s lead, it looks like things have gone awry for Milton the Toaster.

red pen – “might” not “my” – see, I got all worked up about yougnomewho – LOL!!! ….can’t even type now – LOL!!!

For the $$$ spent on all the crummy pitchers this year to fill out Beimel’s & the 5th starter spot, couldn’t Ned of just signed Garland & Beimel?
They would of equaled around 8-9 million.
How much less were spent on the Vargas, Milton, Weaver, etc… ?
They would of been pretty set instead of where they are.

Can anyone play here?

Seesky ~ I’m trying to conjure up a 5th starter…….can’t seem to visualize anyone.

Dodgereric/ITD manager/Ward Dear has come up with all kinds of names, and not one has FranknNed seemed to have considered.

LOL Beav!!! Things went awry for Milton about 3 years ago. Geez!!!! I guess it was worth a shot. Doesn’t cost anything to invite them to Spring Training. Sometimes you have to dig thru alot of Schidt to find a Pearl.

Cheese it Wally, Dad’s home.

Good Evening Ward Dear!!!!!! ….so glad you are home……the boys have gone wild and they are out of control!!!!

Dcollins ~ you’ve got it right! Once again, Ned let us down.

Gosh do I feel calm. LOL!!!!! If this was the regular season and this was going on, you can kiss this calm s**t goodbye!!!

Now here’s an idea. IID creates an avatar for the D’s 5th starter.

Boy!!!….he really snuck up on us too. I wasn’t expecting him for a couple of hours if at all.

Now here’s an idea. IID creates an avatar for the D’s 5th starter.

seesky – THAT is a great idea!!!! nsblues can do that!!!!

Thanks Beav!!! Hi Dad!!!

Please release me let me go….

Sorry for the double post.

Hey Colly, was that a Phew thought bubble? LOL!!!!

At least it was a good post Sky!! LOL!!!

I’m outta here. I’ll still watch the game but my computer is loosing battery power.
Take care…..
It was nice having Milton for a time being, cough, cough ….


Goodnight Colly. Have a great evening. Great to chat with you.

It was a Milton/Colly thought bubble. I want him released and I hope he will go. I’m sure he isn’t having any fun.

Later DC! Good seeing ya!!

Good Night dcollins!!! Once again, glad you had a great birthday, and glad to hear your mom is home. Take Care and God Bless!!!!

Just a thought. How many of the cretins from Dodger Thoughts do you think will come crawling out of their holes now that they are hosted by the LA Times and the posts will be screened and delayed. Could be alot more moons over ITD gang.

Breaking news: Ned Colletti signs another candidate for the Dodgers’ rotation!

Happy Birthday Colly!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like the Toaster’s not done yet…

Nothing going our way tonight, rough night.

..that is very good Ward Dear…..very good indeed!!!!

LMTO Dad!!

They won’t last long here Wally – we don’t play by the rules.

Milton is more road kill than toast.

Outstanding Dad. Sign him up. Better than what we’ve seen.

Dodgereric ~ LMTO!!!

OK. I don’t play by the rules…

LOL Beav!!! We’ll figure out some way to fry their feeble brains.

Leave It To Beaver!! Don’t mess with the Cleavers!!!

Shows you what a misleading stat ERA is. Milton’s given up 8 runs in three innings and still lowered his ERA.

…..or drive them to insanity :)……….oh!! maybe that’s more like us – LMAO!!!!!!!!

Yeah Beav, tomorrow Ned can say that Milton had good stuff and struggled with his location. LOL!!!!

And, JP has 6 stolen bases! I didn’t realize he had been on base 6 times.

Get the Kool-Aid ready Beav!!!! We’re having guests.

The Royals hitters loved his stuff, Jhall!

….somehow he manages without hitting the ball much. A walk here, a interference by a catcher there, and a few hits I do give him credit for.

LMAO, eric He’ll send slivers down NL opponent’s spines.

Grape or Cherry???

LOL Tru!! That’s good, they can have him. Throw in Phew for a sack of batting practice balls.

To think I was upset that I couldn’t watch the game tonight.

The biggest problem with Milton’s location right now is that he plays in Los Angeles.

LOL Beav!!!


The game was going very well until Milton came in, and then it went to hell real fast!!

That was funny sky!!

Sky make Mongo laugh.

You’re pretty punny tonight, sky!! LOL!!


The biggest problem with Milton’s location right now is that he plays in Los Angeles.

By enchantedsunset on March 20, 2009 8:30 PM

….or that he found his way to the ballpark!

Ned should be dubbed the “Turdmeister”. He is a master at finding them. He needs more fiber however, as he can’t seem to get them to float. All stinkers and sinkers!!!!!!!!!!

Too bad we can’t go back to a 4-man rotation…… the good old days.

:):):) Wally – LMAO!!!!!!

Mooooooommmm Wally’s being bad.

Sky has officially gone off the deep end. Welcome my friend.

Can’t you just picture Ned:
Mirror mirror on the wall, wh’s the stinkiest of them all?

Beav, I was very calm when I typed that!!!!!

Stinkers and sinkers?!?!?! LMAO!!!!

Oh! now…Wally… know you shouldn’t be saying things like that. What will people think? We didn’t raise you to talk like that. Now apologize to Mr. Colletti.

That has a special meaning for someone who has had his dog throw up in the living room twice in 15 minutes.

Hard to see the mirror from inside your rectum Beav!!!!

…I can’t even type that with a straight face – LMAO!!!!!!! I picture what June would say, but that certainly isn’t how I would say it – LMAO!!!!!!!!! It’s more like “Way to Go Wally!!! You tell them!!!”

Nice frame by Lindy

Rectum hell – it killed ’em both!!

Hey, the Lindblom kid is in the game.

Lucy is not feeling well. I am sorry 😦

OK mom.. I’m sorry Mr Colletti. Sorry that we hired a Giant castoff.

Sorry your dog isn’t feeling well Dad.
LMTO Beav!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry your dog’s sick Eric.
My basset ate a sock once, but it came out alright in the end.

” I was in the middle of the road so I headed for the ditch. A rougher ride but I saw more interesting people there.”–Neil Young.
Josh Lindblom looked good in his inning. Something positive comes out of this game. He could move up as fast as Kershaw.

What in the wide, wide world of sports is goin’ on here?

I thought Frank paid this team to get a few wins, not to get blown out by a bunch of Kansas City…

Never mind

That is much better Wally. Now, go wash up for dinner…..wait….it’s almost midnight in Ohio…..maybe not 🙂

Beav and I are like a hurricane, there’s calm in our eyes!!!!

hey northstateblues!!! You must be back in the northstate. How have you been? How was your trip to the southstate?

Midnight snack Mom/Nelly!!!

Hey North!!!

There was a lot of grass in the mix. I guess she didn’t like the book that she ate today.

Nelly, Dodgers play the Indians tomorrow. Need to kidnap Grady.

…I am picturing more like a tornado…….. not really sure where it’s headed and not sure what’s in store once it gets there.

‘……but you get so blown away…..

LOL Nelly. All you know is that someone is going to lose a mobile home.

OK, good enough for me. Lindblom’s the 5th starter.

Hiya northy!

I know that Wally – Grady and Andre in the same game, cool!!!! Midnight snacks are always good 🙂

….not the book you were reading I hope.

Hey Northman!!

Maybe the Detroit Tigers will take Phew off our hands if we take Dontrel Willis off theirs.. Just a thought.

Forget kidnapping Grady. Abduct one of their SP!!!!!

Boy seesky!!! You are on a roll tonight!!!!

I am liking this guy pitching!!!

Good point Sky.

Sky found the Kool-Aid. LOL!!!!

Hell – let Grady pitch….he can do it all…well, at least as good as some of these guys I am betting. (jk)

Hi! I’m good, had a nice short trip to SoCal.

Looks like everyone’s having fun in here. I’ve been knocking a few back with the neighbors and sneaking a few peeks at the ballgame in between beers. Enough to make me wish I had a Mango scented towel to laugh/cry into/throw at the TV screen.

Glad this is spring training, heheh.

LOL North. Good for you!!!

jhall – are you watching Ohio State?

While Milton was getting toasted, so was I!!!!!!

Juanpy for D-Train… sounds good to me.

northstateblues – very glad it’s just spring training. I am glad your trip went well.

We need to scent the towels with deer urine. Maybe we can attract some young bucks that can pitch.

That’d be appropriate – D-Pain for D-Train.

seesky – LOL!!!!!!

Yep Nelly. Their trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Geez!!!

LMTO, jhall!!!!!!

I want some of what Wally’s smokin’!!! LMTO!!

If the pitching doesn’t improve by opening day, Seesky, I think we will all be toasted!

LOL Beav, you never cease to amaze me. Our Mom’s would be proud.

Yeah Junie, the one I was reading. Ate the cover and the first six pages. Glad I finished it last night.

This is what Rotoworld says about Lindblom:
“While it’s the back of the rotation that’s getting most of the attention, the Dodgers aren’t thrilled with their bullpen candidates either. As a result, they’re considering rushing their 2008 second-round pick. Lindblom was expected to start games in the minors, but he was a closer in college and he has the stuff to a quality major league reliever.”

I’m livin’ the High Life. Millers that is. LOL!!!!

I need Ohio State to win jhall!! I have them at least to the Sweet 16, if not the Elite 8 or further. I am looking for the Cinderella teams to pull it out. No worries…..just 5 bucks against family mostly.

Thanks Nelly. Your a bit more optimistic than I am.

Double OT Nell’!!!

I don’t know if anyone is paying attention but Lindblom had two real nice innings.

That must have been some book 🙂

Yep Brooklyn. Noticed that. Nice to see.

jhall – I don’t pick them based on anything other than teams I like or know people that have went there or are connected to. I even picked Cornell on one because my brothe-in-law is a professor there. …and of course the Sun Devils because of #16. I have Memphis winning a few rounds too because I spent time watching them while living there.

Some of us are, joe! I don’t know what those other monkeys are doing! 🙂

Are you able to watch the game? I just see the box score. Two innings, 1 hit, 3Ks, 0 runs. Is KC just getting tired?

I noticed, joepierre. Management must be considering him pretty seriously because they’ve just brought him into major league camp.

eric, I’ve got the game on

joepierre – he looks really good from what I have seen 🙂

jhall – this isn’t good – Siena?

How did he look, sky? Was he facing ML players?

Well, that was a night not to remember.

Interesting box. The line score says the Dodgers have 3 runs and 10 hits and the box says 4 and 11.

real good fastball, good location,and a sharp breaking curve, eric. If he’s going to relieve, he’ll only need a couple of above average pitches. I didn’t really notice who was hitting for them.

Oh, I see. Game wasn’t over yet.

LA – 11 hits, 4 BBs, 4 runs
KC – 10 hits, 3 BBs, 9 runs


Except for Lindblom, a completely forgettable game.

What game?

I am guessing most of those hits were off of the toaster?

Well, that wasn’t too good jhall 🙂

My mistake, E. Exercise in futility.

Freaking Buckeyes!!! C’est La Vie!!!!

I hear ya, jhall. Utah lost, too. Don’t know how Utah State did against Marquette.

Utah State lost too – 57-58

I hear ya sky – these guys make Tomko look good.

Unacceptable!!! However, I am calm. LOL!!!

….calm is good Wally…..calm is good.

3 strikes and out for the Beehive State!!!!!

Well guys and gals, I’m turning in for the night. Catch you all later.

Totally sucks Sky.

See ya Beav!! Great chatting with you my friend. I’m heading for the rack soon myself. Its been a ball gang. Lets hope someone steps up and grabs that 5th starter job.

Good Night enchanted/Beav!!! Take Care and have a great day tomorrow…..stay out of mischief…..nevermind 🙂

You got that right, jhall.Not a good night for ITD in any sport……..good night, E. Happy trails!!!!

Go Xavier!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xavier is right Wally!!!

Watching the Buckeyes this year, I wasn’t very impressed or optimistic about them even making the Big Dance. I was hoping they could at least a game, but I am not surprised that they blew it. Still, all in all, a decent season. Very young and no true point guard. We’ll get’em next year. I am soooooo ready for the baseball season to start.

Good night, jhall, nelly, and any others out there still about. A ripping good time as always. We’ll have to get nsblues working on that 5th starter avatar. Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!!!!!

at least win a game… LOL!!!

G’nite Sky. Its been a ball. Welcome to the deep end.

Good Night seesky!!!! Take Care and have a great Saturday yourself!!!

I got my first Dodger Magazine for the year yesterday, and it’s got me all excited about the regular season.

Is anyone watching the 30 Clubs/30Days program on our Boys in Blue?

Should be an exciting season Nell’!!! I am looking forward to it and blogging with you and the rest of our great ITD family. We’ll howl at the moons and cheer our young guys on. Good Night Everyone and I hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Good Night jhall/Wally!!! It was great seeing you, Wally and Ward Dear back in action together. It’s going to be a great season for sure. I am guessing your dad is taking care of Lucy 😦 Take Care and God Bless!!! Have a wonderful weekend yourself!!!!

Hey Diggie!!! Great song earlier!!! I was hoping to catch the late night vesion here. I had the television rights taken away from me after the game. Enough Dodgers they said 🙂

red pen – “version” not “vesion”

“Delwyn Young had two hits, raising his average to .289, and if the Dodgers end up placing him on waivers, there is a very good chance he won’t get through and that he will wind up in the uniform of a different organization. But if this club carries only four OFs, and it is beginning to look as if they will, DY is as good as gone because he is out of options.”

Would the Dodgers have the nad to flat out release Pierre?????

Thanx! Sorry about losing your TV rights. That was a tough game . . . but the 30/30 program was really good! The commentators are very high on the club, particularly our young core, but, as we know, the pitching is questionable. Since they do re-runs of their 30/30 programs I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to see it.

Diggie – I am sure I will get to see it. I have seen the gnats and Mariners one a few times already.

Kahli – could we actually be so lucky?

nite nite time for me. See you all REAL soon, if not sooner!

Good night Diggie!!! Have a great Saturday!!!!

Hey, guess what I’ve been doing for the last ………. 3 HOURS??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

Anyway, I got to thinking about what, who was it, seesky? said about us not having a decent 5th starter in forever (or something like that. Well, I decided to dedicate myself to ITD tonight and I researched our leaders in Games Started for the last 50 years – to get well into the 4-man rotation years. It’s horribly long and I apologize in advance, but I think it’s interesting. If you’re not interested in such things, start scrolling. The rest of you, here we go……….

Derek Lowe 34
Chad Billingsley 32
Hiroki Kuroda 31
Clayton Kershaw 21
Brad Penny 17
Greg Maddux, Eric Stults 7 each

Brad Penny 33
Derek Lowe 32
Chad Billingsley 20
Randy Wolf 18
Mark Hendrickson, Brett Tomko 15 each

Derek Lowe 34
Brad Penny 33
Chad Billingsley 16
Aaron Sele 15
Brett Tomko 15
Mark Hendrickson, Greg Maddux 12 each

Derek Lowe 35
Jeff Weaver 34
Brad Penny 29
D.J. Houlton 19
Odalis Perez 19
Scott Erickson 8

Jeff Weaver 34
Kazuhisa Ishii 31
Odalis Perez 31
Jose Lima 24
Hideo Nomo 18
Wilson Alvarez 15

Hideo Nomo 33
Kevin Brown 32
Odalis Perez 30
Kazuhisa Ishii 27
Wilson Alvarez, Andy Ashby 12 each

Hideo Nomo 34
Odalis Perez 32
Andy Ashby 30
Kazuhisa Ishii 28
Omar Daal 23
Kevin Brown 10

Chan Ho Park 35
Eric Gagne 24
Terry Adams 22
Luke Prokopec 22
Kevin Brown 19
Darren Dreifort 16

Chan Ho Park 34
Kevin Brown 33
Darren Dreifort 32
Carlos Perez 22
Eric Gagne 19
Ismael Valdez 8

Kevin Brown 35
Chan Ho Park 33
Ismael Valdez 32
Darren Dreifort 29
Carlos Perez 16
Eric Gagne 5

Chan Ho Park 34
Ismael Valdez 27
Darren Dreifort 26
Dave Mlicki 20
Ramon Martinez 15
Brian Bohanon 14

Hideo Nomo 33
Ismael Valdez 30
Chan Ho Park 29
Pedro Astacio 24
Ramon Martinez 22
Tom Candiotti 18

Hideo Nomo 33
Ismael Valdez 33
Pedro Astacio 32
Tom Candiotti 27
Ramon Martinez 27
Chan Ho Park 10

Tom Candiotti 30
Ramon Martinez 30
Hideo Nomo 28
Ismael Valdez 27
Pedro Astacio, Kevin Tapani 11 each

1994 (Strike year)
Ramon Martinez 24
Pedro Astacio 23
Kevin Gross 23
Tom Candiotti 22
Orel Hershiser 21
Ismael Valdez 1

Orel Hershiser 33
Tom Candiotti 32
Kevin Gross 32
Ramon Martinez 32
Pedro Astacio 31
Pedro Martinez 2

Orel Hershiser 33
Tom Candiotti 30
Kevin Gross 30
Bob Ojeda 29
Ramon Martinez 25
Pedro Astacio 11

Tim Belcher 33
Ramon Martinez 33
Mike Morgan 33
Bob Ojeda 31
Orel Hershiser 21
Kevin Gross 10

Ramon Martinez 33
Mike Morgan 33
Fernando Valenzuela 33
Tim Belcher 24
Jim Neidlinger 12
Mike Hartley 6

Orel Hershiser 33
Fernando Valenzuela 31
Tim Belcher 30
Mike Morgan 19
Tim Leary 17
Ramon Martinez 15

Orel Hershiser 34
Tim Leary 34
Tim Belcher 27
Fernando Valenzuela 22
Don Sutton 16
Shawn Hillegas 10

Orel Hershiser 35
Bob Welch 35
Fernando Valenzuela 34
Rick Honeycutt 20
Tim Leary 12
Shawn Hillegas 10

Orel Hershiser 35
Fernando Valenzuela 34
Bob Welch 33
Rick Honeycutt 28
Jerry Reuss 13
Alejandro Pena 10

Fernando Valenzuela 35
Orel Hershiser 34
Jerry Reuss 33
Rick Honeycutt 25
Bob Welch 23
Bobby Castillo 5

Fernando Valenzuela 34
Bob Welch 29
Rick Honeycutt 28
Alejandro Pena 28
Orel Hershiser 20
Jerry Reuss 15

Fernando Valenzuela 35
Jerry Reuss 31
Bob Welch 31
Burt Hooton 27
Alejandro Pena 26
Rick Honeycutt 7

Jerry Reuss 37
Fernando Valenzuela 37
Bob Welch 36
Burt Hooton 21
Dave Stewart 14
Vicente Romo 6

1981 (Strike year)
Fernando Valenzuela 25
Burt Hooton 23
Bob Welch 23
Jerry Reuss 22
Dave Goltz 8
Rick Sutcliffe 6

Burt Hooton 30
Bob Welch 32
Don Sutton 31
Jerry Reuss 29
Dave Goltz 27
Rick Sutcliffe 10

Don Sutton 32
Rick Sutcliffe 30
Burt Hooton 29
Jerry Reuss 21
Charlie Hough 14
Bob Welch 12

Don Sutton 34
Burt Hooton 32
Tommy John 30
Doug Rau 30
Rick Rhoden 23
Bob Welch 13

Don Sutton 33
Doug Rau 32
Burt Hooton 31
Tommy John 31
Rick Rhoden 31
Charlie Hough, Al Downing, Dennis Lewallyn, Bobby Castillo 1 each

Don Sutton 34
Burt Hooton 33
Doug Rau 32
Tommy John 31
Rick Rhoden 26
Al Downing 3

Andy Messersmith 40
Doug Rau 38
Don Sutton 35
Burt Hooton 30
Rick Rhoden 11
Al Downing 6

Don Sutton 40
Andy Messersmith 39
Doug Rau 35
Tommy John 22
Al Downing 16
Geoff Zahn 10

Andy Messersmith 33
Claude Osteen 33
Don Sutton 33
Tommy John 31
Al Downing 28
Doug Rau 3

Claude Osteen 33
Don Sutton 33
Al Downing 30
Tommy John 29
Bill Singer 25
Doug Rau 3

Claude Osteen 38
Don Sutton 37
Al Downing 36
Bill Singer 31
Doyle Alexander 12
Bob O’Brien 4

Don Sutton 38
Claude Osteen 37
Alan Foster 33
Joe Moeller 19
Sandy Vance 18
Bill Singer 16

Claude Osteen 41
Don Sutton 41
Bill Singer 40
Alan Foster 15
Don Drysdale 12
Jim Bunning 9

Claude Osteen 36
Bill Singer 36
Don Drysdale 31
Don Sutton 27
Mike Kekich 20
Mudcat Grant 4

Claude Osteen 39
Don Drysdale 38
Don Sutton 34
Bill Singer 29
Jim Brewer 11
Bob Miller 4

Sandy Koufax 41
Don Drysdale 40
Claude Osteen 39
Don Sutton 35
Joe Moeller 8

Don Drysdale 42
Sandy Koufax 41
Claude Osteen 40
Johnny Podres 22
Nick Willhite 6
Howie Reed 5

Don Drysdale 40
Sandy Koufax 28
Phil Ortega 25
Joe Moeller 24
Larry Miller 14
Howie Reed, Nick Willhite 7 each

Don Drysdale 42
Sandy Koufax 40
Johnny Podres 34
Bob Miller 23
Pete Richert 12
Nick Willhite 8

Don Drysdale 41
Johnny Podres 40
Stan Williams 28
Sandy Koufax 26
Joe Moeller 15
Pete Richert 12

Don Drysdale 37
Sandy Koufax 35
Stan Williams 35
Johnny Podres 29
Roger Craig 14
Phil Ortega 2

Don Drysdale 36
Johnny Podres 33
Stan Williams 30
Sandy Koufax 26
Roger Craig 15
Danny McDevitt 7

Don Drysdale 36
Johnny Podres 29
Sandy Koufax 23
Danny McDevitt 22
Roger Craig 17
Stan Williams 15

Ah, it was a nice trip down memory lane, wasn’t it?

You have to go back to 1993 to find a solid 5-man rotation. Another 16 years to the next one. And this from a team renowned for its pitching. So I bow to seesky (or whoever said it. I’m too tired to look back. Good night and may God Bless you, one and all!

And I do love this blog! 🙂

Damn I fell left out of that song and how do you put the extra line?

Shouldn’t Matt Herges be on that 2000 listed with his 5 starts? I guess he doesn’t count since you going by the top 6 most starts. What happen in 2001 that look bad? Dang 1965 just look plain rediciously.

Dodgereric/Ward Dear……..I was going to say …. “OMG!!!! I can’t believe you did that!”, but then I stopped because, yes, you would do something like that. You just had to make up for the fact that you didn’t know “everything” about the Dodgers. That was a fantastic list Eric and thanks once again for the history lesson 🙂

Okay – yes, I am up a 3 am and watching the Dodgers on “30 Clubs and 30 Days”, and I didn’t think I could be anymore excited about this season starting, but with that, along with what Eric just posted a few short hours ago now, this is going to be one great year. All good things said about our team, and alot of truthful things said about our team that we have said at least a few thousand times………pitching and the role of yougnomewho. They even suggested bring Blake to the outfield if needed due to injury before yougnomewho.

Okay – it’s now 4:09, and I started this about a half-hour ago. See, Dodger4life….this is what happens when I think it’s okay to go to bed early. I wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning ready to go.

One more thing Dodgereric/Ward Dear…… you know 99.95% of everything there is to know about the Dodgers:)

So much for X. Paul getting a shot, but we really knew this, didn’t we? Yes, I am still up. However, it looks like Minty Fresh will get to stay 🙂 …..there’s pitching issues in the article too, but we kind of know where we are there too, don’t we?

Torre hasn’t decided how many infi
elders he will carry, but he might go with only four outfielders (Manny Ramirez, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Juan Pierre) because Casey Blake and Mientkiewicz can play the outfield. Torre likes Mientkiewicz because of his “grinder” mentality and as an experienced left-handed bat off the bench. Castro would be kept almost entirely for defensive purposes.

Nelly~ you are still up?? You have not gone to bed?
Good morning ITD boys and girls! I am excited about today. Soon I will take off to go to breakfast close to the stadium. Tempted to take a look before going back later on.

Good morning ~ Nellyjune, the only good thing about the article is Lindblom. He looked very good last night. We all knew Joe would keep the Popupaholic. That is unfortunate for the players who are more deserving of the job.

trublu ~ Yes, I agree, Lindbolm was looking pretty good last night, and that is a definite plus in the area of pitching.

Emma – I wasn’t up all night. I got about 4 and a half hours sleep.

Cool, Eric
Hope DC’s mom is OK

Sorry I transposed the letters of Lindbolm’s name!

Good morning ITD boys and girls!
Yeah, saw last night’s game; not pretty. Not pretty at all. But as everyone said, Josh Lindblom looked very good! And I read that article about the 5th starter battles. I say, let’s see Josh pitch a couple more times and we’ll see! He may be just what the doctor ordered!

Emma – I know that you’re probably gone to breakfast by the stadium. I hope you’ll get a chance to read this before the game tonight. I’m thrilled that I’m going to get to meet you in person! I’ll be at the game with my mom and two of my nephews. I’ll probably be wearing my Ethier jersey. Heck, it’s a baseball game being played in Dodger Stadium; what else would I wear??? 🙂

Oh, and dcollins, I’m glad that your mom is out of the hospital. Your mom sounds kinda like my mom. She’s 83 and worked f/t, right up until about a year and a half ago when she sold her home and moved. She LOVES crossword puzzles and does that all the time and plays her piano everyday. She still drives, but us kids (and her grandkids) drive her if we’re all going to someplace together; like Dodger games!!! 🙂

Good morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful
WOW!!!! Eric You get an an A+ on your report of Dodger pitchers…
You had me LMAO!!!! early in the morning. It is good to see you active again 🙂
Dodgers and Indians today. Kuroda takes the hill, Go get um Kuroda. Game day audio at 1:05 PT.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Opening Day is right around the corner 🙂
UCLA takes on Villanova GO BRUINS!!!
Junior Johnson and others return to Bristol tonight in a 50 lap special 🙂
Enjoy the day everyone 🙂

Hey Dodger4life!!! It’s been too long!!! How are ya bud??? I hope ID is thawing out, is it?

So Kuroda-san is pitching today? I would’ve rather him pitch yesterday, but oh well. Pitchers must stay on their schedules…

I’m sick of JoJo and his “grinder” mentality. DY was the best PH we had last year and can hit from both sides of the plate so you can’t match up on him. To give his spot to Monkeywhiskers would be an injustice and a mistake.

The bench should be Ausmus, Loretta, DeWitt, DY and [barf] Pierre. We’ll end up with Ausmus, Castro, Monkeyman, Loretta and Pierre. Which bench would you rather have? JoJo’s starting his BS again with his veteran love.

And if you’re going to release DY, why not try and trade him first for a pitcher?

Oh, and did anyone notice Andre’s new picture for this year??? I like it much better!!!

Enchanted!!! How’s NM???

Morning CP! Don’t rightly know, I’m still down in Texas. Be back sometime tomorrow night.

Hi cp!!! It is warmer than it was in late December. All is good. I hope all is well on your end. I am thinking that recent post by our ITD manager Dodgereric is the longest of the 2009 season, yet it is only spring training. This should be a fun season 🙂

And Enchanted, I’m also hoping for a bench of Ausmus, Loretta, DeWitt, DY and Pierre. But I am still curious. Whatever happened to Ardoin? I know he was in the big league camp, but was he optioned to the minors? I mean, we’re not going to be carrying 3 catchers on our 25 man roster, are we?

Ardoin was toast the minute they signed Ausmus. I think Ellis makes the roster as back-up next year.

Oh Enchanted, I thought you already came home from TX. Well, drive carefully on your way home.

And Dodger4life – I’m glad that ID is warmer than it was. For me, things are okay. I’m still unemployed (although kinda hopeful) and my shoulder is feeling better. It’s still not 100% yet; but I have made improvements. And yeah, given Eric’s latest post and the fact that it is only spring training, can’t imagine what he has in store for us during the season!

Is Ardoin on the team (maybe in the minors) anymore? The Dodgers could have and I didn’t notice it, but did the Dodgers release Ardoin? Is he in the minors? I just wonder what happened to him?

I just read that article on the homepage about Brian Mazone. Not exactly the professional pedigree that we all would like, but his store is a heartwarming story. I couldn’t imagine how he handles being away from his mother during her time of need. It does put things in perspective…

I would much rather have your bench, Enchanted, than Joe’s. It’s a shame that we are going to lose DY. I still say that if the Popupaholic wasn’t making that huge salary, he’d be sent down.

They still show Ardoin on the 40 man roster CP, but since Marty’s been back from the WBC, he pretty much hasn’t been seen.

Pierre’s virtually worthless, but with his contract and Joe’s vet’ran love, DY gets the shaft. I think they’re counting on everyone’s roster being set so that DY will clear waivers, but how many teams have their 25th spot being taken up by an “oh hell, just throw Jimmy on the roster for now” guy that wouldn’t jump at the chance to pick-up DY.

Just another huge batch of JoJo BS being shoveled our way.

Actually if I were manager, my bench wouldn’t even have JP, it’d have Paul – he’s earned it.

I’d love to have XPaul on my bench! You are the GM, Enchanted……….make someting happen!!! lol

Good Morning again ITD readers and writers!!!!

enchanted – I didn’t realize DY would not be part of the lineup. I just assumed that….bad for me I guess 😦

CP – No question about what you would wear 🙂 …….and yes, his new picture looks much better. There is a great picture of him in the new Dodger magazine 🙂

With Joe The Clown talking Castro and Monkeyman, and we already know that Loretta, Ausmus and JP are locks, that’s one pathetic bench. You put DY, DeWitt and Paul in there for M, JP and Castro and its the best in baseball.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but does not DY also play 2 OF and 2 IF positions? Plus he hits from both sides, has more speed and isn’t a washed up piece of Schmidt. Perhaps JoJo’s longing for another Sweeney. Monkey’s hitting .118 this spring.

not good enchanted 😦

Oh, well, I was away from the computer for a bit. I still REALLY think that DeWitt will make the 25-man roster and will get sufficient playing time. I REALLY don’t see Castro making it onto the 25-man team. I certainly could be wrong (and have been many times before) but I still don’t see them keeping Castro.

Now, I know many here won’t like me for saying this, but I could see the Dodgers keeping Mientkiewicz. As much as I want DY to stay, I don’t think he will. I’m thinking that Mientkiewicz may have a leg up on DY just because he can play more defensive positions than DY can. Again, don’t get me wrong; I like DY, but I can see Mientkiewicz “pushing” him off the roster.

But I’m curious; what happens if DY doesn’t clear waivers and some other team picks him up (which I DEFINITELY think would happen)? Would we be “compensated” if DY doesn’t clear waivers, kinda like getting compensated if someone else signs a FA? I don’t think so, but someone let me know.

I thought I read or heard Castro, along with Mientkiewicz and JP, is in the lineup.

Look at it this way. If you put Mientkiewicz on waivers, would he clear? I think that’s a 100% certainty. If you put DY on waivers would he get claimed? I think that’s a 100% cetainty also. That in a nutshell pretty much tells you each’s worth.

A Sweeeney by any other name would be Mientkiewicz.

I think it was in the article you posted early this morning, Nellyjune. Joe’s wants Castro because of his defense?!

If it’s defense, Joe wants, why the heck is JP playing! If he comes in at the end of the game we are in trouble……every single becomes a double with him!

That’s another great issue Tru. If we assume that Furcal and Hudson are healthy, shouldn’t we put a comparable bat (DeWitt) in the line-up when they’re rested? DeWitt’s D is fine too.

You put Castro on the roster for his D, now you’ve go two poke hitters on the bench that rarely get it out of the infield as potential PHs in critical situations.

I’ve been trying to count how many 25-man roster spots there would be available for the bench. Okay, we have our starting eight (Martin, Loney, Hudson, Raffy, Blake, Manny, Kemp, and Ethier). The pitching staff (whoever comprises the staff outside of the known commodities – Billz, Kersh, Kuroda-san, Wolf, Broxton, etc) probably would number 11; that would be 19 already. That would leave 6 position players on the bench. We certainly know that Loretta, Ausmus and JP (yuck!) are locks on the bench. That’s 22 players. For the reasons I mentioned before, I can see DeWitt and Mientkiewicz making the team; that’s 24. For me, that 25th player on the active roster would be an outfielder. Perhaps I was wrong in my calculations before and DY will make it. Or, perhaps the X-Man or Repko will make it.

I’ve gotta go, but I’ll be back later (if only to read) before I leave the house. Someone tell me if I’ve missed naming someone else or if my numbers just don’t add up. We wouldn’t consider carrying a 12 man pitching staff, would we?

Joe did it last year Tru – put JP in as a “defensive” replacement for Manny. That’s just irresponsible managing.

Your numbers sound okay to me, Enchanted. We might not carry a 12 man pitching staff but, would Joe?

I think with what we’ve got for a BP and #5, a 12 man staff is not only a cetainty, its a must CP.

…he must be going with 12 pitchers because the article I posted this morning said, he was going with 4 outfielders and if need be Minty and Blake can play outfield if needed.

I wanted to congratulate Josh among others for their excellent selection of Eric Collins as the new TV play by play guy for road games east of Colorado.

clap, clap] [clap, clap,clap
clap, clap] [clap, clap,clap
clap, clap] [clap, clap,clap…
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lineup does not have Kemp or Ethier in it, so that should tell you something right there.

Furcal, SS
Hudson, 2B
Martin, C
Blake, 3B
Mientkiewicz, 1B
Pierre, CF
Pascucci, DH
Jones, M, LF
Repko, RF

…no Loney either 😦

Oh crap!

Now it really is time to start thinking about baseball season as my UCLA Bruins got tossed out of the NCAA tourny today in a non-comeptitive game. Good luck to the rest of you on your favorite teams, even the SC fans. I would like to PAC 10 to have a decent showing.

Eric’s impressive list of starting pitchers was quite revealing. First, the list included a lot of players who are not household names and a few who are but for the wrong reason. It also proved that the 5th starter may not be all that important if 1-4’s are not effective, and may not be all that important even if the 1-4’s do very well. Also, rotations sometimes get shifted around due to injury, rainouts, marathon games and such. Every game is important but if a team has at least three effective starters, it might be able to hide the drop off at the bottom. Basically what you are asking for today from a good starter is 6-7 innings so getting 5-6 out of a backend guy seems to be acceptable by today’s standards.

That just makes my bad day even worse. I suppose Popupaholic will be batting cleanup!

lbirken ~ the UCLA loss was very hard to watch. I wanted all of the Pac-10 to move on to the Sweet Sixteen.

Loney’s not playing either and JP is in centerfield.

The box score say’s Kuroda changed his name to MacDonald.

Sounded like a great double play – good job Dodgers!!!!

Yes, it was hard to watch. My son, who went to Cal thinks I should be happy enough the Bruins have made it to three final fours in a row but today’s loss makes four consecutive tournament losses by blowouts. At least I can’t look back and say ” what if”.

Yougnomewho – bunt……out..Why? ……..because he thought the ball was going foul and he was tagged out. Even Charlie called it an embarrassing moment.

Well, we will have plenty of song material just with yougnomewho alone.

Do you mean there will be a lot of embarrassing moments for Yougnomewho? To me, it’s an embarrassment to have him on the team!

I think I said this morning that JP was almost worthless. Now I can revise it to totally worthless.

How is JP a “veteran grinder” when he can’t even take off to first on a bunt even if he thinks its foul? Pathetic isn’t even the word. For Godssake Ned, release this pile and put another real ballplayer on the team.

Enchanted ~ I think they meant to say “veteran grounder”…grounds out or “veteran popper” that’s what popupaholics do best!

…’s not even us calling it embarrassing anymore. I still hear Charlie’s voice….”Well, that was an embarrassing moment.” …..and he works for the Dodgers!!!! We are just stupid fans who supposedly are blind and don’t see that there are 8 other outfielders outperforming him right now.

Somebody, please tell Joe, JUAN CAN’T PLAY!!!!

I’ve had it with JoJo the idiot also.

And yes I have spent most of the afternoon at the St. Arnolds brewery.

Instead of trying to support yougnomewho I have shifted my positive energy toward Jamie, our new CEO….
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL, Dodger4life! I’ll bet Jamie doesn’t even know the names of the players on the team!

Its also obvious that McDonald is better suited to starting than relieving.

I have a feeling, we may all be drunk while watching games this season. Should make for some interesting posts!

I’ll drink to that!!!


yougnomewho – fly ball this time – 380 ft.

Are you listening to our announcers? They are ripping yougnomewho to shreds right now – LMAO!!!!!

Boy, Monday & Charlie don’t like JP at all! They say his bunting skills are in regression! We all knew that!!!

LMTO, Nellyjune! I just said the same thing!!!!


…pure and simple enchanted!! You can’t get any more clearer than that.

Like jungar said last year, you’re paying JP regardless of performance, why not put somebody better on the team?

More than Ned, I blame Joe. Cut the SOB from the team and put somebody on it that can actually contribute . Joe’s as worthless as JP in my rather out of focus book.

BTW, I think I’m breaking yet another Dodger Thoughts rule right now.


It’s not like you care enchanted – LMAO!!!!!

Pierre .184
Monkeywitz .111

Any questions?

I want X Paul!

Rules were made to be broken Nells!!!

JP is 3/5ths of an asset to the team Tru!

Aren’t rules made to be broken?

This is sooo weird today, we are all thinking alike! I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. LOL

Enchanted, no questions but at least Pierre is easier to spell and fits better on the uniform. See, I found something positive to say.

…and you are doing a fine job in breaking them too 🙂

Is it me or when you close your eyes does the whole room spin around???

That is very good lbirken.

ibirken ~ I think XPaul or Repko looks good on a uniform, too!

If you wont realese him outright. Trade him for a Juinor Dodger.

Red Pen… release

I’d trade the ******* for a Junior Mint.

That’s good, Dodger4life!

For Godssake Ned, release this pile and put another real ballplayer on the team.
By enchantedsunset on March 21, 2009 1:48 PM


I think Pile is Phew’s new nickname. Pretty much says it all. You don’t even have to mention what kind of pile. LOL!!!! Everyone already knows. LMTO!!!!

Estes is even more worthless than JP.

Estes, Pile and Milton the Toaster……..out of here!!!

Good afternoon everyone.


How are you my somewhat less inebriated friend??

Ned seems to have chronic piles!!!! LOL!!!!

Good afternoon, Jhall.

I would make that trade for some Thin Mints.

BEEEEAV!!!! Super my friend. Very calm and LMAO!!! If Ned could remove his head from his nether region, perhaps he would be less obstructed and we would not suffer with chronic piles.

Hi’Ya Trumom!!!

Hey lbirken. I’d send along a case of Thin Mints with Pile just to get rid of his sorry……………….

Just what I need right now – my sister’s parrot imitating her and my mom…

Who here doesn’t think we’ll end up with a bench of Monkeywitz, Phew and Castro?

We don’t need anything back in a Pile dump. Just make him go away.

It’s not looking good Beav!!!! Just when you think they can’t possibly get any stupider, they freaking do.

Hey Beav, toss back a couple of cold ones for me brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hence Jamie as CEO.

Good morning ITD’ers.
My Mom is doing better today so thanks for al the well wishes & prayers.
Interesting list Eric! Many different things can be taken from that list. What I took from that list is that we’ve not had a very good #5 for quite awhile, however many of those years were our down years in the 90’s through the early 2000’s.
My concern with the 5th starter is that I feel our 1-4 starters are really 2-5 starters.
Great hire Josh!
Go Blue!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

So, may we expect more stupid things? I’ll bet, YES!!!!

Think I already have Wally…

Monkey see, monkey do!!! Geez!!!!

Thanks Beav!!!!

There’s a lot of monkey do amongst the four stooges.

Hey Wally!!! Three days in a row – Wow!!!

Piles you might say.

I’ll have what you’re drinking, Enchanted!

Good Afternoon to you too dcollins!!! Glad to hear your mom is doing okay 🙂

I think Ned was a classic “one cheek sneak” the G’Nats let on the Dodgers!!!!

Hey Colly. Give our best to your mom. Glad she’s doing well.
Hey Nelly!!!! Ain’t it grand?!!!

There’s a tear in E’s beer and he’s losing his Dodger mind waiting for JP to dissapear…

How did yougnomewho get on base?

LMTO, dodger4life!!!

So true D4!!! LOL!!! Good to see ya!!!!

Dcollins, I still think Bills, Kershaw and Kuroda have potential to be effective starters but the way the game is played today a lot of emphasis is placed on pitch counts. I agree that none of them is really a #1 guy (yet) so lets hope they can at least pitch deep into games and stay healthy. They might surprise you.

You too, Jhall and everyone else….:-)

Hey Dodger4life!!! How are you today?

Dodgers motto/rallying cry for 2009.

Hello Nelly, I am good. UCLA did’nt play thier best today, even know they needed it to win. How are you doing???

Jhall ~ It’s hard to stop the ignorance with who we’ve got in charge! With Joe, ignorance is bliss!

I am doing great!! No, UCLA didn’t do so well 😦

LMTO Tru!!! As Dad/Eric would reiterate, Fire Ned!!!!!!!!

I don’t even want what I had D4!!!

Hey Beav. One word of advice my brother. SCOTCH!!!!!

Tanquery and Tonic when the ignorance stops!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the rocks or neat?!

Its really not so bad except fot the ringing in my ears.

Will SOMEBODY answer that damn phone??!!!

I’m hoping they surprise me Birk.
I really like all of them as starters. I just feel that we don’t have a #1 and they are all pretty much 3-5 guys. Bills & Kersh are still really young, so my jury is out on them. Kersh obviously more than Bills. I also feel that these two are still learning that they can’t strike everybody out. Last year it seemed to me that Bills would get 2 strikes on someone and then keep trying to fastball him to death and his pitches would be fouled off. This would add to his pitch count. Kersh did this as well when he was up. Hopefully these 2 have learned to pitch to contact as they say and not try to K everybody and be to perfect with their pitch. The other day Kersh did a great job of this. So maybe they are learning this.
By the way this is one of my problems with Broxton. The dude is a stud but he will try to blow everyone away and often end up walking a guy. Often it’s the leadoff batter and they end up scoring. He also is horrible with holding those runners on. I don’t know how to look up the stat of the runs scored against him last year but my guess is that many were due to walks.
Also I’m concerned with the health of Wolf & Kuroda in the long run. I do think Kuroda will be better this year than last just because I think it takes players time to get acclimated to such a new surrounding.
If we had a true #1 then I would feel that we had great pitching.
They mentioned on the 30 in 30 last night that Joe did a great job of putting Bills in the #3 slot to take the pressure off of him & I agree with that. I think Bills feels pressure on him and hasn’t quite learned how to not take that burden. He has the potential to be a #1 and I love his skills.

Rocks Tru!!!! LOL!!!

Hey Beav, its Piles mama on the phone for you.

I say McDonald is #5 and Lindblom’s n the pen.

I think it’s time for enchanted to go back to New Mexico – LOL!!!!

Me too!!!

Alright Russell Martin – a 2-run shot!!!! tie game!!!

Good afternoon ITD
I am getting ready to go to Dodger Stadium. I got out my Dodger Blue car and washed it although the rain is threatening. I am not too into the game today since it is Venezuela and Korea playing. I will probably go into the team store and see what they have. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s game when USA and Japan play. However it will probably be pouring rain. Anyone who is going today, look me up. I think I will be in sec 47 row A seat 1, my old seat, field section. Most probably however you will find me in the team store. I was listening to the ST game but turned it off. It’s just ST. It’s just ST. That’s what I keep telling myself.

E it isnt the phone there is someone at your front door!!!

Looks like Monkeyman is trying to impress Joe.

Piles mama with a spatula Beav. Slappy dribbles one to short and can’t get the runner in from 3rd with 1 out. Why am I not surprised?

Heartruss, I will be there for the finals on Monday so I am hoping the USA team can limp its way into that game.

Pile is 0 – 4 today. Very impressive, Joe!

Surprise, surprise, surprise,…. runner on 3rd less than 2 outs and Pile is up and grounds out… so the runner can’t score.
0-4 w/3 LOB. Batting 171.
Please for the love of baseball make it stop!!!!!!!

Amen Colly!!! Please lord, stop the ignorance!!!!!!!!


This is how it’s going to be all year with him as a PH – he can’t get it out of the infield.

Even his so-called speed adds NOTHING to this team.

Damn stop it Mientkiewicz I want Paul, Young or Pascucci. Where was Pascucci at when we need a 3rd basemen years ago and we went with Nakumara or whatever his name was.

Hello there Heart! Not the Dodgers or USA for you tonight but it’s still baseball and hot dogs and all the fun that goes along with it. There should be a pretty enthusiastic crowd there so that should make it fun.
Tru — We were thinking alike there!

Worthless in regards to Pile is a compliment. Pathetic is more applicable!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with you enchanterd but I would give Lindblom one more year but the way he pitching these last 2 games he look good right now.


I’ve got to go Lindblom over Milton, Estes, Schmidt or Vargas though spit.

We could have a really GREAT ballclub is management would just go with talent over “experience.”

:):):):):):):):):):) LMAO!!!!!! Maybe we can only do audio so we can’t see if Joe is actually awake to see how horrible yougnomewho is actually doing.

“if” not “is”

I know don’t want those 4 either lol.

That’s the trouble Nells, JoJo doesn’t care how JP does he’s still #4. A #4 I might add that will get more PAs than any other #4 in either league.

LMAO!!!! oh no!!!!!! Here we go……………. LMAO!!!!!!!

It’s sound like Sweeney is managing this team lol


Last night were watching 30 & 30 and Wifey was saying why aren’t they talking about Pierre (She feels sorry for him. I know he stinks but my Wife has a very kind heart. Which makes me a lucky guy so I’m not going to complain!!!).
I tell her they will probably say what we generally say on this blog… he is going to be an expensive pinch runner. That is about all he has to offer.
Towards the end of the show they got on the subject of Pierre and asked what his role was and Mitch Williams said that in the 8th inning when Manny doubles he would put in Pierre to pinch run but that is about it. They all pretty much said the same thing, which is that he doesn’t really have much of a role unless Manny is injured.
I would go further and say that he just shouldn’t have a role.
It is obvious he wants to be anywhere else other than there. If they want to keep one of the PVL’ers because they are good clubhouse guys, why not once again have addition by subtraction and rid themselves of Pierre. That would open another slot on the roster for someone like DY. Just go to him and say look we can’t trade you and you aren’t going to play. If you want to play we’ll release you but let’s work out the $$$. They’ll call it the Andruw Out instead of the Opt Out.
Someone mentioned it earlier that with Castro & Pierre on the team they really aren’t the pinch hitter type. Late in the game you want someone to score runners and if there is a runner on and they are up I don’t see them moving the runner up.
Just the more I type the more pops into my mind & I can’t type fast enough and the more annoyed I get with having him on the team.
So I shall stop now…

Right on DC!!

dcollins – you are so right. He doesn’t want to be here, so how is that going to help the club with moral. For as bad as Sweeney was last year, you never heard about him coming across as bitter or mad at the fans, and he really did seem to have a great report with all of the players, as he is seen in many, many photos. JP….other than the one dispicable picture with him and Andre, you never see pictures of him just having fun. He will never bring that looseness to the clubhouse, much like “should I dare say” Jeff Kent. ……and don’t get me started… family are gnat fans and they hated him too……..that’s one Dodger/gnat thing we have in common.

dcollins – that last comment was not directed at you at all…..I meant to separate it for the Kent fans. I am not a Kent fan.

Who this Mazone guy? This guy haven’t given up a run in 8 games in 7 innings only allowing 2 hits.

Even Pierre’s speed is wasted because he never gets to a point where he can use it. Do you know how bad you have to hit to hit .175? Once you get in the .100’s, your average doesn’t change that much going down, but a hit can elevate it considerably.

Make that .171

We can only hope that some team has a major injury in the outfield and would take Pile off our hands. Pile signing will rate among the top 5 all time worst signings ever. Thanks Nediot!!!!!!!!!

I bet the other guys that having a good spring say I haven’t got a chance of making this team if Pierre was hitting below .100 or any veteran in that case.

Add in the top 10 to 20 all time worst signings of Schidt and Cow and you have to wonder why he still has a job. Total ignorance!!!!!!!!!!!

I hear you Nelly. Myself, I didn’t mind Kent.
I know he wasn’t a clubhouse guy but not everyone will be. But I don’t think he was hating where he was in the same way Pierre is. To me there is a difference. Seems to me like Pierre thinks he should be starting where Kent was just a grumpy guy. One is bitter at teammates for their success where the other just is bitter.

…and it’s not just the fans seeing it now jhall…….anybody involved in the Dodgers, except for Frank, Ned and Joe are seeing the same player we are. It’s not rocket science….he can’t hit, he can’t throw, and he’s not getting on base to use the one talent he “might” still have so he should be a pinch runner at best, but why take up a roster spot when DY, Paul and Repko can hit, throw and run 🙂

That’s enough without all the Bombko, Jay Sao, Baez, Lance Carter, Proctor, Lugo, etc….. disasters. Un-freaking-believable. C’mon Frank, maybe its you with cranio-rectal inversion.

dcollins – THAT is very true 🙂

Enchanted you asked if we know how bad you have to hit to bat 175…
Umm, well, … we did watch Sweeney and The Cow all last season so YES WE CAN!!! LMKO!!!!!
Pierre is really showing his skills today isn’t he? Sorry Amy…

Amen Nelly!!! I am totally with you. It is just total ignorance!!!!

Well said Colly!!!!!!!!!!!

Nelly your post @4:08 was perfect. It was what I was trying to say and kept getting distracted because I was getting so annoyed! It was right to the point:
It’s not rocket science….he can’t hit, he can’t throw, and he’s not getting on base to use the one talent he “might” still have so he should be a pinch runner at best, but why take up a roster spot when DY, Paul and Repko can hit, throw and run 🙂 By Nelly….
Just perfect!

Wow, only a ST game and still the rancor towards JP, Joe, Ned & Frank. This is going to be an interesting season.

Just a thought but what about listing JP on Craig’s List?

Thanks dcollins ~ It’s funny……….we thought this time last season it was about a competition between Pierre and Ethier, but it really wasn’t. The competition was trying to prove to management and some others that JP never deserved to be out there in the first place. And this year, it even seems worse because he is fighting for a 4th outfielder spot that he doesn’t want, and still doesn’t deserve.

Great idea Birk…
True it’s only ST but I think we are seeing in Pile what we’ve seen for awhile and what we figure we will see for awhile.
It just makes the stomach turn.

…and we are paying him how much?

That’s the trouble Nells, JP ISN’T fighting for the fourth OF spot – its been handed to him. That leaves the other guys fighting for the right to be traded. Its pathetic.

lbirken – it just fuels the fire for better song writing to be honest, and I am talking from experience right now. This talk is coming in handy 🙂

Its ignorance Beav!!!! Between Frank, Ned, and Joe, we seem to have gotten more than our fair share. Just unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year Nelly I was defending Ned & Joe saying that they were just playing Pierre to show for trades.
But after what took place last year, I’ve changed my opinion with that. Maybe they still are but he as most know shouldn’t be the 4th OF’er on this team.
Of course he is a bit of an 0-fer.

enchanted – it’s entitlement at it’s finest…..very sad 😦

Earlier this spring I said that any line-up you put out there without JP in it was better. Make that any TEAM now. There’s absolutely nothing that JP has that brings anything additional to the table for this [or any] team. You talk about clearing waivers, put JP on it and I GUARANTEE he clears.

And JoJo learned absolutely NOTHING in 2008. He’ll still give JP way more playing time than he deserves to the detriment of more deserving players and the team.

Enchanted — About Pierre clearing waivers, I was thinking the same thing earlier when you mentioned DY.

Juan Pierre goes 0 for 4 as X Paul gets yet another hit.
MIT Sloan School of Buisness. You have inherited this problem. Please solve it soon.
You can do it!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

LOL!! That’s good Dodger4life!! This could become a Thesis paper for some Business Grad Student…….find a way to unload Pierre with minimal damage to the Dodgers financially as well as prospects.

It does not seem we need to look far for songwriting ideas. I am guessing Ned has talked to anyone who will listen about making a deal for JP and there are no takers. Even if Ned found a team willing to deal the Dodgers would most likely have to eat most if not all of JP’s salary. I don’t think the Dodgers are “showcasing” him because everyone knows that he can and cannot do.

I’d offer him to the Tigers for Dontrel Willis. One pile for another. Just unloading Phew improves the team by subtraction and allowing a better player/prospect to get his slot and a shot. Willis can work on his comeback in the Minors. You never know!!!!

It would be well worth it to pay for Juan to play on another team so that he could $#%! them up as much as he does our team.

Got to go. Have a great evening everyone.

Leter birk!!

I’m hitting it to for now.

Have a great evening lbirken, and have fun on Monday at the WBC if we don’t see you before then 🙂

see you later enchanted – take care 🙂

That was funny dcollins. That kid was really selling it too.
I’ll bet Frank payed more than a hundred bucks for that home run.

I apologize to all the fabulous original artists that were part of this song, but when the song was mentioned to me (thanks Dodger4life), we thought JP. The youtube link is here just in case you forgot or perhaps are too young to remember it.

Song: I am the Juan
Original Song: We are the World
Original Artists: Various

There comes a time when my fan needs a certain call
When my worlds must come together as one
There are bloggers crying
Oh,and it’s time to lend my hand, to Joe
The greatest gift of all

Joe can go on pretending day by day
That someone, somehow will soon make a change
I am still part of this Dodger big family
And the truth – you know I’m what Joe really needs

I am the Juan, the left out Dodger
I am the one who makes a ITD’s day
so keep my playing
There’s a choice Joe’s making
By saving Ned’s own hide
It’s true he’ll have a better day
Just playing me

I’ll, give Joe my heart
So he knows that someone cares
And our lives will be stronger and free
As Ned has shown you
By turning deals fans dread
And so I must lend a helping hand


When I am down and out
There seems no hope at all
But if I just believe
There’s no way I can fall
Well, well, well, just realize
That one change can only come
When Joe and I stand together as one


DODGERERIC!!!! red pen, red pen – “So keep my playing” should be “So keep me playing” – uuugggghhhh!!! sorry 🙂

The hits just keep on coming..or not!!!

DODGERERIC !!!!!- I found another one!!! Can you take out the “a” before “ITD” – it doesn’t need to be there – thank you once again.

Good Job Nelly 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Dodger4life!!!

Nice one Nells!! Well done!!!!

I have several in various stages of development, all with one thing in common. I keep hoping that they release or trade JP though so I don’t have to publish them.

Thank you enchanted!!! You know you would publish yours anyways…..even if it’s for a going away gift 🙂

Great song, Nellyjune. I really do wish you’d publish your too, Enchanted. You know he’s going to be with us, try as hard as we may, to get him released. So, I’ll be counting the days for your first one to appear.

thanks trublu!!

Good late evening ITD, It must be about time for our favorite nightime episode…
I’m in a party kind of mood tonight…..
Kick it!!!

Nelly, a bit late, but – GREAT SONG!!!

DCollins, first of all, hope your mom is better. Sorry that she was sick. My Dad is 88 and I am having great fun spending time with him.
I decided not to have a Dodger Dog tonight because there were no Dodgers there. I had a Canter’s pastrami sandwich instead.
It was nice to be in Dodger Stadium. I did almost yell GO DODGERS after the national anthem. Ha ha.
Tomorrow is the game. USA vs Japan.

Couldn’t resist. I wanted to be the 500th post. Anyone else out there??

LMAO!!! very cool Dodger4life!!! June Darlin’ is impressed 🙂

Good Evening Diggie and thanks!!!!! I am just trying to keep up somewhat.

Heartruss – tomorrow will be an exciting game!!!

Have a wonderful time heartruss, GO U.S.A.!!!!!

Nellyjune, I hope it doesn’t rain cuz I am very excited!! I am all set with my WBC shirt and cap. I will stay for the entire game tomorrow. How are you tonight?? How was dinner? Did Mariya cook?

One of the most boring saturday nights I’ve had in a while, but as an old teacher of mine once said: “being bored is for boring people.”

Hi everyone, how’s it going? Me, just waiting for Dodger Baseball to start. I’m just not feeling the March Madness this year. I hope USC takes it all… but realistically, it’ll just be the Tarheels or Duke.

My “March Madness” is going crazy waiting for the season to start!

USC ALL THE WAY!!! Thay have been playing well 🙂

northstateblues…I just can’t get into basketball. I am all baseball, sometimes some football. I too am impatiently waiting for Dodger baseball to start.

heartruss – It’s raining here already and it has dropped about 20 degrees since sunset. Yes, Mariya cooked, and she did a fabulous job!!!

Good Evening northstateblues – How is the north part of the state this evening,and how are you?

So maybe the fifth starter will be MacDonald. He is a favorite of mine. he had a fantastic game today as did that Russell or should I say that J. Russell guy. Tomorrow the Dodgers will be on Channel 9 at 1 PM for those in southern California. Hmmm, have to leave early for the WBC game. Hope the ST game isn’t too exciting.

I’m definitely a baseball person first and foremost. Usually, I can get into March Madness, but this year, i’ve been more concerned with the WBC, heheh. I appreciate the global aspect of the Classic, and hope it can grow into something bigger, though hopefully they’d do it at a better time for baseball… that’s the only “sticky wicket” (in honor of Cricket-playing Manny).

But I will be happy if USC wins. Usually, I’m resentful of College Basketball and Football during ST/Baseball season for clogging up the sports tickers, heheh.

Nellyjune…oh no, it is raining? Bad omen for us. I wish the wind would blow the rain away.

I think I can’t get involved with basketball because I live for baseball 6 months out of the year. I wouldn’t have a breather from sports if I liked basketball too!

Hi Nelly, it’s windy and rainy here. the more rain, the better 🙂 see if we can’t refill some of these dry resevoirs.

The only bad thing about waiting for opening day is knowing there’s a day off after the first game. WTF?!!!

Well, my NASCAR teams are set and ready to go for tomorrow. This track is just awesome. It will be an exciting race for sure 🙂

I know …what’s that all about?

Why on a Tuesday? They are having one of their “under the lights” nights that night. The gnats of all teams too. Get them in and out of town as quickly as possible is what I say.

I can’t get my mind around it either… maybe now we know why they call him Bud, heheheh.

Oh yeah, this week’s Bristol. Love Bristol races. My faves are Talladega, Bristol, Daytona, Vegas, Fontana and Brickyard races. the only ones I really watch, and the only ones I make my NASCAR-hating housemates tolerate 🙂

LOL!!!! Can’t go wrong with any of those tracks.

I just listening to the other song Dodger4life – great song!!!! Certainly describes this group at times as well 🙂

red pen – “listened” not “listening” – boy!! too many of those today 🙂

Good Night ITD readers and writers!!!!! Have a great Sunday tomorrow!!! Take Care and God Bless!!!


After a warm day of yard work, I like to enjoy a couple of Pacifico’s in the afternoon, but I got a little carried away last night. You guys are a bad influence.

Good Sunday morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful
Randy Wolf takes the hill today, keep getting the outs Randy, you are looking good.
Opening day is approaching fast, and the battle for ring #7 is about is taking shape. What an event that shall be… I believe.
Dodgers ~ Rangers 1:05 PT
Enjoy your day everyone


Good morning Dodger4life ~ That’s the spirit!

Good morning Tru, I am ready for the season 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been ready for the season since te first ST game! lol

My arm feels good, my swing feels good, I’m ready to load this wagon up and head to the Ravine. All Aboard!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning, ITD. Have had computer issues since yesterday and have not been able to get online until now….yes, eric, it was I who made the comment regarding 5th starters historically though I didn’t realize how long it had been. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I did enjoy it…..sometimes.LOL!!!!….glad to see that McDonald stepped up with a fine performace yesterday. IMO, he should get the 5th spot and be allowed to pitch himself into or out of it. Unlike his competition (and I use that word rather loosely), he’s young and has an upside. Like we’ve always said, when in doubt,go with the kids.

Red pen….”performance”.

Good morning ITD boys and girls!

Carol! It was great meeting you and your family! How did you find me? LOL. I hope I get to see you more so let me know when you are at the stadium or at a Dodger event.
It sure was cold last night and I had a heavy Dodger jacket and a heavy sweatshirt underneath. Where we sit you can feel the cold less and we are protected if it rain but I could have used one of my Dodger blankets. Should be interesting tonight with rain forcast.
While I was in the Top Deck gift shop this lady approached me saying “were you at Camelback last week? I said “yes!”. She said “My husband and I saw you singing to Loney”. Then her husband said “T.J. talked about you guys in his column”. LOL.
Now I am going now to work on my next thread in my blog
Dave from Dodger Stadium: Here is the link to my blog 🙂
p.s. Oh and I sure had a grilled Dodger dog. It tasted great!!

Seeky ~ good to see you back. I also think Mcdonald should get a chance at number 5 starter. But, we all know, Joe prefers age over youth. So, I’ll bet he gives the 5th spot to Huggy Bear or Milton the Toaster. And, that will make Enchanted & Dodgereric very happy! LOL

Sorry about that , should be Seesky!

Here’s today’s lineup thanks to Kenny G’s Around the Horn…

Sunday’s Dodgers Lineup
15 Rafael Furcal (S) SS

30 Orlando Hudson (S) 2B

16 Andre Ethier (L) RF

7 James Loney (L) 1B

23 Casey Blake 3B

27 Matt Kemp CF

9 Juan Pierre (L) LF

12 Brad Ausmus C

21 Randy Wolf (L) LHP

New thread 🙂

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