A historic day

Our team historian Mark Langill just pointed out to me that this could be the only time in our lives that we see a Dodger ballpark open. For those who weren’t alive when the team opened Ebbets Field, Holman Stadium or Dodger Stadium, this is going to be one that we’ll all remember for a long time to come.

Also pretty memorable was Vin Scully’s first day at Camelback Ranch, which was yesterday. I had the honor of taking him around and giving him a tour with Billy DeLury, two of the team’s lone “holdovers” from Brooklyn. He seemed sufficiently impressed with the campus, as has just about everyone that I’ve come across. I hope the same holds true for all of you. I even saw a few ITDers at the ballpark walk-through event yesterday, so we know you’re out here!

For those who have been longing to watch a game or hear Vin’s voice, KCAL will bring it to you today starting at noon PT/1 p.m. here in Arizona. Over on radio, Rick and Charley will be there on KABC and Jaime, Pepe and Fernando will do the same in Spanish on KHJ.

Here’s the lineup for today’s opener:

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Kemp, CF

Loney, 1B

Loretta, DH

DeWitt, 3B 

M. Jones, RF

Ausmus, C

Pierre, LF

Kuroda, P



  1. gpruseck1@verizon.net

    Oh boy, here we go again. Pierre plays again and Either doesn’t. Just like last year.

  2. gpruseck1@verizon.net

    I didn’t know about Either being hurt. I’m actually surprised to see all the starters playing, I understand Hudson/Furcal. I thought I’d see more of all the rookies getting a shot. I guess they’re trying to get the attendance up in AZ.

  3. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    I would also like to see Repko get a decent shot at starting in the outfield. If that were to happen, he would be better off in center or right, as he is the best outfielder of the three. The bell is a good idea, too.

  4. trublu4ever

    I’m hoping the more JP plays, they will see he is useless to the team and bench him permanently.

  5. nellyjune

    Josh – Thanks for the lineup and the updates. Is it possible to give us an update on Andre and Casey. We haven’t seen them in the lineup, and we haven’t had an update on their injuries. Last we heard Andre was fine, but he still hasn’t been in the lineup.

    Thanks – concerned fan and Ethieraholic 🙂

    Back to Volleyball 🙂

  6. nellyjune

    LOL! ~ sorry, I am at my daughter’s volleyball tournament and was just checking for a line up for the game today. I didn’t mean to confuse you 🙂 I am hoping you don’t have to shovel snow either – yuck!!

  7. gpruseck1@verizon.net

    Tru- You’re sounding more like Torre, I’m still not convinced that JP can’t play LF. Haha.

  8. Dodger4life

    Good Morning ITD and Dodgerfaithful
    Thanks for the update and line up Josh. I hope you get to enjoy the game as well.
    Vin is in attendance. It is could to see you Mr. Scully.
    Dodgerbaseball…….the love of L.A.!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lets go out and put a BIG DODGERWIN in the record books!!!

  9. edog07

    I know before they said Ethier had an issue with his heel. Not sure if thats still the reason. I don’t think they gave him a contract to let him sit the bench, when he is ready to play he will. Remember last years spring training Pierre played himself out of the rotation. Repko had a better spring than Pierre. Now that Torre saw what he can and can’t do I think they are letting him show what he has for a trade or to say we gave you a shot…

    Or so I hope… If Paul keeps killing the ball maybe he should start in JP’s spot.

  10. gpruseck1@verizon.net

    Is Matting still on the staff? How’s his kid doing. I’d rather see them showcase some of these kids and possibly make a trade for future good pitcher.

  11. edog07

    I agree. I think the starters will only get a couple of at-bats because its the opening of the stadium, then they will let the youngins play.

  12. edog07

    McCourt confirmed what I expected. No Manny news today. With the stadium opening I figured every Dodger employee would be at the game.

  13. gpruseck1@verizon.net

    I think Furcal has a 3yr contract, are there any others besides JP? I believe Kemp, Either, Loney and Martin are stuck here for a while (Haha). And now they have all these new kids on the block. Do you start thinking about trading some of the old kids or the new kids to improve this team.
    And there’s always a need for good pitching.

  14. enchantedbeaver

    “I’m hoping the more JP plays, they will see he is useless to the team and bench him permanently.” – Tru

    I’d like to think that also Tru, but the truth is it’ll never happen. Last spring, Pierre batted a buck something if memory serves. Other than a benching opening day, Joe had him in there as a regular most of the time. Pierre had a typical Pierre season – no OBP, no throw, and JoJo still gave him 406 PAs which would’ve been SUBSTANTIALLY more except he was too busy wasting those on Andruw Jones.

    NOTHING says that JoJo won’t do the same thing this year no matter how poorly JP does. Only two things will keep him out of the line-up – injury or Manny, and even that’s iffy if Kemp or Ethier starts out slowly. Forget about Repko, DY and Paul – they don’t exist.

  15. gpruseck1@verizon.net

    I sometimes think Torre has a brain freeze on JP. Maybe someone in the grounds crew can put divots in LF and pray.

  16. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Pierre batting 8th, behind Ausmus and ahead of the pitcher, in a meaningless spring training game says it all. It’s also not exactly the best way to show case him for a possible trade. And everyone stop with the speculation in March, if we don;t get Manny Pierre will start until we can trade a few young kids away for a replacement. Or what enchanted said.

    And also Blake got a 3 year deal..

  17. gpruseck1@verizon.net

    I go along with Jungar. I think we will be NL Western Champs.

    No Manny =’s Cigar Ring
    Dodgers have a good team, but….

  18. scurtis1999

    Looks like a world series offense to me. If this offense can’t produce 6 runs a game, I will be disappointed. The Yankees lineup is not as good as this one. LOL

  19. scurtis1999

    Sweet, I get to see this game on Comcast here in Chicago. Ugh, not listening to Hawk and Steve Stone.

  20. bluecrewgirl

    He DNelly, trublu and everyone else. I think Andre is just being held out to make sure his heel is okay. He took batting practice yesterday. It wouldn’t be worth injuring it again in a preseason game. As much as I wish he was in there, I want him healthy for the regular season.

  21. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    From the new Dylan Hernandez article:

    “McCourt said the Dodgers would restart their negotiations with Ramirez on Monday at the earliest. He intimated that his next offer would be for less money by noting the economy was worsening, but wouldn’t say definitively if that would be the case.

    “McCourt admitted to being bothered that he had to answer questions about his negotiations with Ramirez, saying he told Boras that he wanted to have the all-star outfielder signed by Friday to ensure a celebratory atmosphere today at the debut of the team’s new spring training facility. That was why he decided to end this phase of negotiations, he said, when Boras made a counteroffer on Thursday instead of simply accepting or declining his proposal.”

  22. shad78

    Wohooooooooooooooooo I get to watch this game on Kcal with Vinny. That suck they talking about the Wolf brother that he can’t work the plate but seriously do they actually check that lol.

  23. northstateblues

    I’m sorry, I don’t care if we have Manny or not, or whether ‘Dre plays or not, wishing for ANYBODY in a Dodgers’ uniform to get injured is bad form. Not to mention bad karma, as we remember the bad karma when some wished for Nomar’s injury for LaRoche’s sake… only to see LaRoche get hurt in the same game. With ‘Dre having problems at the beggining of spring, that’s playing with fire.

    Maybe it’s just me, but the personal attacks against people in Dodger uniforms (that haven’t come out against the fans) is starting to be a bit of a turn off.

    It’s all fun and games sitting behind a keyboard and criticizing, that’s what blogging’s all about. But there’s no need to get personal. Hell, players do a good job shooting themselves in the foot with their performances, the numbers speak for themselves.

    It was ugly last year when at least 20,000 people booed Princess Druw (who DID come out against all fans, hence his nickname), and it would be ugly if they booed Pierre this year (if he’s in a Dodgers’ uniform). We don’t need to act like Yankees’ fans.

    I wish we’d save the venom for other teams. It was REALLY sad last year when I went to a Dodgers-Giants game (pre-Manny), and a guy in a Dodgers uniform got booed louder than all in black and orange combined.

    If you want to boo anyone, boo McCheap. Please. Boo Wincecum, Matt “looks like the kid from Two and a Half Men got locked in the bakery for a week” Cain, Albert PooHoles… someone in another uniform.

    And from what I’ve read of Dodgers’ history, if you ever want to criticize people in Dodgers uniforms, “Bum” will do just fine 🙂

    As for #9, that horse has died, been beaten into glue, and the glue has broken down and seeped into the ground, and the ground is a gaping sinkhole with a few busted water and sewer pipes mixed in.

    Everyone wants THE BEST TEAM on the field, and I agree with that. And Pierre isn’t looking like the best OFer right now… quite the opposite. He doesn’t need our help to look terrible at this point.

  24. trublu4ever

    nsblues ~ I do agree we need the best team on the field. I’m just having some fun right now……..I really don’t want anybody to get injured. When the season begins I will be cheering loudly, no matter who is playing.

  25. Dodger4life

    North well said, you seem a little angry though.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. scurtis1999

    JP just got on because of a Betemit error and on the 1st pitch was thrown out by a mile trying to steal.

  27. Dodger4life

    I was having a hard time deciding whether to listen to the game on the computer or watch Nascar on TV. I cant deposit quarters in order to recieve my signal at the moment. Bad economy and all and Nascar has provided me with an alternative so……….this was an easy choice….Hooray for the fan loving boy’s of Nascar.
    GO DODGERS I LOVE YA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EVEN WITH OUT MY SUPPORT!! I KNOW YOU”LL BRING HOME THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ENJOY THE GAME EVERYONE……………………..:-)

  28. bluecrewgirl

    Hey northstate, how are you doing? Long time no see. I would never wish anyone injury or harm, but I must admit I do care who plays. I have my favorites and I want to see them in there, though the most important thing is that the Dodgers win.

  29. scurtis1999

    These dumb White Sox announcers keep calling De Jesus, Furcal. No clue and they just showed the last name on his jersey 2 times.

  30. bluecrewgirl

    Dodger4life, I know what you mean. I’ve been switching back and forth between the Dodger game and the Lakers.

  31. enchantedbeaver

    I disagree North. If I’d have been at a game or games last year and had to watch Druw, I’d have booed myself happily [dead]horse.

    Fans can show their support for the team being at he game, but they can be singular in their displeasure for one player by booing – its the only way they have to express it, especially towards such a one who disrespected his team, profession and fans by taking an exhorbitant amount of money, then coming to work completely out of shape, playing the most pathetic ball of anyone that ever put on a Dodger uniform, then dissing the fans with his comments. Just remaining sillent wouldn’t have shown support for the team without giving approval to the player, IMO it would’ve acquiesced approval or at least tolerance of what he was doing and how he was performing.

    As for JP, he’s just one dead horse that won’t stay dead by virtue of Ned and Joe. Affronts on JP are also unspoken affronts on Ned for signing him and Joe for playing him. I would never wish a player injured, nor would I boo Pierre at a game because he at least plays to the best of his ability. Its just that that ability is below at least a half a dozen better alternatives, and I’m sick of seeing the team be dragged down because of it.

  32. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ when Nellyjune and i went to the Dodger series against Arizona, they booed Andruw every tie he struck out…….they also booed Sweeney when he’d come to pinch hit…….I figure, they paid the price for the ticket and it’s their choice whether to cheer or boo.

  33. scurtis1999

    Here’s a way to make a ton of $$$ this year gambling. If Manny is not on this team, take the under every game!

  34. bluecrewgirl

    They booed Jones at most of the games I went to as well trublu and I agree with enchanted about him. If he had come in shape and tried his best, it would be a different story. As for Pierre, I don’t think he should be starting as do a lot of other fans, but I’ve never heard him booed at a game. I think everyone knows he’s trying his best and didn’t ask to be in the situation he is.

  35. trublu4ever

    Bluecrewgirl ~ we didn’t boo Juan out loud but, under our breath we sure did…….we thought all along, Andre should have been playing.

  36. bluecrewgirl

    I missed Andre in the game today, trublu. I hope he is back in the lineup soon. I just want the real season to start!

  37. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    northstate’s point is very well taken. Just how long can you beat that horse anyway? He may not be what we want but none-the-less, he’s ours and we ought to support him.

  38. 636566cy

    McRanch looked very interesting today…a little empty in the premium seats (did they run out of scented towels?), but it looked nice. I’m glad some of you who have never been to Vero finally were able to catch some ST. I was fortunate enought to get to Vero, and while McRanch definitely looks nice, it looks more like a really nice AA or AAA stadium rather than a ST site. Part of the charm of Vero (and part of the reason Frank couldn’t make more money there too) was the smallish ballpark, the lack of dugouts and the fact that there were only 16-20 rows of seats (not exactly sure on the exact amount). It was what it was and, while Frank has always been creative with what he does with Dodger Stadium to find new revenue streams, I just don’t think he wanted to put the time into finding new revenue streams in Florida. Oh well, what’s done is done, and even though I’m in a small minority, I will not be going to ST anymore to see the Dodgers because of this move. I will now just do what the majority of you have done while they were in Vero: watch on TV.

  39. lachat

    Andre took a ball off his heel in BP earlier this week and it was bruised, nothing more. He should be fine. Same with Casey, who I believe had a tight hamstring or groin (forgive me, I can’t remember which), and it just taking is slow for a day or two. No cause for alarm on either of them.

  40. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

    Thanks lachat for the udate and bluecrewgirl for the most part I know Andre is doing just fine. It’s just the Ethieraholic in me that wants him out there. However, I rather have him 100% than to risk further injury. I, like you, just miss him out there.

    I, for one, have never booed a Dodger at Dodger Stadium out loud. Yes, I admit the weekend Manny showed up and it was Manny, JP and Matt out there, with Andre sitting the bench the ENTIRE series, I can say I was a little miffed to put it mildly and like trublu said, we booed in our head, but that was more out of being angry because Andre wasn’t playing rather than JP himself. I feel what happened to JP was actually worse than what happened to Andruw and Sweeney getting booed. He got nothing……………….no cheering and no booing……just basically silence. A few claps and cheers, but certainly not the roars you heard from the others whether it was booing or screaming. I understand that JP is doing his job, but his job just isn’t required out there for this current Dodger team, and until Joe (or whoever is really in charge of lineups) understands and reacts to that, then yes, in my head, I am going to boo him, but like enchanted said, I am not necessarily booing at him, it’s the people who put him there. If Ned or Frank were to take the field, I think it would be safe to say, they would hear a thunderous round of booing that would put Andruw’s or Sweeney’s booing to shame. And to be honest, I thought I would feel differently about it now that Andre is not the player that is getting screwed (yet) by JPs playing time. I thought at times my ethieraholicism was clouding my judgement, especially last season, but I am still feeling the same way. I really do wish him the best. I just rather wish him the best on another team.

  41. oldbrooklynfan

    I wasn’t born yet when Ebbet’s field opened, I was 10 years old when Holman Stadium opened. I was working around Wall St. when the Dodgers opened at the Coliseum and in Hawaii on military leave when Dodger Stadium opened.
    As a Dodger fan I failed to be at any of those events, either. but hopefully I’ll be at Citi Field on opening day this year, I won a lottery for the right to purchase tickets, at least my daughter, a Met fan, will have a great moment.
    As for myself I’ll be thrilled to see the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.
    Of course, my eyes will be on the scoreboard after the clock strikes 4:10PM ET.
    I usually get home before the Dodger game ends.

  42. nellyjune

    joepierre – you always have the greatest stories. It will be historic for you and your daughter to be at Citi Field on Opening Day. That is an event for any baseball fan, whether you are a Mets fan or not. That will definitely be a story to tell 🙂

  43. Dodger4life

    Good Evening Itd, Dodgerfaithful
    Joe Pierre I wish you much success in your ticket lottery. That would be something 🙂
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. trublu4ever

    Obi ~ I kind of agree with Nellyjune. Isn’t that the almost the same as before? If the money amount is the same, or pretty close, then why don’t we tell Manny to sign on the dotte line?

  45. Dodger4life

    I would rather let Manny’s train remain at the yard, then get behind and push it out of the station at this point. I am tired, tired, tired of these disscusions. The only discussion I want is Manny remains a Dodger, and that is Manny’s choice not mine. I do hope they can come to a comfortable agreement from both prospective’s, soon however.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BRING THE RING IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. bluecrewgirl

    If I’m understanding that article correctly, the Dodger’s 45 mil over 2 year offer had some of the money deferred and the counter offer by Boras was the same amount, but with none of the money being deferred. If that’s the case, they should accept the counter offer and get the deal done. They dropped a ton of salary from last year, they can afford not to defer it, especially since they were able to defer some of what they still owe Jones.

  47. nellyjune

    …you would think it would be that simple bluecrewgirl, but like many of us have said, this organization doesn’t make anything easy. That’s why I am thinking there must be something I am missing or that we still aren’t hearing the whole story.

  48. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    It was so wonderful to watch Dodger baseball on TV today!!! And it was a great game – right up until that debacle of a 9th inning. Up until then, good pitching, good hitting. I was pleased. Again, right up until the 9th inning. Well, it was still good to actually see what some of them did today.

    Well, my dreams of going to ST this year is going to be put on the back burner; for this year. Just can’t go this year. But we are making a point of it to go next year!!! For those going this year, have fun!!! Camelback looks and sounds like a great place!!!

    So how are my ITD friends this evening???

  49. bluecrewgirl

    He CP! How are you?

    DNelly, you must be right that there must be more to it. Otherwise it would seem silly not to get the deal done.

  50. nellyjune

    Good Evening CP and Bluecrewgirl!!!! I don’t know what to think anymore. Just sign the guy already if you want him and if he wants to be a Dodger.

  51. cpompe1

    Hey BCG/Nelly!!! (I decided to be lazy and type BCG instead of bluecrewgirl! Hope you don’t mind!) I’m just sitting at the computer, revamping my resume to be more concise and to the point. Yeah, it’s okay as it is, but I think it can be better. Careerbuilder had a thing to get a free review of my resume; I did that and some suggestions they had made sense. They were things that I didn’t think of before. So what’s going to happen with my job search after I use my new and improved resume? We’ll see!

    You girls notice that I didn’t mention you-know-who. Everyone else here on ITD can talk about you-know-who all they want; I just won’t. I am not going to utter a word about “you-know-who” when and if he is signed. And notice I didn’t say signed with the Dodgers. At this point, if he signs elsewhere, well that’s good for him. I could care less.

  52. nellyjune

    …if you say so CP – LOL!!!! You don’t mention your “you know who” and I won’t mention my “you know who” and we will call it good 🙂

  53. bluecrewgirl

    BCG is fine CP, in fact my handle on another Dodger site is BCG60, lol. I’m excited for the season to start even if “you know who” isn’t signed. Good luck with your resume update.

  54. cpompe1

    Ya know Nelly/BCG, I’ve gotta take something back that I said before. Before I said that I didn’t care. Yes I do. But this whole shenanigan is getting me tired and I’m sick of it. I know both of you two are too. Hey, didn’t I also say that I wasn’t going to utter a word about “you know who”? And here I am doing just that!

  55. cpompe1

    Now Nelly, we will be dancing in the aisles if “you know who” IS traded!!! But I have a feeling that he won’t be…

  56. kpookiemon

    OK…now I get it…the Dodgers offer $45 million with deferred money ($42 million actual dollars)…the Mannys want the $45 million with none deferred…so the Mannys counter with $45 million partly deferred (bringing the compromise total to $43.5 million at Manny’s request to compromise)…so Frank says they’re starting from scratch because Manny either accepts or refuses a contract, not counter-proposes…this after weeks of Ned and Frank saying they’ve never received a counter proposal and are thus bidding against themselves…but Frank’s really peeved because Manny isn’t there to open his shiny Camelback today…and Boras is really peeved so he issues a press release today stating his position…when $45 million in some form for two years with an opt out clause seems like a recession bargain when 3 months ago Manny wanted 5 years at $25/year…and Frank is still haggling…and I feel other teams ready to swoop in. There. Done.

    I’ll bet enchanted, OUR REAL GM, could have inked Manny two months ago, and I could have already started production of those delicious Flaming Hot Cheetos marketed under the Dodger banner as spicy “Manny Dreds.”

  57. cpompe1

    And yes Nelly, it will be a great season!!! With or without our respective “you know who’s”!!!

  58. nellyjune

    …no Ethier playing, no Ethier photosin the photo gallery, no Ethier anything….it’s painful I tell you – LOL!!!!

  59. nellyjune

    Kahli – If I wasn’t already confused, I sure am now 🙂 However, if it were enchanted, we wouldn’t be confused. Most of us know exactly where he is coming from.

  60. cpompe1

    Yeah Nelly, I am also going through Ethier withdrawals.

    Andre, just heal your heel and get back in the game!!! I know you’re just itching to do that!!!

  61. bluecrewgirl

    I know, it was weird not to see him in the game today, but I would think he should be back for the next one since he took bp yesterday. He should be able to wear some type of protective equipment while he’s at bat so he doesn’t chance getting hit in the ankle again.

    Kahliforni, I think we do need enchanted to step in and stop the madness, lol. They seem too close in figures not to get it done because of “to defer or not defer.”

  62. cpompe1

    But Nelly/BCG, did you girls see that play by the O-Dog in the 1st inning? When it got past Kuroda, I thought it was going to be squib single, but then Hudson scooped it up and “threw” it to 1B using his glove!!! That was a great sight to see! I think I am going to thoroughly enjoy watch Hudson all year!!!

  63. bluecrewgirl

    Yes, I did see it. Great play. He was a great acquisition, but I do feel badly that Dewitt got squeezed out. I hope he is still a part of their future plans.

  64. nellyjune

    I did not see any of the game. My daughter had a volleyball tournament in Madera today. I was updated regularly though, but not the same.

  65. cpompe1

    Sorry you didn’t see it Nelly. I think you’ll LOVE watching Hudson play 2B just as much as I do!!!

    BCG – I also feel kinda bad for DeWitt too, but you got to remember that he’s still very young and Hudson’s contract is only for 1 year. Now, perhaps he signs an extension later, but we’ll deal with it if and when it happens. I just love it and it REALLY shows DeWitt’s character to be so willing to learn other positions. He is making himself valuable!!! And nothing bad could come out of a young player making himself valuable to the team!!!

  66. bluecrewgirl

    Yes, Dewitt does have a great attitude and I think his turn will come. DNelly, did you read about that Dodger Magazine that is supposed to have and interview with Andre in the first issue?

  67. nellyjune

    Yes, already subscribed to it – thanks for mentioning it though. It will definitely be something to look forward to.

  68. cpompe1

    Ya know BCG, I was wondering why we have so many infielders? I understood Loretta; he’s strictly a backup and PH and maybe spot starts. And I love the acquisition of Orlando, but I wondered too what about DeWitt? Why did we resign Blake to 3 years? But the more I thought about it, remember, our projected starting 2B and SS both have medical issues. We will NEED that many infielders in case one or the other or perish the thought both are hurt. To me, this not only gives the Dodgers flexibility, but a MUCH DEEPER BENCH FROM LAST YEAR!!!

  69. cpompe1

    The worst thing about our bench last year was not ONLY Sweeney not being able to hit a lick, but he’s useless as a defensive replacement. I mean, that was a roster spot that was not being used in the most productive way.

  70. nellyjune

    We are going to have one awesome bench, and that is one good thing I can say about “you know who” is that he is a definite step up to Sweeney from last year, plus you have whichever position player is not on the field that night as not only a PH, but a defensive replacement as well 🙂

  71. enchantedbeaver

    “We’re going to start from scratch, and that’s why I said it on Thursday,” McCourt said. “There’s a lot going on in this world, and this world changes every day. Look at our ticket prices. Our original plan was to give season-ticket holders for ’09 a shot at ’08 prices. We didn’t think we were going to keep ’09 prices flat throughout the whole year. Our model all along assumed that we would raise ticket prices. We can’t do that now. It isn’t fair to our fans.

    So Frank’s plan all along was to raise ticket prices in ’09 AGAIN. Not fair to the fans? The only reason he’s not doing it is because he can’t get away with it now. Otherwise it would’ve been full steam ahead.
    Just open mouth and insert foot…
    Poor guy will have to table his real estate plans for a few months now.

  72. bluecrewgirl

    Give me a break. It would have been fair to us to raise prices if not for the recession? I think prices are high enough regardless of the current economic conditions. You would think they’d cut prices, but that would never happen.

  73. enchantedbeaver

    L.A. Marathon was a good investment eh?

    Honestly I think fans should just boycott the games and bankrupt the… gentleman.

  74. cpompe1

    Good evening enchanted!!! Frank sounds like he thinks he’s doing us a favor by not raising prices??? Is he on weed or something???

  75. cpompe1

    Enchanted – That sounds like a good plan; to boycott games. But unfortunately, too many fans will go there in droves – with or without “you-know-who”

  76. enchantedbeaver

    Frank reminds me of my first wife. Everythings done with an ulterior motive, but tries to act like its all for yours or someone elses benefit. Then when you start doubting yourself in your assessment, the other shoe falls.

  77. cpompe1

    Ya know Nelly, I wonder if someone that is new to ITD would sign in right now. Would that person know who your “you-know-who” is and who my “you-know-who” is? 🙂

  78. nellyjune

    CP – it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks, and there are enough surrounding clues to fill in where needed. They could definitely figure out who they are 🙂

    enchanted – your first wife must have been something else 🙂

  79. cpompe1

    Ya know enchanted, I think we all, at one time or another, have said something that Dodger management wouldn’t like to read. I know I am normally a positive person, and I REALLY tried to keep it that way here on ITD, but I do have my moments! I wonder if this ITD tour will ever happen. I know Josh said once the season starts, but do you really think he (or others in Dodgers’ management) really want to see us up close and personal after everything that we’ve said here on ITD???

  80. bluecrewgirl

    CP, true we have all said our peace at times, but I think Josh knows what die hard fans we are and besides, it would be boring if things weren’t stirred up from time to time. I don’t think too many people would want to read ITD if it was like Pleasantville or Stepford Wives.

  81. cpompe1

    Oh, and a note to Nelly and Enchanted. Nelly, if you sneak Enchanted into ITD day, Enchanted, don’t come wearing your brown paper bag!!!

  82. cpompe1

    Oh, and enchanted, I’m just trying to keep up with you!!! I’m just surprised that I am!!! Usually I’m no quick wit, but tonight I sure am!!!

  83. bluecrewgirl

    Did you guys hear about the 2 NFL players that went fishing and are still missing at sea? I hope they find them alive.

  84. nellyjune

    We aim to please enchanted. It’s just payback for all the times you make us laugh and we have a long way to catch up.

  85. cpompe1

    Enchanted, I don’t know what you’re full of, but whatever it is, keep it up!!!

    Well my friends, it’s been a lot of fun tonight!!! But I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow, and I’ve gotta hit the hay!!! Goodnight all!!! Nelly/BCG – Keep enchanted on his toes tonight!!!

  86. enchantedbeaver

    No BCG – what players?

    Note to self – surprise JP and Joe Torre with all expense paid deep sea fishing trip…

  87. enchantedbeaver

    Guess I’d better hit it too. G’nite ladies – thanks for a fun evening.
    Boy, been awhile since I’ve said that to a woman 😉

  88. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Frank if you don’t deliver Manny due to your Ego or because you were never gonna get him in the first place and this has been a charade then this fan will not give you a dollar. Not one.

  89. bluecrewgirl

    Goodnight, enchanted. Thanks for the update on Andre, DNelly. I hope he is completely better soon. I’d better call it a night too. I really don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Talk to you soon.

  90. trublu4ever

    Good morning ITDland ~ another week closer to opening day and this Doder fan is praying that this entire Manny mess is put to rest……….either sign him now or get on with what we’ve got! I agree with what most of you were saying last night about bench strength…..not too bad at all.

  91. enchantedbeaver

    Morning Tru.

    In Pierre’s (0-9) defense, DY’s 1 for 11 and Repko is 1 for 9. Guess they’d better sign Manny pronto.

    So after a couple of outings apiece, who’s your early favorite for 5th starter – Huggy Bear, Milton The Toaster or Schmidt? I think Estes and Stults already pitched themselves out of contention. Weaver’s probably the swing man. With the status of Wade’s arm up in the air, McDonald’s probably a set-up man for now, and Troncoso needs to be at AAA getting in some innings as a starter.

  92. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ I would say Schmidt if he appears healthy. I think that is who Joe wants……..which really doesn’t mean much. lol I watched the game yesterday and wasn’t impressed with the pitching at all. I know it is early but, a pitcher who throws a fastball straight (Huggy Bear) will give up a lot of homers. If Schmidt can come back healthy, who knows, maybe he will be our diamond in the rough.

  93. nellyjune

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!! Rainy day schedule was just announced. I am not a hater of rain, but we have had just too many of these days this year, and for whatever reason, it’s always the problem kids that show up first thing in the morning. I wonder why that is? I certainly have my theories.

    Anyhow, not much to add to the Dodger Drama other than this stupid stupid contract talk. How many different ways have they negotiated the same amount? It’s just ridiculous at this point. I think it’s the fact that Frank can’t afford it, and really just needs to sell the team. He’s not treating it like a baseball business at all. He’s not thinking baseball…..he’s thinking real estate.

  94. trublu4ever

    Nellyjune ~ problem is, we all know he can afford Manny….he just wants us to think he can’t because he thinks the fans are stupid.

  95. nellyjune

    Good Morning enchanted!!! ….I still wish they would consider McDonald, but if Schmidt is really ready, I think he deserves the shot. I want to see if some of the Dodger money has been restored.

  96. enchantedbeaver

    Yeah Nells, Frank needs to stick with what he knows.

    I just don’t see Schmidt being a factor Tru. Not that he won’t start a few times, but I’m just not convinced yet. Vargas’ saving grace may be that he’d pitch half his games at DS but I agree, he doesn’t seem to get much movement on his fb. Milton – situational lefty?

  97. nellyjune

    …..the brainwashing continues. They now come in saying “Where do I put my Dodger blue umbrella.” Actually she called it an Andre umbrella first, but then she corrected herself and said well it doesn’t have Andre on it, it’s Dodger Blue.

  98. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ maybe with all the money we will save by not signing Manny, we can go and get a pitcher. I’m sure there are several out there who would fit our needs and, for the right price, anyone can be had. Oh, I forgot, we have Frank as an owner!

  99. 636566cy

    Let’s all relax and count backwards from 100…ah, doesn’t that feel better:) It is extremely early in ST. While the pitching has looked average at best, that is really how it should look right now. Guys are stretching out and working on things. Obviously, some guys need to perform earlier than others, but in no way would any decision maker worth his salt exclude a guy from true competition based on the player’s first ST outing. We should all just sit back, enjoy the fact that ST games are taking place, and just see what happens. I don’t think anyone should really start to worry about how guys are really performing until the rosters are cut down a bit and everyone returns to their teams from the WBC. Man, it sure is nice to see the Dodgers back on the field:)

  100. enchantedbeaver

    I know its early cy – just bored with the whole Manny-Frank thing and looking for something else to talk about.

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