The first lineups of the year!

For those who have been missing the lineups that are posted here first, we’re back in business.

For the intrasquad game to be played here in about three hours, it’ll be:

Team Koufax

Furcal, SS

Martin, DH

Loney, 1B

Ethier, RF

DeWitt, 2B

Young, LF

Repko, CF

Maza, 3B

Ellis, C

Pitchers: Schmidt, Threets, Elbert, Castillo, Garate

Team Drysdale

Pierre, LF

Loretta, 2B

Blake, 3B

Kemp, CF

Ausmus, C

Hu, DH

Pascucci, 1B

Paul, RF

Abreu, SS

Pitchers: Broxton, Miller, Orenduff, Leach, Meque

**Diamond Leung of the Riverside Press Enterprise will be live blogging throughout.


I’ll take lineup #1.

Team Koufax shall prevail!

Enchanted ~ I know you are probably right about BorASS. I’m just hoping Manny speaks up for a change and says he wants to play……..and play for us.

Good morning everyone !

Thanks Josh.

I’m predicting big years for Kemp, Loney, Ethier, and Martin. They have played together almost 3 years. If Man-Ram signs, I think it would only help them more. If not, I think it will still be a exciting Summer for the young veterans.

Opening Day is this Wednesday against the Cubs @ Mesa, Arizona. Anyone here going ? I will be there. Should be fun.

I don’t think Manny particularly likes the grind of early ST Tru, and this is also a perfect way for him to “legitimately” sit it out.

I am picking team Koufax!!!! Thanks Josh…….that is great to see a lineup. It means games are starting very soon – yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enchanted ~ Maybe Manny will turn over a new leaf and decide he does want to show his team mates that he is a team player. Manny being a New Manny instead of Manny being Manny.

Hello all!

Hey, I’d feel more comfortable with Repko and Pierre in the same spring training outfield in case Manny doesn’t sign.

“Fly ball to left-center, Pierre is under it – but here comes Repko and he doesn’t see Pierre…”

Good morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful
I cant stay long, I just wanted to say.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring the Ring to L.A. in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!
We love ya, Manny!!!
Lets get #99 back in BLUE!!!!!!!!!

There’s hope Scott – Erick Aybar’s still an Angel. March 23rd Dodgers/Angels.

Hey E, I see you’ve removed the brown bag for now! Wait until Slappy is sitting in LF in April.

scott ~ if that’s the case we will all be donning paper bags!!!

Got that right Tru!!!

DODGER4LIFE IS BACK!!!! ——YEAH!!!! You can definitely have your job back..

Good to see you too scott 🙂

Jason Schmidt will get hurt, Juan Pierre will go 3-4 and Ned will see him do that and not sign Manny. lol

I wouldn’t be unkind enough to wish harm to anyone.

However, I do wish some GM would lose his mind.

Temporarily, at least.

scurtis ~ what a nightmare that would be! lol
dodgereric ~ it has been known to happen……..we can only hope.
dodger4life ~ thank God you are back!!! We need you, sir!!!

It’s been a few days since I’ve been on here, but did anyone see this threat in yesterday’s Times?

“Torre said that if Ramirez isn’t signed, Juan Pierre would be the starting left fielder……”,0,1321220.story


Yeah Eric, I saw that Torre quote. Lucky for me, I wasn’t on the edge of a cliff or near any sharp objects!

And what a magical line-up that would Be Eric:


Because y’all know JP bats 2nd and Blake being the veteran would bat clean-up.

Give Manny $50M a year Ned, I don’t want to see JP under any circumstances.

Pass the ether, enchanted……….


I really hope that lineup isn’t going to happen, but with no Manny, it is sure to be it – just yuck!!!!

Well finally I was able to get it….Good afternoon my fellow ITD’rs. How have we been?
I knew it ENCHANTED and BROWNPAPERBAG are the same person….LOL!
Well rumors already started that Manny signed with the Dodgers….come on just make the announcement offcial…sshhhh what are they waiting for.
Josh your line up looks great, but lets add MANNY
ROSE….hoping for the best!…..GO DODGERS!

enchanted, I’ll take March 6th @ 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time.

Is somebody writing all this down 🙂

Uh, no.

Manny Signing Sweepstakes

Put me down for the Manny signing on March 13th between noon and 6.
By enchantedsunset on February 23, 2009 7:42 AM

I’m going to be more optimistic and say Manny signs Wednesday, Feb. 25th at 11:59 am.
By trublu44 on February 23, 2009 7:51 AM

I am going to pick Monday, March 2nd – between noon and 6 pm for no particular reason at all other than it being a day off in Spring Training games action.
By nellyjune on February 23, 2009 8:34 AM

enchanted, I’ll take March 6th @ 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time.
By dodgereric on February 23, 2009 2:11 PM

Put me down for March 2, 11 am news conference.

What’s the prize for the closest guestament? Invite to a weenie roast at Ned’s house?

OK, that’s too messy.

Manny Signing Sweepstakes

Feb. 25th at 11:59 am trublu44
March 2nd – between noon and 6 pm nellyjune
March 6th @ 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time dodgereric
March 13th between noon and 6 enchantedsunset

Manny Signing Sweepstakes Update

Feb. 25th at 11:59 am trublu44
March 2, 11 am news conference scott_in_arcadia
March 2nd – between noon and 6 pm nellyjune
March 6th @ 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time dodgereric
March 13th between noon and 6 enchantedsunset

So, does that mean you?

How can a weenie roast be a booby prize?


The DOW is down and so is Manny….the longer I see my investments fry to a crisp, the less sympathy I have for a millionaire who hits baseballs for a living…or an owner who wants $5 for a hot dog…even if it is grilled. Play the kids. Lower ticket prices. Make food and parking affordable. I’d rather the Dodgers lose 120 games if I could get a beer, peanuts, and a Dodger Dog without breaking my wallet. The only people who care that the Phils are champions are Philly Phans. It’s the journey, not the destination. Bring back SANITY!!!!!!!!!!! That said, sign Manny…………

Eric, I think Juan Pierre is the boobie prize if Manny doesn’t sign!

Right on Kahli! No Manny, no high prices!

LOL Manny Signing Sweepstakes Updates! I love it. So what does the winner gets?

Anyone read Diamond Leung’s play-by-play of the intrasquad game? Here’s a quick synopsis of all you need to know…

Jason Schmidt pitching to Juan Pierre:
Pitch one – called strike
Pitch two – fouled back
Pitch three – easy roller to first

Don’t know if that means that Schmidt has an actual shot a pitching this year, but do I know what it does mean – SIGN MANNY NOW NED.

The winner gets what’s left of my 101K ……….

enchanted….It also means things never change – LOL!!!!

Yup Manny needs to be signed. So he will signed on the 24th of February during the weee hours at night, approx. time 2:59 a.m. Pacific time. So tomorrow when we wake up, we have Manny on our team. I’m just kidding I have no idea. BUT SIGNED MANNY NOW!

I feel your pain Eric – I’ve lost half my life’s savings in the market and IRAs.

E – It just mean JP sucks!

I’ll second that Msrussy!!!

Pay Manny $100 million in Dodger stock. If he tanks, so does the franchise and his contract becomes worthless!!!!!!!!!

enchanted and eric, I’m thinking I should just take an outrageous vacation this summer…you know, Europe for a couple months, plenty of champagne and caviar. That way, I can ENJOY my money slipping away as opposed to watching it hemorrhage uncontrollably on every day…………………..

Scott, the only problem with your scenario about Repko in center and Pierre in left is with Repko’s luck he would be the one to get hurt.

kahli ~ I like your offer!!!!

lbirken ~ LMAO!!!!! You are so right!!!!!

lbirkin – It’s a risk I’m willing to take!

I think Pierre said in an article that he’s not going to be quiet this year like he was last year if he doesn’t play. What a stooge – no offense to Moe, Larry, and Curly.

scott ~ I don’t know what good it will do for JP to speak up. It would help if he could actually play and act like a professional. Maybe he would take a cut in pay in order to get out of LA. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?! If Manny does sign, you know he’ll be PO and ask to get out.

But not as funny either.

Understandable Kahli. Many years ago when I was married to my first wife, within a one week period I had lost my marriage, lost my house and lost my job. Couple weeks later I took what money I had left and went to Hawaii.

One of the best vacations I ever had.

Curly had a way better arm than Pierre as well.

Since Eric is offering up his 101k, I just have to jump in on the Manny signing sweepstakes. I’ll take the over. I mean, it’s still six weeks until real baseball and Manny only needs two to get ready. So in four weeks, we play the Angels on March 23 @ 4:05 pm and Manny will sign at that time and date.
Hopefully, by then, Repko will have run over JP, injuring him for the full year, and Repko will be the 4th outfielder.

That’s way more clever than I was expecting. Thnkas!

Manny Signing Sweepstakes Update

Feb. 25th at 11:59 am trublu44
March 2, 11 am news conference scott_in_arcadia
March 2nd – between noon and 6 pm nellyjune
March 6th @ 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time dodgereric
March 13th between noon and 6 enchantedsunset
March 23 @ 4:05 pm crash

Just so you assume the debt by the time we pay off, crash! LOL!! It might be a -201K by then!

It looks like Koufax has a better lineup than Drysdale.
BTW, Is Sandy going to make any trips to Arizona, since I believe he still lives in Vero Beach?
How come O Dog isn’t playing? is he still rehabbing his wrist?

Eric – Ouch! And to think that I thought Citigroup was bad.

Good afternoon ITD, Nellyjune, Enchanted, Rose, Trublu, Dodger4life, Dodgereric, Cpompe1, and Dodger faithful
I think it would be fantastic if Manny signed while I was at Camelback which will be between the 4th and 8th of March. I think that he will eventually sign but I have heard that Manny likes to work out on his own to prepare for the season rather than take part in ST. We will have to get used to Manny being Manny. I don’t think we can totally blame Borass. Manny can make a decision. I think that was what Raffy did. It was already posted that he was to sign with the Braves but he wanted to play with the Dodgers. So that is what he did. Manny could go over Borass’s head and just sign. It is a bit of a game. I love Manny and the excitement he brings to the game, but all right already.

Of course I like Team Koufax.

Joepierre, according to reports in the local papers Hudson says he is fine but Joe Torre wants to make sure and take things easy for a while. Torre is concerned about the movements of the wrist that playing second base demands so he wants to be cautious.

Manny is probably the most selfish, self-centered player in MLB today. He may be a great hitter, but he has no regard for his team mates, the fans, or anyone except himself. When you look at what Dunn and Abreu signed for, I wouldn’t offer Manny anything more than $20 million for one year. No other team is going to pay him more, so if he doesn’t like it, he can stay home. The Dodgers need to give him a deadline, call his bluff, and move on.

Unfortunately Red, there’s nothing to move on to now. Dunn, Abreu, Anderson, even Griffey could’ve been one year solutions. I agree, both Manny and Borass are greedy you-know-what’s, but now it’s Manny or JP, and if I have to endure another season of JP I’ll cry.

encanted ~ you won’t have to cry……… of Wednesday, Manny will be a Dodger once again!!!

Well honestly Tru, I’d rather see Gonzo out in leftfield, and that’s pathetic.

I feel the same way. So, I guess it’s pathetic times two! lol

I would rather see the Cookie Monster.

What a difference a year makes. Last year there was a lot of talk about the Red Sox coming to play the Dodgers in the Coliseum in a meaningless game. This year all the talk is about Manny coming to play with the Dodgers.

Well we know JP ain’t no Fozzy Bear cuz he don’t know how to draw a waka waka.


You two are really on a roll tonight!

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
Wow! I FINALLY am able to get onto ITD!!! I’ve been trying off and on all day, with no success. Well, I’m here now!!! So still no Manny news. I’m pleased that Schmidt felt good today. But the REAL key is how will he feel tomorrow and after a few days? We’ll just see what happens.

So how are my ITD friends???

Oh, and I know I’m rather late on this but I like Team Koufax!!! Also, it’s great to see starting lineups at the top of Josh’s new threads!!! It means that we don’t have long before the real games start!!!

Okay boys and girls, I’ll bite onto the “Manny Signing Sweepstakes.” I’ll say March 17th between noon and 6 PST (the day before the Dodgers’ Price Is Right appearance!)

And the Manny Signing Sweepstakes updated with my pick is:
Feb. 25th at 11:59 am trublu44
March 2, 11 am news conference scott_in_arcadia
March 2nd – between noon and 6 pm nellyjune
March 6th @ 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time dodgereric
March 13th between noon and 6 enchantedsunset
March 17th between noon and 6 PST cpompe1
March 23 @ 4:05 pm crash

Either Feb 27, noon to 6 pm (my choice)
(Signs at the end of the week, rumors are true)

Or March 27, noon to 6 pm if I’m wrong! ;^]>
(Wants to avoid ST… boring!)

Good evening CP & Shepherd ~ hope you had a good day. Your choices are probably closer than mine…….I’m just hoping we get this over with sooner rather than later.

From Bill Shaikin, L.A. Times (believe it you want to…):
“Got a call around noon, from a source saying that Manny Ramirez and the Dodgers were close to agreement on a new contract. This wasn’t the usual “tip,” from some guy who heard this from his neighbor, who knows the guy who lives next to the guy who runs the Little League to which Manny once donated batting gloves. This source warranted our attention, in part because we believed he might actually know and in part because of the specifics of his information. He said the contract would be for two guaranteed years, with a third-year vesting option — that is, the third year would become guaranteed if Ramirez reached a specific number of games played or plate appearances in the first two years.”

As per the Manny Signing Sweepstakes: I’ll take noon to 6 PST on March 5…. sorry, red, but to compare Manny’s market value to Abreu and Dunn’s is way off the mark. Regardless of how you feel about Manny’s personality and Borass’s negotiating strategy, Manny is a future HOF…Schmidt’s outing was encouraging. You have to walk before you can run. Nice to see news from the field for a change.

Wow!! It took me forever to get in, and thank you dodger4life for the suggestion. It worked!!!!

However, now that I am finally in, I have to go pick up my daughter. I will be back in 10-15 minutes. Great stuff so far, and enchanted, I have been LMAO this whole time thinking of Fozzy Bear and waka, waka……hilarious!!!!!!

Be back 🙂

Kahli ~ I hope it is true. Just hope it’s Wednesday so I can win !!! lol

Sammie whats the scoop????

I’m screwed AGAIN!!

Juan Pierre thought bubble 2/23/09 8:52 PM

LMAO, Enchanted!!!

What do we win?

Another UOMe from Nells?

Oh well, another $2.5 million accrual can’t be all bad!

Better than Citibank stock. You’re good for it, aren’t you Nelly?

Yea right Shepherd!! I already won a Buffalo Nickel from dodgereric that I almost had to give back the other day – I am good 🙂

Dodger4life – I was just thinking about sammie…..hmmmmm!!! We haven’t seen him in a lonnnnnngggg time.

That is true Nelly. I hope he has’nt given up.
WE WANT MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t get the Fozzy Bear image out of my head – LMAO!!!!!!!!

Greetings ITD! Sunday will be an off day where nothing happens! but this monday and the coming week should be interesting! I am glad to hear the rumors about both garland and wolf! you have to remember garland has been playing in the AL which is slighty toguher compared to the NL. Garland is a younger version of derek lowe! solid fastball around 91-93, good curveball, change, and the sinker! in addition dodger stadium is a picthers park! i hope we sign both of them which will put jmac as the long reliever which will be a good transition for him like bills. jmac can also give wolf some extra rest with spot starts! sign manny and our offense is just as good as the yankees!
please let this be the lineup!!!!!
1 Billingsley
2 Kuroda
3 Garland
4 Wolf
5 Kershaw
LRP- J Mac
MRP- Wade
MRP- Mota
SU- Kuo
C- Broxton
That looks like a championship team!

By on January 25, 2009 12:41 AM
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BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!
COME BACK MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aw, Nells’ head’s a little Fozzy.

enchanted – Fozzy bear was my favorite Muppet. So, now all I picture is him saying “JP can’t even get a walka, walka, walka. LMAO!!!!! He really needs to find a new home where his skills will be appreciated. They just aren’t needed for this particular Dodger team right now, and I really blame Ned and the contract, not JP himself.

Dodger4life – Sammie might just get his lineup but with O-Dog batting 2nd instead.

Manny Signing Sweepstakes updated:

Feb. 25th at 11:59 am trublu44
Feb 27, noon to 6 pm shepherd96
March 2, 11 am news conference scott_in_arcadia
March 2nd – between noon and 6 pm nellyjune
March 5 noon to 6 PST seeskybout2rain
March 6th @ 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time dodgereric
March 13th between noon and 6 enchantedsunset
March 17th between noon and 6 PST cpompe1
March 23 @ 4:05 pm crash

We have assigned Manny’s locker……
It’s time to sign Manny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is MANNY TIME…… #99…… LF ……..PARTY LIKE ROCK STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GET IT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Evening Ward Dear………..LMAO!!!!!! Thanks for Fozzy Bear……… LOL!!!!!! How are you doing this evening?

Dodger4life – I am so glad you are back to do your job

Manny-to-Boras Thought Bubble:

…from being up here personally, they haven’t talked Manny at all lately. Today’s topic was should they put a statue of Bonds at AT&T Park regardless of the outcome of his court case, and/or if he doesn’t make the HOF.

Could they make Bonds’ statue with a hypodermic needle in his butt?

Good evening Junie! I’m trying to get my NASCAR newsletter out. In the meantime:

More Manny insight:

LMAO!!!!! ….that would be great 🙂

Have fun doing that………It was a great race indeed.

So, are you still thinking it may be a good thing to get Juan Cruz perhaps?

Good Night ITD, Dodgerfaithful
I hope everyone has a great day tommorrow.
I hope Manny is wearing DodgerBlue again soon.
God Bless The U.S.A. and God Bless us all.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring the Ring in to L.A. in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Night dodger4life – It was great seeing you on here today back in action. Take Care and God Bless 🙂

Note to Ned: Odalis Perez is, once again, available.

Hi everyone, good evening to you all! Two quick comments: 1) For Barry’s statue, they should have a baloon for the head, and have it slowly inflate through the years, from his time in Pittsburgh to the present. 2) For the Manny Sweepstakes, I’ll take Feb 26 between 10am and 4pm.

Everyone sleep well!!! Talk to you soon!

Oh, and they could have a slowly deflating balloon for a different part of the anatomy.

Hey Peru, I hope you’re tuning a piano for Juanpy.

Crash, it has been tuned for over a year now. I polish it everyday. 🙂

Hi and Goodbye Perumike!!! ~ We should send all these suggestions to KNBR (the radio station who was talking about the statue today). I am sure they will want Dodger Fan input. My thinking is that if this really were to happen, the statue would have to be inside the park instead of outside because if outside the park, it is sure to it’s own set of decorations and those decorations would be coming from some of their own fans.

Thank heavens for perumike’s Pianos.

Hey Crash!!! I just saw you there – good evening to you too 🙂

Peru, I must say that you made good and timely use of the Juanpy model piano last year.
Hey there, nellyjune – good evening to you.

Manny Signing Sweepstakes updated:

Feb. 25th at 11:59 am trublu44
Feb 26 between 10am and 4pm perumike
Feb 27, noon to 6 pm shepherd96
March 2, 11 am news conference scott_in_arcadia
March 2nd – between noon and 6 pm nellyjune
March 5 noon to 6 PST seeskybout2rain
March 6th @ 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time dodgereric
March 13th between noon and 6 enchantedsunset
March 17th between noon and 6 PST cpompe1
March 23 @ 4:05 pm crash

Let me rephrase my suggestion:

Could they make Bonds’ statue with a hypodermic needle in his asterisk?

And yes, get Juan Cruz. He’s nasty and will only cost a #2 pick now.

Well, according to the video I watched yesterday from Dodgertown, Ned said they are going to let the pitchers who are pitching now, battle it out for the 5th spot in the rotation. Then I guess everything that Ned says can be taken with a grain of salt.

Nelly, at the farm, the stuff that comes out of Ned’s mouth is usually served up with a pitchfork.

Exactly Crash!!!

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to hit the hay.

Good Night Crash!!!

Good night crash!

Pitchforks are for hay.

I was thinking of a shovel!

So, does that mean I owe you another 2.5 mill in UOMes?

So, dodgereric ~ how did you do in NASCAR this week?

Wow Arod really wanted to be a Dodgers and threaten Seattle on drafted him saying he was going to enroll at an University of Miami? Dang why couldn’t we swap that draft pick with Seattle? You guys have to read this if you didn’t already.

Give me Manny or give dea…wait a minute (as he reconsiders)…. Just give me Manny.

I’d like to see this stare-down over too, but I still think Ned is doing the right thing by waiting.

Good morning ITDland ~ Come on Manny, sign on the dotted line!!!

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!! I hope everybody is having a terrific Tuesday.


Good morning all ITD’rs…good morning Nelly…and good morning TRU…well I guess I’m already out…I had picked 2:59 a.m. on the 24th for Manny to sign. That punk’d did not signed yet. COME ON MANNY….SIGN! DO YOU WANT TO PLAY OR WATCH THE GAMES FROM A TV? SIGN! Good luck TRU you are the 25th!

msrussyethier ~ I don’t think I’m going to win either. I was hoping he’d sign and we could get on with winning the division.

I know…I want him to sign so that he can start the spring warm ups….Who those he thinks he is? Maybe that is why he hasn’t sign LOL! He wants a longer vacation…LOL! Don’t blame him….

I was just hoping he’d want to start now so he’d get to know his team mates better. I’m sure the Hudson and Furcal would like him to come now……..they didn’t get to play with Manny last year.

Yes, he does need early bonding with the team and coaches. I wonder if he is getting private training. Well they do have an empty locker for him…waiting….collection dust….JUST SIGN!

I know Manny is always working out……he does have quite an extensive regimen. I think if he is signed this week, he will join his teammates and that would be great.

On the other hand, Manny likes to play the prima donna, and I don’t see anything in that that spells “teammate”. I’ve said it now for quite some time, but F Manny. He’s only interested in himself. If we do get him, I don’t think it’s going to turn out anything like some of you expect.

My favorite Manny moment was his last at-bat as a Dodger. Facing “unhittable” Brad Lidge, who had just dispatched a couple young feeble-swinging Dodgers, Manny worked the count and doubled to the wall. That’s really all I expect from Manny. Every important battle he will succeed more often than not. Him NOT signing yet doesn’t paint for me a picture of greed…or selfishness…or Diva-esqueness. It paints for me a picture of a professional athlete, no better or worse than CC, Teixeira, A-Rod or Bonds. Role models? Ummmmmmmm, no.

Spring training, time for me to start blowing off the dust and rounding into shape… LOBO, Me and You and a Dog Named Boo:

I remember to this day, when Little Juanpy came to play,
How he stuck up the offense like gum on an old shoe.
Well its speed that makes him go, Neddy told me that it was so.
Oh how I wish Ned would have had a clue.
Me and you and Juanpy we’ll boo
Slappin’ and a tapping’ no hit man
Me and you, out in left field – who?
How I hate seein’ Juan again.
I can still recall, the pix of Juanpy dropping the ball,
And the evenins’ he spent hitting dribblers again.
Uncle Joe he said it would work, so twas Andre that he’d give the jerk,
Another failed bunt and back out in left again.
Me and you and Juanpy we’ll boo
Slappin’ and a tapping’ no hit man
Me and you, out in left field – who?
How I hate seein’ Juan again.
I’ll never forget that day, when Manny landed in L.A.
The sight of his deadlocks put winning now in my brain.
Though he only played a month or so, was time for him to go
Had to get away and now we’re stuck with Pierre again.
Me and you and Juanpy we’ll boo
Slappin’ and a tapping’ no hit man
Me and you, out in left field – who?
How I hate seein’ Juan again.
Me and you and Juanpy we’ll boo
Slappin’ and a tapping’ no hit man
Me and you, out in left field – who?
How I hate seein’ Juan again.
[Chorus Fade out]

© NedCo Broken Records 2009

Hey Enchanted, great song.
I’m sure you’ll take no solace in the following, but here goes, I’m just reporting what I heard, not whether there is any truth to it…
This morning, KFI 640 am reported that the Dodgers and Manny (and likely Borass) are working on an incentive-laden third year.

You guys just leave this stuff for me huh? LOL I am not saying anything. I’ll just let it sit but ask who will be more useless in 09. My coin is still on Schmidt.

As Dylan Hernandez reports:

“He got me out, so his (Jason Schmidt ) stuff was real good,” [Juan] Pierre said, laughing.

jungar ~ I have good enough stuff to get JP out!

Schmidt will have a good, if not great, year. Pierre will not finish the season as a Dodger.

Awesome song enchanted!!!!!!!

jungar – the comment JP made is scary.

Good morning ITD boys and girls!
A lot of chatter about Manny. And the Dodgers are denying the reports… We’ll just see…

And if the gnats build a statue to Bonds, yeah Nelly, they’d probably put it inside the stadium. When my family took a tour of Pac Bell Park (I still call it that), Jim wanted to drape his Dodger sweatshirt over Willie Mays’ statue out front! I told him no. I may not like the Giants, but I’d never defile something like that. I’ve got too much class for that. Now Bonds? That’s a different horse altogether!!!

Enchanted – Terrific song!!! I guess I’ve gotta get started. You know, it DOES take me a while to get a song parodied!!!

And Eric, if the gnats DID put Bonds’ statue out front, I’d be willing to guess that it would only take 24 to 48 hours for someone to put an asterisk with a hypodermic needle sticking out of it on his butt!

Good morning ITD’ers! I hope everybody is having a wonderful day!
I of course am hoping for Manny to be in the fold but have also thought Cruz would be a great pickup.
However I recently heard that there are only a certain amount of Free Agents that one team can sign per offseason. It is based on the percentages of the amount of Free Agents that are available that season. I heard this when there were rumors about the Yankees going after Manny and it was said that they were tapped out and couldn’t sign him, even if they wanted to.
If it was discussed here sorry to bring it up again, but I don’t recall it being written. I think it is also about what type of Free Agent they are.
So my question is does anybody know that if we signed Cruz before Manny, would that make us not be able to sign Manny?
I’m thinking Manny will be signed on 3/1. And report to camp at the end of that week.
Go Dodgers!
Bring the Ring in 2009!!!!

Dcollins is in the ITD house!!! Great to see you!!!

Hi CP and dcollins!!!! dcollins – I didn’t know that about the Free Agency market…….very interesting.

I didn’t know that about Free Agency market either. I’m guessing that all of these that were signed to minor-league contracts don’t count against how many FAs a team can sign? I mean we have a lot of minor-league contracts (as do many teams this year). I’d be satisfied with one more signing – Manny!!!

My Nellygirl!!! How’s school??? How’s the Acadamy???

Everything is going really well CP. School was tough yesterday with no breaks due to an all-day rainy day schedule, but we made it through and today is much better. The academy is going real strong….almost 70 members and our goal is about 120. We are well on our way with no advertising yet. How are you doing?

Hello there CP.
Whut is up Nelly?!
A Minor League contract wouldn’t count. I think it might be a type A FA.
I’m not sure of it though. I just remember when I was hearing that the Yankees were interested in Manny it was after they had gotten their “Big 3” signings I turned on a radio station and heard the end of a discussion that was saying they couldn’t because they had already signed all they could of.
I had never heard of that before.
Nelly sad about school… glad about the academy!
Hopefully we’ll have a little break here for a couple of days so they can get outside and run off that energy!!!

Hey Nelly! It’s been a while since I was on “Dodger lyrics” so I went over there. I was going to click on the VSA link from there. But before I did, I saw the link to “Ethieraholics Unite!” First of all, great blog; great picture of you, Ethierbear, and Andre himself!!! (Okay, a poster of Andre.) I was reading your threads and the comments. No, he will NOT be in black and orange!!! Yuck!!! But I wonder if there’s something wrong with my settings or something. I wanted to post a comment, but it says on the bottom, “You do not have permission to comment on this blog.” Do you have any thoughts on this? I get this same message on other blogs. I certainly can post on Andre’s and on Dodger Lyrics (although, Eric, I haven’t posted there yet), but little else. Hmm…

Speaking of Andre’s blog, yes, I did leave a rather late note on his blog. It was about his raise! I had posted something earlier about the Fry House; this was about Andre’s raise!

Me? I’m fine. I still have a soar shoulder. I just had another P/T appointment this morning. I haven’t been as faithful to my exercises lately and it showed. I said to myself, “Ryan (my therapist) will not be happy with me at all.” Still looking for jobs. Just praying that something will change.

ESPN reported a short time ago on the “Manny” update that within 48 hours we will either have him signed or move on without him.

Dcollins – I wonder how long this FA signing rule has been in place? I know I don’t know much about MLB rules and such (especially where FAs are concerned), but I just don’t remember this. Also, in this Manny stalemate, wasn’t there talk or chatter about Boras/Manny wanting the Yankees to make an offer to up the ante for us? If that’s the case, then Boras REALLY is just trying to blow smoke out of his ***.

dcollins – they are outside today, and it has been a much better day already. I just lose so much prep time during the rainy day schedules. I get here an about an hour to an hour and a half before the bell rings because I like to work in the morning versus after school, but it gets cut in half when there it is a rainy day schedule. If they would just come in and play or read, no problem, but they come in wanting to talk to me and find out all about what I’m up to.

speaking of………….dodgereric – one of your fan club members found your (our) dodgerlyrics website while on vacation. Mariah (student, not daughter – LOL) came in the class yesterday and said she saw her snowman and Dodgereric on the Dodgers website. She described it as having songs and everything. They had to do some pretty good digging to find it. It’s not that easy to find on purpose so I am guessing they found it on accident some how. They meaning her and her mom and sister.

Exactly CP… about the smoke.
Hello there Tru!
CP — make sure you are consistent with your rehab. If you aren’t it will get stiff & not heal properly. It’s a pain but you don’t want to need surgery again!

Hey Tru! I hope we find out about Manny (one way or the other) soon… This is just too much…

Good afternoon Dcollins & CP ~ hope you are both having a good day.

CP – thanks, and I just realized last night that dodgereric put that on his website.

Thank you so kindly dodgereric/Ward dear and now, Matt’s dad – LOL!!!!

CP – still praying for you and your job search, as well as your shoulder.

CP — I’m not sure where you are living but the Dodgers are hiring. It probably is just part time during the season but there might be something there for you. I saw it on the daily video. They are having a Job Fair at Dodger Stadium.

Dcollins – Yes, I know. I have to be consistent with my rehab. Boy, if I was a professional ball player, I wouldn’t be. My workout habits wouldn’t be too good.

Yeah Tru, I’m having a good day so far. I just have to be going in a little while. Ya know, my shoulder…

So Nelly, you didn’t know that your blog was there? Where was it before? Your first thread was dated 2/9/09!!! Thx again for the prayers…

Hello All…this thing about Manny is just driving people nuts. But hey it gives us something to talk about.
ENCHANTED great song!
MESSAGEBEAR I don’t think Manny is being a PrimaDonna…I know I joke around that he is a Diva. But the man knows that he is getting older and he is trying to secure a well paying job. He knows that later on it will be harder. Why not do it while you are “HOT”!
DCOLLINS thanks for the info on free agens signing. Well hopefully we do sign Manny.
CPO do stick with your excersises. It just sucks that you still haven’t found a job. We’ll keep praying for your girl and take good care of your shoulder.

No, I didn’t know dodgereric had put a link on his dodgerlyrics site until last night. I was trying to figure out how my student could have found the dodgerlyrics website, and when I was on it, I noticed he had added “Ethieraholics Unite!”

….I knew my blog existed on mblogs, but I was trying to keep a low profile – LOL!! So much for that I guess. I still can’t figure out how dodgereric found it. This was one thing I didn’t tell him, but he magically found it anyway – LOL!!!!

CPO you should go work for the Dodgers…they should only allowed true fans work there.

Yeah dcollins. I just heard that too. I live in Ventura. I just got directions from Mapques; Dodger Stadium is 65 miles away from where I live. I would LOVE to work at Dodger Stadium, but that’s just too far to work there. And they listed the job postings with pay. Anywhere from $9.66 an hour for an usher to $17.00 for a security guard. I love the Dodgers, but that’s just too far away. Now, if I lived in my mom’s condo complex, then that’d be great. The only problem there is that I would have to wait 8 years to move in there; it’s a 55 and older complex!!!

I’ll catch up with y’all later…

This is far from baseball but I’ve been playing on youtube and watching Triumph The Insult Comic Dog from Conan O’Brien.
It is a pretty good laugh and I think it isn’t to out of line.
I love Star Wars, but…
Part 2…

Dodgereric – I figured it out!! Mariah said she put in (I am assuming google) the words dodgers and mrs. nelson…from there she found our ITD site because there was a link to Fan Appreciation Day Post where all my ITD names are listed. Then she said she did the same thing and put in Dodgers and dodgereric, and viola….up pops dodgerlyrics with the name dodgereric embedded in the link.

Oh and CP!! I know you are gone, but you asked earlier about the “you don’t have permission to sign in” phrase. You need to click on “sign out” go back in and it should say “sign in”. At least that is what works for me.

Im not on here much but I got between now and saturday at midnight and we will have Manny… I cant wait to get this season started and have some fun making fun of Ned, frank, slappy and so on…

Just wanted to say hi and I miss all you guys…

dodge ~ we miss you too!

Dodge – Something you said made me want to start ragging on Ned and Juanpy – and maybe it’s just that spring is in the air…
Juan’s My Best Friend
Juan you make me live
Whatever this world can give to me
It’s Juan you’re all I see
Ooo you make Ned live now honey
Ooo you make Ned live
Juan you’re the best friend that I ever had
I’ve hung with you such a long long time
You’re my speedster and I want you to know
That my feelings are true
I really love you
Oh you’re my best friend
Ooo you make me live
Ooh I’ve been wandering round
But I still come back to you
Who needs Manny?
You’ve stood by me Juan
I’m happy in left field
You’re my best friend
Ooo you make me live
Whenever Borass is cruel to me
I got you to help me forgive
Ooo you make me live now honey
Ooo you make me live
You’re the first one
When contracts are rough
You know I’ll never be lonely
You’re my only one
And I love the things
I really love the things that you do
You’re my best friend
Ooo you make me live
I’m happy at home
You’re Ned’s best friend
Oh you’re Ned’s best friend
Ooo you make Ned live
You you’re Ned’s best friend

crash ~ Fantastic!!!!! Sad, but probably true.

I just got my invite to Dodgertown for being a Los Angeles Avengers fan (Arena Football). Checked out the schedule for the Dodgers 2009 season and it looks great. So Casey Blake gets a Bobble Head and the 2 other are left blank. So I’ve said it before and now with his 1 year agreement I think ANDRE ETHIER SHOULD BE ONE OF THE 3 BOBBLE HEADS….also that leaves another spot and that one should be MANNY RAMIREZ, or KEMP or LONEY. But I really want my ANDRE ETHIER BOBBLE HEAD.
ROSE – Ethieraholic (oh yeah I am one…#1 on Nelly’s list of what qualifies you as an ethieraholic – NELLY LOVE THAT LIST) & Martinista

Enchanted, you are the MASTER! Great song! #481 (and #125 for YOU! AMAZING!

I’ve never heard of a limit on signing free agents before, but if I’ve learned anything in this life, it’s that I don’t know much! So I looked around and VIOLA!

“If there are 14 or fewer Type A or Type B free agents available, no team can sign more than one type A or B player. If there are between 15-38, no team can sign more than two. If there are between 39 and 62, there’s a limit of three. However, teams can sign as many Type A or B free agents as they’ve lost, regardless of the limits above.”

So, how many Type A or B free agents were there this year?

23 Type A
28 Type B
51 total, so no team can sign more than three …….

“However, teams can sign as many Type A or B free agents as they’ve lost, regardless of the limits above.” So how many did the Yankees lose?

Bobby Abreu (A) signed with Angels
Mike Mussina (A) retired
Ivan Rodriguez (B) not signed yet

I don’t know where you’d put Andy Pettitte (A). He re-signed with the Yanks. I guess you’d say that they didn’t lose him, huh?

They signed 3 Type A FAs, (other than Pettitte) as we all know: Tex, CC and Burnett. Perhaps when they re-signed Pettitte, Manny became unavailable.

We lost Lowe (B). Manny (A) and Beimel (B) are not signed, re-signed Blake (B), Maddox and Kent (both Bs) retired. We’ve signed Hudson (A), Loretta (B) and Wolf (B). I’m running out of time, gotta get home. I’m guessing that you can sign your own free agents without limit. If someone else has found the answer since I started researching, cool. If not, maybe I’ll take up the banner later tonight.

Nice one crash! #482 and your 27th!

Just to help you clarify Dodgereric, due to the high number of free agent filings this year the number was inreased to allow teams to sign up to 8 A or B players. The Yanks currently have signed 5.
Here is the article I found this information on

So basically it sounds like they change the rules as they go along, and the rich teams still get richer while the poor teams still get poorer.

Thanks Eric & Spanky…
I just remember that I was worried that the Yankees would go hard after Manny and they were talking on the radio & said that the Yankees couldn’t get Manny because they had already gotten the amount of FA they were allowed for the year. This was supposed to keep the rich from getting richer, but we’ve all seen that it doesn’t always work.

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