Back in the Valley…

Welcome back to El Camino Real’s own Randy Wolf, who is back in the mix on a one-year deal. He’s a favorite of many because of his local ties and he fits very nicely into the rotation with Billingsley, Kuroda, Kershaw and a fifth starter to be named later (at least those are the names we all assume are going to be in there…can’t say I’ve personally talked about it with Joe Torre).




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Thanks again for the update Josh!!!!

Now that we have Wolf, can we now focus on getting Andre’s contract taken care of please since I am assuming the Manny thing will take a little more time. Thanks ~ A very impatient Ethieraholic 🙂

I’m with you, nellyjune…………….SIGN ANDRE ETHIER!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot…………..Welcome back to the Dodgers Randy! Glad to have you aboard.

Thanks Josh, glad we made a move to shore up our SPs. Looking forward to seeing our younger guys break through, and our experienced arms making good on the stamina they built during last year’s long and winding season.

What day is it? It’s PAY DRE DAY!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

I am glad we got Wolf because I know it’s a necessity at this point. And yes, it is definitely a move in the somewhat right direction and who knows, this may be the year of surprises. The Manny being a gnat talk continues up here in the valley (gnat country), but the talk was mostly about their infield and their hopes that Renteria isn’t a bust for them. They are still weighing options about getting Crede for 3rd. So right now they have pitching and they have pitching.

Wow – just got done watching one of those post card New Mexico sunsets out my office window…


So, was it an enchanted sunset? You know the Dodgers really got to make things right with you because I miss typing the name enchanted 🙂

nsblues – fabulous post on the previous thread, and I like “Pay Dre Day” – very clever 🙂

Thanks for the new thread Josh

Good evening everyone! I am loving the rain here in SoCal! Glad to see Randy is back, and hopefully he can be solid addition to the rotation. Best of luck to you Randy, and welcome home!

Way to go nsblues! PAY DRE DAY!!!!!!
………………………………..PAY DRE DAY……………………………….

Good evening, ITD. At last, some good news for Dodger fans. With Wolf’s signing, we’ve finally done something to upgrade our SP and at a reasonable cost to boot. Glad to see him back. As we all know, we still have significant unfinished business; signing Manny or some other hitter and working out a deal with Andre to avoid arbitration. Nice job, Ned, but there are more miles to go before you sleep.

I’d just like to know with the Gints not willing to offer more money or more years to Manny, exactly who is it that’s interested in him other than the Dodgers? Borass is full of manure. Isn’t Manny averse to spring training anyway? Maybe he’s just playing it this way to avoid half of spring.

Either way, I don’t really care anymore for the BS. Let Pierre, Repko, DY and Paul battle it out for left field and let’s play ball.

I still think 2 years at $46 M will get Manny in the end. There doesn’t seem to be any other buyers and it would represent more per year than Texeira and more than the options he didn’t want Boston to pick up.

bpb ~ I think we will know within a week if we are going to have Manny. If not, I’m with you…………let them fight it out. On a roundtable discussion I heard today on ESPN, they were saying we are the only team interested in him. They also said he has a great work ethic………..he’s probably ready to play right now. Peter Gammons even said he has worked out with him in the gym and he is a fanatic when it comes to being in shape. Manny doesn’t look like it most of the time but even the short time he was with us, the guys were very impressed with his dedication to the game.

dishguy ~ say they want 4-years, would you offer him 3? That would be a meeting in te middle.

Let’s hope so dishguy because I really don’t want to hear………

NOW BATTING 2ND……………LEFT FIELDER………….NUMBER 9…………JUAN………… PIERRE. Nor do I want to hear Kruk and Kuip announcing him as a gnat.

I say give him the 3 years with a mutual “out” clause after the 2nd year.

brownpaperrapper ~ I think they would jump on a 3-year deal. I believe Manny wants to be a Dodger…….he just has to convince Boras.

trublu44 – I might, but if and only if he would waive his no-trade for the 3rd year so we could trade him to the AL if his defensive play deteriates too much. Also, I would need to be convinced that I wasn’t bidding against myself. Manny deserves to get paid near the top of the scale for what he did for us last year, but I would be very reluctant to go the 3rd year unless there was a legitimate competitor for his abilities. Even Bowa mentioned he didn’t think the NL was a good fit for Manny longterm yesterday on the MLB Network. I dread the day when he starts playing worse in LF as he ages and the fans begin to turn on him…he will freak out. It will get very ugly. Hopefully it wouldn’t happen in the two year deal.

Nelly – I read somewhere that the Giants are not a likely destination for Manny. It is a huge ballpark, super cold, and ZERO protection in the lineup. They would need to pay him $100 M/4 years to sign him.

I still think the Angels could swoop in…I don’t know why they haven’t. They would gain a marketing coup of epic proportions and they have the DH to boot.

I agree that it shouldn’t take much more than another week to resolve all this Manny business. Borass can’t maintain the multiple bidders fiction much longer.

dishguy ~ Manny can’t be any worse in LF than Pierre! You make a lot of sense in your estimation.
By the way, pitcher Shawn Hill of the Nationals was the first player to go to arbitration………..he is asking for $775,00 and they have offered him $500,000.

With the Shawn Hill situation………..I think I’d take a young pitcher off their hands for $775,000.

Boy, if that isn’t a sign of the economic times when a player and a team can’t even work out a difference of 275k!!!

I want to retract my assessment of Hill. He is young but has had numerous problems such as calcium deposits.

What is the latest report on Schmidt’s progress, if any?

brownpaperrapper ~ the whole money thing is really weird this year.

I could agree with letting Pierre, Repko, DY, etc. fight it out for LF, except that Torre will do the judging, and that’s where it all gets screwed up. Remember how he went about it last year – Andre seemed to be the clear winner in ST, but it took Torre how long to make him the undisputed starter. Torre is just Frank’s “trophy manager” and apparently not such a good judge of young talent. I don’t trust the guy, period.

I see the Dbacks bolstered their pitching staff by signing 41 year old Tom Gordon to a $500,00 1-year deal.

I haven’t heard anything regarding Schmidt’s condition, dishguy. I guess we’ll see when ST gets underway. I’m not optimistic.

Thanks bpr…I’m not very optimistic either, but wouldn’t it be something if he could help us in the 2nd half or so….and I win the lottery…and…and…

dishguy ~ we can always dream, can’t we?



Without a doubt,Schmidt is our most expensive toxic asset. Too bad we can’t get the government to buy him from us. Better yet, MLB could set up a “bad” bank to send team’s toxic assets to in order to become more profitable. For starters,we could send that bank Pierre and Schmidt.

I think the Padres might qualify as the “bad bank” right about now.

bpr ~ I didn’t realize how much Schmidt’s salary was until I looked him up to see if I could find out how he was doing. We’ve paid him so much money and got nothing in return. I’d say that’s a perfect case for your “bad bank”!

dishguy ~ the Padres with a new owner, yet!!

messagebear – If we don’t get Manny, it will be the same issue as last year where there is a pretend battle between JP, DY and Repko………DY does well enough to start opening day (Just like Andre did),and then a few games later…….in comes JP batting 2nd and playing left field for no reason at all other than he is a proven veteran who has one tool….speed.

nellyjune ~ speed doesn’t work unless you can get on base! lol

messagebear – I should say Manny (or someone somewhat equivalent). I am fine not having Manny if we can get someone who can play left field and have a decent bat.

I was hoping that Schmidt would retire after this year. I’d be embarrassed if I’d collected that much money for doing essentially nothing for 2 years. He’s even worse than Mike Hampton and Carl Pavano.

How many innings will they limit Kershaw to: 180? Less? More?

Nelly–I’d be happy with Abreu if we don’t get Manny. From their track records, I just don’t think DY, Repko, Paul, etc are sufficient to make us more competitive. As for Pierre…. we already know that he won’t make the difference.

As far as Kershaw’s innings are concerned, I would say less than 180 innings. It all depends on how economical he is with his pitches. I know that management wants to use McDonald in the BP but I think he’s got a good chance at being the 5th starter. I was impressed with his performance in the playoffs.

Exactly brownpaperrapper!! If we got Abreu instead of Manny, I would definitely be okay with that, even if Manny went to the gnats. As far as bats, I think Matt and Andre are going to have great years. They both did a lot of maturing last year, and look at what they did defensively as well. They just need a tad bit of help (Abreu) out there and we could have a very forceful outfield. So, if no Manny, then I think Abreu is a solid option. Like you said, JP is just that, JP…………some speed,and only if he gets on in the first place.

Only one problem ……………the Dodgers’ management seems to prefer Dunn.

Nelly–Manny going to the Gnats would be tough to take in any case. I shudder at having to face that guy in 18 games this year. Not only that, your home life would be hell.LOL!!!

Tru–why am I not surprised by that? Abreu is the better all-around player.

brownpaperrapper – Hell would be an understatement 🙂

bpr ~ I think Dunn would come cheaper!

Good evening ITD’ers!!
Welcome to the ITD family Dishguy! I agree with you regarding Garland. I would of liked to have him. Maybe more than C.C. based on the years $$$’s and health. I worry that C.C. will break down in a year or 2.
I don’t have to much to comment on as you’ve all pretty much covered what I would of said if I was around earlier today. Especially with regards to the McCourts.
In the situation we are in as of now, I’m glad Wolf is back. Not that I think he is a stud, but I think he was the best that was out there for us.
I hope you all have a great evening.

Thanks for the welcome dcollins!

CC is now one of my favorite players with the way he competed and never complained how he was abused and used by the Brewers. I’m glad he got paid before he probably breaks, which I pray he doesn’t; but I’m glad it was the Yankees paying him off instead of us. The risk with that immense contract would kill us as bad as the Zito deal has killed the Giants.

Hey dcollins!! That’s it? That’s all you have to say tonight? LOL!!! (jk) I hope you are having a fabulous evening yourself 🙂

Tru– As we are all well aware, cheap is a major factor where Frank & Ned are concerned. But, due to the late date, Abreu might not command as much as he might have otherwise. Abreu’s stats:

ITD is rockin’ tonight at the top of the mlblogs recent activity page.

And, in the interest of equal time, here are Dunn’s numbers:

bpr ~ intersting stats on Abreu. I think someone had offered him $8M (I believe it was the Braves) and his asking price at one time was $14M. All of these FA values have really taken a downturn.

Dunn vs. Abreu is a tough call. Dunn’s power is legit and his OPS is really good, but his K’s are outragous and his defense is bad. A lot of people, sabermatricians mostly, say that Abreu’s defense is just as bad now…just sign already Manny.

Dishguy–I totally agree. C.C. was & is great and he would of been a great addition. However I was leery of his contract. I wish that Ned & the Dodgers had negotiated with him. That was my main gripe. They said they were negotiating with him & in reality as it came out afterward, they didn’t.
He was willing to come to the Dodgers based on some of the word on the street, so maybe he would of been picked up for a decent price. But from what has been said was that no one reached out to him or negotiated with him.
As a Dodger fan, I loved the Zito deal.
I understand the McCourts not wanting to make the mistakes of the past like Schmidt & Pierre. In hindsite Jones was a mistake but that was a deal I favored (Although I wanted them to get T. Hunter instead), so I can’t complain about that one, other than whoever gave him a physical should loose their job.
Does anyone think if we had signed Sheets he would of passed our physical? My guess is yes.
Then we would of heard He has a sore arm…He will be ready by the end of ST…He is day to day…He is out for only 2-3 weeks…only to come back for 3 ineffective starts that tax the bully after 2-4 innings of work in each start…at which point all the ITD’ers call on Perumike to drop his piano on Ben…then He requires surgery but he should be back by September…only to ride off in the sunset after 1-2 bad starts in September.

Nelly…you asked for it!

dcollins ~ that’s not long at all. Are you just getting warmed up!!!!

I’m trying to make it short, because I’m actually really sick and had to still work today. The this morning, standing out in the rain for an hour & half waiting to get my car towed because it done be broke didn’t help the sick feeling either!!! Neither did the $300.00 bill:(. So a tough day and I’m ready to call it an early night.
But life is still good!!
I love the power Dunn has but his strikeouts along with Kemp’s, would be a real bummer after we had a single by Ferk then a single by Dre and runners on 1st & 3rd w/no body out. Next thing you know 1st & 3rd with 2 out. Goodbye rally & momentum… So I’d pass on Dunn.
Go Blue!!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

Now That is dcollins!!!!! very nice!!!!!!

Hey Tru. Nope not warming up tonight. I’m ready for soup and my mattress…

You are sick too?

Yup. Been so for about a week but it hit hard yesterday. I need a couple of days off in a row to get healed. We’ll see. I think NSB was breathing through the monitor on me. Did he do it to you also?

dcollins – The Sheets hypothetical is exactly what I feared even before today’s news about him. He is a very good pitcher when healthy and I wish him the best in his recovery.

Got to hit the hay…early to bed guy. I am a high school teacher and I end up taping most Dodgers games after the 1st hour and watching them the next morning. During the summer I can adjust my sleeping pattern, but my wife doesn’t like it. She’s just jealous of my down time during the summer…LOL.

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes and the great conversations even if we don’t all agree. I have avoided fan forums because they get so abusive. I love it that I can be the half-glass full guy here without being ridiculed too badly. Go Dodgers!!!

No, I am doing great. If I haven’t gotten anything yet with kids in and out sick these last few weeks, then I am probably safe for a while now. I have had students with everything from ear infections to strep throat to the stomach flu……nothing yet – thank goodness 🙂

Dishguy I was a half full guy and everyone was cool with me. The only problem is that I’ve moved a little to the half empty side. I’ve started to get a little miffed with some of the moves on & off the field and question them. We’ll see what the season brings.

dishguy – hey – same profession…….totally different age groups. I teach first grade 🙂

Good night, dishguy. Thanks for ahring your thoughts.
dcollins ~ there is an ITD virus going around. dodger4life and nstateblues are both sick and now you. In your case, it’s too much “gym” and working out. lol

red pen I must be getting tired too………should be sharing

dcollins– I don’t think it would have made any difference whether we’d negotiated with CC or not. With the deal that CC was looking for, Frank & Ned would have never even been in the running. As a general rule, I don’t favor long-term deals for pitchers, no matter how good they are. You rightly cite the classic case in point: Zito. As I understand it, CC and the Yankees have an optout clause inserted in their contract after 3 years so even the Yankees are hedging their bets.
dishguy–I think we all would prefer Manny. As an alternative, I would give a slight edge to Abreu based on his defense and better speed.

dishguy – When the season starts, many of us because the half-full guys… worries….we all love the Dodgers and that’s the number one thing here 🙂

Take your C’s! Wifey used to be a preschool teacher and seldom gets sick. I think she must of built up a restistance or something. The one thing she hated about teaching was lice!! She has some pretty hair and lice is about the worst thing that she could catch.

Wonder what Torre’s thinking about now when he said right after the season ended that we need pitching, and Ned comes back with Wolf, Huggy Bear, Estes and Mota?

dcollins – I had long hair teaching preschool, and I know exactly what your wifey is talking about. I had them once and have never gotten over the feeling……it’s horrible!! Yes, I think I am pretty immune to most of the usual flu suspects now a days.

BPB–That is correct. That is why I wish we had negotiated with him because I think we could of done a contract like that with him. An opt out after 3 years would of been a safety valve.

nelly – That’s great. I teach history, American and World, and love every minute of it. I originally got into teaching so I could coach basketball and I hated teaching. Now I love teaching and hate coaching…I’ve had the last two days off, save coaching duties, because the heater is broken in our school. Gave me a chance to tempt the ITD waters.
dcollins – I’m sorry to hear your day was so terrible and I hope the 2009 season is so great the half-glass full guy joins me…LOL.

dcollins ~ the head lice would scare me too! Nellyjune never gets sick and I think you are right about building up an immunity.

I’m with Nells, I wish we had at least negociated with him. No one was going to outbid the Yanks though.

bpb ~ negociate? I don’t think Ned knows the word.

Glad your with us dish. We all get along pretty well on here even if we do differ in opinion now and then.

Of course you haven’t slipped off the deep end yet, seen any moons, met the Cleavers, or been subjected to JoeyP, but there’s time 🙂

dishguy – are you from California? I started in 4th grade and loved it because of the California History, Science and Math, but I got bumped to first grade years ago now. I have since become pretty good at teaching my current grade level, but I would go back up if given the chance…….just love the history and science too much.

bpb – speaking of Cleavers (Beaver)….where’s Wally?

Don’t know. I even emailed him earlier in the week to check on him but haven’t heard back.

Thought just popped in my head – with Kent retired now, will ndechenes be back?

You’re right, tru. Ned can’t even handle a negotiation when he’s essentially the only game in town. With a multiple bidder scenario like CC’s,he would’ve been in way over his head.

In otherwords, Ned would’ve been in up to his hips…

Did I say that?

bpb – I don’t know…that is a very good point about ndeschenes. I hope all is well with jhall……..he is very much missed around here 😦

Like sands through the hourglass…


Dodgers, Ramirez at a standstill
By Tim Brown, Yahoo! Sports
2 hours, 31 minutes ago

Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti went a second day without talking to the agent for Manny Ramirez.

In a Friday night conference call arranged to announce the signing of left-hander Randy Wolf, questions ran about two to one in favor of Ramirez.

Colletti said he hadn’t spoken to Scott Boras since Wednesday and had no negotiations scheduled, now three days since Ramirez rejected a one-year, $25 million contract offer from the Dodgers.

“At some point in time we will come to a conclusion,” Colletti said. “We’re not there yet.”

Asked if the club would continue a dialogue beyond the day position players were due to arrive in camp, which for the Dodgers is Feb. 18, Colletti declined to answer.

“I’d be putting a deadline on it if I answered that question,” he said.;_ylt=AglTEjcjnv3GbiAJdj34iqw8R9MF?slug=ti-mannyupdate020608&prov=yhoo&type=lgns&print=1


You’d think the fridge in Bristol and all Sports News places would be stocked with Bon Bons. As a wise green guy once said, “Sheesh.”

A day late and a dollar short, but here’s my tribute to the Serie Azul. Kick on the Flux Capacitor, and build up that Wall of Voodoo that you do so well… (that’s Hedley):;_ylt=AglTEjcjnv3GbiAJdj34iqw8R9MF?slug=ti-mannyupdate020608&prov=yhoo&type=lgns&print=1


Couple of interesting lines from the Dominican Winter League:
Troncoso AZU DWL 3 0 2.25 4 3 0 0 0 0 16.0 14 5 4 1 0 11 1 0 3 3 0.94 .230
Vargas AGU DWL 3 1 4.02 6 6 0 0 0 0 31.1 30 17 14 3 2 31 10 0 4 4 1.28 .259

Two things come to mind. 1. Maybe they’re onto something with Troncoso starting and 2. Bet Furcal had something to do with getting Vargas a look.

nsblues – sheesh!! is about right.

And this one goes out to all the unsigned FA’s in the house… From Slowhand, Duane and the rest of the Dominos, Here’s “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out”:

And something to pick up your spirits if you catch too much of the blues:

incomprehensible…..pathetic…..incompetant…..typical. Feel free to tack on the adjective of your choice.

nsblues – gotta love that gopher! It just makes me happy just looking at him – “I’m Alright”

I’m just waiting for it to be over, heheh.

bpb, after stopping through Oroville this week, I had the urge to pull up Punkin Puss and Mush Mouse on Youtube, heheh. The stop: The Oroville Wal-Mart. One of the most interesting places in this great state. :: shudders ::

The homeless woman sparing for change by the driveway was 10 times better dressed than many in the store. Beautiful scenery… but yowza.


NO EXCUSES!!! (Ethier)

I really don’t mean to sound judgemental, after reading that last comment, I sound like I went in wearing my sunday best with monocle and top hat.

Still… common courtesies are quickly becoming a lost art, with as many times I almost got sideswipped in the parking lot.

LOL!!!!! Those videos you can never get tired of….they are still hilarious!!!!

….But, I don’t want to be a catcher….LOL!!!!


Wow!!! This has been one hot potato, today.
Good energy !!!!
dishguy ~ welcome 🙂

WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
365 DAYS A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 DAYS A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 HOURS A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RINGS FOR ALL THE DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


.More energy for ya !!!!

I have my daughter so I am off to sleep…..
Good Night ITD Dodgerfaithful, and God Bless 🙂

Good Night Dodger4life!!! For a light Dodger news day, ITD sure was hoppin’ Have a wonderful time with your daughter tomorrow. Take care and God Bless to you and your family 🙂

Good night, all. Nice to have some good news for a change. Hopefully, it bodes well for next week. Have a great Saturday, everyone!!!

Good Night brownpaperrapper!!!! Have a great Saturday yourself!!!!!

If there was ANY doubt whatsoever that no one should ever listen to a work Boras says, at the end of this article,0,3372390.story
is this little gem:

“Boras has encouraged the Dodgers to consider Jeff Weaver for the last spot in the rotation; Colletti declined to say whether the club had any interest.”

He’s worse than a politician in full re-election mode.

Boras never stops shaking Ned down for Magic Bean money… Check out this nugget of a paragraph from the end of a article:

from “Pitcher Randy Wolf is a Dodger Again” by Bill Shaikin (2-7-09):

Boras has encouraged the Dodgers to consider Jeff Weaver for the last spot in the rotation; Colletti declined to say whether the club had any interest. Weaver, 32, went 14-11 with a 4.22 ERA for the Dodgers in 2005 but went 15-27 with a 5.96 ERA for the Angels, St. Louis Cardinals and Seattle Mariners in 2006-07. He was in the minor leagues last season.,0,7768916.story


As the Mountain Dew commercials used to say in the 90’s, “Been there, done that!”

Good Evening Dodgereric!!!!! You and nsblues are thinking the same thing 🙂

Eric, scary… Magic Beans… I wonder how Torre feels about Weaver. From what I remember, Weaver’s Pinstriped days weren’t exactly the best of times. Of course, this is coming from the NYC media, which makes a living making mountains out of molehills.

“Scotty, this couldn’t be working any better. You’re a genius. Tons of national press, more than the Yankess of even the Steelers..”
“Ned, I told you…stick close, buddy. I’ll be right there beside you.”
“Scotty, I just wanted to let you know there are no hard feelings over all that J.D. Drew stuff.”
“Not a problm, Ned my boy. When Manny signs next week it’ll be a freaking pageant…a corronation…it’ll be on TV in Kashmir.”
“Like I said, Scotty, you’re a genius…”

Great minds think alike, north! Evening, Junie!

kahli, I wouldn’t doubt it. But they needed to sign him during SuperBowl halftime……..

LOL!!!! very good Kahli!!!!!

I’d rather sign Pedro Martinez than Weaver.

They were talking about Pedro Martinez last night or the night before on mlbtv, and they thought he would be a good match for us.

Me too Eric. Weaver is just a scary thought for me right now.

What’s Borass gonna pawn off on Ned next, the lint at the bottom of his pockets?

Yeah, I posted a link to that far-fetched yarn yesterday. At least I think it was yesterday. I don’t think he has anything left in the tank, but I guess he’s trying to find that out very soon. That didn’t stop them from signing Mota and Vargas, but at least Martinez was good once.

Scott Boras and Pat Buttram – separated at birth………

Who does Boras have left out there? I know Crede is one because the gnats were talking about him on the radio today, and that they still might have interest in him.



LMAO!!!!! too funny!!!!

Who’s the pig?

Arnold ~ hmmmm!!!

Well, I’m done for the night. Great talking baseball with you 🙂

The veil shall lift soon…

Who’s Arnold? Lemme think ………. Ned is a good Mr Kimball ………..

Good Night nsblues – you were great today ….alot of awesome posts!!! Take Care and have a spectacular Saturday!!!

Good night, north! …………. Frank and Jamie are Arnold’s parents ……….


So………..who’s arnold?………Dodger Stadium?

Andruw would have been an obvious choice, but we can’t use him anymore ………….

…….. I think Torre would make a pretty good Eb ………..

maybe we will have to hold judgement on who Arnold is until ST begins to see how everyone comes to Spring Training, especially our newly acquired PVLs.

Arnold was actually one of the smarter characters on the show, so I’m going with …………..

Yes, I agree with that 🙂

……….. Charlie Steiner?

That works!!! LOL!!!!

It had to be something off the wall.

How’ve you been?

Back to my McCourt bashing…I always wondered why the Dodgers starting making such a big deal about Truck Day at the end of the caravan. Nice touch, but, uh, whatever. Anyway, I read that the Red Sox have been doing it for years. Now it makes sense. McCourt keeps trying to introduce all things Boston to the Dodgers and this is just another thing he got from them. Pathetic!

I have been good – no complaints. How are you ? Did you do anything with your Friday ?

…..It’s been said……we have an owner who’s from Boston, we have a GM who is a former gnat and we have a manager who wore Yankee pinstipes. It does make you wonder where the Dodger way is headed.

Good early morning ITD, Nellyjune, Cpompe1, Trublu, Dodgereric, Dodger4life, ns blues, czblue
Not to digress, but I spent most of the last posting recovering from a grueling night at work?? Yikes. Anyway, I just wanted to talk about Canter’s Restaurant again. I didn’t go to last years restaurant event so I have nothing to compare Canter’s to but I had a fabulous time. It seemed in better control than last years Yankee Doodles for sure. Funny thing but I was sitting at the table right next to the bathroom. I think I saw you cz. I was the blonde at that next table. I thought that they made the guys very accessible to the fans except maybe Russell. He had his huge bodyguard with him who actually is a very sweet guy. I spoke to Kenny Landreaux for a while. He is a funny funny guy. I told Sweet Lou I just wanted a big hug from him, nothing else. He gives the best hugs! I also spoke at length with DY. I always enjoy talking to Russell. He speaks very highly of his Mom which puts him very high in my book. I laughed and told him I almost bought him a money clip for all that money he’s making. He told me “Now that’s really funny. But you’d have to give it to my Mom.” He has signed many balls for me but I had him sign another one for me. He signed the ball “To Cat ” (he does know me by now) and his name. Nellyjune has a picture of the ball. I also took another picture with him after getting a nice hug. He is a hunk, believe me. I also took pictures with DY, our new star Mark Loretta, Kenny, James MacDonald, and James Loney. I am not much for pictures. The last one was with Russell, the one before that was during the spectacular catch by Gabe Kapler when he caught Russie’s homerun ball. I sat with new friends, two have their own blogs. One of them, Linda, took the pictures for me. I do wish more of ITD was there. It wasn’t that big a group. I didn’t have a reservation but it didn’t make a difference because the guys didn’t show up until much later anyway. They would’ve seated me earlier but I wanted to stay with everyone else. I am so glad I went. It definitely makes me more excited about the new season. 🙂

cy, he’ll be having us dumping tea in LA Harbor next.

We took Lucy in for a couple of boosters today and knocked out the grocery shopping. The Budweiser Shootout is tomorrow!

So, I hope you are okay, Cpompe1. And Nellyjune, what are you up to? And Dodgereric, up to your late night chitchats??

I am sure that made Lucy a happy dog 🙂 I know about the shootout- can’t wait!!!!

heartruss – I am so glad you had a good time at Canter’s Deli. Sounds like a real fun time.

Hi heartruss! I’m jealous of you folks who live close enough to attend these things.

Funny, I’m watching an old movie on TCM and I think Sam Drucker is in it.

Atomic City?

Can you imagine having to wear a suit and tie to a ballgame now? How times have changed 🙂

That’s the one! Did you see the KTLA camera? I wonder if they were shooting that in old Wrigley Field in LA?

I used to pal around with a guy who liked to go to TV shows being taped. We went to a Steve Allen Show once. The men had to wear a shirt and tie.

This would have been around ’70- ’71 I think.

No, I didn’t see the camera. Wrigley Field in LA, huh? You would probably know that better than I would. I was trying to look closer when they were showing the footage, but they never went beyond that section of the box seats.

I was 5 🙂

Well, being an LA kid, that jumped out at me. But I know one thing, those weren’t any real ballplayers out there. That pitcher looked like he was in a slow-pitch softball game! LOL!!!

“You’re OLD!”

When have I heard THAT before? LMAO!!!!!

LOL!!!! That’s good to know. I was wondering about that pitcher.

LMAO!!!! Believe me ….they still adore you 🙂

…….the suspense is mounting…..

Chris and I told that tale a couple of times in Arizona. I think people have a newfound respect for me! LOL!!

This movie is old enough, the creeps will get theirs…..

A newfound respect? ……….I have had to explain it to a few teachers who you are because I guess your name is being brought up in other classrooms as my students are talking about on the playground or at home I am assuming.

Have you seen this movie before?……..I have not.

Maybe I need to copywrite “dodgereric”! And no, I haven’t seen this before.

OK, the kid’s safe, the bad guys got caught and our nation’s H-bomb secret is safe. I need to hit the sack. Good night and God Bless you, June Darlin’! I guess we lost heartruss an hour ago!

I think you do need to copywright dodgereric….. your name became a compound word the other day too. I couldn’t argue with them…….it made sense when they brought it up.

Good Night Ward Dear……….Have a fantastic Saturday. I get to meet the new closer for the Angels tomorrow ……kind of exciting. Take care and God bless to you and your wonderful family.

dishguy – are you from California? I started in 4th grade and loved it because of the California History, Science and Math, but I got bumped to first grade years ago now. I have since become pretty good at teaching my current grade level, but I would go back up if given the chance…….just love the history and science too much.

nelly ~ I lived in San Jose for a few years as a boy and in Huntington Beach for a few years after high school, but I live in Utah now, and have for most of my life.
I cannot imagine how difficult teaching elementary must be. My minor was math, so I could teach a little of that, but there is no way I could teach english and science. Keep up the good work.

dishguy – there are a few ITDers from Utah, brownpaperrapper (formerly known as seeskybout2rain). There are several ITDers who have changed their names recently as well. Some have done it temporarily until Frank and Ned do their job and get some good pitching, Manny (or a Manny-like bat) and Andre signed without going through arbitration. Another regular ITDer who has done this is brownpaperbag. He has several other names as well, but he is primarily known as enchantedsunset.

dishguy – It’s funny how those of us who teach think the other person’s grade levels are that much harder. I have two teenagers of my own, and I couldn’t imagine teaching an age group like that either. However, if I had to choose between highschool and junior highschool (middle school), I would choose highschool in a heartbeat. Kahliforni is a highschool teacher as well.

Oh, uh ~ ARod tested positive for steroids in 2003 while he was with the Rangers according to Sports Illustrated.
Good morning dishguy & nellyjune ~ I hope you have a pleasant day.

red pen *uh,oh! It’s early and my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

Good Morning and “uh oh” is right 😦

McGowan former gnats owner feels we are going to get Manny back…

I hope he’s right!

They are talking about ARod on mlbtv now too. I am sure the Yankees fans will be pleased to hear that news, won’t they?

Everytime ESPN comes on with breaking news, I think it is something good for us. Just dreaming, I guess.

WB Wolf and try to stay healthy this time like you did last year.

So what’s number Wolf going to where this time? I think it going to be his old 44 since it show Wolf and Vargas at 39.

Look who’s on the main fantasy page and picture of Kemp. I just can’t wait until fantasy baseball open up.

Stupid fantasy expert.

Fri Feb 06, 2009 1:37 pm EST

Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft, Round 4: Will any of these chumps take a catcher?
By Andy Behrens
Mock season is here, and we’ve assembled six accredited fantasy experts for a 12-team draft. We’ll get through one round each day. Assume that we’re using public league settings (even if our experts make different assumptions). You can relive the first three rounds here, here and here.

Matt Kemp, Dodgers OF – Round 4, Pick 1. Here’s an emerging five-category stud that hasn’t gotten his full due yet; you’d like to see a few more walks and a trim of the strikeout rate, but otherwise, what’s not to like here? It’s always a bonus when you can grab a 30-40 steal guy without having to pay a tax in the other categories, and Joe Torre is the type of skipper who will let his players run aggressively. (Scott Pianowski)

C –empty–, 1B Mark Teixeira, 2B –empty–, 3B –empty–, SS –empty–, OF Nick Markakis, Matt Kemp, UTIL –empty–, SP Tim Lincecum, RP –empty–

Adrian Gonzalez, Padres 1B – Round 4, Pick 2. I’m not going to get too concerned about positional fills just yet, not when there’s a safe .280-100-30-100 player like Gonzalez sitting on the board. One of these years Gonzalez will be released from his Petco Park shackles and he’ll win an MVP in another city; until that happens, I’ll gladly exchange his home-park tax for the discount we seem to get every spring. Take a pitcher, you say? There’s still plenty of depth left at that position, even if my opponents dive into it over the next 20 picks. (Pianow)

C –empty–, 1B Ryan Howard, 2B –empty–, 3B -Aramis Ramirez, SS Jimmy Rollins, OF –empty–, UTIL Adrian Gonzalez, SP –empty–, RP –empty-

Brandon Webb, Diamondbacks SP – Round 4, Pick 3. The numbers: 233 IP, 19 wins, 185 K, 3.13 ERA, 1.17 WHIP. That’s what Webb has averaged over the past three seasons. He’s as much of a sure thing as you’ll find among the starting pitching ranks. His top-shelf sinker and good control have helped limit the long ball – no more than 15 home runs allowed in any of the past three seasons. Those factors have helped him become one of, if not the most, consistent pitchers in the game – 132 of his 197 career starts have been Quality Starts (67%). (Brandon Funston)

C –empty–, 1B –empty– 2B Ian Kinsler, 3B –empty–, SS –empty–, OF Jason Bay, UTIL Chase Utley, SP Brandon Webb, RP –empty–

Cole Hamels, Phillies SP – Round 4, Pick 4. Sure, the launching pad that is his home park can give one pause in selecting Hamels, but it’s really a non-issue – his ERA has been below 3.25 at Citizens Bank Park in each of the past two seasons. Still only 25, Hamels finished in the top 11 in ERA, strikeouts and WHIP last season. Nearly across-the-board, his numbers have improved in each of his three seasons, and his dominating postseason run (4-0, 1.80 ERA) gives every indication that he’s ready to take things to another level yet again in ’09. (BFun)

C –empty–, 1B Miguel Cabrera, 2B –empty–, 3B Evan Longoria, SS –empty–, OF Carl Crawford, UTIL –empty–, SP Cole Hamels, RP –empty–

Kevin Youkilis, Red Sox 3B/1B – Round 4, Pick 5. Conventional wisdom says Yankees and Red Sox are always overpriced, but maybe the goofy grip and the everyman looks have scared enough owners off and I’m getting Youk and just the right price. Naysayers will point to the 2008 power spike and call it an anomaly, but the homer, RBI and batting average totals have been on the uptick for three consecutive years, and 90-100 runs is a reliable projection. Even if you adjust him down to 20-25 homers and 90-100 RBIs you still have a very reliable four-category, two-position contributor. Grip it and rip it, kid. (Matt Romig)

C –empty–, 1B –empty–, 2B Brian Roberts, 3B Kevin Youkilis, SS –empty–, OF Josh Hamilton, B.J. Upton, UTIL –empty–, SP –empty–, RP –empty–

Alex Rios, Blue Jays OF – Round 4, Pick 6. This one is a fun little pick in that you’re not exactly sure who you’ll get: the Rios who hit one homer in his first 143 at-bats, the 2007 version who muscled up 24 times or Rios circa 2008, a 40 SB threat. After the All-Star break last year you got a little of both, 11 bombs and nine steals in 66 games, and a .300 average. So I’m not sure whether to continue assuming 30 steals or 30 homers (both?) for Rios. I’ll deal with the uncertainty knowing I’m getting something across at least four categories. (Mig)

C –empty–, 1B –empty–, 2B –empty–, 3B –empty–, SS –empty–, OF Grady Sizemore, Alex Rios, UTIL –empty–, SP Johan Santana, CC Sabathia , RP –empty–

Vladimir Guerrero, Angels OF – Round 4, Pick 7. Stolen bases aren’t in the forecast, not following off-season knee surgery. But Vlad still enters his age-33 season as a four-category player. He has nine triple-digit RBI seasons to his credit and a .323 career batting average (fourth highest among active players). Vlad’s playing for a contract extension, too.

After passing on Sabathia in Round 3, this owner let Jake Peavy and Roy Halladay fall in Round 4. That wasn’t easy. There are a bunch of interesting SPs who get drafted in the 100-150 range in mixed leagues, though, so the plan is to assemble the best possible collection of hitters in the early rounds. Pitching can wait. Steals probably can’t. That’s where this team will go in Round 5. (Andy Behrens)

C –empty–, 1B Prince Fielder, 2B Brandon Phillips, 3B –empty–, SS –empty–, OF Ryan Braun, Vladimir Guerrero, UTIL –empty–, SP –empty–, RP –empty–

Jake Peavy, Padres SP – Round 4, Pick 8. The choice here was really between Peavy and David Ortiz. If this owner would have drafted Papi, he’d have two wrist issues to fret about (the other belongs to Quentin). Thus, Peavy is the pick. He could still get traded, of course, and Peavy likely wouldn’t move to an equally pitcher-friendly environment. But wherever he goes, he’ll bring the excellent K-rate. There’s no such thing as a perfectly safe fantasy SP, so this team will wait a few more rounds to draft another pitcher. They’re looking at 20/20 types in Round 5. (AB)

I really doubt Kemp, Gonzo, Webb, Hamels going to lasted until the 4th rounds.

WOW.. a-rod tested positive for steriods in ’03 when he won the AL MVP..

I feel so bad for Pay-Rod that this came out about his steriods test…NOT! Just another client of “the agent” who took the highest offer (the Rangers for goodness sakes). Not that I am a Bonds or Clemens fan, but I hope Pay-Rod gets roasted in the media. This mess should be fun to witness:)

I don’t feel bad for A-rod either (I guess it brings a new meaning to his nick name “A-Fraud”).
I feel bad for us fans. It is a bummer that this whole thing has happened. It’s almost like we need to take the last 15 years and just throw them out. You don’t know who used & who didn’t and what affect it actually made on the field.
I mean in the years that Bonds won the MVP whoever finished 2nd should be peeved. Should players who tested positive those years be stripped of their awards?
I’m starting to wonder if I can get a refund on all the games I’ve gone to the last 15 years. I’m starting to feel I was given a false product.
I think everyone in the game is to blame. It’s just real sad…

Nelly ~ For me, teaching high school is a lot of fun and easy, but I teach at a private school where the students want to learn.

The A-Rod story isn’t surprising at all, but the real story should be the report that Gene Orza of the players union was tipping off individual players as to when they would be “randomly” tested.
On the MLB Network, former player Chad Curtis said he told Donald Fehr to do something about steroids in 2000 and his response, “steroids are not against the rules.” The owners and Fehr have allowed this scandal to get out of hand. It is very sad, but the great game will survive.

It’s amazing to me the arogance of the players union. Just because it isn’t against the rules doesn’t mean that it isn’t against the law! By the law of the land, if it’s illegal, it’s illegal. I’m sure that the union doesn’t have anything in their rules about murder being against their rules either, but does that mean a player can get away with it because it isn’t in the CBA between the players and owners? I realize that is way oversimplifying it, but the union almost forces people to think that way because they basically thumb their nose at laws that apply to everyone else in the country because the CBA doesn’t cover it. Donald Fehr and Gene Orza make me sick to my stomach.

cy ~ My point exactly. Well written my Dodger friend.

If you have access to the MLB Network the coverage there is extraordinary.


Baseball is in sad shape right now. Not the game, the game will always be here, as Dishguy said, “The great game will survive”. The sport has always mirrored the country socially, sometimes even acting as a catalyst to change America for the better (Jackie, of course), but now it’s mirroring the ugly greed we’ve seen collapse Wall Street.

Some of us, in fits of rage at our team’s perceived lack of direction, ask our GM and owners to step down, but it’s more imperitave that SomE others in the basebaLl busIness should consider steppinG down; as FEw in High places affect the couRse of the whole game, it’d be nice if they owned up to the responsibility that this happened on their watch, and in order to keep the game from being damaged again a decade and a half later, as well as to keep Major League Baseball’s Anti-Trust Protection intact for the future (a sovereign right not held by any other business in the United States, including the Government), it really would be in the best interest of the sport if certain people would let new faces lead the game to greener pastures, rather than watching the current failed attempt to swat away the hornets while knee deep in the nest.

To use Terrance Mann’s analogy, this blackboard is covered with so much, it’s hard to even find a place to get a fresh start, so maybe it’s time for some more of that erasing action.

Of course, I’m but a simple Californie bumpkin, what do I know?

nsblues ~ right on.

I think everyone at that time was on steroids. If the batters were and the pitchers were, wouldn’t it be a draw? Everyone was playing on an equal playing field.

Tru–You would think, however the problem is that not everyone was on them.
Some guys that didn’t use, may of not made teams due to others that did. Some won awards & they used & others were runners up & they didn’t win the awards. There are so many factors to this issue that it’s just a real big mess.
If they were smart they would get together on the HGH testing before the same thing happens regarding that in a few years, as there isn’t any testing right now for HGH.

trublue ~ How are you today?
I agree. I think the losers in this scandal are the players who didn’t use and didn’t make as much money as they would have otherwise, the players who didn’t even make it to the majors because they wouldn’t use, and the statistical history of our grand game. Let’s face it: 1) Prior to 2004 steroids was not punished by baseball, a lot of players were using, and faced with the reality of use or get passed by, it would have been a difficult decision for any of us. I hope I would have chosen to not use, but I will never know what I would have done without actually being put in that position. Use and make a lot of money and continue to play baseball, or don’t use and make 30K as a teacher? 2) Given today’s incredible salaries and steroid technology along with baseball’s looking the other way, there is no way anyone could convince me that the same percentage of players would have used in any era of baseball. To put the old timers above recent players is absurd. Sure some of them would not have chosen to use, but the majority would have.

dcollins ~ I know you are right. I’m just upset like the rest of you are about players being cheated out of their true rewards………whether it is playing for a team or as you say, earning an MVP or season home run title. The Players Union needs a complete overhall. It’s too late for what happened in the past but we have to protect the future.
Thank you Hank Aaron for being the true home run king!

dishguy ~ I’m having a great day. I see you took part in the late night edition. And, you have survived to see another day! 🙂

Tru – I definitely think that is how some fans rationalize it in their head. If everyone was on it, then the playing field was level. The truth is, though, that everyone wasn’t on it. The was a very strong voice of veteran players back in 2002 that were begging the union leadership (nice leadership) to get something done as far as steriod testing went. There were guys that weren’t going to do it and they were tired of playing with guys that had an illegal advantage. It saddens me that this issue won’t die, but some good may come out of it in that the union will not be able to stand on such high, moral ground because they actually operated in bad faith during the 2003 testing. I hope Orza and Fehr get everything they have coming to them.

cy ~ I know everyone wasn’t on the juice. I was just being a little testy. Sorry. I really do hate cheaters. I wonder why this A-rod stuff is coming out now? Are there going to be other names?

tru – I’m really interested to read the story in SI to see all of the details. I think it is a two-pronged story: Pay-Rod testing positive and the union’s leadership trying to game the system. I don’t blame you for being testy; I get tired of having to explain to my 7-year-old son what steriods are and why the players he looks up to would cheat.

Bob Costas has made several good points regarding blame. He blames the owners and the union, but appears to put more blame on the union. He said that the union’s incredible strength led them to fight any steroid policy and that led to more players using. And by helping to hide the use they not only failed their players who didn’t use, but the union also failed the users because it led to all these embarrassing revelations. If they would have agreed to a testing policy 10 years ago when the owners were forced to act by congress, then fewer players would have used and the Mitchell Report and these latest revelations would never have come out.

I think the Union has put baseball in an embarassing state. There should have been a salary cap a long time ago. They almost forced CC to take the most money he could get (for the sake of other players) instead of letting CC decide what city he and his family would prefer to live, even if it meant a little less money.

Reporting from Pensacola Beach, Fla. — Manny Ramirez said today that the trouble he’s had landing a new contract this winter won’t affect his performance this season.

Asked about widespread concerns that prolonged negotiations with teams might leave him disgruntled and result in him giving less than his best effort this season, Ramirez replied, “That won’t happen. Understand me, I have goals. I know that if I play six more years, I could get to my 3,000th hit and, who knows, maybe my 700th home run.”

* Pitcher Randy Wolf is a Dodger again
Pitcher Randy Wolf is a Dodger again
* Manny Ramirez and Dodgers make no progress
Manny Ramirez and Dodgers make no…

Joe Torre managing quite well on book tour
Confusion, or collusion, in free-agent market?

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Speaking in Spanish, Ramirez made his first public statements of the year in a brief interview with The Times.

Ramirez, who is asking for at least a four-year deal, said he wasn’t worried about being without a contract so late in the winter. He said he was warned by his agent, Scott Boras, that negotiations could last into February.

“We’re in the seventh inning and I’m waiting for my pitch,” Ramirez said.

The All-Star outfielder, who turns 37 in May, said he looks back fondly on his time with the Dodgers last year.

“I enjoyed the time I spent there,” he said. “The reporters treated me well. They treated me with respect. When I needed my 15 minutes to go to the cages, they gave it to me. I felt really comfortable there. Everyone treated me well, all of the guys.”

He said he’s spoken to Dodgers Manager Joe Torre a couple of times this winter and that Torre told him he would like to have him back on the team.

“I felt very proud of what we did there,” Ramirez said. “But we have various options that we’re looking at.”

Ramirez said he didn’t feel insulted by the offers that have been presented to him by the Dodgers, which were one- and two-year deals.

“No, it doesn’t bother me,” he said. “This is a business. You have to continue negotiating. . . . What matters is what I sign in the end.”

Ramirez said he started working out in November, leaving his family at their Ft. Lauderdale home to train in the Pensacola area. He said he visited his wife and children on most Thursdays.

“One has to make sacrifices,” Ramirez said of being away from his family. “I like it here because I can focus on my work. I have one of the best lawyers on the market. He’s kept me up to date on everything. I feel really calm. I have confidence in them.”

Ramirez said he was on a similar training program as last year. The emphasis on physical fitness, he said, helped him remain strong for the entire season.

Ramirez will leave Pensacola Beach on Sunday. He said he would remain in Ft. Lauderdale until he signs with a new team.

The salary cap may not be as far away as many believe. Phil Rogers in the Chicago Tribune wrote that MLB’s portion of revenue that goes to salary has gone from 56% down to just 45% in the last couple of years. The NFL’ s cap system, which their owners want changed and the % reduced, mandates 62% of their revenues go to salaries. Players may want to go to this type of system because the current system is causing baseball owners to only pay big dollars to the superstars and fill around them with young players. The average veteran is losing their jobs very fast. And now their trust and blind faith in Fehr and Orza is shot.

Ungar ~ so, Manny or no Manny in Dodger Blue?

Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!!

Fabulous posts by all!!!

nsblues – Nice encryption in yours…written like a true english major 🙂

Dishguy, I read the posts almost everyday but don’t post all the time. Now with you contributing I don’t have to say much because you pretty much echo my own views. I agree that Major League baseball has pretty much capitulated to the union on so much but I also feel that had the owners not treated players so badly years ago there would not have been a need for a strong union. Most owners have been sucessful business people but when it came time to own or run a major league baseball team many of these folks brains turned into noodles. There is no doubt in my mind management and coaches knew about the drug and steroid use but for whatever reason chose to look the other way. Look at all the chances given to players whose drug use became public. Other sports leagues took much stronger action while baseball just played dumb.

He said he would remain in Ft. Lauderdale until he signs with a new team.

jungar – do you think this statement includes the Dodgers?

Lbirken, The only thing baseball has going for it is at least they’re not as dumb as the considering-Shawn-Merriman-for-Defensive-Player-of-the-Year-in-a-season-where-he-tested-positive-for-steroids-that-season-and-sat-out-4-games NFL, heheh.

Of course, with all that money the NFL makes for 16 smashmouthed, bone-crushing games, I’m sure they’ll be laughing all the way to the bank as ESPN thinks of new ways to use A-Fraud in a headline.

I know this is a Dodger blog, but bear with me as I tell about our excitement today. For those of you who have been following our business venture. My husband just recently opened Valley Sports Academy, which is primarily an indoor baseball training facility. Anyhow, Brian Fuentes, the new closer for the Angels a local product of Merced, did a free pitching clinic for 50 kids here in town. I must admit, it was pretty exciting watching this happen in our place of business. The fun part for me was at the end of the clinics, trublu and I took pictures with him wearing our Dodger blue of course. We didn’t clash or anything as he was just wearing black……….he wasn’t dressed as an Angel yet. He also signed a ball for each of us. Anyhow, just a quick story about my day. BTW – he signed autographs for all the kids and some of the parents as well ……….one very cool guy.

Who are the other 103 guys on the ‘roid list with A-Rod? You can bet the lawyers and agents will be doing everything in their power to stop the leaking of that list…at least until ALL free agents are signed this season. Cynical? You bet!

Enjoyable reading everyone, I have only this to add….

WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
365 DAYS A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 DAYS A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 HOURS A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring the ring to LA in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kahli ~ I’m also wondering why the entire list wasn’t published……….just happeened to be A-rod.

red pen* happened

By the way Sahwn Hill of the nationals won his arbitration hearing and got the $775,000 he asked for………very unusual because the owners usually win.

* red pen Shawn Hill (can’t type today)

NSB, you have apoint. At least MLB does not seem to have the same police blotter issues we see in the NFL and NBA.

Nelly ~ Cool story. I’m glad to hear Fuentes is a good guy and happy he is no longer in our division. Best of luck in your academy. No. Cal. is a baseball hotbed.

Nelly -yes, this is a Dodger blog, but is also about baseball, the game we love to follow! Good story! Thanks for sharing it.
Heartruss -I did not go to Yankee Doodles last year. I like the Canter’s experience but the event at Panda Inn was better organized. I think it had to do probably with the guys running late for the event this year. If you look at the picture from last year that Andre has on his website where he is carrying the dishes and you can see Loney’s back, that was our table and Loney & Pepe were serving our table but still Andre stopped at our table and other Dodgers. I think I know who you were on the table. funny thing is I was thinking of going to your table to introduce myself since we kept waiting for the guys to show up.
Dish_ Those were some very good points that Costas made. I heard the story about Arod at The Top of the Park at Dodger Stadium. I feel bad for the kids that look up to him.

Nelly, always glad to hear about the academy, especially good news.

The pitching staff looks like it’s ready to go, now all we need to do is break the ice from that big freeze out caused by McCourt, Colletti, Boras and Manny.

Hi Nelljune,
Your story makes me feel a million miles away. But I wish you and your husband all the best of luck.

dishguy, lbirken, emma and joepierre – thanks a bunch 🙂

How are you doing joepierre? We haven’t heard from you in a while. How are things on the east coast? I am sure it’s all a buzz about A-Rod would be my guess.

Ok, so I had this long post about the Truck sendoff today that did not happen and I hit one key and the whole thing was gone. Oh well. I’ll retype it somewhere else and then copy/paste it.

NS – sorry I missed your comment about Oroville last night. Yes, its got its share of shall we say, eccentrics.

A-Rod had been rumored linked to steroids for awhile, but still a little surprising to see it in black and white. That’s why I’m appalled that Ned would even consider Mota, let alone sign him.

Hey brownpaperbag – any enchantedsunsets tonight? LOL!!!!

bpb ~ makes you wonder if all of Boras’ clients are juiced!

gotta get serious dodgers the giants are right behind you and you better start taking them serious about thier interest in Ramirez quit waiting or you’ll lose him alright new offer 2 years 2 options atleas 2 years 1 option dont let the giants take him away it will be bad for us real dodger FANS NOT THE ONES WHO STARTED SUPPORTING THEM WHEN THEY GOT MANNY AND NOW THEY DONT CARE a PR’s nightmare bad for the MCCLOSERS bad for colloser bad for the players bad for the whole organization itself if we lose him to the giants start getting serious dodgers or you’ll lose MANNYWOOD to our most hated rivals

gotta get serious dodgers the giants are right behind you and you better start taking them serious about thier interest in Ramirez quit waiting or you’ll lose him alright new offer 2 years 2 options atleas 2 years 1 option dont let the giants take him away it will be bad for us real dodger FANS NOT THE ONES WHO STARTED SUPPORTING THEM WHEN THEY GOT MANNY AND NOW THEY DONT CARE a PR’s nightmare bad for the MCCLOSERS bad for colloser bad for the players bad for the whole organization itself if we lose him to the giants start getting serious dodgers or you’ll lose MANNYWOOD to our most hated rivals

crzblue, I wish you would have come to our table! I would have loved to meet you. I made a lot of friends at my table. Believe it or not, I never had set eyes on them before. You would have had many new friends!! So the sendoff didn’t happen today? I wanted to go but there was no time posted so I figured it was not open to the public. When I called Dodger Stadium a couple of weeks ago before the info about the Caravan was posted, they pretty much only mentioned the day of LA Live and Canters, no specifics, just the dates. I was too tired anyway from working so it was just as well. I have to work again tonight. I noticed that you seem to know everyone!!
Nellyjune..congratulations on such a successful day. I am anxious to see the pictures! Hello to your mom trublue
cpompe1..R u doing well? r u is your Saturday going?
Ready for a nap. Have a great evening ITD!
Crzblue, try posting again! Please.

Happening as we speak Nells and it’s quite spectacular!! – Thank you for reminding me to take a look – I’d been stuffing my face with the blinds pulled.

Took off on one of our “drives” this morning and ended up in Roswell. Just got back about 5:00.

…just awesome brownpaperbag!!!

heartruss – thanks 🙂

enchanted, see any aliens? Glowing lights? Manny’s contract?

No Kahli, but I did see the crash site where Boras landed.

steroids and other drugs..I’m sure there are many athletes who used drugs, steroids and otherwise, most we will never know about. Let it be their conscience. Of course, Barry still denies steroid use. We know better.
dishguy, I think that everyone feels that Manny would not be a good fit for the Angels. Mike runs a tight organization.
It’s a waiting game for Manny. I feel confident that it will ultimately be the Dodgers that he signs with but not for less than 3 years. $45 million for the first two and an option third year possibly? So Manny thinks that he won’t be signed until February. Guess what month we are in now, Manny. I love Manny. I want him to be a Dodger again but I am so tired of this standoff. He did bring the best out of the young guys but did everyone notice how great James Loney did?? We all talk about Andre and his huge end of the season breakout but James gets no credit. We had some huge hitting including the clutch hits by Nomar. It wasn’t just Manny. He was probably the impetus that brought the Dodgers out of the huge coma like slump they were in but it was the entire team that made it to the playoffs. Let’s not forget the huge pitching of Kuroda!! If we don’t get Manny back we will not be dead in the water. Let’s not give up already! I love the Dodgers. I live for baseball. I have to trust Ned and Frank because I have no control over any of it. No matter what I will be looking forward to Spring Training. March 5 is not far away now. That will be the first Dodger game I will see in person. Sigh. I can’t wait!! GO DODGERS. GO RUSSIE. GO ANDRE. GO JAMES. GO KURODA.

Remember ITD, it takes a village!

OK, who’s the village idiot? LOL

Well said heartruss.

You know Kahli, I’ve lived here 4 years now and the only odd things I’ve seen have been at White Sands. One was a neon atomic isotope green glow on the ground one time at dusk, and the other was the first time I drove through the missile range and saw an oryx.

….last season we did have a village idiot. It was joeyp, a very colorful creature 🙂

Wow!!! brownpaperbag – that’s got to be strange.

Hey Nellyjune

Would it be prudent for the Dodgers to use Kershaw as the #5 starter? I suggest this so they can skip his start every once in awhile to keep his innings down, and to reduce the pressure he may put on himself.

While it may be prudent, it may not be possible because of the shape of the staff at this moment.

I just hate the double standard in sports. That MLBers doing steroid is such a scourge that the media is on a Bonds witchhunt (not that I’m saying he doesn’t deserve it…), yet in the NFL, it’s just ignored.

Of course, as a Raider fan who has read Snake (by Kenny Stabler) and remembers the tragic loss of Lyle Alzado, I’m not going to pretend that performance-enhancing drugs haven’t been a part of the sport anytime in my parents’ lifetimes, but still, it’s silently allowed, day in, day out.

I guess it’s easy for the NFL to allow it, as anything bad that happens on the inside is hidden under all that money they make. As for stuff that happens outside the NFL shield, as Lbirken pointed out, that’s a different story.

I wonder what the gladiators took in Rome…

Effectus addo medicus


Good evening ITD boys and girls!
Wow! What a day for baseball. I’m sick to my stomach that I have to say this, but at this point, nothing and any “new” development between baseball and steroids don’t surprise me. Yeah, call me a purist, but steroids should have NO PLACE in baseball. But I’m not naïve about it; I know it happens. I’m just waiting for the next shoe to drop on someone else. I would hope that players new to the league would be smarter and wouldn’t engage in this type of behavior. But again, that would be naïve to say that it doesn’t still go on today and won’t continue to go on.

Nelly – I read about VSA’s excitement today! Would love to see those pictures you took with Brian! I wonder if Brian would like to do something like this every year during the off-season! Hey, that’s something you can ask him!

So how are the rest of my ITD friends today???

Oh, and I forgot – welcome back Randy!

Final Jeopardy tonight: Baseball History.

“California’s Catalina Island served as a Spring Training home for over 30 years for this Major League Franchise.”

I didn’t have any clue of the answer, but I’m sure quite a few people here would know.

Hi Cpomp, yeah, these days we’re probably desensitized to new steroid developments, but it still creates nasuea, heh.

Sad, and what are we telling our children about success?

Hey NSB. I mean, what have we come to as a society that we are desensitized to new steroid developments? Huh? It is very sad indeed. I mean, for me, I don’t have young kids to have to explain this to but what about the millions of parents that do? Also, my son better not be making me a grandma yet, but at some point, I could see my baseball playing, baseball loving grandchildren asking me about this. This is just sad.


Oh, and NSB, the answer is the Cubs. I remember my Cubby husband telling me this a while ago…

Hey bpb!!! How are ya!!!

Howdy CP

Doing well. How’s the shoulder coming along? We may need you to pitch.

So bpb, I understand that you’ve been seeing some spectacular sunsets in NM!!! Makes you want to come back as enchantedsunset, huh!!! 🙂

Oh, bpb, I love my Dodgers too much to ever subject them to my pitching. No, talk about disasters!!! My shoulder is coming along just fine. It is still sore, but it continually gets better as time passes. I’ll just be happy when my shoulder pain is gone for good.

So, I haven’t teased you about this in a while – what’d you have for dinner tonight!!!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!!!

nsblues – ….they are being told they can’t be successful with the talent they have naturally.

CP – I am sure this will become an annual thing with Brian. He did build a house here (a three-story house out by Lake Yosemite), and he has most of his family living here in town or at least close by. Today, he left the academy to go to our junior college to throw a bullpen so he is getting himself ready for next weekend. He looks really good, and seemed a lot thinner than he does standing on the mound. He gets to keep his #40, and we told him we are glad he only has to pitch against the Dodgers in interleague play. He brought his two-year old son (I think two), and he was adorable. He talked about the traveling and how that is going to work now that he is closer to home. He doesn’t know a whole lot about the team he is about to join in a week being he was in the NL this whole time, but he is looking forward to playing for Mike. Plus, he did a great job with the kids, which is what he was there for.

bpb ~ I have vounteered to pitch if Frank is my catcher. I promise i won’t let you down! 🙂

I’ll even pitch without my glasses!

Stuffed sopapillas CP. There’s still one in the fridge – for now.

Wow!!! bpb – were you or your wife the cook?

Nelly, that sounds great! So how many kids were there today to see Brian? Anyway can you e-mail me some pictures? I’d love to see them! I think he and Mike will get along just fine. Now getting back to baseball though, the pairing of Milton Bradley & Lou Pinella is still a head-scratcher to me. Oh well, that should be fun to watch from a distance. Actually my husband thinks it’s a good pairing. If you say so honey!

Okay bpb, I’ll bite. Forgive my ignorance but what are sopapillas? Something Tex-Mex???

Steroids isn’t the problem. Greed is the problem. Baseball just reflects society

Jungar – Yes, you’re right. Steroids is the vehicle of the problem. The problem IS greed…

Greed, what greed? 🙂

Yeah, really tru – what greed? 🙂 Hey, so how is your evening going?

jungar – it’s why we are having the Manny problems now. If it wasn’t for greed (on whoever’s part) than Manny would be playing where he wants to be playing (which I believe is LA).

CP – to answer your question, because it was pitching (which in itself is a little more time consuming), there were two groups of 25 (one group 7-12 year olds and one group 13-17). However, there was no cost so we somewhat recruited kids we knew were pitchers on their little league, jr high and highschool teams.

Si Senor did the cooking Nells. I only wish I could make them.

CP – think of sopapillas as an inflated [soft] tortilla (kinda) – they look like a mini pillow and are hollow inside. You can stuff them with shredded beef, chicken, pork, ground beef – just about anything you want if making a dinner entree. Then its topped with cheese and either red or green chile sauce. Its also a traditional mexican dessert item served plain or sugar & cinnamon coated with honey.

I’m doing great, CP, how are you? They are taking a poll on ESPN…………..if you found out your favoritr player was using steroids would : he no longer be your favorite; would be disappointed but support him anyway or doesn’t matter.

…just checking bpb because I was going to give big kudos for making those from scratch if you had.

Mmmm, sopapillas bpb!!! Sounds VERY good!!! When you said, “There’s still one in the fridge – for now” does that mean that you’ll be taking a late-night stroll to the refrigerator and then the microwave to heat it up for a late-night snack!!!

Tru – I’m doing fine. I just have to be consistent on my shoulder exercises. And about that poll on ESPN. If you found out your favorite player was using steroids would he no longer be your favorite; would be disappointed but support him anyway or doesn’t matter. I can’t imagine Andre being on steroids, but if he did (NO ANDRE, DON’T DO IT!!!) I never thought of it that way before. No, steroids is steroids is steroids. And using it to gain an advantage (no matter whose hand is caught in the cookie jar) is wrong. I guess I would say I would be extremely disappointed but I can’t say that I would support him anyways.

totally hypothetical (I hope) but, if it were Andre, yes, I would have a hard time being his fan still. Even after the Phelps thing happened, I went and asked a student who is a very, very good swimmer (nationally ranked) and he said he was very disappointed in him as well. It just crushes the credibility of that athlete.

44% said the player would no longer be their favorite
42% said they would be disappointed but support him
14% say it doesn’t matter

Wow, tru. That poll result is very telling indeed.

ok, I am back after baking some carrot muffins

Truck Sendoff
Eric and I had made plans to go to the Truck Send off. The Caravan announcement said the following:
“~~February 7: Truck Departure to Camelback Ranch-Glendale
On Saturday, February 7, the Dodgers’ equipment truck will depart Dodger Stadium for Camelback Ranch-Glendale, home of the club’s new campus in the desert. The club will welcome fans to see equipment and the truck up close, then give it a send-off on its historic inaugural journey. To help the players meet as many fans as possible, the club will ask the players to sign one item per person.~~ ”
It did not say anything about time and Eric and I talked about how we could kick ourselves for not asking about the time at the other Caravan events we attended.
I had gone by myself the year before and it was exciting watching the truck with the words “Vero Beach or Bust”. It made me excited for the start of Spring Training and my final trip to Vero Beach. This time it was going to be our first truck to a new location, and I was equally looking forward to the sendoff. I was not looking for autographs. Just a sendoff and wishing whoever was there good luck.
I looked on line for start time Friday night and since there was no time, I called Eric and told him I would pick him up at 8:a.m. Even before leaving the house Saturday morning I looked for a time but there was nothing, only the note above and another one that mentioned the Dodger Jr club kids.
So we arrived at the main gate at 8:30 to find out that the security guard did not know anything about it. I am only going to say that he was rude and refused to call someone else for information and according to Eric, I was too polite to him.
We left to have a Mexican breakfast at Barragans on Sunset a few blocks from the stadium and returned after the gift shop opened. the security guard was better. He told us that he had been informed that we coul take a free tour to make up for the cancelled event. One had just started so we went to the Top of the Park gift shop. It was not raining at the time and you could clearly see the “Hollywood” sign from Top Deck, downtown,Santa Monica, even Long Beach. The grass is looking nice and mountains where the “Think Blue” looked greener I love our stadium!
I had taken the tour 3 times before . My first tour was a few years back when I went by myself. the second one I took a friend visiting from St Louis who is a big Cardinal fan, the 3rd one was at the Season ticket holder’s event and now this one.
Steve _our tour was great. He apologized for the cancellation of the event and gave us an extended tour. He remembered me from the Select a Seat day and the Canters and remembed my letter to the Times about Jeff. The tour has a new video narrated by our beloved Vin Scully about the Stadium history and the changes to come to the stadium. It was so good to hear Vin again.

Good evening, all…..a sidebar to the Final Jeopardy question. Cubs owner Phil Wrigley, the owner of the PCL Los Angeles Angels, was the one that sold the Los Angeles territorial rights to Walter O’Malley, paving the way for the Dodgers move to Southern California….dishguy, if you’re out and about, glad to have another fellow Utahn aboard. I’m from SLC and knouffbrock, another ITD’er, is from Moab….It’s sad that we have to keep talking about steroids in baseball. I do agree with the comments regarding double standards concerning performance enhancing drugs in baseball and other sports. How many NFL players do you see hauled before congressional committees to testify? All this “coulda, wouda, shoulda” talk and historical revisionism regarding stats, awards, etc. is utterly useless. You can’t change the past, you can only alter the future.

First sopapillas and now crzblue’s carrot muffins!!! I just had dinner, but you guys are making me hungry again!!!

But crzblue, it sounds like you had a great time today! Too bad that the guard was rude to you, but I’m glad you got in eventually! Can’t wait for our ITD tour!!!

…..I guess too, having a son who is a highschool pitcher and seeing all this big money just flying out of the pockets of some of these teams makes you wonder what is going through their minds as highschool athletes just trying to get to the next level. Hopefully they are seeing there’s no such thing as “what happens in here stays in here” theories and that nowadays there’s always somebody watching and waiting to pounce on something you have done to ruin your credibility. Since my son is only a sophomore as a starting pitcher for the varsity, we have told him to watch every step he makes as well because you don’t know what displaced junior or senior is mad enough to jump on the littlest thing you might do to ruin your credibility to the coach. Not that that would happen, but I am sure Phelps and A-Rod (or any athlete that’s been in trouble) didn’t think there indescresions would come back to them in the *** either.

brownpaperrapper – I knew there was another Utahn on here, and I thought is was knouffbrock, but I wasn’t sure. How are you this evening?

Emma – it sounds like you are just having the best time doing all this stuff 🙂

Bpr – I knew that you’re from UT, but I never knew that knouffbrock is also from UT? Wow, three ITDers from UT!!! Beautiful country there in UT!!! It was a while ago, but back in 2001, my husband, son and I took a 2-week driving trip that went thru AZ, up thru the four corners, up thru Colorado (outside of Denver for a family reunion). Then after the reunion, we drove west thru Utah. Throughout this whole trip, we were making stops at all of the National Parks – and my favorite in Utah was Arches National Park! Beautiful!

You are so right, nellyjune! Atheletes can become very ruthless when competing for a position. A lot of them think they are better than they really are, too. Instead of working hard to develop their skills, all they see are dollar signs. They don’t realize that a lot of players are only making minimum wage. It’s a lot of money to you and me but to an athlete it really isn’t that much.

I love these lines from Plaschke’s latest rant on Manny:
“‘It’s in God’s hands,’ Ramirez said.
Is that what he’s calling Scott Boras these days?”

The media and fans have NO idea what conversations have been going down between Frank, Ned, Manny and Little Scotty. But sometimes–like right now–I think Boras has an emotional grudge against ALL baseball mangament teams because he couldn’t cut it as a major leaguer…and resents having to play Monty Hall to the stars. Of course, his gazillions of dollars probably pacify his demons……

Damn bpb… that’s the one thing my breakfast-for-dinner is missing right now, sopapillas!

Another New Mexican food I’ve been craving badly lately (although not exaclty traditional Mexican food): a Blake’s Lotaburger. With one of those 25 cent Jalapeños on the side. One of my favorite burger franchises in the country. About even with In-N-Out to me, but that’s my personal preference.

nsblues ~ sounds like you’re feeling better. 🙂

My Nellygirl! I know it’s a challenge having a high school student in the household; heck, it’s only been four years since my son graduated high school. But I can’t even imagine what it’s like having a high school athlete and cautioning him on what may come. From what you said earlier, it sounds like you and your husband are doing well with your son. I know he’ll appreciate it later…

CP – we are trying our best. We have our good days and bad days as most parents of teenagers I am sure are. I am just glad I don’t have to teach teenagers like Kahli and dishguy do. However, on the flip side of that, I am glad some of my students don’t come home with me either. A few of them I am ready for them to go home by 9 am.

Doing real good, nelly. Since we’re talking food here, I just finished off a large bowl of homemade chicken vegetable stew with generous hunks of warm garlic bread. Great sustenance after an 11-mile run….I guess I have a hard time positioning myself as judge and jury of other people’s ethical decisions. Judge not lest you, yourself, be judged. I’d like to think, if I were presented with their dilemma, I wouldn’t take performance enhancing drugs but how do I know what I would do? As in other professions (Wall Street, for example), The pressure to succeed is immense in all level of sports and, of course, money gets tossed into the mix as well. I guess it all boils down to letting your conscience be your guide and, if you cross the line of what’s acceptable, be prepared to pay the price.

I tell ya NS, there are so many great Mexican food places here in Cruces. Its regionally slightly different also – nothern NM from southern, eastern from western. I think we like it a little hotter and little more traditional here in the south.

Best jalapeno salsa I ever tasted to comes from one of my customers here in Cruces – Aztec Salsa. Its hot, but soooo good. I can’t hardly eat anything else now. When I was down in Costa Rica a couple weeks ago I got a craving for chips and salsa and found a little super market that had locally made chips and Tostitos salsa. The chips didn’t have preservatives so the humidity kinda got to them. I don’t need to tell you what I thought of the salsa. It was then though I knew it was time to come home.

brownpaperrapper……’s sadly happening in education as well. The pressure to succeed as a student and as a teacher as well. The bar has been lifted so high for some students (and the teachers who have these students) and if they don’t meet that bar they are considered not a good student (or teacher). So, you bring up a very good point…’s not just in the sporting industry. Other professions may not be taking performance enchancing drugs, but cheating is cheating and some is just done on paper instead of in a human body.

Well Nelly, do your best. That’s what we did with ours. I wish I could say it gets easier, but it doesn’t. Instead of having a teenager that thinks he’s a know-it-all, now we have a young adult that thinks he knows it all…

Well, it’s been a fun evening! But I have things I need to do! I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Good Night CP!!!

not sure who to address an email for the Dodgers….
Anyway, I wanted to tell you all that the 66rs now have a blog. I received an email about it a few days ago. Here is the link Interesting comments there about Manny and steroids.

nelly– I’m sure you run into that pressure a great deal with having to teach to a standardized test and having to pull up great numbers on that. You’re right, cheating is cheating, regardless of the profession, method, or the implement.

Nite CP!!

Why didn’t they publish the names of all the players who tested positive? You may or may not like A-rod but, it seems odd that he was singled out.

So do you speak Spanish? You made me remember a guy back when I used to post in the Dodger forum. He was working in Costa Rica. He used to post this long post from there late at night or was it early morning.

Arod is probably the biggest name on the list.

Tabloid tactics Tru – the bigger the name the more it sells. My guess is that at least half of the names on there we’d be going, “Who?” Doesn’t make it right singling out A-Rod, but it sure do get attention.

brownpaperrapper…….not so much as an individual teacher, but if your school, as a whole, doesn’t do well, the state can come in and take over the school. However, with the state our California economy is in, that may not be happening any more. My school is one of the best in the district so I am enjoying the benefits of being at a school with little pressure to make things happen. We are more about maintaining what we have.

I suppose you guys are right. I happen to like A-rod and think he has taken a lot of crap ever since he joined the Yankees. If Jeter were to have dismal at bats during the playoffs they would still love him. If Jeter makes a throwing error, they still love him. I know A-rod has the $signs hanging over him but, he was still a fine hitter during the season and got them to the playoffs.

I wish I did Emma. Other then a handful of words, I’m toast. I might as well have stamped gringo estúpido on my forehead. Anywhere we were though all the Costa Ricans spoke a fair amount of English. Only real problem we ran into was customs getting in and out of the country. None of them evidently speak English.

Awesome country though, and the only Latin American country that doesn’t play baseball. Ned sent me down there on a scouting mission…

LMAO!!!!! oh bpb – too funny!!!

Lol, bpb!!!

Not to say I don’t travel out of the country much, but when their customs asked me if I had anything to declare, I said, “Yeah. I’m tired and I want to go home.”

BPB, but you do know where accents goes. How do you put the accent on words? How do I search here?
Well goood night. I want to finish a book today so that I can return it to the library. It sure rained hard tonight. should be another beautiful day tomorrow.

LMAO!!!!! bpb – I would not doubt it for a second that’s what you would say 🙂

Good Night Emma!!!

Cut ‘n’ paste Emma 🙂 Good night to you!!

Honestly, the hardest person to understand on the whole trip was the flight attendant from Houston to El Paso. I’ve no idea what language he was speaking. I did kinda heard “floatation device” during his preflight spiel, but didn’t pay much attention. Gotta figure the odds of a water landing in West Texas are pretty minimal.

enchanted, as Aesthetics Coordinator, until this Manny mess is cleaned up, I can’t start ordering the “dredlock” onion strips I envision for Dodger Dogs. Any word on your negotiations? On a more positive front, I HAVE started groundwork on the delicate new Furcal “pretzel spines,” guaranteed to break, errr melt in your mouth. But really, the onions will be so cool. How about it, enchanted?


Go ahead Kahli. If Manny doesn’t sign we’ll market them as “Wolf Worms.”

Here’s the link on the A-Rod story:
The story says that the list was sealed under court order and the warrent was limited to the 10 players involved in BALCO. So, A-Rod’s name was leaked by someone (s) who had seen the list. And those folks could be in deep sh@#t!!!


Bonds probably leaked it….>!?!@??

Kahli ~ I think your touches would add a lot to the menu 🙂 Afterall, we have to make the fans happy. The happier they are, the more money we can put into Frank’s wallet.

Kahli – what are we creating for our other position players?

enchanted, I’m also working on “Manny’s Ghost,” the heartwarming story of a tortured man visited by the ghost of his ex-partner. In the story, the tortured man, Ned, catches glimpses of his past, present and future…the future, of course, scaring the bejeevers out of him as he foresees the penniliess, abandoned pariah he’s become after screwing up his dream GM job.

nellyjune, the Pierre “whine ” galsses on sale in the royalty shop downstairs are a no-brainer. But on a more creative note, how about whisker-thin Broxton popsicles, guaranteed to freeze up in a tight situation?

Sounds something like Dickens Kahli. My suggestion for a name for Ned would Mr. Screwed.

You can model any Tiny Tim character after Juan Pierre.

LOL!!! very good Kahli, very good 🙂

Kahli, don’t forget two videos for one admission on James Loney Double Play Day.

And, the MARTINi !!!!!

And ladies and gentlemen look who just dropped by the BPB studios tonight – how ’bout a big welcome for Jose Cuervo!

LOL!!!!! Matt “Bison” Kemp Burgers perhaps? For Andre….maybe some sort of drink referring to his Ethieraholic status, then there’s our Captain……hmmmm!!!!

Very good, bpb!!!
And we need a pavillion for all the HAPPY KEMPERS

Yep, we can sell the Bison burgers in the Happy Kemper Pavillion.

I’m glowing now.
Well at least my nose is… Must be time for bed. Night all (not to be confused with Midol.)

Goodnight Bpb. I’m going to call it a night too. See you all tomorrow.

Welcome, José. Very glad to have all the help with my aesthetic coordinating. The Happy Kempers pavilion could be a keeper. But instead of the all-you-can-eat $25/head night from last season, we could incorporate $500 Happy Kemper night, with the two-pringed idea of 1) raising money to pay for Manny’s eventual Boras-inflated salary and 2) introducing the riché to the bleachers. As I see it, the corporate folk enter the stadium via their usual Dugout Club…they then pony up an ADDITIONAL $500, swapping tickets with some real bleacher humanoid who, in turn, is treated to an evening in the Dudgout Boxes.

Goodnight bpb (enchanted)……….get a good night sleep, take care and have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

That’s not a bad idea Kahli about the Happy Kempers Pavillion.

Manny’s Ghost, can I get an advanced copy of that?

Maybe we could have riché beetches night – or does that seem, you know, a little weird?

OK, now I’m really outta here…

LMAO!!!!!! How do you think like this all the time?……..I know this is probably next to impossible for you, but stop thinking and go to bed. Good Night again 🙂

No! Neddy we can pick it up at the flea market, like everything else these days.

costamesaneddy and fleamarketfrank – Manny’s Ghost ~you may might find it at Walmart next to the gnat hats sold at a discount rate……..a bet it’s a better deal than the flea market 🙂

I think A-rod, like Bonds is gonna get killed cause he is unlikeable. Imagine if I said this(true or not) just as a few..

“I’ve been Michael Jordan in BLOGGING for years. I know what I mean to all BLOGGERS and what this BLOG means to them.

“My benchmark is so high (as a BLOGGER) that no matter what I do, it’s never going to be enough, and I understand that.”

and he said this:
“There is a difference between image and reputation. Image is nice. Reputation is developed over an entire career. Reputation is what I’m searching for.”

“We have a responsibility not just as athletes but as members of society to treat people well, to do things the right way.”

he told “60 Minutes,” “I’ve never felt overmatched on the baseball field. I’ve always been [in] a very strong, dominant position. And I felt that if I did my work as I’ve done since I was, you know, a rookie back in Seattle, I didn’t have a problem competing at any level.” So,” he said about questions of steroids, “no.”

When you talk like that, have made every team you ever played for worse then you are bound to get killed when things go bad.

jungar – just fabulous!!!

Hey Nelly, Jungar that was great 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO LA IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Dodger4life!!!

How are you tonight??? I seen that you had a star at the academy today??? I’m jealous……:-)

It was kind of fun!!

How was your day with your daughter?

Nelly, a day with my daughter is alway’s wonderful. I just need the two teenagers to come around more. That might require more assets though? They seem to value thier time in dollars and cents these days. There is always Fathers Day
We shall just wait patiently…….. 🙂
I am glad you had fun, I am looking foward to seeing pictures on FaceBook 🙂

Dodger4life – I will pick up the pictures tomorrow and get them uploaded. I am glad you enjoy your time with your daughter. Keep waiting patiently on the other two… long as they know you are there, they will come back around. Knowing your outlook on life, I am sure you know that.

I was supposed to pick them up tonight, but I forgot about the Shootout, temporarily of course. I am glad I didn’t miss it… was a nice little taste of NASCAR before next weekend. I am looking forward to my fantasy leagues this season. I have two teams, one headed up with Denny and the other one headed up by Kyle. I have young teams, but it should be fun to see them do well. Boy, it kind of sounds like our Dodger young core….young and ready to explode onto the scene.

I was going to try a league this season. Thanks for the encouraging words. I am sure when the economy picks back up I will see them more. My oldest is in Long Beach, and it would be nice to take her to Chavez Ravine.

Let’s hope the economy picks up for all of us. I know your state is going through some really tough times right now as well.

Contruction and Micron Technology, and the people fleeing other states has been the fuel to our fire. I hope so I enjoy living here.

Good Night Dodger4life!!!! Take care and God Bless to you and your family 🙂

To the rest of our ITD readers and writers……all we can do is hope Frank and Ned know what they are doing. I am really hoping they take care of Andre seeing how the Manny saga seems to be crawling at a snails pace.

Frank…..just sign Andre. He deserves the money, and he deserves to stay out of an arbitration hearing. Please, please don’t do this to him. He has been nothing but good for this team and he has been a team player throughout all the jerking around he has been through. Reward him for what he has done for this team……….he deserves every penny and probably then some.


Wow!!! What a group of friends. I had no idea. Go Dodgers!!!

Well its time to say good night, but first. Hello dish guy this place found its way into my heart, I have always been a Dodger, and shall remain for eternity. There are some wonderful people on here and some wonderful comments made, both pro’s and con’s. You seem to fit in rather nicely, it has been a pleasure to read your comments as well.
Manny say’s it is in God’s hand’s now,
I’m confused……was Boras recently struck by lightning?
Okay God, Manny say’s the game is in the 7th inning and he is waiting on his pitch. I realize you have already thrown him the fastball down the fat part of the plate,( 2yrs 45mm 3rd/opt. ) and he failed to swing the bat.
Then you gave him the slow change – up which he seen coming with the ( arbitration deal ), again he failed to swing. The attempt to intentionally walk him was in good taste ( 25mm 1yr ). So please just put the next pitch on a tee and set it at home plate.
Manny please swing before the next pitch is the same bolt…. he threw at Boras….
.Okay, I realize this is somewhat fictional but a guy can dream cant he???

I have been trying to keep busy in my down time. It is’nt George Plimpton but it is all Dodgers 🙂
Take care ITD, Dodgerfaithful…. And have a Dodger-reffic day tommorrow.
Good Night again and God Bless us all!!!!

My opinion on the steroid issue is a little different. Prior to 2004 there was no rule against it in baseball. And along with that most players were using, so you either used and had a better chance of staying in the game which guaranteed at least a mid-6 figure income, or you became a common worker without the skills or training most of us have. I don’t give them a complete pass because it was illegal in society, for most of the steroids, but the choice they had was so distinct I cannot say for certain what I would have done. And if you knew me personally you would be shocked with this opinion because I am so grounded in making the moral choice. But teaching history has taught me to try to put myself in their shoes in their time. If I had been a great high school player and been drafted, then outstanding in the minors, only to be passed by players I knew were using and not as good as me without it; and with baseball completely giving a pass by not doing anything….use like most everyone else is doing and stay in the game, or not use and find a real job? Even with high moral standards I would have had a very difficult time deciding.
However, a player caught cheating since 2004 is cheating without question. I’m sure there are still plenty using a lower dosage, or something new and undetectable, or HGH, but there is now a clear line drawn by MLB and a totally different standard, in my opinion. I would think completely differently about a player caught today versus pre-2004.

On a much more pleasant note, my wife gave me the DVD set of the 1977 World Series for Christmas, and I’ve watched the two games the Dodgers won several times since. It brings back such great memories for me. I became a Dodgers fan because the first game I ever attended was an Ogden Dodgers game as a young boy. Several of the mid-70’s players had began their careers in Ogden and it gave me an even stronger connection. “Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey” was my favorite saying by Vin in those days and to watch them is a real treat. I know losing to the Yankees is probably a terrible memory to most of you who are old enough to remember, but to see those players again has been a lot of fun.

Talking about greed, doesn’t Frank look a lot like Gordon Gecko?

Good morning bear ~ Frank does look a lot like Gecko. But, in Wall Street, didn’t Gordon go and get what he wanted? I can’t believe Frank really wanted Estes and Mota.

Well, Gecko did get what he wanted until the end, when he got what he deserved. Who’s to know what parallel we can draw from that. Estes and Mota seem similar to a jail term sentence to me.

So true, Bear!!! Maybe in the end, we will get what WE deserve!

–OF Andre Ethier still doesn’t appear close to agreeing to terms with the Dodgers, so a Feb. 17 arbitration hearing is beginning to seem inevitable.
I can’t post this article because it’s one of those you have to have a subscription to read the rest, but this statement was the lead sentence for the article…………what in the world could be the hold up?………………………………With what Frank is willing to pay Mota, Estes and our other acquired PVLs, why can’t Frank get this taken care of in some reasonable fashion. This is absolutely ridiculous!!!!!! This is NOT showing the fans you are concerned with keeping your young core intact.

Welcome back Randy Wolf! You knew you couldn’t stay away. 🙂

Why the Dodgers are not signing Ethier is beyond me – that should be a no-brainer.

As far as Manny: it’s over. Manny isn’t coming back. The sooner we all realize that the better. They’ll do fine without him. The antics by both sides of the party is an insane game of Chicken that can only end in a BIG loss for both sides.

nellyjune ~ If Andre has to go to arbitration, he will win his case. I know most of the time it doesn’t go the players’ way but, yesterday a pitcher for the Nationals won his case. I can’t believe Frank didn’t give him the raise……..but, Frank is turning into a real pain in the ***!

Andruw has agreed to terms with the Rangers. $500,000 if he makes the team, but could a million in incentives.

The Phillies avoided arbitration with 1B Ryan Howard by agreeing to a three-yeal, $54 million contract.

Isn’t that nice! Now, Dodgers…………SIGN ANDRE

This makes me miss jhall and his skills just a tad. This article is from Quebec, and it’s in french 🙂

Words don’t count, Frank – actions do, and the ITD crowd will not be fooled by your BS. How Andre comes out of this negotiation is going to tell the tale for our future. If he gets screwed in arbitration, I look for all of our young guys to leave as soon as their time comes, and I wouldn’t blame them. Between you, the miserable clueless bast***s and the *itch, meaning Frank, Ned and Jamie respectivelly, I wish the Dodgers never heard of you. None of you belong in anything resembling Dodger Blue. If you screw Andre, even signing Manny can’t save you from real Dodger fan wrath.

A round of applause for the Bear!!!!

messagebear – this Ethieraholic thanks you kindly 🙂

Good early afternoon ITD,Dodgerfaithful…….

WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
365 DAYS A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 DAYS A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 HOURS A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!!!

It’s A Beautiful day………. 🙂

Good Afternoon Dodger4life!!!! Thanks for the spirit !!!!! Life is good today 🙂

Pay dre……….pay dre,pay
pay dre…… dre
pay dre… dre
pay dre… dre
pay dre… dre
pay dre… dre…pay dre
pay dre… dre……pay dre
pay dre… dre………pay dre
pay dre… dre………pay dre
pay dre… dre………pay dre
pay dre…….pay dre…….pay dre
pay dre……….pay dre

Pay Dre!!! Pay Dre!!! Pay Dre!!!
Ned & Frank I don’t know what you’re thinking in regards to Either. He has not only put up great #’s but has always been a team player in every aspect. He has been in the community of LA reaching out and making a difference in many lives. He is a positive example to many in the community.
You say that you want to have a team that is built from within. You say you want to go with the youth. You say you want to have a team that has & shows class. You say you want to have a team that has a positive affect in the community and reaches out to the community.
Prove it…

Well said.

hey guys, new thread!!!

Quote: “Between you, the miserable clueless bast***s and the *itch, meaning Frank, Ned and Jamie respectivelly, I wish the Dodgers never heard of you. None of you belong in anything resembling Dodger Blue. ”

Ouch! And I was hesistant on just calling Frank and Ned “idiots”. (for the idea once I do – I’d don’t think I’d ever qualify to be a Dodgers fan again…)

This whole offseason has me shaking my head. Oh well…

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